Is Lexi's gay 'assistant' blocking some guests?

The Word Network is arguably the black version of TBN: chocked full of church kooks, false prophets and prosperity pimps. The network is a microcosm, reflecting the current state of the contemporary black church in America. And somewhere, comfortably in the middle of the madness is the Lexi Show.

Like most of the religious talking heads on the gabfest market, the Lexi Show, now in its fourth season, isn’t helping to promote biblical standards on sexuality. Its not exactly tearing them down either, just making them de minimis, of minor importance.

Have you wondered why leximaineimageLexi was parading all the gay false prophets onto her show while claiming to be a “journalist” with an obligation to give fair hearing to everyone’s voice. Incidentally, Lexi has not had any actual journalistic training.

After the now infamous Lexi interview with heresy spewing Tonex, it was time for a closer at the show. Lexi herself seems to be a reflective composite (or product) of this new age church and its religious matrix system: false love and piety, relativity, selective nonjudgmentalism, ever learning but never being able to come to the knowledge of the truth, form of godliness, seeking status and position rather than true humility and service to Christ.  In short, I would call it the black emergent church.

During Lexi’s interview with Tonex, her demeanor was receptive, cordial and passive. Her questions to Williams were silver platter “softballs” with shallow (if any) followup to his excessive lies and faulty logic.

One person scheduled on an upcoming show (who I cannot name for obvious reasons) told GCM Watch that when it comes to homosexuality, Lexi has no biblical depth, so she is completely out of her league in attempting to converse with the likes of con artists former guests Bishop Yvette Flunder and Carlton Pearson. By the way all the Carlton Pearson videos have been removed by the Lexi Show.

It was very interesting the contrast of the recent interview with Pastor Tony Smith of Atlanta with that of of Pastor Anthony Williams of San Diego. Both, in my estimation are biblically challenged. But Lexi’s bias was on blazing display. Gone were any  pretensions of being professional, a journalist, etc. She was openly hostile to Smith [watch video of her facial expressions] and those who accompanied him. She even took time to attack members of Smith’s church for not participating in her “worship” service. Lexi was snide, sarcastic and combative with Smith but called Tonex her brother in the Lord who she was obligated to “love”.

In the interviews with Flunder and Pearson, Lexi barely registers any visible disagreement with them. Even when Donnie Earl Paulk said the Holy Spirit asked him if he (the Holy Spirit) was homosexual would Paulk still worship him, Lexi tossed the question to a embarrassingly weak pastor who refused to condemn Paulk’s stark blasphemy.  Given such a volatile and divisive issue in the church, anyone serious about truth (not emotional string pulling) would ask the hard questions and press for answers to them.

The Lexi Show has an unspoken agenda to desensitize us to these false prophets and their heresy. The issue isn’t having them on, the issue is allowing them to be there with no sound —and comparable— counteraction to their doctrinal vomit. Further, that she still considers them “brothers and sisters” in Christ, despite the fact these people actively and openly fight against the Word of the Lord is reprehensible.

At the end of the Tonex episode, she attaches a (sort of) disclaimer. But its an interestingly crafted statement.

“I would like to take this time to thank my friend and brother Tonex, for a very open honest and candid interview. It is my belief that a man is made for a woman and a woman is made for a man, I believe the bible speaks very clearly about this, however as a journalist it is my job to tell the story. And as a Christian it is my job to love absolutely everybody and I do that. Unequivocally and unapologetically.”

Although she said that she believes in heterosexuality, its important to note she neglects to condemn homosexuality.

You can check Lexi’s videos and you wont see gushing “I must love everyone” disclaimers on anyone else. Why this one?

Behind the scenes with Lexi

The major unseen problem with people like Lexi is that they generally have someone in their inner circles who are homosexual and don’t want to offend them by speaking up for the truth. Because the massive influence of unrepentant homosexuals behind the scenes of the gospel music and entertainment industry (Tonex confirmed that), truth is restricted. The only thing acceptable is for us to have a big, happy, ignorant praise fest replete with gay club sounding churchified music that’s coded with their downlow sin (Tonex confirmed that too).

Behind Lexi’s scenes is Vaughn Alvarez.  You’ll see his name in the credits of her show.  He’s Lexi’s assistant, public relations rep, webmaster alvarezand also screens the calls of potential guests for the show.  Alvarez (pictured right), a Nashville based entertainment promoter also handles work for COCO, Brandy and Donnie McClurkin. Granted, all the entertainment types employ someone to screen people who seek to talk to them, but is Alvarez intentionally blocking guests who could come on the show and refute the lies  told by Pearson, Flunder and Tonex?  This is a classic fox guarding the henhouse scenario.

Alvarez’s twitter page is a good indicator of where he falls on the issue of homosexuality and the bible.

Alvarez, Sep 10: “VOGUE EVOLUTION 4EVER BABY!!!!!!!” (Vogue Evolution is a group of homosexual dancers plus a transvestite).

Alvarex, Sep 13: “People r just not ready to accept the truths about the way church is. That’s why I stay far away from church queens and overly church peeps!”

Alvarez, Sep 12: “The truth sets us free! I love Tonex for being free & being comfortable being the wonderful human God made him.”

Alavrez’s twitters invites his gay friends to call him to contact Lexi.

But others do not get such a  enthusiastic and inviting welcome.

Linda Carter, a former lesbian who lives in Mobile, AL told GCM Watch when she called after the Carlton Pearson episode, Alvarez answered and replied that he was Lexi’s “assistant”. Carter said she told Alvarez she wanted to speak to Lexi personally and Alvarez replied that regardless of the method, all communication to Lexi was routed first through him. When she told him she wanted to be considered as a guest to share her testimony about deliverance from lesbianism, Alvarez instructed her to send it in and he would take a look at it.

But  after she received no response, Carter called back. This time Alvarez “had a nasty attitude and was dismissive with me” . When Carter asked if he had read the testimony he told her to send him, Alvarez told her” we’ve already heard those types of testimonies before.”

Carter said she waited longer, hoping that she would get the opportunity to speak with Lexi about the situation. But Alvarez refused to take any more calls from her.

The one guest who is scheduled on an upcoming segment told GCM Watch although they were aware of who Alvarez was, their spot on the show came about through a chance meeting with Lexi. The meeting was independent of Alvarez’s involvement. Further, the guest said that Lexi seemed only interested in a certain sensational part of the guest’s story.


God’s not dead, but Tonex is in his sins… (The Dunamis Word)


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  1. When Lexi show first was announced I immediately thought of the foolishness that would take place. I felt that she would use the platform just to get a fan base so that she can make a living as a journalist at the expense of giving sinful heretic, apostate a voice to state their opinions. All her show does is allow those heretic voices to influence those who may struggling with similar sins to have validation. She is a rising Oprah in the so-called gospel community. I truly have a heart for these folks but I am very tired of them making the church of Christ look like we are unorganized and not sure of our own beliefs. May God have mercy. Lets keep them in prayer.

  2. Thank you Pastor DL for bringing out the truth about Lexi and her talk show. I praised her for being able to get the truth out of Tonex when in reality it now appears she was brought on only to push the ‘homosexual Christian’ agenda.

    It’s so sad that when there’s such an opportunity to further the gospel of Jesus Christ, that instead those opportunities are wasted in favor of Satan’s agendas.

    It is really telling especially with the assistant on the show being homosexual himself. And thanks for sharing those tweets as it clearly show that this is not a homosexual “struggling” with his sin, but one who loves being where he is without any repentance! Yep, another Tonex type of professing Christian! No wonder he wanted Tonex on the show!

    Well the slide into a deeper spiritual abyss continues . . .

  3. Mr. Alvarez is a filter that has a known lifestyle to this woman Lexi. I did watch both interviews, and can say without a doubt that she was much more cordial with Tonex, as compared to Tony Smith in whom she was at times unladylike.

    I’m only hoping that folks can begin to see that she would rather dismiss truth in favor of popular opinion. This only seems to be a foreshadowing of the persecution that is going to attack those willing to stand by their convictions. And having said that Get Ready, Get ready, get ready.

    Because we are approaching the point where we are forced to decide who’s side are we on.

    The Lord The Adversary

    Your Choice

  4. Brother Foster, it’s interesting you bring this up. I recently challenged Lexi on this very issue (of her bias against sound biblical issues) in your article. Here is her personal response to me:

    FROM: 9/22

    “This is Lexi

    I’m a journalist. That’s all. Not a preacher, not an evangelist, just a journalist. I’m not trying to find fault in anyone. Just telling interesting stories, with interesting people. That’s all. Why do you condemn me such as you do?

    It’s really not that serious. And if you don’t agree with me, and you think “I’m crafty” and all that, why watch the show? Turn the channel!”

    AGAIN FROM 9/25/09

    …I represent how I see fit, and I want you to do the same. I don’t want you to expect me to be you. You feel me? That’s all. Allow me to rep Christ in my way, and you do you.

    We both have the same agenda, I’m just not as vocal. I allow people to tell the story and I don’t debate them about what they feel, I just present the story. I am Christ-like, just not you.”

    Take from it what you will. But by her own admission she claims to know Christ, yet she doesn’t address her blatant bias towards the biblical standards regarding (Homosexuality, immodesty, marriage, etc…).

  5. I put an contrast arrow between The Lord The Adversary, and somehow it got wiped away!

    Poof, vanish, it went bye bye.

    GCMW: I think I fixed it Vaughn

  6. “I’m just not as vocal. I allow people to tell the story and I don’t debate them about what they feel, I just present the story. I am Christ-like, just not you.”

    I just she just threw that rule out of the window with Tony Smith. Or she’s a liar.

  7. Has anyone noticed that Tonex continues to refer to himself as “A free spirit”!-And he continually talks about feeling “Energy”. Tonex may never tell this, but by his language, I can easily tell that he’s into beliefs similar to mysticism and the occult. Infact, he’s almost identical to the Heretical doctrine of “The Free Spirit Brethren” which became popular in medieval times. People, this is more serious than what it looks like on the surface. Tonex is a pawn and he knows it. Just type in “Heresy of the free spirit” in google if you want proof. My husband and I are both young Ministers (twenties) who work in youth and music ministry. False teaching like this is what makes it so difficult for real ministers to get people (especially youth) truly delivered and set free. We praise God for your website GCMW. It’s ministries like yours that reminds us that our work is not in vain.

  8. “I’m a journalist. That’s all. Not a preacher, not an evangelist, just a journalist. I’m not trying to find fault in anyone”.

    She is just a journalist? So if contending for the faith is not a part of the show, why on eart do it? MONEY and FAME as its of no use at all as far as the Church is concerned. what a farce!

    She is not trying to find fault? what does that have to do with making sure she does not leave Christians confused while allowing the enemies lies to go out unchallenged. The WORD is the judge!

    Funny thing is I dont remember any talk show where the host does not challenge the view of a Guest they deem to be wrong and I am talking about the secular. Souls are in the balance and the Word of God is being blasphemed and she doesnt see the need to STAND UP! what a joke

    Why are so many selling out?!

  9. People: Lexi is a babe in Christ…if at all. If she is professing to know Jesus Christ, then she is still on a milk diet
    and is using her show to go after money and fame and she is not seeking the mind of Christ or to make Him known.
    Any Spirit of God in her would not sit idly by while buffoons and
    idiots display such Biblical nonsense.
    If she can not take the time to study up on the Word of God
    and challenge and correct blatant orthodoxy Christian error, she is playing right into the hands of Satan who is using her as a tool to further his emergent church agenda.
    Lexi, like too many people, is blinded by the glare of secular fame and fortune and is not willing to speak up for Christ.
    When the Lord Jesus said…”why do you call me Lord and do not what I say….?” he was referring to the Lexis’of the world.
    A so called Christian journalist who is ostensibly seeking truth
    and balance will not let such foolishness go un challenged.
    Lexi does and it shows that she has no journalistic credentials but is making this up as she goes.
    I do not watch The Word Network. It is full of nonsense and gibberish and flim flam artists out to convince you to send them your last dollar and you will get a 100 fold blessing.
    My answer: Boycott the Word Network. You do not need it. Let your primary source of Biblical orthodoxy be the Word of God and the fellowship of the saints and your prayer time.
    If you watch the Word Network for sensationalism, then you are contributing to their nonsense. You can not watch it for edification or why tune in?

  10. Pastor Foster & Beloved Saints,

    Is it me, but when I look at her photographs…especially the one on the main coverpage with the blue shirt…What image is she trying to portray? A sex symbol? Why that look in her eyes?

    You know, the look…the look in her eyes.

    Now, I am telling on my former self…when I WAS bound…let me get that straight…when I was bound by pornagraphy/lust & fornication…the look in her eyes looks like the same looks that women in worldly magazines portray.

    Y’all rebuke if I am off…seriously. Am I too deep? LOL!
    I know a sexy look in the eyes when I see one!
    Thank you LORD…the word just came to me…SEDUCTIVE!!

    That’s it…Seductive.

    Seductive is one of the characteristics of Jezebel.

  11. I saw the Tony Smith interview on The Word (has nothing to do with this)Network and was amazed. I’ve seen Smith on local cable access – and he does has some theological depth (though he could stand a bit more knowledge overall). Smith was calling out Eddie Long and other local hirelings back when it wasn’t cool.

    Unfortunately, Lexi’s theological dimwittedness is on par with many of the ministers and deacons (not to mention “pastors”) leading churches today. Many of the ministers and deacons I served with couldn’t quote any scripture beyond the “bless me” verses (out of context, of course) – and publicly chastized me when I began my exhaustive study – which led me to fleeing the pimp and the false doctrine in the first place. In my latest article, I express my frustration in constantly dealing with mealy-mouthed “Christians” like Lexi and others. Their brazen stupidity (lets be frank here) is the very reason we must continue to showcase the TRUTH of God so it stands in stark contrast to the lies that are so easily digested these days.

  12. People of God, this is the scripture that burns in my spirit when reading this article:

    For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.
    (2Ti 4:3-4)

    In the first century, Paul warned: “the time will come…”
    Now, in 2009 it’s now safe to say: “the time HAS come…”. Those days Paul warned of are now here.
    Bro Foster, this article (like so many others you’ve posted) was eye-opening, informational, sobering at the same time. Please continue to be a “watchman on the wall”, exposing the the spirit of darkness that is trying to infiltrate the church.

    Keep up the good work. With this site you are providing a valuable service to the Body of Christ.

  13. God bless you Observer and thanks for your words of encouragement. Let us all watch and pray that we enter not into temptation.

    There is but one thing we can do to defeat darkness: expose it to the brilliant light of God’s word. For those who love the darkness and their sin, more than God, your end will be worse than tragic. Turn away from following your corrupted nature and ask God to clean your heart.

    Time is moving and the Lord is soon to come.

  14. Brother Enoch you’re touching on a subject that is often overlooked by many saints. When I say overlooked I mean the approach that some have about attire and dress is tongue in cheek at best and to many its a non-essential issue. Oh, sure believers will “say” its not right but they rarely will say to the person, even if there close to them. I believe this is due to the backlash that will take place.

    I commented on the page about Mary Mary due to the fact that how you dress “can” be an indicator of your walk. For all that will not read it in context…….”can” be an indicator of your walk,especially for women. I commented because before evaluating what Mary Mary said or did, they were in violation of the scriptures and if thats your starting point its only logical that it can progress because a “little” leaven……….

    How can you truly take someone seriously when they are openly violating scripture, ” 1Ti 2:9 In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety;”

    Shamefacedness………….don’t start that discussion in sincerity because you’ll lose many people in the wash.

    Nonetheless, before you get to that look in her eyes (which is there) its already manifest in her dress that is in complete violation of the scriputre, however most of the respones given to “this” violation of scripture will be tongue in cheek.

    This is obviously an issue for me but its okay because we all have our place in the body and were supposed to edify and admonish one another to remain and mature as we see the day apporaching (paraphrase)

    I digress…

  15. You can’t say we have not been warned….2Peter2:1 …there shall be false teachers who PRIVILY(introduce surreptitiously)shall bring in damnable heresies.

  16. Speak the truth on boldness EnochWalked! I don’t agree with Pastor Tony Smith’s doctrine it is VERY Legalistic. But I felt like he handled himself well.

    Bringing up the praise and worship or lack there of on the show was childish and immature especially with her calling Tonex her brother?!

    She also defended TD Jakes, Juanita Bynum, Puala White ect, in which Tony Smith to his credit does rebuke.

    Tony Smith also said Joyce Myer was a false prophet, but in what way?

    My Bible still says those who practice sin are of the devil!

  17. Enoch, IMO she definately has the jezabel spirit. It is apparent by her interviews that she is in support of the worldly, lukewarm, so-called Christian lifestyle. She took no offense to Tonex’s self-justification of samesex attraction, yet she took offense to T. Smith’s stance on remarriage & divorce and modesty among other issues. Now i will admit he was off in his logic regarding certain points (a woman can get AIDS from a weave) however you can tell that she hardly has any Word backing her. The troubling part of the interview with T. Smith was that it appears that he was flirting with her. Did anyone else catch that? I’m not certain if its a southern thing or what, but is appropriate to go around calling other women, thats not your wife, “boo, honey, babe, chyle…”, while touching their arm and leg? Again, it may be just me.

  18. tog, that was very obvious! The constant referral of her as “boo” thing (which she never objected to), lip licking, frequent arm touches, etc was weird to watch. That’s another story.
    As I said Im no defender of Smith, my point was the contrast of her demeanor between Smith and Tonex.

  19. I just watched the video of Lexi with Tony Smith. Although I disagree with a lot of his teaching, one thing he said is correct: People like to accept what they like instead of going by the word of God. And GCM, you are absolutely correct about the facial expressions Lexi made which shows her dislike and disdain for anyone standing for true biblical teaching. I haven’t watched Tonex’s interview…maybe because I might get nauseous…literally!

    This show and Lexi herself is no different than any other heretical show and host who has fallen captive to hollow and deceitful philosophies. She, as well as her so-called assistant, listens to and promotes false_________ (fill in the blank) like Jakes, Long, White, Osteen, Dollar and their compadres while she tries her hardest to tear down and vilify anyone one who stands firm on God and his word.

    And she was so upset when Smith’s people didn’t raise their hands when they were “worshiping.” Worship has so much more to do with than just raising hands and giving outward expression.

  20. Lo’, and it just doesn’t stop. See the updated interview, posted today 10/3 between Lexi and Thomas “Freaky” Weeks and Christina ‘Blackmond’ ‘Glenn’ ‘Weeks’. What a mess!!!

  21. You are right about it. The contrast between Tony Smith Lexi and the Tonex Lexi are remarkable.

    Thanks for blowing the whistle about the assistant – a cryin shame… however blogs like yours and IST are opening the eyes of many a sheep. I will continue to lift you up in prayer and spread the word!

  22. Lafe, that this “babe in Christ ” (if that is really what she is) is turned loose with such a critical issue is within itself a tragedy. Now we see why the Bible cautions us against putting up novices. They have scant clue about how to handle the weightiness of the Word of God. And will without a doubt cause shame to come upon the name of Christ.

  23. this lexi is really a charachter, she is just like alot of “church” folks who put so much stock in names and in buildings and how many other people are blinded by what she is blinded by.

    i dont agree with everything pastor smith said but he is on point bout some things.

    when will people realize that alot of things that go on in our country as well as church are PAGAN!!! the only way is if they are apart of a church who is all about the truth and not about fortune and fame!! she looked and acted puzzled about what he said about christmas!! dec 25 is not jesus’ birthday!! no man can prove that!! but he sure can make it up!! when he talked about the false prophets! any saint who really is a saint can tell that these are false prophets!!

    it says it in the bible tho pastor foster…the people perish for a lack of knowledge, the devil has a large portion of the “church” right where he wants it…..dumb

  24. and also the worship topic!!, when was it made a requirement to raise your hands and show emotion everytime you hear somebody doing so called praise and worship?? i may be just sitting and looking but i can be in tune with god and praising him, just because a outward show of emotion isnt involved why must the worship be questioned?? another show of true RELIGION which god hates!!

  25. I think so many people have a gross misunderstanding about the issue here with Lexi. Many say the same old “who are you to judge” and seem to think we are saying we never fail which is far from the issue at hand. If the truth of God is twisted and misrepresented what will it do to the listeners? thats the problem. Its the truth of the word that delivers, this is where we get our strength to put off the old man and where sinners get an understanding for their need of God. Now if we twist that what on earth will we do or what else do we have.

    Soldiers we must continue to stand strong and fight against the enemy, over all it is he who twists Gods words as he did with eve.

    We have gotten so emotional about those struggling with homosexuality above every other sin. We dont seem to have the same empathy for adulterers, whores, womanizers, the thugs, etc and why not? many times these are a product of what has happend to them or around them also. We are all victims of the sin nature and are all free by the same means, no one is exempt!

    God bless!!

  26. “it says it in the bible tho pastor foster…the people perish for a lack of knowledge, the devil has a large portion of the “church” right where he wants it…..dumb”

    Well said Mr. Royal. The devil wants the church dumb and dumber. But also lets not forget that the church is equally culpable. Look at the entire verse of Hosea 4:6
    My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

    Biblical illiteracy is at such high numbers in the church because fundamentally people do not value God’s word as our primary source of knowledge and judgment. You can easily tell that by the comments defending the pimps, false prophets and rotten gospel music industry workers. Proverbs 4:7 Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom and in all thy getting get understanding.

    At the rate we’re going it wont be long before we are consumned with self inflicted ignorance. It wouldnt be like that if people were to truly embrace God’s word.

    Psalms 119:105 Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.

  27. I think this may be my first time posting, maybe posted something once before. At any rate I had a similar experience as truthofgod in voicing my concerns to the Word network in reference to the Lexi show giving a platform to open sin. My response from Lexi I must say was rather arrogant. Just a small portion of my email:
    “My outrage is the fact that the broadcast was being allowed on the Word Network. The reason for this is that any unbeliever, could have listened to the testimonies of Pastor Flounder’s parishioners and believed that they can be unrepentant of homosexuality and still be saved. Also a baby Christian could be confused if they are not skilled in the Word. Remember, millions watching and everyone is not tuned in from the beginning.”

    I’m deciding against posting her response, but will say that its on par with the response of the one i read with truthofgod. Hope God opens her and some of her guests eyes to the truth.

    God Bless

  28. your right pastor foster!

    and thats why i am saddened when i see how soo many people are affiliated with the store bought, packaged chuuchs’! people look at the bible as a source for quick money or a come up and they know all they gotta do is preach “blessings” and “prosperity” and people will eat it up! people that go to the churchs that are not following the bible most times dont even realize it cause they never pick up their bible on their own! it disturbs me when i talk to someone who says they go to church and they dont know about these endtimes that we are living in, they are dumbfounded by the topic!! at my church we learn every service and when you are learning it makes you wanna learn all the more! chuuch folks dont even realize that most of the crap that goes on in churches are pagan traditions! man made celebrations and so called holidays, set up by the enemy to keep them from fulfilling the true calling! that goes back to the dumb statement, dumb people dont ask questions, they dont get curious, they dont want answers! a lot of people are going to be surprised when the lord comes back! they dont know the word for themselves!

    i do have a question that i would like to know what you feel about pastor foster…

    sunday is the first day of the week, god rested on the sabbath, we are supposed to keep that day holy and remember it. that day is saturday! sunday was the day pagans worshipped the sun, thus SUNday. seems as tho that was something the enemy constructed a long time ago that now is not even questioned! we go to church on sundays! do you think we are in error by doing this?? because i cant help but feel that we are

  29. enochwalked I saw the same thing. The look in her eyes and that tight, tight blouse. We all know what she is portraying. Jezebel. Let’s be real with it ok. I always thought of her that way, she always looks worldly. Run men Runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. mr. Royal, maybe this can help.

    “Colossians 2:15-17

    16Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days:

    17Which are a shadow of things to come; but the body is of Christ.”

    Regardless of what day we choose its a matter of the heart. Will God be uspet because we choose to fellowship on Sunday?

    I am sometimes afraid of the church being legalistic but on the other hand many of us abuse our freedom in Christ. Balance is the key.

  31. Ok, I am no fan of Lexi, nor have I ever watched her show, but after watching the full interview with Pastor Anthony Smith I can understand her behavior. I found his body language to be totally offensive and inappropriate. Even though some of his points were biblical, it was difficult to separate them from his behavior. I am sure she felt him coming on to her, we women know. She had no respect for him nor what he was saying. I kept waiting for her to tell him to stop calling her “boo”, but she didn’t.

    Had he been more sober, she would not have made the facial expressions she did. He started it. I am almost sure that had she been interviewing someone whoes behavior lined up with scripture her behavior would have been different. Even if she was his wife (I don’t think she is), that behavior would have been inappropriate for the reverence needed when proclaiming the Word of God.

  32. mr.Royal said:sunday is the first day of the week, god rested on the sabbath, we are supposed to keep that day holy and remember it. that day is saturday! sunday was the day pagans worshipped the sun, thus SUNday. seems as tho that was something the enemy constructed a long time ago that now is not even questioned! we go to church on sundays! do you think we are in error by doing this?? because i cant help but feel that we are

    While Paul did make a good point that we worship God every day of the week the Sabbath Day of rest as commanded by God in the 10 Commandments is Saturday according to God’s Word.
    The 10 Commandments being God’s Law apply to everyone, God never did away with the 10 Commandments.

    The ONLY reason why Churches worship on Sunday is because Emperor Constantine forced everyone in the Empire to worship on Sunday to appease pagans. Of course The Catholic Church kept with this tradition of men and no major denomination changed it during the Protestant Reformation.

    This is a good resource.
    Saturday or Sunday which is the Sabbath? by David C Pack.

    FYI I am not a Seventh-day Adventist. ;^)

  33. roscoe1, not to say that he wasnt a bit off but from what I could see she had trouble with him because of his stance on women in certian offices. That discussion always causes problems.

    However the fact remains that Tonex’s heresy did not seem to bother her one bit even in her little piece after the interview.

  34. I see what rascoe1 is saying and to an extent I agree, but both of them were being unseemly with their interactions with one another. It still doesnt overshadow her assertion that she is a professional journalist. Her demeanor with Smith wasnt just a reaction to his woman in ministry teachings. Conversely, she had no such reactions when she interviewed Tonex, Yvette Flunder, or Carlton Pearson who arguably have much worse theological beliefs than Smith.

  35. “Conversely, she had no such reactions when she interviewed Tonex, Yvette Flunder, or Carlton Pearson who arguably have much worse theological beliefs than Smith.”

    regardless of why she responded how she did, this is the real issue and it cannot be overlooked even if Bro. Smith was down right disrespectful and rude to her.

  36. Umm has anyone ever seen Pastor Smith preach? He is very hostile, So I don’t think she choose to be Hostile toward him & not toward Tonex,I think that she just took in their demeanor and went with that (which is what most journalist do). And what about the Bishop Weeks interview (pt1) she looked very shocked & surprised by their answers to her questions. By no means am I taking up for her I am just pointing out some things. Tonex’s reason for being on the show was to pretty much come out the closet, and not to be interviewed (at least thats what I think)

  37. Dom, youre right about Smith. He gets no props here. But the mention is for contrast and comparison sakes. And Im still searching for Lexi’s “journalist” credentials. When you find them, let us know.

  38. “regardless of why she responded how she did, this is the real issue and it cannot be overlooked even if Bro. Smith was downright disrespectful and rude to her”

    Paul N, are you sure you meant the above quote? Disrespectful and rude have no place in spreading the gospel, nor should it be a practicing part of the believers life.

    I never saw her interview with Yevette Flunder or Carlton Pearson, but I saw the one with Tonex. There is a strong possibility that God has given Tonex over to his own reprobate mind, however in the interview he was extremely professional, I cannot say the same for Pastor Smith. He was too familier with Lexi and there is the saying “familiarity breeds contempt”. Do you think if Pastors John MacArthur, Voddie Baucham, D L Foster or E Cranston (my pastor), to name a few, was being interviewed her demeanor would have been like that? Certainly not. She would have been so intimidated.

    It is clear that Lexi is ignorant of the Word, as a result, she has no strong or sure foundation on which to stand, and cannot contend for the faith, even in the mids of blatant heresies. The woman has no knowledge of the truth therefore what you see is ignorance.

    Had she had formal journalistic training she would have known how to deal with such a one as Pastor Smith. Here lies the danger of ignorance. The “world” is watching.

  39. Well, I could tell that when she was interviewing Tonex that she was soft and yellow-bellied as a believer. I knew she wasn’t going to confront….and in a way I can understand. IF she went in w/ the journalist hat on, then stick w/ that, but she can’t change that journalism stride when she interviews others. Why are we patty-caking church homosexuals? It’s silly.

  40. James it is not about patty-caking homosexuals, God forbid. Lexi is not a journalist, inspite what she might say. If she had formal training it is not showing. Even if she had formal training and is ignorant of the Word she would not be able to stand for the faith. It is her ignorance of scriptural truth, as well as her familiarity with the interviewee that is obvious to me.

  41. Rosoe1, nothing that I said advocates being rude, I am talking about the fact that Lexi said nothing about Tonex.

    Let me ask you, would you prefer someone giving you the truth in a not so professional way or telling you lies in a professional way?

  42. I dont want no stinkin Christian journalism if it will not defend the faith! What on earth is the purpose of Christian TV if it not based on teaching and defending, in one way or another, the doctrine, etc of Jesus Christ?

  43. Paul, the fact that Lexi did not contend for the truth when dealing with Tonex speaks of her ignorance of the truth or blatant disregard for the inherencey of scripture. Her disclamer at the end was weak, for want of a better word. The truth is what makes us free, Jesus is the Truth.

    We as the Church must stand for the truth, with confidence and boldness. SPEAKING THE TRUTH IN LOVE. As I said before, the words disrespect and rude should not be adjectives used, when discribing the behavior of true belivers. We are set-apart people and should live accordingly.

    My problem with Pastor Smith is, his lack of proper decorum given the nature of the topic (the Word of God), who he is, and where he was. The Word of God has to be handled with sobriety. The man of God should not appear giddy or flirtatious with anyone but his wife. Unbelivers are watching, we should not be a reproach to God.

    The things that he uttered did not line up with his behavior (body language), so how could he be taken seriously. I am saying, Lexi saw this and behaved accordingly. She felt free to make her feelings show. There is a strong possibility that, has his behavior been different, even if she did not agree with what he said she would not make it obvious.

    I personally do not watch “christian tv”, so I agree with you there.

  44. Well Roscoe1, either Lexi needs to go to bible study or sit down.

    GCMW: Maybe both would be advisable right now Paul. Or go take some journalism courses. Or watch 60 minutes for Pete’s sake. 🙂

  45. It’s even simpler than that, Lexi needs to get under some good Sheperding, get some word into her anorexic spirit so that when she hears the true words of scripture and truth, she won’t react like she is practically possessed. You could feel the spirit of affectation coming out of the screen. She causes herself to appear Phony with a capital “P”. If she was so worried about Praise and Worship why didn’t she just go in it deeper? No she was too worried with who was doing what, when, and where. She knew who was sitting down and who wasn’t, she was acting as though they forgot to applaud her or something. That’s not praise and worship, it’s a pep rally with cheerleaders.
    Give me a “J!” and you know the rest….

  46. Yaya;

    You make a good point so far as that statement that you made about worship. And to add to your point, is if her percieved worship was something that we do bring the presence of God into the building, then why was she noticing their praise (or her percieved lack thereof) so much instead of being caught up in her own moment?

    Another thing is praise is something that everybody can do, while worship is done anywhere any time by those that know what worship is, I’m referencing John 4:24.

  47. That’s not praise and worship, it’s a pep rally with cheerleaders. Give me a “J!” and you know the rest….

    LoL @ YaYa. Very true, my sister.

  48. Not here to denomination-bash, but from what i understand Lexi is C.O.G.I.C. Now I know its not fair to paint everyone with a broad brush, but reports are, generally they don’t place scriptural intergrity in high regard. But when it comes to sangin’, jumpin’, runnin’ around the church like the Indiana 500, then they are all that and a bag of chips…lol

    My two cents

    GCMW: I dont think she is. Unless someone can show some proof, then its best not to tie her into that.

  49. Brother Foster, if memory serves me correctly, in one of here most recent interviews with a COGIC pastor from Florida, she admitted to being COGIC. I would provide the link to the 3 part interview, but unfortunately i can’t access Youtube from work. I will attempt to grab it before the day is out.


    GCMW: thanks bro

  50. Brother Foster, I just wanted to follow up with you. Below is the link to the Lexi interview with COGIC Pastor Marc Cooper. Here she reveals that she grew up in a COGIC Church where her father was the Pastor. You will hear it at the 7:31 mark. However, I’m not certain if she’s currently in a member of a COGIC church.

    God Bless

  51. Thank you tog for sharing the facts. Im not sure that knowing she has a generational attachment to COGIC is a good or bad thing at this point. An interesting footnote for sure.

  52. I’m not so convinced Lexi is concerned about contending for the faith, specifically in re to her show. Most talk show hosts will have certain bias, why should she be any different? Seems to me, her show is merely a platform to promte Lexi, perhaps to attract some mainstream attention in order to subsequently move on to bigger things. I also watched the Tony Smith interview and was just as bemused as she was at some of his thoughts.

    I have no idea how her Christian walk is, yes I can see that she sits on the fence and has no desire to point out error in certain areas, but I think this has more to do with keeping her employers happy as well as her more mainstream audience. Again, this is about Lexi’s self promotion. I think this kind of refusing to stand for truth so as not to offend anyone is a real problem within the modern church. Joel Osteen has made a fortune out of doing it. The fact that she is selling herself on the Word Network speaks volumes about who she is appealing to and the kind of publicity she desires.

    Lexi will interview controversial characters to boost the show. When the likes of you and I comment on it, we then give her and her poor journalism more advertising and promotion. Until her Tonex interview I had no idea who she was and if she states that she loves all, without condemnation, then perhaps more people, like me, will see through her double-minded ways


  53. nan said:
    The look in her eyes and that tight, tight blouse. We all know what she is portraying. Jezebel. I always thought of her that way, she always looks worldly.

    This kind of remark adds nothing to discussion. Please tell me what a worldly look is and explain how that look fits in with the way Lexi dresses. Please provide a link because in both the Tonex and T.Smith interviews she looked smart, not worldly.

  54. DMac, I think Nan was referring to the photo on this post, not how she looked on her show. Correct me if Im wrong Nan.

    That’s a photo part of a Lexi Show promotional.

    The photo does have an interpretive aspect to it, I guess based on whether a person feels holy women should not portray themselves as seductive(read:worldy) looking.

    I used the photo because it was part of the show’s promotional push. There’s another of her in a different pose with same shirt, etc.

    Does this indicative of Lexi’s salvation? Perhaps not but I think the point nan (and others) were making is that one’s dress and demeanor may say something about them spiritually.

    I dont want that to become a point of major contention (dress code) but it was something they felt like noting.

  55. “…..Please tell me what a worldly look is and explain how that look fits in with the way Lexi dresses. Please provide a link because in both the Tonex and T.Smith interviews she looked smart, not worldly.”

    DMac, help me out:

    1 Tim 2:9-10
    “9In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in MODEST apparel, with SHAMEFACEDNESS and SOBRIETY; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;
    10But (which becometh women professing GODLINESS) with good works.”

    Could you please share how Lexi is exemplifying any of these qualities (Modesty, Shamefacedness, Sobriety, Godliness) in how she presents herself in her apparel and her conduct? It may help to look up the definitions of those words and then compare.


  56. Lexi is not a journalist. She is a gospel singer who got a news show and her grandfather was the pastor of some COGIC church. You can see clips of her singing years ago on youtube, which I am not sure helps with being unbiased when you’re interviewing a gospel artist, but whatever

  57. truthofgod said:
    “…..Please tell me what a worldly look is and explain how that look fits in with the way Lexi dresses. Please provide a link because in both the Tonex and T.Smith interviews she looked smart, not worldly.”


    1 Tim 2:9-10
    “9In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in MODEST apparel, with SHAMEFACEDNESS and SOBRIETY; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;
    10But (which becometh women professing GODLINESS) with good works.”

    Could you please share how Lexi is exemplifying any of these qualities (Modesty, Shamefacedness, Sobriety, Godliness) in how she presents herself in her apparel and her conduct? It may help to look up the definitions of those words and then compare.

    I do not wish to derail the thread, but i’ll just finally respond to this. I can’t believe I’m finding myself in a postition defending Lexi. Like I had previously mentioned, I had never heard of her, prior to the Tonex interview. Yes, I can agree to some extent about the photo used and what it can be percieved to portray, but in re to how she looked in both the Tonex and Tony Smith shows, I fail to see how the above verse is in any way applicable, so the validity of my argument still stands.

    I can only comment on what I have seen and heard so consequently my response is somewhat limited. I have yet to see any persuasive argument to suggest that she carries herself like some kind of Jezebel or lacking in modesty.


  58. Sometimes you don’t have to meet a person to discern their spirit. Her spirit is worldly. She could wear the same shirt, but the look in her eyes says it all ok, but the shirt is tooooo tight. By the way the guy she interviewed was way toooo arrogant. When you speak truth you speak it humbly, but with power and not arrogance. Some of the things he said were truth, but some things were not biblically sound.

  59. DL
    You have done your homework again!
    I thank you for your spiritual boldness.
    I know, that one day God will use us to share our personal testimony and God will be glorified and the devil will be horrified. If someone is mad that’s too bad. We are on assignment for the Lord. Be Bless.

  60. nan said:
    Sometimes you don’t have to meet a person to discern their spirit. Her spirit is worldly.

    I rest my case…..

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