Hey J Moss, part 2

It would have been a very nice gesture if J. Moss would have taken responsibility last year when his adultery case was made public by the Detroit News. Moss’ failure to show up for a court ordered hearing jumpstarted the whole affair and pushed it into the public eye.

Attempting to rebound from the scandal, Moss who’s marketing his new album casts blame at bloggers who he alleges printed rumors about him. I dont advocate rumor-mongering, but I also think it would have served Moss much better to be humble and accept what he did without blaming others.

In his Verity album promo profile, J. Moss talks a lot about his hurt, pain and suffering, but is mum about the hurt of the woman and child he fathered in Atlanta. He reportedly wanted the mother to abort the baby boy.

“Every now and then a person gets to a point on their journey where they discover precisely what their trajectory is,” J testifies, “where you’re supposed to be or where you’re supposed to be or where you’re supposed to land. That’s what 2008 and 2009 has been for me. I’ve been through challenges that tested my faith, my merit, my credibility…even my will to live. There were times when I was at my human wit’s end and wanted to take myself out! In the midst of all that brokenness – a shattered heart and a shattered life – God picked me up and dealt with me one on one. He said, ‘That emptiness you’re feeling…that’s exactly where you are supposed to be. So many others are feeling that same emptiness, but I need you to be my beacon to show them how to overcome it.’ It was a life changing epiphany for me.”

AP music reviewer Amiee Sims noted that “Moss indirectly addresses the issue in songs like “Rebuild”: “Oh Lord/rebuild me/for I’ve taken what you’ve made and thrown it’s value away.” But the album’s upbeat tone emphasizes moving on. As the Grammy-nominated singer notes in the breezy, title track, he’s “not perfect,” and “underneath all of us are really just the same/I’m just James.”

Right, we’re not perfect but considering the magnitude of adultery, why not emphasize God’s standards instead of hyping some self serving cover line?

Moss says the “defaming comments” pushed him to consider suicide multiple times.
That’s from a Eurweb excerpt of a new article he gave to a California based women’s magazine..

Even months after an extra marital affair became public, J Moss says a lump is swelling I his throat as he recalls confessing to Melanie, his wife that he’d cheated.
Moss describes the moment he spoke those words as “horrific,” but wanted to tell her before rumors of his 2008 affair got out of control.

“It’s ironic. The very person that I defied, betrayed and cheated and hurt so badly saved my life, he confides, meaning those words literally.
Defaming comments from the blogsphere had taken their toll on the acclaimed, singer, writer and producer to the point that he contemplated taking his life multiple times.

“I was extremely depressed, it was a dark time for me. That was the point I wanted to take my life. I was plotting it out. I had the gun in my hands a few times, pills in my hands …”

Moss shares these and other shocking revelations in an exclusive one-on-one in “Precious Times” magazine about an extra marital relationship that produced his third son and the restoration he has experienced since the fall out.

What Moss experienced wasn’t caused by bloggers, but are a result of sin’s embedded consequences. Once you wade into sin, even if its private there are consequences that you cannot control because God puts them out of reach. Check out King David’s private adultery in 2 Samuel 11, 12.  

The really important lesson here is for followers of Christ in these types of professions. You cannot bling, profile and cavort with the world and its jacked up ideology and follow Jesus. Holiness is a standard for you, too.

As I did during the first Hey, J. Moss post,  here’s some updated advice.
1. Donate a sizable portion of the earnings from your new album to an organization which helps to educate the black community about abortion prevention.
2. Record a song about how fathers should care for their children and not abort them.
3. Stay faithful to your wife and don’t forget about your son in Georgia.

23 thoughts on “Hey J Moss, part 2

  1. I myself Pastor Foster knew about this last year. It saddened me how J. Moss abandoned an innocent soul-not being asked to be born suffer the consequences of another persons selfish ambitions. According to certain sources, J.Moss makes a good amount of money each month from his record company to take the responsibility of being their for his hidden child. My heart, compassion, and mercy goes out to him and his family. I really hope he remains faithful to his wife and humbles himself to see what God is trying to get out of this situation rather than care what his fans(true followers) think about him. There’s also a difference between remorse and repentance. Gods grace abounds J.Moss, you still have a chance to clear things up,choose to do so immediately.

  2. I knew about this story since it occured and it’s sad that it obviously hasn’t humbled him. J.Moss needs to see what God is trying to get out of his situation and not just feel remorse.

  3. It’s amazing how even these “Gospel” artists can act as if their personal life is to have no bearings on their professional career. It’s not enough to sing Gospel (if you can even classify much of this music as “Gospel”. but I’m not going to start that tirade right now) if you’re not going to live it. Sure, no one is perfect and ocaasionally fall into sin. However, for us as Christians, when we do fall into sin and are made aware of the sin we have committed, we are supposed to own up that sin, confess it, and repent. Thus far, I haven’t seen an fruit of repentence from J. Moss. It’s as if he simply wants all of us to act as if it never happened. I pray that God will have mercy on him, and that others in the “Gospel” industry and those who aspire to be in the “Gopsel” industry will learn from his episode and not repeat the same thing.

  4. This will be good for his album sells….unfortunately you know lukewarm believers will jump all over this CD to hear about his struggles…kind of like Kirk Franklin appearing on Oprah.

    I never knew about this affair until today but I always had a bad feeling about listening to his music (Discernment) it was like he was trying to capture the influence of Hip Hop(booty shaking).

  5. Sounds like his confession to his wife only came at the threat of being exposed by the blogsphere…What if we did not have the blogging technology…I shutter to think how much dirt would still be hidden. I give all glory to God because He gave man the wisdom for the current technology progess we’ve made as a society.

    I believe it’s one of the resources when used correctly that God allows light to be shed on darkness.

    I pray that J. Moss truly repents and turns his whole heart back to God…and not just for CD sales.

  6. Right, just like he had no intentions of telling his wife until blogs started talking about it, he’s been silent about it until…viola! his new CD comes out. And the blogs only talked about what FIRST appeared in the Detroit News because he was too arrogant to show up in court. I wonder if he blames the Detroit News for breaking the story? More celebrity privelege disease.
    This looks too much like a marketing tactic and its a sad commentary when you yoke your testimony to making money.

  7. J. Moss was recently here in Houston being interviewed on Praise 92.1 which is hosted by Yolanda Adams. I caught a portion of the interview. He claimed that what happened to him was an attack by the enemy. When will these people stop blaming the devil for everything? A lot of our troubles arise from our own wicked and selfish desires. Adultery does not originate from the devil it comes from within. Some of these so called gospel artists are off the chain.

  8. I would like to first point out that our prayers are with all parties that are involved. Our pray is that God will redeem these people from the hand of the fowler. Secondly I don’t know all the facts of this case so I will only comment on what I’ve read on this site. It takes a lot of effort to live in sin, because when you are in it, your relationship with God is the first thing to go (your pray life, your study time in God’s word, and your attendance in God’s house).Then it demands self deception, and then the deceiving of every one close to you. It also requires a lot of effort to hide it and to cover it up, all while you trying to maintain a normal life. There is no doubt in my mind that he used his celebrity, influence and power to get what he wanted and to hide his sin. When you here these people who have become the face of modern Christian music in America when they get caught in sin it is never about God helping the people they victimized, but about what God is doing for them to keep their ministry going. This is what we here from this man. How his life has been turned upside down, and how the Holy Spirit has helped him recover. The Spirit of God will always lead us and guide us in the ways of righteousness. There is no doubt in my mind that the Holy Spirit reached out to him before he did this, but he dose what all of us do when we want something we no we can’t have and that is to quench the Spirit of God. The road to recovery for him is not through a new album but through spiritual counseling, recommitment to the Lord, his family, and helping this women and his son deal with the long term effects of their sin.

  9. Praiser4life, for real…he said that?!? Now, that is really a lying wonder if I ever saw one! If the devil had anything at all to do with his stepping over the Blood of JESUS and HIS anointing to cheat on his wife, he was merely appealing to what was ALREADY on the inside of his heart and mind to do. He wanted to do it and he did it. The devil can tempt you to sin, but the execution of sin is YOUR doing. Now that it is out there, he is sweeping it into a neat pile, but not repenting of it or taking ownership of it. Which increases the likelihood of it happening again. Help him, LORD, and bring back the worshipers who worship you in transparency, in Spirit and in truth…

  10. Elder Foster,

    The interview said:Defaming comments from the blogsphere had taken their toll on the acclaimed, singer, writer and producer to the point that he contemplated taking his life multiple times.

    You mean the “defammation” by blogs was more important to this guy than the SIN that he had committed? I mean, when I get wrong and know that’s I’m wrong, I don’t really care who knows it as long as I can get right.

    But this is the problem with “stars” who have bought their own press. Their reputations are more important that their souls or the God they represent…I don’t want to know JAMES…”Just James” what is that??? I could really care less, but I want to know Jesus and when I’m listening to a music ministry I want to be able to have reasonable confidence of the ministers integrity…this brother only emphasizes himself, his journey, what he experienced as if the whole story is some big twitter page…I can’t follow it and I hope his wife and kids are healed as I know it will take some time, unless she’s used to coping with this sort of thing, and I wish the best for his illegitimate son that he doesn’t care enough about to even go to court for.

    Sorry, but I have no sympathies for the mistress either, she was grown and knew what she was doing, was probably an opportunist and obviously wasn’t forced into this relationship that lasted for more than a few months. each of these characters live TOOOOO close to the world for me.

  11. By the way someone can only be defammed by an untruth. It’s not defamming to tell the truth.

    He just didn’t want anybody else to know that while he was singing and writing, “If I were a drummer” and all that that, he was actually allowing himself to be used as an instrument of the devil.

    Sorry, I’m not too empathetic, I just know from whence I came, what God did for me and I can’t stand Christian palyas!

  12. It seems as if JM doesn’t want to own up to his responsibilites nor his actions. How could he say the devil made him do it? That lust began in his heart and he allowed it to get out of control. Live what you sing. Live what you preach. Granted we all sin, don’t try to make excuses for your sin. I also have no sympathy for the mistress. She is just as guilty. I hope that he takes care of his son he had with another woman outside of his marriage. I hope his wife and his family will be able to forgive him and move forward with their lives.

  13. The only thing I want to tender is the role of the woman. She (as far as we know) was not a professed Christian, neither was she married. Moss was both so there was a weighter requirement upon him to avoid what he did. And for some reason, I dont think this was his first time, just the first time getting caught.

    Sinners do what they do and are under judgment from God, but Moss is subject (per 1 Cor 5) to the judgment of the church.

  14. That bolded portion of the article, after the point where 2008 and 2009, I counted at least 15 times where this man mentioned me or my or I.

    Could he be stuck on Heself? comptiplating reading the rest of that nonsense(talking only of the bolded).

  15. This will be forgotten quickly, as far as the church is concerned because he is a christian celebrity and everybody in the church knows him. His album will be a success as usual because he is a church celebrity. He will still be singing everywhere, whereas the man who is not known as well as j moss will be continually written off by the church even though he recognizes and repents of his sin, and takes the blame fully for his faults.This magazine who did the article on him probably wouldn’t do an article on someone in the church who is a minister or singer who is not as popular as j moss even if their sin was revealed. How about they find someone in the church who has committed this sin left his family but was able to reconcile with his wife and family and start over, now that would be a good article.This article is based on j moss selling his new album and that’s all.

  16. I don’t understand why he blame it on everybody but refused to
    accept responsibility and amdit of what he has done. It’s sounds like a reprobate to me.

  17. Praiser4life,

    I read that interview, i can see where he’s coming from a little better and he does admit his failure of honesty in dealing with it, but yet he seems to be wearing a badge now. The badge that says, “look, I did this but don’t you do it because this is what can happen.” To me that’s different from saying, “Look, I did this but don’t you do it because it’s an afront to God and can cause many people to go to hell…AND…Now I’ve got a child that I must learn the heart of God about how to deal with not to mention the soul of a young lady who’s blood may be on my hands.”

    To me those are two different approaches and two different “resolves” in this situation. I have empathy for him, BUT I just don’t see the “mission” to prevent this in the lives of others. I see someobody like a bank robber, who helps the police because he got caught, not because robbibg banks was wrong.

    Now, I would be glad for JAMES to correct me if I’m wrong, but I just don’t see it in any of his statements.

    Am I a prude or off base on this? I’d like the imput of the commentors, maybe I’m being unrealistic or something…

  18. Isn’t this the same J. Moss who did a superbowl commercial for budweiser, last year? These people are not rooted in the Word as they proclaim to be. Are they studying their Bibles? All of these excuses and coverups have become nauseating! One of the most prominent church organizations of its day, was (and still is), full of perverts! Yes, bishops, false apostles, false prophets, hirelings (self proclaimed pastors), wolves (false evangelists & teachers), of whom most people foolishly kiss and worship the ground they walk on! Music ministers (of the reprobate order) are towards the top of this list too. Does not the first of the Ten Commandments say, “You shall have no other gods before Me.” God was not kidding around! Even Jesus himself made it clear to satan, when he was tempted by him in the wilderness; “It is written, You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only, shall you serve.” Revelation 21:8 give a complete list of willful sinners, (all of whom are unrepentant), who will end up in the lake of fire. Worse yet, many who adore them will be there with them. This acts of whoredom do not “just happen.” They are carefully thought up, thought out, envisioned, and executed as planned. You don’t “accidentally” book a motel room, “accidentally” seduce someone, or “accidentally” tell the other participant to “keep your dirty secret.” Psalm 97:10 says, “Ye who love the Lord, hate evil; He preserveth the souls of His saints; He delivereth them out of the hand of the wicked.”
    Sadly, in most of these cases, the guilt and shame come only after they’ve been caught…..even then they will deny everything, until they are pressured into being truthful. And rarely is there repentance after that. Only regret and lame excuses. God help us, as a church, to repent of our own sins AND stop making excuses for those who refuse to be accountable.

  19. By his own admission he became proud and we all know pride comes before a fall. He thouht it was all about him, with women telling him how fine he was and all that.

    I just question the whole Christian celebrity, I dont see that in the Word of God the way how it is in the Church now.

    This scripture came to me:
    Acts 10:24-26 (New King James Version)

    Peter Meets Cornelius

    24 And the following day they entered Caesarea. Now Cornelius was waiting for them, and had called together his relatives and close friends. 25 As Peter was coming in, Cornelius met him and fell down at his feet and worshiped him. 26 But Peter lifted him up, saying, “Stand up; I myself am also a man.”

    In todays world you see the Church clamoring and chasing after men and men loving it instead of saying “I am just a servant of Jesus and nothing apart from. Dont look to me or any man as anything more than a vessel, I am nothing without God!”.

    I am questioning this whole gospel music thing especially in the “black” church, we praise gifts too much!

    If you speak in tongues you are looked upon as deep and spiritual and in my experience those who always speak in tongues have been the biggest busy bodies. Not that gifts are bad but they are no sign of spirituality as gifts are not earned.

    God bless!!

  20. We really have to eliminate the “Star” or “Gospel Star” mentality that has pervaded Jesus’ body. It’s so shameful that the J Mosses of the “World” can come into the church and wreak havoc unchecked. Someone had to know what he was doing. Or maybe the people who surround him arent true Christians, who believe God? Im glad the blogosphere outed him. Of course he wont be happy about it. Not everyone who says “Lord, Lord” will Jesus acknowledge and we the remnant should continue to out these false ministers of wickedness. Thank the Lord for the blogsophere–a true gift from God! OK warriors, lets keep fighting!

  21. I understand your frustration about hearing about J. Moss, but when do we “shut up” and let God be God? Are you praying for him? Doesn’t sound like it. Sounds like you are condemning him and deciding what he felt and when he felt it. It’s not up to us to Judge anyone. Let God be the Judge. He will expose him again if need be. We don’t have to worry if he repented, if he’s forreal, etc., God will deal with that. We just need to continue to life the brother in prayer.And by the way, the blogosphere did not “Out” him. God exposed him because that is what he has to do to us when we willfully step outside his will. Stop judging people! All sin is sin regardless of how big or small. I repent daily because “I’m Not Perfect”! We ALL SIN and come short of the Glory of God. Those without any sin on this page, cast the first stone…you know how the rest of that goes, right?

    GCMW: Candace, please do try to read more of the bible than “thou shalt not judge”. It contains 66 books in the old and new testaments. I would suggest the entire chapter of 1 Corinthians 5. Btw, Im a little lost on the “frustration” issue.

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