A 'beautiful' abomination?: pimpdom Act II

If homosexuality is biblically an abomination, wouldn’t that make homosexual marriage an abomination also?

Unless God has deleted over 25 passages of scripture which condemn homosexual relationships in every context, it is.

But dont tell that to the Revs Dennis and Christine Wiley in Washington DC who called the homosexual marriages they officiated over at their Covenant Baptist Church “beautiful”.  GCM Watch profiled these two pulpit pimps in June last year, now they’re back in the news. Unless Congress vetoes the vote of the DC city council, the nation’s capital is next in line to sanction homosexual marriage.

The Washington Post published an mini tell all by the Wileys whose biggest claim to fame is that they marry gay couples.

“Our church is the first and only traditional black church in the District of Columbia to perform same-sex unions. We conducted our first two union ceremonies, one gay and one lesbian, in the summer of 2007. The rapid political developments that followedwileys in our nation and our city have made us optimistic that by the summer of 2010, same-sex nuptials will be not only blessed by churches such as ours, but also sanctioned by law in the District.

After that first ceremony in our church, we were pleased and relieved; many members and guests told us how beautiful the service had been. But not everyone who attended shared this feeling. After most of the guests left, one longtime parishioner approached us, shaking. In a voice filled with rage, she asked how we could desecrate the sanctuary with such an ungodly act. She vowed to no longer be a member of our church.”

The member was wrong. The sanctuary was most likely never consecrated. The Wileys are false teachers who saw an itching ear opportunity and exploited it.  That’s what false teachers do. The gay community is lusting after unhealthy attention, affection and affirmation (aka marriage). So the Wiley’s gave it to them. Of course, since Wiley was having money problems last June per one of his supportive members, it made sense to start marrying the gays for a small fee. As the “only traditional black church” in DC doing so, there was much cash to be raked in by the Wileys.

The Wileys justification for their decision is based on the same old hocus-pocus lies currently being repeated ad naseum by the gay christian movement and its adherents.

“Through Bible study, reflection on theology and history, and experience, we had come to believe that it was unjust to deny same-sex couples the opportunity to consecrate their relationships in the same way that we allow opposite-sex couples to. Before the ceremony in the church, each of us had performed a same-sex union ceremony elsewhere. But this was our home. The church had voted to become an inclusive congregation. How could we justify treating same-sex couples as second-class citizens?”

100% of the bible condemns homosexual relationships. So how could any person with a clear spiritual mind come to such a  conclusion? We get a major clue in 1 Timothy 1:16.

They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate.

A reprobate mind. When a person embraces what God has condemned (by God’s own definition) and rejects the created model which God has pronounced good, a process of hardening and mental perversion begins to take root in the mind. That’s the very real danger of justifying sin. Sin corrupts the mind and conscience (the seat of individual integrity and morality)  rendering it incapable of making spiritually sound decisions. According to Genesis 2:18-25, there God created one suitable partner for man. And that was a woman. And the same is true for woman, man is the only suitable partner for her. Why didnt the Wileys see this very clear and fundamental truth in their alleged “bible study”?

“When issues of gay rights and gay marriage come up, the first question many black people ask is, “What does the Bible have to say about it?” This seemingly innocent question doesn’t acknowledge that when we approach the Bible, our perspective has been shaped by where we were born, by whom we were raised, what Grandma taught us, where we went to school and what our pastor preached in church — usually conservative ideas on matters such as homosexuality. Therefore, we tend to interpret the Bible not objectively, but through the lens of our cultural and historical context.

The conservative strand of black religion is evident in what Harvard professor Peter Gomes calls “bibliolatry” — the practice of worshiping the Bible rather than worshiping God. It is also found in a “literal” interpretation of the Bible that focuses more on the letter of the text than on its spirit, and concentrates on passages about domination, oppression, hierarchy, elitism and exclusion rather than on the major themes of love, justice, freedom, equality and inclusion that run throughout the Bible.”

As Judge Mathis would say: “Get your lie straight!” Wiley claims the only reason we believe that homosexuality is sin is because of “cultural and historical context” passed down by grandma nem. And don’t forget the “homophobia” card Rev. Wiley. That’s required if you want to score major points with the cash-bearing gays who want to get married. And to make you appear really enlightened, quote homosexual apostate Peter Gomes. That should do it. Now, see how easy it is to nullify what the Bible says?

What’s interesting about that statement lie, is that gay religion apologists argue that the bible should be interpreted through the lens of culture and historical context, not literally. That allows them to do all sorts of allegorical acrobatics with the text.

Its sad and altogether tragic the gay community is so spiritually blind they cannot see they are one of the most pimped out communities in America.


15 thoughts on “A 'beautiful' abomination?: pimpdom Act II

  1. The shame that is reproaching The Great I AM’s name has blighted our churches and God is now seeking to redress this dishonouring of His Name because of The Church.

    I read in Revelation about those that call themselves Apostles but are liars. Note, they call themselves, which means family and friends of the hierarchy who have weasled their way to the top and not those that have been identified, called, sanctified, gifted and prepared by Jehovah Himself as real ministers are because politics and not The Word of God rule the church. However It is fame, charisma, wealth, popularity and power are the gods that are being indulged so the church, especially it leaders would rather allow this corruption to go unchecked (to the point that corruption is part and parcel of our church today) rather than allow Christ to be the focus of everything we do as a church!

    So this behaviour should not shock anyone but it should cause us to lament with deep sorrow because it is a sure sign that Jesus is about to call his people away from the mess that we call church.

  2. Pastor Foster,
    Blessings to you. I have NEVER heard anyone list more than 10 or so references to homosexuality in the scripture. Would you please post a list of all 35? I am sure that a comprehensive list would help clarify the issues for many of our brethren who struggle on both sides of the issue (practitioner or sympathizer)and dispel some of the fallacious arguments that have arisen.

  3. CT, listed below which includes both explicit (literal) and implicit (inclusive of). The post has been amended from 35. You can use Biblegateway to read each passage.

    (1)Genesis 1:27
    (2)Genesis 6:19
    (3)Genesis 9:20-24
    (4)Genesis 10:15-19
    (5)Genesis 19:4-13
    (6)Leviticus 5:3
    (7)Leviticus 18:22;24-30
    (8)Leviticus 20:13
    (9)Duet 22:5
    (10)Deut 23:17
    (11)Judges 2:11-13
    (12)Judges 19:22-24
    (13)1Kings 14:22-24
    (14)1Kings 15:11-13
    (15)1Kings 22:43;46
    (16)2Kings 23:4-7
    (17)Ezekiel 16:49,50
    (18)Daniel 11:37
    (19)Matthew 19:1-8
    (20)Romans 1:18-32
    (21)1Cor 6:9-11*
    (22)Galatians 5:19
    (23)Ephesians 5:3-7
    (24)Colossians 3:5-7
    (25)1 Tim 1:10
    (26)Titus 1:16
    (27)Jude 1:4,7,19
    (28)Rev 21:27

    * The only passage addressing homosexuality with specific acknowledgement of people who have changed from it by the Spirit of God.

  4. Signs and signals of the endtimes…The Lord Jesus is coming, and this, and other signs, indicate it. Biblically, we are entering into days of woe, because they’re calling evil good, and good, evil (Isaiah 5:20-21).

  5. Elder Foster,

    One willing to say that bible study leads them to the conclusion that homosexuality is an “allowable” sin is an apostate! They have either no understanding of the bible or simply do not hold the word of God in high esteem or as necessary.

    There are certain individuals who have been deceived by the form critics of the day, but these people here have plain and simply decided to create another gospel not authorized or sent by God. I’m not ashamed to say that hell will be their portion because they turn the truth of God into fables.


  6. People of the Book:

    At times, we would thought that the “black” church was a bastion of rightly centered God truths that came from the Word of God and that the “black” church was a pillar of truth and it would stand in the gap and fight the good fight of faith (Jude).
    But, sadly, too many “black” churches are going the way of Balaam and are becoming apostate because they, like many mainstream/mainline churches, are leaving their first love and are forsaking the instructions of the Word of God via the leadership of the Holy Spirit.
    This apostate church is and has been deluded and has gone bonkers
    with the philosophy of man made rules and traditions.
    This church, like many, is off the charts with their twisting lies of justifying what God has condemned…and they do it with
    a straight face! No remorse…no conviction…they just change the word of God into a lie and go on with their daily business and they feel quite smug about themselves.
    Talk about the creation dictating to the Creator! This is a prime
    example of man talk being substituted for God talk.
    This is scary when so called “churches” can boldly fling their fist in God’s face and dare God to stop them!
    Yowsa…yowsa…yowsa…! That is a fearful place to be. Can they be brought back from the precipice before it is too late…or for this pastor and those folks who have condoned this abomination…is it too late?

  7. Amazing. This stuff, which was on the fringes of the Church world a decade or two ago has been progressing steadily, eroding away at churches once thought to be “mainstream”. The worst part about all this is that this movement seems to be still gaining momentum. I can see a day when this “gay affirming” theology gains acceptance in the majority of churches in Christendom. Then where does that leave us who hold fast to the truth?… it leaves us facing ridicule and mockery, but also being in the line of fire for severe [legislative and physical] persecution for violating the “civil rights” of homosexuals.

    Bro Foster, as I’ve said before, I believe this blog is doing a tremendous service to the Body of Christ. These “rats in the basement” of Christianity need to be exposed for who they are. Keep on shining the light in their faces, no matter how mad they or their allies get.

  8. Pastor Foster,

    I think it is a little unfair to suggest this man is doing what he is doing for “money” and that some how he is “pimping” the Gay Community.

    First of all, according to my sources members of the church do not pay the preacher to perform marriages..gay or straight members…and it is usually the custom of the church to charge non-members for things like weddings, funerals..etc..but not for actual members..thats where tithes and offerings come in…and I think Gay people would rather pay their tithes and offerings to a ministry that supports them rather than one that doesn’t.

    Secondly, how am I as a Gay black male being pimped?…Listen, I don’t believe I’m going to hell not because some preacher like this man started preaching a radical inclusive message, but I believe what I believe based upon mine own study of the Gospels and my own conversations with the Almighty…so if anything the Gay Community may be pimping themselves…no one is pimping us..

  9. MAW,
    At my church, if you are a member, you are charged $350 to be married there–If you are not a member, $700…and this is customary at most churches. Aside from money they are believed to gain, what backwards church/minister wouldn’t want to benefit from the extra fame, recognition, and applause for jumping on the side of an issue the world has long touted as the truth. At least, in Washington D.C., I hear this view is normative..

    Pimping? Yes, indeed…and more churches & pastors will follow, because they love the praise of men more than the praise of God…i mean how else do you get to move up the ladder of the hip, cool church without taking such anti-bilibcal stance. You’ve gotta jump on the gay-is-the-way bandwagon; yes they are pimping the gay community. And as my cousin would always say, “Don’t hate the game, hate the…”

  10. Well if the man is not teaching the bible but you are giving him your money, you are being mistreated for real. God will require the blood of many homosexual “christians” at the hand of those who teach falsly regarding that sexual practice.

    They can marry homosexuals and talk rubbish all they want but the bible will not move to support it regardless. Neither is the Spirit of God comfirming it, as He will not oppose scripture. Thats leaves the devil, masquarding as an Angel of light and decieving many.

    I dont understand the gay affirming church, why would you put yourself in the line of fire. Nowhere in the bible promotes this but for the sake of how one feels they will lie to themselves and go to hell?

    The bibe also says to “shun the very appearance of evil”. Now where ever homosexuality is mentioned in the bible its in a negative light or the circumstances surrounding the behaviour is negative, so why would you believe its good in the sight of God.

    Spiritual blindness is something else. Its caused by the love of sin and deception. Lord open the eyes of the blind, please!!

  11. Paul, you hit on the REAL issue: spiritual blindness. Sin is the #1 cause of spiritual blindness and repentance is the #1 cure. If one refuses to repent based on “seeing” the sin as normal, there is no out unless GOD removes the blinders. That is complicated because of false teachers who sell the blind snake oil remedies to make them feel comfortable being blind. Or proud of being blind. Or both.

  12. Min Antwoine Williams, what did the “Almighty” say to you in your “conversations”? Who is the “Almighty”? Were the words audible or innate? If you had a conversation with the “Almighty” why do you keep asking Rev. Foster questions? Wouldn’t the “Almighty’s” Words be more important than a human?

  13. People: It is obvious to anyone who knows scripture that “minister” Williams is engaged in self delusions regarding his conduct being permitted by scripture. The Almighty did not
    condone his lifestyle or activity. He is lying on the Holy Spirit
    if “minister” Williams believes that God would contradict himself by permitting homosexuality as being approved by holy writ.
    “Minister” Williams is simply having fun with everyone at this site by his flouting of his sin and thus engaging us in conversations because he is bored or wants to get a rise out of us.
    Unless “minister” Williams repents and believes the gospel, he will going to bust hell wide open.
    For me, I am not going to pray for “minister” Williams since he
    apparently has chosen a course of conduct and belief that he knows is in derogation of the written Word of God. I am not going to throw my pearls before swine.
    “Minister” Williams…do your thing baby! You will reap what you are sowing.
    Does “minister” Williams know better? Sure he does. He simply
    does not care since he has lied to himself enough times to make up his own alternate reality of what he thinks scripture should say to him about his sins.
    He is preaching to himself a different gospel. Let it rip!
    After a while, God gives you over to a reprobate mind and along with that, there is created a false sense that all is well with you and God. Even to the point that one believes that God is speaking to a person indicating that their sin is not a problem.
    That is where “minister” Williams is…deceived and being deceived.
    What a dangerous place to be!

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