Black abortions 'separate and unequal'

Ab PosCopped this poster from a site yesterday. It had a stunning premise regarding abortion in the black community.

It reads “A highly significant 1993 Howard University study showed that African American women over age 50 were 4.7 times more likely to get breast cancer if that had had any abortions compared to women to had not had any abortions.”

Thus, the abortion death industry which sets up its killing houses primarily in or near black/latino communities is racist at its core.

The extermination of the black race through abortion was one of the key purposes behind the creation of Planned Parenthood by its dubious founder Margaret Sanger. She befriended and seduced unwitting black ministers and convinced them that controlling births was a good thing for black folk.

“We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population,” Sanger said, “if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.” Woman’s Body, Woman’s Right: A Social History of Birth Control in America.

Get educated and stop voting for black politicians who are profiteering off the murder of black children.

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48 thoughts on “Black abortions 'separate and unequal'

  1. Is plan B, aka the morning after pill, the same as an abortion? I’ve always been curious about this since it’s an “after-the-accident” thing, and the girls don’t know whether they’re pregnant or not. Planned Parenthood markets this as birth control as well.

    I’m not sure what happens physically, but I do remember hearing girls say that it makes them sick.

  2. And the Black Churches and their congregations(from the least to the greatest) OVERWHELMINGLY voted for President of the USA a man with the MOST pro-abortion voting record/positions/abortion endorsements EVER!

    ****Does anyone have the statistics of Black professing Christians that voted for Obama and the Democratic Platform?****

    For this reason alone, IT WAS ENOUGH to convince me to NOT cast a ballot for Barack Obama. I did not vote for McCain either. I left my presidential ballot blank! As far as I see it, both the GOP and Democrats work for the same master.

    For Black churches and black leaders(Christian and unChristian) that have sworn allegiance to the Democratic party’s platform…whether knowingly or IGNORANTLY…..WOE unto You! Woe unto You!

    Repent! Repent! Repent! For you have innocent blood on your hands!

    Judgement begins at the house of GOD!

    Shame on You Black Churches!

    Shame on the White majority Churches for not shedding the light on this!

    Shame on ALL of you that voted for Barack Obama!

    Shame on you NAACP for selling out those that cannot defend themselves!

    Shame on You Jesse Jackson!

    Shame on You Al Sharpton!

    Shame on the Whole Black Congressional Caucus! Shame on You!

    Shame on all of our black elected officials, judges, magistrates, mayors, state represenatives, senators!

    Shame on You Ebony Magazine! Shame on You Jet Magazine!

    Shame on You Essence Magazine! To each of these black oriented magazines/periodicals…HOW LONG HAVE YOU KEPT THIS GENOCIDE UNDERWRAPS? HOW LONG HAVE YOU IGNORED THE CRIES of the least of these? HOW LONG?

    Shame on all of us in the USA!

    LORD, Have mercy on usA!

  3. EnochWalked,

    I really don’t have much else to say after that. I mentioned on another post that the “supposed” black leaders and the black church is partly responsible for voting for this horrible creation called abortion.

    I just found out a while back that the NAACP now supports abortion and same gender marriage, as well as the black leaders who have changed their positions on the issue. What infuriates me is that Mr. Obama came out before the election and said he is going to overturn or sign into law all abortion bills/legislature. And black people, because we are told what to do by our leaders, voted for this man, the administration, and for the annihilation of the black race in this country.

    You are absolutely right: SHAME, SHAME, SHAME !!!!

  4. EW, I think you bout got em all. Including me. I had NO IDEA about abortion in our community. To me it was a non issue. I had heard of it, but it just wasnt something I though about. That was until I met a Catholic priest who asked me to come to the death mill and pray with them on Wednesday mornings (thats when the killing was done). I was curious and a little apprehensive but I went. With my own eyes I saw that day 95% of the women who went in were black. Some of them, men dropped them off like they were going to the supermarket. I was just stunned and sickened. Since that day, I would NEVER vote, support or agree with anyone who believes this is a good thing.

    It was child sacrifice. Innocent blood is crying out to God.

  5. The morning after pill is not an abortion (yea right)
    The pill stops the woman’s egg from being released or if the egg has been released the pill will stop the egg from securing to the uterus. The after affects of the pill are throwing up, ectopic pregnancy and irregular bleeding. So this is another way to abort a baby. That’s why un-planning parenthood pushes this pill as well. Anything that will kill babies, especially black babies-they are behind it.

  6. P28, also (thank you LadyD, their goal is to stop life) all the whole abortion industry is built primarily on sin. How is sin ever justified?

    One girl died from the morning after pill. The pill and abortion industry basically treat people like animals who have no will and control over their bodies.

    Although the bible says children are a gift from God, this industry with their new killing methods see children as a curse to be eradicated.

  7. Lady D,

    Thanks for that input. I don’t particularly care for any form of “birth control” that alters natural functions – pills are dangerous to me, period (I don’t like aspirin, really). I think the effects are immeasurable, and the article states the cancer rate for persons after abortion which is something I never knew about. I just wonder the connections with birth control pills and shots, etc. Besides the physical effects, the mental damage is always another issue in itself as well.

    Enoch, Foster, and Charzetta,

    Is there anyone presently in office or seeking office that you could vote for? In my opinion, there’s not one member of Congress, or candidate I’m aware of, that would line up to scripture, so it seems voting is a foregone conclusion unless I know they’re really saved. And then you would get someone like Blake; did I say that?

    I’ll hold this question for another forum if need be. Or send me to another blog post if you have one on this topic. Thanks.

  8. P28, to me whether or not someone in office line up with scripture is the not the issue. I dont know that on all things. But the things I do know, I will test them and should they go against the good will of God and devalue people’s lives they will not get my support. Abortion is one of those things that I wont tolerate middle ground positions on. If you are for it, automatic X. If you are against it…good, I move on to the next criteria on my list. Im sure every one has their own lists of acceptables and non acceptables (biblical or not) which they work from when considering voting for an individual.

    Basically what Im saying is that scripture plays a prominent role in my decision making, but not an exclusive role. As an American citizen (black, male, married, Christian, exhomosexual, etc) there are factors in my sphere of judgment that I use at the voting booth.

    But I think again some issues are simply intolerable and all Christians should at least agree on those things. Now, with a person who openly confesses Christ and make that a notable component of their candidacy, yes I am going to apply a scriptural lens to their candidacy perhaps more than others. That’s my perspective.

  9. Pastor Foster,
    I mentioned that on Pastor Burnett’s blog sometime back…this HORROR HAS NOT been addressed in the Black Churches, black Christian media outlets (except for yours and his and a few others)as a whole for since the day I remember coming to the LIGHT(1997 to Now)! I have heard more preaching against abortion from the White Churches that I can remember. But the Black church as a whole is SILENT!

    Brother, I was blind to this thing too!

    This TOO is why there is a literal fulfillment of 1 Samuel 4:21 in American Christianity(all races):
    “And she named the child Ichabod, saying, The glory is departed from Israel: because the ark of God was taken, and because of her father in law and her husband.”

    We(the black Churches and all Churches in America) have become Ichabod because of Abortion in the Land!

    How many apostles, prophets, evangelists, teachers, and pastors since Roe v.Wade, 1973 have been murdered in the black community?

    Remember I told you the revelation I got last summer about why there is a SHORTAGE of ELIGIBLE, Marriagebale Christian black men today….We, the black race, have ABORTED THEM the past 36 plus years! We wonder why there are not enough good black men in leadership in the home and in the black Church today? WE HAVE ABORTED THEM!

    Satan did this same thing with the killing of all the male babes when Moses was born and when JESUS was born….Maybe…HINT! HINT! There is SOMETHING GREAT on the HORIZON…JUDGEMENT on Egypt and DELIVERANCE at the SAME TIME! So the now, the devil is killing them (Satan using the Abortion industry, medical profession, the American Government) BEFORE they get a chance to LEAVE THE WOMB!
    I believe prophetically there are some Great Deliverers(Moses, Joshua, David, Christ-like types) that the powers of darkness ARE TRYING TO ABORT before they(Godly seed) even get a chance to leave the womb. THIS IS THE REAL REASON BEHIND ABORTION! SATAN is attempting to Abort the END-time Remnant, BUT GOD says NOT SO!
    Thus saith the LORD of HOSTs, Isaiah 46:3-13 KJV

    To be Con’t!

  10. Con’t
    The devil and his cohorts are OUT TO DESTROY The SEED of the Remnant Y’All! HE is after the remnant before they even leave the womb! The FRUIT OF THE WOMB is PRECIOUS to the LORD Y’ALL!
    Psalm 127:3-4 KJV
    3 Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. *****HELLO!****

    4As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth. ****These babies that are being aborted, black, white, yellow, brown,…these were ARROWS sent by GOD to minister to the Remnant!*****

    AND WE WONDER why the Churches are the way they are today?????

    GOD help us! LORD SAVE US from ourselves!

  11. Foster,

    Thanks for that. I always wondered that in general, not even you per se. I voted for Obama. Can’t say I’m convicted for doing so with the background knowledge I have on all of them since I worked on the Hill.

    I have more concern with folks that profess Christ b/c to me he’s not any type of spiritual leader. Sinners are sinners, and as far as I think, our politicians can demonstrate good qualities, but none will live up unless they are actually saved. maybe I should get my campaign buttons together. LOL.

    No offense is greater, but I try to separate the societal impact from the decisions that are made by the individual. Abortion is disgusting, but each woman and man that goes in to the clinic makes that decision themselves; legal or illegal it’s available and they make the decision. On the other hand, so-called pro-lifers are all for it when it’s rape and incest. That opens another can of worms, but puts all of them in the same boat for me. For abortion.

    All around voting is a tangled mess with money tied to the end of it most of the time. God Bless.

  12. Dear Proverbs 28:9
    To Your question:”Enoch, Foster, and Charzetta,
    Is there anyone presently in office or seeking office that you could vote for?”

    My wife and I have been registered independents since 2003. I refuse to side with either the Republican or Democratic platform.
    I vote on the issues that are relevant to my as individual, my children and our future my community and that are relevant to my faith in CHRIST. So I do render to Caesar’s what is Caesar’s and what is GOD’s is GOD’s.

    1. You have to be led by the SPIRIT, and 2. Be fully educated and informed TODAY about any issue, concern, bill, or law or politician….BEFORE you vote for Yes or No today. You have to make up YOUR OWN MIND about what gives you peace of mind and no conviction in your conscience about any election or issue…and compare it to the Word of GOD! That’s the best advice I would give to you or anyone.

    Discernment is the KEY! And only GOD can give that to you.

  13. “Abortion is disgusting, but each woman and man that goes in to the clinic makes that decision themselves; legal or illegal it’s available and they make the decision.”

    The lie of the devil is that because something is legal it should be put down to a right of choice. I could care less if its legal, the question is it is murder or not? is it?

    Another thing is who said it is about the parents and their choices? isnt mostly about the unborn child?

    If it was illegal then this dicussion would be impossible.

    “On the other hand, so-called pro-lifers are all for it when it’s rape and incest.”

    Well many things are wrong including stealing but if a man steals to feed his children you can understand. Certainly you can understand the struggle in having a child that is the result of rape or incest?

    Also there are many people who think that the life has nothing to do with the rape and have the babies.

  14. Obama lost any remote possibility of my vote with the words ‘above my paygrade’. Cop out, totally irresponsible drivel, along with ‘I wouldn’t want one of my daughters punished with a baby’.

    The black community is not replacing themselves. They are at a rate of something like 1.94 and need to be at 2.01 to stay level. The muslims are at something like 4.5.

    When this information came out about PP and one of the chief justices mentioning it, Roe vs. Wade should have immediately become null and void.

    Back in the OT, pagans would sacrifice their babies on the altar of Baal. Nothing new under the sun, we are sacrificing our babies right now to the god of ‘sex’ and ‘selfish desires’.

    That is what is so frightening about the healthcare legislation, once you deem the most fragile, precious, innocents that can’t protect themselves as disposable, then the elderly, and the disabled are easily added to the list. 😦

  15. Paul N,

    I see what you’re saying, but stealing to feed a family will land you in jail every time, and is still against scripture. What I’m saying is pre- Roe v Wade, abortion was around, and available. Maybe not the way it’s done now, but you could get one if you went looking for it. Voting for rights or no rights is not the issue b/c pro-lifers won’t take it off the table; they just say only when it’s reasonable (rape or incest). Sounds like compassion but it’s still a pro-abortion stance.

    You’re right, it’s about the child; but the decision is in the hands of the parents. That’s where the battleground is. I advise anyone to never do it. No exceptions to the rule, rape or incest involved. In the world or politics, that might not exist. I don’t know a politician that has taken that stance. That’s a the heart of my inquiry b/c I can’t control the individual, and neither can the politician so it’s hard for me to make that much of a campaign issue. That’s just me though as others have chimed in and voiced their own opinion.


    Thanks for the response. I agree with what you said about weighing in out for myself – and not being ignorant. I wouldn’t take anyone’s word for who’s the best or not. I just don;t agree with the stance that voting for is cause for repentance b/c I can’t see any secular candidate passing the scriptural mustard. So if that’s the case, then voting is not an option in my opinion. But you’re absolutely right, discernment is the key.

    Thanks All and Be Blessed

  16. p289, that kinda threw me bro. I dont understand your swipe at prolife advocates. You said “so-called” as if they were the ones in the wrong.

    Correct me if Im wrong, but your first comment sounds slightly amoral. I mean, the issue –with a Christian– is never legal or illegal but whether it is sin or not. I mean eating raw meat with blood is disgusting, but taking healthy childen and even up to the ninth month murdering them is inhuman. Only animals do that to their offspring without conscience.

    The shedding of innocent blood (even when a sin/crime has been committed which produces life) should never be diminished. The question is how is this justified in God’s eyes, not the government and whose authority to we hold as higher.

    Even if the prolifers approach resolutions the wrong way, is that a reason to compare them to those who run these killing centers where our own race is being wiped out because its legal?

    Im not jumping on you, but I struggle to understand that logic, first from a Christian and then from a human being.

    I hope you care to clarify.

  17. P28nine, I can tell for sure that God looks at stealing for food much different than he does someone just trying to get rich as he does killing someone to save your life different from blatant murder(I will look for the scriptures). I dont know the US Law but I am sure that even that sees these differently.

    I find the choice stance hard to deal with as the life is not the parents creation. They did not give themselves the ability to have children? it is a gift from God.

    As far as people finding ways to have an abortion, well selling drugs is illegal but that still doesnt stop people from selling and buying crack. Should it become a matter of choice and be legal because of these facts?

    If life only comes from God then shouldnt he be the one to say when life gets taken away?

    If God is a God of the living then who on earth is controlling this unecessary death?

    I believe it is less that 7% of abortions that are due to rape, incest or a fear for the mothers life.

    without life every other thing we vote for is irrelevant.

    I do get your point and have heard it from Pro. Obama people but He is not the author of life so I dont focus on him.

    Unborn human beings, babies precious in the sight of God. Psalm 139
    13 For You formed my inward parts;
    You covered me in my mother’s womb.
    14 I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;[b]
    Marvelous are Your works,
    And that my soul knows very well.

    You feel me P28nine?

  18. I think abortion is evil. Especially when if you dont want a child, you can leave the baby at a police or fire station and not face any charges whatsoever. I think the abortion industry hides the fact that lots of women are maimed and some even die from having abortions. I found out a case of a 20 year old young black woman who died from complications of getting an abortion back in 2008.

    But remember, its all about profit, ts a business. And as long as abortion clinics and abortion doctors are making money, thats all that matters to them.

  19. For those who are pro-life without exception and who support traditional marriage, there are really no good choices. As those on this site know, I support President Obama and I believe his positions have been distorted and over dramatized by some who don’t like him overall. He holds the same positions as President Clinton on both issues (abortion and gay rights), and Clinton received 85% support in the Black community both times. . .but I digress.

    The Republican Party has been a haven for racists since President Nixon’s time. It is even more so now that the party is much smaller. The radical racist elements are in full display.

    The Democratic Party, on the other hand, is much more liberal on social issues, etc., than are most Black people. But since we have a two-party system, the choices are: Either vote for the anti-Black party or the liberal party. That’s why I became an Independent years ago. Right now, the Republicans are just too mean and scary for me to support. Their main spokespeople are Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. They have no solutions to anything and always refer back to the original Constitution, as if any of them have actually read it. If we did everything according to the original Constitution, Black people who still be considered to be 3/5 of a person, women wouldn’t have the right to vote, there would be no Social Security or Medicare, no interstate highway system — the list goes on and on.

    There is no way I can vote for Republicans right now, even though I agree with most of them regarding homosexuality. (My position on abortion is a bit different, but I agree that the value of a Black child’s life — or a Black adult, for that matter — is considered to be less in this society, unfortunately.) Republicans don’t seem to care about abortions among Black people anyway. It’s the low birth rate among White babies that is their real concern.

    I’m making my position known as an Independent voter who is voting Democrat for right now. If the Republicans ever get their act together and stop being a haven for descendants of the KKK, I might give them another look in the future.

  20. Gwen does it bother you that the Democrats are home to racists like Nation of Islam and various Hispanic groups also and on a far greater scale then the Repubs?

    I will never support any party that openly supports the gay agenda and abortion…that is a deal breaker for any Christian..

    Just as in 1859 or 60, as Christians we could never support the pro slavery position (though many Christians still did) it is the same today…and if neither party will not make a stand against these evils, then we have to vote for an independent or not vote at all…

    But to be aware that the Dems are wholly in support of Abortion and the Homosexual agenda…at least in the Repubs, there are still some that hold traditional values…

    It is indeed getting to the point where the follower of Jesus Christ is finding it hard to find a political home!

  21. Devon:
    There is no comparison between the Nation of Islam and any Hispanic groups and the racists in the GOP. None of them have advocated violence nor done violent acts — if they did, they would be in jail. These groups you mentioned are small in number and have no power. As shown in these town halls (which remind me of the angry white mobs that used to keep Black people from voting in the 1960s), there are millions of these right-wing nuts. I might agree with Repubs on these two issues, but they are so far to the right that this is not enough to get my support right now. It is certainly not Christian to be racist and anti-Black. If it were up to these folks, we would still be riding in the back of the bus.

    And the argument that Republicans were a major factor in passing the Civil Rights legislation doesn’t hold water. These folks on the right weren’t part of the Republican Party then — they were Democrats turned Dixicrats, the types who voted for Strom Thurmond and George Wallace. They only became Republicans in the late 1960’s when Nixon used his Southern strategy to woo them with racially-tinged rhetoric.

    I agree with you, however, that Christians may find it hard to find a political home if they try to cast a vote based on Biblical principles. Politics and religion are two completely separate things, as I’ve discussed in detail in previous posts.

  22. Gwen, I read about Pres. Obama’s voting records regarding abortion and it is bad.

    Are children punishment or a blessing from God? to him they could be punishment. What about children from botched abortions?to Pres Obama they should be left to die because that was the original intent.

    The first thing he did in office was to overturn a bill that restricted sending money over seas for abortions.

    I always say, we as Christians have to look at what carries the most weight as far as what we think the Word teaches, if not our emotions can get in the way.

    Lets stick with God and pray for our leaders.

  23. I tried to send this earlier, but it got hung up in the server or something and did not post.

    My logic is this. Wrong is wrong. So I can’t give one a pass b/c it’s less egregious then the other.

    IMO pro-life that says ok for certain instances(rape or incest, or mother might die) is no better than pro-choice who say feel free to do it. I see the two as the same. Both are pro-abortion. One just says lets put restrictions on it. I don’t know any pro-life politician who supports no abortions, period. That’s what I support as Biblical. Under no circumstances is it acceptable – it’s sin.

    Thats the heart of my concern. So is it ok really to vote for either. Some say yes, others no – but all on here have said keep it according to the Bible. How can that be possible really when both allow abortion in some instance? When the pro-lifers were in the majority in both houses, with a pro-life president, what was accomplished?

    At the end of the discussion, abortion’s legal status is not changing the fact that men and women are choosing this to rid themselves of a pregnancy. I believe my personal obligation is to deal with the individual who makes a decision to seek out an abortion and turn them away from it with sound counseling. Someone looking for an abortion is not anymore concerned with legal/illegal than the man/woman who steals to feed their family. We might say the latter is not as bad, but both still carry the same penalty according to the scripture.

  24. Gwen I havent seen one single person arguing FOR voting or supporting Republicans. So, I dont understand your counter argument on that regard.

    We have been saying there is a biblical standard to adhere to in supporting people who have a clearly wicked agenda.

    Dont argue for people, argue for God’s standards. You seem to keep doing everytime Obama is brought up.

    Like I said I just dont get it. I didnt support any wicked legislation whether it was Bush, Clinton or Obama. Im not hearing that from you.

  25. Thanks Kevin, I see your point more clearly and agree. Positions are not right, the bible is right.

    And what do you make of the racist foundations of planned parenthood?

  26. Pastor,

    It’s a tough one to swallow. I think that’s beyond distasteful. I heard a message preached on the racism of Planned Parenthood back at Convocation ’08, and I’ve handed that message out to as many people as would take it to listen to it. It shocked me how lopsided the numbers were. 1400 a day in the black community alone.

    I don’t understand why black people resort to killing themselves. It seems like we would have learned by now, not just with abortion, but drugs, STD’s, health; everything you can think of is being promoted as ok in our community and it’s killing us before we’re born and afterwards. And we always cry the same white man did it to us story.

    I can only blame PP so much. It’s our dumb decisions that allow us to fall into the trap. I rack my brains for solutions, and personal accountability is where I end up everytime. When we appreciate our own, and value ourselves like we should, that’s the only thing that will turn this back.

  27. Pastor Foster:
    The support for Republicans is strongly implied, particularly when people act as though Obama’s positions are so far out, much further to the left than anyone has ever seen, when they are virtually the same positions taken by President Clinton, Hillary Clinton and every Democrat who was running for the Democratic nomination. In fact, there were some candidates on the Democratic side who were more liberal than Obama, and he and Hillary agreed on just about every issue. I pointed this out last week when it was assumed that Obama initiated the Gay Pride Month when, in fact, this was done by President Clinton in the year 2000. Some of the statements posted here often sound as though they are coming from straight the Republican talking points.

    However, if I made an inaccurate assumption, I do apologize if I am wrong. Right now, I am so fed up with the crazy talk from the right wing nuts that it is difficult for me to support anything they do, even if I might agree with them on a couple of issues. Can you imagine what would happen if a Black person brought a loaded gun to a Presidential town hall meeting, which is what occurred this week in New Hampshire at the meeting hosted by President Obama? Some guy had a loaded gun strapped to his leg outside on the grounds, just because he could legally carry a fire arm in New Hampshire. A Black person who have been shot or put in jail immediately.

    I’d prefer to be Independent as far as politics is concerned. I believe both parties are flawed, but I don’t have the disdain for President Obama that many people speak about here. I don’t see him as the anti-Christ, or evil, or possessing more shortcomings than previous presidents. If one puts the strengths and weaknesses side-by-side with presidents of the last 50 years, Obama ranks as good or better. He’s certainly better than Bush, who, in my opinion, was a disaster.

  28. “My logic is this. Wrong is wrong. So I can’t give one a pass b/c it’s less egregious then the other.”

    It seems that you should be the biggest opponent of pro choice then since you have such a high moral standard.

    Why are your standards based off of the fact that pro lifers make a pass in certain circumstanc

    Logically speaking it would be a step in the right direction if we could cut down on the number if abortions.

    legal abortion is illegal murder in God’s eyes, is it not?

    Who chooses for the baby?

  29. EnochWalked – this is so true (the revelation that God gave you – I got it too). And data backs it up. One, the only race in
    America that has more men than women are Asians; Asians are the racial group least likely to get an abortion. Also, every testimony I’ve heard where God showed a person their aborted child (such as Will Ford and Kimberly Daniels), the aborted child was male. This is why (well, a major reason why) there are almost six million more women in America today (and 2.5 million more black women than black men).
    And, the poster that Pastor Foster posted shows even more devastating effects. And, if I’m not mistaken, there are waaaaaaaay more black women dying from breast cancer than HIV/AIDS. So, hopefully (yeah right) these pastors, church leaders, evangelists, and prophets will be even more motivated to address abortion. I hope…

  30. Gwen Im an independent also. I wish all Christians would follow suit. Our loyalty should be to our King first. Not as a “voting bloc” but as people who simply refuse to cooperate with any willful known disobedience to God’s will perpetrated by our respective governments.

    Also, if you could be specific of where someone implied that Republicans are the better option, Id be happy to address that. But I hadnt seen that in any widespread consensus on this comment thread.

    And for the record to anyone, my severe criticism of Obama is not an endoresement of another political party or politically affiliated entity.

    Regards to the rather contained range of issues I deal with on this blog, when praise is warranted, it will be given, when rebuke is warranted, it will be given.

  31. Actually Gwen I am amazed at your comments? What group of ‘racists’ are you actually talking vis a vis the Republicans?

    NOI is huge and groups like La Raza and other hispanic groups have large followings and are indeed racist and Obama and his ilk welcome them into the far left fold…LOOK at Obama’s old church…Wright was a full blown racist…

    We on the right at least repudiate the idiots on the far right like John Birch or others of that ilk…Obama has in the past welcomed the radicals into his party…

    I wouldn’t cast any stones from glass houses Gwen knowing that the left has vile and evil groups like Move On, Code Pink, George Soros and a myriad of evil characters….much more so then on the right…

    Again , define who these supposed racists are on the right?

    I think you are getting badly influenced by the MSM and the like…

  32. Paul N,

    Again you don’t quite understand my point. My point is that either party is EQUALLY a bad option when addressing abortion. Voting for the least number of abortions is counterintuitive and impossible – both parties are not working to end it so the same number of abortions will occur if the women desire to have one.

    Again, our job is to get to the individual. If we’re able to stop the organization, it will be because no one patronizes it with their bodies.

    Businesses with no clients go under. That’s where my efforts are focused. Stop the clientelle, you stop the organization. This applies to any social ill, drugs, alcohol, prostitution, gambling, pornography, secular and secularized “gospel” music. If you turn people from their “products”, the industry cannot survive.

  33. Either side is not equally bad, I am not for abortion in any case but I can see the emotional trauma that certian situations would cause.

    “both parties are not working to end it so the same number of abortions will occur if the women desire to have”

    what are you trying to say? it would seems logical that if abortion was oonly legal in certain cases that the numbers would drop.

    What I dont understand is why does the fact that pro lifers understand abortion in certain situations tip you to the side of pro choice? since you are so adamant the scale should tip towards outlawing abortion period for you.

    Do you turn people from products by making them more accessible?

    I really am not getting you at all, I guess we can agree to disagree.

  34. Black women make up 6% of the US population and account for 35% of all abortions in America.

    Planned Parenthood has over 70% of all its abortion clinics in minority neighborhoods.

    What I always find so interesting is the MSM and liberals will pimp Margaret Sanger (Founder of Planned Parenthood) like she is some champion of civil rights but you NEVER hear any of them suggest they read any of her books. That’s because she was an unrepentant racist and there is no way once you found out the real reason abortion was founded in America most Americans would not support it.

    NEGRO PROJECT<—-Read up on it.

    molech and baal are fed innocent blood today just like they were in Israel 3,000 years ago….not much has changed.

    Ephesians 6:12
    For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.

    "These six things the Lord hates, yes, seven are an abomination to Him: a proud look, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that are swift in running to evil, a false witness who speaks lies, and one who sows discord among brethren" (Proverbs 6:16-19).

    God hates the hands that shed innocent blood…..

  35. Paul N.

    Both sides are equally bad. Check the record. Congress votes on funding most every time, not on whether abortion is outlawed – there are a handful of instances where they vote to outlaw a procedure like late term abortion. And then the Supreme Court says a ban on this is unconstitutional (2007 from pro -life appointed bench mind you) – so we’re back to square one. They could change their mind, but that’s highly unlikely.

    the constitutionality of any law banning abortion procedures is a major hurdle. The judges have not ruled to uphold a ban in quite sometime from what I can remember, so it’s almost futile for Congress to pass a measure to do so. Each law Congress passes must pass the mustard of the court. Remember, they made this present predicament possible with Roe. South Dakota passes a measure in its state twice, and it was immediately challenged – and overruled.

    These are major hurdles for the restriction or total ban, so my bout again goes back to the individual, and keeping them from choosing this. Congress and the court are not going to get it done based on their performance up to date.

    Also, I can’t see how making exceptions, or “understanding” it sometimes helps keep women from choosing abortion. That sounds like a loophole to transgress the Word of God. What time would make it understandable? Rape? Incest? Birth defects? Save the mother? Cheated on my husband – he can’t find out? Lost my job can’t afford another child? Which scenario is emotionally understandable? Seems like all of them, but not good enough to satisfy God.

    Also, illegal or restricted does not mean unavailable – illegal IMO would just mean no longer reported as a “health” statistic. These doctors performing the procedures would not go away, they would just do it under the table like the drug industry. So we have to win the minds of people in the same manner we win the alcoholic from buying liquor, the crack addict from smoking, the cigarette smoker from buying cigarettes and killing themselves.

    But as you said, agree to disagree on how to attack the problem.

    Be Blessed!

  36. P289,

    Sorry I’m so late. Have been busy the last couple of days.

    But as far as your question “Is there anyone presently in office or seeking office that you could vote for?”

    Honestly (and maybe I should be more pro-active in learning about more about our leaders), I don’t KNOW of any that I would vote for. There may be a few good ones who I would give serious considerations. The problem is that I don’t know of any, which could be entirely my fault.

    As far as this issue is concerned, I believe abortion is abortion; whether it’s male or female, young or old, black or white, rape or consensual – abortion is abortion. There have been many women who were raped and kept the baby and also many women who were raped and gave the baby for adoption.

    I’m an independent also; I claim neither democrat nor republican. In my opinion, they both are like the WWE – we fight each other on television in front of the public, but we shop together at Wal-Mart at 2 o’clock in the morning. I expect sinners to sin and that holds for any politician who doesn’t at
    least claim to be a christian. I don’t expect a politician to be perfect nor to agree with everything that the word of God says, but I would love to see one who would speak and SHOW some God-given conscience about certain issues, especially about the ones that are very popular right now. I don’t care if my brother or mother ran for President of the United States, if either of them agreed with or even gave a hint of supporting the abortion bills/legislatures, I would be telling them to repent, I wouldn’t vote for them, and I would be encouraging other people (and especially christians) not to vote for them.



    This is what I would like to see: The church (and I mean the universal church) take all of their monies out of the banks, create their own banks/credit unions, finance themselves, support themselves, and run for offices as a separate party. If the church would do that, the politicians or government would listen to the church and ask the church what we want. They would get right with us for the most part. The body of Christ is VERY rich financially, but that won’t happen because a lot of the churches are in bed with their uncle Sam !!! We’re a laughing stock to them right now. There is no respect at all for the church.

  37. P28Nine, politics is a folly tricks, I was never dealing with this from a political mindset but as a christian.

    How do you stand is the most important issue, what should be done?It seems that what you are saying is because pro life people would amdit abortions in certain situations that means you are pro choice? am I wrong?

    I am for pro life regardless and I would vote for a total ban regardless of whether people would get illegal abortion or not.

    People will always do illegal things but that is no reason to legalize what they do. Thats like people that buy their children cigarettes and say “atleast I know where they are smoking”.

  38. Paul N

    “It seems that what you are saying is because pro life people would amdit abortions in certain situations that means you are pro choice? am I wrong?”

    No that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying admitting abortions in any instance makes you pro-abortion, whether you label pro-life or pro-choice. Lose lose in my book. I want it done away with too, but am not under the impression it will disappear b/c it’s now illegal. So our fight goes beyond the courts and legislatures. So my vote doesn’t heavily weigh the candidate’s chosen label b/c I think both are wrong on the issue.

    My apologies to all also, mispoke on the partial birth ban in Supreme Court. They upheld that procedural ban in 2007. It’s been overturned in some other state courts from state legislatures to allow for health of mother exception. But in that decision they still re-affirm the constitutional right to have an abortion, which leaves us back at square one with another decision against those for banning. This is the tangled mess that’s making this virtually impossible to overturn. But I’ll take that rather than nothing.

    Thanks Charzetta. No need for apologies I just wanted to hear different opinions, and I share sentiments with all of you to vote with scriptural consciences.

  39. P28Nine, please answer this specific question: Would you consider abortion to be sinful in the instance in which a mother’s health/life would be lost or severely jeapordized should she carry the baby to term, especially given that one being pregnant is a medical condition?

  40. P289 thanks for talking this out maturely. I believe the prolife movement has faltered by a purely legislative approach to stopping abortion. Now, there are pregancy crisis centers which are help to get at the abortion “consumer”. I dont have any stats on that. But I do know that as with any sin, those who have been redeemed (women who have had abortions and men who have helped them) need to openly share their testimony.
    Thats how we truly overcome. Rev 12:11

    Like all sin, I dont believe we will see an end to abortion before Christ comes. However that reality does not mean we are to cede the nation to those who wantonly want to destroy children in the womb. Some are fighting in the government sector, while others are working on the personal front. To saving a child is worth us speaking out at the very least.

    I am a little dissapointed this conversation has not strayed on the main focus. The racism of the abortion industry in particular Klanned Parenthood and the real impact of abortion on the black community.

  41. I saw this quote blurb on Charisma and thought it was so true in regards to this conversation/

    “Community service and social activism are ultimately useless unless they yield salvation. You can provide a man with sustenance daily for his entire life, but if you never share the gospel with him he will still be cast into damnation in hell. Many churches are beginning to adopt this social gospel, which basically equates the church to any other nonprofit association. The church is meant to be far more than a Red Cross or a YMCA. The church are those who have been ‘called out’ of culture, mediocrity and sin. Therefore the church’s activism must be inspired by the gospel while simultaneously proclaiming the gospel to the world. Much of what is being deemed as ‘servant evangelism’ that is divorced from true gospel proclamation is a result of fear rather than of love. We cannot truly love someone without giving sacrificially of ourselves by providing for their greatest need: liberation from sin. If we allow the fear of rejection to take hold of us and deter us from sharing the message we are demonstrating that we do not trust in the sovereignty of God, even as it is present in the work of salvation. … If baseball is played with underhand pitches and a larger ball then it changes the game from ‘baseball’ to ‘softball.’ Similarly if ministry is done without the inclusion of the gospel message then it changes the work of ‘ministry’ into ‘social activism,’ and this will not suffice to bring salvation unto sinners. Ministry is the role or position of one serving God in a special way for the advancement of the gospel. The marriage between the work of ministry and the message of the gospel is one that God meant to endure until the Final Consummation when all things will be joined unto Christ. Therefore we cannot advance a message that is not upon our lips, and salvation cannot be accomplished when the gospel is divorced from the actions of the church.” —Washington, D.C.-area pastor Gilberto Gonzalez, voicing concern in a column called “Is ‘Ministry’ Getting a Divorce From the ‘Gospel’?” over what he sees as a growing imbalance among churches concentrating more on physical needs than spiritual ones [, 6/9/09]

  42. P28Nine, thanks I understand where you are coming from and I agree that it is a lose lose situation.I say if we can save some by taking smaller steps then lets do it. We after all live in an immoral world and politicians are no better than the rest so if they take even a small step in the right direction I see it as a plus and would vote accordinly, if I would at all.

    here is an article

    This is awesome

    Pastor Foster apart from voting what would you say is the best way to go about this concern of disproportionate abortions in the black commnunity? what role should the church play apart from praying that is?

    Great article and it os evident in Scripture that along all the good Jesus did he always proclaimed the gospel.

    Along the line of this article I would like to ask you all for prayer. I am not attending any “church” as I didnt think the church I was going to did the things of what this article speaks about and I didnt hear the gospel being preached at all!

    I know all I need is Jesus but he did say not to forsake the assembly of the saints.

  43. Well all I know, if the Repubs are not going to do anything for us in defending the traditional Judeo/Christian Family from attacks from the Gay world and if the Repubs are being useless in defending the unborn, then it is time indeed to vote for an alternative that will stand up for Godly Christian values….

    We know the Dems are off the hook and increasingly are being driven by the evil radical left…we can be thankful their are some brave dems that do stand with us but they are few and far in between…

    These numbers of abortions in the Black Community are shocking and cannot be an accident when one considers some of the things Margaret Sanger and her evil progeny have stated in the past…

    Someone earlier referred to Molech…I think you are right..


  44. I too didn’t find out until a few years ago about the plot to exterminate black people from the face of the earth with abortion. Although it wasn’t a total surprise, the original plan of Margaret Sanger kinda shocked me.

    What shocked me more, saddened and infuriated me at the same time was finding out that the black preachers were used to seduce and deceive their own people. Ignorance and greed played a part in their decision to help kill their own black race. We have suffered so much and so long from abortion just from a numbers standpoint. A generation (an average of 40 years) hasn’t even passed since Roe vs. Wade, but we’re down to 11-12% of the population. Margaret Sanger knew what she was doing. This government knows what it’s doing in legalizing abortions. But for some reason, us black people don’t know what we’re doing. Black eyes need to be opened to see the enemy’s lies and scheme for what they really are: a plot to rid the world of black people.

    I still believe in preaching the gospel to a lost people as the first and foremost answer. But I also believe in telling and giving our black people the truths about abortion: Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood, it’s purpose, who are the targets, where 90% of the Planned Parenthood centers are located, etc…..

  45. N’Catina, I know I tried also. I had to cut/paste and google the links and everything was kool.

    sorry about that!

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