False prophet alert: JB II on the prowl for holiday cash

Let me sum and update it up for you:
1. Jaunita Bynum wants to teach you how to “change your life”
2. It will cost you $1000 (that’s only for registration)
3. You’d better like it because there are no refunds
4. This is who she’s currently got under her spell.
5. A fool and his money are soon parted.



43 thoughts on “False prophet alert: JB II on the prowl for holiday cash

  1. But it is “only” $1,000. That’s your best false teacher value!

    And did we mention that she is a “Doctor?” Oh, yeah, only seven times!

  2. She’s not Prophetess Juanita Bynum II any more? It looks like she’s left and gone to the “world”! Life Coach and CEO Dr. Juanita Bynum II! And if you DON’T know, you betta ask somebody, ain’t NO REFUNDS! It’s sad when God leaves you and you’re left with a reprobate mind! I don’t know if that’s her, but I’m just sayin! Wait-a-minute…. Dr. Tom Bynum Institute–Whaaa?

  3. i’m laughing at this “no refund” slapped on the front–apparently this is the second time she is doing this little “counseling session” and the first go around, people must have wanted their money back so they needed to be explicit šŸ™‚

    This brother that you mention as under her spell–mr.prophet, ambassador, recondite revolutionary–I don’t know what that is, but his bio is ridiculous…but he is wearing two earrings?? He’s supposedly over some of JBs ministry functions…uhm, does earrings on a man help them hear a clearer word from God as a prophet? As my mother would say, you can tell a lot about a person, from whom they associate with

  4. This is a hot mess that this FALSE PROPHETRESS wanted to con people just for the money by useing Godliness for gain. She should be ashamed of herself!

  5. @ everybody. this is bizarre. But keep your eyes open and see if any one of the so called leaders of the church condemns this merchandising of the sheep. This has the facade of “church” or “gospel” but this woman is operating in witchcraft. “The Wearhouse” (sounds like a club) is her new church.

    The man’s bio is hilarious, but has some serious pride issues.

    Blackgospelpromo should be ashamed to have sent this out to thousands of people.

  6. GCM,
    All I can say now is well……..!!!! Like they say in church whall!!!! Maybe I am the only one, but I am just not shocked anymore when you are left with a reprobate mind. This woman needs our prayers!

  7. The so called male prophet wears 2 earrings, that’s a sure sign of bi-sexuality, being effeminate, and vanity.
    You don’t even need the Spiritual Gift of Discernment to tell that the man has some pride issues with himself.

  8. People we have to be careful whee we spend our money, just because there are ministries I gave money to, which really I should have been robbing because I realise my money to causes I hate.

    “Change your life” it sounds like a self help message.

  9. Wow… this is… wow…. I guess she’s not an ambassador of Christ[anymore] – no mention of him. And the first thing that hit me about that guy’s website is the secular music when his page poppped up. A prophet listening to secular music; hmmm…. And who is that guy selling – it ain’t Jesus Christ! I hope God helps Dr. Bynum and that guy get on track, because what I’m seeing is a hot mess!

  10. JB should be ashamed of herself. She seemed to be somewhat authentic when she first started preaching. Now it seems to be about honor, recognition,and money. From what I understand the Tom Bynum Institue is named after her late father. That is alot of money for someone to supposedly tell you how to live. Not to mention the fact of the economic climate right now. Why not approach God’s throne bodly? He will tell you how to change your life. I thank God for pastors-those who are preaching sound doctrine and not preaching for the money.But I am even more thankful that I have a personal relationship with God for myself.

  11. Jeze-baal strikes again! She has no shame in her “game.” What’s sad is her followers! Tisk! Tisk!

  12. My, how the mighty have fallen. From an anointed woman of God to a life coach??? I remember Nita and her brother Tom from back in the day. He was always shady, and like Balaam, she kept selling out the gifts of the Lord. Very sad indeed~

  13. Wow,
    To the people that say she should be ashamed, remember this woman has no shame! Remember her million dollar wedding, after she already married TWIII in las vegas (sin city). then pretended that this ceremony was the real thing.
    Secondly, what are her qualifications to be anyones life coach? Lets see, nervous breakdown, welfare, twice divorced, property with tax liens, no formal education ( no integrity for lying about it. ie fake doctorate). Wow i cannot wait to follow in her foot steps! Where can i sign up so i can be like her!

  14. Doesnt being a life coach mean you have to have your own life “together”??… and have some kind of credibility? What kind of credibility does Bynum have?

    If Juanita Bynum, with all her well-documented issues, can be a “life coach”, what’s next — will Elizabeth Taylor be giving marriage seminars next?

  15. A waste of a thousand dollars if there ever was one. This is as bad as the time she was selling those “miracle sheets”, which she probably bought for ten bucks at KMART, for a “seed” of a thousand dollars.

  16. C11, you may be onto something there. Regrettably, fads doth become the black church. False teachers know how to pick up whats in the wind and haul it into the church to benefit themselves. However, it seems to have taken root in the church at large already. According to one Christian Life Coaching organization, there are differences between secular and Christian “life coaching”.

    Differences between Christian / Biblical Coaching Programs and Secular

    There are many differences but primary is the underlying foundation. Secular coaching is humanistic and relies on the client’s self-imposed goals. Christian coaching is Christ-centered. Within Christian coaching, there is a three-way relationship between client, coach and Holy Spirit. Secular coaching involves a two-way relationship between coach and client. Many Christian coaches have found it frustrating to work with secular programs and secularly accredited Christian programs because of the high infiltration of new age philosophies. You won’t find that here at PCCCA. The bible distinctly tells us to seek only the counsel of other Christians. It is important to note though, that while PCCCA offers Christian Coach training and certification, the techniques learned are also applicable with secular clients. So the training you choose, should be more about who you are, than who your clients may one day be. Seek Him first and God will lead those to you, who need what you have to offer.

    God said he would give us “pastors according to his heart”, but Im not so sure life coaching for pay (in the church) is God’s way. Maybe someone can expound on that.

    This is not a hit on the legitimate profession, but with the mountains of mess, controversy, false teachings, money making schemes and self centered egotism characterizing JB2, I would be stunned that anyone would want to pay her a 1000 dollars to “change their lives”. As if a 1000 dollars and two days can do that anyway.

  17. Will someone please explain what the “II” mean behind “Dr.” Bynum’s name, and what the initials stand for behind “Priest-Profit” Ric’s name (D.B. and D. M.M.). Please…..

  18. Oh, and if “Priest-Profit” Rick is really against homosexuality, like his web-site says, why does he have a Tonex song playing??? And I do really know how to spell Prophet in the right context.

  19. Awwwww come on now, yall……..don’t put cho mouff on the woman or mand of Gawd; just pray for ’em!!!!!

  20. Dee, If you had gone to the birthday bash, in which she anointed herself with her “shera the princess-warrior” sword, you would have found out that she divorced her past and married her new self or real self. Juanita Bynum the second is for the second time around in life…these are her very words…which is why she has the name change

  21. Wow! This lady who “speaks to the nations”, and has had tens of thousands attend her conferences, now wants to “pour herself” into 12 people at only $1,000 per person ($12K)? This sounds like it may just be a chance for people who like taking pictures with “celebrities” to get a few close-ups, and for someone with a $12K need to get help. Hate to think like that, but there’s so much “stuff” going on under the guise of the “Church”.

    Let me see…
    Day 1 we have 5 hrs of food/mingling (Brkfst 1 hr, Lunch 2 hrs, dinner probably at least 2 hrs), and 4 hrs of workshops. Then, on day 2, it seems that there will be about 3 hrs for food/mingling, 2 hrs of workshop, and approx. 30 mins for each person to have their one on one with the doctor.

    While they may not mention God in the ad, we all know that her biggest fans and those most likely to take her up on this little offer are church folks. I just hate it when people use God’s people for their own self gain – but I hate it even more when God’s people fall for it! People, wake up, and let’s put these profiteers out of business – for the love of God!!

  22. And another thing…what’s this “Ministry Covering Application” all about (see link to her site for the ad with additional info on it)? Is she forming some kind of national/international ministry with other churches coming under her “covering”?

  23. Hey, I wonder if her security will be tighter than the whitehouse. Maybe we can dressup and showup without paying the $1000.00, if we look all anointed, important, and potentanish.

  24. LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!!! LOL!!!!! I swear all of the comments have had me cracking up from the first one to the last one!!!! LOL!!!!! LOL!!!!

    Man, how did it get to this?!!!! And that guy—- his bio was just a mess!!! what was all that didactic, lactic, acidic, metamorphic…LOL!!!! I was just cracking up!!!

    WHO GOES TO THIS STUFF?!!!! lol.. I’m sorry I can’t stop laughing!!!

  25. James you are right this is a joke!

    The bible doesnt have all the answers to life anymore and the gathering of believers to be taught Gods word along with personal reading is not enough, we need help from Ms. Bynum II.

    Funny thing, if the church needs this why doesnt she just teach it in the Church for free?

  26. We really need to pray for her. God still has great things in store. Let’s pray for one another and be real.

  27. First and foremost, these people are paying this lady 1000 dollars to REGISTER to go to this thing! Can we get something a little better than CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST?!?! For real!

    (You gotta get ghetto with this paragraph! Wave you finger in the air as you read!!)

    If I’m paying 1,000 bucks to come to your conference and sit under false doctrine and the history of your marital situation because you ain’t got no power, I want some french toast, scrambled eggs with cheese, orange juice, some grits, bacon and sausage, some hash-browns and a biscuit to top it off. WITH free refills. Don’t give me a bagel with low fat cream cheese! You done lost yo’ mind! (HAHA!)

    That’s all I got to say. lol!

  28. I don’t remember life coach as being one of the offices that God gave to the people. You know that’s one of Satan’s offices. How dumb can you be

  29. If people are dumb enough to fork over a thousand bucks for this mess,then Juanita ‘false profit-tess’ bynum ought to take every dollar these fools turn over. How in God’s name can people be so stupid and follow behind the shenanigans of such an obvious cheat.

  30. Juanita’s present spirtual condition should be a warning to us all that “Once Saved Always Saved” Doctorine is a false teaching.

    Revelation 3:16 (NASB)

  31. Sad to say, but “pastors”, “prophets”, “bishops” gone astray in the church today can pretty much do whatever they want and charge for it. Like Michael Pitts of Cornerstone Church in Toledo, Oh – he charged $100-150 “early entrance” passes to his “Heaven on Earth” Conference in Oct. so that people could buy a good seat all week and get in early to do it. Sad thing is, what about all of the out of work people who may have wanted to sit a little closer, but couldn’t because they didn’t have the money to buy a seat. Sounds like something the Bible warns against in showing favoritism in the church and showing disdain for the poor.

    God help the church of today. So many parading as pastors, bishops, prophets, prophetesses, etc. and fleecing the sheep and using the church as a business to exalt themselves rather than the Lord himself.

    And by the way, Paula White, one of Michael Pitts’ guest speakers at the Heaven on Earth Conference also goes by the title of life coach. Must be a new catch all title when you’ve lost your anointing and need to drum up money another way.

  32. Life Coach!? Her downfall is MONEY! I cant belive some of the things that our “spiritual leaders” are involves in.

  33. I believe that some preachers/evangelist add life coach to their titles to draw a secular audience. I don’t agree with it, but I believe that this is why they do it.

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