Houston pastor: "go back into the closet and change"

pastorjPastor Terrence Johnson of Houston’s Higher Dimensions Church addresses homosexuality with a strong emphasis on change. In the bible, the closet is a symbol of a place of gaining spiritual power through humility and prayer.

“But you, when you pray, enter into your closet, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father which is in secret; and your Father who sees in secret shall reward you openly.” – Matthew 6:6

But as is typical with the homosexual movement, biblical symbolism is hijacked and perverted. To them, the closet is a place of shame and bondage. Pastor J, as he is called, puts things in biblical perspective.

“Do you know someone who is struggling with the spirit of homosexuality? Are you in contact with individuals who feel as if they are homosexual by birth and have no choice but to live this lifestyle?

Id like to submit to you today the truth concerning these feelings that have caused much confusion in our society today.

Homosexuality is a demonic spirit. It is designed to attack one’s mind and body. Homosexuality is an arrogant spirit that convinces its victims that their condition is ok and that they should be comfortable in it.

However, Id like to bring your attention to the true agenda of this spirit. The enemy has set us up to allow us to believe that its ok for a woman to be romantically involved with a woman and for a man to be romantically involved with another man. This spirit is establishing itself in order to place an attack on the institution of the family and of a God ordained marriage between a man and a woman.  The agenda is to stop the order of the Lord, the reproduction of mankind. Two individuals of the same sex can not procreate.

As Christians, it is time for us to stand together in opposition of this possession. We should not attack the individuals it affects but the possession that the enemy has on the mind. We must open our mouths and speak the truth against this spirit and not words that tear our brothers and sisters down.  Speak Gods word on this situation.

The truth is God doesnt approve of homosexuality. Individuals may have been born with some biological deficiencies but the truth is we were all born in sin and shaped in iniquity.

We must be reborn. So allow the Lord to regenerate. Speak the truth in Love. You have to speak the truth.

God wants us to get to the point where we oppose the sin but love the sinner. That’s Agape love. It is to love people unconditionally. True love will confront them and give them a plan on how to get out.”

According to Pastor J’s myspace page you can hear the full sermon by contacting his ministry at 713.271.0179 and requesting “Go Back in the Closet and Change”.


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  1. Re: your statement that this is a demonic attack intended to stop the reproduction of mankind; has anyone noticed how homosexuals (I steadfastly refuse to use the politically correct and {I believe} deliberately misleading term “gay”) and pro-aborts (or “pro-choice” as they like to call themselves) practically always march together in public parades? I believe that this is deliberate. These people march together because they have essentially the same view of sex as the other; sex as selfish fun, sex without strings or committments or any kind of moral or romantic ties. In fact, I truly believe that this whole drive for (so-called) “same-sex” marriage isn’t rooted in any love for the institution of marriage itself but a way to secure acceptance for a lifestyle that their own consciences tell them isn’t quite right. That’s also the reason that the “homo-promoters” want so badly to get their hands on the minds and brains and hearts of the young and impressionable while their little personalities are in formation. They know that they probably aren’t going to convince the majority of adults of their twisted ideology (though that isn’t impossible), so they’ve decided to aim for the youth of our country, the next generation in other words so that they are thoroughly inculcated with an attitude towards sex that is totally self-centered.

  2. In response to BlancheRP’s post on the use of terms, I believe I would actually go much further than that. I now refuse to use any terms that assume identity on the basis of behaviour. Of course, that has the effect of being a mild criticism of even the title of this blog, but I hope you’ll read to the end of this post first before drawing any conclusions.

    The bible clearly differentiates between the sin and the sinner (John 3:16) so it seems to me that perpetuating confusion between the two is more likely to be a hindrance to explaining the gospel. Calling someone ‘gay’ or ‘homosexual’ or ‘lesbian’ or whatever only moves the fight onto the ground of the activists where they can claim criticism of the behaviour is an attack on them as a person. I am aware that it is mainly just a failing of language that we use it as a shorthand term, but it is the exploitation of this that makes the issue more difficult than it needs to be. We call someone a ‘footballer’ or an ‘accountant’ the same as we call someone ‘black’ or ‘male’. But you have differences here in what they represent in terms of being unchangeable! No-one sees any problem with being called an ex-footballer, but can you call someone ex-male? So this ‘loophole’ in language causes confusion here.

    I don’t believe even the phrase “I am a heterosexual’ is meaningful. Heterosexual seems to me to be something we do with our God-given sexuality – male or female – rather than something we are. I was born male, but what I do with that gift is not my identity that God gave me. A ‘lesbian’ can only call herself that if she is a woman first.

    If you think about it, if you insist on being clearer about this in conversation (eg. saying – ‘he’s involved in homosexual behaviour’) it becomes easier to make it more obvious that you are not attacking the person involved in the behaviour and – this is especially important – does not allow them to paint themselves as victims anywhere near as easily.

    I realize this isn’t always practical, but I tire of activists making big things out of occasional lapses in behaviour (as part of an ongoing healing) in the lives of those walking away from the homosexual lifestyle. That mockery is contemptible because it destroys hope (after all, changing behaviour is always possible, but changing who you are is really kind of impossible) and we should be giving every person in this situation every chance to find that healing.

    My two cents, FWIW.

  3. Mark R; Apparently, some members of the “homo” community would like for the rest of us to think so. They actually want us to stop thinking of gender as the biological fact that it is, and to start thinking of it as changeable. I’m sure that you remember the “pregnant man” hoax of last year, don’t you? Those who reported this freak show actually expected their audience to believe that a genetically programmed male was able to somehow circumvent the boundaries of nature and become able to nurture new life. They forgot to mention that a man’s body wasn’t designed for that purpose. They carefully avoided mentioning that this “man” was still in every way important (genetically, chromosomes,etc) a WOMAN. The woman who lent her body to this deception evidently wasn’t all that interested in being a man, or she would have gotten rid of all her feminine parts, not just her two healthy breasts which I think is just sickening in itself. And she certainly wasn’t thinking about how her shenanigans would affect her (now two) artificially begotten children. No, she was only concerned about one main person, namely herself. Actually, I think that this would characterize the entire “homo” rights movement itself, a narcissistic movement whose chief concern is it’s own gratification.

  4. I have been to this man’s church (I haven’t been back since), it is just short of blatant Sodom and Gommorah. He is only preaching this to cover their sins and abominable acts on full display. His sermons are only giving the people what they want to hear before his real agenda is revealed, leading the unaware down that “wide and broad path”. A person’s associations says alot about them. OBSERVE Terrance Johnson’s associations! There’s no difference in this man than his “mentor” PAUL S. MORTON. This man promotes “Greek Fests” in his church, and “date nights.” Please someone show me where JESUS promoted a “date night for the saints of GOD? Terrance Johnson is saying the same things as the rest of the false teachers/prophets. He is clearly a mason, and a “que dog”, IDOLATRY is abominable before the eyes of GOD.


  5. WFP,

    I concur with many of your issues concerning his church. I had the privledge of watching a few of his sermons via streamingfaith.com. The word level, weak at best, at least in my humble opinion. It seem more artifical (the entire setting) than anything. I’m struck as why this brother wears so much make-up, or is it the lighting?


    Needless to say, I couldn’t and didn’t watch the entire sermon(s), as I saw too much flesh from the Praise and Worship Team and the sermon, well, please see the above description.

  6. For Shantay, WFP:

    Is there anything wrong with the message excerpt we posted on homosexuality from Pastor J? And does what you saw/observed at his church nullify it?

    Please respond to this.

  7. Thanks Shantay Jones, (Thank GOD, I thought I was alone at seeing that foolishness)

    to gcmwatch,

    I agree with your post; all sin need to be exposed and those in any sin should be encouraged to repent and be blameless before the LORD. HOWEVER “WE” MUST EXAMINE THE MOTIVES BEHIND IT! If you recall all the blasphemous so-called preachers before him started out like this to woo GOD’s people, then slowly they brought in jeze-baal, false prophets (Sorcerers, diviners, mediums, psychos, ect..) and now they are making room to introduce the anti-christ with “EVOLUTION”, and it’s false “THEORIES.” I can only describe what I have observed with my own eyes, and compare it to GOD’s Word. Please read the ENTIRE book of Ezekiel for an understanding.

    Who would listen to a whore condemning fornication? Same thing with homosexuality (aka Idolatry) how can Johnson preach against Idolatry if he participates in it himself, and promote it all at the same time? Sounds reprobate to me what do you think?.
    I saw Johnson on TBN “beg” (yes, I said beg) Kirbyjon Caldwell to be his mentor. Caldwell said “no you don’t need a mentor” (As a warning!!!) instead Johnson went to a bigger devil Paul S. Morton. ***(KirbyJon Caldwell was exposed during the bush administration for having a “gay night” (aka date night) promoted on his website along with T.D. Jakes, Jeremiah Wright, and SOOOOOO many others. KirbyJon removed this from his site but never said he would cease the practice)***

    (TBN’s Paul Crouch is a HOMOSEXUAL)
    http://www.rickross.com/reference/tbn/tbn19.html, also see his wikipedia page.

    Now ask yourself unless their is message of deliverance why is the BODY OF CHRIST associating themselves with HOMOSEXUALS? “BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER.”

    **FYI** Eddie L. Long’s is hosting a “FREE” Sex Conference (January 2010) for “Unions”? (Did you catch the code words there?) What “Unions” is he referring to? GOD only recognizes “HOLY MATRIMONY”! Sex comes natural, why does the church learning about sex” (Completely for perversion purposes only)? Other than Perverting the Gospel Of JESUS CHRIST, there is also another hidden agenda behind it: Eugenics, Sterilization, population control, ect… (There is nothing new “UNDER” the SON)

    ****Please Note**** I am not saying all preachers are wrong or bad, I am saying EXAMINE ANY AND EVRYTHING FOR YOURSELF WHILE YOU COMPARE IT TO GOD’s “NEVER CHANGING” WORD. INCLUDING WHAT I SAY! Believers are so comfortable with believing each other instead of BELIEVING IN GOD! GOD’s WORD says WATCH, FAST & PRAY.

  8. WFP, youre not very familiar with this website are you? Since I have never attended Pastor Johnson’s church, you will have to be more specific in terms of what you saw that would make you conclude he is participating in idolatry. It sounds like you are saying Johnson is a homosexual, therefore he is being hypocritical in talking about changing from homosexuality. Is that what youre saying because Im a little confused with all the name dropping.

    Although I agree that the names you dropped have their own serious biblical defects, Im trying to ascertain why you think Johnson is disqualified from saying what he did and if what he is saying is not true.

    So far you say its because of what you saw going on at his church (greek fests and date nights?) and because he has Paul Morton as his mentor. To be honest that’s just not a weighty enough reason to discount his words in the sermon.

  9. I’ve never heard of this pastor; but as I have posted someplace(s) on the Web before, the truth stands alone; even if the vessel or oracle (speaker, preacher, teacher, etc.) is not living it or practicing it as the Bible commands. He may have a boatload of issues in himself and in his church; but what is posted here as quoted by him, as it pertains to homosexual practice, on that issue alone, he appears to have spoken for the most part, “truth.”

    Thanks for such an informative, inspiring, and engaging Web Log.

  10. Pastor Foster:

    I wonder about what “Watch, Fast and Pray” is saying is similar to what happened to a church that I briefly attended back in the day. At first, the pastor was orthodox, including preaching against homosexuality. However, homosexuals regularly attended the church and were members, including transvestites singing in the choir. Now I was new to the big city at the time, more than a bit naive, did not see the homosexuals and thought that the transvestites were women. But upon finding out the truth from people who knew better, I immediately ceased attending the church. But I still heard about it, since it was a rather prominent church in the area. A few years later, I heard from the grapevine that the pastor of this church stated that Christians needed to stop talking about homosexuality, because there were other bigger and more pressing issues like homelessness, poverty and racism. And the number of homosexuals in the church steadily increased, and the church became known for a popular place for that crowd to attend. A few years after that, the pastor gave a sermon where he claimed that homosexuality was not a sin, and gave the usual homosexual theology nonsense reasons why. Of course, some people left the church, but by that time there were so many homosexuals (and homosexual supporters) attending that it didn’t matter, the church didn’t need the financial support of the people who left. Also, when the pastor stated his “new theology”, more homosexuals and homosexual supporters joined, so the church wound up with more members, more money (as the new homosexual members and supporters were wealthier), and more prominence than it had before.

    And note that I put “new theology” in quotes for a reason, because how NEW was it? How long did this pastor’s theology change before he began preaching it? Because the pastor was preaching one thing while allowing another to be practiced in his church long prior, even before he stated that poverty and racism were bigger issues than homosexuality. Again, even while he was preaching that homosexuality was wrong and was apparently orthodox on other issues, transvestites were singing in the choir and known homosexuals were members of the church in good standing.

    It goes back to what Jesus Christ said regarding the Pharisees in the gospels (and I am summarizing and paraphrasing here), what you believe isn’t what you preach, but how you live. The pastor of this church was preaching that homosexuality was wrong, but his practice, the way that he ran his church, was fully embracing and proudly displaying and rewarding homosexual Yvette Flunder behavior. All that needed to happen was his going from allowing Yvette Flunders in his church to start preaching like Yvette Flunder. It really does seem like that his openly preaching Yvette Flunder-ism happened after he was certain that he could do so without the church firing him, after he and his fellow-travelers had succeeded in taking over the church. (Carlton Pearson could have learned from this fellow’s strategy it appears.)

    And this reminds me of the church that I grew up in … they preached the Bible’s position on sexuality, but behind the scenes grotesque immorality was going on … adultery, promiscuity, child molestation etc. especially among the pastor’s children. The pastor would kick other people out the church for doing the same things that everybody knew that his kids were doing! So you are what you live, not what you preach.

    So “Watch, Fast and Pray” may be right about this being just a classic “bait and switch” tactic, because that certainly seems to have been going on in that church that I briefly attended. Because I heard the pastor of that church preach, and I recall being very impressed with his being a fearless promoter and defender of the truth. It appears that he was with his words. But his actions showed where his heart truly was.

  11. To gcmwatch,

    I bring no disresepct to you or your post. I respect your ministry, and it’s purpose.

    Am I my brother’s keeper? YES! GLADLY! As believers we are obligated to warn each other.

    This is one of the devices the devil uses to deceive GOD’s people. While his message is GOD’s word, ASK is Johnson A LIVING EXAMPLE OF IT? I can only describe what I saw at one of Johnson’s services.

    I saw: LESBIAN WOMEN, EFFIMINATE MEN, AND SEDUCTIVE INDIVIDUALS, JUST TO NAME A FEW, JUDGE FOR YOURSELF AS I HAVE. (As seen on his website, myspace page, and if you look closely his television broadcast also). These people consisted of the choir members, ushers, ect…Examine Ezekiel 8!

    As far as Johnson being a homosexual I can only judge by his mannerism and demeanor. When I first saw Johnson I thought that was a WOMAN dressed in a man’s suit. I don’t see only male or female but a combination, No one can mistake a true MAN. (This observation did not include the make up HE is always wearing)! Not to mention the “Far Away” look in his eyes!

    I included all these other people because Jonhnson is associated with all of them, therefore he agrees with their practices. Give him time to reveal himself they are training him well!Examine Ezekiel 8!

    “So far you say its because of what you saw going on at his church (greek fests and date nights?)”

    Greek Fests (Idolatry), Date Nights (Lasciviousness) In the Church should be enough! Let’s review the “ROOT” of Fraternities, and Soroities shall we:

    Good We Agree! 😀

    I Kgs. 16: 29-33 (Life Application Study Bible)
    “Ahab did what was evil in the LORD’s sight EVEN MORE THAN ANY OTHER KING BEFORE HIM” As though it was not enough to live like Jereboam he married JEZE-BAAL…and HE (AHAB) began to worship BAAL. First he (AHAB) built an altar and a temple for Baal….Then he (AHAB) set up an Asheroth pole Samaria. He did MORE to arouse the anger of the LORD, GOD of Israel than any other king of Israel before him.”

    What did Ahab do “More to arouse the anger of the LORD THAN ANY OTHER KING BEFORE HIM?”


    (Baal worship includes GROUP sex, child sacrifices, ect….)

    Rev. 2:18-26

    “But I have this complaint against you. YOU (THE CHURCH) permitted (Encouraged) that woman that JEZE-BAAL who calls herself a prophet-to lead my servants astray. SHE IS ENCOURAGING THEM (WITH GREEK FESTS, AND DATE NIGHTS) TO WORSHIP IDOLS, EAT FOOD OFFERED TO IDOLS AND TO COMMIT SEXUAL SIN(S)”

    The Church is infested with jeze-baals and her false prophets. When it is brought to the Church’s attention that person is ignored and/or ignored!

    Peace Brother Gcmwatch!

  12. To Job,

    Well put! :D! Christ lived every word he preached and his followers MUST do the same!

  13. Even the most notorious liar speaks the truth now and then.
    The true point is to agree with the truth NOT the liar.
    Do not become a member of his fanclub just because he spoke
    a single truth. Strive to align with Godly principles and always avoid the cult of personality.

    Remember Carrie Prejean? How many Christians came out and hailed her as some sort of hero…..and how ashamed were we later when her closet was opened? These things truly are the plan of the enemy… Watch,Fast and Pray really hit the nail on the head!

    Posting this article was a good decision Pastor Foster, as the
    preacher raised some excellent points. I’m sure you chose this for the content and not the personality.


  14. WFP, I understand and concur with your “big picture” point.

    My point is that even IF what youre saying is 100% true, it still doesnt nullify the truth of Johnson’s words.

    Gays make it a point to say that King James was homosexual, yet the bible isnt influenced by him to the degree that he tried to erase or even minimize its truth about homosexuality.

    Perhaps this is a case of the donkey speaking, I dont know that. But the message he spoke is airtight.

  15. To gcmwatch,

    “My point is that even IF what youre saying is 100% true, it still doesnt nullify the truth of Johnson’s words.”

    Johnson’s word’s: “go back into the closet and change” (Did YOU catch the code words?) Closet and Change!

    The word sin is now referred to as a “mistake”!

    “everybody makes mistakes” -Steve Harvey

    This is the same word association trick satan used on Eve. It sounds right but when you analyze it, the message is distorted on purpose. Examine everyone, and everything!

    Gen.3:1-5 (King James version)

    “Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD GOD had made. And he said to the woman, Yea, hath GOD said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden..”


  16. “But you, when you pray, enter into your closet, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father which is in secret; and your Father who sees in secret shall reward you openly.” – Matthew 6:6

    Is that coded too?

    Given the context of the message excerpt, I would say youre misinterpreting that snippet. He is using gay folks favorite word and applying it to Matt 6:6. “Change” is certainly not a code word of the gay movement, its an fundamental operative word of our faith i.e. transformation Romans 12:1.2

  17. to gcmwatch,

    I hope and pray that you get the chance to actually see what goes on in Johnson’s church for yourself.

    Let’s just agree on one thing GOD’s word is true!

    Peace and Love!

  18. Won’t go into details but have to agree 100 percent with Watch, Fast, Pray about Pastor “J”

    I am from Houston and I know him and many of his members. In fact, membership is probably 70 percent (or higher)gay and they are very comfortable at their church and with their Pastor “J”

    Anyway, great work GCM on keeping us informed! We appreciate what the Lord is doing through you.

  19. to akaye;
    (Peace and Love!)

    I pray that the scales fall from the eyes of Christ-ones to expose the devil and his workers as all belivers are charged to do!

    Johnson is outwardly telling homosexuals to hide and conceal their sins instead of seeking deliverance or repentance.

    GCMW: Johnson said “Homosexuality is an arrogant spirit that convinces its victims that their condition is ok and that they should be comfortable in it.”
    How do you get “conceal your sins” out of that?

    Johnson has distorted a scripture of “works” into a scripture to conceal and hide sins! This is Blasphemy!

    GCMW: Johnson said, “We must open our mouths and speak the truth against this spirit and not words that tear our brothers and sisters down. Speak Gods word on this situation. The truth is God doesnt approve of homosexuality.”
    How do you deduce blasphemy from that?

    Thank You and GOD Bless!

    GCMW: WFT Can you produce any writings, audio, etc to support what you are accusing Pastor Johnson of (homosexuality, blasphemy, false teachings)?

  20. akaye, details are what you need to provide if you are to be believed. Where do you get the 70% figure from and what methodology did you use to arrive at that? For instance, his website says HD has 12,000 members. According to you that means that HD has 8, 400 homosexual members!
    Neither I nor anyone else reading your comments have anything substantial other than couched statements, that dont match your assertions. I mean why even say anything if you dont want to go into details?

    Help us understand.

  21. “Neither I nor anyone else reading your comments have anything substantial other than couched statements,”

    This is the type of situation I was trying to avoid. I don’t know anyone who has agreed with anything I’ve posted. I have given you examples, given specifics, provided scriptures which you agreed to and you still don’t want to hear any of it.

    “gcmwatch (author) said: WFP, I understand and concur with your “big picture” point.”

    GCMWATCH it is not that these people are agreeing with me it’s GOD confirming what I have said through them. I don’t understand why it’s not registering with you?

    Since you haven’t been to Houston, TX I will tell you Houston is not a small city! I don’t have time to rally witnesses, and supporters to confirm what is in plain sight. I have dusted off my feet twice on this issue and someone else confirms what I’ve posted.

    What more proof do you need? Do you want to understand? If you believe we know each other and we are all saying this to just to slander Johnson. Then visit his church for yourself! I said this from the very first post remember:


    You are seeing this in the natural (through intellect) and not spiritual (discernment)!

    Can a devil preach and teach GOD’s word? NO he/she will ALWAYS distort it for their own selfish gain! There is no differnce in Johnson that the other false christs!


  22. GCM, You are absolutely correct. I repent and ask that you and the readers would forgive me for getting in the flesh and basing my conclusion on the fact that I know a high number of gays that attend the church. 70 percent was not a literal number but it doesn’t matter – the post should not have happen. Again, I repent and ask that the post be removed for it doesn’t serve any purpose.

    Thanks GCM for your kind rebuke.

  23. To WFP, the bible tells us that God will judge all false prophets. Our job is to call them out as the Holy Spirit leds. If you feel you have done just that – then it may be in your best interest to dust your feet yet once more. All things will be revealed.

    I repented for making a post that I could not methodology prove the true percentage number of gays that attend the church but I do not repent for having discernment.

    God Bless All

  24. Jesus mediates between Christ-ones too!

    To akaye; (This warmed my heart):D
    *I got a little misty for a minute LOL!*

    I totally agree with you! 😀

    Ephesians 4 Chapter!

    I will continue to support Mr. Foster, as we both agree GOD’s word is true.

    Acts 15:36-41, Col. 4:6, Col.4:10, Philemon 1:24!

    Peace & Love To All!

  25. WFP, of course we will support Pastor Foster! That was never a thought. In fact, I want to encourage all who visit this site in search of “truth” regarding the church’s homosexual agenda and activities to keep Pastor Foster in your prayers.

    He is doing a courageous work of God, and in these modern days of Sodom and Gomorrah we need witnesses and overcomers like Pastor Foster that give others hope that they too, can be delivered from the snares of satan.

    May we never forget 1 Cort. 6:9-10 (NASB)


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