Commercial Appeal: COGIC minister arrested for rape of 16 year girl *updated*

wilsonThis story has been updated with additional news. Scroll to the bottom.

Reporting these types of stories brings no joy, but must be done because the COGIC leadership has not gotten the message that sexual abuse and immorality among its clergy is rampant and the foot dragging must stop. When asked about the website we set up to monitor and advocate for victims, Bishop Blake told a Memphis reporter, “Brother Foster has a flavor of the year he usually focuses on. His flavor this year is sexual harassment and sexual abuse.”

But the facts prove clergy sexual abuse in COGIC is no joking matter.  The Memphis Commercial Appeal broke yet another abuse story early this morning. Minister Dwayne Wilson [myspace page] (pictured), 25 of St Mark COGIC in Memphis was arrested and charged with statutory rape of a 16 year female member of the church’s choir where he served as music minister.

Ronald Rolfe, the church’s pastor refused to remove Wilson from his position saying that the Bible calls for us to love and forgive.

“The word of God teaches us to forgive and to pray,” said Rolfe. “The best thing I can do as a clergyman is to extend God’s hands of forgiveness.”

Apparently, Pastor Rolfe isn’t aware of COGIC’s zero tolerance policy. Through their public relations firm, COGIC officials refused comment until they had more information [source].

Although the Commerical Appeal reported that COGIC  “has had a no-tolerance policy toward sexual misconduct since 1992, and COGIC members adopted additional policies earlier this month”, the Wilson case reveals that information is still vastly unknown to the denomation’s thousands of clergy leaders.

According to an unsourced article posted on on November 24th, the denomination did not adopt any new sexual abuse measures. Only a small group of delegates were given an unnamed document to review and consider.

“He [Blake] then went on to discuss the Church’s official stance against sexual misconduct. Over the course of the last year, Bishop Blake has hand-picked a strong team of clergy and legal professionals familiar with addressing sexual misconduct to develop a document that details the responsibility of clergy over the protection of all members and reaffirm the official stance of the church concerning this heinous type of sexual victimization. This document was distributed to delegates for review and consideration.”(our bold)

The article snippet reflects no real sense of change, but rather more of the shell game COGIC leadership has become known for. It doesn’t even take into consideration the highly contradictory statement by COGIC’s PR representative Diedre Malone who said COGIC has been working on a clergy sexual abuse plan for over 15 years. How does that compare against “over the course of the last year” statement? Which one is accurate?

Given the serious and critical nature of clergy sexual abuse in the denomination, why is the document only issued for a “review and consideration” process? After 15 years, shouldnt COGIC have their policies and enforcement of policies in place by now. Who are the members of the “clergy and legal professionals team” allegedly assembled by Bishop Blake? Why all the continued secrecy? After all the damage done, why is Bishop Blake still acting as if this is a motion to add another pulpit seat at Mason Temple?

Will this document be made public for all of COGIC’s alleged 6.5 million members to review or is it only for the eyes of the 1000 attendees? If Bishop Blake and his team of professionals want to be taken seriously, they would be honest with the church’s members. Two sexual abuse cases are still in traction for trial so perhaps this is why there has been no measurable changes in the way COGIC appropriates its so called zero tolerance sexual abuse policy.

The victim’s father seems to speak the sentiments of  many families who have been victimized by clergy sexual abuse. You can hear the anguish in his words.

“There’s so much sexual misconduct going on in COGIC right now, and he’s right in the middle of it,” the girl’s father said. “It’s out of control.”

Additional media coverage:

WMC TV reported the victim’s father (also a minister at the St Mark’s) says that Wilson has “had one sexual relationship after another since he’s been there.” [source]

WREG with video of church members

UPDATE 12.01.09 9:12am eastern

The outrage over the Dwayne Wilson rape case continues to grow. The Tennessee Chapter of SNAP (Survivor Network of Those Abused by Priests) will lead a press conference today in front of COGIC’s International headquarters Mason Temple (930 Mason St) at 1pm to address clergy sexual abuse and openly rebuke COGIC for not removing Wilson from office. SNAP plans to:

  • urge anyone who saw, suspected or suffered the man’s crimes to come forward, get help & call police,
  • offer to speak to the congregation about how to respond appropriately when child sex charges emerge, and
  • prod denominational officials to hold an open public meeting at the church to address the controversy

David Brown, chapter president, spoke with me last night and told me of his plans. Brown will also read a prepared press statement from me on behalf of  We fully support these efforts. If you are in Memphis and want to stand with SNAP and ReportCOGICAbuse, please let the church know that change must happen now.

61 thoughts on “Commercial Appeal: COGIC minister arrested for rape of 16 year girl *updated*

  1. Looking at their myspace page his wife looks a bit more worldlier then most Pastor’s wives. The extra long fake nails, shoulders out, and red lips. Oh boy. Well this makes you think what does the pastor have to hide the reason he has not gotten rid of the minister. HMMMMMMM

  2. I’m still reeling that this pastor would allow this man to remain in position with no disciplinary action pending whatsoever. The parents should file lawsuit against COGIC and the local church. Based on the pastor’s idiotic response, he should be removed and disciplined.

  3. from the article:

    “Pastor Rolfe said Wilson made “poor choices,” but that it wasn’t his place to condemn.”

    Wow. Wasnt sure if I should laugh at such a comment or just shake my head. How sad.

    I thought it was just common sense that if an [adult] leader of a church ministry is caught carrying on a sexual relationship with a 15 year old girl(she was 15 when it started), he should immediately be removed from working with, and endangering, other young ladies. But this pastor thinks it’s ok to leave this guy in his position to supposedly lead “worship” in the church? Wow.

    Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

  4. cz, this guy is a low class scumbag. If this is who the pastor of St Mark COGIC has leading worship, they are two peas in a pod.

    What more information does COGIC need to tell this pastor to shut this guy down immediately? Or is something else going on behind the scenes?

    Check out his myspace page before he shuts it down. He’s a regular R. Kelly wannabe.

  5. wait, I’m confused. This same guy is the music minister in a church with a song talking about “girl show me whatch got”, exposing his chest and arms so that we can ALL see his tatoo’s? How is it a surprise that he slept with this confused young lady when he is obviously trying to be some kind of sex symobol?
    please tell me this isnt real.

    May The LORD strengthen this young lady and family!

  6. This just cannot be real, the Pastor is saying love and forgive, who told him that discipline is void of love and forgiveness, what a clown! This will only embolden others to do it knowing that they will be forgiven and loved without consequences, other than the embarrasment I guess.

    This cannot be real, it just cannot be.

  7. We must love and forgive, we must also obey the Word Of God and practice discipline according to 1 Cor.5:11-13 …if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator,or covetous,…or a drunkard…with such an one not to eat.For what have I to do to judge them also that are without? do not ye judge them that are within? But them that are without God judgeth.Therefore put away from among yourselves that wicked person.
    This is unbelievable in a professing Pentacostal Holiness Church,it seems that a little leaven has leavened this whole lump [church].This is a shame before God,cats,dogs and monkeys.
    I thank God for the Body Of Christ because the Church World is in serious spiritual trouble,they are willing to cover,compromise and justify anything.

  8. Walt, sadly youre right. This is a new low. As Paul said this is unreal that a man who is openly known to be sexually immoral among other things BEFORE the rape would be kept in position under the guise of love and forgiveness.

    It also shows that COGIC leadership and all the talk they do about zero tolerance has just been put to the test and it failed miserably. If you cant follow the Bible, I dont think a mountain of so-called policies will change anything.

    Like they used to say in church way back when you cant shout and dance over mess. I guess that’s literally out the window now.

  9. Bro. Walt, you took the words out of my mouth (so to speak). The first thing that came to my mind was I Corinthians 5! I remember about a year ago my Bishop did a sermon on this very matter about two weeks before he excommunicated all the fornicators…. Of course, we are not supposed to condemn people, but leaders are also called to keep God’s house holy and free from leaven (i.e. sin).
    Ministers… ok I stopped writing to visit this brother’s MySpace page. Now, is he REALLY a Minister of Music at someone’s church!!!??? I’m APPALLED!!! A minister (even a Minister of Music) ought not be patterned after the world, with tattooes, piercings, and half his chest showing; and having a song featuring a secular artist (8 Ball of 8 Ball and MJG). I KNOW he wouldn’t be doing anything but sitting down and receiving some sound doctrine if he were at our church! I’m tripping off this one, and that’s not to even mention the accusations against this brother…. That church ought to be ashamed of themselves for allowing worldiness in their congregation!
    I just visited the Pastor’s MySpace… I’m just gonna stop now before I write a novel. It makes more sense why this guy is a minister at that church… still a shame, though.

  10. You can forgive, press charges, fire, and let the man sit in jail for a while. People seem to think if you let someone suffer repercussions of their actions, either by not intervening , or issuing due punishment, you have not truly forgiven them. The redemptive work of Christ does not cover forgiveness from your sins in that way, can someone please preach on that???
    Facetiously, are there not any other gay or womanizing music leaders in memphis or the churches with unrepentant gifts and talents to help reel people in to this pastors services? Even if this girl was the church slut amoung her peers, as the adult he should’ve known better…if he was saved.
    The pastor has to let him go, cause the real saints will leave, maybe a few remain to be on guard but when they won’t receive the truth shake the dust off and go somewhere else.
    This is just another instance of sacrifing our children to the heathen gods for prosperity and popularity.
    I know I’m curious where the parents were that late, and I’d definitely be trying to get a trespassing/breaking and entering charge tacked on too cause he was in MY HOUSE I pay for with my child. And tell little sister since you grown enough to bring someone in my house unbeknownst to me, since Beyonce said ‘if he like it then he should put a ring on it’, go see if he liked it that much cause you can not stay here.

  11. Lord have mercy!!!! I just went to this guy’s Myspace page and boy was it a sight to see! How in the world did he become a minister of music? If you ask me, he’s not even saved (presumptuous on my part?)! There’s no way a true believer would create a MySpace page like that. That was a fleshly glorification of his “pretty boy” looks and tattoo fetish. I guess that’s the “other life” he leads apart from the Sunday School/Church boy.

    Now, as for that Pastor’s comments— again, no way a true Shepherd would allow such activity w/o repercussions! And to sing that love/forgiveness tune is a record I can do w/o hearing again. I understand the love/forgiveness principle, but there must be proper application. This situation here calls for immediate disciplinary action.

  12. What a shame to hear of a story that involves a minor having sex with an adult. But more troubling is that adult is a minister who will not be removed from his position in the church because of some irresponsible pastor. That pastor teeters on the edge of complicity, though not criminal but yet his actions show a disregard for basic bible teaching along with arrogant attitude towards the victim.

    This situation reminds me of my own personal struggle in my former church where the pastor refused to stand with me against the exploration of our minor children. It all seems to me that if these pastors would take a stand they fear the loss of financial contribution from the church membership. How many more children will become victimize before real change happens? When will national COGIC officials finally step up and demand integrity, accountability, and transparency for all those who are in leadership position within the church? These questions along with a lot more should be answers by leadership. And if they refuse then membership should demand that there concerns be heard and true change happens immediately. If that fails then membership should seriously think of removing there membership if leadership is unwillingly to listen and implement real change.

  13. COGIC, needs change at the head, thats the problem. We can call him bishop, elder, Doctor, Apostle out of respect all we want but when a leader does not lead the church according to sound teaching he needs to be replaced. If the people of COGIC choose not to do this, these things will continue regardless of any zero tolerance policies put in place.

    I say again if a leader says statistically speaking sexual abuse is not that bad in COGIC, something is very wrong.

    Isaiah 4:6
    6From the sole of the foot even unto the head there is no soundness in it; but wounds, and bruises, and putrifying sores: they have not been closed, neither bound up, neither mollified with ointment.

    Not to say that there are no sound members in COGIC, I know there are, however it will grow in corruption if the leaven is not removed.

    God bless

  14. Paul N, corruption has already crept into the situation this is why national officials are slow to move towards any policy that deals with this situation. We cannot expect change from them when they themselves are the foxes in the hen house.

  15. lapreghiera,

    Youre absolutely right. The girl’s actions should not go unpunished, but that is for the parents to do. the man is an adult and his actions were not only sinful but criminal. He’s got a double violation. When one’s actions are only sinful, the court has no jurisdiction and the church should mete out appropriate discipline tempered by mercy and forgiveness. But the church should not shield the offender from facing the consequences of his criminal behavior. The pastor is 100% wrong and he too should be disciplined.

  16. GCM (author), you are absolutely right. Some form discipline should be handed to pastor for his role in doing NOTHING to address the situation. And that discipline should include possible removal from his position as pastor. And as for Mr. Wilson, if convicted, should spend a great deal of time in prison. He needs to feel how it is to be taking advantage of.

  17. If the pastor’s hands are dirty, he will not be able to discipline. The music minister just might have dirt on him.

  18. I too went to this “minister’s” website and it was appalling.
    This person is not a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
    He is not born again. I will say that again. He is not born again
    with the spirit of Christ upon and within him.
    His fleshly pride and appetites crowd up the whole page and he wants to identify with the life, death and suffering of Jesus the Christ.
    He is in deep denial. This charge of statutory rape..if proven..
    is another slap against this COGIC policy of trying to stop the
    sexual predators in COGIC from having free reign.
    This so called minister needs to be sat down and disciplined and
    taught the way of salvation. He is not qualified to lead anyone
    in worshipping a holy God.
    The pastor of this “house of God” should be ashamed of his conduct and fear of imposing discipline upon this reprobate.
    The Church of God suffers shame due to such incidents and we wonder why the world laughs at the church. They can see no difference between this hustler and what the world does. No difference.
    What a tragedy for girl and what a slam against the true Church of God. God is and will continue to bring judgement against those professing his name including this so called minister and his
    so called pastor.
    If the members of that church had two brain cells working together they would demand change or leave. The Body of Christ is
    not ruled by a single pastor…not is not biblical but rather we all get the mind of Christ.
    This is a no brainer. Turn the man over to Satan for chastisement and maybe he will come to his senses and repent and get truly saved.

  19. Lafe reading your comments this scripture came to mind.

    Romans 2:24
    24For the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles through you, as it is written.

    The world blasphemes the name of Christ because many live just as sinful as they do, what a shame.

  20. Well ain’t the bishop got a nerve? What year is it in COGIC when a hustler like Jamal Harris Bryant can be a preacher in the Holy Convocation? What year is it when it comes to all the sexual immorality in the clergy? He sure has a nerve!

  21. Elder Jimmy it shows you just how uniformed he is. Ive been speaking out against sexual immorality and clergy sexual abuse since 2003.

    He’s been asleep at the wheel. We all know what happens when a driver falls asleep at the wheel. Sadly the evidence of his and others’ dereliction is showing for the world to see.

  22. gcmwatch (author) said:
    Check out his myspace page before he shuts it down. He’s a regular R. Kelly wannabe.

    Well, I just went to his Myspace page, and I’ll just put it this way…

    Even if the [alleged] sexual misconduct had never taken place, if I was his pastor I would have removed this man from the church’s music ministry just based on his Myspace page alone! The lyrics of his song (“Show Me”) are bad enough… not to mention this R.Kelly/Jodeci wannabe, chest-baring, tattooed-up, sexified, pretty-boy image he’s trying to portray.

    I’m just amazed:this man actually leads worship in a “holiness” church? Wow. I actually feel sorry for the church members who have someone like this as their “worship leader”.

  23. Not just a COGIC problem…its a problem in every church. The AA church has always been more sympathetic to men like this brother..while more mainstream white or Evangelistic Churches are much more out front with this..they would excommunicate you in a heart beat…publicly….

    As the Pastor, he must do as God leads him..he would have to stand before God and give an account for his actions..or lack of actions.

    No need for the name calling…..

  24. Pastor Foster,
    I went to and searched D Jae and combining what I found there with his my space page is almost unbelieveable for the Minister of music but I believe it because I saw it for myself.This is shameful and disgusting,the name of Jesus Christ should not be named among this wordly mess.

  25. Elder,

    This guy wasn’t even CLOSE to salvation…what the John Hay Homes is this?

    Matthews did a show on him and the actual police report of this crime…This fella is in the house early in the AM with a dresser blocking the door, this guy is under the bed, he jumps up naked runs out of the house (not a stitch of clothes or car keys) found naked in the back seat of his car…look, the young lady said she invited HIM to the house to perform oral sex on him….a 16 year old church member and he was supposedly a married man????

    You mean to tell me…that a PASTOR will not REMOVE an obvious charlatan from leadership…what is that Elder? This man is caught in his mess, this is a TRAGIC situation for any church community and all he can say is that, “well we gotta forgive him?” I agree we do 1- IF he asks, 2- WITH a greater sense of accountability 3- with definite restrictions…and 4- with a complete and utter church re-dedication, repentance and restoral.

    Does this fella realize what has actually happened here? I don’t see how they could.

    From the pics, I can see they are HOTT…FLAMIN’…ON FIYRE…my brutha. Thaddeus named the church Greater Freak COGIC…what a TRAGGIC shame!

    Lord please help us!!!

  26. Man this is something else. I saw the quote about the pastor saying he has to forgive him of this act but what about the lifestyle as a whole? @Walt I looked up the youtube with that search as well and I’m just amazed at what this guy is doing outside of Church and still being allowed to be a “Minister” at his church. I saw this video of him singing to a middle school about some sexual things that shouldn’t even be allowed in some colleges and he’s singing this stuff to Middle School girls. I am also amazed at the brick wall that us Christian Artist face when we try to do things in schools but this is allowed with open arms. SMH We need to continue to pray, watch and act. Good Post DL keep putting the word out.


    GCMW: Hey my brother! Looked at the video briefly. My disgust level went up 10 notches.

  27. Pastor Burnett, it would have been nice if Rolfe would have said exactly what Wilson repented of? And doesnt that mean he’s guilty? That might not bode well for him in court. I wasnt aware that he was married while cultivating this image of a single, sex starved R and B wannabe. This is so wrong on so many levels. Why is the pastor defending him? Doesnt he know Wilson has been making an utter fool of him and his church in the public?

    This church is in TN 4th, Bishop Jerry Maynard. COGIC is allegedly “investigating”. Wow you’d think this was somebody accusing Bishop Mason of raping a young girl. Unbelieveable.

  28. Oh so he sing URSHER songs to teens!

    Is this for real? this guy is the music minister in this church? I am still in disbelief! Has the church fallen this far where we need secualr artists in the Church? Maybe the church needs “street cred”.

    This Pastor/Elder or whatever his title is needs to be shown the door! this guy has secrets on him so he cant show any authoriy.


  29. ya know what all of the afore mentioned comments I read are true.I read most of them.wilson is dead wrong and he should suffer consequences for his ignorance.please pay attention to this…he didnt kick in that girls door.he wasnt breaking the windows out to get in.he was caught in her house.dont be surprised if by checking phone records,she was calling him.the parents of the youth needs to recognized this.while under the law she is the victim,but she will do this again.and why? there is at least a 75% chance that this isnt the first time the parents have had this kinda situation with thier daughter.just so happens that this time she got caught with a minister of world renoun church.

  30. Kurt, let the parents deal with their daughter. That’s their right. Honestly, I dont want to hear anything else about the girl’s culpability, what she did isnt a crime.

    Wilson committed the crime and NOTHING justifies that. There’s no buts, Wilson could have very easily (if he had any morals or character or integrity) told the girls parents to tell her to back off. He didnt so that makes him a criminal.

    And I bet this wasnt his first time, he just got caught this time. The real tragedy is that he hasnt been removed from his position.

  31. Kurt, come on now Bro!

    First this guy is no minister, well maybe of satan by the looks of his videos and myspace.

    If this was one of her school mates did this, it would not ba a story, the fact that he is a “minister” is the whole problem plus he is overage, he is married, and is supposed to be a Christian.
    Look how many things he had to dismiss in order to do this.

  32. If the pastor of that reprobate church and its church members and
    the writers at this blog would go to the video about this pretender, they would gain some more insight as to why this particular church fellowship has become neither hot nor cold in
    allowing this person who masquerades as a believer into their midst. This is a prime example of a wolf among the sheep and the sheep are the young lambs!
    But yet this COGIC pastor does not possess the discernment of half of a thimble to know what is going on and what to do about it.
    This pastor is so compromised and/or blissfully ignorant that he should be removed from being anyone’s pastor.
    The membership of that particular church (if they also are not
    morally compromised and ignorant of the Word of God) would leave,
    in mass, from that fellowship.
    Talk about making a mockery of both worship and the known Word of God. This scenario should be the poster boy for churches which slid into apostasy and you wonder why!
    This so called worship leader is allowed to lead others into the presence of a holy God with his unclean spirit! What a mockery.
    What a shame.
    If a pastor of a church can not discern what to do in this dire situation and which remedy is clear to all (but the pastor) that pastor is not fit to lead a church fellowship.
    This is basic discernment 101 and if you fail that, you are not equipped for being an elder.
    The bishop over this church needs to exercise some authority and
    do the right thing and quit playing footsies with this neophyte
    pastor and his errant “worship leader.”
    When you watch the video (see location via above comments from
    Timashion)and hear his words…this is supposedly coming from the mouth of a born again believer and is being delivered to young
    impressionable kids.
    And we wonder why the church has no power or the world holds us
    in disregard…we are no different than they are!

  33. I read the update on this predator and supposedly according to
    the father of the victim, this guy has been “bedding his way”
    through the congregation with other women!
    But yet, and if this known to the wimp who is the pastor of this
    Biblically ignorant congregation, this person is allowed to stay
    and “minister” to others and to lead others into the presence of a holy God! What profanity. What contempt for the Word of God.
    What a satanic action to compromise the Word of God and to hold it in ridicule.
    I applaud SNAP and other groups to protest this outrage and to
    march on this so called church and to protest this vile behavior
    of this so called minister and this so called pastor.
    People of God…CONTEND FOR THE FAITH!!!!

  34. DL,

    The problem is that COGIC knows how to say all the right things about their little sexual abuse declaration but the truth of the matter is that COGIC is going to deny once again that has little authority over the local churches. COGIC sexual abuse policy is only intended for the actual employees that work at the their headquarters and not intended for the 6.5 million COGIC members. COGIC wants to take members money, and through all these lavish conferences but at the end of the day their stance is that they don’t have any control over the local churches. The minister of music that raped the 16year old should be setdown and silence in the church.
    This problem of clergy sexual abuse is only going to worser and worser unless COGIC puts some real force behind it. If they COGIC leadership and Blake fails to do anything the courts will do it for them. They lawsuit against COGIC over the Sherman Allen mess starts next month on Jan 25th, and COGIC problems are only going to worst. Excuse my analogy here, but COGIC is lack a couple in the heat of passion making love, they’ll see all the right things in the heat of passion but when it comes to putting their money where their mouth is they can’t back up their clergy sexual abuse policy. The heat of passion was their Holy Convocation last month, they said all the right things there, but we see they are slow to act on their so called stance of zero tolerance which is still the same old window with a different color curtain hung up on it.

    But I am glad to see SNAP holding a press conference today on this matter. SNAP brings alot of media attention with them, so that’s good.

  35. Wilson is fortunate he did not end up like this brother
    Can’t see how they want to charge the father with murder when the BF was an intruder, if anything its a crime of passion. If he had just beat the boy up I suppose the young man would just taken it as a lesson.
    He turned himself in, confessed, every dad will sympathize and shudder in remembering their own teen age shenanigans.

  36. Dear Friends,

    Please hear me on this manner, many times anger can get the best of our better judgement especially godly perspective and judgement. I would say, that the individual who was found guility of this crime should be excommunicated from the church until he has attained deliverance and then welcomed back, according to church discipline i.e., 1st and 2d Corinthians. And the undershepherd of the flock is harming both the flock, himself and the individual in question. Now I might raise the rancor of most, but to believe the young lady in question, is beyond any accountability and responsibility I believe is false, if she was “raped” I would speak differently but if I read correctly she was not, it appeared she willingly engaged in the act.

    And yes she might’ve walked in ignorance and thoughtlessness, but according to the Word of God, many times ignorance and thoughtlessness, though understood was not condoned we must remember this young lady is 16yrs old and what I’m about to say may sound harsh, but true, at her present age if she doesn’t have a relationship w/Christ and passed on today or tommorrow we all know her destination. And I truly believe the Savior of the world, would not look past this young lady’s responsibility and willingness in this matter, we might, but the Lord wouldn’t. Yes should the man be held in a higher degree of discipline, of course, but should the young lady escape discipline and counseling, of course not.

    We might say, its up to the parents for that, and that is true, but let us be just in our judgement of this most immoral matter that has infested the body of Christ mostly because of a lack of discipline when exposed. The Lord said, “let your judgement be without partiality and biasness” for if its full of partiality and biasness, then our judgement cannot be just no matter how difficult the incident or situation. Dear friends, I speak the commandments of God, and those of us, “who study to show ourselves approved” know that I do, for if I spoke the way I wanted without the leading of the Holy Spirit, why don’t we just say I would be extremely carnal/vulgar.

    Some of my brethren might say, that I’m ignorant and thoughtless on this matter, and perhaps so, but I am thoroughly convinced I speak the heart of the Lord on this matter. I claim no superior spirituality nor do I claim and inside track on the heart of God, but spending many hours in intense study, I believe I am just in my assessment, but am open to correction and further spiritual enlightenment on this matter. Loving you all.

  37. the pastor of that church does not care about what this guy is doing as long as he is doing his job at the churh. He, the pastor, does not care about the young 16 year old whom this person sexually abused. He probably thinks she instigated it anyway. What a sick joke. These pastors are a bunch of sick, sick devils and they are taking their congregations to hell right along with them.Escape for your lives people because the end is near and if you don’t leave now you never will

  38. Friends,

    I posted a comment on this article, as I have done on other articles, I believe correctly. Could you see if it has been lost or something done incorrectly on my part. Thank you.

  39. The young man needs to repent before he is extended forgiveness from the church. This is not a case of personal offense that can be wiped away by the offended party. There are guidelines set forth in the NT that require a level of discipline for someone in leadership who takes advantage of the flock of GOD. The girl may have introduced the idea into his mind (about her) but he is the leader, and adult and a minister of music in the church. HE IS RESPONSIBLE for his actions. He needs to be sat down in the old time way and restored to leadership gradually. What does this “forgiveness feel like to the parents of the girl he was sexing in the choir?
    Why do pastors put just anyone in charge of music anyway? A LOT of musicians are ignorant of the Word, not joined to the church and available for sale by the highest paying church. THis pastor is doing noone a service by his glib misapplication of a biblical principle.

  40. Get right church and let’s go home…Not sure how to articulate this, but wondering why do people go to church and what do they think the church is for; why have a church if do not want to follow Jesus and His Word. What do people really believe is the purpose of the Church and Salvation…Why dot the doors of the church if you don’t want to follow Jesus Precepts and Principles, why waste the time…I am thinking of the scripture…”with their lips they praise me, but their heart is far from me”…

    Pastor Foster I am really disappointed that Bishop Blake would call your efforts of calling COGIC to righteousness as the flavor of the year…I don’t always agree with you, but you are a voice crying in the wilderness “repent for the Lord is at hand”…I do understand…

  41. Two comments, first as for the statuatory I think its more of a legal issue than a moral one. The age of consent in Michigan is 16, I dont know what it is in Tennessee. So in that case the question is a technical one depending on where you happen to be located. Now to be fair to him, she probably did consent thats why it was statuatory, instead of just plain rape.

    The more pressing concern is that a preacher is cheating on his wife. Whether the woman he is cheating with is 16 or 32. Thats why people have a difficult time respecting preachers now, because of hypocrisy such as this. If a preacher knows he is a womanizer, he should step down from the pulpit, not cry crocodile tears when he is caught.

  42. Regarding the law in TN law:
    39-13-506. Statutory rape. –

    (a) Mitigated statutory rape is the unlawful sexual penetration of a victim by the defendant, or of the defendant by the victim when the victim is at least fifteen (15) but less than eighteen (18) years of age and the defendant is at least four (4) but not more than five (5) years older than the victim.
    (b) Statutory rape is the unlawful sexual penetration of a victim by the defendant or of the defendant by the victim when:
    (1) The victim is at least thirteen (13) but less than fifteen (15) years of age and the defendant is at least four (4) years but less than ten (10) years older than the victim; or
    (2) The victim is at least fifteen (15) but less than eighteen (18) years of age and the defendant is more than five (5) but less than ten (10) years older than the victim.
    (c) Aggravated statutory rape is the unlawful sexual penetration of a victim by the defendant, or of the defendant by the victim when the victim is at least thirteen (13) but less than eighteen (18) years of age and the defendant is at least ten (10) years older than the victim.
    (d) (1) Mitigated statutory rape is a Class E felony.
    (2) Statutory rape is a Class E felony.
    (3) Aggravated statutory rape is a Class D felony

    Looks like everything except (c) applies

  43. I was thinking somewhere along those lines today as well @oregonsistahs post. Now that we know D Jae is/tryna be a secular artist, all these big musicians that “came out of the church” to sing r&b, blues, etc CAME OUT OF THE CHURCH. Nobody asked them to direct the choir, sing a solo, play their instrument, lead worship anymore after they made their intentions known and they rarely visited. They didn’t use church as a means to keep them employed while honing their craft. This is why Patti Labelle saying church folk nastier than sinners “looking down their noses at me” at whatever awards/church she was at, cause every other church she sang at fell out shouting like she was so anointed. Then she got in front of some real saints, with the appropriate sprinkling of sadducees and pharisees who said, naw we can’t get with this. You not living nothing, and tomorrow night you’ll be in Europe singing “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir.”

    @C11, I doubt he is a preacher, I think minister of music was just the title of the position he filled. Director/president/administrator or something more secular would’ve been a better title for the position.

  44. Elder Foster,

    Although I am an unapologetic, openly gay, and non-christian black man, I wanted to thanking you for having the courage to take on the COGIC immorally indifferent.

    I am glad to know that you are getting the attention of the national organization, something I attempted to do for years while I was a part of that foolishness. I’m doing a blogpost about this and you can peruse it at your liesure and link to it if you want to. While I fundamentally disagree with your position on homosexuality, I do agree wholeheartedly with your position on defending the rights of victims who have been abused, raped , and preyed upon by COGIC clergy and layity.

    Keep fighting the good fight. Even in the secular world you have a place and you are meeting a need in a void that’s been desperately requiring a filling.

    Take care and know that you have an ally… yes, a gay one.

  45. TD, I agree with you. according to scripture whoever is found in sin needs to dealt with by the church. I agree that this young lady should be made an example to the rest of the youth. She is of an age where she knows right from wrong, thats why she did it in the dark. Sexual immorality is rampant and accepted as the norm by many youth who claim to be Christians. Its quite evident why the bible say “flee youthful lust”.

    This issue is that this guy who is supposed to be a leader teaching and showing the young people to live holy is sinning with them? he deserves a stricter punishment since he accapeted leadership. He broke both Gods law and the law of man.

    Anyway, its been exhausted, but the question is how on earth is this guy a church leader in the first place, he is carnal and is not hiding it in the least.

    This is embarrasing.

  46. BSG, thank you sir for reaching out to me and my thanks for all the work you have done before I picked the baton up. Advocating for the safety of children against sexual predators should unite us regardless of who we are. They deserve that.

    Id like to think that victims of COGIC clergy sexual abuse have an ally in us. I hope that you will renew your efforts because as you already may know every voice is needed to stand up against the uncaring machine.

    I will take some time and review your blog.

  47. This young man should be locked up, plain and simple. If it was some “joe” from off the street, he would already be in jail.

  48. Elder DL,

    As this unfolds it’s even worse. There seems to be no sense of appropriate actions among the church members or response from leadership. This guy went to jail and got a $30,000 bond.

    So far as the national church is concerned, I don’t believe there is any possible way that they will remove Pastor Rolfe. There are no charges brought against him and COGIC does not function like other denominations so far as administration is concerned. Especially in light of the fact that Maynard is his Bishop. I’ll say it like this, since they didn’t remove Maynard, there’s no way they can justify removing Rolfe. If they do, that will open a completely new can of worms.

  49. Pastor Burnett, youre right. They CANT remove Rolfe or Wilson because if they do, it will only prove that Enoch Perry lied under oath in the Sherman Allen deposition. Maynard also has zero moral authority to intervene.

    Wilson is a bit player. But look at the weakness of leadership to even deal with that. Instead of using scripture to protect the spiritual integrity of the church,its used to protect “name, image and assets”.

    Id like to see Derrick Hutchins explain this one.

    This is why this church will continue to be ravaged by the wickedness of sexual sins. Those in power have no authority (or will) to effect change and those who are not direct partakers are silent and complicit for all the wrong reasons.

    Its as clear as the sun in the sky on a hot July day.

    This case unfortunately highlights the complete inefficacy of COGIC leadership. The only thing they seem to have enabled themselves to do is take the property of local churches to ensure the treasury has enough money to pay for sexual abuse claims.

    The emperor is completely naked now. Sad and tragic that he continues to parade around like a peacock in a zoo claiming to be the greatest.

  50. God and our Lord Jesus Christ bless Pastor Foster and your website for taking the bold and couragous stand against clergy in higher places that are compromisers, traitors and lukewarm leaders. Many of these way ward leaders are the reasons for the rise in immorality, same sex marriage and abortion rights politicians, and the money hungry and corrupt behaviour in our honorable pulpits. Leaders like Bishop Blake and other denomination heads are luke warm to hazarous issues affecting the church. I do not like to attack our head leaders and there are many great and honest ministers of the gospel, but certain leaders need to be exposed, and thanks for exposing these leaders.

  51. Beloved,

    I’d like to thank bro., Paul N for his balanced understanding of what it was I trying to say, and thats not say noone else understood, but as I said in my earlier post sometimes anger, can get the better of our “godly” perspective. For what this young man did, I did call a “crime” and we who are believers’ are to obey the “laws of the land” and regardless if the young lady was willing or not. The point I was trying to make was, if we looked at it from a godly perspective, then we would know that this young lady shared responsibility and accountability as well, the word of God says, “be angry, but sin not”, we sin when our judgment is not clear. The exposure of sexual immorality and all types of other sins infesting the body of Christ are definetely coming to the forefront. It is definetely time as the apostle said, “examine yourselves daily to see where you be in the faith” what these (2) people have done and countless others has been exposed, what is it we have done that has yet to be exposed? I know comments like that are not popular, being we want to concentrate moreso on the issue at hand, and not think about that which we need to get straigtened out, and that the Lord God has been bringing to our attention for closure, what “strongholds” are we constantly entertaining? Some would say, “I’m not sticking to the subject and hand”, some would even say, “who do I think that, I am”, I would say I’m a brother in Christ who loves the Lord, and my fellow yoke fellows, w/all my heart, but desires for us to realize it is the Lord who is exposing us to such magnitude, as He did w/ancient Israel, so He does w/us, unlike us the Lord is not partial and bias in His actions for He is “SOVEREIGN.” All that I have said is summed up in (1) verse of scripture, “If my people who are called by my name, would humble themselves (PLURAL) seek my face and pray, and turn from their (PLURAL) wicked ways. I would hear from heaven and heal there land.” Loving you all.

  52. I think that this is an issue that could and should be handled first at the jurisdictional level. As Pastor Rolfe did not adequately respond to the situation then his jurisdictional bishop, Jerry L. Maynard, should take the situation in hand. The national church may have tied its own hands with its tongue but the jurisdictional prelates should not be let off the hook as the “first responders” to what happens in their jurisdictions. Whatever the decision of the jurisdictional bishop, those involved in this situation need good biblical counsel and probably some degree of professional therapy. Bishops should be administrators of church affairs and pastors of pastors and as such must possess those traits that Paul outlined to both Timothy and Titus.

  53. Rev. Velly, all that sounds good in theory but can it be applied with equal justice? As we all know to well those in leadership that has the power to do the right thing choses not to. Then the church congregation is left unprotected and vulnerable for the next predator to strike.

  54. Bro. Morris, perhaps if the church expands its interpretation of the “interests of the church” to include the congregants rather than just the finances and material possessions of the church, Article VIII Section D 1(i) of the church’s constitution would be used to ensure the action of jurisdictional prelates on matters such as this. You are right, however, to question whether the rules can be applied equally. This is why, in my humble opinion, the rulings by the secular courts in the upcoming trials are so important as they may indirectly force the national church to expand its interpretation of its interests to include the wellbeing of its members. Or at the very least they may hold the national church accountable for the actions of pastors and bishops when it applies to abuse of members of the church. Even with a ruling against the national church, it may be some time before the effects sink in as our hierarchs seem somewhat slow to grasp the damage already done to the reputation and witness of the organisation. It is indeed sad that the secular courts may have to force the church to do what it should be doing out of Christian love, respect for the things (and people) of God and common decency.


  55. As I have written previously ……..

    This generation of hirelings are going to be replaced by a generation of wolves

    Jehovah never lies and His Word is sure

  56. People of God,

    Paul instructed his (2) young pastors’, in the following: “to lay no hands on noone suddenley”, “he is to be no novice”, and he is to be “blameless” which we know to be not “sinless”, but beyond reproach. If were honest we nolonger want the true “pastors and teachers after God’s own heart”, but “pastors and teachers, after mans’ own heart w/itchy ear messages”, I’m reminded of 1st Sam when the people said, “we want a King of our own flesh and blood” and even being warned of theses kings’ nature, they said, “nay we still want a king of our own flesh and blood.” Referring back to Paul’s instruction to Timothy, “lay hands on noone suddenley” because if you do, you will be just as accountable, as the person you laid hands on. Undoubtedly it is simply time for we, the people of God, to do as David did, “search ME O’God, try MY heart, and see if there be any wicked way in ME and lead ME in the way everlasting.” Perhaps it takes situations and incidents like this, to begin us to do so. We can either take these situations and use it as positives, meaning learn from it, or keep it in the negative and go on and on about, and in the end theres no change but continuous rancor and anger, and where those (2) words remain theres usually no change, but justification and excuse to stay where we are. Loving you all.

  57. Hi GCM Watch
    I am blessed by your site and John Miller prophecy is a stark warning to us.

    I have a request. The church that I attend does not have a Ministerial Code of Conduct and as a consequence there has been every kind of abuse known:


    and the ministers are held above reproach, regardless of their sin.

    It is on my heart to write a Policy to protect the flock against the many ‘wolves’ that hide behind dog-collars. I am of the view that there is an unbalanced ethos within our churches towards the leadership and the laity are being exploited and abused. Don’t get me wrong government is important in our churches but the unaccountable dictatorship are way outside of what Christ came to establish.

    So what I am asking is support in framing this Policy and I will donate the copyrights of the Policy to this site, so that others can address some of the imbalances within our church. I already have a basic framework but any help would be appreciated.

    E-mail address supplied

  58. It is amazing to me on many levels how much the “church is allowing to come in. The spirit of wordliness has crept into the sanctuary and the shepherds are either sleep or too dumb to recognize the danger that the flock is in. When I came to the Lord a long time ago people were asking God what can I give up to get closer to you. It seems in the permissive and lack age that people are now asking “how much can I do before it’s considered crossing the line.” I see we are living in an age where saints are considering themselves “sexy” What would Jesus say about all of the mess that is going on in our churches today.

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