The other side's take on the McClurkin message

Donnie McClurkin’s raw, unscriptred, out the box message to COGIC youth about homosexuality earlier this month in Memphis is still reverberating around the country. Some folks are jumping up and applauding while others are jumping up with stones in hand.

The Rev. Irene Monroe, a gcm activist took the message as an occasion to announce that COGIC is a “gay church” [source]. I’d never heard that analogy before, but any thinking person knows that COGIC —no matter what they say— has its fair share of current and past homosexuals.

But as is the case with many on the pro-homosexual church gaggle, their complaints generally amount to a strange mix of condemnation and boomerang angst. Monroe calls McClurkin “the African American poster boy of exgay ministries.” That’s just a face value lie. McClurkin has never been involved with any “exgay” ministry let alone stumped for them. And even if he were, it doesn’t change the fact that homosexuality is not of God and McClurkin was right  to call for those dealing with it to repent.

Writes Monroe (who probably had never heard of COGIC prior to this) :

With many of the gospel music industry mega-stars from COGIC, the church’s charismatic worship style shouts to a black gay male queer gospel aesthetic every Sunday. And the church is conflicted with itself.

Unfortuantely [sic], these black gay male mega-stars are always forced to go back into the closet denouncing publicly their sexual orientation at the church’s annual convocation.

Monroe’s oversimplified solutions have never worked, unless one aspires to be a reprobate. Sadly, that’s about all she and the gay christian movement have to offer. She also cites lesbian bishop Yvette Flunder, whose uncle is COGIC general board member Wilbur W. Hamilton. Flunder allegedly wrote an “open letter” decrying McClurkin’s sermon.

In an open letter to the Convocation, Bishop Yvette Flunder, an out lesbian who is a third generation preacher with roots in the Church of God in Christ, licensed in the COGIC, and is now the Presiding Bishop of The Fellowship and Senior Pastor, City of Refuge United Church of Christ, wrote the following:

“I watched a clip of Pastor Donnie McClurkin at the COGIC Convocation Nov 11, 2009 where he used the words perversion and vampirism in reference to feminine young men and ‘evil’ butch young ladies. He suggested that the church had failed them and not been active enough in helping these young people find deliverance. He ranted against gospel artist and pastor Tonéx with regard to Tonéx’s recent affirmation of his own same gender orientation.”

Pastor Donnie knows like I know that Tonéx is more the ‘rule’ than the exception to the rule. What makes Tonéx unique is not that he is a Gay gospel music artist and Pastor but that he told the truth about his sexuality, while not claiming to be delivered,”

Sure, Tonex told “the truth”. Funny how these people conveniently redefine terms to fit their worldview. How is Tonex “the rule” and at the same time “unique”?

Monroe generously quoted from a GCM Watch story (sans attribution) to make her point about COGIC’s uneasy dance with homosexuality.

For example, “blaquebigayministers” is a Yahoo gay ministers group, boasting 787 members since July 2000 and was founded by COGIC Elder Ronald Kimbrew.  Kimbrew served as the Arkansas 1st Jurisdiction as the Assistant Secretary of the Pastors & Elders Council of COGIC from December 1996 to March 19, 2005 and his now the Public Relations Director at Greater Trinity, a COGIC congregation in Arkansas.

The “blaquebigayministers” website states the following:

“WELCOME. This fellowship is for support and encouragement especially of black Christian ministers and friends who are ‘family’ (bi or same-gender loving) and need a place of refuge. Enjoy the ‘fellowship.’

Kimbrew organized meetings of bisexual and same-gender loving COGIC ministers for most of the national meetings like Memphis Holy Convocation that McClurkin now denounces but use to take part in.

A reported following the Convocation asked “Is COGIC going to be silent while an organized culture of homosexual ministers and bishops populate its pulpits?”

The issue isnt whether or not COGIC has homosexual members and leaders. The issue is whether or not the organization will cease it selective dont ask, dont tell policy and establish real ministry for those struggling with the issue. Not everybody in church struggling with homosexuality wants to be gay, but when their painful struggles are ignored and minimized or manipulated for their talents, false prophets like Flunder start looking like good alternatives.

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  1. I was shock and suprised by his testimony, I was beginning worry about him especially when I saw him sitting in the midst of the madness of one of TBN’s Praise-a-thon. I know it really helped alot young people struggling with the issue of sexual immorality. It really helped me alot. He touched on some vital issues with the parents not knowing what their kids are doing on the internet. And young people being broken and not being able to tell anyone about it. I know that what he said is very true in my case. Some things that have happened when was younger that I still to this day have not been able to speak about. But I thank God for his grace and because of his testimony I see that healing can still take place and I will continue to seek God for that healing because I know he answers prayer. The young people needed to hear that.

  2. While i applaud McClurkin’s boldness (in THIS particular instance). We must also insist that those who would take such a strong (and Biblical) stance must be prepared to be CONSISTENT or else they give false prophets like Yvette Flunder more ammunition.
    Why is that McClurkin can stand in “holy boldness” against homosexuality (rightly so) at the Convocation YET during last year’s election of PRO-HOMOSEXUAL Obama, Brother McCLurkin gladly and quickly set aside his “righteous indignation” against homosexuality (apparently because Obama is black) and went on that ‘gospel tour’ thing with pro-homosexual marriage candidate Obama (who has said on multiple occasions that the church is wrong in its stance against homosexuality) AND AN OPENLY GAY PREACHER (who was brought on board to calm the anger of gay activists who were ticked about McCLurken’s presence)
    If we are going to be “bold as lions” we must do so not only when we are in our so-called ‘comfort zones’ within the walls of the church but also when the stones are ready to be hurled at us by the world for standing with Christ and His word in every avenue of life.

  3. excellent observation wannabereal. McClurkin really does need to get to a point of mature consistency in dealing with homosexuality sans the drama-laden, issue oriented events.

    I hope this COGIC thing means that he will finally do something more than generate headlines (not to say that was his intention) but since you have a headline, why not launch real ministry?

  4. Amen pastor! Standing for God’s truth is not always the easiest route to take (as you well know). Forgive me if i have a less than confident belief that McClurkin will consistently walk out his stance on the world stage. (As evidenced by the aforementioned political choices he made last year) and also by the fact that i have a video of him from YEARS ago doing the same “schtick” against homosexuality in the church, the altar call for deliverance etc etc etc ad nauseum……yet fastforward to last year and we see where his allegiance fell. Yet we jump ahead again to 2009 and he is once again railing with “holy boldness” against the homosexual ‘vampires’ in the church.

    Question to Mr. McClurkin: Were the youth of this country (and the church) who were so ENAMORED with pro-homosexual Obama in any LESS DANGER then than the youth at the Convocation?? Should they have been any less confused by McCLurkin’s support THEN vs. his call for deliverance NOW???Did McCLurkin find the boldness to call for people to “run to the altar” after the concert with Obama and the openly gay preacher? I think not.

    I mean at the end of the day, WHICH IS IT?? WHICH WAY IS IT GOING TO BE?? Do we stand with the pro-homosexual lobby on one day (with the president and openly gay preachers) OR do we rail against it ONLY on the “revival circuit (i.e. certain churches) and at the “cogic convocation”???? I’m confused. And i’m TIRED of the ‘theatrics’ within the “safety” of the church walls.

    It’s time to stand whatever the cost to our fame and popularity. (or album sales for that matter)

  5. Sin is sin. Anyone that is broken and gets delivered will be healed fully. The act is not the sin, we need to get to the root of the problem. God’s answer to the world was to love the Lord your God and love your neighbour as yourself and you will fulfill all the law and the Prophets. The problem we have is that very few people have fully accepted God’s unconditional love so how can we share with others. We need to have practical teaching that lets us know that everything from telling a lie to adultery is sin. We need to love the sinner and have a relationship with them so that they can see our life and desire it. And when the Holy Spirit decides to convict and draw them they can repent and their minds are converted then full deliverance is experienced. Let us pray for God’s knowledge and understanding leading us to be wise children of the Kingdom.

  6. hey Pastor Foster, why don’t you do a blog exposing the 787 members of the this COGIC secret undercover bi/gay members only club mentioned above..blaquegaybiminstries…I’ve never heard of them…do you know this Elder Ronald Kimbrew?…have you done a blog on him..would love to read it…

    btw I am not a fan of these secret clubs/memberships of…I think its harmful all around…to cause you fight for…and to the one that I fight for..these men do everyone an injustice…

    GCMW: Are you referring to this?

  7. Donnie McClurkin is one of the biggest practitioners of double speak this country has ever seen. He is simply caught up in the moment and whatever happens to be the prevailing popular thing at the moment.That is why he was in the White when Bush was there crying one thing and now that Obama is in, he’s singing a new tune. Folks anit nothing new about hypocrisy.

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