Deacon arrested for park sex sting now counting COGIC money

Is this just a matter of ethics? We report, you decide.

pitchfordDeacon Jerome Pitchford, a Sunday School teacher, youth leader and deacon at Milwaukee’s Holy Redeemer COGIC was arrested May last year in a known gay sex “cruising” park after he exposed his private parts to an undercover officer. It happened on Sunday after church. Police say Pitchford was looking for sex with another man.

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However, just a year later Pitchford seems not to have lost his stride with his church. In fact, the deacon is still a deacon is now operating as the Finance staffer for COGIC’s  Midwest Regional Music Conference. [Source]

This looks like a promotion for Pitchford, but should the church be promoting such individuals? This is something we have been discussing here with the ordained sexual offender and here with questions about Galatians 6 as applied to church sexual offenders. Is the case with Pitchford a matter solely for the church? Or now since he was convicted of a sexual crime should the church allow him to function in leadership capacity. The report said he was “suspended” pending outcome of the case, but now he is apparently back in action.


11 thoughts on “Deacon arrested for park sex sting now counting COGIC money

  1. Well, I don’t know what accountability he has been held to; or whatever his local church or denom has done. He should not continue to hold the title deacon. Perhaps he can be restored to his office after he has shown long evidence of not engaging in such behavior. There are two issues he must address; the moral faiure and the illegality of what he did.
    He should be restored by mature believers in compassiona nd love and discipline.

  2. I am a little uncomfortable with his photo being used since what he did was directed to another adult and not a child. I am not condemning it I am a little uncomfortable with thoughts

  3. Elder Jimmy, this is the photo from the news report aired on WISN. See it at the link. And he committed a crime. I hope I didnt give the impression that this is ONLY about children. Thanks.

  4. Youre right we dont know exactly what accountability he has been held to, but I guess my other question is how long should restoration be when it involves sexual sins and crimes? I dont think the bible gives us time requirements. And too many have went easy on folks with titles and talents.

    I mean if you are given a 40 year sentence by the state and they stipulate no parole until you complete the sentence, generally that’s what it will be. The church should act with grace and mercy, but not leave out the “bring me meat for repentance” aspect. In other words perhaps churches should say upfront, you will not be restored to this position until a period of X number. And then base that on proof of the individual remaining free and clear of such actions.

    Again with the severe negative reflection on our Lord causing sinners to blaspheme his name, we need to tighten up this ship considerably.

  5. No you didn’t leave or give the impression that this issue is just about children, I understand.

    I certainly agree witht he fact that the church has been waaayyyy too light on ordained or “titled” people. I think a denom or independent church needs to come up with minimums for repentence and guidelines for restoration. I don’t think they are the same. You can be forgiven and disciplined and resored to the church but does that always mean you shoul dbe reurned to your former position within the church? Not always in my view.

    The problem with GOGIC and many others is that restoration is done un a subjective way. If I like you and you were poular and profitable for the organization you can come back quickly. If I don’t like you….well. OR there exists no standard of practice at all for these types of sin.

  6. That’s not the right question.
    Jesus set up leadership and equipped THEM with the authority to govern the church in his absence. Eph 4:11

    “And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven” (Matthew 16:19). And later on, Jesus gave the same authority to all the apostles: “Assuredly, I say to you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven” (Matthew 18:18).

    So, instead of asking what Jesus would do, the question is what are we supposed to do in his absence since he told us to handle things.

  7. It is the right question.

    Yes, he equipped THEM with the authority to govern the church, but He is still the head of the church.

    What would Jesus recommend?

    GCMW: Let’s test your biblical knowledge. You answer the question.

  8. Response to Behold:

    What would Jesus recommend? Are you kidding? You can read any of the Lord’s recommendations anytime, any place and any where.
    And His written recommendations can be read from beginning to end in 365 days. As you read His reconnendations,repent, repent again and obey and repent some more~

  9. Thank you Lady D. Personally, I thought the question was particularly juvenile and served no good purpose. But thats a typical “behold” comment on this blog.

  10. Hello, Pastor Foster:

    Indeed. I would like to hear how behold would handle the situation.

    So, behold: you’re in Blake’s shoes now. What do you do?


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