Gay christian billboards up in Texas

Texas is currently being battered with thunderstorms. But they need the rain as the state has been under severe drought conditions for sometime now.

But a different storm –a manufactured one– moved into North Texas  a few weeks ago, which —like it has done in other places— has battered peoples spiritual sensitivities.

Its actually an old and patently ridiculous gay christian traveling billboard lie that’s been completely debunked. But since homosexuals have loads of expendable income, they use it to foist their lies upon their neighbors.

CBS 11 in Dallas carried the story of a group of gay churches putting up the billboard along  North Texas interstates.

There are four billboards with similar pro-gay messages along I-30 that have started a debate among Christians in North Texas.

Rev. Jon Haack, with Promise Metropolitan Community Church, said, “If we go back to the gospel readings, we don’t find anything within those texts that discriminate or exclude against gay and lesbian people. Gay and lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender people are part of God’s creation too.”

Rev. Haack is with one of five local churches sponsoring the billboards that advocate gay acceptance by all Christians.

One billboard reads, “The early church welcomed a gay man.” Another one reads, “Jesus affirmed a gay couple.”

The gay pastor goes on to say  he received the obligatory “God hates homosexuals” emails. Such things make such good fodder for stoking the persecution complex.

Boards like this will always reach to elicit and awake the shock value folks. People who aren’t aware they are being baited by the gay christian crowd for effect…and news reports.

But to the content of the erroneous billboards.

We’ve refuted each of the lies more than once.

The billboards originated in Indianapolis when an MCC church got the big idea that since most folk werent paying attention to their religious gibberish, an in-your-face billboard campaign would get some attention. Thus, the show was on.

At the heart of the campaign is an intent to normalize, desensitize and approximate homosexuality. What God has branded as an abomination is being given a makeover.  A spiritual nose job, some social tummy tucks, lots of makeup and some activist hair implants.

And now, they say its a beautiful thing. But is it? A pig is still a pig even if you drench it in Imperial Majesty (sells at 215k per bottle) and adorn it with White Sea south pearls (Mikimoto $1 million). In fact, once the pig is released, it would head straight for the nearest mud and slop hole and jump in pearls, perfume and all.

Likewise, you can dress up a lie as pretty as you like, pay millions of dollars to erect it on billboards all over America and when you finish, its still a basic lie.


14 thoughts on “Gay christian billboards up in Texas

  1. Yes, gays are part of God’s creation just as drunks, dopers, adulterers and every person is.
    There are vessels unto honour and vessels unto dishonour and just as there are those who the Lord knows loves him there are those whom the Lord knows hate him and do not fear him. Vessels of salvation and vessels ordained of old unto wrath!
    And, all have fallen short of the glory of God and ALL need to REPENT and believe the gospel!
    Straight and gay alike!
    Proverbs says that the wicked would look well into a matter and do a diligent search to justify their abominations that they would also boldly proclaim!
    Truly prophecy is being fulfilled as these who have no fear of God put up billboards rather than repent!
    Some that may have prayed and asked God to be straight would do better to live in celibacy and give an offering by sacrifice rather than live in a way in which the Lord told Abraham was wicked and the stench reached his throne!
    This world is becoming so wicked it will be a blessing when the Lord returns for his bride and pours out his wrath on all who hate him!

  2. We really do need to fight back this movement. I agree with Robert, we truly need billboards to show good sound biblical teachings. The mantra “God hates gays” is very counterproductive.

  3. GCM watch,

    Rev. Jon Haack, with Promise Metropolitan Community Church, said, “If we go back to the gospel readings, we don’t find anything within those texts that discriminate or exclude against gay and lesbian people. Gay and lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender people are part of God’s creation too.”

    What I posted had everything to do with the article as can be seen with this portion of the above article. And, yes, I do tend to put scriptural references in all my posts on any site to prove why I believe what I do.
    In most of my dealing with the GLBT community their biggest complaint about straight so-called homophobic people is hatred without being able to dispute what they think. Therefore I have chosen never to post without scripture to back what I am saying.
    I have seen members of the GLBT community brag that straight Christians do not have anything to back what they say and that they don’t know what they believe. One right now on gaychristian says that he has searched out scripture and that no straight people can counter what he says, but strengthen his views when he posts on straight sites. But, he brags to those on a site where everyone is gay.
    As for posting a sermonette, that is how I talk and post. I don’t believe in idle talk or talking about things I know nothing about. They may laugh at some straight people that cannot counter their foolishness, but I choose not to let them think I’m just another homophobic person with no scripture to back them.
    But, if you do not wish to have someone post on your site that chooses to use scripture to prove what he believes, so be it.
    I’ll trouble you no more.
    May God bless,


  4. Frank, you arent troubling me at all. I just wanted to know what your comments had to do with the article. Even though you have cited what you are talking about, Im still unclear as to whether you are refuting that or agreeing to it.

  5. gcmwatch,

    These people are doing a diligent search of scripture and using it to justify being homosexual. The scriptures warn us that the wicked look well into a matter and that the wicked boldly proclaim their sin. The gays today are doing just that when they put up billboards.
    They aren’t repenting. They are proclaiming they are gay and God condones it.
    Sadly, many Christians cannot dispute what they say. They laugh at them back on their gay websites. That’s why any time I post I give an answer for what I believe.
    Another point is when Christians send these “God hates fags” type of e-mails and website postings without any scriptural backing they actually are emboldening these gay pastors to keep feeding those who should repent with the arm of flesh.
    I believe that Christians need to start backing their postings with sound doctrine that cannot be disputed. At least then they may not be emboldening these guys.
    But, yes, I did read the entire article. I do not condone gay pastors or flocks putting up billboards advocating that which God says is an abomination.
    May God bless,


  6. I saw this billboard several weeks ago driving, right off Interstate 30 near Arlington, and the scriptures they have on their has nothing to do with Jesus affirming a gay couple (Matthew 8:5-13). The gays just didn’t take the scripture out of context but they totally just changed the hold interpretation of it. This billboard is also posted around Indianapolis as well, and someone sprayed painted the word “Lie” on it in red letters:

  7. I agree that the scripture mentioned says nothing of affirming homosexuals. I think they are just hoping that those void of knowledge of the scriptures and too lazy too look it up will just believe it as being true.
    I was intrigued at how they posted on that same thread about Jesus condoning homosexuality when those who walked with the Lord and recorded his words wrote the following:

    John 8:29

    [29] And he that sent me is with me: the Father hath not left me alone; for I do always those things that please him.

    If the Lord always does that which pleases his Father he will not pardon the abominations that his Father hates!
    Furthermore, for those who say that Jesus never spake against homosexuality, the word says that it was he that stayed and apoke to Abraham after the two angels left to go into Sodom. He told Abraham that the stench of their sin had reached his throne. And, what was that sin recorded when the angels entered Sodom?
    They wanted to know the angels!
    Therefore, it is safe to assume that scripture shows us that Jesus did indeed speak against homosexuality and he will not pardon that abomination that his Father has declared worthy of death. And those who refuse to acknowledge that are probably spiritually dead and his Spirit is no where near them!
    That is the Lord’s call and not our, of course. But, at the judgment seat of Christ many may be eternally regretful of their choice in accepting a lie rather than repenting and attempting to abstain from living in such a manner as to anger the Lord.
    I can’t speak for others but just the mention of a “sex slave” shows where their filthy mind is. Even though people were used as slaves, servants and sex slaves to insinuate that anyone called, anointed or ordained of God was a sex slave is repulsive and borderline blasphemy!
    May God bless,


  8. They are trying to twist the word ‘servant’ into the centaurian’s homosexual partner? Oh brother, this man was a Roman soldier, in charge of 100 men, a man of power and prestige. The word servant, let’s look it up…definiton: a person working in the service of another (especially in the household). How they get homosexual behavior out of that is beyond me.

    The second. Eunuch. This man worked in the treasury for the queen. Let’s go grab the definition: a man who has been castrated and is incapable of reproduction; “eunuchs guarded the harem”. Ok, a castrated man, wouldn’t it be more likely that this man was nonsexual? I don’t see how castration can be associated with homosexual behavior.

    The organization behind these billboards are fools.

  9. There was a song written by Jeremiah Cummings and sung by Melvin Williams a few years back entitled, “Time Is Running Out” and believe me it is almost gone.

  10. I just came from Texas and I have personally seen a billboard that said “Would Jesus discriminate?” I immediately said to myself…yea, that’s a gay billboard. It is only a matter of time before these billboards end up in schools, train stations and telephone booths. America, lets continue to pray for our leadership. Continue to keep us informed Brother Foster.

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