Dorinda Clark Cole approves gay choir as contest finalist


Two of the gospel music industry’s biggest names have jumped in bed with the gay christian movement and worse via another gospel reality show competition.

The reality show craze has hit the gospel music industry and like a whore after a john with a wad of cash, so far its been a match made in hell. And just like in the secular reality shows, this trend has a sinister and deadly twist.

How Sweet the Sound carries on the new —and lucrative— trend of secular companies providing a competitive platform for gospel music industry workers to show off their skills and win prizes. BET first launched  Sunday Best, with Kirk Franklin in the lead role. Not to be outdone, a gospel dance competition “Dance Saints Dance” was launched with Vickie Winans as host. That’s now followed by Verizon Wireless and its “How Sweet the Sound”, now in its second year. And don’t forget the grandpimp of them all, MacDonald’s GospelFest competition.

When the world sets the stage, you must play by their rules. Nobody’s god is any better than anybody else’s god. That’s the mentality of the world. So Verizon Wireless became the latest corporation to pimp out the whorish black gospel industry. To be sure, there will be more of both.

I lost all respect for the gospel music industry a long time ago. I’d rather jump off the Golden Gate bridge, than listen to the people who are wantonly helping to destroy the integrity of the church.

How Sweet the Sound ooozes sweetness. Hosted by the very sweet Donald Lawrence, its promises gospel industry choirs well…uh…money. And not much more than that really.

The Search for the Best Church Choir in America. We’re also thrilled that once again, Donald Lawrence will be returning as host and Marvin Sapp as judge and performer. This Verizon Wireless Experience is happening in eleven cities nationwide and your choir has the chance to win $10,000 in the regional event and up to $50,000 overall. After the regional events are over, all eleven choirs will join together for the grand finale. Here, all the choirs will compete for the chance to win over $25,000 in cash and prizes and the title of The Best Church Choir in America.

Here’s the catch. Because it is run by a secular, pluralistic company whose bottom line is money, there can be no restrictions on participants. That’s right it can be the Black Temple Church of Satan Mass Choir or Bethel Temple Church of God in Christ Choir. To Verizon Wireless, they’re all the same. Qualifications per Verizon:

The Choir must have a meaningful and consistent relationship with a church, temple, mosque or other similar religious organization (the “Religious Organization”). The Religious Organization must be a tax-exempt organization as described under sections 501(c)(3) and 170(c)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended from time to time, and must have a tax-exempt ID number;

And get this: at the end, whether you are believe in God or not,  are homosexual or youre just a mousy church choir member they will put all of you in a big mass choir together and sing the praises of some unknown “inspirational” god. Won’t that be grand? But even after knowing there will be no restrictions, church choirs from across the nation signed up and jumped in bed as fast as they could get their clothes off.

Did any of these church pastors review the non-criteria? Did any of them honestly have reservations about their church partnering with homosexual choirs and choirs from churches which DENY THE FINISHED WORK OF CHRIST ON  THE CROSS?

Among the 2009 finalists are three homosexual church choirs and two metaphysical/spiritualist church choirs:

Tabernacle Baptist Church, Atlanta
Metropolitan Community Church of Greater St Louis
Higher Heights Christian Church, St Louis
Hillside International Truth Center, Atlanta
East Bay Church Of Religious Science

Friends with the world? Enemies to God.

Look how far we’ve fallen. Its even a shame to mention that COGIC’s Dorinda Clark Cole and former Commissioned lead Marvin Sapp and the other celebrity gospel industry workers, are involved in this. And its no surprise that Donald Lawrence is hosting this. I fully expect him to be the next one to sit on Lexi’s gay couch and be “honest”. But this is observable evidence of just how widespread the compromise and outright rejection of God’s word is by his church.

The gospel music industry is hostile to God and should be fought on every front in the strongest possible terms. Their arrogance and compromise isn’t ushering in God’s Spirit and they are not ushering us into “his presence” as they claim. The gospel music industry is leading unsuspecting people into a room of demons, which are finding their way back into local churches.

When a homosexual pedophile with a prior conviction was caught by a Detroit TV station violating his parole restrictions, it turned out he was the same guy who was the lead dancer for Dorinda Clark-Cole. See the video below. Clark later played dumb and claimed she had no idea Baker was such a degenerate. How’s that for someone preaching all over the country and claiming to be highly anointed? Clark-Cole should be ashamed before God for opening the door and welcoming in this perversion. Then when God exposes it (and her connection to it) she plays dumb. Frankly, her music sounds like a porn track because she is singing with dirty hands and dirty lips.

Now, Clark is on round two of ushering strange fire into God’s church. How can anyone sit there with a straight face (or a clean heart) and give the thumbs up to a group of sexually immoral people? Perhaps even worse, those who deny the Lordship and divinity of our Lord Jesus?

The Word of the Lord is clear and these people have no excuse for partnering with the devil. If you think I’m being hard on her (and this equally applies to Marvin Sapp), then you may want to use a permanent marker and black this out of your bible:

You adulterous people, don’t you know that friendship with the world is hatred toward God? Anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God. James 4:4

Yes, saints the false church with its false church ministers singing praises to their false god is in full effect. If you can still hear God’s voice,  come out of her lest you partake of the harlot church’s coming judgment.

Here is a full list of the churches participating in How Sweet the Sound. Do you know any of them? If so, please warn them to get out of this now.  If I were a pastor who had made the  grave error of allowing my church choir to participate in this multidimensional  abomination, I would immediately take them out and issue a public warning to others. No money is worth selling out to satan and his agenda.

Houston area
Greater St. Matthew Church
Resurrection Baptist Church
Royalwood Sanctuary UPC Choir
St Agnes Baptist Church
Christ Church UPC
Greater Emmanuel Apostolic Church
JOY Baptist Tabernacle Church
Word of Power International Fellowship Church

St Louis area
Faith Baptist Church
Metropolitan MBC
New Sunny Mount MBC
Liberty Community Worship Center
Church of the Resurrection
Tabernacle Of Praise SDA

Washington DC area
The Assemblies of the Emmanel Church
Ebenezer AME Church
Mt Ararat Baptist Church(Pittsburgh, PA)
Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church
Northeastern Church of God 7th Day
Little Mt. Zion Church of God
The Soul Factory Church
Southern Baptist Church Praise and Worship Center

Philadelphia area
Ford Memorial Temple
Lord’s House Ministries
Canaan Baptist Church
Calvary Baptist Church r
Green Grove Baptist Church
New Hope Revival Center COGIC
West Philadelphia SDA

New York area
All Nations Apostolic Tabernacle
Calvary Tabernacle of Hempstead
Marble Collegiate Church
Grace Baptist Church
Deliverance Baptist Church
Bethany Gospel Chapel
All Saints COGIC
Emmaus SDA

Detroit area
Christian Love Fellowship International Ministries
Second Ebenezer Church
The Calvary Church
New Hope Baptist Church
Wyoming Ave. Church of Christ
Praise Tabernacle (Grosse Pointe)
Conant Gardens SDA Church
Bethlehem Temple Church (Lansing)

Chicago area
Evangel World Outreach Center
New Covenant M.B. Church
Greater St John Bible Church
Faith Temple COGIC (Evanston)
God’s House of All Nations Church
Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church
Youth Center COGIC of Chicago
Redeem COGIC
Anointed Voices

Atlanta area
Atlanta West Pentecostal Church
Beulahland Bible Church )Macon)
Brown Chapel AME Church (Columbia, SC)
Springfield Missionary Baptist Church
The Way, the Truth, and the Life Christian Center
The HOPE Cathedral COGIC

Memphis area
Gloryland Family Fellowship Church (N Little Rock)
Holy City COGIC
Mt. Moriah East Baptist Church
Greater Community Temple COGIC
Bethel A.M.E. Chruch
Good Hope MBC
Melrose Baptist Church
Mt. Gilead Ministries

Los Angeles area
City of Refuge
Mt. Rubidoux Seventh-Day Adventist Church
New Direction Community COGIC
Christ Our Redeemer AME
Christian’s Community Center
St. Stephen Baptist Church
Valley Crossroads SDA Church

Oakland area
East Oakland Faith Deliverance Center
Genesis Worship Center
Jubilee Christian Center
Apostolic Community Life Choir
Mt. Zion Assemblies
The Pentecostals Of The Bay Area
Abundant Life Ministries, WLAC


101 thoughts on “Dorinda Clark Cole approves gay choir as contest finalist

  1. I can’t believe what I’m hearing! I was under the impression that gospel music is supposed to be used to bring glory to the Lord. Do these blasphemers really expect our Lord and our Saviour to bless this travesty just because we want Him to? Absolutely, positively NO!! I urge in the strongest possible terms to these dreadfully misguided people to “come out of Babylon” RIGHT NOW before it’s eternally too late1

  2. 2 Corinthians 6:14 Do not be bound together with unbelievers; for what partnership have righteousness and lawlessness, or what fellowship has light with darkness?
    Nuf said.

  3. People…as you can see from the list of the participating “churches” (in name only), the pastors of those
    churches are without discernment and are the blind leading the blind.
    Too much of Gospel music is strictly for show and entertainment.
    It is not about worship. It is about the beat and the sweat of the dance.
    Would such lyrics and gyrations fit into the picture we have in the Book of Revelation when they are worshipping God around His
    throne? Of course not! So why do we not adopt the pattern of the Word of God as it speaks to approved worship and as lead by His
    Holy Spirit?
    Simple. Too many people in the church do not have a true born again experience with God and they adopt and accept anything that
    suits their fancy and then try to pawn it off as gospel music.
    How profane. God will not accept strange fire upon his altar.
    Too much of gospel music is strictly for the senses and involves too much emotionalism…they are trying to get an effect of you
    either dancing yourself into a frenzy or repeating the melody mantra until you are in a semi hypnotic state…just like you see in Haitian Voodoo ceremonies.
    The Black church in America is going apostate too quickly and the musical pied pipers are leading them since we as black people are too quick to latch onto music as being our life vest as opposed to the Word of God.
    Is God getting glory out of this wordly competition? Not at all.
    God will not allow the Holy Spirit to anoint any of this foolishness.
    It is sad that too many black people just see the music and do not examine the lyrics and the personalities behind the music.
    If you ever want to capture the mind and spirit of too many black
    worshippers…simply put on music extravaganza’s and have soloists
    since about themselves to others and the people in the pew go
    Satan is laughing his “horns off” with our childish ways and how we let almost anything pass as…”Its God” simply because someone
    in a turn around collar came out and said a prayer over some mess or used some “church words” and we let all discernment fall to the way side.
    This wordly competition is a mockery to authentic worship and is a
    joke. People of God…quit being bamboozled by a church robe and a
    hollering voice or a solist crying a tear or two when they sing about their experiences.
    Want to know what is the template for true God ordained worship?
    Read the Book…it is all there.
    When the world can come in and tell the church about what worship is and how the world will gauge it and reward it with money…we are in deep, deep trouble. We have the profane attempting to judge what is supposed to be of the Lord! Wicked..wicked..wicked.
    Ichabod is upon our houses if we fall for that Satanic trap.
    Repent and believe the gospel!

  4. This is a crying shame!

    I hear this on the Houston Gospel Radio station daily and had no idea. I sent this link to the station.

    My CD collection is starting to shrink and to be honest I have lost the desire to purchase “gospel” CD’s I used to buy almost weekly.

  5. Paul, it really is a shame…and a sham being perpetrated on the church.

    That’s why gospel music is trending “inspirational”. The word of God is too powerful, too convicting, too demanding for their music and for the people they are marketing it to. After a while it will not even be inspirational. The Lord’s music is to be holy as he is holy. If you are unholy, you cannot sing holy music. If you are pursuing it for mammon, its not holy. But I dont think that matters to them at all.

    I know the Lord will raise up true music ministers and I also know there are some who are not bowing to the god of this world. Perhaps we have to fight the system until he brings them forth.

    But right now…this is war.

  6. Pastor Foster,

    I have a “Revelation Word of Knowledge” that is too lengthy to post here concerning this apostasy/heresy/blasphemy. It relates to this very topic you are calling out right now!

    I will send it to you offline this evening and if you wish to post it. So be it.

    Keep up it brother! I am praying for you!

    GCMW: Thanks Enoch, yeah please send it to me.

  7. Thanks for posting this article. I like your previous poster from Houston didn’t have a clue when Verizon kept advertising for this event on the television and the radio. I thank you for enlightening me on this subject. Pastor Foster most of the church pastors from the Houston area on the list wouldn’t even listen to the warning because they love the praises of men and they love money.

  8. There are far too many thoughts swimming through my head to give a coherent response to this travesty at the moment, but I am very interested in what EnockWalked has to put forward on this thread.

  9. People…when you realize that music, as originated with God in heaven, was to glorify His name, you can get the picture that Satan, the corrupter of all that is good and holy, wants to profane sacred music to the point that we will accept anything as gospel music because it “sounds good” or says certain phrases that
    cause us to drop our discernment.
    Holy Ghost anointed music will break strongholds (David and Saul)
    and help in deliverance but the counterfeit is also amongst us and
    we would do well to make sure that what gospel music we listen to is of a good report.
    I do not care who is singing it, test the spirit to see if it is of God.
    The church has been and is until attack and the music portion of it is ripe for corruption since music has such a stronghold on people’s emotions.
    Satan can and will use music to pervert what is holy and he will
    use perverted people (acting under the cover of the church) to sing it and we, without discernment, sing along and praise God.
    Wrong! If the lyrics are not God honoring or do not show him praise and glory, do not be a part of it.
    Some music is so purely…”me and my testimony” only that God is
    not even in the picture and some lyrics are so debasing and fleshly that it could be on a Top 40 Rock station and you would not seemingly know the difference.
    Saying God or Jesus in a song does not make music sacred. The world musicians know the power of a dollar can be found in putting forth gospel music with a few tweaks here and there and voila!…you have “Christian Inspirational” music.
    The only thing inspired is the bulging bank account of the musicians who play it for a milk fed Christian audience.
    Most of my praise and worship music is instrumental only with a few of the “old” groups in my collection because they sang as unto the Lord and their lives bore out their Christian testimony.
    Testimonial music is fine as long as when you finish listenting to it, you know that it was God who got the glory and it was God who caused the victory or deliverance and not the efforts of the singer!

  10. Pastor Foster, I’ve found in my short life that people will support/cover/defend what’s in them. I’ve no doubt that Miss Clark knew something was wrong with that young man-but money/fame/position talk louder than righteousness. These people sold out to the world a long time ago.

  11. If we never understood it before, we now understand clearly what Jesus Christ said “Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”

    I found the following quote on the True Discernment blog:
    “Christianity started in Palestine as a fellowship; it moved to Greece and became a philosophy; it moved to Italy and became an institution; it moved to Europe and became a culture; it came to America and became an enterprise, and when a fellowship changes into an enterprise, it becomes a prostitute.”


  12. I’m glad that I found this site, a site that exposes the darkness that is creeping in the Church. Just looking at these shocking stories, it makes me realize how close to the return of the Lord we are. Many were of the opinion that when the bible spokes of the great falling away, that it would primarily involve people departing from the faith completely. But it is clear that it also involve those who will turn away from believing the whole word of God to a form of Godliness.

    The love of money is truly the root of all evil. Most of these people spend more time focusing on gain and making a name for themselves than they do seeking to please the Lord and find out what is acceptable in his sight.

  13. “The love of money is truly the root of all evil. Most of these people spend more time focusing on gain and making a name for themselves than they do seeking to please the Lord and find out what is acceptable in his sight.” You are absolutely correct, Blaine. What we are witnessing now is not so much as a shock to me now as much as it is the warp-like speed to which these events are unfolding before us.

    The “evil” that has manifested from these situations is becoming innumerable. It’s made worse with SOOOOOOOO many undiscerning people latching onto anything that yells Jesus’ name in stride with a beat w/o considering the spiritual condition of those on display. The numerous stories surrounding Tonex, J Moss, the Clark Sisters, Bobby Jones and others prove this definitively.

    “Saints” in these case continue to exalt talent over character when enough people whisper in the “talented’s” ear that their “gift” was made and designed to “bless the world.” Swelled with pride, when these people have their noses opened wide enough, they believe their own hype by wasting time, money and effort in promoting self and self only (a cursory glance across the web of the electronic glossies of FIRSTNAME/LASTNAME “Ministries” with a worthless platitudinal “mission statement” reveals this). All of this is done to the non-glory and dishonor of God.

    Jesus did not die for people to turn the Gospel into a worthless competition of showmanship–and that’s all these “competitions” are specifically designed to accomplish. All the while, those in the corporate towers continue to make profits hand over fist because we have become too spiritually light-headed to know, understand and do better! When are we going to learn?!!

  14. Ncatina, I really believe this is the “spirit of the antichrist” at work in the earth that Paul talked about in Thessalonians. The world already lives in unbelief, so he has to deceive the church first. Or at least those who are playing church. Lure and seduce them exposing the evil lust for money and fame in their hearts.
    As someone else said the rapid unfolding of these events by this generation of so-called preachers, singers and leaders is stunning.

    It is grevious and sickening. Enough is enough.

  15. Pastor Foster, I am personally familiar with a few of these churches and their pastors. I plan to email them this article this week, and strongly urge that they reconsider participating in this event. As the Bible says:”what communion hath light with darkness?”… “Therefore come out from them and be separate, says the Lord. Touch no unclean thing,and I will receive you. I will be a Father to you, and you will be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty.” (2 Cor 6: 14,17-18)

    I don’t care how much prize money is available,how much that money would be “a blessing” to the church, or how much positive exposure a church can get from an event like this. The true churches of God don’t need the money that badly. I just don’t think it’s a good idea for us to be sharing the stage with unrepentant gay or “gay-friendly” choirs, nor the choirs from metaphysical/spiritualist “churches”.

    GCMW: Thanks my friend. The most they can get is 50k. Its blasphemy to sell out for any amount to satan, but this is mockery even if were legitimate.

  16. OK, I’m “done” with Gospel Music overall. I don’t have the time to listen to the hundreds of artsts out there, nor do I have the capacity to store all that music (in any format). I doesn’t move or touch me as it used to, and a lot of my music never makes it out of the wrapper! And another thing, how can we nominate the “best” anything if we’re doing it for Christ? The award shows seems to turn our praise and worship singing into a contest or a competition. If we’re doing as unto God, shouldn’t EVERYBODY win? It’s become more “horizontal” (about each other) and less “vertical” (about God and his son, Jesus Christ). I really don’t know anymore.

  17. Oh my Dear Lord…..I cannot believe what I am seeing and reading!!???

    My query is this…if this is going on in the Black Churches, obviously Satan has his work going on in the Latino and White Churches also!??? Up here in Canada, I do not know many of these artists that are so well known in America but I do remember the names Ray Boltz and Claudia Clawson and some others in the Southern Gospel music scene that have sadly compromised their walk with our Savior…

    I mean, its getting to the point, in the Gospel music scene, who is actually a Christian???? I mean, I enjoy older stuff like FC Barnes, The Consolers, Mahalia Jackson, Grace Thrillers, etc etc….

    The next thing I’m going to find out is that the Gaither’s are gay affirming also??? I mean really….this is getting out of hand…

    This is truly end times stuff going on here…..

    May you all be blessed in Christ


  18. THE LORD IS SOON TO COME!!! THE LORD IS SOON TO COME!!! Everything and everyone that is not in line with God or his will, will not make it into the kingdom. We must “come out from among them and be ye seperated” saith the Lord. We are compromising with the devil too much. All sin will be destroyed by God.

  19. People…I will say it again and it bears repeating: When the world tells the church what they believe is true Gospel music and when the world will pay money to entice churches to prostitute themselves and lower their standards so that the church choirs will be OK with homosexuality and turn the other way for the glory of the world…we have become a reprobate mind and do not do the things of God.
    Everyone singing about Jesus does not mean that they know Jesus.
    Don’t let the temptation of the melody or the beat lure you to the
    position that,”if it sounds good and they say Jesus…the song must be OK.”
    Demons knew Christ when He (Jesus) walked the earth. They as fallen angels knew Him when they (demons) also were in heaven, with Satan, singing songs around the Throne.
    The demons and Satan knew and know the power of music and how it can evoke emotions and decisions. That is why it is such a powerful force in churches…especially the black church. We can elevate a choir or a soloist above the Word of God or the worship of God because…”we jus’ loves music.”
    When our love of music outstrips the worship of God…we have made an idol of which we must repent.
    Godly inspired music is to accompany His worship…not overshadow it. The centrality of worship is the expository preaching of the Word of God and our submission to it…that is true worship.

  20. When Christian ministries and these gospel musicians whore after fame and fortune and platform we are seeing the great manifestation of this bad fruit and even more fruit to come if IT IS NOT REPENTED of and ROOTED OUT!

    I tell you another thing I got a big problem with and the HOLY SPIRIT is grieved about this thing too! These FM Gospel stations that are popping up everywhere thanks to Kathy Hughes empire, Radio One.

    I was on my way to work yesterday. I turn on the DC/Prince George’s MD/Norther VA Suburbs local “gospel” station, Praze(why do they spell it like that???)…Praze 104.1. I am not a fan of this station…none whatsoever! The original station, AM 1340 has been the longest running Christian radio station in the DC area…but ever since RadioOne took over about 7 years ago. This station used to be a preaching machine! Well, they ran up the fees for airtime for a lot of serious preachers that these preachers had to give up their time slots. Now a few ministries that got the funds are still holding down time slots…but because 1340 is AM and it does not(done on Purpose) project a powerful signal…You have to literally be within 5 miles of the station to HEAR CLEARLY!

    The only time you hear any preaching on Praze 104.1 is Sundays…whenever everybody else is going to their own Churches! LOL! What a waste of $$$$$! What good is it to pay $3,000 for 15 minutes and most Christians are in Church anyway on Sundays. And most of these that are on Sundays are MegaMesses and Want-to-be Like TD Jakes and Paula White!

    There was another AM Gospel station, Heaven 1580…It went to the talk radio format…MYSTERIOUSLY when it was evident that Barack Obama was going to the Democratic presidential candidate. All you heard from these so-called Christian talk-hosts was Obama Propaganda. This station, Heaven 1580 right after the election, NO LONGER EXISTS!!!!!

    Well back to what really vexed me yesterday and what has been really vexing me over the Summer. I was on my way to work, the SPIRIT had me turn to Praze 104.1. I heard John Legend? singing and the station was advertising its trips/vacation package to go the Bermuda Music Festival???? This was not boogie woogie hip hop station or NeoSoul Adult Quiet Storm radio…BUT “Christian” Radio ADVERTISING the Bermuda Music Festival with WORLDLY ACTS!!!

    2nd Thing…I got a problem with the Yolanda Adams morning show and Cocoa Brother in the evenings! In the Evenings, the music sounds like music you hear in a Club/Worldly setting. “It’s the Baal in me!” Why does this young man refer to himself as Cocoa Brother???? What is UP WITH THAT? Cocoa Brother???We are a mockery Y’all!!!

    Where are the Church mothers and fathers that used to pull you aside and say, don’t do that baby…GOD is not pleased. And if you didn’t repent and obey their counsel…they would call you out before the whole congregation and rebuke you. We don’t have Churches like that as a whole anymore! Somebody mentioned Ichabod…Yes we are in a Ichabod state in American Christianity! The world thinks the Church is a JOKE! Why? Because the world sees ITSELF in the Church! They AIN’T seeing JESUS in the Church!

    LORD help us!

  21. Pastor Foster,

    I’m totally in disgust when it comes to the gospel music industry. I had an opportunity to be around certain artist and it is sad to say, it didn’t always feel like I was around Christians. When it comes to a lot of these artist…there is a lot of homosexuality involved. I’ve been around some of them and they were absolutely openly flamboyant in their mannerisms. It is sad to say that these people stand up before hundreds and thousands of innocent souls portraying themselves as something they are not. May God have mercy…

  22. EW, I watched Cocoa Brother on Lift Every Voice and he was interviewing RICK ROSS actually asking him questions about God! I was like are you serious. He has also interviewed Russell Simmons on his Radio show.

    I was listening to the Radio (Praise 92.1) and heard him talkin about some Quincy Jones event and how it gonna be tight and all this foolishness. Seems the same one you were talking about (, I thought the same exact thing, why is he bigging up a Quincey Jones concert on “Christian” station?

    They also have an annual family fun day in Houston. Last year I thought I would go since Marvin Sapp, Israel and new breed were going to be there. To my surprise it wasnt only a Gospel thing as I thought but was a family day were all the local radio stations under this Radio One unbrella were represented. So who comes on the stage, non other than slim thug! I didnt go this year.

    Its unbelievable how so many are compromising and the worst part is that these are the people who the “Black “Church are pining after.

  23. Paul N, Amen! Amen! and Amen again!

    Brother, I wonder do guest get paid an appearance fee/royalty to be on Cocoa Brother’s show to promote their album, church, new CD, concert…I mean why would a “Christian” platform bring guest that ARE NOT LIVING for CHRIST one iota! What’s up with that?

    I guarantee that Worldly entertainers are paid just to appear on some worldly show. What would these worldly entertainers not want to get paid going to interview/promote on a “Christian” station.

    Yeah, man…that Radio One Matrix is mixing the once holy with the profane…BIG TIME!

  24. People…this is all good since God is using this expose in so called gospel christian music to separate the wheat and the tares and to give us a wake up call that everyone who says Lord..Lord is not of Him.
    It is shocking to some but to me, it is simply end times closing in on us; and with the power of music. If you can infiltrate music with gibberish, christians will be lulled to sleep thinking that their favorite gospel artist is OK since he or she said Jesus a few times in the lyrics and hollered Praise the Lord at the right times.
    Next? Someone will begin to franchise black churches and initiate a standard service, music, message and programs complete with chicken dinners every other Sunday after church and their main goal will be to maximize the offering plate in the black church.
    You will be able to buy a regional or a local franchise for a set price (with royalties) and with that price you get: [1] exclusive territorial rights to broadcast your services including Ipod and mp3 [2] pre printed programs [3] canned sermons [4] gospel tracks piped into your sound system and [4] a hireling who will come on Sundays to deliver the canned sermon and on Wednesdays to deliver a canned Bible study lesson. Anyone who wants to attend can, and there is no church rules as to what constitutes membership. The hireling will report to a district manager who will count the bodies in the pews (via remote satellite facilities inside the church) and they will send a Brinks truck to collect the offerings.
    The more people the hireling brings in, he or she gets a bonus based upon pew numbers only. Profit sharing comes in when at the end of the year, the church meets their goal,the hireling gets up to 7 percent of the yearly gross income.
    Watch! This concept is coming to an area near you!
    Companies such as Wal-Mart or Verizon Wireless will use front companies to exploit this idea since too many black Christians are without discernment to know the difference.
    Satan and his imps will step into this void and produce counterfeit signs and wonders as to, if possible, deceive the very elect.
    Sounds scary? It is. But if we can allow secular corporations to
    pimp the black church choir…why not go all the way and simply
    pimp the unsuspecting black church member with an attractive counterfeit church…the anti-christ ( place of). If you make it attractive enough and issue false prophecies that this is of God..enough people will buy into it.
    Apostasy is creeping in and we must contend for the faith!

  25. According to HSTS judge Lisa Winans, “I walked onto the stage at the Houston Toyota Center and the energy of over 8000 in one packed arena people blew me away! Our first show had completely sold out,..”

    Verizon Wireless is charging $5-7 a head to see the 11 shows. In Houston over 8,000 people attended. Thats a minimum $40,000. If the same event is duplicated at all 11 cities, thats over half a million dollars in just admission fees. That doesnt include all other fees they are collecting from this.

    In each city two choirs get $10,000 each and the top choir gets $50,000? Also in each city one “people’s choice” choir gets $5000. Plus the choirs are collecting cell phones for Verizon’s charity. One choir in each city gets $1000 if they are the top phone collector.

    Do the math and see how the pimpmaster is profiting off the whorish black gospel music industry.

  26. GCM, you forgot to include the tax write-offs for such a thing b/c of the donated funds and “the church” not paying a DIME in taxes for anything.

  27. I hardly ever listen to black gospel music anymore… It really makes me nauseous. not to say that music from other races is pure…. But I will say this for there music… It is MUCH MORE WORSHIP oriented than black gospel music.

    Black gospel music is about getting the praise and dance on and what God can bless us with while the music from other races is more focused on worshiping God and being used by him. I’ll just make it plain. I prefer white worship music.. Ill just say it like that simply because of the reasons I already stated.

    the yolanda adams show turned me off from Gospel music along time ago.

    And Ill just say this… my preference has nothing to do with the color of the skin of the singers. it just so happens the music that really ministers to me is from that specific group of people.

  28. Wow! I know it was God who lead me to this site. I actually went to “How sweet the sound” in Houston and met D. Lawrence and yes I was disappointed because I can obviously see the “sweetness” there. I really enjoy his songs but I care more for his salvation. My heart is hurting now.
    It is true we have turned things created for God into entertainment and for fame/popularity. I’ve asked God to forgive me. We treat God any kind of way. And yes, there are gay choirs competing or the directed is obviously gay. How did we get here. But notice every or majority of black churches are singing songs written by homosexuals, so does that taint the worship? Can God use a homosexual to write his songs and bring in his praise? You know people are quick to say “God can use anybody”? My heart is so heavy now. Lord forgive me.

    So what does that say about artist like Marvin Sapp or CeCe Winans? They are judges on the show. But I am getting tired of the catchy hook songs, gospel is become to flashy and about self. I hear more about self than God. Sometimes you don’t even hear the name of Jesus in the song just “him” or “he” or “you”

    Lord help the church!

  29. Also D. Lawrence’s assistant is obviously gay too. I’m not saying this to gossip but everything is right in our faces. We need to stop using these artist for their talent and stop them from performing until they are delivered. I’m seeing if you are a main stream artist it’s impossible for you to be living for God. Once money and fame come in, it’s no longer about God. If I called Dorinda up right now, I would have to pay thousands of dollars for her to sing God’s praise at my church? What sense does that make? I understand flight and hotel but thousands of dollars?
    Church we need to wake up and see how easy it is to be deceived as I just was this past weekend.

  30. My friend had Dorinda Clark to their reunion/homecoming service and she charges an exhorbitant fee to come and preach. This does not include singing. These gospel music industry workers (LOVE that phrase!) are not real ministers. They are entertainers who use the world’s systems to “spread the message”. They are gospel music celebrities. I have almost stopped buying gospel music completely because so much of it is uninspired; meaning not touched by GOD’s hand. Competition is not after the heart of GOD. Shame on the pastors for allowing the choirs to participate. This show and Sunday’s Best are patterned after the American Idol and England/America’s got talent.

  31. People…from the comments at this site, I am glad that many people are awaking out of their black gospel induced slumber.
    Black Gospel music (too much of it) is nothing but hip hop dressed up as “praising the Lord.”
    I agree with the writer who indicated that between black gospel
    singers and many white gospel writers/singers, their devotion and
    worship to God is more focused than “our” gospel music.
    Why? We are partly to blame because we buy their records and attend their “performances” (aka: throw downs).
    If we stopped buying that nonsense, they would either get their
    act together or get another line of work.
    For so called gospel artists to charge an “arm and a leg” or your
    first born in order to “appear” at your worship house and sing God praises is profane.
    Some artists want thousands of dollars and expenses and benefits to open their mouths and say Jesus…and they want to say that all praises are to God for their gift but they will demand payment upfront from the promoter before they step on the platform!
    We tolerate it when we agree to it.
    The money is too big for too many gospel artists to refuse and they compromise themselves and their watered down lyrics in order to get into “mainstream” media outlets.
    If you are mad out this, simply stop buying their gospel junk and shelling out big bucks to hear them at a concert venue.
    Stop it…stop it…stop it. You can…but only if you want to.
    For me, I try to buy only worship instrumental music. I do not need a sweating man or woman prancing around on a stage to get me
    “juiced up” to praise God…and neither should you.
    IF you do, your worship is predicated upon outside stimuli and not from the promptings of the inner Holy Spirit.

  32. Well said Lafe and Elder Jimmy.

    My heart is still heavy about this. The black church has been operating under a counteirfeit “holy spirit.” And we wonder why we don’t have the power we should. As many churches that we have (on every corner), you would think we would be transforming our communities and cities, etc. But nobody wants to repent and die to themselves daily anymore. The church has become a big joke in the world. And we use the word “christian” so loosely 😦

    I thank God that he is correcting me and us in this hour. (If you are reading this website, it’s because you are seeking after God)

    I desire more of God and I don’t want to participate or validate anything that doesn’t touch His heart. Many will fall away in this hour and I choose to stand.

    And I’m sorry but clapping and dancing around to those famous shouting chords does not mean it’s of God. It’s just getting you emotional riled up to give a bigger offering.

    I wasn’t too sure how I felt about people screaming out the gospel artist name and crying when they meet them. Shouldn’t that worship be for God and God alone?

    Please pray for me, God is calling me into music ministry but I want to be sure I do it to please him and reach his heart. I don’t want fame or praise.
    Thank you for this website. God bless you.

  33. Conviction….you will do fine. As long as you are pliable in the
    hands of God’s Holy Spirit, you will bear up fine since you are relying upon his strength and not your own.
    You will have an inner conviction that any music you undertake or any promoters that you surround yourself with are not of the Lord
    when you simply discern, via the Word of God, what are their motives.
    God is calling for all Christians, including singers and musicians, to realize that if he is going to be Lord in your life that as the Master, he has the first and the last word on your ministry.
    If you are not willing to lay that music/singing ministry at his
    feet, you are not ready to serve the Lord as a musician or as a singer.
    Of course, you can go in the flesh and may be blessed but if it is not of God, then when you face judgment, you will have a lot of
    “explaining” to do when God brings back those instances and times
    to your remembrance that you “fudged” and decided to cut corners in order to get that “break” that you so desired.
    Taking up your cross daily and dying daily is a lifelong experience with the Lord. It is not accomplished in a single prayer or a series of prayers but daily.
    Remember, God can call rocks to cry out praises to Him, so He is not dependent upon your whims to serve him.
    When one sees the excesses in gospel music, you know that God is not being honored because the financial corruption has compromised
    many a person who wants to serve both God and Mammon.
    Can not do it. Either you will hate the one and love the other.
    My advice to you: pray for a convicting spirit each and every time
    you choose music to sing and where to sing it and if you have a peace about it…go for it. But, if you are troubled by the music or the lyrics or the people involved….re think it and stay away…regardless of how big the potential audience or the payday.

  34. Conviction I will echo Lafe, you will do fine if your heart is pure towards God. These thrill and attention seeking “music ministers” have satan in them because that is his spirit. God’s true servants do not behave like this nor will they accept the praise of men.

    Like Paul said I must decrease and Christ must increase. Some of these people have it backwards.

    They forget satans story of why he was cast out of heaven and fell like lightening to the earth.

    This pride will be broken. And they cannot say they have not had warning.

    Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  35. Who is pastor of Resurrection Baptist Church in the Houston area. There is a Resurrection Baptist Church here in San Antonio Tx with a good choir? Are they one of the same?


    GCMW: Jeanie, no this one is in Houston. Church website

  36. Thank you. I don’t attend the church but I do know of Greater Saint Matthews in Houston. Wow! Not surprised anymore.

  37. Correction. That is the same church down the street from me. It is in Schertz,Tx outside of San Antonio,Tx. That is the church. It is not in Houston but Schertz Texas. I am REALLY shocked. Know some people in that choir!!


  38. Correction: I am not surprised. I will email this article. I don’t think it will make a difference though. Pray that some eyes are opened. I was uncomfortable visiting that church. It’s about the attention

  39. Lafe, I knew a guy that used to promote in the world, God saved him and he said he would try his hand at doing some gospel concerts. He told me straight that it was more cut throat than in the world!

    Had another friend who promoted a concert and he said some of the demands were ridiculous. Not only do the artists charge a lot of money but one of the Artists wanted them to rent all the instruments or pay to get theirs there along with a sound and lighting thats cost how many thousands, No less than a five star hotel, wouldnt ride in anything but a limo, bottles of specific juices in the rooms, water, fruit and some unwrapped toilet paper! Madness, I tell you! Madness!!!

    This cannot be serious.

    Romans 12:16
    Be of the same mind toward one another. Do not set your mind on high things, but associate with the humble. Do not be wise in your own opinion.

    I am so tired of this!

  40. Scripture says, “And the first shall be last, and the last shall be first.” We are the last minority that God has reached out to -so go to the back of the line. Scripture also says, “Judge not least you be judged,” as well as “Whosoever believes in Jesus shall be saved,” not whosover but—. What does Jesus have to say about homosexuality – absolutely nothing. I’ll pray for each of your souls – obviously, someone needs to. YOUR saying that God does not love homosexuals is merely your statement. No where in Scripture does GOD say that GOD doesn’t love what or whom GOD created. No, we don’t fit in with your boxed idea of whom God loves, but then neither do you fit in ours – we’re not just out of the closet, we’re out of the “box.” My God is bigger than the small one you worship. But then, I know God loves each of us equally.

  41. I left something. My choir is Metropolitan Community Church of Greater St. Louis. Our choir director is excellent as well as I choir, and we are very proud that they were selected as one of 8 finalists out of 250 entries. They love Christian music, sing it, and they love God.

  42. Rev. Stephenson, predictably you spout the same heretical gay christian ideology vomit as those who applaud you. And Im sure Dorinda Clark and Marvin Sapp are really proud too that your homosexual church choir is in the finals. Trust that you have your reward here on earth.

    Since I have extensively refuted and debunked all of your rather gregarious, assembly line lies, I wont indulge further. Maybe someone else cares to.

    I will venture to say that your prayers to your father satan will go unanswered.

  43. Gemwatch, sounds like you need either therapy or a lesson in English. Obviously, you’re obtuse. My God is not Satan; my God is the same God you worship. Whether you believe that or not doesn’t change the fact. You might learn something if you can knock out those walls. Me thinks you’re someone who protests too much.

  44. Rev. Bev Stephenson, Jesus wants to deliver you from the hand of the enemy.

    2 Corinthians 4:3-5
    3 But even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing, 4 whose minds the god of this age has blinded, who do not believe, lest the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine on them. 5 For we do not preach ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord, and ourselves your bondservants for Jesus’ sake.

    Isaiah 59:3
    For your hands are defiled with blood, and your fingers with iniquity; your lips have spoken lies, your tongue hath muttered perverseness.


  45. Rev. Bev Stephenson said:What does Jesus have to say about homosexuality – absolutely nothing. I’ll pray for each of your souls.

    Save you prayers, they are sticking to the ceiling anyway and here is why.

    James 5:16Therefore, confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another so that you may be healed The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.

    Psalm 24:3-4Who may ascend into the hill of the LORD?
    And who may stand in His holy place?
    4He who has
    clean hands and a pure heart,
    Who has not lifted up his soul to falsehood
    And has not sworn deceitfully.

    Yeah ok buddy Ill take you on with the Word of God. By your own admission it is impossible for you to worship the God of the Bible. Are these Scriptures in your Bible also?

    Jesus Claims to be God since the beginning. He is the God of the Old Testament and the same God who gave the Words to Paul to write in his letters condemning homosexuality because thats what the Bible says.
    John 8:58Jesus said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was born, I am.”

    John 1In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

    We can’t pick and choose what we follow, so open you heart to receive this Word.
    2 Timothy 3:16-17All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness;17so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work.

    Therefore Jesus did address Homosexuality and every other sort of sexual immorality.

    1 Corinthians 6:9-10 9do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals,
    10nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God.

    Romans 1:26-27, 26For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural,
    27and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error.

    The Holy Spirit doesn’t dwell in your church the presence of satan does.

    1 John 3:6-8No one who abides in Him sins; no one who sins has seen Him or knows Him.
    7Little children, make sure no one deceives you; the one who practices righteousness is righteous, just as He is righteous;
    8the one who practices sin is of the devil; for the devil has sinned from the beginning The Son of God appeared for this purpose, to destroy the works of the devil.

  46. @ Paul N, I had an acquaintance in the music/entertainment business – ain’t trying to live saved- gave me the same impression about a gospel artist. We were speaking on a rare occassion and he had been negotiating a contract for their black expo or something for an artist, and “her people” weren’t acting right – the terms and were changing again. I remember seeing a gospel artist (cannot recall who) talking about the difference in her representation and Yolanda Adams, as Adams went to new label, got more secular representation and performances. That’s part of it to, those working around them are looking for the next level in the world, instead of in Christ.

  47. Nooooooooo! Not Marvin “Never Would’ve Made It” Sapp!!!??? Say it t’aint so! I’m so over the gospel industry now. Is there anyone who would stand up and say, “No. I will not compromise for corporate sponsorship!”

  48. Lapreghiera, very true, their representatives can be a cause of the problems. Why would they sign for these worldly companies?

  49. Rev. Bev Stephenson is blinded by Satan and he refuses to repent and come to the truth. He is an apostate and his willingness to
    state that scripture does not speak to the issue of homosexuality is a blatant lie.
    This so called Reverend is a follower of Satan if he thinks that God is winking at homosexuality and at those who promote it or condone it or try to give the impression that God is OK with
    homosexuals committing homosexual acts; and that they are still born again. That is a lie from the darkest part of the pit of Hell.
    Rev. Stephenson, you need to come out of your self imposed darkness and come into the light of the Gospel. Already I have seen others extensively quote Bible to you as to the position of God on the issue of the sin of homosexuality and you merely brushed it off as it has no consequence or application to you.
    You cover yourself with the cloak that God’s love OK’s homosexual sin. If you teach or preach that, you are leading others to your same Hell.
    Now that you have been exposed to the Word of God in the other postings here, you are held accountable to that Word and that Word has judged you and you are found wanting.
    Your options? Simple. Repent from your sins and be regenerated or continue in your folly and rip Hell wide open. No grey area.
    If you continue in your madness and refuse the wooing work of the Holy Spirit, you are calling God a liar and treading underfoot the complete and finished work of Calvary. For that, the sin of
    blasphemy is placed against you since you are treating with scorn the ministry work of the Holy Spirit.
    God is not going to continue to wrestle with you about your sins and your approval of homosexuality as being approved of by God.
    To do so, you make a mockery of the Word of God and for that you
    shall be held accountable.
    You can twist all the scripture that you can or want but that will not change the fact that God’s Word is unchangeable and He is not going to re visit the closed canons of the Word of God to
    allow your gibberish to overrule his established Word.
    Such arrogance and stupidity from a person who would dare to use the word Reverend with his name. My friend, you are not revered in the eyes of God but are a sinner who needs salvation.

  50. Not sure why people completly overlook Sodom and Gomorrah. Do not be deceived in this hour. This is the wrong hour to be lost. The devil is a lie. For God to call something an “abomination,” that is something I def. don’t want to mess with. God is giving everyone time to repent, when His wrath comes, it ain’t gonna be nothing nice!!!!

  51. I am not in support of any type of sin, but it appears that the uproar is that the choirs are OPENLY gay and/or gay affirming. Would it be better if they were on the DL? Gay is gay whether openly or on the DL. To be honest, homosexuals have been keeping the gospel music industry a float for years. We dance, shout, sing and worship to many of the songs written by people in this lifestyle. We even allow them to come into our churches and lead worship, conduct worships, direct choirs and shoot videos in our churches. Pastors even allow there female members to marry these men knowing that they have had a history of homosexuality or are actively living the life and refuse to be open with the female. They even conduct the ceremony only weeks, months and/or years the marriage falls apart because of what was hidden and/or not revealed initially. It seems that its okay as long their lifestyle isn’t in the open. We also continually allow the adulterer, fornicators and thieves, liars, etc. to do the same. What’s the difference? As a matter of fact, we have people in every type of sin preaching from the pulpit. Is there any difference? The bottom line is a scripture a poster posted earlier which is:

    1 Corinthians 6:9-10 9 do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals,
    10nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God.

    Money and fame has many christians selling out to almost everything for it. I don’t think this should be a surprise to any of us. Think of over the past 15 to 20 years of the pastors preaching the so called “Gospel of Prosperity” which was nothing more than a message used to manipulate and pimp God people to make the person rich behind the pulpit. I don’t support any of it, but my prayer is “Lord, help me to stand for truth in every circumstance and situation that arises.” I may not get rich or have the fame, but I’ll make it into your Kingdom.

  52. I would like to add this last comment. We are almost at the point where people can hardly locate a church who conducts REAL BIBLE STUDY instead of a regular service during the week. Where is the church’s FOUNDATION? How is it possible to maintain foundational biblical truths in a church / ministry without REAL BIBLE STUDY? We need more than just emotional highs. What is a new convert to do? Three forth of the black churches are personality driven and not BIBLE (Word) driven. What is a new convert to do? What’s a christian to do?

  53. He who is without sin cast the first stone. These gospel artists never said they were perfect. How do you come off judging someone when you don’t know their heart. Remember the bible says the same measure you judge you will be judged. If any of you are perfect please let me meet you because I thought their was only one perfect person. So if you have done no wrong please contact me. I don’t believe God would continue to bless them if their heart wasn’t in the right place. I don’t know any of these artists personally. I have seen the annointing on them and that comes from God. You have to realize that these people have feelings too. Think about this what if someone put something on the internet about you that wasn’t true. How would you feel. You should think before you speak or rather type. As I have stated do not know any of these people personally and I am not a homesexual but I do have a heart. Your comments are actually what would make me not want to go to church because they are very hurtful. God is Love

  54. Hello, Sugacoles:

    I’m feelin’ you. For years, the only thing I could do with the new convert was to disciple her/him myself through one-on-one Bible study, and then see if they could withstand the “heat” of the world from family, friends, co-workers, et cetera. If they could survive the refining process, well, they were truly “elected.” Nevertheless, it is nice to have a New Testament City of Refuge to which to escape when times are tough!

    Now that I have found a church home (new window) here in Phoenix, Arizona, the newly “elected” can surely find solid teaching in a safe haven, and take some of the onus from me . . . I’m just a pew-sitter, ‘ya know.

    To reiterate your thoughts though: it is getting tougher to find a Christocentric church. (You know, a church that teaches what Jesus has done to make you absolutely right with God, as opposed to those groups that believe every single thing in the Bible is about what you must do in order to make yourself right with God.) But, I’m thinking . . . isn’t that just what Scripture warns us about in these “end times”? I will leave it to you to locate the numerous verses that foretell of the events, you and I, Sugacoles, are witnessing right now.


  55. Sugacoles, if the church accepts and allows sin due to gifts and talents then the church is in error, simple. Your points show the carnal state of many churches but they sure are no justification for allowing homosexuality to go unchallenged. I beleive you should use it to show the church its error in overlooking sin for selfish ambition.

    I think you have missed the point here though. The question is why would Christians align themselves with the world for financial gain? Also this is not about people that are struggling with homosexuality in the church but about churches that claim homosexuality is not a sin participating in this event along with other “churhes” that teach false doctrine (scientology). As far as I remember in scripture the bible says we shouldnt do such things, no?

    I agree with you about churches that have no real bible study, you can scarcely understand what your faith is built on. Sound doctrine please!

    God bless you!

  56. It seems you have lost the meanings of JESUS’s teachings; Love thy neighbor as you love thy self. You seem to have grown very comfortable judging people, and the last time I checked that in it’s self was a sin. Pride my friend is a deadly sin, and judgment falls under that heading. Every sin you judge your neighbor harshly for you will answer to, and with the same harshness from God. The only thing you have drawn attention to is your shortcomings in your own walk with God. It just goes to show you how far of a journey you have left in becoming a Christian. I will pray for you on your journey.

    May the Lord our God be with you,
    Autumn Nuss

  57. Brothers & Sisters,
    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: We can put these performers (singer and preachers!) out of business in a few weeks if we really work together. Just stop buying their music, stopp going to their concerts, stop inviting them to our churches – and if they are invited, don’t show up! We created these monsters and we can remove them. Also, encourage our leaders to stop inviting these money-hungry, lustful vultures! And if they insist on inviting them because of their big names, don’t show up! Let them finance them out of their own pockets and we’ll see how long they last. Yes, pray! But don’t forget to ACT!! These people have become rich and famous because they prey on our need to ‘see’ them, hear them, and our desire to get ‘close’ to them. We have become poor (naturally and spiritually), while they have become rich (naturally) – at our foolish expense! Let’s stop this madness and get back to worshiping the true and the living God.

  58. I am a member of the Metropolitan Community Church of Greater St. Louis choir and performed in the How Sweet the Sound competition on Monday night here in St. Louis.

    It saddens me that an event that was so dear to all of us is being tarnished by people who would preach hate over love.

    This argument will not be won by either side, so there is no point in pointing fingers and proclaiming who the “better” Christian really is.

    I will however say that I know that God loves me. If you feel that I am a sinner for being gay, so be it, but I believe I am exactly the person that God made me to be.

    The bible was written many years ago and re-written time and time again into several different languages. To say that you believe 100% that every word in the bible was translated correctly from the original version puts a lot of faith in man, and we all know, man makes mistakes. Furthermore, there are several different versions of the bible and none of them are exactly a like, which also tells me that no man can say for certain what the original writing of the bible entailed. How do we know it ever mentioned homosexuality at all? Was homosexuality even a word then?

    If you, however want to take the bible at it’s word today, then doesn’t the bible also say that you should be struck dead for cutting the hair of a man, or touching the skin of a dead pig? Shouldn’t we also be selling our daughters and killing our neighbors when we see them commit sin? Isn’t that what the bible tells us to do?

    At the end of the day, I am very proud to say that I attend Metropolitan Community Church of Greater St. Louis. It’s a church where every person, regardless of color, religion, sexual orientation or ethnicity is welcome. Our church preaches love and hope and happiness in life. The type of sermons that make you feel good inside and are thankful every day for what God has given to you. I’m glad I don’t attend any of the churches that some of you might attend, where hatred and threats of hell are thrown in your face constantly. Religion should not be about preaching fear or hate, it should be about preaching love and respect for all of God’s children, even if you don’t agree with everything that makes up that person.

    As a Christian and child of God, I love each of you, b/c that is what God calls me to do. I’m sorry that you don’t see that the same way and would rather spout hate.

    Let the day come where God will have the final decision upon each of us – I am not afraid.

  59. tara said: He who is without sin cast the first stone. These gospel artists never said they were perfect. How do you come off judging someone when you don’t know their heart.

    1 Peter 1:14-17 God commands us to be Holy like He is Holy. Saying I’m not perfect is a copout. Romans 6:1-4 …..2May it never be! How shall we who died to sin still live in it?….
    Judging huh? My Bible says this about judging: John 7:24 24″Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment.”

    tara said: Remember the bible says the same measure you judge you will be judged. If any of you are perfect please let me meet you because I thought their was only one perfect person.

    Christ was talking about hypocrites and since I am not a practitioner of sinful behavior and of God that isn’t a reference to me or any True Believer. Matt 7:5 5″You hypocrite….

    tara said: I don’t believe God would continue to bless them if their heart wasn’t in the right place.

    We don’t lean on our own understanding or what we believe but what the Holy Word of God says. Just because they are on stage or TV doesn’t mean God put them there. That’s akin to saying God put the playboy channel on TV.

    tara said: I have seen the anointing on them and that comes from God.

    You have seen an anointing but it isn’t from God.

    tara said: You have to realize that these people have feelings too. Think about this what if someone put something on the internet about you that wasn’t true.

    Don’t yoke yourself up with homosexuals and others that are sexually perverse and GCMWatch would have any ammo.

    tara said: How would you feel……..God is Love

    God is Love but He is also a Righteous Judge who will punish sin and will not be mocked Galatians 6:7-8 and the evil man will not go unpunished Proverbs 11:21. I’m glad my Pastor preached the Word of God so that I was made aware of my transgressions against God and repented.

  60. Autumn Nuss said: It seems you have lost the meanings of JESUS’s teachings; Love thy neighbor as you love thy self.

    You don’t have a grasp on the Biblical meaning of love. If you love your neighbor you will warn them in love and humility that they must turn away from their sin, repent, believe and follow Jesus Christ.

    Autumn Nuss said: You seem to have grown very comfortable judging people, and the last time I checked that in it’s self was a sin.

    What Bible is that in?

    Autumn Nuss said: Pride my friend is a deadly sin, and judgment falls under that heading. Every sin you judge your neighbor harshly for you will answer to, and with the same harshness from God.

    Good since I am a practitioner of righteousness, I have nothing to worry about. The Bible says in fact I can walk boldly into the Throne room of God because of my clean hands and pure heart. So you warn all homosexuals you know about their prideful rebellion against God so they might not incur His wrath on Judgment Day.

    Autumn Nuss said: The only thing you have drawn attention to is your shortcomings in your own walk with God. It just goes to show you how far of a journey you have left in becoming a Christian. I will pray for you on your journey.

    This is appalling and ridiculous.

  61. I think its funny how some people try to find certain scriptures to justify their judging. All I have to say is Jesus is the only person they have to prove theirself too. How do I know that half of the people on here are not fornicators, alduterers, etc. No sin is greater than the next, but we have made homesexuality out to be the worse possbile sin. What about the murderers, fornicators, liars, etc. If you don’t want to go to their concerts don’t but guess what you may just miss your blessing. Yes I have seen the annointing on these people and yes that comes from God. As I have also stated people like you are what make me not want to go to church. I will say again he who is without sin cast the first stone. The way yall are acting I guess Jesus didn’t really forgive Mary Magdalene. I guess their is no room for forgiveness because some of you have condemned these people to hell. You say righteous judgment I would love to see your life because I guess you have never done anything you need forgiveness for.

  62. Ladies & gents of the Righteous: what we are seeing with postings such as tara and Autumn Nuss demonstrate the personified lost, blind and unlearned scripture refers to. It’s evidenced by their refusal to acknowledge the gross sins of those that parade themselves as righteous in front of the global audience and their lack of any discernment when addressing those whom they feel are judgmental.

    Aside from fighting the garbage that presents itself as the Gospel of Christ, the fight must also include battling the spiritually ignorant and lukewarm among us. I am certian that it is a daunting task for the blogger to have to answer the SAME TIRED, CYCLICAL arguments surrounding righteous judment to the extent that another blogger was ready to close up shop. Thankfully, he did not. To the extent that learning righteous judgment versus using our own methods of judging has been discussed here and elsewhere, I will not embark on repeating the informaiton myself.

    Autumn Nuss & tara, it is strongly recommended that you avail yourself to the following blog link that will give you the badly needed lesson in knowing biblical context, reference, discernment as well as judgment before positng any further on this thread. Frankly, your ignorance has been shown, and it is not pretty.

  63. Tara its is not unbiblical to judge and if it is you are in error because you are judging those who you say are judging. The only way you could not sin as far as judging is to never say anything about any situation regardless of what it is. In other words if you know someone that is a rapist dont say that they are wrong as by your standard that would be judging and no one is perfect.

    You talk about liars, fornicators, murderers etc, well do you know of any church that claim that lying, murdering and fornicating is right? If you do dont you think they should be called out if they are claiming Jesus to be their LORD and Savior?

    Yes, none of us are perfect but that is not what we are talking about is it. We are discussing the Church playing the Harlot with the world leading the Church of Jesus Christ astray, is that not a problem to you? or should we see all of these follies and say nothing because we are not perfect? well what happens to the sheep who may be led astray when they think oh so and so is ok with homosexuality and scientology so maybe nothing is wrong with it?

    You say anointing, maybe they are but I can tell you that many people in heretic churhes believe they are anointed also. There are decietful spirits that make people think God is moving and what happens is we get caught up in emotionalism.

    1 Timothy 4

    1The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. 2Such teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron. 3They forbid people to marry and order them to abstain from certain foods, which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and who know the truth.

    Dont you see the war that is going on? its a war and the devil wants to turn the church into some politically correct, liberal institution.

    God bless you!

  64. gcm can you post all the names of the gay affirming and gay churches that you know of on this website, so that we can know who they are and keep away from them. I need a list of these churches so that I can tell others about them. thanks

  65. Tara, one thing you fail to realize or you probably decided to not say it conveniently. Jesus’ forgiveness of sin was not a liscense to continue in sin. He even on one occassion said “Go and sin no more….”

    Shall we continue i sin that grace may abound?, God forbid…..

    The love that the world is seeking and sadly some church folk as well as those Gay affirming church is the cotton candy love (false love) that says Jesus just loves us so much that we can do what ever we want……. It’s OK… because He knows my heart. I Love Jesus, yada yada…. Jesus said, if you love me you would keep my commandments.

    Just like cotton candy (and how sweet and good it is, melts in your mouth), if you eat too much you in up with a tummy ache and rotten teeth.

    That’s the same type of love that people like Tara and Autumn try to bring God down to the level of.

    Jesus loves us so much… He refuses to leave us as we are…. Yes we can come to him just as we are… just like Mary Magalene did, but just like her, we should never be the same ..

  66. I didn’t say there was nothing wrong with homesexuals. I said he who is without sin cast the first stone. I see a lot of people is throwing stones. Instead if you are thinking they are doing so much wrong how bout you pray from them. I don’t have a problem with being lukewarm but I do know the bible does say that Jesus did not come to condemn the world so why should I. Yes I know the difference I will continue to say that have seen the annointing on some of them. I don’t have a problem with somebody being wrong and being corrected. But to blatantly attack somebody that is wrong. Like I said you continue to say these people are leading people the wrong way but what about your words. I understand we will not agree. I as I have also stated if any of you are perfect let me meet you please. I am not judging anyone I didn’t get on here and bash anyone I didn’t write the article. I just reminded people that they have feelings too and how can I question someone elses salvation

  67. “I don’t have a problem with being lukewarm” tara, you have just condemned yourself by these words. Rev. 3: 15-16

    Dorinda Clark-Cole has gone from



    HAVING A DANCER FOR A PEDOPHILE (and played crazy when the press got a hold of the report)




    She really need to REPENT and then SIT DOWN SOME WHERE



  69. Blow the dust off of them bibles if you choose to quote scripture. Because Context or the lack thereof is quite apparent up in here this evening.

    Lukewarm is never a good thing, and the Judge Not thing had to do with censorious (harsh) words, Matt 7:1-6 or treating others in a condescending attitude as if you’ve never done anything wrong.

    But are we to raise the bar or lower it?

    Gospel Musicians like the Preachers do pimp, just on a different scale.

  70. Evidently that was a typo I never meant to say I don’t have a problem being lukewarm because I am definetly hot for GOD but as I have stated we will never agree on this subject. That is all I have to say. Just remember this could be you and how would you feel?

  71. Incidently, I am not a he; I am a she. Not all the people in the world are men. Just got home from hearing our wonderful gay CHRISTIAN choir sing their hearts out.

    GCMW: Edited out all the garbage, lies and off topic religious propaganda. This is what was left.

  72. tara said: I think its funny how some people try to find certain scriptures to justify their judging. All I have to say is Jesus is the only person they have to prove theirself too. How do I know that half of the people on here are not fornicators, alduterers, etc. No sin is greater than the next, but we have made homesexuality out to be the worse possbile sin. What about the murderers, fornicators, liars, etc.

    Everyone who practices sin is of the devil I believe I made that point very clear did you not read it? Everyone in Paul’s letters who he writes about will have their part in the Lake of Fire, understand?

    tara said: As I have also stated people like you are what make me not want to go to church.

    You don’t want to go to a true Church because of sin’s (satan’s) control over your life, your a slave to it the presence of God there will convict you of your sin nature and call on you to repent.

    Tara said: I will say again he who is without sin cast the first stone. The way yall are acting I guess Jesus didn’t really forgive Mary Magdalene. I guess their is no room for forgiveness because some of you have condemned these people to hell. You say righteous judgment I would love to see your life because I guess you have never done anything you need forgiveness for.

    You also don’t understand what Christ was talking about when he referred to the religious leaders wanting to stone the woman for adultery.
    Christ cast 7 demons out of Mary Magdalene and I’m willing to bet that she didn’t go on sinning because the consequence of that sin would be demonic possession again and ultimately death.
    The Bible says there is not one good, all have fallen short of the glory of God and that we all have a multitude of sin. The difference between me and these individuals is I deny myself and my flesh to serve the King of Kings. It is not about me or what I want it is about the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Tara said: Just remember this could be you and how would you feel?

    It was me at one time (a sinner, on my way to Hell) but I was made a new creature in Christ according to 2 Corinthians 5:17. This transformation is available to every walking person on God’s green Earth as long as you line up with the Holy Bible.

  73. I will not continue to debate this issues with you. No sir sin does not control my life, but I would be an idiot and say I don’t sin. The bible says we haven all sinned and gell short of the glory of God. I have never once said I was perfect. That’s my point that’s the way some of you are coming off. Those are the type of people who drive new believers away from the church. The bible said let your light shine, but right now I see darkness. I would not want to fellowship with you. I don’t know your relationship with God and you don’t know mine. I will leave it at that. I just know this one day Christ is coming back and I hope to meet you there. How do you know the individuals don’t deny theirself that’s what im saying you have to work out your own salvation. If you choose not to purchase their music that’s you. God bless you. I have seen some people here some of their songs that brought them from a dark place. Im quite sure if you choose to get rid of her cds that’s you but some people have been blessed by them. For me personally I hope she continues to put them out and I will continue to purchase them. Whose to say she doesn’t repent daily. She never said she was perfect and she does not proclaim to be nor the other gospel artists mentioned.

    To Chanale:

    Just because you are in the church doesn’t mean you don’t have suicidal thoughts thanks be to God you can be delievered from that. The part about her background dancer is it possible she might not have knew. Do you know everything about everyone around you I think not. Even your parents didn’t know everything you did. Come on now. What do you do for living are you being paid what you deserve. If she is being paid this much it must be because she is worth it. If you don’t think so you don’t have to pay it.

  74. “throwing stones” is an act of condemnation (no one wants them to go to hell) Please remember the woman wasnt brought to Jesus for rightousness sake but so they could catch Jesus out (To accuse Him)

    John 8
    4They say unto him, Master, this woman was taken in adultery, in the very act.

    5Now Moses in the law commanded us, that such should be stoned: but what sayest thou?

    6This they said, tempting him, that they might have to accuse him. But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not.

    John Gills Expository commentary

    “that they might have to accuse him;
    that should he agree with Moses, then they would accuse him to the Roman governor, for taking upon him to condemn a person to death, which belonged to him to do; or they would charge him with severity, and acting inconsistently with himself, who received such sort of sinners, and ate with them; and had declared, that publicans and harlots would enter into the kingdom of heaven, when the Scribes and Pharisees would not; and if he should disagree with Moses, then they would traduce him among the people, as an enemy to Moses and his law, and as a patron of the most scandalous enormities:”

    In all of your explaining you have not answered what happens to the sheep who are led astray and believe me many are.

    As far as how they would feel, they may be hurt but hopefully they would see the errors of their ways and turn to God, thats is my hope. However people need to warned about false teachers and those who just want to get paid.

    Dont know about you but for me the main reason why some people are turned off of Chutch is becaue they think its all about money.

    God bless you sis!

  75. Lord, I pray you reveal the spirit of deception. The excuse “sin is sin” doesn’t justify homosexuality. We all need to repent and deny ourselves DAILY. I’m seeing homosexuals justify their behavior by comparing their sin to others, which is dangerous. The word clearly tells us who will not inherit the kingdom of heaven. Do not be deceived. We are saying all this in love, but many see it as judging, which is not the case. The word of God is what is doing the judging. All we are doing is giving you the word of God. And for you to be on this website, you must recognize there is some error in your choice. Do not be deceived! Stop operating under a counterfeit spirit. Deliverance is available.

    Why is it when two men lay together or two women lay together, nothing is produced?

    But when a man and a woman lay together, life is produced?

    Doesn’t nature teach us somethings? Do not believe the lies, come out of your sin. Those homosexual churches were planted to keep you bound. THIS IS NOT THE HOUR TO BE LOST!!!!!!!

  76. Also, people of God, do we see a trend here? Homosexuality will increase in the last days. Why? Satan is homosexual by nature. Because he doesn’t want to give honor to the creator, who creates life. The homosexual agenda is setting the stage for the Anti-Christ. No surprise that President Obama has declared the month of June as “GLBT” month. No surprise that more homosexual churches are popping up. No surprise that homosexuals are taking position in the church. And this isn’t to single out one sin, but to show how the stage is being set. Soon, there will be laws that forbid you from speaking out against homosexuality, in the church.

  77. “When the world sets the stage, you must play by their rules.”

    That says it all right there.

    The problem is that people understand that comment, but they are all too willing to sell themselves and the gospel message they claim to represent to the highest bidder. And if/when they profit from such a move, they are quick to say “look at what the LORD has done!”

    What “Lord”?

  78. Tara said: Those are the type of people who drive new believers away from the church.

    No what drives new believers from the Church is seeds not planted on fertile soil, another reason is they go to a church not operating correctly and nothing changes because the Holy Spirit won’t make His dwelling place there. Lets not forget Church folk imitating the world which the Bible tells us not to do.

    The bible said let your light shine, but right now I see darkness. I would not want to fellowship with you. I don’t know your relationship with God and you don’t know mine.

    That’s fine if you wouldn’t fellowship with me in person because I have many other people I could be ministering to. Yes I can rightly judge your relationship with Christ and at most you still belong on milk.

    I just know this one day Christ is coming back and I hope to meet you there. How do you know the individuals don’t deny theirself that’s what im saying you have to work out your own salvation. If you choose not to purchase their music that’s you. She never said she was perfect and she does not proclaim to be nor the other gospel artists mentioned.

    A fan(atic) is a true follower (Tara) why after a music artist’s unfruitful works of darkness have been exposed would you even want to buy their CD’s or defend them is beyond me. #1 it’s fellowshipping with darkness the Holy Bible commands us not to do so.

  79. You know I think of the great thing that Jesus did with the Samaritan woman at the well. He won a soul. It takes wisdom to win a soul. I am with my fellow Christians and the scriptures used to support what we believe. Yes homosexuality is a sin and just like any sin repentance and deliverance is needed….but yet I have a 8 year old niece that loves Mary Mary’s new CD. Beyonce or Mary Mary…I already hear you all..not much difference….oh but it is lyrically…there is a difference. I agree there is a line that has been crossed in the so called gospel music arena…i think a name change will fix all of this stuff…it’s not gospel music…it’s inspirational music…not much true gospel out there anymore. Homosexuality is running amuck in the gospel music arena and that sends a mix message. And God is not about confusion and sin.

    He who wins a sould is wise. I pray that someone be placed in the path of both Tara and Rev. Beth and minister to them…

    thanks for reading

  80. People: We must come to realize that Bev. Stepehenson and the
    “Tara’s” of the world will not come to the truth on their own because they have been deceived by Satan to believe a lie about themselves and about God and his ministering work as done by the Holy Spirit.
    Rev. Bev (no such thing as a Bible title known as Reverend) wants to defend homosexuality because she is in darkness and can not come to the light unless the Holy Sprit takes off the scales off of her eyes. God’s love does not cover, permit or allow homosexual behavior. Your concept of what is God’s love is without merit.
    Unless she cries out for mercy, she is lost. Tara needs to quit
    sympathizing with sin and sinners and make a stand. Her understanding of scripture regarding not judging is lacking and as such she is making incorrect statements about righteous judgment which is allowed including rebuking those in sin and trying to pull them out of the fire before they are consumed.
    Bev….I do not care how great your “church” choir sang, they were not under any anointing from God. Satan can also bless and prosper in order to deceive even the very elect.
    They can sing their hearts out and still bust hell wide open.
    God is not winking at sin or giving free passes to gay choirs because they can sing their hearts out.
    God can cause rocks to cry out to him…so he does not need any choir to praise Him.
    Tara, you need to study the Word of God because your christian
    wordlview is off. It is not defined or informed by the Word of God and thus you are issuing a lot of gibberish thinking that you
    are saying spiritual things. You are not.
    Your Ignorance (lack of knowledge) on this subject of homosexuality and the judgment of God is not Bible centered but
    man centered.
    I say to all who post here, God is not mocked by anyone who would try to defend sinners sinning and God loving homosexual behavior.
    God loves the sinner but hates the sin.
    Get on the side of God and find out what he loves and what he hates and act and say accordingly.
    Churches who knowingly allow sinners (including homosexuals) to
    play church and praise God in their assemblies are in deep denial about what God expects: Clean hands and a pure heart.
    A practicing gay person is not equipped for either. God does not
    condone sin in order to have flesh praise Him!
    Judgment begins at the house of God including removing gays from
    choirs, pulpits and Sunday School positions and elsewhere where they are not repenting of their sins and disowning that hell bent lifestyle. Sin is sin…be it gays, fornicators, thieves, idolaters, etc..etc…
    The answer? Repent and believe the Gospel!

  81. “Concerned Saint said:
    Brothers & Sisters,
    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: We can put these performers (singer and preachers!) out of business in a few weeks if we really work together. Just stop buying their music, stopp going to their concerts, stop inviting them to our churches…”

    Amen – I am with you CSaint.

    Let every Bible Believer put their money where their mouth(or keyboard) is, making every effort to speak with our wallets.
    This will reveal their true motivation. If it is money (which I have no doubt) then the reduce in revenue will produce humility that may bring many to know The Lord and fall in love with the truth… Or it may cause many to be turned over to satan so that the sinful nature is destroyed and the spirit might be saved on the day of The Lord.

    All I know is that I am pretty much done with most of the mainstream “un-gospel” music and have been for quite some time.

  82. cassandra walker said: You know I think of the great thing that Jesus did with the Samaritan woman at the well. He won a soul. It takes wisdom to win a soul.

    I think it is important to also study the method the Master Jesus Christ used to point out this woman’s sin which Christ did in boldness.

    cassandra walker said:….but yet I have a 8 year old niece that loves Mary Mary’s new CD. Beyonce or Mary Mary…I already hear you all..not much difference….oh but it is lyrically…there is a difference. I agree there is a line that has been crossed in the so called gospel music arena….

    Mary Mary has done a song or two with David Banner. Mr. Banner has a CD called: “Baptized in Dirty Water”, that is Blasphemy.
    Look at the CD cover….

    The worst part about this is Mary Mary worked with David Banner AFTER he released this CD.
    The Sound (Mary Mary album)2008
    Track 4 “Superfriend” (featuring David Banner)

  83. More of these types of articles need to be published in the secular media as well as on the internet. This is typical of what The Bible described in II Timothy Chapter 2 as well as Romans Chapter 1. The acceptance of homesexuality and the open-ended destruction (attempted) of Bible based marriage (one man/one woman) has it’s roots from Satan himself and the perversion of music plays a great role. Remember that Satan (Lucifer) was the praise and worship leader in Heaven before his fall due to being filled with pride (inquity) Ezekiel 28:11 thru 19, Isaiah 14:9 thru 17. And those pastors who have allowed the music ministries to become polluted by allowing homesexuals to be praise and worship leaders or musicians (the Bible calls those who play instruments minstrels thus the word minister) or singers simply because thay have a “gift” which are (gifts) “given without repentence.” Romans 11:29 will be judged by God himself because they (pastors) have not “cried aloud and spared not” Isaiah 58:1, Jeremiah 23:1 and 2. One more point I feel I must make; those of us preachers that preach against the sins of perversion are not “judging” we are simply taking a look at the “fruit” that the tree is saying it is producing. Matthew 12:33. Without question or debate, we are living in the end-times. Even so come Lord Jesus!

  84. Thank you Eld Mosby. I still think Dorinda Clark Cole should repent for being a part of this abomination. That’s if she hasnt already sold out to mammon. No man can serve two masters.

  85. go to youtube and type in aus10 and listen to these three sisters sing. They are really good and they sing for God. These sisters are sincere when they sing.

  86. These kinds of singers is what the majority of churches wanted and still want. They want the flamboyant way out there dancing, singing and jumping. They like the celebrity of it all. When you have black singers who don’t sing like Dorinda Clark etc. but are more into praise and worship and quietness of the spirit the black church will reject them.. I was at an event where these three sisters sang. They sang a song entitled, “Love Is The Cure” which was written by them. Well, that song is powerful and after they finished they were asked to move to a side corner table where no one could see them so that Smokey Norville could have their prime seen space. They came up with some story that they had put aus10 in the wrong spot, the woman’s explanation was kind of off. Smokey didn’t even sing at that particular event. These sisters are young in their early twenties and they were disappointed. And guess what, they didn’t sell not one cd to all those people who were present even after that powerful song, “Love Is The Cure, I was in tears myself. but everybody was over at Smokey’s table even though he didn’t sing at that particular event. These sisters are struggling along and have been for a long time and I think that it was just wrong for these event coordinators to ask them to move, but when theirs a celebrity everybody has to move. I was sad for them. Oh by the way, I had their cd already lol.

  87. Thank you so much for your diligence in writing the TRUTH and EXPOSING the “so called” church. The word of God is being fulfilled before our very eyes–the very elect are being deceived. Continue to stand firm on the uncompromising Word of God–there are only a few of us who will continue to call sin…sin. Be empowered to prosper in every area of your life.

  88. It seems to me like there is some sort of subculture within the church of satan that takes on a form of godliness, but denies the power therein. This is an example of that. Whenever people justify sin, that’s where satan is operating.

  89. All I can say is in dorinda’s defense. If she didn’t know, she probably didn’t know. Just like I didn’t know until I came to this site. I too was labeled a pedophile and my name was spread in the papers. However I never did any of the things I was accused of but people ran with it like it was the gospel’s truth.

    The devil literally played with my mind and made me think I did do it but I blacked/blocked it out. So I always said no but maybe to my family knowing it didn’t feel right. However even the kids and teens there said I didn’t do it.

    So just because he confessed doesn’t mean anything to me because I know the Devil and his tactics. He is a deceiver and a liar. If he is afflicted pray for his immediate deliverance.

  90. Praise God for allowing me to find this tonight.

    I’m not totally shocked about what I am reading. I worked with a fella who we all believed to be gay. Our suspicions were proven correct when he invited our “clique” to his openly gay church to see him perform. He was the choir director. I didn’t attend since I knew from the leading of the Holy Spirit about his alternate lifestyle.

    For the past year or so, I’ve stopped watching TBN, a lot of the MEGA Church ministers, and listening to Gospel music. I didn’t understand why I had become cold to these things, and reading this site tonight opened my eyes. Now I understand…my eyes have been opened.

    The Body of Christ is turning apostate and I will not, let me repeat, I will NOT be a part of the apostasy. Thank you Lord for REAL brothers and sisters in Christ who preach your Word and do not compromise it.

    Thank you all who shared Scripture to validate your points. May God get all of the Glory and Honor He so rightfully and solely deserves.

    Reading this mess makes me want to grow closer and closer to His side since He is soon to return. “COME LORD JESUS, COME!!!!”

  91. I am thankful that I have found this blog.

    I have been so turned off by the “gospel music” nonsense that is peddled as “lifting up the name of the Lord” until I wonder how can anyone who is truly grounded in the Holy Scriptures can justify it. However, the apostle Paul warned us of these apostate times (just read II Timothy chapter 3). Also, for those of us who understand how the Lord works, He saves a remnant of the righteous out of the clutches of the unrighteous to do His Perfect Will. I still hear the words of the Lord to the prophet Elijah when He assured the downcast prophet that there were still seven thousand in Israel who have not yet bowed down to Baal. Even now, there is a remnant who will not bow down to the popular religion “having a form of godliness but denying its power”. True believers, turn away from such as this!

    Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

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