Lesbian mag features ex-lesbian Janet Boynes

Bound, a magazine catering to a lesbian lifestyle readership, featured former lesbian Janet Boynes of Minneapolis telling her story of getting out of her former lifestyle of sin.

“God hates me. Well, that’s what I’ve heard. I’ve heard He hates me because I’m a lesbian and according to the Bible, lady loving is a sin. It’s unnatural, like pastel-colored hair or imitation meat. I was once shown a clever little anagram by a straight Christian woman I accidentally hit on (strangely enough, she loked like a total dyke): GAY=God Abhors You. That was scrawled across a napkin and then thrown in my face. Must’ve been my pink hair.

According to Janet Boynes, author of Called Out: A Former Lesbian’s Discovery of Freedom, God isn’t like that. She says He calls in love. He’d write his number down on that napkin. He’s more like your pal who wants what’s best for you. However, “what’s best” is based on the teachings He laid out in the Bible, which isn’t the most gay-friendly read. If you’re gay He wants you to come back and hang out with him…just leave the lesbian thing at the door.”

The article is in a magazine with pictures which depict lesbian relationships. While GCM Watch does not approve of Bound’s content, we do approve of Evangelist Boynes taking the message of freedom right into the prison walls.

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Boynes is author of the book Called Out, which details her deliverance from homosexuality. [website]

5 thoughts on “Lesbian mag features ex-lesbian Janet Boynes

  1. Have not gotten into the article yet, but if anything the title of the publication is accurate to describe the sinful situation…

  2. The magazine can’t reflect her in a good light because she stands against everything the LGBT community supports.

    Funny the title of the magazine describes perfectly the spiritual conditions of those who are sexually oppressed.

  3. “Funny the title of the magazine describes perfectly the spiritual conditions of those who are sexually oppressed.”

    Robert, you noticed that too!? Sin is riddled with ironic deception.

  4. The problem with sin is that some people wish to believe that it’s not as egregious as the bible claims that it is. There’s no way one can repent without being remorseful and there is no remorse unless something is admitted as being wrong or unless there is agreement that fellowship is broken.

    Boynes, in her effort to reach the lesbians she left is seeking to normalize lesbianism and minimize it’s impact and negative value both socially and spiritually. Overeating and dieting is something that a “friend” can help with, but one needs God to deliver them from sin. Lesbianism is a SIN not a mere fault.

    This is a dangerous and ungodly slope and I’m afraid her works will be burnt up because they display only chaff. The scripture says:

    Habakkuk 2:2~ “And the LORD answered me, and said, WRITE THE VISION, and make [it] plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.”

    See, preaching the truth as it is and in love is unappealing to them that love their sin. Why is there so much effort from the modern minister to conform to the methodologies and standards of acceptance of this world? What a mess!

  5. Pastor Burnett, wow thanks for that. Did you register and read the article?

    I might have to relook at this to see if there’s any compromise of the truth going on.

    I know Janet, but admit I did struggle with the idea of such a magazine allowing raw truth to be printed with their approval.

    Or is this a case of “he that winneth souls is wise” type of approach?

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