Donnie McClurkin unleashes at COGIC convocation

WATCH (3 videos) as Pastor Donnie McClurkin powerfully deals with the sexual issues and spiritual bondages of youth at the recent COGIC convention in Memphis. May the Lord give these young people sustained freedom as they have left the convention. Thanks to Pastor McClurkin for speaking the sentiments of my heart.

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  1. I need to get this DVD and Monday communion message, in addition to Bishop Daniels they were the best speakers of my weekend in Memphis. I came to the service as he was making the altar call and it was just awesome. Bishop Blake said it was the convocation of the turn around, but was it really?

  2. Lapreg, I dont know about the other parts (I watched about 3 days worth), but in my humble estimation, this was turn around. Ive been there (young, in church and struggling while keeping up the “appearance” with no real hope of change) so I was very touched by the message. It was impromptu, no? I noticed none of the significant leaders were in attendance, but maybe they dont ordinarily come to youth services. Perhaps they should change that too.

  3. Look, one of the best messages was the communion message Monday. Elder Range spoke and boy did he speak. A 75 year old, Holy Ghost filled, biblical scholar…That one floated my boat along with the message God gave Donnie.

    D. Hines brought a word with a few theological difficulties, but they can be dealt with, but he was right on the homosexual issue and calling the preachers back to preaching holiness…Bishop Blake made special not of that and said he heard Hines’s entire message, so much until he was late for another engagement at the meeting.

    Now, as I’ve stated, I HOPE the moment is maximized and used to be a greater blessing to all of COGIC and to institute reforms that are lasting and substantive…That’s my prayer, God yet answers prayer doesn’t he?

  4. BTW, I watched just about the whole thing from the rootta to the tootta…Bishop Brandon Porter was in a special element as I’ve stated in another post, but I get the sense that the leaders don’t want a ‘watered down’ church in whatever area that might pertain to.

  5. Yep, just got back from the COGIC weekend. Awesome! You right, supt burnett, Bishop Range was the highlight of the weekend for that communion service. And Donnie MclClurkin certainly did my heart good; but yes, I hope that the commitment that the youth made and deliverance received at the altar will be nurtured and sustained by the church bodies to which they will return…there certainly was fire in the place!

  6. Where is Bishop Range from? Ive never heard of him. Thank God for that bone saturating wisdom preaching of the church Fathers. I’ll take that anyday over the pop-gospel fluff and puff stuff.

  7. I’m not sure where he’s from…I’ve never heard of him. COGIC is kinda known for having their favorites in terms of who preaches at these national meetings…but, that brother just flat-footed preached. When I was in the audience, I kept looking to the bishops’ faces to see what their reaction was, because he was stepping on toes…talking about if you’re golfing instead of ministering, then you’re not fit to be a preacher–everybody knows Blake is a big-time golfer. I know it will be his last time speaking at the convention; but it was worth whatever reputation it may have costed him.

  8. @Rogers I thought the same thing jokingly, Bishop Range will be up for emeritization in the next round after that message. I heard the mothers were loving it, but they kept the monitors on the speakers in house, did they show crowd reaction online?
    He lost none of his reputation if stands on what he preached Monday, he just lost favour with the convention powers that be, though his invite came from Blake. But its better to have God’s favour than that of man.

  9. Bishop Range is from out east IF memory serves me correctly. I believe he served under the Late OT Jones Jr. (I may be wrong)…the first time I heard his some years ago he was just as hard hitting…during a part of his message he gave the story of the “talking horse”…I’ve got the tape but he said something like, the horses owner wanted to prove the horse could communicate by dancing out an answer and hitting his hooves to the ground…They asked a series of questions and the horse tapped out the appropriate answers…Questions like How many home runs did Hank Aaron get in a certan game etc…the horse amazingly tapped the right number to every question…he then said some “nitwit” asked the horse, “how many hypocrits are in this church?” he said the horse went into a frantic dance tapping out an insurmountable number and never stopped-LOL-LOL-LOL!
    He said back then…and I remember this because I was on my feet absorbing every word…”It’s not the woodpeckers on the outside that have weakened the church, it’s the terrible termites from within that have damaged it to the core and caused it to to loose it’s strength.”
    This was every bit of 1989 when this Bishop preached this message my friends…He has delivered a WORD again, even after 20 years…the Lord used that man to speak to this church…If these are lost it’s certainly NOT because God didn’t send a word, it’s because that word was rejected!
    I’m sorry, I’ve got to go cry and pray like I feel it right now…

  10. Thank you, thank you, I NEEDED to hear this message… Jesus is hearing my cries and seeing my struggles… Two weeks ago I attempted an over-dose with hard alcohol and muscle-relaxers, should have died… but I am here… with healthy kidneys and liver…Thank you, thank you… Rose

  11. Wow, that is a complete turn around from his interview with Steve Harvey!!! Maybe this is a turning point for Pastor McClurkin, let him not fall back into compromise.

    Does anybody else feel like this was a release of a lot of pent up righteous indignation?

    The Lord is still in the business of deliverance. AMEN

    Praise God.

  12. Great to hear that the convocation didn’t close without allowing one throwback message. I saw plenty of what was transpiring during the week and while it’s good to show progress in certain areas, the COGIC need not to forget it’s roots as it tries to remain relevant in this new day. I have long admired Bishop Range. He comes from a great family and has a marvelous testimony.

    If you haven’t gotten a chance to read the book, please check below. It will change your life.

    Heal Me or Kill Me, the Story of a Modern Day Job
    Rev Cornelius F. Range
    ISBN 0-88270-592-x

    The autobiography of a man living with Pemphigus Vegetans, his search for physical and spiritual healing. The book is currently out of print, and available only from:

    Mrs. Sandra Range 7213 Society Dr, Claymont DE 19703-1770

    GCMW: Thank you so much for this info MDR

  13. Thank the LORD that Pastor McClurkin was obedient to the Holy Ghost. Thank GOD that he’s a changed man and is not afraid to share his testimony — obviously a lot of people in that room (and watching it now) needed to hear it.

    I pray more leaders would stand up like this and just be honest. Yeah, we’re saved now, but once upon a time we were a hot mess worthy of nothing but death. Some of us seem to forget or something… that what we once went through, the youth are struggling with now — and in a worse way. The norm kids are taught nowadays is all about the acceptance of a sinful lifestyle — and we see the evidence of it every time a horrifying story comes up in the news.

    Gratuitous violence, casual sex, absolutely no moral or ethical standards — “you’re a good person if you live and let live.”

    They don’t hear the truth in school or even at home, and most definitely not amongst their peers. They have to hear it from somewhere. So I pray the LORD will continue to saturate the airwaves, the Internet, the local congregations — the entire planet — with the GOOD NEWS. There is Salvation in Jesus the Christ, freedom from all bondage — and who the SON sets free is free indeed forevermore!

    GCMW: Amen to everything you said Lavrai!

  14. This brought me to tears and repentance. I, too, am a sexual abuse survivor by a male cousin and was introduced to pornography at the age of 5! Yes, Penthouse, Playboy, and hardcore porn shop mags at the age of 5.

    I am grateful to God that Pastor McClurkin was bold enough to make such a declaration in the midst of scandal in the COGIC. I came out of the COGIC. God is healing me.

    Thank you Pastor Foster for posting this. I needed to hear and receive this.

    Thank you.

  15. awesome message by pastor donnie mcclurkin.

    ’bout time someone apologized for the church.
    ’bout time someone open up and challenge parents
    ’bout time someone took off the mask and told the truth.

  16. I did too Eld Carl. God bless you, no hurt can keep him from healing the brokenhearted. I hurt for all those who are locked in church in the cycle but think they cannot escape the circumstances of their afflictions. Donnie Mac let the Lord use him to destroy that false imagination in the youth’s mind. I am also thankful he forbade those adults with sin on their hands from laying hands. That needs to be done without apology at every altar call. Let the wicked repent, not lay hands.

  17. Ok, I was retouching some photos and said to myself, “Hmmm, let me go and see what Pastor Foster been up to on GCM WATCH.” WOW! Thanks for this post….just another spark to fuel my fire. Foster, as you can see my Facebook page is going to change. It’s all about the Word now. While I will still have general convo on the page, however most of the info will be for and about The Kingdom of God. And what better way to start day two of this than w/ these videos!

    AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. IT was 3:30am when I started watching these vids and I was about to shout and my knee got to shakin’. That message was so speaking my heart, too, man. He kept it on point. I just pray that those kids can somehow receive follow-up or some type of continuing discipleship to walk this out. Going to the alter and falling down is a great start, but we know that once you get up off that alter, you gotta walk this thing out every day!!

    I’m posting these to FB now!!

  18. S. Rose Thunderword-Cohen,

    My heart was touched by your post. Right now I am praying for you. GOD is able to help you live in accordance to His word. Continue to cry out to Him. He does hear and answer prayer.

  19. Excellent! Many have been waiting for Donnie McClurkin to say something about the Tonex matter and boy did he! (Just wished he’d left out the speaking in tongues part though…but ok).

    Tonex must have heard about it because he tweeted the following:

    “I know I’m a popular church subject right now, but preachers: preach Jesus & keep my name out your sermons. God is greater than Tonex anyday.”

    Tonex doesn’t get it now and will he ever? Praying and hoping he will. Meanwhile, God bless those that DO repent and believe the gospel of Christ and receive the full blessings that God has to give!

    God bless you also Pastor DL for being a wonderful testimony on how one can leave the homosexual lifestyle and live happily with a wife and children!

  20. It would have been very easy to keep Tonex’s name out of the sermons. He should have kept his false teachings in the closet. But I digress…

    Thanks Carlotta, I will tell anyone, anywhere With God, ALL THINGS are possible if we believe. I believed him and his word and I live a life reaping the benefits of trusting God. My wife and children are the fruit of my love for God and his purpose for me. And God is no respector of persons. Whosover will call on the name of the Lord shall be saved! That’s fantastic news to anyone struggling with homosexuality or anything for that matter. You can be free!

    So many of these young people Donnie McClurkin was talking to were like I once was: hopeless and lost in church. This is a familiar place for me. I hope they can know now that with God nothing is impossible.

    For the rest of my life Im determined to serve him.

  21. As an openly Gay Black Male, who was never molested, who grew up with two fathers; natural father and God Father, a host of brothers who are heterosexual who taught how to “man up” and I played sports in the neighborhood, had no problems bonding with other males..i am not a flamboyant guy although there is nothing wrong with it..but I am Gay…Masculine…and truly happy with who I am and who I have become and my relationship with Christ has been the key to my happiness; I cannot relate to Donnie’s testimony. I was never raped and never knew any gay people personally until I was in High School. In fact, I didn’t lose my virginity until my freshman year of College. I admire Donnie and I actually don’t have any problems with him giving his testimony or preaching the way he feels he should but not all Gay people are victimes of rape or molestation, not all Gay people are seeking validation from their partners. Donnie admitted to have many male partners, I am 33 but I can still count the men I’ve been with on one hand; obviously he can’t. Im just saying…he paints Gay people has pretty bad people who are lacking fatherhood or maleness; so foolish. There are thousand of masculine Gay Black Males; some are married to women who have no idea. And frankly, any man that can style, look better than the average women, take good care of their hair, nails..and is brave enough to walk the streets as the way God made them..feminine or not…is more of a man than any of these “brothers” on the down low….when will the church learn to embrace people of all walks of life..instead alienating them to some kind of least this may help those who were enticed into homosexuality..who perhaps were are not really Gay..but out of some type of lack or childhood trauma turned to the same sex out of fear..or low self esteemed..i know that many partcipate in homosexual acts; but are not really homosexual in their heart, mind body and soul..his message will help those who do desire in their hearts to be free from homosexual acts…

    I hope this doesn’t get not being rude..just adding a different point of view…my testimony is so very different from Donnie’s…

  22. I am in awe of the delivering power of God… This needs to happen in every place in the world…so many of my peers are struggling with Homosexuality, molestations, & rape…But they need to know that God can and Will deliver.

  23. MAW, Donnie McClurkin never said (nor have I ever heard him say or insinuate) that his story is every homosexual’s story. Nevertheless there are MANY homosexuals and former homosexuals who have been raped, molested, abused and grew up struggling to survive constant trauma.

    The big point youre missing in describing your near perfect life is that you are still a sinner on your way to hell. It matters not if you had two fathers, never been molested, raped, drank a wine cooler, is masculine or feminine. All trivial concerns compared to the condition of one’s soul.

    Another misconception you and others like you (Tonex) continue to spread is the problem is with the church. If the church were to cease to exist tomorrow, never to return homosexuality would still be sin of the abominable type. You have at best a strawman argument that helps to further confuse young people. Personally, I call it doctrines of demons. Only a demonic spirit would want someone to revel in their sin and rebellion and then fight God’s word he sends to bring deliverance.

    If you have not repented of your sins (and that’s obvious from your words) then you should be afraid to die. There is no escaping hell and after death comes judgment.

  24. AW have you repented for having sexual relations outside of marriage the Bible calls that the sin of fornication. No fornicator will inherit the Kingdom of God.
    1 Corinthians 6:8-10 (New American Standard Bible)

    8On the contrary, you yourselves wrong and defraud. You do this even to your brethren.
    9Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals,
    10nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God.

  25. Wow!!, i’m not much of a Donnie fan, but this was some transparent comments, and much needed (apart from the tongues and “releasing”). I think alot of people would do so much better if there were someone who would care enough to be honest about what’s going on. This is actually a good example of the following passage of scripture.

    Proverbs 27:5-6

    5Open rebuke is better than secret love.

    6Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.

  26. Min. Antwoine Williams,

    No matter how you got there the scipture says you MUST be born AGAIN. If it’s the case that you hold the Bible dear you need need to be able to reconcile your actions with the sciptures:

    1 Cor. 6:19-20~“19-What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost [which is] in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? 20-For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.”


    1 Corinthians 3:17~If any man DEFILE THE TEMPLE of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which [temple] ye are.

    For sure and without a doubt homosexuality is PROVED to be destructive to the physical body (in addition to the spiritual one),I pull those facts together HIV/AIDS & Health Care Reform. What Do We Really Know?

    Now, aside from all the multiple and many scriptures condemning homosexuality how can you possibly justify the destruction of your body through the means of homosexual perversion…I’ll tell you what it would be IMPOSSIBLE to use the Bible to justify your sin in any way shape or form, so I want to know what do you preach from? Can’t be the bible.

  27. GCMW posted 2007: “Not only did the churches listed above help the false prophetess in her “special cause”, but black gospel artists from the black gospel music industry got in on the act. Labelle said her friends like Mary-Mary, Yolanda Adams, CeCe Winans, Soul Seekers, Jay Moss would be granted special privleges to join her onstage and sing.”

    So did Donnie join her then and on many occasions. He just did a Christmas show on TVOne from her house.

    So did aaaall these churches n respected Gospel Artist/Performers get “gooped” by “SAINT Patti LaBelle the false prophetest” n Chrysler???

    Is Donnie now “Ok’d” n gets “a pass” bcuz of this DVD? He seems 2 b someone ur blog/site upholds as well as Kirk Franklin who we know has delt with sexual related addictions.

    I am not beating anyone up, i just want 2 look at it 360 and not 90 or 45 or 180 degrees. We are ALL of GOD. All our actions may not b of God’s favor or liking, but we r still of God even the evilest of evil… As far as I know ALL creation is of n from the Creator – GOD. The ONLY being I know of being created by the enemy is the antichrist.

    Should we wait 2 embrace the drug addict ONLY AFTER he/she is off drug or no longer addicted? Should we wait 2 embrace the person possed with evil, negative energy AFTER he/she is delivered? Imagine if God decided 2 embrace only AFTER we got through with our sins…. COMPASSIONATELY BISHOP

  28. There is a difference between hating sin aned hating the sinner. The first is right to do the other is wrong to do. So many times people get them confused over each other. Most time when people call names they are speaking of the sin a person has committed. Yes we all have sinned, but that does not mean turn a blind eye to sin. As well, if you are in the public eye and are sinning, you open yourself up to being told so. Sheep can get lost if no one say anything, and/or the situation can turn worse. (hint reason for this website)I was in COGIC for twenty years, left currently for twenty-one, and am surprised to see it actually being address by the convention in an honest effort after all this time. We all know or have heard the horror stories. It is time for a change. COGIC needs to step up. It is long overdue. They DO need to put some plan of action in place to rid the church of wolves. COGIC use to stand for something, and it still do. The devil just do not want to give up his strongholds.

  29. I get so emotional when I see stuff like this, because I struggle with homosexuality every day and sometimes I feel like I am figthing for nothing. But things like this show and remind me that I am not fighting for nothing, that no matter how much I allow myself to fall back in, God will CONTINUE to fight with me and for me because He sees what He wants to make me, even when I don’t have the faith to picture the freedom that exists outside of homosexuality and pornography addictions.

    I am thankful for testimonies liek Donnie’s and others whom I have met who have been delivered from homosexuality, and other sexual addictions. I appreciate the power that is in the name of Jesus Christ, because I know that even with broken people who say that homosexuality is ok, I have it in me to believe that it is NEVER ok to stray for God’s original design for me, and if I do, it is my own responsibility, and I do it with full awareness!

    So praise God for freedom in His spirit! Because Donnie was free enough to express what God had put in him to say, MANY MANY were freed that day, and that is something else that gets me all worked up. Is the oppurtunity for delieverance presented to people, and they grab hold!

  30. It’s interesting that Donnie would be the one to bring this gay issue to the light. But even more so. The last time I checked, we all still have our imperfections and I think we are all aware to some extent what they are. So he was 8 when he was molested and he was how old when he decided to convert. I guess it proves a point that it can sometime be a choice to be gay or straight. But is that for everyone. However, I’m gay by way of being once straight I was molested from the age of 7 to the age of 13 by a male cousin. I have two wonderful children from a unfaithful wife and we have talked about my choice. I love God and I know he loves me. I have been blessed time and time again in my life threw things I was told would have killed most. And nothing any preacher or converted homo says will ever change how I feel about God or serving God. I was taught if you teach the word the word will free any man if he hears it.What this does in make those that are in fact confused, hate the church or (the so holy clicks) the one place where they where looking for some type of care (not exception) but care. So then what. I have seen it to many time in the ministry that I am a part of. We are beat up and never return church and then the next thing you see or here is they are out in the streets. I am not saying it should not be addressed but let that person. Feel they can be comfortable enough to go to the pastor or someone in the church and have a conversation with him or her.
    I tell you what; this issue made headlines but I haven’t seen anything that speaks of the soul that where saved or the people that came looking for love and emotional healing at that convocation. Why has this not been headlined? What was the purpose since these things are not mention.

  31. you go donnie im also from the cogic and bishop range is my pastor you both preached the word of god and he really anointed you to god be the glory my prayers are with you

  32. To GBM

    I never said my life was perfect..I choose not to complain about everything or write a book to “sell” my life story
    GCMW: In a later comment your said you will be in a book with other gay couples. Isnt that self promotion just like you accuse McClurkin of. You should have said this to the book publishers.

    as Donnie did or go off at conventions/churches/concerts as he does constantly about his past..if he was really concern about “gay young people instead of putting his life story for “sell”, he would have made it available for
    GCMW: So will your book be free? Do you think E. Lynn Harris’ books should have been free or was he like you say Donnie Mac was fawning concern for black gay men only to get their money via his books?

    ALL to read..for free..and I wonder how much he charges to sing at a church/ is Donnie’s true aim at the expense of young people..who for some after listening to him..are further in denial…further from loving themselves..but the God I know will send another messenger along to give them a different of acceptance….true acceptance; which lets be real..Donnie’s entire appeal (marketing wise) is the idea that “here is a man, he is stating he was Gay, but no longer therefore all Gay’s can be cured”…that’s Donnie overall message..claim to fame..outside of his wonderful singing and gifts as an artist, now preacher…but what Donnie is most known for…is this issue with his past…

    GCMW: Helen Keller was known for her past issue. Was she wrong to try to help people with blindness?

    As far as “hell” is concern; I am not going to hell…but if I was going to hell..simply for being Gay..being me..being who I am..for loving another individual to the best of my ability..then to Hell I will go willingly..sorry dude..that hell stuff doesn’t scare me..or most people…it doesn’t scare me because I have a degree in religious studies; I know Bible History 101, 102 and 103…I know what’s been added..deleted..altered..changed..manipulated..i know how religious institutions work, how organizations work to publish Bibles that fit into their homophobic thinking to make themselves feel better by putting other’s down..started with “anyone non-jewish” then “anyone non-catholic” then “anyone non-christian” then “anyone non-white” then anyone “non-male” and now “anyone non-heterosexual”. God is not that shallow as many Bibles have been published are, esp. Bibles written and published in the last 100 years.

    GCMW: So the real truth comes out. You hate God’s word because it will not sanction your homosexuality. Very convenient for you to attempt to discredit it as flawed, therefore not applicable. Like you said God isnt that shallow…and I’ll add stupid either.

    Bottom line; I know too much about God to believe that the God that healed me of “deadly asthma attacks”, protected me from and shielded me when I was in a deadly car accident when everyone else in the car is now dead.and I walked out with a few was God sending his angels..God has been with me my whole life..blessing me..protecting me…keeping me,,and I never repented for being who I am..never once felt guilty in his presence..or because I wasn’t raised to allow others to think for myself..I wasn’t raised in a home where chirstian dogma and stereotypes were pushed down my throat..I was raised to think independantly..I know God for I am not concerned about my final resting place…I’m concerned that I do God’s will while I’m here..that is why he is keeping me…

  33. To Pastor Burnett

    Thanks for being concerned about my “heath”…I am a totally healthy homosexual…I am MARRIED..legally to my mate now for 2 months.we got married in CT..we live in the state of NY Gay Marriages from other states are recognized as LEGAL marriage. My partner and I have been together for 8 years. We have three children together..all adopted-again LEGAL in NY. We have a family doctor that is heterosexual but very knowledgeable of Gay issues when it comes to health because he himself has an openly Gay son and yes they are BLACK. Me and my Partner are drug and disease free. Furthermore, God protects me and my family. We attend a very healthy, spirit filled church whose love is for ALL people, but is a predominantly heterosexual church Riverside Baptist Church located in historic district of Harlem, USA…and I know at least 3 other BLACK male and GAY couples just like fact..just last week..two of my very good friends just went to CT and got legally married..they live in NYC..and have a family.

    I know Gay men like us are not what you see on the news or at the parades..(though we do march in the parade but I guess because we look like a normal family..we don’t get on the news)….but we exist..and we are COMING out (soon me and my partner will be in a book being published that will showcase Black Gay Male Couples..destroying the myth that we are lonely, drunks, drug and diseased, low self esteem.etc…the truth is Gay Black men are GETTING married..LEGALLY..we are not dying..not sick..and we dont have any of those things your little study suggest. I know an older couple..they have been together for 30 years..two black NJ…and they are perfectly healthy..stable..emotionally and physically…one of them is 55 and a fitness trainer..the other a Doctor…

    So..keep all your reports to yourself..I will believe the report of the Lord! God is a healer…

  34. MAW, the goodness of God is to lead people to repentance. God blessing you and being merciful is just who He is “He causes the rain to fall on the just unjust likewise the Sun to shine”.

    Jesus said

    Luke 6:35
    35But love ye your enemies, and do good, and lend, hoping for nothing again; and your reward shall be great, and ye shall be the children of the Highest: for he is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil.

    In this you can see that God blessing you does not mean you are right with Him in the least on the other hand even if you are not highly blessed and struggling you can be right with God.

    2 Corinthians 11:23-29

    23Are they ministers of Christ? (I speak as a fool) I am more; in labours more abundant, in stripes above measure, in prisons more frequent, in deaths oft.

    24Of the Jews five times received I forty stripes save one.

    25Thrice was I beaten with rods, once was I stoned, thrice I suffered shipwreck, a night and a day I have been in the deep;

    26In journeyings often, in perils of waters, in perils of robbers, in perils by mine own countrymen, in perils by the heathen, in perils in the city, in perils in the wilderness, in perils in the sea, in perils among false brethren;

    27In weariness and painfulness, in watchings often, in hunger and thirst, in fastings often, in cold and nakedness.

    28Beside those things that are without, that which cometh upon me daily, the care of all the churches.

    We all must submit to His word, Christ said if you love me keep my commandments, not make excuses about them being changed and all that madness.

    Why is it that people say the bible is altered everytime they dont want to submit to it, its always an excuse of the unbeliever or the gay “christian”.

    Why is it that the MEN that translated it only felt the need to change that one specific thing regarding sexual immorality? In the flesh, knowing that most men like a variety of women at the same time, I would want the bible to reflect that as being ok, no?. why would a man leave the part where Jesus said even if you lust after a woman you have committed adultery, what about committing fornicators not getting into to heaven? Come on these man are total idiots, they left things in there that limit their pleasure not only homosexuals right?

    Love your enemies, turn the other cheek? are you serious what man in his right mind wouldnt want to take those out?

    MAW, you excuses for loving your sin is not going to cut it. The bible tells us to lay aside every weight and the sin that easily ensnares us. Give your life to Christ and He will give you the power to lay aside your sin. I am not saying it will be easy but with God all things are possible.

    May The LORD remove the blindness and deliver you!

  35. Paul, I am neither unthankful or evil….

    I know why I’m blessed and I know who blesses me..and why he does it.

    In the words of Job,..

    “What ye know..I know..and I desire to reason with God”…

    You can’t tell me who God is to me..and why he is blessing me…don’t even try it my friend…

  36. Paul youre right God blesses both good and evil people as a matter of mercy.

    But it proves nothing about relationship with Christ which is the only qualifier for entrance into the kingdom of God.

    In this, MAW is greatly deceived.

    Donnie McClurkin was trying to tell him (and others) deception –even from the church— will lead you to hell and shame.

  37. M.A.W.-
    I would like to address your claim of being ‘legally married’. You may attempt to say such as far as sinful mankind is concerned, but the ultimate Judge says otherwise. God forbids homosexuality throughout His word, He is the One you will stand before on the final day. All who refuse to repent of their sins and receive Christ our Lord by faith will be cast into the lake of fire.
    It does not matter how many states ‘legalize’ this perversion, this abomination against a Holy God; they are not the ones who will be the final judge.
    As a former homosexual set free of this sin of bondage by Christ our Lord, I can say with assurance that according to His own word, you will indeed face the One who judges righteously; based on His word. I can also say that there is freedom from this, and all sin through the Lord Jesus Christ. For those who refuse to repent, they will be turned over to their sins as part of God’s judgment. This is a terrifying truth found in Romans 1.
    You may be quite comfortable in your sins, and you may think God is in complete agreement with you, especially since He hasn’t passed judgment on you at this time. If you think this way, you are on dangerous ground.
    In saying this, ‘You can’t tell me who God is to me..and why he is blessing me…don’t even try it my friend…’, you have broken a commandment in that you are forming a ‘god’ of your own understanding. Your ‘god’ is not the God of the Bible; the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob clearly speaks out against homosexuality repeatedly through His prophets and apostles found within the pages of Holy Writ. God reveals Himself through His word, His Spirit teaches His people truth. You cannot understand scripture unless Christ has opened your understanding. God will not speak His truth into the minds of those who deliberately sin against Him in such a grievous way. You are deceived by your own doing because you refuse to love the truth, you suppress truth in exchange for error. You are still in sin and will die and face the wrath of a Holy God unless you cry out for mercy and forgiveness; you MUST leave your abomination NOW!!!

  38. Deception is the word Pastor Foster.

    Titus 3:3 (King James Version)

    3For we ourselves also were sometimes foolish, disobedient, DECIEVED, serving divers LUSTS and PLEASURES, living in malice and envy, hateful, and hating one another.

    M.A.W, when Jesus said if you love me keep my commandments, if it was today I believe He wouldve said “talk is cheap, prove it by following “My word”.

    John 14:23
    23Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will KEEP MY WORDS: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.

    I am not telling you who God is to you, I am telling you that God is not down with your sin. He obviously loves you thats why He has been so merciful to you as He has been and continues to be with me.

    A man cannot have a great relationship with God outside of His Word, anyone that thinks that is fooling themselves big time. SO, the way to be sure you are reasoning with God is to see if what you are hearing or believing lines up with Gods word, no?

    2 Corinthians 3:18 (New King James Version)
    18 But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord.

    I believe the mirror is the word of God and none of Jesus’ words ok sin.

    Jesus said the Truth will set you free, you cannot be free apart from truth though you can be DECEIVED into feeling free.

  39. Minister Williams:

    Yes, you may be being blesseed but it is not of God or from God. Your father Satan is blessing you so that you will be continually duped and deceived to the point that you will not be able to come to the truth because you have exchanged truth for a reprobate mind.
    So, go ahead and deluded yourself into thinking that you are being blessed of God.
    Satan appears as an angel of light and will try all types of schemes to convince people with similar thinking that all is O.K. because you believe that you are being blessed.
    Sorry…the kingdom of God is closed off you to until you cry out for mercy and repent of your sins.
    Don’t want to? That is fine. Remain as you are in your trespasses and sins…you have the right to fling your fist in God’s face.
    Just remember…at the time of judgement, you will stand by yourself and give an account of your deeds done in the flesh.
    No supporting cast…no fine arguments…no fellow homosexuals to
    give you comfort… no Bible expositors who will tell God what the scriptures really must have meant about homosexuality. Just you and a holy God about whom you have indicated is wrong about His creation and how He should govern it.
    No pastor to advocate for you…No choir to sing for you…no
    Mom or Dad to plead for you. Just you and your sins and God.
    Wanna guess on who is gonna win that argument?
    My above approach is to snatch you out of the flames.

  40. I do not believe “The Word” has a purpose 2 divide n seperate. More than often, It has displayed and continues 2 grow this celebrated devide amongst mankind. It seems as tho condemnation is getting stronger than compassion.

    I would like 2 c more compassion based display of religious teachings then this anger, fingerpointing, accusitory form i c running rampant in many different religious groups.

    I don’t wanna go back n forth with u on ur site. I get bored with that tit-4-tat stuff. Compassion or at least a stronger level of it is sorrowly missing from many aspects of our exsistance. I think that is the biggest issue mankind is facing 2day. Think about it. All of our horride issues mostly can b solved or create a “turn-around” if there was more COMPASSION.

  41. bishop, the only way to keep from going “back and forth” is to not make cryptic statements which seem to have couched meanings. I still have no clue as to what your are talking about and what relationship it has to the post, but since you do not want to go “back and forth” and get bored with”tit 4 tat”, then I will consider this conversation over. I do wonder why if such boredom is present why you post or read here. Not sure why you keep putting “The Word” in quotes either. I did read your other comment where you listed Christ along (and perhaps equal to) Ghandi and other humans. It was deleted. I want to be clear with you: there will be zero denigration of Christ on this blog. It has no place here and will be met with swift response. Its not compassionate to devalue the divinity of Christ. It creates more problems. Think about it.

  42. he’s showing love by telling the truth. for a bishop to make the statement you’re making. i believe you have to be one of those bishops called by man and not of God. we need men and women of God to cry loud and spare not in this hour. don’t want to sound arrogant but many leaders in this hour need to fast and pray and see what God is saying.

  43. How can you have compassion without truth? People dont get it, as compassionate as Christ is it will be Him who will send people to the lake of Fire in His just wrath.

  44. Pastor Foster

    Donnie must have touched, no stomped on a nerve. You guys should read what’s being posted on you-tube as comments on his comments.

  45. Well Andre the people posting to the video hate truth because it exposes their sins. Its almost like people foaming at the mouth because a man tells the truth about sin which is certain death to all who embrace it. Unfortunately thats about all they can do is foam at the mouth and say vile things because it wont change what God has already declared. The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life.

  46. What a Mighty Loving GOD we serve! For the SPIRIT of the LIVING GOD is indeed being poured out on all generations. HE calls us because HE loves us. HE corrects us because HE corrects those HE loves. I pray, in the NAME of JESUS, the NAME above all names, that those who received redemption and release that day in HIM remain steadfast, that every temptation be destroyed, and that their lives be lived from now on in Holiness and Righteousness unto the LORD. I pray that they are now vessels of honor unto HIM and that it is evident no matter where they go that they are Blood Bought and HOLY SPIRIT filled.
    Thank YOU LORD for Donnie McClurkin, I ask YOU LORD to protect him from dangers seen and unseen. I ask YOU LORD to keep him steadfast in YOU. Thank YOU for hearing my prayer and petition, in the NAME of JESUS, my ROCK and my SALVATION. Amen!

  47. I decided to revisit youtube after a relative told me about the new posts, and wow, you are right pastor Foster, it is just like Acts 6-7 when the sanhedrin heard Stephen. If they could get their hands on pastor McClurkin they would try to tear him asunder.

  48. And the TRUTH shall set us free. Praise God for Pastor’s McClurkin’s transparency and audacity to confront truth…I know that many of our children and adults were delivered because of his obedience and boldness. It’s too late in the day to dance around these issues. Thank you Pastor McClurkin for allowing God to use you as an instrument to tear down strongholds. Praise the LORD!!!!

  49. To the persons asking about Bishop Range, he is from Pennsylvania, served under former General Board member, Bishop O.T. Jones Jr. and Bishop Range was consecrated an auxiliary Bishop of the COGIC back around 1996, after he was elected by the General Assembly to serve on the Judiciary Board of the COGIC. He has always been a great theologian and Bible preacher and has always been keen on challenging the church to remain true to who and what we are.

    With respect to Pastor Donnie’s message, I was actually in the service and witnessed first hand the powerful way the message impacted many youth who have been struggling with lifestyles and the confusing messages proclaimed by persons like Tonex. However even in that service there were “questionable” persons coming around the altar to “minister” to the youth and this is an issue which also must be addressed, that when we have services where the Lord comes in for true deliverance, we must guard and protect our youth as we walk them through the process of their deliverance.

    To minister antoine williams, I do not come to attack or denigrate you personally, but I do believe your claim to have a degree in religious studies (which very well may be true), while devaluing the proper revelationi of the Bible as the inspired, infallible Word of God, written by men but Authored by the Holy Spirit, is a very dangerous thing. Often times, people who claim to have some greater understanding due to their studies of the history of the Bible and the various interpretations, etc. are the main ones who are confused and operating and spreading sedition and heresy. Old wise preachers used to call Seminary, the “Cemetary” for a reason.
    Pastor T

  50. Please post these on and then repost them on this website. Youtube uses too much compression on the videos and you get the garbled viewing of the video. The Vimeo posting gives you the same quality as you have before you upload it.

    GCMW: Min Williams, just a note, I believe the person who originally posted the videos to youtude would have to do that. But thanks for the tip, I’ll use it in the future.

  51. Wow –amazing how such a soul that was confused and unaware can be completely transformed by the power of God. I praise God for Pastor Donnie McClurklin and rejoice in the souls that were delivered due to his honest testimony. The angels rejoiced over the souls saved & delivered that day. Regardless of what the nay sayers say and even those that did not care for his message – souls were saved & delievered. What have you to say about that?

    If you oppose what these videos show & express, you must ask yourself do I have something I need to take to God? God bless you – amen.

  52. Bishop Range delivered a truly challenging word at the convocation. I don’t think my appreciation for the upper room (especially as it pertains to leadership) has ever been where it needed to be, but after that message, it has certainly increased. Where is Bishop Range’s Jurisdiction?

    GCMW: Ryan are you aware of it getting video-taped?

  53. My God,

    This was such a blessing. I have said those same words to many of my friends….We as a church have failed, and that’s why the confusion, and compromise exists…..Donnie not only said what he said in love, but he was real, and he was full of the Holy Spirit. If anyone took what he said as anything other than being helpful and truthful, there’s something in you that has to be dealt with further from the Lord..His delivery was diplomatic, and full of compassion….I say to you Pastor McClurkin, good job, and well done…

  54. Jesus Christ you are so great , there is surely none like you. Jesus we thank you so much that you have chosen people that can change other people’s lives. Father thank you so much for changing Donnie, Lord You looked down upon Him with Mercy though He was possessed by an evil Spirit of homosexuality. Father there are a million other youths out there in the world in Africa,Asia, America, Europe, they are being trapped by the devils people who say that’ Homosexuality is part of the trends’ and they show movies that encourage homosexuality like the series ‘Greek’ Lord Jesus Christ I believe that one day You will come and show what has been done in the dark and what has been done in secret.My Lord Jesus Christ ,please show Mercy on us we sinners of the world so that we may turn away from this immorality and this MADNESS our children are in.

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