"Gay demon" teen in video speaks out on Tyra Banks show


The young man at the center of a firestorm debate about homosexuality, demons and black church practices, spoke out yesterday on the Tyra Banks show saying he is “no longer gay”. In the story which broke first on GCM Watch,  the shocking video of a Connecticut church casting out what they termed a “homosexual demon”, Jeffrey appeared on the show with his pastors, also in the video.

The video is about 37 minutes and every minute of it is riveting. I am a little stunned, just like I was at seeing the first video. There is much to be said about what was said and what was not said by everyone on the show. Perhaps too much to go into here, but if you see something that needs to be highlighted, bring it up and we’ll talk about it.

Watch it and comment.

Disclaimer: GCM Watch is not responsible for nor endorses any additional segments attached to this video, nor is its posting here an endorsement of the video owners.


52 thoughts on “"Gay demon" teen in video speaks out on Tyra Banks show

  1. Did you know before 1973 the APA (American Pshycological Association) homosexuality was classified as a mental illness, but keep in mind, this was before political correctness. This is the same organization that now says it is unchangeable. All of these studies that “prove” homsexuality is normal have been tainted by political correctness.


  2. Right, C11. What we are dealing with now is an institutionalized lie. As you can see it was repeated like the 10 commandments by the lesbian woman and Tyra.

    All sin will have you doing and thinking things that are not normal. Homosexuality is stunted emotional, relational and sexual development caused by a plethora of factors, yet it is still sin.

    But like we’ve said before, nurturing people’s dysfunctions bring in big dollars for groups like the APA. Same as with the girl possessed with a spirit of divination cast out by Paul in Acts 16:16-19
    When her owners could no longer make money off her mental and spiritual illness, they attacked Paul and Silas.
    Personally I think the same thing is going on in the church in a perverted way. These wicked pastors are using these “gifted” (possessed) gay musicians, singers, directors, songwriters, designers, etc to make money and bring fame to their churches.
    If these homosexuals were free of that evil spirit, the money trail and their ability to manipulate these people would dry up.

    So this is happening in both the polictical, social and religious worlds simultaneously

  3. wow. you just really don’t quite know where to start with this, do you?!

    i watched the entire clip and my first thought is, i wish the pastors had made it clear that their absolute basis for Truth (true for everyone, everywhere, all the time) was the Bible. I think laying that foundation in a conversation like this is critical because if the participants don’t ascribe to that same truth basis, it makes a lot of what is said pointless. on the flip side, we know that isaiah 55:11 guarantees God’s Word will always accomplish what He sends it out to do. so from the audience to the cameramen to the janitors to Tyra herself, let’s choose to believe someone’s heart was pricked during that taping and that the Holy Spirit is convicting and drawing them even now.

    for the most part, the pastors were pretty much on point in trying to explain things. there were a few areas i disagreed with them on or wish they had clarified. we must remember, unbelievers are blind and we are often the very stench of death to them. even a little bit of our Light absolutely pisses off their darkness, if you will (‘scuse the language), hence the anger. but i certainly applaud the pastors for going on a national TV show and holding up the blood-stained banner! i pray the Lord’s protection for them because I’m sure satan is already pulling out all the stops to shut them up and break them down.

    and tyra banks is just sad. sad and blind. so much beauty, intelligence, wealth, accomplishment, etc. — yet so dead wrong in her belief system, even to the point of arrogance. and i know it’s not just her, but many others in her world/circle. what horrors await them if they meet the Lord with unrepentant hearts!

    and this, my brothers and sisters, is the crux of the whole matter; as this homosexual agenda war rages, it is really one of the believers finest hours! the Great Commission is in full effect and the Lord is counting on us as never before to GO, TELL. tell the Truth and don’t compromise it. share it in agape love with all compassion, BUT SHARE IT. make known what sin is and that the payment for it is death but that there’s a plan of rescue in operation called salvation through Jesus Christ!

    finally, i pray that the Lord will protect the young man as well and that he will hold on and continue to allow the Lord to walk him through his deliverance process so that he might enjoy a life of peace and freedom and be a testimony to the absolutely awesome deliverance power of our God!

  4. As I watch this I feel sad for this young man. It’s too early for him to be out disscussing such a sensitive area in his life on a show like Tyra Banks. He has aknowledged his deliverance as well as his struggle in his deliverance and that’s very brave of him. I personally believe that it is a process and not one that you go before people prematurely to talk about what you are and where you are. God is still doing the work and on top of that Tyra Banks is one of America’s biggest “Fag Hag’s”, she will never illuminate the christian perspective on her show, she will always illuminate the worldly perspective to keep her viewers tuning in to her show

  5. Martin I felt that too. Sad that he is put out there in that atmosphere. Although I will say he answered sufficiently being only 16. I knew TB was going in “for the kill” with the “thoughts and desires vs deliverance” questions.

    The pastors are a ball of confusion.

  6. Wow! As I viewed this clip, so many emotions welled up in me. The you man who had the demon of homosexuality cast out of him is a brave young man to come on t.v. and tell his story. I pray that God continues to fill him until those thoughts and temptations are completely gone. I am glad that he changed his lifestyle.

    Secondly, I agreed with the ministers, but I felt they could have stood on the word a little more than they did. I guess it is hard when the audience is full of homosexual people and others who don’t agree with the ministers were saying. They were standing on the word and I guess no one was in the audience who agreed with them.

    Tyra, is really a sad person to me. She surrounds herself with homosexuals and that makes me wonder about her. Birds of a feather flock together. But what I found to be totally off is that Tyra, said that she believes and everyone else believes that the young man has a good heart and that it’s okay if he has thoughts in his head, he’s still a good person. Trya, sorry, but your opinion on this doesn’t matter. God has the last word and He says it is an abomination. What more can be said. Your opinion is not above the word of God. God never changes..He is the same today, yesterday and forever.

    This video was riveting..and I couldn’t help but wish that you Pastor D.L should have been in this clip. You are so good at standing on the word of God and have a way of getting that point across and making it stick in people’s hearts and minds.

  7. Also keep in mind that the fashion industry Tyra works in is heavily saturated by homosexuals. My sister is an aspiring model and she does a lot of fashion shows, and you would not believe the number of drag queens (gay men that dress and act like women) that are in the fashion industry. Its safe to say that most men in that industry are homosexual.

  8. GCM, I could not agree more w/your assertion regarding the pastors being “a ball of confusion.” I found that to be one of the more frustrating aspects of the video to the extent that I could not finish the viewing. This display, as a whole, demonstrates the importance of RIGHTFULLY dividing the Word of God–in this case, present it w/o the speaker contradicting himself at anytime. They have the LETTER of the law. However, they appear to not quite have the grasp in tying the other important aspects (salvation, deliverance, daily mind renewal to the Word, the sin-fallen state of man, etc. concerning homosexuality and its derivatives) coherently to then present them to people (unbelievers and spiritual infants specifically) for their understanding and clarification. Doing so would only strengthen their effectiveness in ministering to this young man and many, many more in similar circumstances.

    As for Tyra, the lesbian guest and the audience supporters for the gay agenda, what we must understand is that satan is their father. Thusly, they will promote any and all things contrary to the Word and Kingdom of God. As c11 pointed out, the fashion industry has large segments of people that are forever blurring the gender lines for the covert sake of shock effect, yet only strengthens sodomites’ resolve because this is yet another secular segment embracing this travesty.

    The heated display between the girl and the ministers is a very small example of the vitriol present when homosexual advocates are confronted for not just what they do, but for who they are. The girl lied when she said the sex is just but a “small part” of who they are…..all that embodies those of the same gender sexually involving themselves with each other is the total preponderance of what and who they are!! Their very identity SURROUNDS HOMOSEXUAL SEX in all of its connotations!!! Clearly, we are dealing with a deceived people.

    I do pray for those in the live and broadcast audience of this show to come away with the Holy Spirit speaking to them as an awakening to the righteousness of God and coming into the truth of His Word as this young man did.

  9. As for the pastors, I applaued there efforts to reach out to this young man and even come on a show like Tyra Banks trying to declare the truth to a dark place that doesn’t want to hear it. This is real ministry saints! While I DO NOT agree with everything that they presented as far as the way it was presented I totally agree with the statement that the pastor made when he said the focus on this young man’s deliverance was the “whole” man and not just his same sex desires. This show did one good thing in that as believers it shows us how prevelent homosexuality is in our society now. It’s not something that is secret, it is now becoming something that is cool and embraced as sacred. God is allowing the church a glorious opportunity to preach the truth of his word to anyone who will hear and recieve it and the time is now to get right or get left! Every man must stand before God one day and give an account for his life. My prayer is that everyone will come into the knowledge of the truth and recieve the power of God into their lives. With God nothing is impossible and I believe God can save and heal any one dealing with homosexuality if they desire to be free and live for God totally.

  10. Job, in my honest opinion I dont believe there was ever a demon there. Of course I could be wrong, but I just dont “feel” that. If he receives strong and consistent discipleship he will mature into a strong Christian. He will also need to have counseling about post-homosexual issues. We have to trust God that he will receive that.

  11. It takes the power of God to overcome sin, and there is a process for us growing in the grace of God (I Peter 2:2; II Peter 3:18). Demons can and do hold people hostage as they attempt to draw near unto God. However, demons should not be used to excuse us from personal responsibility. We have a role to play in renewing our mind and the transformation process (Romans 12:1,2; II Cor. 10:3-5; Hebrews 12:1,2). In other words, we work with the Holy Spirit in obtaining total deliverance in our spirit, soul, and body (Romans 8:13,14; James 1:21). However, unsaved people do not understand the power of the scriptures nor the power of God (Matt. 22:29; I Cor. 2:14).

    I believe in preaching the gospel to the unsaved, but we better make sure God is leading us lest we fall into the snare of the enemy. The devil is not after deliverance; he is after embarrassing the children of God and making us appear ignorant (e.g. the Tyra Banks show). No matter what your sinful proclivity is, you have to deny yourself (Mark 8:34; Matt. 16:24; Luke 9:23; Galatians 5:24). When we deny ourselves, the grip of sin loses its power, and we give way to the Spirit of God to purge our sin-stained hearts. True Christianity lays the naked heart on the altar that it may be molded by the power of God; the devil says accept sin, but God says reject it. We can get saved and live in victory in this present world (Titus 2:11,12)with the help of God alone.

    Finally, all deliverance isn’t instant, some things fall off as we resist sin and persist with the God to be delivered. Deliverance is mastering what has mastered you – not necessarily being free from an occasional thought here and there. The devil will tempt us and bring all manner of junk to our minds(James 4:7; I Cor. 10:13), but we have to thwart his attacks with bible reading, meditation, prayer, fasting, sitting under godly leadership, being accountable to someone who overcame the same struggle, refusing to continue fellowship with the wicked (I Cor. 15:33), and renouncing Satan every chance we get. A thought of evil is not the same as being driven by the compulsion of lustful thoughts, and God will not reject those that resist fleshly and demonic urges to please HIM Finally, our love for God helps us to overcome sin (John 3:19-21; 14:15; I John 5:3). When you love God, you will forsake all whores (spiritual and natural) for HIM! Elder Gabriel

  12. c11:

    Tyra Banks loathes Christianity and Christians. That was evident from how she mocked the two Christian contestants on “America’s Next Top Model” the first two seasons (which I watched in my unregenerate days). Also, I am told by someone who watched her talk show while visiting the hairdresser (this lady would have never watched the Banks show otherwise) that one episode, Banks had a “judge who has the best butt” episode. So she had heterosexual guys on there judging who had the most attractive rear end. After the guys got through ogling the rear ends and picked the best looking one, she showed their faces and … you guessed it … they were all men. Now the guys judging the contest were led to believe that they were looking at curvy females. When they discovered otherwise, they were furious! And Tyra Banks – of course – told them that they were homophobic. This shows what this woman will do in order to promote the homosexual agenda and to mock and humiliate A) Christians and B) heterosexual males. She is just another Oprah Winfrey and Phil Donahue.

  13. The video switched on me part of the way thru to some weird advertisement. I’d dip in on ANTM occassionally but after the Isis transexual fiasco, I was thru. That was insulting to me as a woman, that he would have an opportunity to be one of the many skewed views of feminine beauty and perfection. I think one challenge he(Isis) won a photoshoot in 17 magazine, and I am thinking did that really go in the magazine? They are going to mess up a poor 14yr olds mind even more thinking she is a not the perfect woman cause not only is she not thin enough, pretty enough, but now she has nothing to “tuck” away.
    But the devil is after the youth, mess them up early and build up those strongholds so its tougher to deliver them when they come looking for Christ. Tyra know she use to go to church and know what was going down in that service, but chooses to sensationalize “exorcism” to increase her popularity and compete with Oprah. Oprah has the soccer moms/boomers, Tyra has the gays/misguided youth.
    OK vid going thru, Yes the interview is skewed, as they usually are because talk shows are not the news, Tyra has a POV and she wants hers to be dominant. She is just offering up this couple to the frustration of their community- a sacrifice to incite their ire further.

  14. Saints,

    Tyra Banks is an anti-christ. Job hit it out the park! Yes, she hates our GOD, she hates men! She hates marriage! She comes off that she is for women…but she hates GOD’s order for the family.
    She promotes men who want to be women! She is a Jezebel and a man-hater.

    Pastor Foster…LOL…I was just about ready to hit the Submit Comment button…when the HOLY GHOST brought to my remembrance…this Jezebel gets PAID to say, “This is Tyra Banks. And you’re watching THE WORD Network!”

    This Jezebel, man-hater, Promoter of all things that OFFEND is PAID by BLACK Christian FOLKS Tithes and Offerings…The Black Church pays $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to be SEEN, PROMOTED, and PRAISED by other men to be on the Word Network…Its Black Christians and Black Churches and Black Pastor Pimps that beat up their sheep to pay the EXHORBITANT FEES to BE on The WORD Network…And Tyra Banks has a spot where she says, “This is Tyra Banks! And You’re watching the WORD NETWORK!”

    HOW STUPID ARE WE in the Black Church? The World laughs as us because We are a JOKE!

  15. Pastor Foster,
    I cannot say with 100% accuracy…but I believe Tyra Banks used to be a member of or attended Noel Jones “Celebrity Church” out there in L.A. I know Chris Tucker(Friday) is a member of Noel Jones Celebrity Church. LOL!

    And Tyra justifies her prohomosexual agenda because she has seen SO MANY GAY Men in these black megachurches as musicians, choir director and choir members!

    Oh, did I say that Tyra Banks is a Jezebel. Yes, you did EnochWalked. Sorry, just wanted to make sure everybody was paying attention.

    GCMW: I think youre right. It just shows you these shallow mega churches have nothing but size to brag about.

  16. lapreg, if you noticed they argued at the end about what the boy would hear and the TB asked them “why did you bring him on?”
    So, its my understanding that the boy didnt have to be there, but the pastors had a hand in that.

    They really do not understand secular media/entertainment media.

    I have seen them eat some Christians alive. Mainly because we are not taught to defend our faith and articulate it effectively in a hostile environment.Paul is a good example of this in Acts 26. We need to learn the some of the fundamentals of debate and like Stephen being willing to go toe to toe when the Holy Spirit gives us the platform should the need arise. My opinion: we are much too naive about this arena. Notice how fluent, polished and articulate the gay woman was up against the pastors?

    That was intentional.

    And notice how the audience member just happened to be a former pentecostal who had tried to be delivered? Yet TB sets it up like its just random. Also the guest afterward was to undo anything that the pastors and boy had said before.

    TB presents them as experts when they have nothing but their personal experience, the same as the boy whom she quickly said she didnt believe.
    @Evelyn, thank you. I did apply to be on the show last year when they were seeking “exgays” but they turned me down. The boy they had on there was extremely effeminate and very contradictory. That’s the game they play because of all the gays behind the scenes have and agenda to parade weak, immature Christians and put them up against homosexual activists who are very cunning and glib of tongue.

  17. Tyra Banks gets paid to say, “This is Tyra Banks! And You’re watching the WORD NETWORK!”


    So the WORD NETWORK by giving her this spot…INDIRECTLY or maybe DIRECTLY endorses Tyra Banks, American’s Next Top Model, and Tyra Bank’s enterprise. See…it’s so-called Stupid Ignorant Christians that run the WORD NETWORK…by them having Tyra Jezebel Banks say that stupid promotion mentioned above…OR MAYBE THIS IS BEING DONE WICKEDLY ON PURPOSE?????

    QUESTION: So the WORD NETWORK endorses Tyra’s prohomosexual agenda and man-hating and anti-family platforms, shows, etc.???

    Answer: They obviously DO because THEY GOT her saying, “This is Tyra Banks! And You’re watching the WORD NETWORK!” So a so-called African-American Christian enterprise has no problems with Tyra Bank’s lifestyle, Jezebel ways, and her EXALTATION of sodomites and lesbians!

    Things that make you say hmmm. So the WORD NETWORK is an endorser of ALL THINGS THAT OFFEND the LORD!

    Maybe Carlton Pearson was not lying when he said there are other megapastors that secretly believe the “gospel of inclusion” as he does??????


  18. I must say, I respect this young man, he actually defended his faith better than the church leaders.

    As many have said you must know the WORD and use know how to use it effectively. One does not have to argue that its a process when you can simply say we have to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. Jesus said “It is written”, so should we and hope and pray that the seeds find fertile ground.

  19. I didnt know Paula White was Tyras “life coach”?

    “On Wednesday, October 4th, 2006, there’s a topic we cover on the “Tyra Show” about women you think would have perfect lives because of their looks, but are struggling with a lot of pain like cutting themselves until they bleed everyday, getting horribly drunk and threatening their lives, and sleeping with sooo many men WITHOUT protection and putting their lives in danger. A woman that I look up to, and my dear friend and personal life coach, will be helping our guests through their pain. This woman I speak of is named Paula White. Paula is an amazing woman and has personally helped me when I felt so depressed, I didn’t want to get out of bed. I want you all to watch the show and see how amazing Paula is and how she has a gift to help these women out of the hell they are living in. Paula’s life was not perfect either, and on the show she takes me through all of her past pains which include her father killing himself when she was in grade school, and being molested by men after her father’s death. She even speaks of her promiscuous past. You MUST watch this. Paula is really important to me and has helped me through so much pain. I know that she can help you through yours too. You’ll be seeing more of her this season on “THE TYRA SHOW,” but this is the first time she will be on and I really want you to hear her story.

    So again, this show is on Wednesday, October 4th. You gotta watch it. You have to see Paula’s gift. She is so special to me and I know she will become special to you after you see and hear her.

    Much love,


    Does all this help point to Jesus or is it just being positive. Just read she had Donald Trump on her show also!

  20. People…for the life of me, I can not understand why Christians would spend a nano second watching Tyra Banks as I place her in the same category of those who deny the Lord Jesus and/or promote false doctrine.
    Tyra Banks has repeatedly shown her true colors regarding the
    Word of God and how she takes offense against it teachings and how she coddles that which offends God.
    With that being said, why waste time watching her or any of her programs?
    Tyra has scales on her eyes and unless the Holy Spirit convicts her of sin and she is regenerated, she will continue with her
    attraction with the world and the lures thereof.
    One last thing. Sinners sin. That is what their nature is and they obey that nature and they sin. They are suppose to sin.
    So, when we see sinners, such as Tyra, doing their thing…which is sinning, why be shocked or surprised?
    Before you were redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb, you did the same and thought nothing of it.
    Tyra is doing the same.
    If Tyra was to come out “nekkid” and engage with lesbians on stage…that would not be surprising because the depths of sin knows no limits.
    TV land is losing any fear of God and their programming shows it.
    Practically nothing is left to the imagination and the verbal innuendo is quite graphic.
    Hollywood is un regenerated and thus what they can get away with in programming, they will. Why? Because sinners sin. That is their
    Once we get over the shock value of sinner’s sinning, God can use
    you to go to dives and places that would be impossible for some but now, not for you because you see that you can tread on Satan’s territory under the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit because seeing sinners or their sin does not now frighten you but only causes you to have compassion for their lost condition.

  21. Paul N,

    You are exactly right. I forgot about that collaboration with Paula White appearing on Tyra’s Show. Jezebel X 2 =!!!!!!

    Brother, that’s what I am talking about.

    Pastor Foster and Saints,
    The heresy/abomination of the gospel of inclusion IS ALREADY HERE in these main-stream Charismatic, Pentecostal, Mega-organizations. Its already here!

  22. lafe I get your point and truly agree.

    I dont think that anyone said here they watched TB on a regular basis. I may have seen it 3 times in the last 2 years.

    I dont know about anyone else, but this discussion includes TB only because it occured on her show, thus the intersection of religion and culture must face off if you will.

    At the same time, some of the excesses of sin are still shocking AND outrageous and we shouldnt lose that sensitivity.

  23. Lafe,
    I agree with you just as Pastor Foster has. I don’t sit around watching TB to get shock value or blog conversation. Hear what I am trying to say.

    I ain’t mad at TB. She is what she is! But why has TB gotten this way…because some Pastors/Christians along the way COMPROMISED and NEVER CONFRONTED HER….we’re talking about years ago before She really blew up big in the Media/Entertainment Industry. Wrong Teaching, Wrong Believing and Wrong Annointing IS WHY TB is a full blown Jezebel.

    I am ANGRY at THE WORD Network and these other “celebrity” Christian platforms that DIRECTLY and/or INDIRECTLY ENDORSE what Tyra Bank’s stands for when they give her a spot on their programs or are paid guests on her show. That tells me that these celebrity Christians are more concerned about BEING SEEN, BEING PAID, and BEING on her show and USING HER NAME to say…Tyra Banks ENDORSE the WORD NETWORK, Paula White, Noel Jones, etc, etc…BUT none of these HIRELINGS are concerned about TB being LOST and if TB were to die to die today in her current spiritual state TB’s SOUL would be in HELL FIRE! That’s what I am talking about!

    Come on…You mean to tell me that of ALL of the pastors, prophets, evangelists and apostles and bishops that are on THE WORD NETWORK…NONE of them have called her out for the life she lives and the HEINOUS LIES she EXALTS on all of her shows.

    The problem is not Tyra Banks…the Problem is Mainstream Black Christianity and its Leaders and THE WORD NETWORK!

    I give Kudos to G.Craige Lewis for putting it like this and this man of GOD along with Pastor Foster and Pastor Burnett and I’M SPEAKING TRUTH, and too many others to list here…They cry aloud and spare not!

    THIS IS THE MAIN PROBLEM with Black Christianity. G Craige Lewis said it best. When Pastors, Churches, and Christian media outlets bring on people who ARE NOT FULLY REPENTED, WHO ARE NOT FULLY DELIVERED…but just CONFESSORS…I believe in GOD…I believe in JESUS…But SHOW NO FRUITs of Repentance and being filled with GOD’s HOLY SPIRIT….these Pastors & Churches are telling these Celebrity sinners that they ARE OK with GOD WHEN they ARE NOT OK with GOD!

    Perfect Example. It just happend when a lie WENT forth that Michael Jackson had received CHRIST JESUS because HE “had prayer” with Andre Crouch and they sang Christian songs together and talked about “THE ANNOINTING”. THAT AIN’T NO CONVERSION!!! You would have thought that Michael Jackson was a saint watching his funeral in L.A. But the true colors came out when they showed the icons of the 4 major religions of the world. That tells IT ALL RIGHT THERE!

    If the Black Church does not rise up and SAY REPENT and tell PEOPLE the truth…WE will be wiped out! There is too much blood on the hands of the black church…there must be repentance! But the Black Church as a whole has become a Harlot!

    P.S. I am getting sick and tired of hearing these 2 words…THE ANNOINTING.

  24. that was not a demon that was more of flesh trust me if that boy does not renew his mind and put his flesh under he will eventually go back to that lifestyle. That video was just foolishness you do not need to come out in name of jesus 100x to a demon say it once. That repeating the name of Jesus over 1 time was enough to make me cut it off. Powerless people doing the works of God through the flesh

  25. Going on a show like this is a setup from the enemy especially since everything that Tyra Banks makes the homosexual look powerful. The Minister and Prophet didn’t do too bad with those demons getting upset and manifesting. It was almost unbearable to watch the show because of the mocking spiritual atmosphere, but I bit my tongue and did it anyway. :^)

    Now if you could get G Craige Lewis and Pastor Foster on the TB Show (like the enemy would ever allow that)there would be some fireworks!

  26. I don’t think placing the “articulate” lesbian woman against the pastors was intentional. I think TB capitalized on it. There are far too many ignorant, un-taught, un-studied, marginally literate leaders in the black church, period. A few months ago we (the Christian community) was embarrassed by these ministers and their “deliverance” video. These paeople need to study to show themselves approved unto GOD a workman that need not be ashamed.” How about being able to give an answer (intelligent, articulate and biblically based) to every man that asks of the reason of hope within them?
    Yes, I agree about Tyra Banks’ anti Christian views and behavior. She is not the most intelligent person in the media today. I find her simple and dull (am I calling her names? Oh, Lord!)

    Why did these ministers bring this boy on television? Have they no ministerial ethics? He is a minor. Why did they tape this fiasco in the FIRST PLACE. Believe me, TB or someone else will be stalking this boy to see if his “deliverance” takes. THis is a hot, funky, irreligious mess!
    The Black church is in moral and spiritual crisis. We have gone awhoring after other gods and it is painfully evident. We care more about our preacher’s and teacher’s presentation than we do about the content. Most black saints cannot quote 5 scriptures and tell you where they are found. We are satisfied with platitudes and emotions. “God is good; all the time; All the time God is good.” ( a long and laborious SIGH).
    Our message is weakened by this and our children die in the streets while we go looking for our shoutin’ shoes.

  27. Agree with you EW, doubt Paula White would be an advisor to Tyra if she called he out on her sinful ways.

    When we speak the Word of God we dont have to act as if we are doing anything, its not us really but the power of God. Jesus said he would bring back to our memory what we have heard. The fact that the ministers didnt mention the Word of God is the problem because this is where the power is.

    The Apostle Paul said as long as the word is being preached, even is if it people who seek his harm or are selfish he would not complain, the WORD Is powerful.(Philippians 1:15-18)

    Lets remember that Jesus also said,not all who say LORD LORD will enter and these are people who said the cast out demons in Jesus’ name. There is power in that name even in the mouth of those who are not true believers. (Matthew 7:20-22)


  28. I question the motives of the “pastors”, going on a secular show to do anything but preach the gospel is unnecessary. They being, older should not have exposed this young man to this, it was all about them. I could not watch beyond 11 min, I don’t believe in present day “prophet”, I believe God has said, all he has to say and it is already written. She has the same bearing as Juanita Bynum. My heart goes out to this young man, where are his parents? I don’t know if he is truely delivered, but I pray that he is or will be.

  29. Elder Jimmy the talk shows screen people like nobody’s business. Having been on TV ONE (and was interviewed for another well known “reality show” who approached me with the offer, but declined after I told them the truth) I can tell you that the individuals put on these program are intentional. TB Show is no different. The people behind the scenes already knew the pastors inability to defend their beliefs (to an extent). The woman was on CNN and was even worse. Just an fyi.

  30. I actually saw that show (one of the few). You would have thought PW had an alter ego. She never mentioned God, Jesus, Christ, church or anything like that. It was all self help, power within, you-centered type of new age drivel. And these women had some SERIOUS problems!

  31. GCMW, Yeah, I had two radio shows here where I am. I had a producer for one of the shows who wanted to book people who would soft pedal their religious beliefs; you know; be more middle of the road. So I know that secular folk with an agenda will do that. I guess my point should have been that they didn’t have to go far to find someone who would make the ministers look badly.
    The other issue is a lot of us do not THINK about our faith. We are almost anti-intellectual as it relates to matters of faith and practice. So when we have to face a situation where we have to be articulate (as opposed to eloquent) we come off looking like silly religious people; much like the lady on Church Chat on Saturday Night Live.

  32. Yep, I’m concerned about the motives of the pastors in their appearing on Tyra’s show as well. I think GCMWatch was the first to put them out in the blogosphere and the authorities contacted them for a video that should have never been taped?

    So it seemed they were trying to tell their side of the story or repair their image, by appearing on the show….and that’s also the reason they brought the boy along.
    However, this mixture of motives contradicted a passionate, clear declaration of the message of Christ–I think they made things worse rather than better.
    My heart certainly goes out to the young man. I did call his name in prayer yesterday, could everyone else do the same?…he was bold and articulate but like Martin Shaw or somebody just said–it’s kinda premature in the process for him to come out and share this. And on top of that he’s a baby believer and unfortunately the pastors sounded like babies too.

    I totally agree with GCMwatch, we are totally unequipped and untrained in the ability to communicate our faith–engage intellectually with people who are not believers or baby believers. I think it is unfortunate, but given I am a person of color I can say this, this is quite more common among Blacks than it is among other christian groups…that may be due to all the emotional hype, catchphrasing, signifying and carrying that goes on in most congregations…

    In sum, this episode was the perfect example of throwing your pearls to the pigs, and the pigs trampling on your pearls and rending you.

    That’s the question for me, I think. Yes, it is important to have a Christian worldview represented on the show. I mean would we have liked for Tyra to have show on whether you can change from being gay and not included Christians. I mean it kinda lets people know we are out there.

    And yet her including us was like a trap–they presented Christians like some freak show with backwoods ideas…so I don’t know. It was kinda embarrassing…

  33. After reviewing everyone’s comment I must agree it was a bad idea for those Believers to go on the TB Show period and exploit a minor.

  34. I must agree, and it did backfire didnt it?however again the young man despite his struggles was excellent and his words alone were a great testimony for Christ. I pray that this church will continue to work with this young man. Total deliverance in Jesus’ name!

  35. the saints need to pray! the bible reminds us that whom God calls he qualifies and we have to be sure that we are equipped and that we walk in power and we flow in Gods anointing. my question is where is this young mans parents? due to the lack of parental guidance that’s where the problem is and this is why we have children struggling and reaching out for help. many times they receives the wrong information and acceptance is not always what is best. the church needs to stand up in their community and support the total family and allow them to grow in the knowledge of God and ensure that they fully understand all the dynamics of living a Godly life. we need to focus less on feeding people with food and give them the word of God like we would K-12. living for God is a process and it becomes a lifestyle. when you have your struggles with your walk in God simply reach out to him and allow him to lift you up and he does that through the men and women of God. i don’t know all the statistics, but as a believer it doesn’t matter what the statistics say what matters is what God says and thats what matters to me as a believer in God. men and women of God when we begin to rebuke spirits we better know what we are doing and who we are doing them on. lastly i commend these pastors for taking the platform i’m sure this was not an easy process and i am grateful for the overseer stating that he was not going to argue and gave the young lady respect that she did not give him. there should have been a balance on the panel and a balance in the audience. people of God stop exploiting God on you-tube.

  36. What surprises me with liberals, like Tyra Banks, is that they only agree with free speech and freedom of opinion when you agree with their views. They are very intolerant towards anyone, including christians, that dare to disagree with their views. Only one view of homosexuality is accepted and that is the view of it being good, right, and natural.

  37. I don’t know if this interview hurt more than it helped. I didn’t hear love coming out of the “overseer” when confronting the lady from True Colors. He was about to get angry; he didn’t let her get her word out. Even if he didn’t agree with her, he should have let her finish her statement out of respect, and then get his point across.

    I think the prophetess and the overseer need to be spiritually educated and prepared to deal with the “Jeffreys” that they will encounter, meaning others in the gay lifestyle who actually want to walk away from it.

    Personally, I’m still “walking out of it” and have been for many years. After almost 20 years of being away from it, I’m still tempted by other men, but I find myself using prayer as a strategy. I pray for them; I thank God for their masculinity. I ask him to save them and bring them to a knowledge of his truth if they don’t already know it. When I go to praying, I find that it alleviates those inordinate desires. I see it as a form of weapon in the quest for victory in the spiritual war.

    May God bless the young man to stay away from the gay lifestyle. I still see tell-tale signs there, but may he develop into the man that pleases GOD, and not man.

  38. Does anybody realize that this boy said he was 5 years old and confused? Why didn’t the preachers address that? No 5 year old should be thinking about there sexuality. Something happened to him or he seen something to trigger that

  39. Of course children think about their sexuality! Very early on children are paying attention to the didference between boys and girls. My 4 year old grandson told me yesterday that he didn’t want the yellow candies because; “Yellow is for girls.” That is his conclusion, enhanced by his little peer group and his observations. Little children may not be thinking about being sexually active but they do indeed think about sexuality. It is in those very early years of life that roles, mores, appropriateness and stereotypes are set. The church, religious beliefs, societal expectations feed or guide what children know and believe. It is seriously naieve to believe that an intact family, regular church attendance and even faith in Christ will ensure that sexual identity issues or SSA will not be an issue.

    Conflicts about sexual identity are not limited to children whose parents are “paying attention”. These simplistic ideas and faux solutions are a real part of the problem regarding this issue in the church; particularly the black church. Homosexuality is on the wheel of human sexuality. It is a part of the fallen human condidtion just as other sinful impulses. The bible forbids the behavior; repeatedly, in both testaments in many differenets contexts. How will the church address the fact that people do struggle (or rebel) and how will we address the delusions and lies of the GCM? THAT is the real issue(s) for discussion.

    A major probem I see is that the church does not wish to address sexuality until their is a problem. We ignore the fact that we are sexual beings (even from very early on) and love to pretend that it does not become an issue until 16 or 17 years old. I am grateful for the site and the opportunity to have real, fruitful discourse with folk about the subject.

  40. All the excuses about the “black church” need to stop! I am a member of a 3,700 member ‘BLACK’ church in Cali and my pastor is very intelligent and sticks to the WORD. This isn’t a race issue it’s a world issue. The world says it’s ok to sleep with who you want when you want, the WORD says it’s not. Lean on the WORD and everything else will be what GOD means for it to be.

    Mat 7:13-14 tell us “Wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction (hell), and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life (heaven), and only a few find it.”

    In a nutshell, all people aren’t going to heaven and the clip affirms that. Satan has deceived millions and will continue to do so. I pray that it won’t be you.

  41. Children are aware of there gender at that age but something came into play for him to get confused about his sexuality.

  42. Noone is trying to excuse the black church ( or use it as an excuse) but rather hold her accountable! The church has held her mouth silent about the false doctrines, the fornications, the idolatry, the cult of personality an dvast biblical unorthodixy so prevalent in the church today. GOD bless your church and and pastor if it does not apply. You most probably have chosen your church for that reason. I am certain you are not so naieve as to think that all “BLACK CHURCHES” stick to the word. If you have even browsed this site (and many others on the web) you’d know that. No it’s not a race issue its a cultural issue.
    Your scriptural reference is indeed true! Sad to say many of those who are on the wide road to destruction are in pews and pulpits in black churces.

    Have you never seen an awards show where black celebs thank their LORD and Savior Jesus Christ; ‘who is the head of my life’, for their award for the song; “Smack them bit—- and ho’s up?” BET has a “christian TV show that comes on Sunday mornings called Lift Evey Voice; everyone from Lil’ Mo to LL Cool J, are saved because they love Jesus and pay tithes. To your point the WORLD is in the church.

  43. AMEN! Eld Jimmy, we need to just face the facts. Its really simple. Stop upholding people, having favoritism and uphold God’s word for everybody. The same standards apply to everyone and there are no exceptions (besides grace and mercy) for anyone.

    Whether its Dorinda Clark or the unknown singer it still holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord. And this is mess, not holiness. Loving people doesnt mean throwing standards out the window.

  44. “Loving people doesnt mean throwing standards out the window.”

    Amen to that! I thank God for the principles given to me by my father and some of those were enforced by some licks, if you get me. It wasnt nice at the time but no doubt I got the message!

    I think the problem is these ministers have bought into their own hype and it seems to me like it is some elitist group where the rules are different for them. Its like they say “If I am rich and famous and have many people coming to my Church, it must be God, right?”

    This is the lie of the devil, if you are “successful” then its God, but many of us know the the devil tried to offer Jesus a whole city if He bowed to him.

    Anyway the most important reason for an “industry” is to make money, as the article says once you take the worlds money you have to do things according to their law.

    We gotta wake up!

  45. Evelyn you hit the nail on the head.. We as believers in “the full counsel of God-the holy scriptures-Bible” … must first remember that people who are not born again still have their minds blinded by the ways of this world. No matter how educated, attractive or fabulous they are the devil still has them in his clutches. I was very dissapointed to see that Tyra would have such a bias show and bring on only two Christian ministers on the subject. I watch the Tyra show and I’ve been a fan of Top Model- but after this it makes me rethink who and what I am supporting. As we know God loves us all but it is the sin that he hates.. I am sick of people that are unsaved and have no knowledge of what the bible says -going around and saying what God will tolerate and what our loving God is okay with and not even have the decency to pick up the bible for themselves to read it. It is a shame that she can be posted as a celebrity face on “The Word Network” and not believe in the Word- who is none other than Jesus the Christ. Is the boy delivered today only God knows. I believe the ministers did what they could I believe they spoke up as much as they could without turning it a shputing match or a match of I’m right and you’re wrong. Again the show was set up with many gay members in the audience I saw that .. this is not the first time I felt that Tyra has been biased on her show on many different issues but when it comes to an issue that attacks me — as part of the body of Christ I have to draw the line. Speak the truth in love people of God and pray for this world who is decieved by the devil.

  46. Tyra said, “I think you’re beautiful with whatever thought is in your head, as long as you follow the law.”…”You’re a good person and that you respect others, you’re a good person and I think you’re going to heave,no matter what.”

    If that isn’t relativism I don’t know what it is…It’s ok for “whatever thought” to be in your mind???? WOW! Didn’t the scripture say something about, “as a man thinketh…”???

    First of all this places perspective on the video. This gentleman wasn’t saved and the pastor engaged an unsaved person to cast what she perceived to be a demon out. That’s more acceptable than her attempting to cast a demon out of a saved person.

    Secondly, the pastor shouldn’t have ever come on the most gay supporting show on tv and think that she could get a fair hearing when they aren’t equipped to adequately defend their position. They were topical and too caugt up in the whole “deliverance” movement to really be effective.

    Third, when you have a gay affirming host and a lesbian woman who wants to prove further that they hate God and that truth is a relative concept, the only result can be a feeding frenzy of unrighteousness.

    The pastor did the best they were equipped to do. It’s sad because the church must become much better equipped to deal with modern issues. there’s no way i would have represented God and my actions that short on biblical knowledge and ability to communicate it. They’re in my prayers because I believe they mean well.

    Here are my thoughts on the subject:

    Pt:1~ http://bethelburnett.blogspot.com/2009/06/can-christians-have-demons-pt-1.html


    Pt. 2~ http://bethelburnett.blogspot.com/2009/06/can-christians-have-demons-pt-2.html

    Thanks and God bless.

  47. Those were good reads Pastor Burnett. Thanks for posting the links.

    So you are saying the young man needed salavation not necessarily a demon deliverance service?

  48. I think FIRST and foremost he needed salvation…I’m still unsure if that’s why he came though. It appears from what he says, that was what he wanted or at least now wants…IF there was a demon plaguing him I think it would have been appropriate to cast it out…however remember this scripture:

    Acts 16:16-19 ~“16-And it came to pass, as we went to prayer, a certain damsel possessed with a spirit of divination met us, which brought her masters much gain by soothsaying:17-The same followed Paul and us, and cried, saying, These men are the servants of the most high God, which shew unto us the way of salvation. 18-And this did she many days. But Paul, being grieved, turned and said to the spirit, I command thee in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her. And he came out the same hour. 19-And when her masters saw that the hope of their gains was gone, they caught Paul and Silas, and drew [them] into the marketplace unto the rulers,”

    Now someone may have already mentioned this, but the scripture didn’t record that this woman even got saved, even though her demon was cast out. I would assume that she did however. So I don’t necessarily see that a person has to express the desire of salvation before a demon can be cast out of them, however I believe that the mission of the church should be to save the lost.

    Interesting Elder, very interesting.

  49. Okay… Let me get this straight. If God can do anything, why is it so difficult (for God) to let Gays into heaven? I’m new this God/Christ stuff and it’s not adding up.

  50. Grace, its not that God “can’t let homosexuals into heaven”, its that he won’t. (Two different trains of thought). From the beginning, God made woman for the man for the sake of replenishing the earth and as a symbol of Christ’s relationship to His bride (The Church). This is challanged when mankind chose an alternate path of same-sex relations. Secondly, God is the author and creator of law. And per the scriptures, if He says that homosexuality (or any other sin) will not inherit His kingdom, then there is nothing else that we can do or say about it. The most we can do is to obtain knowledge of God’s will for mankind and seek wisdom in how to apply his will in our lives. No more, no less.

  51. I’m kind of upset that neither this boy nor his pastors could properly explain the process he was going through. i am going through the same process and could better explain it. I don’t really fault the boy because i wasn’t able to explain ti at 16 either, but the prophetess has no excuse. “It’s a process” don’t cut it.

    A more clear explanation to Tyra woul dhave been such: Before I came to Christ, I was gay, and that spirit/mindset had complete control over me. I didn’t want to be gay, but I didn’t have any choice in the matter. There was no oppurtunity or ability to expunge these feelings entirely. Now the spirit that held me bound to homosexuality has been cast away, and, though I still have temptation, I have CONTROLn over the thoughts that come to my mind, and NOW because I’m not bound to it, I can deal with the issue and cast it away when it arises. i do not define myself as a homosexual because I no longer live as a homosexual (as I once did), but as a man of God. I really don’t think it’s about becoming straight, because there are broken straight people. My main focus and goal is to become like Christ and to love Him with everything that is in me, and He will form me into the man that He has designed, whole, with a reverence for Him, and living a life that exhibits His perfect character. I will be honest and say that I am not as attracted to women as I am to men right now, but the attraction slowly builds every day I am with God, and therein lies the process. The deliverance is that I no longer have to think and act according to the standards of what it means to be a homosexual man. I have a choice. I now have a choice. My choice is to walk with God every day of my life, and endure the process of Him turning me inside out to make me like Him.

    i think they would not have much to say to that, even if they didn’t like it. But I have had time to think about these things since I decided to leave homosexuality when i was 15 sitting in English class, and it’s now 7 and a half years later (I’m 22), and I can stand for my faith now than i could when i had first made the decision at 15, so i feel like this show will damage this poor boy, only because He is CLEARLY not ready to stand up for himself having been JUST delievered and could not convince anyone from behind the homosexual mannerisms that were still evident on him. I would have rathered they interviewed me on the Tyra Banks show than this young child who is still gathering footing with wobbly legs into who he wants to be as an adult, let alone in God!

    I don’t know if I agree that just having thoughts and temptations, we go to hell. Because we are tempted by so many things, but if we don’t act them out, it’s not on us. Hmm.. fantasizing maybe (which the difference should have been specified), but just the simple thought/temptation is different.

    As far as tha APA study, that woman did say ALMOST impossible. Not 100%

    And it dissapoints me that the pastor and prophetess did not EMPHASIZE the hope for change that it doesn’t matter who you are RIGHT NOW, you cannot expect to be the same person twenty years later, if you have walked with God those twenty years! I’m very dissapointed and saddened, because they had oppurtunitunity and it almost seems to have dropped the ball, though that may not be entirely true. If one person in the audience understood what this young boy and his pastors were trying to say, then it was well worth it, because Heaven rejoices over the salvation of one soul! I pray this is the case.

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