Curtain Call: Blake to reveal clergy sexual abuse plan in Memphis

blakeThe saga continues. According to the COGIC’s public relations spokesperson, Presiding Bishop Charles Blake will reveal for the first time his aggressive new clergy sexual abuse plan. And just in time for Holy Convocation.

Deidre Malone told Memphis Commercial Appeal that Blake and the church have been working on this plan for “more than 15 years”, but refused to divulge any details. We can only hope this is not another layer of church bureaucracy which will impede justice for future victims.

That would mean that the church has known about its clergy sexual abuse problem since at least 1994, but have failed to act on a number of high profile cases. Its also interesting now that ReportCOGICAbuse has been launched, the plan magically gets finished. Of course the obvious question is does it really take 15 plus years to finish a clergy sexual abuse plan? And why hasnt anyone heard of it prior to now? Perhaps this is why they refused to acknowledge Supt Harvey Barnett’s comprehensive National Victims Advocacy Plan.

Hopefully, Bishop Blake will:
(1) Release the details of the plan to the media
(2) Call for church-wide repentance to past victims of clergy sexual abuse
(3) Acknowledge that COGIC leadership has been unjust in dealing with victims

Malone also told WMC TV in Memphis “presiding Bishop Charles Blake does have an additional initiative that he’s going to announce.”

An additional initiative? Additional to what?

Other developments

Monday, the first day of the Convocation, I will be a guest on the Thaddeus Matthews Show. It airs at 4pm on KWAM 990 AM Memphis. If you want to listen or call in, you can catch the show online here.

Here’s video of the October 12 edition of WMC TV News. Clergy sexual abuse in COGIC was the lead story.


21 thoughts on “Curtain Call: Blake to reveal clergy sexual abuse plan in Memphis

  1. Silence is tolerance seems to me, and what defines leadership in my book is the willingness to make the tough decisions. Instead of sweeping things under the rug!

    Folks don’t necessarily have to be put on blast, only displaced, if proven guilty.

  2. “Folks don’t necessarily have to be put on blast, only displaced, if proven guilty.

    What does that mean in regards to clergy sexual abuse?

  3. COGIC needs a full house sweeping on this issue and it does not take 15 years to do this task. It was foot dragging because of the usual…”somone knew someone who knew someone” and that kept matters hush hush and thus avoids a lot of embarrassment for
    COGIC and its image.
    If COGIC “leadership” is knowingly housing sexual predators and scoundrels under the guise of being a preacher/evangelist/prophet,they need to repent not the base church membership.
    Someone needs to take the deposition of Blake and find out exactly what did he know and when did he know it and what records or reports they have received over the past fifteen years on any of their staff or pastors being sexual predators.
    The COCGIC base membership needs to be sufficiently informed of the avenues that they can take when they are confronted with such
    sexual predators and with the full assurance that a prompt investigation will take place with subpeona powers granted to the investigators.
    The victims need to get immediate attention or they should take their cases to court since they are not suing any “bretheren” who
    would do such dastardly things to them or to minor children.
    Once there are several good civil judgements against certain COGIC
    pastors who are found to be sexual predators, you will find how
    quickly this matter clears up.
    It is nothing like a good money judgment that brings folks to repentance and to change internal policies. Works like a charm!

  4. Youre right Lafe…again. Ive said it before too, this will only lead to a secular legal organization decimating the organization’s finances. And when God causes it to happen, it is warranted.

    Knowing COGIC the way I do, I seriously doubt there would ever be some major upheaval in leadership. There are too many in power right now who are wicked and have ongoing secret sin. Or at least they think is secret. An insider told me that the late gay pedophile bishop JD Husbands was about to do a major tell all at a 1991 Memphis meeting before the presiding bishop shut the meeting down abruptly. Husband died later that year.

    What this organization needs only God can give. Personally I believe the wheels are turning already and because of the arrogance and pride, certain ones will be shocked when God’s hammer drops.

    We can only pray that those who have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying will cry aloud and spare not.

  5. I’m only referring to baby steps as it applies (on the part of the COGIC)to the exposure thing, because as I see it thus far there are no steps being taken. The upper eschelon of those involved need their collars snatched (I’m being nice, believe me)

    Look, I’m far from condoning abuse on any level, being a victim of child abuse. But at the same time I’ve got to forgive and move on. I don’t quite know what kind of response you may be soliciting. But 15 years is a long time to do nothing! And that is why I said what I said.

  6. Vaughn, I only asked because I was unclear as to the meaning of your statement.

    Thanks for clearing it up.

    Listen there are two sides to this

    1. Support for victims
    2. Exposure of predators

    Both are necessary if reformation is to become institutionalized. You cant just expose predators and leave the victims to wither in their hurt and pain. And you cant just support victims and leave the predators to attack someone else.

    Part of that exposure is also exposing enablers of the predators. This is where COGIC leadership is culpable and guilty.

    This “we’ve been working on a sexual abuse plan for 15 years” thing in my opinion is a lie. But time will tell. COGIC’s head lawyer Enoch Perry made no mention of any such plan in his sworn deposition nor has there been any church official to independently corroborate this latest PR lie.

    There is no such thing as “forgive and move on” Vaughn. I only say that to educate you. It sounds right, but it ignores the reality and deep emotional, relational and sexual scars left by such abuse.

    Victims (and their families) should forgive 100%. That’s bible and that’s right. But “moving on” cannot happen when there has been no reformation of a system which spawned these monsters in the first place.


  7. One thing is for sure elder…I will be there to hear it for myself hopefully. I can’t stay the whole time, but I at least want to hear the plan or at least receive a handout or something…For sure I’ll be outta there by the time “lustbag” Bryant speaks for himself (because he sure doesn’t speak for God)

    If for any reason my person is misplaced, you know where to find me-LOL

  8. Valid!

    When I said forgive & move on, it applied to my situation, b/c after all the forgiving is for my benefit, so that nothing hinders (bitterness and such) my growth and advancement.

    We need you to do what it is that you do on a large scale, but I was speaking on a personal.

    You as well as Pastor Burnett have a charge to keep when it comes to defending the defenseless!

  9. Hey Pastor Foster:

    Looks like you have attracted the attention of Rick Ross, one of the leading opponents of false movements and ministries. Unfortunately, what got Ross started is that he is a Jew, and he was opposed to attempts by Christians to evangelize Jews (and everybody else basically, Jews have long held the opinion that all evangelism is religious imperialism and discrimination) and started his effort to warn Jews – and others – against evangelistic groups that used unethical tactics (pressure, manipulation, deception, etc.) But of course, since Ross opposes evangelism in general (beyond having to acknowledge that it is part of many religious traditions and that UNLIKE ISRAEL it is legal in this country), his classification of unethical evangelists is very deep and wide, especially if they target Jews for conversion.

    Anyway, here is the link:

    GCMW: Thanks for the background info, I wasnt aware of Ross and what he was about. I guess I’ll stay neutral?

  10. Pastor Foster or anyone else who knows:

    Is it true that C.O.G.I.C. formerly opposed female pastors but now has them? It appears that their early leaders (i.e. Charles Mason) opposed it, but this has lately been relaxed.

  11. Yeah Job its true. As a whole there used to be 100% against women pastors. Now, They appear to be trending against women pastors **on paper** but there are a growing number of them. There seems to be some bishops who are accepting of women pastors while others are dead set against it. Typical denominational political wrangling. It was allegedly discussed during the last “constitutional convention” in 2001 but tabled. I had been thinking maybe if women were in the top power tiers would there be this problem with sexual abuse? The good ole boys club has too many secrets amongst themselves.

    Im not that sure about Mason’s woman pastor beliefs.

  12. I agree with about everything that has been said concerning COGIC so called clergy abuse plans. You mean to tell me it has taken 15 years to come up with a plan, I find that hard to believe. They’re only coming up with a plan because they’ve got all these legal issues going on. God is pulling the covers back from off COGIC because in some areas of their denomination they operates no differently than a cult. I agree COGIC needs to clean house starting with the general board first and than down. There are members on the general board who have been involved in sexual misconduct but yet they are on the board. If the heads is corrupt than it trickle down to other areas of the denomination. Then these dummies invite Jamal Bryant to preach at their holy convocation, are you kidding me! He’s the biggest womanizer on the east coast.

    15 years, 15 years!!! Excuse my language but this smells a bunch of you know what. I agree with one of the commenter that Blake Blake needs to be deposition. Some say Blake got thrown into this mess after Patterson died but Blake knew enough as a general board member to make strong recommendation and influences o this issue then. Hopefully the jury will send a strong message against COGIC in that clergy abuse civil suit going on in Asheville, NC this week. If I was COGIC I would just settle all these lawsuit out of court and then make sweeping changes within the holy denomination while they still have a denomination to come back to.

  13. Greetings Beloved

    Elder Foster God Bless YOU and YOUR Family

    To all we all must forgive if we don’t forgive we are no different from those that are committing these sins or any other, God has clled us to be Holy, To abide in Christ Jesus, As a 4th Generation COGIC I will stand behind COGIC. There are many many False Prophets This I Do Know so don’t be surprize when more come to light. We as Men Of God MUST Take A STAND and if God has truly called you, you will take that stand Bishop C H Mason was studying 1Thess 2 and the Holy Ghost was teaching him the anointing, when the Holy Ghost spoke and said if you build this church there is not a building that will hold the souls I will draw, Now how the Church was to be run Bishop share it with us, But Satan came in and with that false prophets,evil spirits. I do know this that I will stand watch and pray as I abide in Christ Jesus. Keep up the Good Work Foster.And Let the Lord Continue to us you to remove the SINNERSBEHINDTHEPULPIT BACK TO THE PEWS IN THIS GREAT CHURCH COGIC THERE ARE SOUL THAT NEED TO BE SAVED,BORN AGAIN, JESUS CHRIST IS REAL I THINK WHEN MY MOTHER WOULD SAY IT’S GOING TO BE A SAD SAD DAY WHEN THAT DAY COME WHEN THOSE THAT ARE DOING THINGS THAT WE SEE TODAY SINNERS BEHIND THE PULPIT, WOMEN PASTOR IF WE ARE DOING ANYTHING THAT IS AGAINST THE NEW TESTAMENT = BLOOD OF CHRIST WE OR THAT SOUL IS HEADED STRAIGHT TO HELL AND I MEAN HELL IF WE KNOW OF ANY ONE WE MUST TELL THEM TO REPENT JESUS CHRIST PAID IT ALL. NOW WE THAT ARE SAVED WASH IN THE BLOOD WE MUST MUST DEFEND THE GOSPEL BE YE HOLY 24 HOURS A DAY BE YE HOLY ELDER FOSTER STAND LOOK NOT TO THE RIGHT OR LEFT YOU ARE ACCOUNTABLE TO GOD ONLY CONTINUE AS FOR ME BORN IN A FAMILY WITH COGIC BISHOPS,PASTOR,MISSIONARYS THAT ARE ALL HOLY,LIVE HOLY AND DO THE THINGS THEY TEACH I WILL CONTINUE. KEEP ME IN YOUR PRAYERS GOD BLESS YOU IN JESUS CHRIST NAME.

  14. Rev. Robinson thank you and may God give you his courage, joy and compassion to always stand for righteousness.

  15. Well, congrats Pastor Foster, perhaps it was your leading in this subject..(sexual abuse) that got the attention of the COGIC leaders….and I hope that a plan is presented by COGIC…it breaks my heart to know that little children are being abused by the hands of men and lets be honest..women in the pulpit. I have ministered to quite a few men and women who had been molested by a male or female person in their church, its not just a COGIC issue..but frankly an issue across all lines…

    Interesting stuff…

  16. 15 years????? Are they serious??? 15 years is an insult to anyone with common sense. If it takes 15 years to come up with some rules, regulations and guidelines to combat perverts; COGIC should consider closing its doors!!! This is embrassing for a group of people that claim to hear from God!
    Frankly Pastor,you and your regular blog readers would do a better job as co-bishops of COGIC. How hard can it be? Especially if we have 15 years to make major decisions and live large in the process? Sign me up-Lady D, Co-Bishop~

  17. I know this is a bit off topic, but brother Foster, have you seen the debate on homosexuality between Dr. Michael Brown and Harry Knox(the same fellow who debated Pastor Gino Jennings)? I think its worth a watch. Attached is part 1 of the debate.

  18. Elder Foster,

    Thank God for you. We’ll see how this goes and I’ll be listening to you and Thaddeus this evening. I’ve complete my thoughts in my article and hope that helps bring additional light to the issues at hand. Anyone wanting to read click my name on this comment it should go to the page. If not go here:

    The battle is not your’s, it’s the Lords!

    1 Samuel 17:47 ~ And all this assembly shall know that the LORD saveth not with sword and spear: for THE BATTLE [is] the LORD’S, and he will give you into our hands

  19. Fifteen years for a policy plan for sexual harassment. That is a joke.
    I am a lawyer who does civil rights work and believe me, if COGIC
    came to me for such a policy, I could draw one up for them within
    30 days….for a fee of course (smile) that would route out these
    predators and pedophiles and put the fear of God back into the pulpit!
    Fifteen years! Bishop Blake needs to quit playing games and get serious. He is appealing to his base of men and not God, to do the right thing. He as such is off course and is not using godly
    Fifteen years equals the fear of man and not of God. Blake is
    trying to hope this outrage blows over and he can get on to other important things like new robes for the bishops or should the local COGIC pastors take up three offerings during a service or hold them to just two…you know, major issues that affect the membership!
    Judgment will begin at the house of God and it appears that COGIC
    is first in line. None too soon!
    Don’t worry, Methodists, Lutherans, Baptists, Pentecostals, etc..
    your turn is coming. God is no respecter of this denominationalism/tribalism foolishness.
    It detracts from His truths and His glory and honor and it holds the true church up to ridicule.

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