Tonex interview fallout: is this "hate"?

“All Gospel singers are not Gay as I don’t have a sissy bone in my body.”

That was the response of Pastor Deitrick Haddon, who apparently took exceptional offense at the Lexi/Tonex interview and twittered about it on yesterday.

But, one gospel industry fan blog was quick to call his words “hateful”.  Here’s what Gospel Pundit wrote:

Deitrick Haddon typed these words on Twitter today during a rant about the now-infamous interview between Lexi and Tonex, in which Tonex acknowledged his same-sex attractions.
I’m not going to use this post to bash Deitrick, but really to ask that all of us, as CHRISTIANS, take a moment to examine our hearts and live life more carefully.
As I’ve stated before, I disagree with Tonex’s position as it relates to his interpretation of Scripture, the term “fornication,” and the things to which he feels entitled as a result.
But I don’t care how wrong we believe Tonex is in his lifestyle choices– the standard of holiness that we’re trying so hard to uphold does not give us a free pass to use hate-filled words.  Quite the contrary, WE are responsible for LIVING OUT the standard of holiness by addressing people in love.
God is not pleased with the anger we exhibit, and the venom we spew, just because we say “I’m doing it for YOU, Lord.”  We condemn other religions for committing hateful acts in the name of God, we have seen (as a nation) racial oppression premised on people’s errant interpretation of Scripture.  And we’ve not liked it. Yet here we are.  And we’ve become so engrossed with judging every little thing that happens on this Earth that we easily become distracted from the greatest commandment– LOVE.  I’m willing to guess that God would rather we simply keep quiet than demonstrate hatred in His Name.  It’s not okay.  Why?  Merely because I never ONCE saw Christ do it. Our task, then, is to humbly throw ourselves at the Father’s feet and say “Lord, I see injustices and I see things that displease You.  They make me angry too.  I hate what you hate.  But in response, teach me to LOVE the way YOU LOVE.” Let’s do better. (their bold)

Haddon used the word sissy, but didnt call Tonex a sissy. He said there wasnt a sissy bone in his body. I dont know Haddon well enough to know whether that’s true or not, but that’s not the focus. Does what he said rise to the level of “hate”?

And this sidebar: trust me when I say I’m not defending Deitrick Haddon. I’ve had issues with his gospel music industry career, notably he didnt just find out that there are indeed sissified behavior being celebrated in gospel music. But we’ve heard no objections before from him.

But in fairness Gospel Pundit did an interview with Tonex in which he gushed that Tonex was “refreshingly candid and incredibly kind person”. That alone to me says volumes as to why he immediately jumped to defend Tonex’s honor, instead of calling this false prophet out for sowing this poison.

Inspite of the writer (EJ Gaines) protests that Christians shouldn’t engage in gratuitous name calling ( and they shouldnt), his own motivations come into question. My friend, San Diego-based Carlotta, who’s written extensively about Tonex on her Christocentric blog summed it up:

EJ, your comments are indicative to the problem with Christians today. They make a big fuss over the little things while whispering over the MAJOR THINGS!

Just compare your post on the Lexi Show interview over Tonex. There should have been some major outcrying from you over the anti-biblical and spiritually dangerous lifestyle that Tonex was trying to justify. But instead you are having a fit over Deitrick’s use of the word sissy?

I agree with you also that as Christians if we are to labor in love, rebuke in love and always respond in love, we do have to be mindful of how and what words we speak to people. But let’s put everything in its proper place – the rebuke of Tonex should have been far greater than your rebuke of Deitrick Haddon!

Exactly. Why all the outrage over Haddon’s remark but you downplay the destructive HERESY vomit out of the mouth of someone you claim is “refreshing”? It really is indicative of how messed up church dwellers have become.

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  1. i really really REALLY dislike when people take anything that is in disagreement with the gay lifestyle and turn it into hate and say that people are not walking in love. i see that this “love” that a lot of people want us chosen ones to walk in is nothing more then turning a deaf ear and a blind eye to things that should be called out just like they are! my apostle says it like this”imma just tell the butt naked truth!!!” i feel like all deitrick was doing was setting the record straight because from what i see the majority of gospel male singers seem like they are either out there or on the low! i dont condone anyone hating anyone but i know that we are to hate what GOD hates if we are his children! and that is the actions of that lifestyle! on another note pastor foster i would like to know what were the quarrels that you had with deitricks career? i really like his music but at times i had to wonder about him so i would just like to know if there is anything i dont know that i should know, thanks in advance!!

  2. The enemy hates it especially when their are men in the land who are walking upright in covenant relationship with King Jesus and they call out sin as we are ordered to in The Bible.<—-Sadly there are not many in America who claim Christ and are doing this because Pastors want to get $$$PAID$$$.
    The one who call out the sin like G Craige and Pastor Foster are subject to a ridiculous amount of curses and threats spoken/emailed to them.

    Because there are no skeletons in the closet the enemy moves to silly personal attacks on these men. Yes if you get more angry at so called "hate filled words" than about destructive sinful behavior, your not saved.

  3. That’s the thing with the “visible church”, and the “world”, they have no real understanding of the word Love and they use it so easily, readily and loosely. THE ALMIGHTY GOD IS LOVE 1John4:8. He is also, all together Righteous and Holy. There is no darkness in Him, He HATES SIN AND THOSE WHO PRACTICES IT,Ps5:4-6. These people try to separate The God who wars against unrighteousness in the Pentateuch, from The God that came as flesh. Jesus is God and he HATES SIN, all sins. He does not strongly dislike sin or find it troublesome, HE HATES SIN. That’s the reason for Him preparing the Lake of Fire. These people who is sympathysing or empathysing with Tonex, to the point of trampling God’s Word in the name of “love”, should examine themselves to see if they are really saved, and if they are, then they need to study the scriptures more, so that the Blessed Holy Spirit would illuminate the Word in them. I am so fedup. Is there another word for sin but sin. What’s wrong with them.

  4. Mr. Royal, Deitrick Haddon has spent a great deal of face time on Bobby Jones smoozing and singing with the “sissies”. Why hasnt he called out the very obvious before now? Why is he offended now, when he has been right there with them all the time? That’s my problem with him. If he wanted to say something, he should have stayed biblical. I hear he has since deleted the twitter. What does that tell you? But I still dont believe what he said is “hate”.

  5. I am a bit bothered that Dietrick deleted his tweets too. Is he worried about offending those who are buying his records? I don’t know but he should have kept his tweets there – apologize for saying sissy and then keep up with the meet of his message about Tonex: the fact that Tonex calls himself a pastor and is involved in the abomination of homosexuality!

    Oh well!

    Glad DL that you shared my dialogue with EJ. I was totally ticked that he put all that emphasis on the little use of the word “sissy’ while glossing over Tonex’s abomination. I’m praying that perhaps he learned something and will be made stronger, stronger enough to be a TRUE friend of Tonex and deal with him God’s way – not man’s way!

    There’s just so much butt-kissing going on in the entertainment industry that even those who profess Christ are completely caught up in the “money” game! Everyone is just too scared to step on the toes of their financially “anointed” ones!

  6. Praise the name of the LORD GCMW! Thank you. So, Deitrick Haddon is only offended when the sin is exposed?

    Yes, GOD hates sin. Using perjorative language against those in sin is not the best way to demonstrate the love of Christ. By love I certainly don’t mean an absence of harsh definitions or confrontation. I wonder if DH’s momma gave birth to him out of wedlock would he refer to her as a harlot? If his sister is living with her boyfriend if he’s call her a fornicationg whore? Relegating name calling to the sins we are not personally invoved in smacks of self righteousness and hypocrisy; like the Pharisee who went to the temple to pray and said he was glad he was not like “this publican/sinner”. The “sinner” needs to repent. His sins needs to be called sin and warned against the coming judgement. Harsher words and judgement should be used with alleged Christians who pervert the truth of GOD into a lie.
    I wonder if he would call his colleague Jay Moss an adulterer in public?
    When you hate sin the way GOD hates it you will cease from sinning; all sin. GOD has no flesh to impede his holy hate of unrighteousness. Christians tend to hate other people’s sins and tolerate their own. We should focus on loving GOD and our neighbor. I have a child who was involced in a SSA. I didn’t hate her into the kingdom. I loved her all the while while not compromising the truth of the Word. She has left the relationship and is repairing her relationship with the LORD. Calling names is juvenile, hurtful and deeply wounding. It may not fit the strict defintion of hate but it sure ain’t love.

  7. Remember when Jesus chastised the Pharisees for “swallowing the gnat(name-calling), only to swallow a camel (homosexuality and heresy).”
    They strained at judging those who committed small sins–not paying tithe of cumin, mint, herbs; while forgetting the larger sins.

    I am not a fan of Deitrich or of name-calling, but I think Deitrick was trying to distance himself from a horrifying situation, and just made a mistake.

    The guy is acting as if Deitrich may have hurt Tonex’s feelings. What about my feelings being hurt by Tonex? I was deeply offended by Tonex’s display of arrogance and nonchalance about such sinful behaviors. I mean I understand if Tonex may be having this issue; but is it necessary to broadcast this to the national public–making Christians look bad, making God look incompetent and deceiving our youth.

    But wow, talking about the level of political correctness that has entered the church. IT is quite annoying and a testament to how much the world has driven what we believe and do than what the bible says.

    Yes, I think we need to handle sinners with care–the word says to restore them with a spirit of meekness less you be overtaken–but I think the church has to figure out the balance of being kind to those who are fallen without condoning their sin–it’s tough but hey, we can’t promote the things that God hates.

  8. Do you not know that the saints shall judge the world. who are the saints? are we not the saints? sin is sin, and yes we are to love, but when someone comes out and happily states what Tonex said with no shame and no, I don’t like the feelings or the lifestyle and I want God to deliver me from it, then there is the blatant evidence that we need to say no, no , no Tonex, we love you, but we refuse to except your lifestyle and we will always pray for you to turn away from that sin. that is not judging that is being a saint and standing for truth. Time to get our feelings off our shoulders and stand for what is right and stop pacifying sin (the devil)

  9. GCMWatch that video you posted of Deitrick Haddon tells A LOT about his spiritual walk. All he could talk about was himself and then his friend talked about the dancing girls and getting “buck wild for Jesus….” WHAT!? Crashing Churches and youth departments and keep his swag on while representing Christ are you kidding me????

    To top it all off he is wearing earrings, earrings are for women not for men. Is this what God wants representing the five fold ministry as a Pastor!?

    He sounded sooo ignorant and hip hop like……

    I am so embarrassed by this behavior.

  10. yeah pastor foster you definitely called out one of the most bothersome things i saw, i saw him on bobby jones gospel on last sunday. bobby jones just reeks of homosexuality if u cant tell then you dont want to so yeah i definitely feel where you’re coming from. i also do have an issue with the earrings. seems like its all about the cash, it aint all about the ministry!!

  11. blessed one,

    May I ask how you feel about Tonex, who is very popular spreading this inclusive (one you are honest with yourself), free spirited gospel?

    Now this will cause more to fall away from Christ that Mr. Haddon saying the word sissy?

    John the Baptist called people a brood of vipers did he not have the love of Christ and even Jesus said to his own that they were Children of the Devil.

    I am not condoning name calling but why the uproar?

    As far as dealing with sin there is two kinds that I see in the bible, one person who is blatant and does not want to change,

    1 Corinthians 5:11
    11 But now I have written to you not to keep company with anyone named a brother, who is sexually immoral, or covetous, or an idolater, or a reviler, or a drunkard, or an extortioner—not even to eat with such a person.

    and the other that is overtaken, this would seem like to me a Christian that is in some type of stronghold that desires deliverance.

    “Galatians 6
    1 Brethren, if a man is overtaken in any trespass, you who are spiritual restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness, considering yourself lest you also be tempted. 2 Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. 3 For if anyone thinks himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceives himself.”

    Looking at these scriptures it is easy to see that Tonex falls into the category of the people you shoulnt eat with and not the ones who we should restore as he himself does not claim to be overtaken but is secure in how “God” has made him to be.

    Please, some prespective!

    On can we stop using all the worldy words talking about “swag” and “bananas”, not trying to be legalsitic but to me its like we want to Christianize every worldly thing and for what?

  12. This guy (Deitrick Haddon) appears on Homosexual Bobby Jones show because Jones has a platform and large audience. These Gospel artists have no shame about promoting themselves because if they were representing Christ them wouldn’t need to use satan’s platform to be seen and heard. In fact if the love of Christ is in you the world’s platform is unappealing to you…..

    blessed one said: I wonder if DH’s momma gave birth to him out of wedlock would he refer to her as a harlot?

    I wouldn’t equate the word sissy to harlot. Totally different.

    (NASB)Ezekiel 16:25″You built yourself a high place at the top of every street and made your beauty abominable, and you spread your legs to every passer-by to multiply your harlotry.

    Is this too harsh because this is what God thinks about idolatry?

    But that is why God created the man to be the strong disciplinarian of the family. It is our role to be the leaders and rebuke behavior that is anti-Christ, sometimes harshly. I’m not defending Deitrick Haddon but we cannot get all bent out of shape about words like sissy, look at what Paul said to this Sorcerer.

    Act 13:9-11 9But Saul, who was also known as Paul, filled with the Holy Spirit, fixed his gaze on him,

    10and said, “You who are full of all deceit and fraud, you son of the devil, you enemy of all righteousness, will you not cease to make crooked the straight ways of the Lord?

    11″Now, behold, the hand of the Lord is upon you, and you will be blind and not see the sun for a time.” And immediately a mist and a darkness fell upon him, and he went about seeking those who would lead him by the hand.

    I would rather have been called a sissy…..

  13. ha ha Robert, yes call me a sissy any day over what Paul said.

    I cant understand why people get so bent out of shape being called names that relate with the lifestyle they choose to live and align themselves with. If you are upset its because something must be wrong with that lifestyle, no?

    sissy – A boy or man regarded as effeminate.

    Now isnt this what Tonex wants us to all accept as how God created him and is waiting for God to use him to minister to people just like him.

    If a person whores themselves around or is married and continues to sleep with other people, they are indeed harlots or adulterers Thats a fact. It is the bible that says it.

  14. For all we know DH might be as big a reprobate as Tonex, I don’t know. However, saying that he DH, is not a sissy, is not being hateful, and does not amount to calling Tonex one. Who is a sissy? An effeminate man or boy. Didn’t Tonex say he was a practicing homosexual, inspite of what God thinks about it? I would love Gospel Pundit to tell me which is worst.

  15. Personally, I dont think hmosexuals should be made fun of and called names when they come to church. I mean, would you want to go anywhere where you are constantly the butt of the joke and everyone else is entertained at your expense?

    I think it should be wrong without compromise, but for a preacher to be name calling (fag, sissy etc) isnt the way to get them to quit being that way. You can let them know that theyre wrong without trying to purposely embarrass and humiliate them and getting the whole congregation to laugh at them. Just my 2 cents.

  16. My issue with name calling is that Jesus referred the name calling for self righteous religious leadership that via their actions prevented people from knowing GOD; while they themselves ppurported to know him better than anyone else; thusly speaking for Him. John the Baptists name calling was appropriate as well for he addressed the public sin of one who claimed to be the King of the Jews.
    What is the difference between sissy and harlot?; Each word brings a conotation with it. Each word describes the anti-scriptural sexual behavior. It is clear what is meant when the word is used. My point is we pick and choose whom we call names.
    Fornicators, adulterers, whoremongers (pimps) sodomites, blashphemers, et al are all condemned in scripture.
    I am not the politically correct police. When Christians stoop to name calling and signifying you create a stumblingblock that is not intended. Let the gospel itself and the naming of sin be the stumblingblock. I look at the interaction of Jesus with two people involved in sexual sin in scripture; The Woman Taken in Adultery and The Woman at the Well. Each woman was clearly outside of GOD’s perimeters for sexual behavior and Jesus dealt with the sin issue, 1. Go and SIN no more and 2. YOu have well said; You have no husband and the one you have now is not your husband. He didn’t mince words with the truth. He condemned their sin. Yet he dealt with them in mercy.
    FYI I ususally post under a different name. Because I used an example from my own daughter’s life I changed it because I know the tendency of saints who will call her names and mistreat her based on her particular brand of temptaion and sin. You can call my position political correctness if you’d like.

    I have posted on this site re: Tonex before. YEARS ago I warned my young people (at my church) about the spirit that I felt emanated from him and his music. I pointed out one song where he says “blow me jesus”. I have “spoken” to Tones via Youtube and told him that I knew his pain of molestation and that he needed to repent of his anger and his sin. I don’t make any allowamces for Tonex; his lies, his sin and his apparent arrogance.


    The difference is that Paul said what he said “Being filled with he Holy Spirit”. Sad to say, most name calling comes from fear, bias, anger and pride. Good try, though..

  17. I second what Pastor Foster said, your daughters deliverance is wonderful!! God bless you!!

    This name calling thing has blinded the real problem here. One man made a comment in poor taste, but is he keeping people out of the churh or speaking lies confusing people. If you dont see a problem with your lifestyle whether it be sleeping around, homosexualty or adultery, does it matter?

    Isnt it funny, if you say a person is a homosexual it is not name calling but if you say sissy it is? What that is saying is that homosexual is a respectful way of saying you are in this sinful lifestyle. Even the people who think it is ok dont have an issue with homosexual when they should. They are the same in Gods eyes but because of this twisted world we deem one to be ok over another.

    The problem here is Tonex a pastor, leading people astray. It seems Dietrick Haddon believes he was wrong in what he said but Tonex is all good about his stance, fully being aware of the Word of God.

    I agree with you Blessed, that Jesus dealt with sinners in mercy but this is not about a sinner, its about one who claims to be in a right relationship with God. The prostitute humbled herslef before Christ as did the women at the well. Its a totally different situation.

    Be blessed!

  18. Paul N, Thank you and the Blessing of the Lord be upon you also,

    I am not talking about Tonex in a strict sense. I think it’s funny that people want to hold onto their cultural love for name calling. What s really funny is that most of the name calling is relgated to certain sins. How about calling the fat members of the body Lardo or tubby? I am not equatin g the sins. I am trying to show the double standard. What Haddon said was minor in comparison. If we let sissy pass because its not the worse thing that can be said , faggot, dyke, bulldagger, c-sucker and many other vulgar words will slip through. I am making the case against name calling, period. Homosexual is not a perjorative name. It is the clinical definition of one who is sexually attracted to the same sex.

    Again, I think very strong language and condemnation should be used to confront the ideology of Tonex. I thought I had read that Tonex had resigned his pastorate at his father’s church. Haddon is also a pastor. His speech and decorum should reflect that. His double earrings were only until recent history a clear signal that he himself would have been called a sissy or worse.

    Yes, both women were humbled in Christ’s presence. Christ’s personable and merciful way of handling them opened the door for that, I think. In one case the name callers had to be driven off before Jesus would even address the woman. This is my point. Some sinners cannot hear the truth of the gospel if it is laced with name calling. We really have a couple of points of agreement. Haddon has a congregation. His speech should be above reproach. I hope that is why he apologize. We sin sometimes with our lips. I know I have.

    I surely don’t think Tonex is “all good”. Who is saying that? Some are but not I. He should be shunned and set outside of the Body until he repents just like the church did with Carlton Pearson.

    GCMW Thanks for the words regarding my daughter. Her mother and I (along with many others) are praying daily for her continued deliverance. Blessings

  19. Maybe Haddon should have said, “there’s not an effeminate bone in my body”. It wouldnt have been so controversial and taken away from the stern rebuke needed against Tonex’s heresy. But to call it hate is just over the top.

  20. The word *Hate* is wholefully accurate in describing anti-homosexual sentiment (contextually) with regard to Detrick Haddons words. He says ” I dont have a sissy bone in my body”. This suggest he hates homosexuals. Its almost as though being a “sissy” or “soft” is like a pathogen to his body, and all cost must be avoided because such a pathogen would destroy him. So in this perspective, it is understandable why one would perceive Haddon as “hating”.

    I am always suspect of socalled straight men who feel the need to use language like *sissy* or *faggot* to describe gays. My experience has taught me that these are the vary (undercover) homosexuals that they ironically decry! Certainly his words are not of a *biblically* correcting nature. They are indeed hateful, designed to express a repulsion with homosexuality, a secular or human judgement. Afterall, the orthodox Christian perspective is that homosexual men, are less than *real* men. Haddon was purposing to convey this sentiment. He could have used more scientific language like homosexual, but choose a derisive, slang that has only a few real societal connotation : negative, and less than a real man.

    Lets not sugar coat it. We all know Haddon was emotionally expressing his disdain and maybe even disgust for homosexuality. He responded *carnally* and not *bibically* to the topic of homosexuality. As a result, he deserved the intense criticism he is not receiving. What’s the lesson hear? Stand on the scriptures, not your human disgust for sin. Is it not reasonable (or more than reasonable) to suggest that the scriptures can stand on their own with no ‘unrefined’ and carnal commentary.

  21. I’ve been reading the comments and all I could think of when doing so is the commercials that are now being played by gay activist “The thats so gay” commercials that we see to prevent people (mostly school kids) from using this as way to express something negative that a person is doing. I believe that this is just another way for the world to silence believers who want to tell the truth about this sin.

    It is simply a play on words/terms…Sodomy is a FIlthy SIN!! thats the bottom line, just like EVERY SIN… there is nothing pretty about it. If a person sleeps around that individual is a Whore, if a person lies that individual is a Liar, if you eat more than what you are suppose to your a glutton and if your fat because of it than so be it your Fat!! The Bible says that the Holy Spirit will draw men unto Christ, it didnt say the words of mere men would do the job, Joel Osteen is a perfect example of this and because of it the world loves him. To sum it all up, conviction leads to TRUE REPENTANCE. This whole word play thing to me is just a distraction so the person doesnt have to look at their nasty sin no matter what word you use to describe it.

  22. Oh and another thing in response to Tony the Bible says that God hates SIN, Homosexuality/Sodomy however you wanna slice it is a sin just like any other sin… God lives in me so therefore I too hate SIN because we are to be perfect just like our heavenly father is perfect… If Detrick Haddon is a true believer in Christ Jesus he as a believer has a ‘disdain’ for sin… It is my responsibilty as well as an inherit characteristic to love Tonex by praying for him to repent but to love his sinful lifestyle, now thats a BIG NO NO…

  23. blessed one said:The difference is that Paul said what he said “Being filled with he Holy Spirit”. Sad to say, most name calling comes from fear, bias, anger and pride. Good try, though..

    I wasn’t equating what this guy did to Paul rebuking Bar-Jesus, that’s why I put in bold the part about Paul feeling the Holy Spirit rising up in him. God is a God of discipline and he will punish with harsh words sometimes as we see the Holy Spirit through Paul.

    Praise God for your daughter’s deliverance, all things are possible to those who beleive.

    Tony said:….designed to express a repulsion with homosexuality…..Stand on the scriptures, not your human disgust for sin.

    Saying it was “hate” goes too far especially how unrepentant homosexuals in this last hour are.

    I am repulsed by homosexuality because the Spirit of God resides within me, that’s what my Bible says too about all sin. Homosexuality is an Abomination, all homosexuals will have their part in the Lake of Fire, the Bible is very clear.

  24. I wouldnt say its hate. Homosexuals love to accuse you of hate if you dare disagree with them. Like I said before, homosexuality is politically correct in America today. If you read the Communist Manifesto, you will find that communism heavily promotes political correctness. Thus communism promotes homosexuality as an acceptable alternative lifestyle.

    Tonex is wrong without a doubt. But I also think name calling from pstors is uncalled for and heres why: suppose one Sunday morning, an effiminate gay man or butch lesbian woman comes to church. The pastor gets up and starts talking about dyke, fags, sissy etc. And while they do it, the whole congregation is laughing and cheering the pastor on. Now I cant say whether someone is born that way or not, but that homosexual may be in that church because they want to change and dont know how. But if they have to be humiliated and embarrased that may just drive them away.

    Ive been in churches where the preacher has name called. Remember its a church, if youre in the corner bar, use fag sissy and dyke all you want, I wouldnt care. But in church no one should have to be humiliated, not even a homosexual.

  25. Pardon me, y’all. I’m not even a fan of Bobby Jones, but I must ask… is it fair to refer to Bobby Jones as homosexual, when he is a married father? Yes I know being married to a woman doesnt guaranteed a man is heterosexual…but what proof has there been that Bobby Jones is gay? If a man has effeminate tendencies/mannerisms does that mean we should refer to him as homosexual just based on that?

    GCMW: Youre going to have to provide more than that. Wife’s name, picture, public record…something. Ive not seen any evidence anywhere, indicating Bobby Jones is married with children.

  26. KC, you said it! its all a play on words.

    Blessed you may not think homosexual is an offensive word but call some (I would dare say most) straight men homosexual and see the response you get.

    Again, Haddon may have been carnal, immature and all that but the issue is heresy that was spewed without any confrontation at all.

    If I am a babe in Christ that doesnt know my bible but somehow run across this interview, would I not be confused due my scriptural ignorance? what If i am struggling with my sexual identity and hear this filth, how would this help me in my quest to be delivered? These are the real issues.

    I am not for name calling and laughing at folk in Church as the sexual identity problem is not a laughing matter at all and in Church I agree we should use the scriptures to deal with sin.

    I still dont understand why sissy, fag and all the others are name calling but not homosexual though? The reason I see is because society has told us that this is acceptable even though it describes the same sin as the others.

  27. Good points Robert, yet the repulsion for all sin is not equal in all people; hence the designating of sins WE don’t commit as name calling worthy. I was a molested little boy (mother’s boyfriend, step father and a preacher; all before 12 years old) and I sat in a church where the preachers called names like faggot, sissy, and the like. I felt that I must be gay because these things kept happening to me by adults who would know, right? Those actions by men of GOD kept my need for help, prayer and counsel hidden for many years. I was scared and tortured by their words. I lived in the terrible fear of rejection from the men and women who were placed by GOD to help me. The Lord had to send someone all the way from Philly to address my issues and I live in Boston. Name calling does not hqve to accompany addressing sin. It is really counter productive to the objective to reaching the sinner. When Paul went to mars Hill he didn’t show up cand call the a bunch of abominating idol worshippers; He used wisdom and the power of the Holy Spirit and he won his audience at least in their hearing. I am disgusted that so many Christina leaders feel that perjorative terminology actually has a place in the mouths of followers of Christ. “I thought our speech should seasoned with salt so we may miniter grace to them that hear us”. Grace is God’s enabling power. Ministering the Word is sufficient. I have won people to the Lord by simply telling them what the Bible says. The Holy Spirit convicts the people; not my clever words or cultural appellations. In that same church I mentioned the associate minister called homosexuals dirty faggots that should be put on an island and blown up. This was done on a Sunday morning. (actual quote). A member who’s son is gay was deeply wounded by his volatile comment. Can that man now minister to her son? There is not and either or or black and white thing here. You can cease the name calling and still be uncompromisingly true to the scriptures. Some seem tot hink that if you decry name calling that your soft on truth.

  28. Even though he took down his first comments, Haddon on yesterday seemed to defend them or at least accuse people of taking them out of context.

    “Ya’ll know i keeps it raw.If ur following me to take my words.Use them out of context and start blogs and foolishness.Go somewhere.Unfollow!”

    Instead of deleting the statement, Haddon should have simply clarified what he was saying. This only adds more confusion, especially when there have been some veiled threats now on the internet about exposing Haddon’s own sexual expressions.

  29. Yeah I don’t understand Haddon. Why is he only targetting Tonex when I see him and Bobby Jones on stage? It almost seems as though it’s something personal. Thats why gospel music is so hypocritical. You sing about God but your on stage with Bobby Jones? They say if you want the spotlight in Gospel you have to go through Bobby Jones. Tye tribbet is another one. In his song “Victory” He says at the end “No more homosexuality ” but when he was on Bobby Jones stage He said everything in the song but that. It seems as though if you want to make it in Gospel either your homosexual or either you profit from it. Why can’t anyone in the Gospel music industry stand on the word of God when asked about homosexuality? They simply go around it and stradle the fence. They say just enough where they think they can keep believers happy and keep homosexuals buying. Why do you think Haddon took his comment down?

  30. Mr. Haddon was talking about himself, and I imagine it is not against the law to speak about yourself to some extent.
    In a rational thinking universe, how does saying “I don’t have a sissy bone in my body” equates with ” I hate homosexuals”?

    The ‘hate’ card is overplayed, and extremely powerful. Hate speech and hate crime will soon have every mouth shut and every person imprisoned if they speak a word against homosexuality.

    We must be careful how we adopt this “hate” category, as the very bible can and will fall under this category. Right now there is homosexual male suing Tyndale House Publishers for publishing a Bible that caused him “mental anguish” with its negative connotation toward homosexuals.

    What do you think will happen when the number of lawsuits multiply?

  31. Pastor Foster I read the previous post and I agree 100%. The Word of God should not be watered down for anyone because to a sinner it will always be offensive, we see this now more than anytime before. Waterdown Christianity is what got us into the mess where we have mega-blind pulpit pimps running the show with thousands of blind attendees every Sunday believing that all they have to do is sow a seed and its all good…all the while they are actually going off a cliff!

    We are in the last days, there is going to come a time where even this website wont even be available to post or comment because it carries the banner of truth, people need to hear the truth about why they need Christ. They need to hear how filthy they are and how fithy you were (because their is power in your testimony). Then they need to be encouraged about the love of God, the gift of salvation, and the power of the Holy Spirit to restore them to what God origionally created and purposed them to be…

    Satan is not stepping on any eggshells getting his job done, he is snatching anyone who will let him… so why are we stepping on eggshells with words that describe exactly how filthy his characteristics(SIN) are…

  32. As far as Dietrick Haddon is concerned … oh please give me a break. I had to throw away my Dietrick Haddon CDs (along with my Tonex ones) some time ago. Now what Haddon actually does is an issue between himself, Jesus Christ, and his church for which he will have to stand in judgment one day as we all do. However, his little “the gospel Michael Jackson” act that he puts on to sell records is well known and completely out in the open. If he doesn’t have a sissy bone in his body, then why does he emulate a Jehovah’s Witness turned Muslim homosexual pedophile in his singing and dancing, with a bunch of other effeminate nonsense in his act? That is just part of it … Haddon – along with his wife – are also along with Mary Mary, Virtue, Trinity 5:7, Amy Grant, Yolanda Adams and J. Moss are fully into this “gospel music sex symbol” nonsense where they show as much skin and put as much of that R&B moaning/heavy breathing nonsense into their songs as possible. Of course, it isn’t just the heterosexuals that find this “Christian sex symbol” thing appealing, and these gospel artists know it and play to it just like secular Hollywood stars are fully aware of and cultivate the homosexual portion of their fan bases.

    So if he is so concerned about being called a sissy, then he needs to stop singing and dancing like a fairy, and stop emulating Michael Jackson and Luther Vandross in making “songs for the ladies.”

  33. Pardon me, y’all. I’m not even a fan of Bobby Jones, but I must ask… is it fair to refer to Bobby Jones as homosexual, when he is a married father? Yes I know being married to a woman doesnt guaranteed a man is heterosexual…but what proof has there been that Bobby Jones is gay? If a man has effeminate tendencies/mannerisms does that mean we should refer to him as homosexual just based on that?

    GCMW: Youre going to have to provide more than that. Wife’s name, picture, public record…something. Ive not seen any evidence anywhere, indicating Bobby Jones is married with children.
    GCMW… I clearly remember seeing his wife in the audience at a gospel music program on TV a few years back. Besides that…Google is a wonderful tool, brother. Even a quick Google search shows quite a few references to him being married. Multiple web sites, for example, refer to him as being married to a wife named Ethel, and having a son named Donnell and a stepdaughter named Sonnetta.

  34. Alot of people don’t realize it but gifts and callings come without repentence, meaning you don’t have to be saved to have a gift, you’re born with it, God just annoints it when you get saved. You can walk past a prostitute or alcoholic on the street and probably get a prophesy or good sermonic solo. So for Tonex to say he’s the same person to bring people into the presence of the Lord is irrelevant, its a gift. I’m saddened because i say all the time i feel sad for preachers kids and those that have been in church all their life because they’ve seen so much that its easier to deceive them when they’re older. I do wish that the church could do more to educate gays on how their lifestyle is contrary to the word of God and how to show them enough love to compell them to change. However, Tonex does know that he’s wrong b/c he clearly states that he still believes marriage is for a man and woman. I’m praying for Tonex b/c satan is crafty and he puts his people in place in the church and rises them up. He doesn’t make a fool of them when they have few followers, he waits till there are many then he strikes them like dominoes. And just fyi I own 6 Tonex cds.

  35. He is married to a women named ethel and he has one stepdaughter and he is father to R&B singer Donell Jones.
    Source(s): IMDB, and Wikipedia

    Ok, lets assume this source as true.
    RB singer Donnell Jones wikipedia bio mentions him as a cousin to Usher, but strangely there is no reference to his alleged father. If its Bobby Jones, why no mention?
    IMDB only lists his birthplace and date.

    Bobby Jones’ current bio.
    No mention of wife or children. Ever. Strange?

    This picture is circa 2001, eight years ago
    Again, on his current bio, there’s no mention of them.

    Myspace page says “married”, but here’s lots of pictures without wife or children. Is that normal?

    I’ll leave you to explain the confusion. Im married and dont have an inch of the fame Jones has, but there’s no ambiguity or confusion on my part as to my wife and family.

    The second part of your comments as it is fair to refer to him as a homosexual when he is married. You partially answered that question already. Ive never called Bobby Jones homosexual, but there sure is a lot gay “affirmation” going on in his life. We have documented that. And based on that Romans 1:32 says youre in the sack with them. So maybe you should ask if the bible is being unfair to decree death on someone who simply agrees with this sin.

  36. I was surprised and shocked (should I have been?) when Tonex wrote lyrics to a rap in one of his songs from the “Out the Box” CD project which said, “we mastered, you baited…” Hmm, I wonder what he was trying to say?

  37. GnP22, I wrote previously that Tonex had in his lyrics on one CD “blow me Jesus.” On the same CD her has a song that describes an illicit sexual relationship that happens on a rainy night as he takes a cab to his lover’s home. I have since thrown the CD away so I don’t recall the name of the CD project. Tonex has been revealing himself in his music for a long time.

    GCMW: In Bobby Jones’ bio he writes of his wife. He has also mentioned her on his TV show several times; not by name. He will say something like: “I have one and you have one” so there’s nothing going on here.” He said that to a female gospel artist as they were professing love for one another. He has said that he is married and is not living with his wife.

  38. In Bobby Jones’ bio he writes of his wife. He has also mentioned her on his TV show several times; not by name. He will say something like: “I have one and you have one” so there’s nothing going on here.” He said that to a female gospel artist as they were professing love for one another. He has said that he is married and is not living with his wife.

    So…he is divorced? And I dont get the statement. Interpret for me if you understand it.

  39. Okay, I knew something would be lost in the relaying of what I saw him say. I could figure out what he meant because I saw him say it. I don’t thin he is divorced. He made it clear that they don’t live together.

    “I have one and you have one…” I think he meant that he didn’t want people to misinterpret what the two of them meant by their undying and much effused love for one another; i.e.; “I have [a wife] and you have [a husband]so there’s nothing going on [between you and me], (in case people are wondering). I hope that clarifies it some. He claims to be married. Perhaps he has been divorced since then.

  40. I have a question. This may be off subject but How can someone write a song giving praise to God when they are sinful. I here a lot of artists who are knowingly gay say that God spoke to them and they wrote a song. I dodn’t think God work like that but I dont know. Someome please clarify.

  41. KC,

    The issue wih name calling is not merely the name that is used but the attiude behind the name used. Remember the story Jesus told of the Pharissee and the publican in the temple? The Pharisee prayed: “I am glad I am not like this sinner”, making reference to the publican (tax collector). Of course the publican was a sinner but the use of the word was to demean and humiliate the man and raise himself to a false sense of righteousness. He hated the publican’s sin but didn’t see his own “filthy” heart. This is what happens when you call names to signify. The heart is deceitful. We often forget that we too were once filthy sinners. If you call a watered down gospel a gospel that is free from the railings of men against others who have not yet had the grace of GOD revealed to them; then thank GOD someone is preaching it. This is why so many churches don’t have ministry to folk outside the church. we have no “oil” for them because noone wants to admit they they too were caught in sexual sin (as I was). Yes, I was a whore too. A promiscuous, back room, church basement, dirty, church whore. That is part of my testimony. “With loving kindness have I drawn thee and tender mercies”. That’s what drew me in. Not the rants of well meaning Christians. Can’t we just stick to waht the bible says.

    When people’s pastor’s fail and lie and cheat and steal and fornicate and sire children out of wedlock; in church most Christians would says: “With all due respect, pastor..” They keep paying their tithes and going to the church saying touch not mine anointed” The name calling is not equitable. It’s curious that Jesus used his most harsh language for the religious folk and we don’t. We LOVE our sins and HATE others’.

  42. Elder Jimmy,

    I totally agree with the fact that words should not be used to demean or humiliate anyone because that is not my intent in what I was explaining in my previous comments… My intent is to use adjectives that describe the actions of my oldself and the actions of whomever I am conversing with at the time. I also will not have a problem telling a so called Pastor or a so called fellow christian who is doing filthy things that he/she is filthy… Their is a big difference of someone falling into sin and repenting than someone lingering and bathing in it…their title has gone out the window, they are operating under the spirit of satan.

    I have learned in the recent months how sick and perverted the human mind really is and how high we presume ourselves to be… I’ve literally have had conversations with a person who percieved themselves to be saved and all the while living in perverted sin, then have the nerve to question whether God really exsisted because their prayers weren’t being answered…this person needed a reality check…the truth hurts but who the Son sets FREE is FREEE INDEED!!!

    I also believe that if a person is truly directed by the Holy Spirit they will know when to give tough love and when to just love… Some people need a loving hug while some others need a stiff hand…

  43. Regarding artists not being saved, yet writing songs about God, I always believe that the Word of God stands alone. By itself, it is always right, even if no one keeps it, obeys it, or complies with it. The vehicle through which a message of truth comes may not be in right standing with God at that moment, but I believe that in spite of that, God can use his truth to eventually draw them to himself. Indeed, it will be “the goodness of God” (i.e., inspiration to write a gospel song, material blessings, etc.) that will “lead men to repentance” and faith towards God (Romans 2:4). Years ago, I heard a story about an actor playing Jesus in a stage production of Jesus Christ, Superstar. Although the play is not scripturally sound in its total content, the actor said it actually made him want to find out more about the person of Jesus Christ, which eventually did lead to his conversion and reception of the Lord Jesus into his life. So, as the Word says, “All things are possible…” I’ve also heard it said that God wastes nothing, but can redeem any situation or circumstance for his purposes.

  44. KC,
    The difference between an unrepentant sinner and a lost soul are clear to me. Both can be rebels. Not all lost people are confused and mistreated or mislead. I get that. Paul wrote in his epistles that is is s shame to even mention the things that some do in secret; so it is doubtful that he would have a list of names to describe the behaviors. He did use the word “dog” to describe the Judaizers; religious zealots with a wrong gospel. Jude also used descriptive names for false prophets; “Clouds with nor rain; blemishes on your love feasts, etc. I don’t see a pattern in the NT for derisive calling of names. In the NT Behavior is described and judgement affixed. Does GOD convict people when they care called a name by a Christian or minister? I am sure it happens. Does that happen in spite of of because of?

    The truth hurts? Hmmm. I know for certain that names and invectives do indeed hurt. That is factual. There is a case here in Massachusetts where a boy committed suicide because he was called faggot and sissy by his classmates. His mother was a Christian. She came home from church to find her pre-adolescent son hanging in the closet. I am sure you don’t approve of that. That is not what I think. I think the church must show compassion in “word and deed”; whatever we do in that regard must be done in the name of the LORD Jesus Christ. WE have to model it. Forgive me, if I am misjudging or simply not understanding you but I believe you are leaving room in your tough love analogy for a name to be thrown at someone as an appropriate act by a believer. I am trying my best to be as wise as a serpent and a harmless as a dove. I know I am on my soapbox. I won’t continue to post on this subjuct, I am of this opinion and I am certain others hold there’s very close as well. Peace and Blessings in Jesus’ name.

  45. If you guys are going to condemn being gay then give an answer to the so-called “sin”.
    You don’t know what it’s like being gay and loving god and the church is telling you it’s a sin, get right etc.

    GCMW: Yes, I do. Do you know what its like to live delivered life by the power of God’s spirit? If you don’t then, you are trying to make a decision with incomplete and faulty information.

    And when you try and can’t then what?

    Fred, youre looking to the wrong person for affirmation. ONLY Christ can give you what you need, not the church. If youve tried, try again. Failure is only final when you give up. Read this about your prayers.

    You get judged, well that’s the stuff Tonex is talking about.

    Do any of you have an answer to being gay? Besides “salvation”, “repent” or any other non-specific answer……… I’m waiting…….What else do you reccomend as THE ANSWER for sin?

    GCMW: Wait no longer. The Word says the day that you hear my voice, harden not your heart. Today, you want the answer and God has provided it. The Bible –not man– says repent and be baptized everyone of you for the remission of your sin (Acts 2:38). There are no different requirements for homosexuals than there are for other sinners. Its the exact same for everyone. Repent and in faith accept Christ’s stellar sacrifice. There’s much more but cant be contained in a blog box.

    many, many, gay people don’t want to be gay and there is no answer for them except “accept Jesus” “resist temptation” etc.

    GCMW: That may be true and that is why FREEDOM is a right to every sinner. If you DO NOT want to live that way, the solution is waiting now. Why continue to be enslaved to something you dont want to be, if your freedom from it has been guaranteed? However, if you dont accept what the Word of God says is the only solution, then there really is no hope but to live in deception and die lost. Is that what you want?

    If God said that loving a women or having sex with a women was an sin then what would you do?

    GCMW: You do what God said do and live like he said live. Heterosexual sex isnt right or holy unless it is in the context that God set in place by God: faithful, covenant marriage. Considering that, we already know what he said and he hasnt changed it nor will it change. So instead of having a rebellious spirit, submit to God and his Word.

    It wouldn’t be so easy would it.

    GCMW: Jesus said my yoke is easy and my burdens are light. Living is sin is a heavy burden. Christ promised to give you (and anyone else) rest and in exchange for he burden of our sin if you come to him. So, yes once you come to Christ he promises freedom from sin as opposed to being a slave to sin. The easiness is in that you dont have to die physically to be forgiven and set free.

    Man, that just burns me up. Tonex I LOVE you man, you did what nobody else would do, you told them where you are right now. And that you are not sure what God is going to do, nobody even listened to that part.

    GCMW: Yes, we heard every word. As long as Tonex continues willfully in sin, there isnt much mystery of the outcome. And honestly, its not about what God will do, but rather what sin does to the person enslaved to it. For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ our Lord.

    Tonex, you saved my life man. Thank you so much. – Fred

  46. Hi Elder Jimmy,

    Do you live in MA? because I reside in MA as well…

    To answer the open ended question if the truth hurts, it absolutely does, especially when that truth brings conviction. For example when a person is convicted of a crime because of the evidence found against them, no one jumps for joy, because they know that once convicted, sentencing will follow. The same goes when someone points out a characteristic or behavior that isn’t Godly, soon to follow would be repentance and change (which can be difficult). If people were happy to hear the truth many would not be under leaders who tickle their ears with false doctrine.

    As far as that young man who committed suicide, those children who teased him were absolutely wrong! They were using those terms maliciously and they should be repremanded and held accountable for their actions. I dont condone or believe in name calling, but I do believe in describing actions. I know how to seperate the person from the act… sodomy is an act; the Lord did not destroy Sodom and Gomorrah because there was a mob of angry men slamming on Lots door, he destroyed the area because of the actions that were taking place. I believe that when Paul called the religious leaders dogs, he was describing their ways not who they were because obviously they were human.

    I think you have a misperception that to be stearn and truthful with someone connotates pointing my finger and yelling in someones face calling out terms; this is far from what I percieve tough love to be. At this point let us agree to disagree 🙂

    If you do live in MA, where do you fellowship? If you dont mind me asking…

  47. Dude, there is something called a righteous judge the bible says. Are you gay? No? What should a person do if they are struggling with being gay to be delivered? And something that works, you can’t tell a gay guy to try to seek Jesus etc and if it don’t work try again. Where are the results. If you dont’t have an answer to being gay besides things like, dont be hard hearted etc. then just stop. It’s insulting to a person who has tried everything and it did not work to say try again. If god hates the sin of gayness then why is there not a clear way out?

    and its just wrong that people are so churched out that they have to judge. People say they are not but they are. To say to a gay person that walks in your church “your living in sin” is not wise.

  48. Fred, the question is do you believe God’s word or your own faulty intellectual logical? The answer lies therein.

    I think that you are intentionally stepping over the truth in order to justify believing a lie. Careful that you do not pursue, because God –not man, not the church– will give you over to a reprobate mind and you will be locked out of ever be saved.

  49. Not at all. I love God. I’m just asking for a reasonable answer. To tell someone just pray more, surrender all, etc is not it. I mean what is the truth about it, I mean Tonex said he tried. How do you answer that? Say he did not do it right? And if so what steps can you offer that are not abstract like pray, etc? If you can’t then you need 2 love.

  50. Fred what are you answering “Not at all. I love God” to? I dont understand that.

    I dont contest your love for God. However love and obedience are both required in relationship with God.

    I’m just asking for a reasonable answer.
    I gave you a biblical answer. There is no “reasonable” answer to the complexities of sin apart from what the bible says. If you love God, then obey him. If you dont know how to obey him, stop going to the church for that answer and go directly to him. Do what Nicodemus did.

    To tell someone just pray more, surrender all, etc is not it.

    How do you know that’s not it? What proof can you show that prayer, surrender isnt it or not applicable? If prayer (Mt 26:36-44) and submission (Phil 2:8-11) worked for Christ, why not for you? Are you basing your conclusion on own failure(s) (and Tonex’s)?

    I mean what is the truth about it, I mean Tonex said he tried. How do you answer that?

    Your questions are valid. There’s a lot of information on this site which more than answers ALL those questions. Take some time to research and test it out. Now if you see the truth are you willing to obey it and submit your life?

    Say he did not do it right? And if so what steps can you offer that are not abstract like pray, etc?

    Tonex is operating out of church=based ignorance and then continuing in it instead of seeking God for himself. I do understand his delimma, but cant agree with sin for any reason.

    There are no “steps” to take. Dont you see that God made relationship with him simple and clear. You seem to want some complicated process, especially for homosexuals. Its the same for every person. Thats the radically inclusive salvation of Christ.

    But if you just want steps, here are some steps:

    1. Acknowledge your sin and repent to God. Ask HIM to forgive you and cleanse you.
    2. Completely entrust your life to him for guidance.
    3. Love and obey him as he reveals his Word to you.

  51. You are not seeing the picture here. I’m willing to obey the Lord etc. You still did not give an answer. I’m just saying that Tonex said he’s waiting on God’s answer. Until then he’s going to continue to do what God called him to do, preach, teach, sing, etc. You did not give an answer for being gay, and it needs a specific answer because it is a specific issue.

    GCMW: Again, there are plenty of specific answers to your specific questions all over this blog. Dont be lazy, take some time and read. Tonex isnt waiting on God, that’s a cop out. God has already spoken. And if you are willing to obey God why do you need the affirmation/approval of people to do that?

    I believe that there are holy ghost filled gay people. Do you not beleive that? That God can use someone even if they are not right in your eyes. King Saul was out one day preaching the word, and he wasn’t “right”. I’m just going to end this but I’m telling you the church is so jacked up, gay folks ain’t got nobody but Jesus.

    GCMW: Lets play your logic for a minute. Holy Ghost filled gay people? Let’s try that with Holy Ghost filled prostitutes, Holy Ghost filled liars, Holy Ghost filled pedophiles, Holy Ghost filled racists…

    Once a person has been filled with the Holy Spirit, when they sin the Spirit will convict them of that sin so that they can remain in relationship with God. If conviction comes and that person repeatedly rejects it, their conscience can become seared and they no longer have fellowship with God. If you are homosexual and justifying your sin instead of acknowledging it and repenting, you are at best on dangerous ground.

    “Tonex is operating out of church=based ignorance and then continuing in it instead of seeking God for himself. I do understand his delimma, but cant agree with sin for any reason.”

    He said that he did seek God! What do you say then? That he was not willing to accept God’s truth? Why can’t people just say “I don’t know” or “I will have to think about that, it is a complicated issue” instead of trying to make a scripture fit into something like that.

  52. Hi KC, I am smiling now because if you ever heard me speak; you would know I am not a namby pamby kinda minister, ha! I am point blank and articulate the truth well. I sure don’t mince words. Any way I am the senior minister in a church in Dorchester MA, Faith Urban Assembly; where are you?

  53. I’ve just tossed my Detrick Haddon CD in the trash, and was really never a fan of him anyways. I was already suspect of him anyways when he came to Fort Worth a few years ago and cancelled a concert at this church he was schedule to perform at because the promoter didn’t paid him right. He (Detrick Haddon)came out and said (paraphasing),

    “I am going to have to cancel the concert tonight because the business end of things wasn’t handle right but I will at least do ONE song”.

    OH, Detrick was so gracious to do at least ONE song for the crowd, what a joke! Now tell me, what about the souls of those people who came out wanting to get ministers to. I thought he was selfish and this video you showed of him Youtube talking about “himself” is just non sense, and he’s suppose to representing CHRIST? I think not. If I was unsaved I couldn’t tell this Detrick Haddon after party thing from some artist in the world. You all, we have to support Craig Lewis in him exposing the “Truth Behind Hip Hop” because it’s evident it’s influences are all in our church.

  54. Not sure if Fred will read this.

    Where your struggle is is in your mind, this is why the bible tells us to renew it. Your struggle is not made up however it is a lie. Tonex will do no good for you, all he has done is accept his sin as normal and almost blames God for not taking his sin away.

    My mother told me she thought I would be gay if it wasnt for my father and every now and then the devil tries to bring it up but I reject the lie and hold the thought captive in Jesus’ name.

    When i first got saved I struggled with fornication greatly and God delivered me in an instant, however I struggled with pornography and I was not delievered in a instant – I have to make up my mind, get into the Word and reject every lie of the enemy. Its the same for all Christians as the flesh is at enmity with the spirit, ITS A WAR!

    I remember once in my struggle I told God I would give up, I said “Not because I dont love you LORD but because I dont want to hurt you any more”, Gods reply was “What do you think would hurt Me more?”. All I could was cry! You see you think Pastor Fosters reply to keep trying is incensitive but no, its the only way and its Gods way, you keep fighting! A righteous man may fall 7 times but he gets up again. If you are sincere (Tonex is not sincere, he is delusional) and do what it takes to stay free from sin you will be delievered.

    Truth even if a little harsh does not mean the absence of love! “Whom the LORD loves he chastens!”

  55. Please take a read Mr. Nelson

    Romans 8

    5Those who live according to the sinful nature have their minds set on what that nature desires; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires. 6The mind of sinful man[e] is death, but the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace; 7the sinful mind[f] is hostile to God. It does not submit to God’s law, nor can it do so. 8Those controlled by the sinful nature cannot please God.

    9You, however, are controlled not by the sinful nature but by the Spirit, if the Spirit of God lives in you. And if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he does not belong to Christ. 10But if Christ is in you, your body is dead because of sin, yet your spirit is alive because of righteousness. 11And if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit, who lives in you.

    12Therefore, brothers, we have an obligation—but it is not to the sinful nature, to live according to it. 13For if you live according to the sinful nature, you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the misdeeds of the body, you will live, 14because those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God. 15For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the Spirit of sonship.[g] And by him we cry, “Abba,[h] Father.” 16The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children. 17Now if we are children, then we are heirs—heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory.

  56. Paul I here you dude, thanks for that. All I’m saying is unless you have personally brought someone out of homosexuality then you don’t really know. I’m gay and I’m not “struggling” with it, I’m fine with being gay. I have a partner that is great, it’s actually going well. But that’s just a part of who I am, I love God too. I’m trying to serve God etc. My only struggle is with the church and the judgement that God does not favor me, etc. And God can’t call me or use me because I’m gay and I need to get “right” etc before I can enter into ministry. God can annoint anyone he wants to. I mean churck people would say Donnie is annointed, Kirk Franklin, James Clevland, Richard Smallwood, etc all these people have had rumors about there lifestyle as well. There is a whole community that the church has just wrote off and it’s wrong. And the church has failed in that regard.

  57. Mr. Nelson,

    I do agree that the Church has dealt with people with a sexual identity crisis the wrong way however you and I cannot use how they treat us an excuse to say there is nothing wrong with me. The WORD of God doesnt change for neither you or I.

    You say you are not struggling but if you say you love God, if you are saved you MUST be struggling against sin, it is what a person who loves God does. Please, dont be fooled by whatever feeling of “godliness” you have, it is sin. I bind that lie in Jesus’ name and command the scaled to fall from your eyes’ in Jesus’ name.

    Hebrews 11:25
    Choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season;

    sin is pleasurable!

    1 Timothy 4
    1Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;
    2Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;

    Please consider these sciptures.

    You say you love God but this is what God says.

    John 14:15
    If ye love me, keep my commandments.

    1 John 5:2
    By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God, and keep his commandments.
    3.For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous.

    1 John 2:5
    But whoso keepeth his word, in him verily is the love of God perfected: hereby know we that we are in him.

    Revelation 22:14-16
    14Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.
    15For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.

    Hebrews 10:26
    For if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins,

    As far as the anointing.

    Hebrews 1:9
    Thou hast loved righteousness, and hated iniquity; therefore God, even thy God, hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellows.

    James 1:12
    Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.

    1 John 2:15
    Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

    Your lifestyle is not of God but of the world.

    Lastly, if you do know the truth of Jesus, this is what we all should do and strive daily to do.

    Romans 12
    1I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.

    2And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

    Mr. Nelson, God is waiting for you and giving you time to repent of your sins! Please do before Jesus returns!

  58. Well, I don’t beleive being gay is a sin. God is not bothering me about being gay. I am saved, and I’m a practicing homosexual! lol wrap your mind around that. You may not think it’s possible but here I am. Maybe in god’s eyes when I got saved I became a new creature and he sees it differently. but I am saved. I’ll see you in heaven.

    GCMW: I knew you didnt want the truth. Your mind is already dark. Just like your hero Tonex.

  59. Mr. Nelson, if you were saved God would be bothering you about your sin as he does with all Christians.

    Whether “you” think homosexuality is a sin is TOTALLY irrelevant, its what God says. I didnt think fornication was a sin either. A Bro in Christ told me and from that point onwards I wanted to live free, though it was hard.

    Psalm 119:130
    The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple

    As far as God not bothering you, you are in a very dangerous place with God, according to his word.

    Romans 1:27-29 (King James Version)
    27And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.
    28And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

    2 Corinthians 13:5
    Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?

    The Word of God is truth and it can transform and clense you if you accept Jesus as your LORD and Saviour and study it.

    John 17:17
    Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.

    Dont deny the truth! I encourage and urge you to stop believing lies. Gods word is our only standard, not how we feel.

  60. Mr Fred Nelson, could you please answer me this question. What does the bible say about an unmarried, heterosexual, christian woman to lives with and have sexual relationship with any man, and if I am practicing such a thing what would you say to me?

  61. how can you have the nerve to think that GOD is ok with your lifestyle??? thats a spit in his face!!! if you dont feel conviction for being a homosexual then you are NOT saved and you WONT be unless you truly accept JESUS CHRIST as your lord and savior.. see thats where you are just soooo confused. i heard nothing about jesus(even though you cant be gay and saved anyway) and you talking bout how god is not bothering you about being gay!!! yeah youre right!! cuz you are not one of his children!! you are of your father the devil!! no one can come to the father EXCEPT by christ and you or any other sinner is no different!!! so until JESUS is the lord and saviour of your life…….you just lost and confused bra. LOVE YOU WITH THE LOVE OF THE LORD!! thats real love, tellin you the TRUTH!!

  62. mr.Royal – you are just not wise! You called me a child of the devil. Really? Is that how you minister to people? Whatever…

    rascoe1 said – to answer your question. It depends on the situation, there are too many layers but in general I would say that I’ll let God work it out with you. This isn’t the time of Christ anymore (meaning 2000 yrs ago), things are so different. Relationships have changed, times have changed etc. (I’m NOT saying the word of God changed) But for years the church has tried to force people who live together to be married. Then when the two can’t stand each other they turn there backs. I think we as a church should leave christians to their own recognizance and trust that people can acutally handle their christian walk. God is speaking to people all the time, and God can handle them. God called us to love, yes to preach the word etc. But we have to know when to leave it alone and let God do things. You guys could not win any of my gay friends to christ because there is no compassion or love for gay people. Just judgement.

    Paul N – If you meet me in person, or at your church, you wouldn;t know I was gay. Unless I told you. And you would feel different. I know God loves me and favors me, I know I’m saved etc. I wish the church would just stop it. Just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I’m not saved. Being saved is not what I do or don’t do, salvation is not through works (what we did, do, or will do) it’s through faith through Jesus Christ. And if it was a sin (which I think it is not) then so what! We all will struggle in the body with some form of issue, Paul at the end of his life said that he still is pressing on. He did not get “right” or “holy” as you guys put it. You and I are going to live and die, and still not have all our issues together. That doesn’t mean your not saved.

    “GCMW: I knew you didnt want the truth. Your mind is already dark. Just like your hero Tonex.”

    Yeah Tonex is like a hero to me. He is being honest in his walk with God. You just don’t have any love in your heart man. Your like the people Jesus dealt with. If the truth came out on you, you would sing a different tune. I’ll pray for you.

    GCMW: Fred, your words are those of a blind man in the middle of a busy street. Youre blind and running headlong into death. No amount of hero worship or definition changing on your part will change that. You have to do what EVERY OTHER SINNER has to do: REPENT. Sin pays the dividends of death. I guess God doesnt “love” you either. He tells you the truth about your sin and the consequences of it.

  63. Well Mr. Nelson, what can you tell a man who rejects the Word of God while at the same time claiming they are holy? nothing really. you are in a reprobate state and are in need of repentance just as all sinners are.

    I dont doubt you are a nice guy, but many nice people will be in hell! Its about faith in Christ which should lead to holiness, you are not exempt.

    1 Peter 1:16
    because it is written, “Be holy, for I am holy.”

    1 John 3:6
    Whoever abides in Him does not sin. Whoever sins has neither seen Him nor known Him.


  64. KC, I fellowship with a church in Worcester on Highland Street. It would be nice to meet you or speak via phone. Perhaps the GCMW admin can connect us. I am willing to have my email address sent to you, or vice versa Blessings

  65. Mr. Nelson,

    How do you justify having a “partner”? Sexual activity outside of marriage is clearly and strictly forbidden in scripture. Nowhere in the bible are homosexual unions sanctioned; i.e.; marraige or homosexual activity either. So then your sexual activity falls under the category of fornication. THAT is a sin; According to the NT if you continue in sin then GOD’s spirit does not dwell in you. Jesus said: “If you continue in my words then you are my disciples”.
    You are right about Paul the apostle. He did say that he had not arrived; so to speak. He continued to press towards the mark of the prize of the high calling of GOD in Jesus, Christ. A part of the press is to cease from practicing sin. By your own admission you practice sin and then say “so what?” about it. You are deceived. I say this with no sense of sef righteousness or hatred. You are lost and Satan had hidden the true gospel from your eyes. I will pray that you turn from sin and repent and believe the gospel.

  66. Thanks for answering me Fred, but I must say your doctrine is wrong. Your reasoning is worldly and has no place in the heart of a person professing to be a believer of Jesus Christ. As believers of Christ, our manual for living is the Bible, it is our instructions from God, given “once for all”. We don’t look to the world or its ways of thinking for answers, we go to the inherent Word of God, the Bible.

    The Word is clear on God’s stance on sexual purity, it is not ambiguous at all. There are numerous scriptures on sexual behaviors, some to inform us, some to instruct us, some warning us and other condeming immoral behaviors. The day they were written they were true to God’s standard and nothing will change that, it is written that “God never changes”.

    I encourage you to examine yourself to see if you are truely saved. Examine yourself against the Word and nothing else. To a saved person the Word is clear and is believed, John 8:47. Repent, be broken before the Sovreign, see yourself for who you are, wicked and rebellious (we all are). Do not put your humanity ahead of your salvation, that is a sure way of getting a place in the Lake of Fire. Our humanity is just for a little while, salvation is forever. Would you give up eternity with our Lord, for a few years of illicit sexual gratification.

    With true repentance and belif in Christ comes salvation and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the One who does the work in believers, not we ourselves. He is the One who teaches, encourages, guides, directs, keeps, prays and so much more on behalf of believers of Christ. He is the one who makes you understand, what scripture says. You clearly are not getting it and this is really cause for concern. My brother, stop being defiant and become concerned for your immortal soul.

    I will not address anything else you said as I know it would be pointless, you will not understand.

    I love you my brother and would love to see you in heaven.

  67. There is no scripture that sanctions unions between two people of the same sex let us first establish this. But in the church we have a hieracharcy of sins as if one sin is worse that the other. Anyone who is observant could tell that Tonex was dealing with his own demons I do not agree with his choices but he feels he is being transparent what … Read Morealarms me is that he feels he can still be in communion with God and live this lifestyle the truth is he can’t. But we in the church need to address a lot of other sins that we kind of sweep under the rug and not set up one sin above all others, the bible says all unrighteousness is sin. The dangerous thing is that today people feel like they can live any kind of ugodly lifestyle and still be in fellowship with God. These are dangerous times the bible says and many spirits have gone out and have deceived many. We must adhere to what the word says and yes God can deliver a man from homosexuality like he can deliver him from any other sin.

  68. Tonex is an attention seeker. He wants to be a celebrity. This isn’t really about him loving God. He is a lover of himself. It’s best to ignore his child like behavior. If you notice, he associates with teenagers and very young adults (20-25). It’s mostly young people who are new in Christ and really don’t know the word. I would like to see him communicate with Christian in his age bracket 34 and over. He knows who he can manipulate. I alway wonder what his mother has to say about his homosexuality and where he is taking his church.


  70. If any MAN be in CHRIST he is a NEW creature.Old things are passed away,behold ALL things are become NEW!!!!When we claim to be a christian there has to be a change.We must be born again.Sin must not reign in our mortal bodies.Well,what is SIN? Disobedence to the word of God.The BIBLE is right.Same sex relationships is against the word of GOD.The word of GOD is right all by its self.When anyone does not obey it,it is SIN.And if you don,t repent,Heaven will not be your home.God said to come out from among them and be ye seperated.Seperated from what? The sinfull ways of the world.Yes,GOD loves every sinner,But HE HATES SIN!!
    Is anything in this world worth missing HEAVEN? What shall it profit anyone to gain the whole world and loose his soul?What shall a Man give in exchange for his soul?Is the Lake of FIRE worth it?

  71. Speak the truth in love, God never said to not speak the truth. Call it as you see it, but in love. I can truly say tonex needs to repent.

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