On Memphis radio today

Today, I will be a guest on the Thaddeus Matthews Show which airs 5pm eastern on KWAM 990 Memphis.

I dont have the call in number but Im sure it will be given out numerous times should you want to weigh in with question or comment.

You can listen live at www.kwam990.com or at www.thaddeusmatthews.com (scroll to bottom).

Here’s the interview in its entirety. Thanks to Thaddeus Matthews for the opportunity to share our concerns.



4 thoughts on “On Memphis radio today

  1. I’m listening out for you now. The links you posted are not working, but I did a general Google search to get a functioning link. Look frward to it!

  2. What Thaddeus needs to know is that ALL unrighteousness is sin, and he’s certainly in it with all that cussin’ and promotion of secular agenda, but the purpose of the interview was to get the word and the message out regardng the issues of sexual abuse and the serious problems going unchecked in this church.

    It’s just hard to know what the agenda of certain individuals like Thaddeus really is. Elder Foster, that was really “enduring” until the end with this fella.

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