Personal Productivity: Just do it!

Making the most of out of your time to get what’s important to God accomplished

fiveThis bible study is just a little different than the others, but highlights an important and practical aspect of our holiness. I love the gospel of Mark. Its probably my favorite, if such a thing is even possible to have. Mark’s gospel is an exciting testament Jesus’  life —and works— told almost like a commentator would give you a play by play, blow by blow account of a fast paced sports event.

Believed to be the first of the synoptics written, Mark portrays Christ as the man who gets things done in dramatic fashion. One can sense the urgency and immediacy of Jesus’ mission. In the first chapter alone, Mark uses the word “immediately” no less than 8 times. Jesus doesn’t sit around and hold long conversations with people, he gets the job done.

Mark sees Christ a one who evoked great wonder, amazement, and awe from  those who encountered him.  “They were astonished at his teaching” (Mk 1:22); “they were all amazed” (Mk 1:27); “they were utterly astounded” (Mk 6:51); “the disciples were amazed at his words” (Mk 10:24).

The dialogue is punctuated and full of action! Its edge-of-your-seat drama.  In fact, Mark uses the words “immediately” and “straightway” numerous times to make Jesus a man of productivity. Its an important lesson for us as followers of Christ.

How can we translate this facet of Christ and be inspired to emulate him  in our everyday life? We can do it by being more aware and gauging our own personal productivity. Personal productivity can be defined as unsupervised action ending in accomplishment.

While the first thought when you hear the phrase “personal productivity” is business, its not confined just to the business arena, but is a strong and vital component of Christian living. Without a personal motivation to get things done, the work of the Kingdom assigned to you will not be fulfilled.

If there’s an antonym to personal productivity it would be lazy procrastination. In the scriptures, laziness is portrayed as sinful and evil, whereas completing a job as well as being productive and fruitful is honorable and pleasing to God (John 15:8).

Time Management –David Allen, a productivity consultant says: “You can’t manage time, it just is.” Thus, “time management” is a mislabeled problem which has little chance of being an effective approach. What you really manage is your activity during time, and defining outcomes and physical actions required is the core process required to manage what you do.

Building a scaffold or a “structure”  to get you disciplined and consistent.

A scaffold is a temporary structure that supports tools, materials, and people while erecting or repairing a building.  A similar construct can be used to improve your personal productivity.  Much like wearing braces to reposition crooked teeth, a personal productivity scaffold is something you can temporarily insert into your daily routine to help create and establish new habits.  Once those habits are conditioned, the scaffolding can be removed.

Or there any other examples in the Bible about this?
Yes, there are several strong examples of personal productivity and good work ethic.

Work ethic #1 – adopt God’s (Genesis 1, 2:1)

Work ethic #2 – consider the ant’s (Prov 6:6-8)

Work ethic #3 – spiritual productivity (John 9:4)

Here’s a practical application scaffold you can use:

Objective – define your goal. The objective is basically a broad thesis statement on your overall intent and outcome.

Strategy– set your path. This is the intermediate level to help you reach your objective. While more detailed than the objective, it is less detailed than the action plan.

Action Plan – work it out. This is a specific and detailed guide to activating the strategy, thus achieving your objective. Your action plan needs to include a “time element” to help you defeat excuse loopholes.

Try it this week and get something done for the Kingdom of God!

16 thoughts on “Personal Productivity: Just do it!

  1. Well God bless you Elder Foster for the word This Lord Day. I think about that song, If every body loved Jesus what a wonderful world this would be. But the Love we hear in this song is not talking about the love that we know as love from a kid up till now it is talking about what our Lord and Savior taught us , IF YOU LOVE KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS IT’S TALK ABOUT ,IF YOU LOVE KEEP MY WORD, FOR IF YE CONTINUE IN MY WORD THEN ARE YE MY DISCIPLES INDEED


  2. Pastor Foster, I loved the studies this week as I find the word alone doesn’t need much comment from man as it stands all by itself. I can only believe that while we can be quick to comment on subjects and topics pertaining to other people’s issues, when it comes to the purity of the word all by it self, it causes one to look inward and thus, not much commenting will go forth outwardly, but inwardly, the word is doing what it needs to do.

    As I always say, when a person is having surgery, they are not moving or speaking while laying on the operating table…
    thus Heb 4:12, the “Word” is doing surgery on us. Hallelujah,
    thank God for His word!

  3. I needed this, I do find myself leaving things to later way too often. I am trying to tighten things up especially in what I think God is calling me to do and this is just what I needed!

    Thanks Pastor!

    I would also like to encourage us to be particpate more when Pastor Foster shares the word with us, Jesus said the Words He speaks are Spirit and life. We have been treated to some well prepared meat this week! Along with the great teaching, I believe our participation is a greater source of encouragement to Pastor than we may believe, we all need it.

    Thanks again and I look forward to more in the future, its has been a pleasure breaking bread this past week!

  4. I think one of the lessons we can also glean from this is that we tend to make excuses for our non-action… Not a hit on you specifically godly soldier… but it can be a tell tell sign that we need to learn how to take action and and not spiritualize everything.

    It’s easy to fall into the trap of being drawn to controversy and juicy events that we always want to put our 2cent for.

    Pastor Foster clearly wanted a hearty discussion from his “faithful” posters. Where are we now?

    We can gloss over it and say the word is so important that it does not need much comment…. come on now….. 🙂 We are better than that. Is that what we say when asked to engage while in a bible class? i think not and neither would it be appropriate.

    The Word of God is awesome and power. This particular post also reminds of when Jesus was telling a parable two men (one kept saying he was going to do it but never did and the one that complained about it BUT he did it….)
    Somebody help me where this is found…, it escapes me at the moment. Looks like I’m telling on myself too… need to spend more time in the Word… 🙂

  5. Hello everyone. I want to say this then ask that we move on from it because it is embarrassing me somewhat. 🙂 I did this strictly out of obedience to the Holy Spirit. I still do not know the reason for it and I wouldnt dare air my guesses. Whether there are a lot of comments or not, is okay. Really. So please no one else post anything in that regard. We want the Word of the Lord to rise to the occasion, not technicalities.

    I have kept my own comments to a minimum unless someone wanted more clarification. I also chose not to respond to any other posts during this time. Again, only the Lord knows why he has asked me to do so.

    I love you all and even more love that the Word of our God will never fail or fail us.

  6. Dee, that parable is located in Matt 21:28-32. And that’s a very good point to make. People have to be careful if they are always talking about what they will do, but never get anything done. The first son although he initially told his father he would not do it, repented and then went and got the job done.

  7. My baby boy and I were up early one Sunday morning, and told him to awaken his sister and brother. Knowing that they would have ignored him and even rejected him because he was younger than they, I instructed him to tell them that I said for them to wake up, and if they had a problem with what he told them, I would deal with them. After that, my baby ran straight away, without fear or hesistation. He was so confident in the authority I had intrusted to him and was ready to be obedient. At that moment, God allowed me to see that in the spirit. I saw the parallel of that situation to my relationship with God. I realized that is how He desire me to be: one going forth in confidence with the authority of God, without hesitation or fear, ready to do His will. And He will deal with those that have a problem with what He commanded me tell others! I wept and prayed to God saying, “Lord help me to be for You like my child was to me!”

    @ godlysoldier…I love that last quote you made. I’d like to add as well: His cuts us with His “sword” and He turns right around to bind and heal those same wounds! I just love the Lord!! Be blessed!

  8. I was also thinking that productivity doesnt have to be looked upon as something “great” but we also need to be productive in our marriages, with our children, planning quality time with them.

    We can get caught up in the “doing it big” mindset, trying to change the world while neglecting those who God has given us direct influence over, I fell into that.

  9. @ ReRe, Amen! I find that as a married woman, “home” is my first ministry. I had gotten to a point where “people” were attempting to push me out there because of my God given gift, and home was not being totally neglected, but it could have been had it not been for that still small voice of the Lord that showed me what’s most important and my wonderful husband that truly knows his place as the head of his home.

    That’s why it’s so important that we are being obedient to God and not man…being led by the Holy Spirit and that we are not just doing a “good” thing, but a “God” thing. The problem with “good” is that it has too many ‘o’s to be God…Selah!

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