In Vallejo, CA 'spiritual warfare' comes to the forefront

The Christian community in Vallejo, California, situated just north of San Francisco on San Pablo Bay, is learning from experience what spiritual warfare looks like when worldviews clash.

The flare up  began in late November when the liberal NY Times published an interview by  gay reporter Kemble Scott (aka Scott James) with the city’s  African American Mayor Osby Davis.  Asked about homosexuality, Davis, a member of the Assemblies of God,  paraphrased a passage from 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 and in the process predictably  angered some of Vallejo’s homosexual community. Davis was already a target of the gay community because he’d narrowly defeated an openly gay opponent in the mayor’s race. Some believe the “story” by Scott was a set up to entrap Davis to settle old political scores, not because of  “homophobia”.

Apparently after listening to the entire tape, a Vallejo Times editorial quickly chastised the New York Times calling the hit job “unfair to Davis and unfair to Vallejo”.

But Pastor Danny Jefferson (right front of photo below) of Rehobeth World Outreach Center COGIC successfully rallied Vallejo’s faith community behind the mayor. At a recent packed city hall meeting he declared Vallejo a “City of God”.  Homosexual activists outside the meeting  (led by gay christian activist Lou Burdisso) were outraged and pledged to fight back. [story and video via KTVU]

Via an email to supporters prior to the rally, Jefferson said the gay community was not their enemy and that their goal for the city was peace and support of the mayor.

“As the Faith Community, we come in peace and in a spirit of reconciliation.  Our full purpose is to allow Jesus Christ to be uplifted in our city and show His love in action!   No matter what we may be confronted with by the LGBT protesters on Tuesday evening, we want to remain in control of ourselves – being loving and peaceful at all times!   It is critical for us to understand that the Gay and Lesbian community are our: brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, relatives, co-workers and friends.  They ARE NOT our enemies! (Ephesians 6:12) It is Satan who has blinded the minds of these precious people who Christ died for.  (2 Corinthians 4:1-6) But God has given to each of us the ministry of reconciliation that He may reconcile the WORLD through us!  (2 Corinthians 5:18-21)”

Jefferson represents a new contingent of COGIC/pentecostal ministers who see tackling social justice issues —unapologetically— as a integral component of their “salt of the earth” perspective. This past July, Jefferson along with other Bay Area pastors hosted the Transformation Experience San Francisco, an event designed to lift up a “canopy of prayer” and righteousness over one of America’s most saturated principalities.

Meanwhile, the Christian community in Vallejo will need your prayers and support. Besides accusing Davis of violating the disembodied liberal heresy of “separation of church and state”, gay activists have already begun reaching into San Francisco for additional firepower. Gay clerics like Cecil Williams found time to fume publicly. From MSNBC:

“I’m Cecil Williams and I am pissed!”

This was how Rev. Williams of Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco greeted volunteers — many of them attending a conference for lesbian and gay politicians which begins in San Francisco today –who had gathered in Glide’s lunchroom to help with food distribution at Thursday’s lunch service.

“I’m pissed at the Mayor of Vallejo, California,” Williams explained to a smattering of applause and cheers. “I will not let him define who I am with [nor] whether I’m going to heaven or hell. He cannot determine my destiny nor yours either.”

No, Osby Davis cant determine anyone’s destiny and there’s no indication he was attempting to do so. And that’s where people like Williams become blind leaders of the blind.  Williams, like most in the gay christian movement have long since become blind and deaf to the reality of God’s Word. While it may or may not be appropriate for Mayor Davis to express such truths, nevertheless the truth isnt going away. No one who practices unrighteousness will inherit the kingdom of God.


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  1. It is sooooo good to hear Jefferson mention the importance of being relevant concerning today’s social issues. I cannot believe sometimes how the church just sits back and don’t say a thing. It’s as though they’re scared for some reason—satan has some leaders running and hiding in the corners w/ their tail between their legs.

    Jefferson gets 5 stars for his boldness. God bless him!!!

  2. “Could it be because we are not addressing abortion, drugs, homosexuality and a host of other social detriments cities are dying around us?”

    The best sentence in the whole article. There are not many Pastors and Leaders in Public view who will stand up against the Blatant satanism if our faces.
    That’s why Jack Black can get on MTV and say a prayer to satan and the only really public leader who calls it out is Elder G Craige.

    Too many jelly back leaders.

  3. I am appalled and is a Pastor within the Church of God in Christ in the Bay Area. Jefferson is out of order to say anything that is negative about the leaders in our church. What does this have to do with Mayor Davis’ comments. Mayor Davis has apologized, which was the correct thing to do, we need to move forward and stop trying to have our own agenda and power. Jefferson does not speak for Church of God in Christ Pastors. Stop this madness.

  4. Pastor Sheppard what Bible are you reading?

    Could you clarify how he is somehow out of order with calling out sin? The vicious hate of the gay community is spewing out, I bet he was called more than a few racist names by those sodomites.

  5. Please, Please keep trying to promote rising above this issue. I am afraid. I am afraid that the haters on whatever sides there might be, if they exist, on all sides who love the chaos, stiring things up, just to keep the hatred going. Hate is like swallowing poison and waiting for the other guy to die. I am afraid for my City, I am afraid for my brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, friends I know and have yet to meet, I’m afraid for our elderly, and youth and people of all shades of color. Zealots have taken down the saints and the sinners, the guilty and the innocent.

  6. “Pastor Sheppard” is this your real name? What church do you pastor and what jurisdiction? Im not trying to bust you out, but you posted another comment under a different name and email with different accusation. All deleted. So, which is it? Is there a reason you are pretending to be someone else? If you are not who you say you are, then you are diluting the discussion on the content of the article, not whether or not you like or dislike Danny Jefferson.

  7. People of God…When it comes to the issues of sin and redemption
    and righteousness and the Biblical standards of what God requires of those who call upon his name, the church has the right and the
    necessity to make its voice known. The message should be clear and consise and backed by scripture.
    The church is never to run from Satan or his inspired imps and
    demons….never.Resist the devil and he will flee from YOU…not
    the other way around.
    Whenever the enemy or the media starts lashing out at the church,
    you know you are doing something right.
    The armor of God that we have on does not allow for any retreat.
    The call is forward…not backwards and certainly not cowardice
    or shameful silence.
    The church of the living God has a message and that is Repent
    and believe the Gospel!
    Pray one for the other and stand fast for in this world you will
    have tribulation but be of good cheer for our Christ has overcome the world.
    Do not be in awe of the enemy or the names that they can marshall in this fight. Remember we have the slingshot and the five smooth stones!
    Rehearse the Bible stories and see yourself in them and use the sword of the Word of God and give no ground to the enemy.
    Remember, this is God’s fight. Not yours…so don’t act as if you
    are without power and wisdom.
    Satan and his imps in the homosexual community are on the warpath against God and his redeemed.
    Even if you are by yourself…you and God are a majority!
    Feast upon the Word of God and pray like a crazy man and be at peace because it is not about you.
    God will not be mocked. I read the back of the book and we win!!

  8. I say who is my mother, my brother, sister,aunt, uncle etc. I say those are obedient to God and are living and trying to come to perfection in Christ for our father God is perfect. To those who want to continue to live in sin unrepentant in any way you are not my mother, father, sister, brother etc. and God does not love everybody

  9. Praise The LORD! Mayor Davis and Pastor Jefferson are to be commended and yes they will need our earnest prayers.

    We live in a time when all the “Christian” politicians I have heard, when addressed with the question of homosexuality say its not a sin, I applaud his boldness!

    I love Pastor Jeffersons heart for ministry and agree with the issues he has stated that will affect the church. Te Church must address hard issues, not to change the world but to preserve the church and the principles we stand on.

    Many leaders hard from these issues he stated but the fact is the world is not and what goes against our standards is being forced upon us as right. Its makes no sense to bury our heads in the sand because the issues are on the front page and we can only combat it effectively when we are aware.

    I agree, lets teach and make the people of God aware!

    God bless!

  10. Well, I’m all for democracy…I believe Christians should be active in the community and politics in general…the Mayor was ask a personal question about Gay’s he gave his response…as Gay Black male, I could care less about his personal views…it’s his would he govern?..would he discriminate against a person who is Same Gender Loving, I’m assuming he wouldn’t..since he is holding a Public Office..he must be fair to everyone..obey the laws…

    So, as long as the Mayor is fair..and as long as his policies do not discriminate…then fair game for him to be able to express his views…

    However, speaking as a political strategist..if he “narrowly” won his last election running against an “openly gay” person..then he is going to need his “base” (Christians who support him) to show at the voting booth…otherwise…he will have a tough time when election night comes around again..

    Sometimes, my community makes a fuss over nothing…a persons personal view should be respected..regardless if you agree with it or not…

  11. Agreed, democracy is just that. When the mayor comes up for re-election his opponents will have their turn to oust him based on votes. But this is much ado about nothing. Public officials shouldnt have to be atheists when they are in office even if their religious views are “offensive”. They same applies to gay public officials who make statements not supported or representative of 100% of the populace.

    I didnt mention this is the story, but a an openly gay councilman issued a joint statement with the mayor’s apology saying the remarks were blown out of proportion. The mayor as far as I can tell hasnt passed or hindered any legislation unfair to gay citizens. And they know that. The initial NYT article seemed to push the idea that the “fundamentalists” of Vallejo didnt want gays to live there. How shallow and unfair to the city. Such biases exist everywhere across the spectrum. It was noted that West Vallejo had a considerable number of gays there. Are they unhappy with the lower property rates that SanFran or unhappy because their SF money cant get them immediate power in the city?

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