Alert: Bishop Michael Pitts and other vipers preparing to strike


TOLEDO, OH – This will not be easy on the eyes. But then again, dealing with false teachers is never pleasant.

Bishop Michael Pitts is putting on yet another one of those grand, stratospheric type church conferences which boasts big, money making drawing cards like TD Jakes, Eddie Long and Paula White. (h/t Pulpit Pimps) Pitts is bishop or apostle of the Cornerstone Global Network.

But despite all the religious grandstanding, court records and media reports show Pitts can’t seem to keep his private parts in his pants while he is in public places.

Add to that Pitts’ drunk driving conviction and you wonder what is it that attracts these paper mache religious leaders to something like his latest conference called “Decree: Heaven on Earth” (make sure to look at the url closely). On the surface, we know that its the promise of mega money which lures in vultures like Jakes, Long and White. If there weren’t significant mammon being waved in their face, they simply wouldn’t show.

Scandal and sin mark the head conference speakers:  Jakes charges 50k for speaking engagements and has been in and out of the homosexual controversies for years now.  False prophetess Paula White is working hard to resurrect the church her selfish divorce helped tear down. Eddie Long is trending gay affirming and fancies himself a religious Donald Trump.  That’s why they will go to Pitts’ pleasure palace and parade around for the sheeple to snap pictures of them and utter nonsensical religious platitudes.

Its apparent because these people cannot govern their own lives, they turn a blind eye and enable Pitts to continue his charade and deception. We can no longer afford silence while souls are being sifted like wheat with the help of false teachers.

Joshua Benton a former staff writer and columnist for The Dallas Morning News wrote about Pitts’ heretofore slick abilities to avoid the legal noose for his perverted crimes.  Benton who lived and worked in Toledo for some time said he was dismayed that there was little information on Pitts’ sexual malfunctions on the internet. Of course, Pitts was able to continue putting on his grand conferences because no one really knew that he was showing his private parts to little boys on a golf course.

In 1995, he was stopped by police after allegedly being spotted masturbating in front of two young boys hitting golf balls at a local baseball diamond. Officials did not press charges after Pastor Pitts agreed to seek counseling with a psychologist who sees sex offenders, they said. (The Pitts camp claims the officials are lying.)

In 1997, he faced eight counts of public indecency and seven counts of criminal trespass, linked to a series of incidents in which a man matching Pastor Pitts’ description was reported exposing himself to people in places like a local park and a Wal-Mart parking lot. His car was spotted near where several of the incidents occurred.

Pastor Pitts hired some very fine attorneys and, in the end, all charges except for two criminal trespass misdemeanors were suddenly dropped. His final punishment: 14 days of house arrest with an ankle bracelet and a $500 fine. As part of the unusual plea agreement, both prosecution and defense agreed that neither side would be allowed to discuss the reasons for the sudden deal.

Pastor Pitts claimed complete vindication. Others were less sure.”

Today, far too many called Christian clergy are spiraling headlong into perdition. And if they are out of control spiritually and naturally, where does that leave those following them?  How to they do it? Its simple so many of the main money makers are so riddled with sin, they form a club and perform at each other’s conferences. Haven’t you seen the pattern? Google any of these vipers and you will see who they slither around with. And the people who attend these events  perhaps are unaware that the “stars” are priming them for blood. It reminds me of a movie I saw once about a traveling vampire circus. None of the townspeople knew they were part of a scheme to rob them of their lives. They lived bored lives and were hungry for entertainment. So the vampires gavwhitewitche it to them.

In court,  when another defendant recognized Pastor Pitts and asked why he was there he said, “You know, you don’t get through life without taking a few little bumps.”

With all of these public sins, why hasn’t there been some public contrition from Pitts? You guessed it. Any attention on his perversion would jeopardize the flow on money which allow him to continue his upper echelon lifestyle. Last year, when Pitts appeared for a command performance at Paula White’s church, she declared it was by “divine appointment”.

Though there has been some debate surrounding Pitts’ ability to get charges against him dismissed on legal technicalities, the Bible has no such leniency for those who claim to be bishops in the Lord’s church. The qualifications are clear. A bishop must be blameless, with a good report both within (from the church) and without (the community). Pitts’ recurring issues with liquor, sex and false teaching do not meet the standards. Unfortunately, there is no one to rebuke him sharply, openly and to his face until he repents. But you don’t have to be bamboozled.

If you are an currently an enabler of Michael Pitts, I urge you to immediately discontinue sowing seeds (aka giving him money), attending his conferences or warming the benches at his local theater church. Stay away from this false prophet and his cohorts until they repent. There’s really no other option unless you want to be partakers of their sins.



36 thoughts on “Alert: Bishop Michael Pitts and other vipers preparing to strike

  1. I wonder how long it will be until pulpit pimps run into somebody so filled with the Holy Spirit that lying that person would be like lying to God in His Throne room or getting too close to the Ark of the Covenant? Peter and Ananias, Dagon bowing down to the Ark sort of scenarios, in both cases there was immediate Judgment……

  2. Hello Pastor Foster, I totally agree with your views. It’s ironic because I was just watching Paula White on the Word Network channel. Ms. White has a tendency of speaking on things that make me question her theology such as: Not wearing leather shoes while fasting and other practices that make me question. What do you think about that? However, I cant believe Pastors and ministers are becoming so compromising by the minute. I remember when a local church in Brooklyn, NY booked T.D. Jakes for a 3-day revival and he charged them $50,000 and made the church profit almost $200,000 in offering. I know people who were there and they said they would purposely put the offering basket next to Jakes to assure their seed was worthy. The honorariums of these False Teachers are ridiculous and they need to really step down to let the Lord deal with them personally. They have such a huge following and they can’t seem to touched.

    GCMW: Im very, very tempted to ask you what church it was. Almost 200K in profits??

  3. The link is funny. Did you view the commercial? What was Jakes saying having a new word down deep and if he can get it out you will go home pregnant….What type of conference is this, really?
    Love the new site, keep telling it like it is!

  4. I didnt see that commercial. Is it one Pitts’s site?
    It may be one of those “kingdom sex theology conferences” ala Earl Paulk mess. He taught that kinda stuff and I know that Long has taught some sexual/spiritual “kingdom” stuff, and David Huskins was in cahoots with Paulk until the he got exposed.

    Thnx for the compliment!

  5. Pastor Foster,

    Pitts has connections and roots and a history to Apostate Bishop Carlton Pearson. Now this history is by association of Pitts preaching for those Azuza USA mega conferences in the late 90s and early 2000s.

    Pitts was a guest preacher at an Azuza Conference, I believe fall 1999 at Jericho City of Praise in Landover, MD(Apostle Betty Peebled and her son, Pastor Joel Peebles). T.D. Jakes was the main attraction for the big night that week on Friday and Michael Pitts was the UNDERCARD, I believe it was a Thursday or Wednesday…I can’t recall whether it was Fall 1998 or Spring 1999 or fall 1999. The Host and MC and coordinator and Pep Rally preacher and propheliar was….Bishop Carlton Pearson!

    I remember vividly and had that weird feeling I get from the HOLY SPIRIT when I hear false prophesy…Pearson was speaking as if everybody in the building was going to be Multi-millionaires and Harvest, breakthrough, it’s your season……And he introduced Michael Pitts. Pitts is one of those pentecostal white boys that can preach “black”! LOL!

    I was a new puppy back then, seeking and looking to find my place and a church home at the time. That was the last time I ever sat foot in an Azuza meeting, the last time I ever sat foot in Jericho and that was the last time I ever heard Carlton Pearson live and in person and as well as Michael Pitts!


  6. You won’t believe how affirming it is to find a site like this! Discovering others who have been clued in on the decaying of our spiritual leaders integrity, is a breath of fresh air!

    As someone who has been liberated from “Bishop-Apostle-Pitts” church and has suffered from the aftermath of its fallout…I cannot begin to express the pain and frustration I feel for these poor “sheeple”. Pain for the countless members who have given to this man at the expense of their own families. Frustration for those who have seen the wickedness first hand and continue to enable ungodly behavior from their “rock-star” preacher.

    When will God’s people finally get hungry for his voice and stop filling themselves with cheap (yet costly) imitations?

  7. Jakes recieved a $35, 000 honoraruim for one night in my denoms main meeting in 2000. I am sure his price has gone up since then.
    This is a church that struggles to give 30,000 to missions annually. His message, Who remembers?

    Paula White is raising money right now on TV every day using OT typology to trick the biblically illiterate to send her money.

    David Huskins used the word nigger in a meeting in Ypslanti MI held by Corletta Vaughn (as she was being consecrated as an Arch Bishop by her own design). She gathered others to officiate. I was there and saw it. He aliented many with is insensivity.

    After these poor gullible souls come back from these conferences they are tires, broke and deluded; waiting on false words to come to pass and wondering why their pastors and elders can’t tell the same lies and work the same fake signs.
    How come thes preachers never call a meeting for prayer and repentance?

  8. Please don’t worry, those of you who think that these “preaching pimps and whores” will get away with their “money grabbing”. God has promised to bring back His glory by restoring the days of Acts chapter 5 and restore the respect and power that the early church had and establish the REAL reason for prosperity found in Acts chapter 4:24 thru 37. Even so come Lord Jesus.

  9. Question: What is more evil than raping your own flock for financial gain?

    Answer: Inviting and paying your friends to also rape them for a week.

    Now that is good shepherding there my friends…..lets see what the prophet has to say about this sort of practice….with my included commentary to bring us into relevancy today.

    Isaiah 56

    Come, wild animals of the field! Come, wild animals of the forest! Come and devour my people!
    Come to rape my sheep anyone, especially big named flock fleecers because these sheep really are mesmerized by you and are impressed with your self proclaimed titles…

    For the leaders of my people—the Lord’s watchmen, his shepherds—
    are blind and ignorant.They are like silent watchdogs that give no warning when danger comes.
    They love to lie around, sleeping and dreaming. Like greedy dogs, they are never satisfied.

    They are ignorant shepherds,all following their own path and intent on personal gain.
    You mean the sheep that get raped every week don’t get partial ownership in the Church Corporation? It is all owned by the greedy shepherds? Really? So I give all this money to buy Real Estate and then I don’t own the Real Estate? You mean the people that COLLECT the money are the ones this Ponzi scheme works for? Well then, I want to collect the money so it works for me too….

    “Come,” they say, “let’s get some wine and have a party.Let’s all get drunk.
    Then tomorrow we’ll do it again and have an even bigger party!”
    Let’s have a bigger conference and name it something catchy and charge people for being able to come early and charge them for watching it from their home and hypnotize them with emotional music and then entice them with false hopes and promises if they give us money. Then next year we can do it bigger and better with new sheep to rape…..and a catchy new name to go with it…..maybe we can take the numbers in the year and get creative and come up with some gimmick to make people think its the Bible.

    Let judgment begin in the house of the Lord and run these moneychangers into ruins now.

  10. Dear Friends,

    Let us be ever mindful of our verbage and attitude while addressing the situation of ministers who are abusing Christ flock, for many times one cannot be abused unless you let one abuse you. Discernment is truly lacking in the body of Christ, thus the Lord says in Isa “they prosper because you want it so” and let us not forget Paul’s exhortation to Timothy “the people will heap up for themselves teachers’ w/itchy ear messages.” As you can see by quoting both those verses of scripture theres accountability on both undershepherd and flock. Many of us get deceived, because we believe we can’t get deceived and if you believe that, then you already are deceived. Many of the flock have helped these ministers’ get to where they are, because they themselves have profitied from it, and when anger rises up, we want payback and now are ready to expose them, because suddenly we’ve received illumination to there falsity. When the Lord rebukes the body, He rebukes us a whole (does He not) oh yes some will be held more accountable and responsible (do not be so quick to teach or be a teacher). Many of us before “mad day” came, put these ministers on pedestals, and would’ve challenged and argued another down for even speaking a word against them, when we ourselves saw the wrong they were doing and quickly made excuses and justified them. Dear ones’ I do not speak as one who has attained nor arrived, but I know that a coin has (2) sides, and its so easy at times to emphasize the one side and forsake the other and the other is just as important or accountable. So I pray for these ministers, to see the error of there ways and cease being agents of Satan “for if Satan parades around like an angel of light, then so does his ministers”, I pray for there genuine repentance, which the Lord will bring about gently or harshly “woe unto you who leads my flock astray.” But the Lord will also deal w/us of the fold, for our lack of discernment and understanding, He will deal w/us for being “purposely” blind, deaf
    and mute. Yes I call for the exposure/judgement of these false teachers/prophets, but in the midst of that, I ever want to be mindful of that which I need to deal w/or I will face the same exposure/judgement of the Lord. Let self examination begin w/both high and low, rich and poor, male and female. I end this w/a verse of scripture by Paul, “The night is farspent and the day is at hand, let us cast off the works of darkness, and put on the armor of light.” May the love for Christ and each other overcome every heart through the power of the Holy Spirit.

  11. God sits high and looks low beholding all the evil and the good. While you are speaking all the negative issues these men and women of God have committed how about tracking all the people they have helped through their ministries. Many of the mega preachers profit off of their books and other businesses they have. How many people have you taken to the 3rd world countries to dig wells? How many supplies have you sent to 3rd world countries. When is the last time you have fed the homeless? Yes there are hirelings in the pulpit as well as shepherds. Those who are perpetrating in the pulpit God will deal with. Be careful who you put your mouth on .Judgment starts at the house of God 1st and God is cleaning house including yours.

  12. Dearest Sister,

    I pray your comments are not directed towards me, and if so please accept my humblest apologies. But where did I create misunderstanding, I said things such as, “keeping each other accountable and responsible”, “I ever want to be mindful of my own actions/issues”, “I do not speak as one who has attained nor arrived”, “look at both sides of the coin”, and “be mindful of our verbage when addressing one another” I even quoted the scripture, “The night is farspent and the day is at hand “LET US” cast off the works of darkness and put on the armor of light.” At no time did my post indicate any hypocrisy, if I am guilty of anything that is my scrutiny of both undershepherd and flock. At no time did I display any “beating up antics” nor “judgemental behavior”, but simply called things as they are. Love does not look over faults, but neither is it a fault finder, it simply calls things for what they are (love rejoices in the truth). Did not God forgive David sins, the answer is yes, but David still had to reap what he had sowed, “The sword shall never depart from your house, I shall raise up evil against you out of your own house, and you shall never know peace again” once again did not God forgive David, was not David truly repentive, but God watches over his Word to perform, “if we sow to the flesh we shall reap of the flesh” repentive or not. To many times we condone each other in our foolishness, we do not need any help from one another to make excuses, pacify nor condone, because we are born in sin we are fully capable of those actions without any help. But however we do need each other to help be accountable/responsible for our actions, just because I might’ve understood what you did, doesn’t mean I should condone it. Oh yes we make mistakes, “a good man falls seven times” but “the heart above all things is wicked and deceitful, who can know it” and a “double minded man is unstable in all his ways” regardless of how much good he does, for in whose eye sight is it good, for maybe to you and me, but not to God. For if “His ways are not our ways, His thoughts not our thoughts” then obviously what you and I call good, merciful and loving, He does not, for the scripture rings true, “the Lord does not see as man sees, for man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” From that verse alone we see the great prophet Samuel getting ready to annoint a man simply because of what he looks like, but praise be to God, he knew his Lord’s voice. So inturn I speaking for myself alone, do not want anyone getting caught up in what I do, what I look like, nor how many verses of scripture I can memorize or quote, get caught up in how I live. Its not about judging its about loving one another, and desiring to see each other make it, and sometimes yes, constructive critism can be a tool, where do we see in scripture the Lord condoning and justifying our foolishness/sins, I would say nowhere, but “love covers a multitude of sins” not looks over, but covers, by seeing it for what it is. I do not desire to defend myself, but only to make myself more clear if I hadn’t before, the scripture says, “wherefore receive ye one another as Christ received us to the glory of God” now I pray if I am not in error for my estimation of your post, that we now “receive one another in love.” Your beloved brother and I greet you w/a holy kiss of grace and peace.

  13. I think you all need to get into a real church and then tell me about false preachers. Bishop Michael Pitts is my Bishop. I have been a member of his church for 13 years. I was there through all the garbage and I am still there. I attended Heaven on Earth conference and it was life changing as it is every year. The problem with your opinions is that they are just that, opinions. You don’t know Mr Pitts nor do you attend his church. I do. You also have no idea of who I was the day I walked in there compared to who I am today. That man and his devotion to the God and God’s people runs deeper than you know and my life is 950 thousand percent better than it was.I know why the charges were suddenly dropped in those bogus cases because I was there and he had boxes of proof that he wasn’t anywhere near the areas in fact he was not even in the country. he had proof and if that proof got out then some “important people” in our lame law enforcement here would have gone down very big. But of course, being the devoted christians you all are it never would have occurred to you that he was set up. Get some real discernment and realize YOU are speaking against one of God’s Bishops and whether you believe it or not, he is still Gods man and your chritian tales should know what happens to those who speak against them.

  14. Judy, noticed you didnt say anything about his several drunk driving convictions. Do you have a really good bible excuse for that too? Maybe he was “set up” for that too.

  15. Judi,
    I think I know who you are. I attended CStone for 18 years and served in many ministries including Synergy. My life too changed dramatically while attending CStone. However, over the last 3-4 years things have greatly changed, and now having been out of CStone for almost 7 months, I can see clearly things that you cannot see while under the power and influence of whatever strange spirit has taken over Pastor & his brother.

    By the way, what’s with the ponytail thing with Pastor Robert, who has always otherwise been a very conservative straight-laced kind of guy? Is he trying to prove they aren’t under religious bondage as they so strongly preach against? Not every other church in Toledo is under religious or traditional bondage. However, they have to preach that strongly from the pulpit among other things to keep their followers in bondage and homage to them. It’s true because when someone leaves, they have to bad mouth them and tell everyone they have an “off” spirit. I don’t think Minister Maus or pastor Matinez had an off spirit. I think they finally saw the light of truth and could no longer be a part of deceptive, arrogant “headship”.

    Have you ever heard of Kingdom Now doctrine? You better search it out and then you will see what they truly believe there and that it is mixed truth, not the pure Word of God. They are out for their own gain. Pastor preaches against the Rapture and end time doctrine and makes fun of preachers with charts and graphs. Did it ever occur to you that he does that because he has made us believe that he is the only voice of authority and that whatever he preaches is true and anointed revelation. Well, somebody is wrong and if you read your Bible and know about the end times, there will be many false teachers and doctrines in the land. Just a bit of leaven leavens the whole lump.

    I can’t get into everything here, and it has taken a long time for me to adjust to what I consider mind control coming from the pulpit. they preach strongly against so many churches so as to make you think CStone is the only church and ministry with revelation preaching in town. Not true.

    I guess what really got to me was when “pastor” never once apologized for his 2nd drunk driving conviction. He made light of it, and at the big church leadership mtg. told us he “just wanted to put it behind him”, so he was probably going to have to do 9 days or something, and go and visit all of our relatives. I didn’t find that amusing. I went through a lot of grief for the 3rd time having to defend my “pastor” and there were no apologies made to us. All “pastor” Robert could say was,”You’re free to leave if you like. There’s the door. See if you can find a better church in town.” To me, that is not Christ-like or biblical behavior. It’s just more arrogance and guilt-ridden mind control There is no freedom in that when you have to guilt the sheep into staying. You have to make them feel as if, yea, if we leave we might not find anything as good as we have it here, because that’s what you are made to believe. It’s kind of like living in an alcoholic dysfunctional home. You stay with it no matter how bad or mixed up it gets because it’s familiar. Again, one of those big things “pastor” always preaches about. Let’s see, could it be some kind of spirit keeping the sheep under such deceptive and subtle mind control?

    If you stop and really think about it, the people at CStone put “pastor” on a pedestal and “idolize” him as if he is the “anointed one” and that’s scary. I know how people talk after his messages. “Oh, that was so good. Such revelation. Pastor is so anointed.” People’s eyes are on him more than they are on Jesus. Then, add to that the gospel show cast of characters they get to come speak for a very heavy price. You better do a reality check to see what TD Jakes charges to come and speak. Everyone “pastor” runs with all travel in each others’ circles and trade off the benefits, and we foot the bill. How many families in need in the church do they really help? Very few if any. They tell us to go help them or tell them we are not a bank. “Sow a seed in faith. That last little $20 in your pocket isn’t going to do much of anything for you, so you might as well at least sow it.” You know the comments “pastor” makes. None of it is biblical. Jesus already paid the price for all of our blessings. He doesn’t charge us for blessings He already paid for. And the bible is clear that we are to help those in need, particularly first and foremost, your own church family.

    I could on and on with so much more. There have been good solid peole who have left there and we are not all “off” in our spirit. I have news for you, there are some very good and solid bible based churches who preach the full, true and whole counsel of God’s word, not just select doctrine, such as establishing God’s kingdom here on earth to deliver it to God when He returns to the earth. You’ve heard it preached there – “It’s the coming of the Lord, not the going up of the saints. The earth is the Lord’s. It doesn’t belong to the devil. the earth isn’t going to be destroyed.” Well, the Bible doesn’t say that. He’s got it all twisted up to fit his doctrinal view. You better search it out. “Pastor does not believe in the literal interprtation of the Word such as Jesus isn’t coming back on any white horse. He said that is symbolic. Just as the trumpet sounding is not literal and on and on it goes.

    We live in dangerous and dark times according to the Word and we should be watching and wise in these times. Not to say it’s gloom and doom as “pastor” says, but because of dark deception and those who speak as if they have authority yet it’s twisted truth.

    I pray that the real truth is revealed to those whose minds have been controlled by the “gospel” of good feeling preaching and continual talk of going to higher levels and dominion and power & blessing. All of that while making light of the consequences of sin and not putting your personal conviction on others. Like “pastor” always reminding us that “drunkeness is a sin, not drinking, so don’t be putting all that on everybody”. As far as I know the very nature of alcohol is to produce an effect that generally leads to being drunk, whatever your definition of that may be. I come from a family of alcoholics and even received deliverance from alcohol at CStone back in 1991. However, as I’ve said, things have gone very astray at CStone and that is why I am no longer attending, and in the process of deprogramming my mind with the true Word and full counsel of God that the bible teaches, not some feel good message all the time.

    So Judi, as one who attended CStone longer than you, I know some things having been on the inside, and, what we have been told is not all truth. In fact, as much as I served in ministry there, not one “pastor” there called to see how I was doing or why I wasn’t in church. Why, because they don’t care. If you leave, they figure you are “off” and after all they don’t like anyone questioning their ” authority” because that is the hierarchy they have set up. They run with bishops and arch bishops(not in the Bible)but something the “religious” Catholic church has. It’s funny how they do there…no deacons or elders as mentioned in the Bible. It’s all them up there and us, the sheep down there, as if they have more anointing and authority than we do. We all have the same anointing and authority that Jesus has, that’s why we are able to do the same things that Jesus did. CStone’s headship is not more full of revelation and authority than we are. Again, look at how cults get started.

    I must end this Judi. I hope you reconsider some things after reading this. Michael Pitts is a man like we are, no more, no less. He’s on a pedestal because sheep with itching ears have put him there by crying more, more, we want to hear more of how blessed and prosperous we are and will be, all the while ignoring the poor in their midst and catering to the wealthy and “really blessed” ones. The bible is clear about not showing favoritism in the church, and CStone sold $100 passes to the Heaven on Earth conference. How many poor do you think could afford that? And what about the front row seats always resreved for the select few? Just some food for thought Judi. I pray you see the light and stop trying to justify ungodly, unbiblical behavior and teaching/preaching.

  16. Rosie wrote:
    “The bible is clear about not showing favoritism in the church, and CStone sold $100 passes to the Heaven on Earth conference. How many poor do you think could afford that? And what about the front row seats always reserved for the select few? Just some food for thought Judi. I pray you see the light and stop trying to justify ungodly, unbiblical behavior and teaching/preaching.”

    I too, have been troubled by this practice of showing favoritism in the church … makes us look no different than the world.

    I pray those caught up in this will wake up and return to the Lord.
    James,the brother of Jesus explains how this is so wrong.

    James 2:1-8
    My brethren, stop holding your faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of the glory, in connection with an act showing partiality [to anyone]. For if there comes into your synagogue [the meeting-place of Christian Jews] a man whose hand is conspicuously loaded with gold rings [and] in brightly shining clothing, and there comes in also a poor man in dirty clothing who is dependent upon others for support, and you look upon the one wearing the clothing which is brightly shining with respectful consideration, and say, As for you, be sitting down here in this place of honor, and say to the poor man, As for you, stand in that place or be sitting down beside my footstool, are you not divided in your own mind [expressing a doubt as to the requirements of the faith you have in the Lord Jesus], and have become judges with pernicious thoughts?

    5-7 Listen, my brethren, beloved ones. Did not God select out for himself those who are poor in the world’s estimation to be wealthy in the sphere of faith and heirs of the kingdom which He promised to those who love Him? But as for you, you dishonored the poor man.

    Do not those who are wealthy exploit, oppress, and dominate you, and they themselves drag you into lawcourts? Is it not they themselves who revile and defame the honorable name [Christian] which was given you?

    8-11 If indeed you fulfill the royal law of the scripture, namely, You shall love with a divine and self-sacrificial love your neighbor as you love yourself, you are doing splendidly. But if, as is the case, you are showing partiality [to certain individuals], you are committing a sin, being effectually convicted by the law as transgressors.
    (from The New Testament: An Expanded Translation by Kenneth S. Wuest Copyright © 1961 by Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. All rights reserved.)

  17. This is for “Judi”…I write this in love to you my sister. I also was a member of Cornerstone for many, many years. I use to think EXACTLY as you do. God truly changed my life over that period of time. I am thankful for a lot of things that WERE good. However, I must comment on some of what you wrote. Not trying to pic apart your blog or attack you. I would like you to read what I have to say and DON’T TAKE MY WORD ON IT..PRAY AND ASK THE HOLY SPIRIT TO REVEAL THE TRUTH TO YOU.

    I have ran into so many people since I left a few years ago (grocery stores, mall, etc.)
    1. 100% of the people I run into (that have left c-stone) did not due so because they were offended.
    2. 100% of the people I run into are saddened in their hearts that they had to leave. But they chose to obey the voice of God over the voice of man.
    3. These same people moved onto other places of worship and their lives DID NOT fall apart. Michael Pitts is not your covering, Jesus Christ is!
    4. These SAME people kept thinking that something was not right there, but thought it “was just them”. So they ignored it. Michael always taught us that leadership will hear from God 1st to release you…but my Bible says “THOSE THAT ARE LED BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD, THEY ARE THE SONS OF GOD”.
    5. You are correct on “OPINIONS”, good thing we have the Word of God to settle that score. There are several qualifications of a Bishop. (One of which is to abstain from alcohol, have a good reputation in the community, good behavior, not greedy for gain, etc. There are others, but you can read it for yourself in I Timothy 3.)
    *But I will say that you should never assume that what someone says is just a “rumor” or “an opinion”. There are many, many people (behind closed doors) who were betrayed and lied on. NEVER ASSUME everything is “just a rumor” or “attack” from the enemy. I guess the devil shoved that wine down Michael’s throat before he jumped in his car, right? Why don’t you ask Robert if he thinks you are just a “stupid sheep” too or is that just something he tells members for fun? Ask Robert why he doesn’t announce to everybody that “He’s the one in control, Michael doesn’t do anything without his permission 1st.” Hmmm…I could go on and on quoting all night.
    6. This situation is not a “FOR ME, OR AGAINST ME” situation. That only exists in a cult. I am not against MP because I left, in fact I pray for him even more now. Why would a pastor be so narcissistic to think there is such a “for me or against me” situation going on???
    7. Why is every member and staff discredited AFTER they leave? Don’t buy the old line when they say, “They’re just not called to us anymore”…lol, how else can they explain it away I guess? C’mon..Ken Vanhoose (left 1st),Larry Mack,Nick Cook, Rich Maus,Dennis Carey (fired for visiting another church) -MP let that church building go into foreclosure, David Martinez, and the countless “pillar people” -these folks have impecable reputations…but are trashed once they leave. Lied on about how they left, etc. You just don’t know about it, Judi.

    Sorry for the small book here, Judi…BUT PLEASE ASK YOURSELF THIS…”Do you really, personally know Michael Pitts or Robert Pitts?” Or is it rather -You know the “personalities” that are presented to you on the platform every Sunday and Thursday. We were taught to “know them by the Spirit”…so I’m sure you are praying for God to continue to lead you by the Spirit, correct? Don’t stick your head in the sand and assume everything….THE BIBLE TELLS US TO JUDGE THEM BY THEIR FRUIT –NOT THEIR GIFT!!!!!

    QUOTING YOU- “Get some real discernment and realize YOU are speaking against one of God’s Bishops and whether you believe it or not, he is still Gods man and your Christian tales should know what happens to those who speak against them.”
    Well…has it ever occurred to you that perhaps people really do have discernment? There is a difference between speaking against someone and speaking against there ungodly practices. After all, Paul tells us, “FOLLOW ME, AS I FOLLOW CHRIST”. The Pastor should live a life that others can morally follow after. There is a difference between a Pastor that made a mistake and a Pastor that pardons those mistakes and lives them as a lifestyle. GRACE is there to COVER and EMPOWER, not a cover-up to condone ungodly behavior when you get arrested for it.

    Nevertheless, I want you to know that God is in control. He doesn’t take sides, He takes over. Trust me, the half has not been told. I pray that God helps you to be free and brings you to a church that has the true fear of God and A REAL LOVE FOR PEOPLE in it. One more thing….Remember several years ago the prophecy that Roberts Liardon had for pastor Michael. He said, “I see a huge snake in the corner of the room. It looks like it’s dead, but it’s very much alive. If you don’t destroy this snake, at a certain point in your ministry it will wrap itself around you and suck the life out of you.” ~~~~Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction; the one who sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.~~

  18. thanks to former members of Cstone for lovingly telling Judi the truth. We can only hope that she and others currently under the spell of Michael Pitts will wake up spiritually before their lives become shipwrecked.

    From reading these messages such the one from pressing4word, its clear that Pitts like many of the slick vipers in church leadership do not want people around them who believe God’s word to be a standard for Christian living.

    Do not allow anyone to come between you and God’s word. No preacher, no pastor, no bishop, no evangelist, etc. Im not suggesting that every minister is crooked, but we cant afford to be deceived. Be sober and be vigilant. Dont willingly abdicate your responsibility to know God and his word for yourself. Let God be true and every man a liar.

  19. To Pressin4word:
    Thank you for your comments and insight as to what you to saw happening under Michael and Robert Pitts. It has been a very difficult transition out of CStone. At first I did not want to believe the things I was hearing and seeing because for so many years, we were all led to believe Michael was set up and it was all a part of the enemy fighting him for his next big level of promotion. I did my best to hang on and be a “loyal” member, but after the 2nd conviction for drunk driving, I was very upset and thought to myself. “Ok,I can over look maybe 1 time, but a 2nd time – something isn’t right.” And then, there was no repentance or apology, just more excuses and Robert slamming anybody who questioned them and the whole situation. I probably stayed far too long, but when so many good pastors left, I knew something was indeed very wrong.
    I still have good friends there who think there is something terribly wrong with me for leaving and don’t I know all of the blessings I’m missing out on that flow down from Michael to all of them. My blessing flows from Jesus and all He has done for me. Truth be known and it is, Michael really knows very few of his sheep except for maybe his “loyal followers” who don’t want to look at the truth, and worship him more than Jesus. I pray that they see the light and discern that a different spirit has taken over that house.
    It’s funny, but it appears that the religious bondage Michael always preaches so strongly against, seems to have taken over CStone along with a strong spirit of control. But then again, how can they keep so many “sheep” loyal to them without all the guilt and control.
    I can tell you this, upon my first visit to a new church, my sister and I & were walking in front of the platform by the front row seats trying to get to our seats and the music had started. I was awaiting ushers to quickly come usher us away from the front row and platform because we were “out of order” or whatever they made you feel like at CStone. I was so tense awaiting their presence at any moment, but it never happened. I kept thinking, “that’s weird don’t they have ushers in this church to keep order?” And then a strange feeling of freedom hit me. I was like, wow, this is different. Nobody is getting uptight about this and no pastors are sitting on the platform glaring out at the congregation for whatever reason. It was such a weird adjustment for me and the beginning of the realization of how much control there really was at CStone even though they try to make you believe it’s all about freedom. That is, until you disagree with someone there.
    It’s so mind boggling even now for me. I am doing better as I read the comments from so many who have left and how we all have seen the same things. My heart is saddened that Michael and Robert have gone so far astray and the god of this world has blinded them to the real truth of God’s Word. I hate to say it, but in my estimation they are doing nothing more than peddling the “gospel” for their gain and they have made the house of god a den of thieves.
    As you said, God gives us His Spirit to discern the real truth of His Word and I am thankful, though it has been difficult, that I know I have done the right thing, not the popular thing. I am glad that I have found a pastor who preaches the pure Word of God, and knows his sheep and truly cares about their souls, and he is accesible to them. In fact, when I spoke to this pastor and his wife when I first left CStone, I told him I felt guilty about leaving (bondage!). He told me I felt guilty because there was guilt in the house. Michael has no idea how he has hurt and wounded people’s souls who have left. We can’t all be crazy and disgruntled. Quite the opposite. We knew there was sin in the house and the Holy Spirit within us was drawing us away to find a church whose pastor’s heart and lifestyle refelcted the heart and lifestyle that Jesus lived.
    Take care and peace to you as you seek to live as Jesus lived in the light of His Spirit, grace and forgiveness.

  20. To Rosie: You are very much welcome! I continue to pray and help deliver those who have been hurt by this ministry. Good for you to allow the Holy Spirit to so quickly shift your perception on church and Godly leadership! So many people get lost at sea during that transition. In Acts 27 Paul gives instructions on impending shipwreck. He tells the people onboard to do 1 of 2 things: “Those who could swim were ordered to swim to shore, while the rest would float on the planks and debris from the shipwreck to shore.” You know, that’s a word for someone out there in transition or about to go into transition….If you are strong enough to swim on your own…swim! If you cannot, hold onto that part of the ship that can carry you. That may be your faith or it may be the strength of someone else. But either way….don’t get lost at sea alone, there is a NEW land waiting for you to discover.

    To those who are confused..remember that demons come with emotions. Always-100%. Don’t trust how you “feel”, don’t trust “what it looks like”. TRUST the voice of the Holy Spirit. It is that small, still voice that stirs TRUTH within you. You don’t need a “word” to leave a ministry that is off…you need to read the Word of God and find out what has already been said. YOU are responsible for knowing the truth. Sometimes we have to face the truth even when it’s not pretty….but God will restore!

    *Thank You to GCM Watch Author..this ministry is amazing!! Thank you for allowing these posts and being the Watchman God has called you to be!

  21. God has not given unto us a spirit of FEAR, but one of Power, Love, and a Sound Mind.

    I encourage all to rise up in this hour and appointed season to use the avenue of the internet to expose, tear down, and rip the roots up of any and all minsitries that control, manipulate, preach false doctrines, and try to scare people from telling the TRUTH by stating, ignorant out of context verses from the old contract like “Touch not thine annointed and do my prophets no harm”.

    Here goes the truth of the New Contract which has made the old one obsolete. Jesus fulfilled the Old Contract terms for us because we NEVER could ourselves. There is no room for boasting, HE DID IT ALL, ONCE AND FOR….ALL…

    There is no more Moses leadership, Kings ruling over people, Solomons Temples and Robes and Inner and Outer Courts…He rent the veil and made ALL ANNOINTED Kings and Priests and we are to serve one another out of love and equality and humility.

    I don’t care about your titles, your cars, your goofy circus outfits, buildings, staff, celebrity members, ability to scream stuff and pray like an idiot to impress people.

    There is no more tithing, there is giving from your heart as God leads you. There is no more God talks to Moses first and then Moses tells everyone a nice story with all kinds of scriptures out of context, it’s over….God put HIS SPIRIT in every heart and all can hear from the Lord now…

    It is amazing to me how much we revert to the Old Contract that is fulfilled by Jesus. In doing so, we insult the spirit of Grace. We trample the blood of Jesus under our feet every time we drop that dime in the bucket and believe that through OUR OWN EFFORT OF GIVING A DIME we are now Blessed and if we don’t we are cursed.

    That verse in Hebrews has nothing to do with personal sin and everything to do with you thinking you are justified by your works after you have received the message of Grace Alone. No man can bless you, only God can, ask Abraham about it.

    The covering doctrine is a witchcraft jezebelic doctrine to control and manipulate people. Period. Wherever you see this doctrine and teaching, Jezebel has set up camp and will start to poison everything in that ministry until she destroys everything.

    You know that fear and intimdation you feel right before you make posts on the internet of wanting to tell the TRUTH? That fear that makes you feel like staying anonymous…yea…that one that your feeling right now. LOL. Welcome to the world of Jezebel who wants to shut up the prophets who speak the truth…

    How can you tell a true prophet. THE SPIRIT OF PROPHECY IS THE TESTIMONY OF JESUS. Prophets like John the Baptist point to Jesus, give glory to Jesus, and reveal the redemption plan of Jesus. They don’t knock people down on the floor or tell you about your going to be a CEO and have lots of money and play with your fleshly desires to get a special offering and buy a new flashy watch.

    I summons the spirit of Elijah to rise up in this hour and pull down this spirit of Jezebel. Cast off your fear and intimidation and know that you are not alone, even though you feel like it sometimes, God has reserved many for this calling, don’t be afraid to tell the Truth and stand up for God instead of a man that hoodwinks you every week with some mesmerizing message with twisted scriptures.

    Its over for this…people are getting hurt and taken advantage of every day in these systems. We have the power if we never show up and pay the hirelings….we really do folks….stop showing up to the circus…

  22. Hello All

    Cstone was a powerful church in the body of Christ. Something happen to turn the Pitt Brothers away from the word of GOD. I questioned if Robert was ever “SAVED”. When ever I was around him I felt something was not right. I believe his focus is on making “MONEY”. The love of money is a “PATH” to “EVIL”. This opens a “FRONT DOOR” for demonic spirits to come into the “CHURCH”. Now they focus on the love of men because they can’t hear from GOD. Cstone has turn from a “MINISTRY OF HEALING” into a “MINISTRY OF HURT”. This is a problem in the “BODY OF CHRIST” all over the “NATION”. I KNOW FOR A FACT IT IS HARD TO LEAVE CSTONE DUE TO THE FOCUS OF YOUR PROTECTION IS MICHEAL PITTS INSTEAD OF JESUS!!!!!!! YOU MUST READ THE WORD YOURSELF INSTEAD OF WAITING FOR MICHEAL PITSS TO PREACH THE WORD TO YOU!!!!!!

  23. King David,

    Very good post. May God open the eyes of our understanding to see things not as they appear but as they really are underneath all the glitz and glamour and then give us the strength to let Him remove from our lives all that is not of Him. Then to Him be the Glory!

  24. I attended the Heaven on Earth Conference and loved it. I do not see or get where you are coming from at all. The Bible does not prohibit drinking in fact Jesus turned water into wine. I didn’t really care for Jakes hype but the message was very good otherwise and Sheryl Brady and David Huskins had very powerful messages even more so than Long, Jakes, and White to me. I also know that Huskins was the one who confronted Paulk and required him to resign so I don’t see how that is in cohoots with. I still don’t get what or why this conference would interest Gay Christian Movement Watch as it certainly didn’t fit anything of interest to you. There were several powerful messages on marriage during the conference including Brady and Whites on story of broken marriage and regret.

  25. TO Josh Jenkins,
    That is the problem. They give you just enough of man’s enticing words of wisdom and part of God’s truth, along with a very happy entertaining atmosphere to keep you hungering for more. But once you look deeper and begin to question some things, especially if you have been a “member” (aka faithful tither paying homage and obedience to Michael and his brother) for any length of time, you realize all is not as it seems. That is particularly true when you begin to read and study the Word for yourself and when you begin to listen to others’s point of view out side the camp of Cornerstone.

    However, as it was preached today at CStone, every time a large group of individuals leave and people begin to question where so & so is & why did they leave, out comes the “Power of Agreement” message. This message essentially tells the faithful members that those how have left and are now “out of agreement” have an “off spirit” and are looking for others with like spirits to agree with them and cause disagreement and complaining in house against Michael and his vision. And of course Michael doesn’t have time to deal with that. So, he has to break covenant with all of those who disagree, that is question his twisted truth and heavy handed autoritarian style of manipulating his sheep.

    There is no love in that. And yes. I have heard Michael justify his drinking by saying that the Bible doesn’t say drinking is a sin, drunkeness is. Isn’at the very nature of alcohol to change how you feel and generally it leads to drunkeness. I know very few people who drink not to get drunk or change how they feel. Alcohol is a drug even if it is legal. Besides that, what about the scripture that says to avoid the appearance of evil so as not to make otheres stumble or to offend them?

    The problem is not whether or not drinking is a sin. The problem is a man who now is a “bishop” (overseer) of many whose lifestyle is not commensurate with a godly lifestyle and who does not operate in godly love toward his “sheep”. He is arrogant and rather than repent, he twists the word with his enticing words of man’s wisdom to make everyone feel guilty about discrediting his name and ministry. We should be exposing works of darkness, not covering them out of guilt and fear. Furthermore, he has preached time and again each time he is arrested for something that he was being set up by the enemy to keep him from being promoted to his next level. Gag me. Sin is sin, whether it’s pride and arrogance or drunkeness. It has nothing to do with God testing us or promoting us, or former members, the police, or the enemy setting him up. Once maybe, but not 2 & 3 times.

    So, yes the speakers, teach some very nice practical secular things about marriage and add some scripture. They draw you with music, dance and humor to make you feel good. But, if you have not been around that ministry for any length of time, you don’t have the whole picture and know the reality of what it takes to be a member there. And if you deviate from it in any way, you are shunned. It’s all bout Michael and how anointed he is with his revelation and vision for the church today and how awesome Cornerstone is. Where in any of that is Jesus lifted up?

    The problem is, is that the controlling aspect of the ministry is very subtle and deceptive and until you step out of the camp and stop drinking the Kool-aid, you don’t realize how brainwashed you’ve become, because it all sounds and feels so good. Since when has the true gospel of Christ and following him been about feeling good and being blessed all the time? Better take a look at Jesus’s life and ministry and what his followers went through.

    I could go on and on, but I won’t. What appears is not always as it is, so take heed and look beyond the surface and study out the Word for yourself apart from the Word twisted by Michael’s revelation. He has been influenced by all of the conference speakers and their lavish lifestyles and twisted truth of Goda’s Word. Look up Kingdom Now doctine sometime and study it for yourself. For the Word says to study to show yourself approved.
    And those of us who were once caught up in those ministries and vain philosophies of men’s twisted doctrine have had to take a long hard look at ourselves to see what was keeping us from the real truth of God’s Word. Why, when our spirit’s within us felt something wrong and amiss, why couldn’t or wouldn’t we leave? Because we feared a man & his ministry more than we feared God. We were afraid of what leaving meant even though we knew it was God desired for us to do.

    I pray that the eyes of your understanding will be enlightened. The gcmw is about more than what the title implies. It’s about calling out ministries & individuals who do not live in light of the full counsel and light of God’s Word, and whose lifesyles and beliefs are false and deceptive.

  26. The fear of man brings a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord shall be safe. Proverbs 29:25

    This is just an observation … not a doctrine to be set in stone:

    People drawn to an “institutional church” because of wonderful programs or awesome music or the preacher’s oratory skills, will have to be sustained by the same entertainment to stay. So the institution grows … but most of the people dwarf in comparison; never fully maturing in Christ.

    Music, preaching and programs are not bad of themselves however; if people are more infatuated with their leaders, the music, programs, etc. than the Lord Jesus Christ ~ they are already deceived. This type of church environment can easily produce men pleasers instead of God pleasers, because of the tendency within the human psyche to want to be part of the crowd.

    It is sad to see a gifted leader use that gift to draw disciples to themsevles instead discipling them to follow Jesus Christ. A man or woman after God’s heart will point you to Jesus Christ and teach you how to receive and hear from Him – not look to man. It will be less about the preacher and more about Jesus.

    We are all guilty from the pulpit to the pew. We placed men and women on pedestals … to watch them fall down. Then we scorn them for falling, when in reality they should never have been there in the first place.

    I believe that the remnant is hearing His voice and Reformation has begun …..

  27. Josh,

    There is always a simple litmus test that can be used to judge the direction and future course of a “ministry”. Here are a few of them:

    1) Are the leaders constantly guiding you to lean upon Jesus for EVERYTHING in your life or are they falsely claiming that you NEED them for something that you can’t get directly from Jesus?

    2) An eloquent speaker / communicator does not confirm one as a minister of the gospel. Character not Charisma should be the measuring stick.

    3) Is Love and Forgiveness present amongst the leaders?

    A few things here to think about…

  28. Open Door,

    Very well said. That makes a lot of sense and is exactly what has happened at CStone. Everyone is in awe of the place – the music, the preaching & revelation, the talent. charisma, energy of the house which is interpreted as the Holy Ghost moving, etc. and they are deceived in that atmosphere. It definitely created men pleasers more than God pleasers because the goal became a: “Look at me & how gifted, talented, blessed I am. Look at how hard I praise and jump around – surely that means I am really in the presence of God. There must certainly be a place for me to shine”. So, all of that created a competitive atmosphere of always trying to attain a higher level, whatever that was, and I never could figure out how it ever helped anyone else out. It became a culture of me & my blessings, look at me pastor. Everyone was trying to get recognition from the “headship” and in reality they only cared about you to the extent that you served in a ministry and tithed because it kept the institution going. No one was trying to please God except to get blessed by their seed giving.

    Thank you for your insight on the “institution” of the church. And yes, I think the remnant is being awakened to the true light and truth of God’s Word, not enticing words of man’s wisdom for itching ears.

  29. To: Josh Jenkins


    1. In The History of Heaven on Earth Conference
    at Cornerstone Church Has Never Charged A Fee!!!!!
    ($100-150 Early Acces Pass)($25 Internet Access)

    2. In The History of Cornerstone Church
    Micheal Pitts Would Never Take A Title From Men!!!!
    (On 10/9/09 Michael Pitts Through International College
    of Bishops Official Appointment Into The Office of Bishop)

    3. In The History of Cornerstone Church
    Large Leaving of Pastors (Six(6)Since 2002)

    !!!!???????WHY DID THESE EVENTS HAPPEN!!!!???????

  30. “I still don’t get what or why this conference would interest Gay Christian Movement Watch as it certainly didn’t fit anything of interest to you.”

    Watch out for false prophets for they come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves Mt 7:15

    Micheal Pitts. False prophet.

  31. Isaiah 56: Come, wild animals of the field! Come, wild animals of the forest! Come and devour my people!

    Todays Interpretation: Come to rape my sheep anyone, especially big named flock fleecers because these sheep really are mesmerized by you, and are impressed with your self proclaimed titles…

    For the leaders of my people—the Lord’s watchmen, his shepherds—
    are blind and ignorant.They are like silent watchdogs that give no warning when danger comes. They love to lie around, sleeping and dreaming. Like greedy dogs, they are never satisfied.

    They are ignorant shepherds,all following their own path and intent on personal gain.

    Todays Interpretation: You mean the sheep that get raped every week don’t get partial ownership in the Church Corporation? It is all owned by the greedy shepherds? Really? So I give all this money to buy Real Estate and then I don’t own the Real Estate? You mean the people that COLLECT the money are the ones this Ponzi scheme works for?

    Well then, I want to collect the money so it works for me too….

    “Come,” they say, “let’s get some wine and have a party.Let’s all get drunk. Then tomorrow we’ll do it again and have an even bigger party!”

    Todays Interpretation: Let’s have a bigger conference and name it something catchy and charge people for being able to come early and charge them for watching it from their home and hypnotize them with emotional music and then entice them with false hopes and promises if they give us money.

    Then next year we can do it bigger and better with new sheep to rape…..and a catchy new name to go with it…..maybe we can take the numbers in the year and get creative and come up with some gimmick to make people think its the God’s Rhema word.

    Let judgment begin in the house of the Lord and run these moneychangers into ruins now.

    Open your eyes..

  32. Cornerstone Church, Michael Pitts, and its network is a very dangerous, controlling and abusive system.

    Many of the ministers that have worked for the Church directly in a full time position or who were being groomed for ministry have left or been banished from the Church because they used their brain and asked questions regarding certain doctrines and teachings that are not Biblical or just didn’t agree with the set up.

    These ministers include: Bo Salisbury, Larry Mack (Network Church Pastor), Coach (Youth Minister), Richard Maus (Children’s Minister for over 20 years), David Martinez (Staff Pastor), Dennis Carey (Network Church Pastor), and others.

    In essence, this whole system of this type of “structure” of Church is a business corporation that sifts money from people so the guys at the top can live lavish lifestyles and feed their egos.

    Most of these independent churches are run this way and are or will be under scrutiny from the IRS for funneling money from non-profits to other business ventures and for use of these monies in ways that are a violation to non-profit laws.

    I encourage anyone and everyone to do your homework before choosing a community of believers in which to gather.

    Look for leaders who follow the biblical model model of humility and do not threaten the efficacy of the gospel by living lavish lifestyles. If someone is an apostle, they should demonstrate the fruit of love, patience, meekness, and kindness and should be willing to work with their own hands to take care of their own…

    Look for leaders who empower rather than enslave…..

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