Mary, Mary quite contrary

Gospel industry workers Mary, Mary may be about to become quite contrary, contrary. But is that a big surprise?

The sisters are scheduled to appear with Maxwell (of the “do a little sumthin, sumthin” fame) on his current “Black Summers Night” tour.

Now dont go getting all spiritual and say this is God. Maxwell is a labelmate of M-M and requested that they show up with him. They say sex sells, so with the sleek, sexy new look the “queens of gospel” (new BET title) have donned, they fit right into the ambiance of Maxwell’s tour.

Then there’s the TI story. TI is in jail right now. But when he gets out Mary-Mary said he would be  someone they would want to tour with.  I actually like TI the person (after his contrition which I felt was authentic) and he hasn’t responded to this invitation. But here’s  how the the conversation with went down:

Devi Dev: Out of the hip hop category, is there anybody that you guys are really feeling right now?

Mary Mary (Tina): Yeah, I like TI. TI is so tight. I gotta buy the Walmart version, though. (she chuckles) I don’t know what he’s really saying. I have the Walmart version and it’s all really nice.

Devi Dev: So, you don’t have the real one?

Mary Mary (Tina): (laughs) No, we don’t really know what that one is saying. But, I listen to his whole body of work and I think sometimes that people classify you on whatever that hit is, and that might the feel of radio and what everyone thinks is the biggest, but when you listen to their whole body of work it tells the story of who they are. I like listening to his story. Good album.

Devi Dev: Once he gets out, I would love to hear a Mary Mary collabo…

Mary Mary (Tina): I wouldn’t mind that! TI, you want to come talk about Jesus with the Marys, let’s do it man!

So this is what those gospel industry workers do with their free time. Maybe its just a god in them.

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Addendum: Here’s the full article from NPR with sound so you can hear the responses.


40 thoughts on “Mary, Mary quite contrary

  1. TI Wouldn’t be the worst person to work with, I mean on their latest album they did a track with David Banner! Next you can expect T Pain and Lil Wayne to make an appearance on their album in the future…Ezekiel 22:25-27

  2. Oh yeah I forgot to mention the grossly profane David Banner and they featured porn addict Kanye West and his bisexual ex-girlfriend in their “god in me” video.

    Sexy + thuggish gospel music. Just what the world wants.

  3. “TI is so tight. I gotta buy the Walmart version”

    why is that?

    “But, I listen to his whole body of work and I think sometimes that people classify you on whatever that hit is”

    If the hit is godless why on earth would you buy the rest? the fact that the song is poisoning everyone is not a problem because others songs are not as bad? yep, lets empower the people who are spreading filth!

  4. I rather fight against an enemy I can see because I know where they stand and whose side they are on. But the enemy that smiles in your face and says that they are on your side WHEN actuality they are wolves in sheeps clothing! That is the most dangerous enemy. I can look at Beyonce Knowles and she tells you who she really is…Sasha Fierce. LOL!

    But Erica and Tina Campbell…they are playing both sides of the fence. PERIOD! At first, they appeared to be on the LORD’s side…but NOW…their true colors and allegiance is showing!

    That heinous blasphemous song, “It’s the Baal in me” Do you notice the slight self exaltation of me, me, me? Any true saint that the LORD anoints and uses for HIS glory, I have always heard them say…it’s not me, nothing in me…To GOD be the glory!

    That whole operation, MaryMary and the one whose husband is their producer and he has done alot of worldly labels…they have lusted for fame and the world’s stage. PERIOD.

    So they have proven they are enemies to the gospel. I agree with G. Craig Lewis’ position, when a “gospel” artist does a song with a worldly artist, you are actually deceiving that world artist by giving him/her the belief that they are acceptable to the LORD.

    Name ONE of these worldly artists that did these collaborations with Kirk Franklin, MaryMary, the Clark clan, Donald Lawrence, and Deitrick Haddon and many more others…that has completely forsaken that worldly music/genre/scene/stage! Name one of the RYR that left it for the gospel!

    Last thing, MaryMary and another gospel entertainer out there,

    “If you are so anointed as you claim you are, WHY do you need the devil’s music and his musicians to make a HIT?”

  5. What many Christians and the church failed to understand is the reason why God would have the Children of Israel rid the lands of its inhabitants before He would allow them to conquer and move into it. The first of the Ten Commandments is “Thou shall have no other god before Me/ or not to worship any other god”. God is Holy and neither His spirit nor His people could enter into unclean lands that were occupied by peoples who worship idol gods, practice incest, homosexuality, adultery, fornications, and other hideous things contrary to God. So when He told leaders such as Joshua, Gideon, Moses, or Aaron that He has delivered whatever people they were fighting into their hands, He had them annihilate the inhabitants by killing men, women, children, livestock, and destroying all the possessions of theirs as well. (Paraphrasing)Then and only after the land has been freed of the former inhabitants could the Priest bring the Ark of the Covenant and the Israelites into land because now it the land was consecrated. (Stick with we lol).

    I say all of that to point out that God presence isn’t going to follow Mary Mary just because they have the “TITLE” of being a gospel group. How can God presence be usher in during a concert tour where on the same stage secular artists will be singing about fornicating and other sexual undertones? Here are a couple of scriptures for Mary-Mary and any other so called gospel artists that tries to mix the things of God with idols. Here’s the King James Version because the NIV and some of these other version may sugarcoat the wording.

    James 4:4, “Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? Whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.

    Mathews 6:24 “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”

    Maxwell, TI, and whoever else is considered enemies of God because they represent the world, which is unclean in God’s eyes. The devil has lied to many of these gospel artistes in making them think they’re witnessing through their music to the sinners at these concerts with secular artistes. I guarantee you that there will not be one sinner saved at Maxwell concert during or after Mary Mary performance, because nobody attending the concert is showing up to see Mary Mary. If so they’re only attending to see them in their tight clothes. And what was with Mary Mary collaborating with Queen Latifah at the BET awards??

  6. They went a’whoring after other gods…. A disgrace. Just a metter of time before the line is comletely blurred. The anointing is gone.

  7. I dont recall any in scriptures where song is used as a means to reach anyone, I dont get that. If by chance a song could be used wouldnt it have to have the gospel in it?

    EW, excellent point about the world not seeking “gospel” artists to be on their albums.

  8. Mary Mary–make up your mind; just go secular and stop deceiving everybody by riding the fence. I get annoyed that every seven-year old at my church (boys and girls) idolize them to no end.

    You know, I would like to do an interview with them and ask them one question–how do you define “being worldly” and “loving the world? Seriously, I want to know how you view the scriptures about the “world” in I John”–maybe we are missing something enlightening.

    And ultimately, it is what the world thinks about this that is so poignant–the comments at the bottom of this interview you mention were pretty disgusting ( a. Mary Mary has a thing for TI and that’s why they are doing the collabo b. They so fine and look good in jeans c. Mary Mary are lying about needing a walmart version, surely they use profanity sometimes)

    Unfortunately, these are the people representing us and the kingdom of God!

  9. I like your comment Enoch Walker, you said Mary Mary song is really “It’s the Baal in Me” lol, man that’s good I gotta use that. I tell people all the time that Satan has looked at the movie “Left Behind” as well, and Satan knows the blind sheep is expecting the antichrist to appear just as the movie protrarys it, but it’s not how it’s going to happen. The deceptions is already starting now and it’s so evident in the gospel music industry which has compromised God’s standards and have made friends with the world.

    We aren’t to be friends with the world, Jesus I believed said we are of the world but not part of it. All this Christian Hip Hop and Christian contemporary music is just another tool the devil is using to decieve the church. I don’t like BET anyways because their programming is anti family and God, but you got Mary Mary on stage with big,nasty,gay Queen Latifah during “It’s the Baal in me”. What was Mary Mary thinking??? I remember in Fort Worth about 4-5 years ago, Detrick Haddon was suppose to perform at this concert at this church. We he showed up at the church and found out that the promoters had messed him over with the money he was promised, He told the crowd gather and I am paraphasing,

    “There was some business that wasn’t handle right with the promoting of this concert and I am not going to be able to perfrom as agreed, but will at least sing one song”

    Now tell me this, if you’re really about God business then money should be the last thing on your mind when it comes to soul winning. I understand Detrick Haddon has to make a living through his songs but he should have addressed that after the concert was over.

  10. V, I dont know but I listen to some Christian rap music and the lyrics have caused me to take a look into myself many times. The songs I listen too are edifying and scripturally sound.

    I really dont judge anyone’s style of music but I will lyrically and how you portray the Christian faith.

    That Mary Mary Song they did with Queen Latifah is a joke and all you hear the young people saying is “that song tight”, “the beat is tight”, nothing scriptural and then when you show that it is madness based upon scripture you get “who are yo to judge”, “stop hatin” and all that madness.

    Truly these are the days when people will not endure sound doctrine.

  11. i have really been anticipating an article on mary mary to come across this site for a while, because i saw red flags with these two ladies a long time ago. i also was puzzled at queen latifah(who everyone knows is gay)would be collaborating with them at the bet awards but then i thought…..they already had a song with david banner, and they were already worldly affiliated so it just fit for them. also something else i noted about that performance… NO ONE i mean NO ONE got hyped until queen latifah came out, before that they looked totally out of place(not in appearance but because they are straddling the fence). i tell you what, if i were a man who had jus given my life to christ and was really struggling with perversion marymary would be the wrong group to go see!

  12. Yeah Rogers what was up with all the giggling and tee-heeing like silly school girls trying to get the attention of the school jock.

    I dont understand. First she says she’s “gotta buy the Walmart version”. Then in the same sentence she says she has that version and its “all nice”. huh??
    They dont know what he is saying in his presumably X-rated version (more giggles) but they listen to his “whole body of work”. huh again???

    Captive silly women.

    @ mr royal…I didnt see that but I read comments by sinners who were talking about it and they said the same thing. People were yawning at M-M until Queen Lalesbian stepped out. They could have cared less about the “god in me” song. That’s whats up in those environments. Im a personal witness to that. I remember one night I was in a gay club in Nashville (during my gay days) and in between Prince and Madonna (dated myself), the DJ played the Clark Sisters “you brought the sunshine” (a club version). I immediately got off the floor. In sin and in that environment, I had no interest in hearing anything about God or anything remotely about that. Actually I felt insulted cause I thought it was intrusive to my good time. That’s how sinners think about church club music like M-M and their producers put out.

  13. Mary Mary have always been immodest and just as much as we see the other issues in their hearts being manifested… this to me was one of the first alarms.

    If you……….especially as a woman are not aware of the need for shamefacedness there will always be the potential for more disobedience.

    I’m sure some may object but the Word is the Word!!!
    shamefacedness is in the Holy Writ!

  14. i actually read an interview online that marymary had. in this interview they explained that they didnt want their music in just the gospel section. they talked about how they were glad that their music is played in secular clubs and that they did not necessarily gear this album towards christians. i guess they call themselves going in to pull people out…whateva, but that is a huge misconception a lot of gospel(actually secular) artist have. i dont know how many of you are familiar with canton jones? he has the same mindset as them he just doesnt have the same level of exposure. what true, non compromising man/woman of god will actually aspire to perform with 50 cent, and jay-z, and others. i personally am a man of god who god has given a gift of song, i sing and rap and i know that the lord is going to give me an opening to spread the word through music when its time. i pride myself on writing only what is put in my spirit to write and like many who do it i will not say that im going to be saving lives through music because GOD is the only one who can save lives but i will say that i know his music will serve the purpose that the lord has for it, to give young people as well as older something to listen to that they know is real, not only does it sound good but it imparts something into paul n said something that makes you look at yourself and want to change something. thats where marymary and a lot of so called gospel artist today are missing. its more about fame and fortune than reaching people though the gift that GOD freely gave

  15. Here is a message from the book of proverbs to our youth who uphold Mary Mary to be christ-worthy: One who walks with wise men grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm…

    how do parents tell their youth to throw away rap music, when their gospel favorites are saying “TI is so tight.” Will the real christian role-models please STAND up?

    gcmwatch–that’s funny, my unsaved friends have similar perceptions of the church music at the club–“Why they blowing my high? Why they trying so hard to be like us?”

    And remember, these are the people that the gospel say that you have to bend over backwards (compromise and deceive) in order to reach–and they back there yawning and rolling their eyes when their so-called gospel song comes on…so much for evangelizing the world with their music…

    sidenote: I was at a gospel concert at Houston last week, and it amazed me that when Da Truth came out with his material, the kids went blank and stared–but when he started singing Jeezy or whoever that secular artist is, they screaming and dancing; you know the kids who supposed to be saved, apparently isn’t moved by their message either. All of it is rather disturbing.

  16. Rogers, speaking of sidenotes, I was in Houston the morning Da truth came through in the airport. I was sitting with my son and watch him and two other dudes cut the fool. I almost wanna get a whip and pop some of these clowns when they come out of their mouths with “we trying to reach the youth”. Truth is, young people are a viable mammon mining market and they capitalize on that, both the religious and secular performers. But at least I dont judge the sinners for doing it. Thats what sinners do.

    The things you see in airports. I saw a well known evangelist in Atlanta airport on his way to an preaching event. I was so shocked at how he and his “armorbearer” were presenting themselves. I looked at his website to make sure it was him I saw in the airport that day.

    I started to take a picture, but just chalked it up to a “now you know” moment.

  17. Thats sad about da truth, he had very good lyrics.

    What I see is people compromising regardless of the style of music.

    A couple of Christian sisters I know went on a boat ride with Papa San that was hosted by Bobby Jones (in relation to some award show), with many other gospel artists she said he said what happens on the boat stays on the boat. They had a party and played nothing but secular music to their amazement, along with that many notable gospel singers where there having the time of their life. She did say Yolanda Adams didnt participate.

    I also saw an Anthony Evans interview, he said he asked Maurette Brown-Clark to give him some advice about getting into gospel music, her response was something like “RUN THE OTHER WAY!”

    Lord have mercy!

  18. What the church needs to understand is that you can’t mix the things of God with Mammon, and that’s exactly what these gospel artists and even some clergys are trying to do. They’re trying to take what the world created out of “self” and then put an “hypen” between trying to give it to God as a sacrifice. MMMMM Kinda sounds like someone familar, a King name Saul when God told him to destroy the Ammakites. Here in DFW there’s a local preacher name Ricky Rush who preaches every Sunday morning on the most popular Hip-Hop and R&B station called K104 FM. His messages are so ‘Kool-Aid” flavor but he believes he’s reaching souls, but he’s not. The only reason why the radio stations allows him to be on is so that THEY CAN FEEL GOOD ABOUT THEMSELVES as if they’re right with God.

    You can’t be friends with the world because either two things are going to happen, which the Mary Marys failed to realized.

    #1. You’re either going to draw the world to Christ

    #2. The world going to draw you to their world

    And from the looks of it the world is winning.

  19. Man, I have been telling my fellow young Christians about Mary Mary. Some just don’t see it. Now right now I do like secular music and I am weaning myself from that but even I can see that the God in Me song is not GOSPEL. PERIOD. Like Paul N said it is “Baal in Me”. I usually noticed the much emphasized on me me me. It is a shame that the world can see it and not other Christians. Man there needs to be more discernment. I am at a point that I don’t even want to talk about that group because some people will get hostile talking about their “idols”. Hot mess!

  20. “It’s the Baal in Me” is funny! The interesting thing is when you tell people about the spirit behind Marymary’s music they get mad.

    MaryMary like other gospel artists are lusting after the things of this world. . Where is it written in the Bible that we must be in competition with the world? If you would notice, they are not classifing themselves as gospel artist anymore. The cheap excuse is to think out of the box, Jesus hanged out with the sinners, they want to reach this generation etc etc… All of these excuses equals worldliness and compromise. I recently read something on about PJ Morton going secular and that he wants to sing about love. Truthfully I thought he was already secular because the love he is singing about is the “playing house love” and the various venues that he performs at.
    I am so grieved at the entire gospel music industry until it is ridiculous.

    There’s a joke, India Arie came to my city, the amazing thing is that the amount of Christians including clergymen/women that went to her concert. I was talking to a friend of mine (who is a minister) who went to the concert and she was telling me that they had church. I was looking at her like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat????? I am only waiting for a time to explain to her what India Arie is into.

  21. Kristy thats the new spirituality of todays church. God can use anybody type of mentality. They run to and fro, being tossed like children with every wind and doctrine.
    They are wide open and ready for the great deception.

    Stay alert people of God, our redemption is closer than you think.

  22. This is really sad. I have to speak on TI though. If ever there was a rap artist, set up to steer our kids in the wrong direction, it is TI. Whereas 50 and Weezy, etc. are the stone cold gangstas, TI is designed to make kids believe they can be good and bad all at once. They can be family guys and hoodlums at the same time. He is confusion, pure and simple. Now that he has M-M on board, I guess the message to the youth is: you can be family, hood, corporate, gangsta, and oh yeah, now you can be spiritual “cuz its all good”. The fraud that is hip hop has now co-opted M-M to further its goals of utter corruption. Can these girls not see that they are being used in a greater plan of destruction? It is all social engineering and they will not be able to sit on the fence much longer, they will either have to totally break from these people, or totally become secular.

  23. Satan was in Heaven in the presence of God. Satan have seen God face to face, and seen all the glorious power of that place we call Heaven. But YET Satan got the “big head”.

    At least Satan saw God, walked with God, Talk to God, and enjoyed all the beautifulness of Heaven before He got besides himself. Mary Mary have only seen Bobby Jones and have already started to get beside themselves.

    My point is these gospel artist artist have to be very carefully of “Pride” because if Satan developed pride and HE WAS IN HEAVEN in all it’s true holiness, how much the more a simple earthly human can develop Pride and they’ve never been nowhere near Heaven or seen God.

  24. I just pray that they get out of this god-less industry before it is too late. They and countless others are in a spiritual deception that only the power of the Holy Ghost can free them from. God only knows how many youths are put into a state of spiritual confusion with this type of music. You cannot serve God and mammon. It’s just not practical. These young ladies are lukewarm, and we all know what the Most High God will do to those who are lukewarm. He will spew them from his mouth

    It is God who will separate the wheat from the tare, people of God.

  25. The lack of discernment out there is just breathtaking sometimes. I, like many of the other posters here, found MM’s BET Awards performance rather disturbing.

    I thought gospel music was supposed to be about ministering, worshiping, and ushering in the presence of the Lord. How on earth would MaryMary think they could do that while having an unrepentant lesbian on stage with them singing about “The God in Me”?!! I always hesitate to say something that may sound “judgmental”, but sometimes the plain truth is just the plain truth, as plain as day. Sadly, it seems these two young ladies have stepped onto that slippery slope known as “compromise”. The scary thing about that is, once you begin to compromise, there’s no telling just how far you’ll end up drifting.

    Pray for these women. It could get a lot uglier before it’s all over.

  26. “It is all social engineering and they will not be able to sit on the fence much longer, they will either have to totally break from these people, or totally become secular.”

    the funny thing is Ina that they may not have to take sides because so many in the church are endorsing them and dont see a problem!

    The name Mary Mary is even derived from a false teaching, they said that one of the Mary’s (Jesus’ mother) was perfect.

  27. I just remembered that a gent w/the handle Ringo4Life on YouTube did an excellent eight part biblical analysis of M-M’s track “God In Me.” This link is part 1 of the series.–

    In just doing the search for the video, apparently there are many others that are questioning the sanity of this piece.

  28. Kristy, just read the PJ Morton interview this part stood out to me

    “Artists like Aretha Franklin, Al Green, Ray Charles and Sam Cooke. It was because of their constant struggles to do what they felt in their hearts that people treated them with such hate, as if they were devils based on personal views, not the Bible,”

    How can you justify your decision by using people who went secular and lived like the devil, used drugs and were womanizers? Sam Cooke was a player in the church and went secular for financial reasons according to a documentary I watched on youtube. testimony from his own father.

  29. Mary Mary you are a big part of whats wrong with the black gospel music industry. It’s no longer about spreading the good news. It’s all about industry buzz, $$$$$$, personal recognition, $$$$$$$. Oh, did I mention $$$$$$ and Grammy’s, Stellars and Dove Awards. You are the singing equivalent of Creflo Dollar and Eddie Long. When I listen to your projects I have to wonder out loud who you are singing about. He, Him, The One is not an accurate description of God or Jesus. Your music is designed to cross-over and not in a good way. So many of today’s artist “MM” included are looking for the next “STOMP”. That hit that gets airplay on Urban Rap & R&B stations . That hook that gets played in the club for big sales and buzz.

    With so much of the world hurting both spiritually and physically it’s a shame your music no longer brings comfort to it. Gospel used to be a tool used for strength and uplifting the people. Now it’s the hook to pat your feet to. Your music no longer answers the question of “Who You Gonna Call” when the doctors report is not good, when you get a bad late night call, when your kids are headed for trouble or,when your spouse is out of control.

    No matter what we thought of James Cleveland’s lifestyle, at least his music was on point.

  30. It is not only creepy thing that Mary Mary is supporting these non-Christian artist, but they also supporting Preisdent Obama thats makes even more creepier,(see,!! I remember when I watched BET’s 106 And Park when Mary Mary was on the show and It was way before
    the election . They were asked who they going to vote. Their answer was that they choose Obama because they think that he can make the economy better. Well I wnated to know if they make their homework before voting for him because President Obama is a left-wing extremists who is make more abortions ligel, trying to put the healrhcare bill, (AKA Obamacare) to trying to keep the elderly and the disabled not to get treatment when they neded, and the HR1919 Bill did passed the Senate and more likley President Omama(who is also Pro GLBT/Homosexual Rights), will sing the bill into the law causing peopee to get will put in jail by saying homosuxually is wrong and other stuff! I thoght M-M were Christinas, but they are now showing their true colors for everybody to see.

  31. Hello gcmwatch,
    First and for most, I would like to say a big thank you for your appearance on G Craig’s radio cast. Ever since then, I’ve been a regular visitor on your website, and find it both informative and insightful. I also feel that it really helps put into perspective the high level of morals the body of Christ should continue to stand upon (According to the wonderful word of scripture) when it comes to particular issues (especially gay related issues affecting the church).

    On the matter at hand I have to say, I really couldn’t hold back on this particular topic. As far as I’m concerned this idea of “Reaching the world” through complete foolishness(half breed gospel music) is a shamble and a half. I remember just the other day discussing the foolishness “da truth” decided to bring to the British screen with my older sister. As part of the so called youth he is trying to reach, personally I really couldn’t see the sense in the points he was making. Apart from the jargon he mentioned about reaching the youth through hip hop (The usual over exaggerated and exalted excuse). He began to try so hard to use edited, uncompleted taken out of content scripture to back up his points. No mention about the importance of God’s words, No mention about the Sacrifice of Christ for our eternal freedom through him…Oh the major shock (role eyes)..
    But what really did bother me was when he said that he uses pure worship music created by groups such as hill song to inspire his flow of rap, I was like “What in the world…” One would think he would use the kind of music he is so passionate about for inspiration right???
    SO he can use pure worship music to find inspiration. But we as the youth are suppose to buy into the left overs of your diluted gospel in form of holy hip flop …
    For the Goodness of all sakes. To any so called “holy hip hopper”, “mix and match gospel artist”, Or “I wanna stay on the fence star light”.
    Let me answer a few questions to shed a little light of what some of youths really think:

    Do I believe the world can be reached through Gospel music?

    No Only Chrsit can reach what I’ve seen and know the world to be.

    Is my music causing more good than harm?

    YES…because many youths do complain to me all the time that there is no more straight forwardness in gospel music nowadays,they find so much confusion in the fact that you decide to record with artists they are trying so hard to get away from, Or they simply can’t see the difference in the style you offer in comparison to circular artist.
    My 12 year old younger sister asks me just a while ago and I paraphrase “If so and so is suppose to be a Christian or Gospel artist why is Kanye/bone thugs and harmony/which ever circular artist they decide to work with, doing a colabo with them?”….
    And I have to explain to her young, reasoning mind that majority of you, are just a bunch of confusionist trying to mix and match for your own selfish agendas

    Are we truly buying into the Holy Hip hop palava or any other form of diluted gospel music?

    NO especially not in the UK….All I see is a bunch of individuals trying to enter the music industry in the name of “Preaching the Gospel”

    Most youth I know that are not Christians, Are definitely not buying your Cd’s
    Listening to your songs.
    Or even trying to acknowledge who you are.
    So in actuality the only people even bothering to turn your way are Christian youths.
    Your idea of trying to reach the world is plain and simply…. “NOT HAPPENING” as far as I’m concerned.

    And for those that even bother to try and acknowledge your work, you simply ignite one feeling.

    My small idea from the small corner of England the Lord has blessed my family to reside in is this…
    Stop trying to share confusion (Diluted Gospel music), and seek Christ’s true face in a humble state. So that he can truly ignite the fire of his spirit in you to produce music and songs that will not only dumb found the listening ears of the world. But will show the excellence of God and ultimately the face of Christ through your music. Music that is anointed and music that will and can speak to the soul in whatever state it’s in, to forsake self and come to Christ.
    This is God’s way.And as far as I’m concerned, This is the only right way.

  32. The world would love its own. If you love the things of the world (the secular platform) the love of the Father is not in you. What fellowship is there light with dark, righteousness and unrighteousness…..ect ect ect.

    The Bible is very clear to point out that Mary Mary has returned “like a dog to his vomit.”

    Just wait Pastor Foster you will be running an article here soon about Mary Mary and their weak position or flat out embracing of the homosexual lifestyle.

    Exodus 15:3

  33. I read all these things, and I’m getting so sick and tired of it. Not only because of what these artists are actually doing, but because so many Christians are falling for it. It truly, deeply hurts, it does. What hurts even more is that when you’re trying to inform people about it, you get slapped with phrases like: “If you wanna reach young people, you have to speak their language”, “You will never get youth into church with hymns” and even “You are resisting the flow of the Holy Spirit’. I went to a ‘gospel’ youth concert 2 weeks ago, and it was a hiphopping, thugging, break dancing, crumping(!) mess from start to finish. And all that in the name of Jesus! I’m very discouraged and I don’t know what to do. Anybody have some solid, concrete advice for me?

  34. Hi Anna, I am 23 yrs old and I too have seen the shift that has occured in gospel music I grew up listening to it daily,I have tried to inform my friends about it and some will listen and others still go there own way but I just know that my hope is built on nothing less then Jesus Christ and his righteousness,we can only depend on the word of God. 🙂

  35. We’re all fed up with it Anna. The best we can do is (1) not buy their music and (2) try to educate people biblically about how this is damaging to the body of Christ. So turn that anger into something productive for the Lord.



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