2nd Lexi-Pearson show: another disaster?

For the second time, Lexi’s religious oriented show on the Word Network has featured the false prophet Carlton Pearson along with other ministers who were supposed to be strong enough to refute his heresies. The first group failed miserably as Pearson easily danced around them with his storied glib of tongue. It was a disaster. The preachers were like little puppies waiting for some kibbles and bits from Pearson’s hands.

After multiple complaints, Lexi decided to assemble a second team comprised of George Bloomer, Jamal Bryant and Dr. Van Gayton of Logos Bible College.  Needless to say, things did not go well for Team two. Pearson still dominated them by making several stunning claims. Among them:  in the early years of Azusa Conference he was “pimping and being pimped” by other well known preachers.

According to Pastor Harvey Burnett of The Dunamis Word blog, a cryptic exchange occurred between Bryant and Pearson at the end of the show. Pastor Burnett reviewed the video and provided some rather eye-opening commentary about the sordid state of affairs going on today.

Was this embarrassing disaster number two? Will Lexi get yet another team of “preachers” in an attempt to put Pearson in his place? We report, you decide.

Get a fuller synopsis with video at the Dunamis Word.

More on Carlton Pearson (including Youtube video collection) from Mahalo


16 thoughts on “2nd Lexi-Pearson show: another disaster?

  1. I don’t think that a team of pastors should bother. Lexi and her homosexual assistant would never allow someone doctrinally sound and strong, or more to the point an ex-homosexual, on her show. They stack the deck so that it appears that their view is the right one and the people who support the Biblical view are the heretics, and not only that but ignorant and hateful. It is the same stuff that you see in secular Hollywood all the time where Christians are portrayed as hicks, bigots, even serial killers.

    And really, the Word Network must be viewed in the context of secular Hollywood. It is not a legitimately Christian network. I knew that the day that I emailed the Word Network’s original owner and operator years back, and since the original owner either sold it or got a new management team, things have gotten worse. The Word Network is Christianity as entertainment and commerce, plain and simple. People watch it to be entertained. That is why whatever the market wants, the Word Network is going to follow, and that is the same with the Christian entertainment, music, publishing etc. business as a whole. Remember when that homosexual from Detroit sued Bible publishing companies? What did they do? Instead of stand behind the Word of God, these Bible publishing companies blamed the translation committees!

    The Word Network is all about money, which comes from ratings and from “ministries” who pay them for airtime. The “ministries” who pay them for airtime do so because their supporters buy their products. If the Word Network does not cater to their buying customers – and of course homosexuals are disproportionately wealthy – then they make less money or even go out of business.

    That has been apparent in the Christian industry for decades. First, it was the black gospel industry that wouldn’t do anything about folks like James Cleveland. But white CCM gospel wouldn’t do anything about people like Amy Grant who cheated on and left their spouses. If you go on the Dove Awards, the Gospel Music Channel, or anything like that saying that claiming that Christians shouldn’t patronize Amy Grant because she is an open unrepentant adulteress (the same general sin area as homosexuality), you will get the same treatment from them as you will get from Lexi on her show.

    And the same is true of Pearson’s universalism message. The idea that people’s loved ones may be in hell or on the way there … nobody wants to be confronted with that. Such negativity, who wants to be brought down by stuff like that on an entertainment channel? When they can just change the channel and watch something else? And why would they use their own money to order some DVD series or book on how so many people are in hell? Really, the only difference between Pearson and the rest is that he is an explicit universalist. The rest are implicit or de facto universalists by never mentioning hell or sin at all, or giving false unBiblical treatments of it. Pearson is just more honest or ahead of the curve. Universalism – at least de facto univeralism – is part and parcel of the prosperity/Word of Faith message.

    And yes, I do mean ahead of the curve. Think of the future. How long is it going to be before the Word of Faith/prosperity folks start claiming that Christians have the authority to bind up hell to keep people from going there? Or to command hell to loose people so they can go to heaven? When you look at their “binding and loosing” and “we are gods” doctrines, it is only the next logical step, and it has the history of the Catholic purgatory doctrine as well as a lot of stuff that Origen and a lot of other universalists preached back in the day (in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th century, universalism was not considered heresy … Origen was not declared a heretic for universalism, but for other reasons). And then you have the new agey emergent spirituality church types who are increasingly embracing universalism as well. I recall that shortly before Tonex went off the deep end, he was getting heavily into that mystical sort of emergent Christianity. Even on “Out Tha Box”, several tracks on side 2 was promoting that stuff.

    So if that’s the future, my position is that Christians should just stay away from it. We need to call it what it is … a false religion or another religion, a wholly different competing religion and worldview. Basically Lexi, Carlton Pearson, and folks like that … we should see them as no different from Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists. Consider the verses below, and they apply.

    Revelation 2:9
    I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

    Revelation 3:9
    Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

    We are not to go on TV shows and debate orthodoxy with members of the synagogue of Satan. Instead, we are to cast them out of our churches and separate from them. If we don’t, we will receive the judgments that Jesus Christ warned against in Revelation 2-3.

  2. Yes, brother–I saw this last week; although I only saw snippets of the first exchange when she had interviewed him a year ago. I’m not sure what her intentions were, but I think she failed in trying to sway Pearson to the truth. If that were her goal, I could of told her she was wastinng her time, from the jump. But I think she succeeded in presenting a well-balanced set of experts (well, that could be questionable as well–I mean bloomer and bryant?)to counterargue Pearson. I really enjoyed the theologian that she had one the panel…so at least in this episode there was more of a debate rather than Pearson preaching and dominating a bunch of preachers who were either to scared or too ill-equipped to discuss the simple message of the gospel–(which was embarassing)

    surprisingly, Bryant and Bloomer did come across as sincere in wanting to help Carlton and hoping that the show would turn him around; but yet I think they prove too naive to think that any such thing would have happened.

    From the interview, it was clear, that Pearson has a huge chip on his shoulder regarding the church–and whatever his issues are, he needs to get them ironed out with God; and abandon all of his errant thinking/beliefs…he sure wants us to believe that he is more enlightened than we all, “look I casted out more devils than all of you on this whole panel”…that’s the real pearson…someone should tell him that his life is the perfect example of how pride goes before a fall.

  3. Job, after my last article on the Tonex issue, Lexi did call me and send me an invite to come on her show but I declined. I didnt think it prudent for several reasons.

    I do understand that she is supposed to have on an exlesbian sister named Brenda Burton coming up next week sometime.

    Youre right, TWN is a “christian industry” but not biblically based. As my wife said once, all you need is money to get on the Word Network. Thats about it.

  4. @ Rogers. Yes he is a ball of confusion but thats the mark of one who has entered into reprobation. I think Gayton may have been the only one who had any credibility.

    I think Pearson was miffed knowing that Bryant and Bloomer are full on controversy themselves.

  5. I too saw the offending programme.

    Why anyone in their right mind would even consider Lexi to be anything other than a church oriented ‘not really of sound report’ pretending to be a serious or even credible media outlet but in reality is nothing more than an attention seeking, image driven and wanting to appear to be sexual, Oprah wanna be is beyond me.

    There are a group of us ministers who have a genuine concern for the purity of The Gospel and we gather information on events for discussion and how to counter such deception in our local assembles.

    The real concern was the Jamal ‘always trying to sound profound but in truth is a clown’ Bryant using the opportunity to polish his profile. I don’t know about anyone else but I was sickened by what I saw and Pearson’s show of contriteness was so shameful.

    However the circus called Black Pentecostal Capitalistic Show business is now so far from what God had in mind when he designed the church.

  6. Why on earth would they recruit JHBryant to refute heresy? He traffics in it himself and has his own sexual issues UNLESS it is for name recognition and entertainment value. They should have gotten a theologian who could have easily refuted all of Pearson’s claims. IMO most “Christian television is entertainment oriented and a bastien of heresy, half truths and whole lies.

  7. Job, as a symboligist , like you are I run away from the Word network. I cannot believe how masonic their symbols are, so i know what they stand for.

    Job Christianity has gone on entertainment mode.

    Look there is more to this story, why is Carlton on Televison if his message is rejected? Because he is not alone, there are those who are being prepared to take his message to the next level, but want to see Carlton doing the ground work.

    Kuhlman, her name keeps cropping up, I think the day no one called her up (except Jack chick connections)

  8. Dear Ones’

    Reading some of the commentaries’ Mr. Pearson’s comments can be easily refutted, that if I can be plain, it isn’t even funny. But it appears that the whole episode is staged, because how can people of God, allow this man to dance around them w/such artistry. The Word of God, is plain and indisputable on the issues that this man adheres to. I pray that Mr. Pearson allows the Lord to deliver him from his heretical stance, and it is my prayer that all of us who are believers’ pray for this man, for the Lord says in his Word, “Woe unto you who leads my flock astray.” But there comes a time also, as the Lord instructed the Prophet Jeremiah, when praying for Israel, said to him, “why do you pray for these people, for if even Daniel, Job, and Noah prayed for them, the only prayers I would hear is theres”, so it comes a time to leave a person where they are, because in my heart, I believe this man knows better, for the bk of Jude is clear on such individuals and the Apostle John said, “if they were truly part of us they would’ve left us” for in one of the epistles’ of John he deals w/a individual who nolonger agreed w/the ministry of the gospel for whatever reason. Let us be also plain in the fact that Mr. Pearson, is not in a “backsliden” state, he is completely “heretical” and we are to rebuke them sharply and not entertain there foolishness, nor wish them God’s speed. Forgive me friends, if I appear alittle radical on this topic, for I do not claim to cross every “T” nor dot every “I”, but I do know this, as the Apostle Paul said, “if Satan parades around like an angel of light, then why not his ministers.” Paul speaks of leaving a certain young man to Satan, who was guility of incest, then perhaps, we as the body of Christ should do the same w/Mr. Pearson, rebuke him sharply, and lets not get caught of w/him in some presidential debate, for when dealing w/the enemy of our souls, we are not to debate and argue w/him, but rebuke him sharply w/the Word of God for he is the master of debate and argument and if we feed into it no matter how scholarily we are, we will fail as apparently these ministers’ did evenso as some of them are in an fallen state. Loving you all.

  9. I am very disappointed that Lexi would even give a platform to Bishop Pearson to spread this foolishness. I’m going to view this video, as well her interview with Tonex….and get back with you…

  10. Tony,
    Your comments were so on point. Why bother with trying to refute Pearson. He’s been spreading his form of the “gospel” for a while now and the ones that trek to hear him, they were/are in a state of delusion anyway. God have mercy on them all. Furthermore, what bothered me as I watched the video is that he was sitting there posing himself as a helpless victim of the church game. He was seducing and manipulating thru body language, tone, and word. I was surprised that the other guys on stage didn’t stop Carlton mid-sentence and shut all that ruckus up.

    A strong delusion; wheat and tares; sheep and goats; the time is now— It’s either God’s true church or one made by hands.

  11. Grace and peace,
    I saw the first few min of the second interview. I could not stomach it after seeing the first one. How can anyone take lexi as a serious journalist or christian for that matter. As a christian, she should have been able to refute Pearson’s “doctrine of demons” all by herself. or at least ask an informed follow up question. After pearson spouts off some heresy, she looks at the camera with an expression that reads, ” well there you have it”. no further discussion needed. Will she have on some Jehovahs witnesses or Mormons next? If not why? what is the difference between giving a heretic a platform and those other cults? After all, they all claim to be christian. Lexi will have to give an account for her promotion of false doctrine.

  12. This is the most idiotic interview ever!

    Would you give a platform to the devil? is this not of the devil? The bible says to shun the very appearance of evil and to give no place to the devil.

    There is absolutely no need for a second interview anyhow because the lies were not dealt with in the first, but OH to get some ratings we give an anti Christ the platform to spew his rubbish! what is really going on here!?

    There is nowhere in the bible where I see a platform given to a heretic/false teacher they are rebuked sharply.

    Galatians 1

    7Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ.

    8But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.

    9As we said before, so say I now again, if any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.”

    There is no reasoning in this, let them be accursed! simple.

    They are on there talking about the old Carlton Pearson? the man is a heretic now! was he ever saved or called or is he a preacher because he was the next in line. Thats another thing, Preachers are called by God and not because my dad was a Pastor does it mean that I will be one.


  13. JB also blamed the church for his Mr. Pearson’s heresy!
    Its Christ who saves and God already told us not to put our trust in man, so if man fails us it is not God who has.

  14. This is complicated. On the one hand..Carlton is preaching about that “other fold” that Jesus talked about…Carlton is preaching about what the Hebrew writer talked about:

    Hebrews 8:11 “And they shall not teach every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying “Know the Lord”: for all shall know me, from the least to the greatest; For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more.”

    The scripture doesn’t state that that you can teach A man or brother about the Lord….but its clear that you can’t teach EVERY man or his brother about the Lord…so Bishop Carlton Pearson has taken the call of the ladder…he believes the Lord has called him to those men and women who in “know God” as they know him..whether that be through a man made religion or no religion at all…but they know God for themselves..they know God their way…and Bishop Carlton is just saying..”that’s A Okay”….

    Now,, why is the mainstream church in a up roar?…We are still commissioned by Christ to go out and to preach the Gospel…the good news….but we ought not be to “zealous” in our efforts..or foolish to think we will or can win EVERY man or woman…this is not true..the scriptures clearly tells us that we won’t be able to win them all..and we shouldn’t be screaming KNOW THE LORD to every body…at the end of the day..we should be led by the Spirit of God when we minister…

    There is a chosen people..a called out people..”many are called..few are chosen”..the “church”..the “body of Christ” is the “chosen or elected people” of God…there is nothing with that..because at the end of the day..is not we that saved ourselves..but it was God..at the end of the day…if you are in church..you are there because God would have you there..

    Just my thoughts on the situation…but I agree…to debate about this issue is kind of fruitless…”to each his or her own”..”we must all work out our own salvation”…its time for the Church to move on to more important issues…

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