Youtuber: homosexuality not parallel to God's ways

Once past the first 60 seconds of preliminaries, this young brother presents a sound and compelling case against homosexual conduct, gay christians and their warped theology.

I’m especially impressed that he shared upfront that God had delivered him from homosexuality. He said the lifestyle of homosexuality was not even parallel to the life God wanted him to live.

Amen. Take a look and a listen.


10 thoughts on “Youtuber: homosexuality not parallel to God's ways

  1. No matter what the APA and all of the world’s entities have to say, God can deliver homosexuals! Praise the Lord for deliverance!

  2. It is very, very nice and encouraging to see a youth hear, study, and believe the gospel and the word of God. Praise the Lord !!!!

  3. So surprised to see youth who have a sound grasp of the word and doctrine. So rare!…yes, there is hope for this generation.

    Just enjoyed how forcefully and unapologetically he presented the word. And yet he ended this entreaty to non-believers on a note of compassion.

    I am so glad that he chose God’s plan for his life! Very encouraging…

  4. Praise the Lord. What an incredible testimony for the naysayers that don’t believe in God’s power for today.

  5. Praise the Lord!!! God is awesome. If we sincerely seek Him, and believe Him, He can and will set us free!!!

  6. Great witness and message. Pray for this brother so that he will
    remain in prayer and in the Word so that he will not falter when
    he is attacked for his testimony.
    God is able to keep him……
    His words will cause many to grind their teeth but the truth will set you free.

  7. (If anyone knows our brother in the video or knows how to contact him, please pass this post on to him)

    Young gun, I could just jump for joy right here at my workstation! You are so on-point, so obviously genuine, and so NECESSARY for such a time as this!

    Just listening to you, my joy bubbles up and over! I appreciate and thank God for your deliverance. You have obviously hidden the Word in your heart and are wielding it like the sword it is to fight the good fight of faith. Though I’m sure satan would try and make you believe otherwise, be assured you have pricked the hearts of many, even to the point of repentance — and isn’t that the whole point?! And the fact that you are not ashamed to own your past choices and make a public confession to continue to fight against any residual effects — wow.

    You keep holding up that bloodstained banner and speaking out against sin, little bro. Again, you are so necessary, especially for the young adult crowd. As satan tries to come against you, I pray that the Lord will keep you divinely protected under the widecast shadow of His wings. BE ENCOURAGED AND KEEP IT MOVIN’, MAN!

    You’ve got a cheerleader in Texas! šŸ™‚

  8. I LOVE THE LORD!!! I love what He does in us! I love how he promises us things, and THEN HE DELIVERS on those promises! MAN I LOVE GOD!

  9. God bless you Nathan. Ive enjoyed reading your comments. Be encouraged and press forward to obtain the prize of the high calling!

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