New book warns ministers, their wives and mistresses

pricewarningI have to give it to Betty Price, wife of LA Pastor Fred Price.

Mrs. Price has penned a new book called “Warning to ministers, their wives and mistresses” and it is a much needed blast to the culture of adultery going on in the church.

Price says she had been receiving letters from women who were in affairs with ministers for almost 20 years. When she recently got two letters from women who said they were sexually involved with two high profile ministers, her daughter urged her to write a book about the subject.

The first letter was from an older, mature woman. She’d just bought a condo but lost her job after 25 years. Her self-esteem was very low and she reached out to her bishop for counseling. They’ve been having an affair for over three years. The second woman works side by side with her pastor. They began spending long hours together. Now, she is desperately trying to get out but doesn’t know how.

Both of these women know that what they are doing is wrong but don’t have the strength to leave. The ministers have threatened and coerced them into believing that if they left they would be dishonoring God. But both women expressed they were benefitting financially in the relationships. After reading those two letters, my daughter told me that I had to write a book.

Warning to Ministers, their Wives, and Mistresses from EIF TV on Vimeo.

I wrote “Warning To Ministers, Their Wives and Mistresses” to help young ministers so that they won’t allow the trappings that their positions bring to make them go in a different direction than what God has planned for them. There are women who come to church specifically for the purpose of sleeping with the minister and in my book I share the anonymous letters from these women who are having affairs with their pastors.

I also want to help other first ladies and women who live right for God and who do not have affairs with married men. I really want to shed light and bring it to the forefront because this secret is very harmful to the church. I want to let people know that the inappropriate actions of some ministers do not happen in every church. Moreover, I wanted to share my story and my experience.

Im glad she took off the gloves with this. Price accurately tags this as a “road to destruction” which is sure is. Read the full story at the Memphis’ TriState Defender

The book is available for purchase here.


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  1. I just don’t understand. Why would a woman be afraid of leaving the pastor if he told her she is dishonoring God? I thought adultery is dis-obeying God? Man, money is the root of all evil because some woman would stay in the relationship just for a little financial security. Sexually immorality has to be confronted on all sides.

  2. Yeah Mercedes, I havent read the book, but I think that Betty Price smacks both the women and the men they are cavorting with upside tha head. There’s no excuse. When one recognizes that such relationships are dishonoring to God as well as destructive to one’s spiritual health, the ONLY SOLUTION is to get out of it.
    However, the money does sweeten sin.

    I hope the book deals with all of that.

  3. Nice to have a change of pace from The Prices, but it is a subject that needs to be addressed to all parties.

  4. Wow I’m happy she wrote the book. All of this madness needs to be exposed and stopped. This stuff is just ridiculous. She is right there are a lot of women who only go to church to catch the pastor’s eye and some will even donate money to the church thinking they are buying the pastor’s affections and will get angry when they don’t get him into bed. Sad, but true. Most of these pastors have really godly women for wives already who are obedient women and submissive, but they, the husbands still want something on the side. Sad, sad, sad. Thank you Sister Betty for writing this book. God bless you

  5. Kudos to Mrs. Price for speaking and writing the truth!
    As I commented on another post here, there will always be
    “weaker” women that these predators will prey on, not pray for!

    Unfortunately “spiritual” adultery will always lead to “physical”
    adultery. That’s what we are seeing and witnessing in this spiritually immoral age of the church. May God continue to expose the hierlings and convict the hearts of those that are bound in this sexual sin to confess, repent and turn their hearts back to God! If one “truly” wants to be free, then the Son will set them free…INDEED!

  6. Fred price is a well known prosperity preacher,I hope we all have learned not to jump on every band wagon that comes along. Her husband has embraced prosperity preaching and they are one. Be wise about the ministries you support!

    GCMW: Tammy, this is not an endorsement of any false teachings. Just that it is good that somebody is speaking out against the rampant sexual immorality in the church.

  7. I know this story only too well. My dad was a minister/elder and right before he was placed as a pastor over a church; he fell into an adulterous relationship. He left my mom in financial straits and old age. And its seven years later; and he has still not turned back to God or any church or to my mother.

    I am so glad that this author has chosen to pull the cover on this. I hope to buy this for some minsters’ wives who are friends of mine.

    I also want to add what my mom’s friend who is the mother at our church told me. It is not just the responsibility of the minister’s wife but also the church’s responsibility to keep our leaders from danger.

    She says many times women with or without kids have come to church with that look to get our pastor. And she would always intercept. They would never have a chance to even talk to him; she would use a drawn out conversation, prayer or some subterfuge–she and the other mothers would spot the snake before it even striked. and serve as his protection, which is what we need, because we are all human and can sucuumb to any sin.

    I just think its a shame that this is a sin that the leaders in the church seem to fall to quite frequently. But hey reality is reality, so we need people to step in and certainly books like these to keep people on alert.

  8. I am somewhat surprised she is dealing with this issue so late in their ministerial career. I wonder what daughter advised her to write the book because one of her daughters was caught up in an affair in the church with a minister and she didn’t speak about it at that time. They tried their best to keep it quiet but it still got out. Also, the rumours about her husband down through years makes me a little suspect about why she is speaking now. I hope she is candid about the situations in her own family which will give her credibility. However, if her book is about “other people” situation this will be just another sermon “against something” by someone with skeletons in thir own closet. Not sure thats something people are looking for, jmho.

  9. Thought I’d never see the day where I’m happy about something that a Fred Price family member is doing – but sounds like Mrs. Price is on to something here! Very catchy title too!

    Just hope her husband isn’t one of those pastors who’s mistresses appear at their funerals after they die!

  10. Uhhh there’s an interesting and ironic twist to this story I just discovered.

    The story about the book in the secular media (BET, Essence) was via an exclusive interview written by gay author Terrance Dean.

    Did Essence assign this or did Price choose him? If the latter…

    I wonder why Price would give the story to an openly homosexual writer (E Lynn Harris type)?

    Maybe Im seeing more than it is, but if the message is to the church, why the need to play it to the world?

    I may have to retract my kudos to Mrs. Price.

  11. Very true. Being skeptical and using discernment is a much safer approach. Money usually has a say in most of these cases. I’ve known Mr/Pastor Price to be an enabler for Holy-Hop Hop and a spokeman for the DANGEROUS doctrine that’s being preached today called the “PROSPERITY GOSPEL”, but Pastor Foster, you bring up a very good point in your last comment.

  12. The story about the book in the secular media (BET, Essence) was via an exclusive interview written by gay author Terrance Dean.

    I wonder too if she knew. If she did they why wast your time being concerned of the sins of cheaters while accepting a homosexual writer?

    Not good!

  13. To gcmwatch author, I would think that Essence sent the writer to Mrs. Price. Typically the Prices stay in the “Christian” world and their products are typically only in the Christian markets. I was at the Christian Booksellers Convention this year and they featured the book there for the first time. I have yet to read the book but want to buy it. She typically writes books that can help people like the one in regard to her testimony on overcoming cancer. It really helped me when my mom went through a similar ordeal. I’ve noted the Prices are rarely featured in secular settings like other prominent pastors, so I say I doubt it when wondering if she picked her own writer. I think you should keep your kudos in regards to Mrs. Price.

    GCMW: Thanks Pauline 🙂

  14. To: GCMW, Don’t pay ANY attention to ANYTHING or ANYONE comming from Essence magazine. (Remember that’s the same magazine that allowed Junita Bynum to say that she is the new face of domestic violence) Dr. Betty Price was right on the money to write such a timely and much needed book. As a minister who has spent nearly 49 years in the church, I have seen more than my share of ministers using their position to have sexual encounters with menbers of both the same and opposite sex. The Price family tries to stay clear of the “secular” church pastors and ministers and you have never heard of a scandal involving them. (At least I havent heard of one) Keep your kudos for Dr. Betty Price.

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