Accused COGIC sex abuser gets new church

The Rev. Sherman Allen used to pastor a church called Shiloh Institutional COGIC up until he became one of the main defendants in a highly publicized sexual abuse case.

The Evangelical Christian Credit Union had sought  permission to foreclose on Allen’s Woodhaven property in 2007. Eventually, Allen’s church was foreclosed and the property put up for sale. A (recently removed) sign on the door of the church asked people to join them at their new location at 1100 West Randol Mill Road in Arlington.  The church is located just west of the new Cowboys Stadium.

Allen and Shiloh Church are defendants in a slew of breach of contract lawsuits:


Despite all of that (and an upcoming trial), Allen appears to have found a new home and renamed his church, Christ Cathedral Church.

The new church located at 1100 West Randol Mill Road in Arlington is valued at 1.2 million dollars. The building is currently the home of the Creative Arts Theatre, but an employee of the school said that Allen was leasing from them and that it may sell within a year. Judging from pictures, Allen is already in control of things.

Here’s a before Sherman Allen:

ccc church

And after Sherman Allen:


Its odd that any business would allow a leasing entity to have a higher profile than itself, but as you can see Christ Cathedral’s name is plastered (permanent signs) all over the building.

Not bad for a man who’s declared bankruptcy.


11 thoughts on “Accused COGIC sex abuser gets new church

  1. Pastor Foster

    When I wrote to you about the foreclosure. I think I may have failed to mention that his crowd, judging by the number of cars in the lot had been bigger than before the scandal broke. Just goes to show how weak minded some people are. He will do the same thing again. It’s his nature.

  2. Wow. I read all the articles in reference to this guy. It is insane that people are still willing to listen to him. And to start a whole new church…. I think he needs to be put under the jail!

  3. When I was in the military I sang with a choir and the director was well liked by everyone. Long story short, I was locked in the chapel by this man and assaulted. I remember pushing him and fighting him and running back to my barracks with tears streaming down my face. I had one thought in my head. “God how could you let this happen in your house!” I was 18 and pure as the driven snow, that incident among others tainted that. That started my dangerous path into practicing the dark arts and witchcraft. I turned my back on the one true God, because of the actions of a nasty man. I tried to tell someone and nobody wanted to hear it, especially church folk, his wife told everyone I was a home wrecker. I hated God, I hated church and I hated church folk. I was dangerous and had it not been for my family praying I would have killed someone literally. I wasn’t suicidal I was homicidal. My hatred had turned demonic. I am sharing this little bit of my story so that those perpetrators in the church realize what can happen when these victims finally get away. Some don’t recover well, they become molesters themselves, others become violent and enraged and an overall menace to society, while a few will be helped if the right help gets to them first. Some of the worst serial killers where molested and abused by none other than clergy, or lay members in summer camps or choir rehearsals. The black community has made a habit of never ever ever talking about this kind of stuff until now. Thank you pastor DL for shining the light on this dark subject and letting victims know of a resource for help and guidance. This site also serves notice for those who molest and abuse, God is pulling the covers off and no stone will go unturned. Oh yah by the way the “Touch not my anointed”, favorite verse that is used as a cover all, goes BOTH ways. Clergy are NOT the only anointed.

  4. VRR, most false prophets have tons of charisma and that’s what attracts most of the people who are so shallow in the walk with Christ and biblically illiterate, they fall for the charm of the snake. They lack an ability to judge based on what the Word says, so people like Allen scoop em up like nobody’s business.

    He will charm his new victims with his charisma and lull them into following him, giving him their money and in exchange they get a basketload of false prophecies that sound really, really good.

    But we can only warn and make the information available. If they choose to run into the wolf’s lair and ignore the warnings, may God have mercy on them.

    Still, its a lowdown shame.

  5. My heart goes out to YaYa. That’s why it’s important to make the public aware of these clergy predators so that they can’t just run from city to city, neighborhoods to neighborhoods and start a new church so they can perpetuate the same nasty acts. It’s no different what the Catholic Diocese do with their priest accept Allen is now independent and is free to move about at will. When I was in the military years ago our commander would make certain clubs off limit, so what the club owners would do was just change the name of the club to another. Finally our commanders just made the addresses and streets off limits where these clubs where. Sherman Allen can change the name of his church all he wants, but it’s the same mess happening in the inside just wrapped in a different package. I understand that pain you feel YaYa because oh what a close family member in my family went through being clergy sexually abused. It’s devastating for the victim and their family if they don’t get the right help. That’s why they’re called “Survivors” of clergy sexual abuse because most victims end up like you said YaYa, being molesters themselves, strung out on drugs, non productive citizens, and the biggest end up committing suicide. When I was in Pentecostal churches they would preach against going to secular counselors and therapist for help, but I am glad I am out from under those false teachers. I realized that the reason why they preached against talking to secular counselors is because secular counselors can look at things from a logical standpoint (logics which they rob from their victims) and they are able to see through the deceptions in these ministries.

    Today, I can’t tolerate visiting a church for more than one or two Sundays before not ever returning again because I’ve seen how deceptive these ministers, laypersons, and musicians are in church. I know this is sad but I don’t care for church as we know because that experience in my family taught me that my salvation comes down to my personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and that church is just a fellowship. But today church is just a business much like Microsoft with many clergy preying on their members. Most all of clergy abuser like you said DL has some level of “Charisma”, it’s like all of them read the same “textbook” as to how to manipulate and deceived their victims. Sherman Allen is dangerous and I agree DL that the only that can be done is make others aware of his tricks and deceptions, but it’s up to the blinded members of his church to realize he’s a false prophet and con artist. At least they can’t say they weren’t warned!

    Sorry for being longwinded lol.

  6. Hello, Pastor Foster:

    Maybe I missed the obvious, but . . .

    do the high muckamucks in COGIC know about Sherman’s change of venue? And have they tacitly approved of his new church digs?

    Thank you, sir.


  7. Hi Peter, well they kinda kicked him out, washed their hands of him. So Im not sure they know. But this has happened quite often in COGIC:
    Preacher does the nasty, then leaves COGIC and starts another church. Allen is simply following tradition it looks like.

    Sometimes they dont. I was VERY suprised to learn of a case in Knoxville Tennesee where the pastor was caught in a park sex sting. The court dropped the charges in exchange for his getting into counseling.

    His church however was in an uproar and wanted him out. He went and started another COGIC church apparently with the Bishop’s approval.

    Notice how simular the church names are.

    Wow, this stuff is stunning.

  8. Hello, Pastor Foster:

    Thank you for the reply. And, yes, I did notice the similarity. The New apparently means new opportunities for our Good Willie.

    I applaud your efforts in rooting these scumbags out, and exposing their crimes, Mr. Foster. All that you bring to light just makes me sad. I used to be angry, but that became my sin. I just flat out have a difficult time separating the sin from the sinner. Then, our Master Jesus reminds, “Peter, you are in the same boat.”

    I repent as consistently as I know how.


  9. Do the officials at the school know of the alleged crimes with which this man has been charged? I understand that the school itself is in financial need, but, surely, it would not want to sully its reputation by being affiliated with someone who has allegedly committing these crimes.

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