A new birth?: Eddie Long's "spiritual son" showing cult side

The increasingly frightening story of Bishop Brian Tamaki of Auckland New Zealand who’s the “spiritual son” of Eddie Long of Atlanta. Another sign pointing towards the return of the Lord.

PJ Miller has an excellent run down on his post Destiny Church, A cult in the making.

Religion News blog also covers how Tamaki’s service where 700 men in the church swore allegiance to him and are now wearing covenant rings as a symbol of their “irrevocable, undissolvable oath of commitment” to him.

RNB reported last December the cult-like church announced plans to create a ‘holy city’ for its followers. At the time, Tamaki reportedly urged church members to sell their homes around the country and move to his promised land. The church has denied this, but Tamaki’s 3 million dollar home is up for sell. The church refused to say why.

What do you think is really behind the “spiritual son, spiritual daughter” thing going on in the church?

Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God, according to the promise of life in Christ Jesus,To Timothy, my beloved son: Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord. 2 Tim 1:1,2

But is this the same concept and precept people like Eddie Long, et al are espousing?


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  1. I read about this the other day. Definitely sounds like they are bent on becoming a full blown cult. I think that the spiritual son, spiritual daughter thing is blown out of proportion. Now I believe that having “spiritual parent” is OK, but to vow blind obedience to any man is hogwash, and disrespectful to Almighty God.

  2. Why don’t they just put their heads on anvils and drive nails in their ears to insert earrings to show they are devoted to this foolish leader. I am imagining my asking the men in the congregation I serve to wear commitment rings to show their dedication and commitment to me….I can also imagine the elders asking for my resignation. How cant hey call the dedeication irrevocable? Paul, the apostle told the church to follow him as he follows Christ. If Paul were to veer away from the gospel they could veer away from him. This stinks of cultism, certainly.
    I’m trying to figure out what would make MEN wear a commitment ring to another man; preacher or not?

    Some of these folk misapply the term spiritutal sons/daughters. fathers/mothers etc. Didn’t Paul say that the Corinthinas had only one father? He used the term father in the sense that he preached the gospel to them, discipled them, labored over them with tears, prayed for them, loved them, etc. These people call someone father who has preached a message that impressed them or has a ministry they they would like to emulate. These leaders may fall into the category of teachers (I’ll leave false teachers alone for now) but not fathers. These congregants need to grab their Nike’s and RUN!

  3. Plus, Elder Jimmy, it just sounds really, really weird. Men wearing a “comittment ring” for another man? I hate to say what that sounds like but you know.

  4. Why is this being linked to Bishop Eddie Long? Has it been verified that he is condoning this or is in some way involved? If not, it’s a bit misleading to identify this bishop primarily as Bishop Long’s “spiritual son.” If this is being done so that this story will receive more “hits” since Bishop Long’s name is instantly more recognizable than Bishop Tamaki’s, then I don’t think that’s right.

  5. This tells me that if these gullible men vow allegiance to Bishop Tamaki then they will bow to the anti-christ.

  6. It only “works” that way if you do it that way. This is not secular media which attempts to whip people up into a frenzy with misleading headlines. As members of the Lord’s church, we are to operate according to a higher standard.

  7. What on earth are you talking about? Your comments make no sense whatsoever. Are you saying we should not mention the hallowed name of Eddie Long in public? Please explain and not in some cryptic religious language.

  8. krazeeboi, I dont understand what the problem is with the article. No doubt it is the teaching that he has gotten has lead him to think this way. When you start out with a bad seed you know you will get bad fruit.I say this to say that the abuse of money and other false teaching is prevelant in most of these mega churches so what do you expect from a son of that movement?

    In the second part of Rev. 2:2, Jesus commended the church of ephesus saying this,

    “And you have tested those who say they are apostles and are not, and have found them liars;”

    Do we test anyone anymore, is that a sin or do we just allow leaders with bad principles to be at the fore front of the church leading others astray?

    God bless!!

  9. Just read this comment on the orginal blog posted.

    What you may not know is that Eddie Long is part of Mark Hanby’s organization…. Hanby is all about “alignment” and spiritual fathering and sons etc. He was in with Earl Polk a few years back and considered him a spiritual father.

    If there’s someone who needs to be checked out, it’s him…. He’s on his second or third divorce…. http://www.hanby.org/

  10. Eddie Long was recetnly a guest speaker at Bishop Michael Pitts Church in Toledo, Ohio. The church is Cornerstone and Michael Pitts was once strongly associated with Earl Paulk and Carlton Pearson.

    Cornerstone Church and Michael Pitts were at one time a very good church which has now gotten into some strange teachings about the end time and there isn’t a Rapture. It’s the coming of the Lord, not the going up of the saints. We are going to rule and reign and establish God’s kingdom on earth then deliver the kingdom to Him when He returns because we are to take kingdom dominion.

    I was a member for 18 years, but in the last 3-4 years a strange spirit has infiltrated and popular preachers with dramatic preaching and seed giving has become a mainstay to keep the people whipped into a frenzy of blessing and dominion. They also have some very strong ideas about authority and headship and when you ask too many questions, you are basicaly told, there’s the door see if you can find a better church. Several pastors have left because of the behavior of Michael Pitts and his brother Pastor Robert Pitts who now sports a ponytail. He has always been very clean cut and conservative. It is odd to see this change.

    It’s funny how these Pastors all run in each others’s circles and keep the twisted truth going through their theatrical preaching and music. Pastor Sheryl Brady was just at Cornerstone and was recruited not long ago by Pastor Pitts to be a part of his network. During the Cornerstone Heaven on Earth Conference there was a whole cast of characters invited including Paula White & TD Jakes. Michael Pitts even charged a $100 early entrance pass fee for thosw who wanted a good seat for the entire conference. I bet there were some poor people who would have loved to have gotten there early to get a good seat but couldn’t. Isn’t there a scripture about showing partiality in the church and oppressing the poor.

    God help the church today which is being run like a business and a Tony Robbins seminar. And all the while we have obedient, unsuspecting sheep being led to the slaughter by their anointed, filled with revelation authoritative headship. It’s scary.

  11. Rosie youre right. These vipers slither in the same paths with each other. Their words are nothing but poison. They take God’s Word and turn it into a merchandising tool while recreating the sheep into dollar signs.

    Wake up and save yourself from these mammon lovers! Give God your life, time, devotion, love, money and service. Man is not the mediator, Christ is.

  12. I personally believe that this whole thing is a prelude to some sort of homosexual ‘uprising’ within the ranks of the Christian church.

    Men like Carlton Pearson and The ‘most high’ Bishop Eddie Long – in my opinion – are its’ ‘ring leaders’.

    Anytime a ‘so-called’ man of God (Long) can ‘prance’ around a pulpit in a muscle shirt – his mind has already ventured into the reprobate pool.

    And if you are any student of history – none of this (where men in ‘high offices’ are concerned) is anything new to this ‘sin-soaked’ world.

  13. Rosie… these so-called ‘obedient sheep’ – like most christians are being obedient to the wrong voice – to the wrong entity.

    I find that Christian will more readily follow the voice of a man (or woman) rather than follow the voice of God. And by the way – they are not necessarily one in the same.

    We’d (christians) better be very careful in our own places of worship, etc.

    I am seeing more and more of this hinted at – even in the ‘smaller’ local churches.

    READ your OWN bible. Don’t forget a preacher, pastor, bishop – they are only MEN!

    Allegience to them – will not be used as an excuse before God.

    Know the ‘word’ and the Lord for yourself.

  14. The document contains the following:
    Under “Conduct Towards Bishop”, the “sons” are told that “Bishop is the tangible expression of God”, so they need to understand how to properly approach their man of God “to protect the anointing and not transgress this special relationship”.

    Lord have mercy!

  15. Wow, that sounds straight up “pope-ish”! What about the priesthood of every believer? This is near deification of a human.
    Do you have a link to the doc, pastorctj?

  16. Here is a link to the original News report in the
    New Zealand Herald.

    The quotes are from there…
    Here is an other one that raises some questions:
    Under “Church Service (in house) Protocols” the men are encouraged to sit as close as possible to the front of the church to be nearer to Mr Tamaki and to be vocal during his preaching, affirming what he has to say with “amen” and “that’s right”, clapping, shouting and laughing. This sort of participation is said to build “an atmosphere that is conducive to supernatural events”.

    They are told to bring Bible, pen, paper or laptop to note down Mr Tamaki’s sermons which “shows how highly you value the Word of God from Bishop’s mouth”.

    Interesting to note that there is no mention of this event on the ministry’s website, and that at each of the ministry’s 11 locations, the ‘pastors’ are husband and wife teams. That for me is ALWAYS a red flag, as is the fact that under their statement of beliefs there is this:
    ‘The church is Gods only hope for the human race.’
    Shouldn’t it be the other way around???

  17. I agree with gcmwatch…a commitment ring that your male parishioners have to wear to indicate their undying, and unrevocable dedication to you as the male pastor sounds gay. I think it’s interesting that people are bringing up Jim Jones.
    Every one knows, especially from the recent documentary that just put chills down my spine, that he started off as a charismatic, prosperity preacher in Illinois (I believe)…and it disintegrated into the mess we now know of today. Interestingly, I learned from the documentary, that sexual relations with the men in his congregration were required. They actually had to sign a written document that this was to be expected to symbolize their loyalty to him upon entering the church/they actually have samples of these letters in the documentary…which is demonic, disturbing, and gross…I find it startling that this is what christian evangelism in America is producing when transported to other countries!
    Bishop Long/Jakes and whoever should be ashamed of themselves!

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