Where are they now: tracking false prophets

Pastor Harvey Burnett of Dunamis Word blog writes a fascinating update on some of the most dangerous false teachers of recent times and their whereabouts. Not only that but he exposes the mindset of people like the late Rev. Ike, E. Bernard Jordan, Robert Tilton and others.

Many of us remember that 2007 was supposed to be the “Year Of Supernatural Release” or “The Year Of Freedom” associated with the number 7 and the year of jubilee.(???) Then 2008 was the “Year Of New Beginnings” (one year after the 7, which somehow completed a cycle, and then at eight we start all over again…???) There were prophecies that went out all around the country and everything was “Howdy-Howdy!” If the ministry wasn’t “grand” it was insignificant. If the bank account wasn’t “deep”, you weren’t living up to your “God potential”

Indeed, the top of the mountain prophecies havent materialized for the people who “sowed” top dollar “seed” into the pockets of these pied pipers.

Make sure you are not one of those people getting taken by false prophets who want your money. They need it to survive and hoodwink other unsuspecting sheeple.

Want a good laugh (or a good cry)? Read what this false prophet said God will do to Detroit.

Read our false prophet checklist and protect yourself. There is an army of false teachers out there. I know that because Jesus said “many false prophets will appear and deceive many people”. False teachers thrive in times of upheaval and confusion just as Jesus warned us. With smooth words and glowing “words from the Lord”, they have one goal: separate you from your money and bring you into bondage.

And another thing: they hate watchmen.

3 thoughts on “Where are they now: tracking false prophets

  1. I am laughing out loud on this one. LOL!!! I read the full “prophetic word” and as my children say, “Wow!”

    I didn’t know God spoke in those terms. C’mon, Spirit of Diablo, Spirit of Al Qaeda, new Hollywood, new New York – what is this?

    So, the Spirit of God is bringing the greatest revival via the auto industry and will once again make Detroit a new Hollywood? And the (ungodly) fuel actors God will make celebrities because God saved Ford Motors? And those who are watching by internet are rejoicing because THEY want this? Hmmm?

    I was always told, “Anything that is not seemingly, is NOT God.” There are numerous things hermeneutically incorrect about this so-called “word” from God. All of it contradicts the context of God’s word. First, how is God going to bring a spiritual revival through an ungodly organization like the auto industry? If the endtime revival (which is unscriptural) is coming through a secular corporation, why do we need the church?

    I’m done.

  2. lol @ Eld Carl. That was not only false but foolish from jumpstreet. Kim Clements gets more silly as the day goes by and this “god” he is speaking for is certainly not the one true God of the bible.

  3. People:

    Kim Clement is a known clown and false apostle. He will say anything and pass it off as God speaking to him. He is un repentant for his bucket loads of prophetic garbage. No one challenges him and calls him into account and if they do, he merrily goes on his way firmly deceived that he is speaking for the Lord! That is how great this deception is with many of these false prophets and yet pastors continually allow these false apostates into their churches or sheep folds with open arms.
    Those pastors are to be held accountable for that foolishness.
    Kim Clement, among many, is laughable and he needs to be rebuked and turned over to Satan so that God may have mercy on his soul.
    He has mis led and is still mis leading gullible Christians down
    the Looney Tunes path of destruction.
    When you watch this loon in action, you come away either laughing out loud or shaking your head in disbelief that anyone could be that corny and false and yet people would still invite him to speak and prophesy over them! Now…that is scary.

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