Dreams and visions, duece

The last time I shared a dream on my blog was in December 2007. I don’t dream on a regular basis and even when I do most times I cannot recall it when my eyes open. And of those few I do remember, I generally dont share with anyone simply because I tend not put much stock in dreams.

But on last night

I dreamed that I had bought a new pair of shoes. I was on my way to work and decided that I wanted to wear the new shoes so I pulled my car into an empty parking lot, got out and took off one shoe, put a new one on and began lacing it up. (In real life, I always take off both shoes before putting on others, but this time different.) While I was lacing up the shoe, an older man drove up and parked behind my car. He got out and walked by me. While he was walking by, he said something to me briefly. (I dont recall what it was). But something about the tone of his voice made me unsettled. It was a nervous fear in his voice. I immediately told him I was late for work, got in my car and attempted to leave. He jumped in his car, sped ahead of me and blocked the exit with his car. I dont know how, but I could hear him say “I’m not going to let you leave”. I accelerated and turned my lights on as I intended to ram his car and forcibly leave. When I got close to what was sure to be a collision, I woke. But two things I noted: (1) when my car got close, I saw that same nervous fear in his eyes and (2) although this occured within the span of 2-3 minutes in the dream, it went from day to night in the same time frame.

Im not placing any significance on the dream, but it weighed on my mind to the point I couldnt go back to sleep. I know that some in the Body, like Daniel and Joesph, are gifted in interpretation of dreams. If, after reading this you feel the Lord has given you insight or if you feel it is simply a dream with no meaning whatsoever, I’d like to hear your thoughts or interpretation, pro or con.

Additional question (if you’d like to comment): Are all dreams tied to prophecy in the sense that some prophecy is “forthtelling (general)” and some is “foretelling(specific)”? Thus, a dream can also be  both foretelling or forthtelling?


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  1. This is very interesting, but I would be interested in seeing the responses. Of course, and all responses attempting to interpret this dream must be submitted to the power of the Holy Spirit. Any other explinations would just be someone talking out of the side of his neck.

  2. OK Pastor Foster, I interpret dreams from symbols and this is what I see from reading it!

    This is a dream from the LORD!
    You were on your way to work: Your work or labour is the field. You work for JESUS CHRIST!

    New shoes represent a going forth into a NEWNESS of Power, strength, and might for the gospel.
    Scripture quote:Ephesians 6:15 KJV
    (15) And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;

    The empty parking lot: You had to pull over and put on these new shoes to prepared to do this: Any true saint goes into an empty season to LEARN from the LORD. JESUS went into a wilderness. You’ve been a wilderness but you’re not staying there and you have acquired new shoes(POWER to run this race!)

    These shoes will give you POWER to fulfill:
    Psalm 91:13 Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet.

    The older man who is nervous is Satan along with the old guard of pharisees(fallen away christian leaders) who do not want your message or ministry of truth and deliverance to go forth and for them to be exposed(to be explained later)!

    You were determined to go forth…and take on this principality head on…So a collision IS IMMINENT! A great head on spiritual battle lies ahead for you and the true body of CHRIST!

    Satan is afraid(fear in his eyes, nervousness) of your ministry along with his false ministers who are afraid of being exposed. In the dream you turned on the lights(CHRIST in you the hope of glory!) Light exposes darkness!

    So the old guard is going to do everthing in their power to hinder, stop you, or JUST GET in the way! But you know your mandate that YOU HAVE A “WORK” TO DO AND FULFILL For the LORD JESUS CHRIST! i.e. I have got to go to work!

    Here is the interesting thing that not only applies to you but to all who are true to CHRIST. You said “I’m late for work!” The hour is late! We have to make up for lost time! Because the hour is late!

    Last thing, the dream went from day to night in the same time frame. Remember what our LORD JESUS said and it applies to every true Christian, John 9:4 KJV
    “I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.”

    Pastor Foster, You and the Body of CHRIST must work the works of HIM that sent you(us) while it is STILL DAY, because NIGHT(tribulation, the end of the age) is COMING WHEN NO MAN CAN WORK!

    This means the hour is SHORT to get the work done for CHRIST! Amen.

  3. Thank you for that insight EW and I find agreement with it. And thank God two things you identified were definitely illumination from the Lord.

    I have some lingering questions:

    1. I only put on one shoe, does that mean leaving without being prepared?

    2. What happens to me in the collision?

    3. Why the man parked behind me and was what he said unimportant in context to how it was said to me?

    I will be seeking the Lord more on this. The times we live in are truly amazing as we see God working his will and plan in the earth.

  4. I think the interpretation by EW is right on spot…Usually cars or any mode of transportation speak to being transported spiritually or transporting others spiritually; a direction you’re taking in life–so usually it’s something with ministry or a particular spiritual movement you’re making in life. As I have dreamed many times of school buses because I work with the youth department in my church…so that allows me to contextualize whatever is going to happen and to cover the future of youth department in prayer.

    collisions, I can count on my hand the number of times in my lifetime that I have dreamed of car accidents/collisions; and they usually preceded some pretty heavy decisions and some of the worst times of my life (seriously–if I could go back, I would have made some different choices)…Collisions or car accidents usually mean swift disaster and devestating destruction…at least in your dream, you may be able to avoid it or prevent/pray a situation or trial that could lead to such…seems like you are sure to encounter demonic resistance for something but at least God (who is so kind) sends us warning

  5. Probably nothing but a few weeks back I had a similiar vivid dream,,I was trapped in the country of Turkey, nobody spoke english and I dared not trust anyone…all I knew was I had to change my shoes in order to escape. There is much more to the story but it seems to revolve around shoes.

  6. Pastor Foster,

    To GOD be ALL the Glory!

    1. I only put on one shoe, does that mean leaving without being prepared?
    Funny coincidence: A guest prophet spoke to me yesterday concerning my shoes. He said, “Shoes represent authority.”
    You do need both shoes…i.e. The whole Armor of GOD. Ephesians 6:11 and shoes are part of the armour.
    That’s why you pulled over to the empty parking lot(wilderness) to get prepared. SO YES, YOU NEED TO PUT ON BOTH SHOES! Amen.

    2. What happens to me in the collision? We walk by FAITH and not by sight! LOL! I cannot answer that one, only the LORD can if HE so wills!

    However, Conflict with the powers of darkness are inevitable. But with the whole armor of GOD we can withstand the fiery darts of the enemy and with the Sword of the Spirit…we can tear down or go on the offensive or obliterate any obstacle, hinderance, or blockage. From knowing your spirit, you are not afraid of conflict or engaging the enemy. The enemy is AFRAID of you! The dream shows this! What happens…GOD will get the glory and the praise for your victory! Remember, this is not natural but SPIRITUAL! This is not flesh and blood, but spiritual! Amen.

    3. Why the man parked behind me and was what he said unimportant in context to how it was said to me?
    Satan knows his words will not stop you.i.e. the man behind you was trying to say something to you about your sinful past/former things. YOU AIN’T HAVEN’T it!(Ebonics) You know you have been delivered, You know you have been set free and you know have been chosen, set apart, and commissioned to GO TO WORK for the Gospel! I watched how it didn’t phase you how those devils on Blackmen Revealed wanted to dig up your past! But it won’t work no more! You are a new creation!

    You know the thing that stops most christians from overcoming is their past…and the devil likes to bring up your past to make you feel unforgiven, condemned… Romans 8:1 KJV
    (1) There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

    Satan knows who you are just as the devils knew who JESUS was and Paul was! So now, the attacks will no longer be your past! Now, he will try to do everything he can to hinder you, stop you, block you, obstruct you…because ONCE YOU GET PAST that line of defense…You will gather much souls and do much damage to the kingdom of darkness! Satan(spiritually and naturally) does not want this message of truth to get out…that one can be free from homosexuality and lesbianism through CHRIST JESUS! That is why there was fear in his eyes!

    The word of GOD says, Isaiah 54:17
    “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.”

  7. Why the man parked behind me and was what he said unimportant in context to how it was said to me?
    Satan knows his words will not stop you.i.e. the man behind you was trying to say something to you about your sinful past/former things.

    Wow, I had not even considered that. Flesh and blood did not reveal that bro. Blessings to you.

  8. Wow. The dream and its interpretation, which sounds logical to me, are amazing. Glory be to GOD! And the devil is a liar, gcmwatch — the victory is indeed yours. Stay in the trenches (i.e., the wilderness, the “parking lot” etc.) until the battle is fully won. Let that coward know you will not be moved. WAIT upon the LORD and HE will bring you through.

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