Neechy TV's big question(s)

I like Neechy’s video and the questions. They are all good, plus I love the funny little, quirky touches on her videos. Hopefully you will weigh in. Not just with the typical “I hate gays” rubbish, but the church really needs biblical education. There’s a wealth of information in the scriptures about homosexuality. Let’s start using it so we are equipped to tell people something other than the cultic “God created adam and eve, not adam and steve.” Personally, I believe all the questions can easily be answered biblically with a touch of balanced practical application.


One thought on “Neechy TV's big question(s)

  1. I use to hold the resolve that someone could be born gay, simply because we are all born in sin, but that did not at all change the fact that we needed to be delivered, because God will always have the power to deliver from sin, even though we are born in it.

    But in relaity, because of the nature of it, it being something we are EXPOSED to at young ages, where it then festers and grows into something we cannot handle, and therefor learn to live with as our personality, that would mean I could have been born addicted to porn, even though I had no idea what pornography was when I was one second old! I could have been born a masterbator? NAH That don’t make since. While we are born in sin, unless we are exposed to it, we won’t know it and won’t do it. I didn’t find pornography until i was 7 years old. That’s a long time from birth. My homosexuality emerged sometime after that.

    I do not believe that anyone is born gay, but that they are exposed to it with open doors of lack in their homes when they are young, whether they are fatherless, or the have both parents but the parents are unknowingly lacking in the love and dedication they are showing their children. Even with this, some children just end up angry and in jail, some end up homosexual, it varies. It depends on what we are EXPOSED TO or expose ourselves to (in my case) that shapes us and forms us into the sin that we hold on to dearly. Matthew 6:22-23

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