2009 in Review: GCM Watch's top 10 stories


2009 is almost over, but it was a year to remember. GCM Watch kept you informed and enlightened not only about what was happening, but how the bible addressed it. Our top stories of 2009* are varied but in review, revealed shocking patterns of disregard for biblical principles as well as serious issues with biblical literacy.

1. In May, GCM Watch brought to light the bizarre video of a 16 year old black teen who was said to have a  “homosexual demon”. The exorcism was filmed by a Connecticut church and put on youtube where few people were aware of it. After seeing the youtube video on our site, a gay activist group in the state contacted media and it set off a national firestorm both on the web and mainstream media. Follow up story here.

2. In late September, gospel music was pulled down to a new low with the introduction of the show “How sweet the sound”. Bankrolled by a secular organization, the rules opened the competition to any and all types of choirs including 3 openly homosexual choirs and 2 choirs from “metaphysical/spiritualist” churches. The choir competition was judged by Dorinda Clark Cole and Marvin Sapp. Cole advanced a homosexual choir from the St. Louis competition.

3. Also in September, former gospel music industry worker Anthony Williams (aka Tonex) sort of came out of the closet as a non-struggling homosexual. The interview, aired on the Word Network’s Lexi show evoked considerable rediscussions about homosexuality and the black church. GCM Watch covered the subsequent fallout of twitter remarks made by gospel music industry worker Deitrick Haddon. Related story here.

4. In June, the storied poet Maya Angelou fell off the wisdom wagon with an illogical endoresment of homosexual marriage. Her rationale: why “deny your son or your daughter the ecstasy of finding someone to love”? Despite Angelou’s endorsement, all efforts to pass homosexual marriage in New York have failed.

5. Controversy arose in March,when GCM Watch was the target of a national email campaign against our blog by some COGIC leaders. GCM Watch wrote extensively on the origins and applications of a UN human rights document we believed supported gay rights. In specific, homosexual marriage . The email sent out by church leaders accused GCM Watch of a massive “attack” against COGIC and subsequently called out some of its top thinkers to justify Presiding Bishop Charles Blake’s signatorial endorsement of the so-called Faith in Human Rights Statement. Related stories here, here and here.

6. In July, GCM Watch uncovered a video and speech made by false prophetess Juanita Bynum at an Atlanta homosexual church convention. Bynum praised a lesbian cleric and members of the church for bailing her out of financial troubles in the aftermath of her violent breakup with exhusband Wesley Weeks III. After being posted on GCM Watch, the video was quickly pulled from youtube but not before a reader captured it. Additional coverage here.

7. Despite an insistence from COGIC officials that its “zero tolerance policy” is in full effect, GCM Watch discovered COGIC Supt Larry Weems of Jackson, MS was still in office and according to inside reports had been promoted after he sexually assualted five women under his employ. We filed that report in July as part three of a series examining COGIC and clergy sexual abuse.

8. In April many of you were shocked at a Lexi show which featured publicly denounced heretic Carlton Pearson vs a rather passive panel of black preachers. The show was supposed to present strong and sound rebuttal to Pearson’s false doctrine. But things went south very quickly. Last month, Lexi assembled an “A” team to battle Pearson, but it too was a theological disaster.

9.In February, former Ambassador Alan Keyes made headlines when he warned that Obama’s presidency would bring dire consequences for America.

10. Many of you responded to the poignant video we posted in May of Karl and Judy Schowengerdt talking about their son Randy. As a homosexual man, Randy was infected with AIDS but on his deathbed denounced that lifestyle and repented.

*Based on comments and statistics.

17 thoughts on “2009 in Review: GCM Watch's top 10 stories

  1. Thanks Pastor Foster for keeping us aware of spiritual and current news that affects the Body of Christ. And exposing the works of darkness that aint’s want to keep hidden.
    Keep pressing the battle to the gate, and you are always in my prayers.
    A blessed New Year to all~

  2. Honorable mentions

    J Moss having a child out of wedlock and trying to convince the woman to have an abortion (sacrifice to moloch). Thankfully she opted to have the child.

    President Obama declared June LGBT Month.

  3. Robert, I didnt write on Obama’s lgbt month stuff so it doesnt get honorable mention here. Maybe a dishonorable mention.

  4. Thanks gcmwatch for your service to the body of Christ. May the Lord continue to bless you,and strengthen you by his grace.

  5. I’d be blogspherically lost without your site! Thank you Pastor DL for your commitment to excellence and especially for putting our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ first and foremost in your life and work.

    I look forward to what GCM Watch will bring to us in 2010!


  6. Roger that Air Assualt err…. I mean Pastor Foster. ;^)

    GCMW: LOL@ Robert! Dont make me have flashbacks, Air Assault. :IO

  7. I grew up in COGIC. My birth date is 4-15-50. I was a member of this denomination for over 20 years. I left it in November of 74. As a child, I always saw homosexuals in the music department. I joined a particular church where I eventually became a deacon in january 1970. The minister of music was a homosexual. He converted many young men in this church to homosexuality, and eventually the pastor. This pastor later became a bishop in COGIC.

  8. Thank you Pastor Foster sooo much for your obedience to God in exposing the darkness. I pray in 2010 that you will continue to allow the Lord to use you in spite of the darts that the enemy will throw at you. You, IC, Melvin Foster, Pastor Burnett, and others like you who are blogging truth will always be in my prayers. Know that the enemy will continue to try to tear down what God has built up. Just know that in the end we win! Continue to cry aloud and spare not in 2010. I pray for the safety of you and your family and that the peace of God be with all the saints that worship the Father in sincerity.

  9. May God continue to use you in revealing the agenda of the enemy in these times we live in! Thank you for not being afraid to be who you are and take a stand for the Word of God. We need more end time Prophets who are not afraid to stand as Watchmen!

    God Bless and Thank You for all you have done and continue to do through your ministry -it is truly encouraging!!!!

  10. Happy New Year Pastor Foster!

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blogs…and corresponding with you. We disagree on many things, but I have learned a lot from reading your blogs. Surprisely I learn more about whats going on in my community on your site than I do on any other.

    I appreciate passion and I can feel through your words that you are full of passion for what you believe and I admire that in a person.

    I don’t always agree with your methods, but I do respect your drive, determination and desire to spread the news as you do!

    Have a wonderful 2010!..

    Be blessed

  11. …and a happy new year to you Min Williams.

    One of the most important agreements to have is with God and his word. That goes for me, you and everyone.

    Let God be true and every man a liar.

  12. Pastor Foster I pray God’s richest blessings on you and your family, as well as the other brothers and sisters who frequent this site. I know that His perfect will shall be accomplished as we submit to his Lordship in our lives.

  13. Well, we made it another year, PF. As I always say, I am HONORED to be counted along side you in the fight to make God’s Name famous! Do your thing brother, and know that I got your back if we have to do a little scrapping in the streets of the ATL.

    BTW – we’re long overdue for another bread-breaking session…

  14. My brother you are so right on all counts except the honor is all mine. 🙂
    You’ve become and big inspiration to me, so you know Im “watching” you too!

    I think we can do that bread breaking before the month is out. It would be nice!

  15. You have been a faith affirming blessing to my family and me and we are thankful both for you and to you. Keep on contending for the faith, my brother, and may you have a happy, blessed and prosperous 2010.

    Yours in the service of our Lord , Jesus Christ,
    Bro A.T. Cross

  16. I definite enjoy every little bit of your writing and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post. I sometimes wish I could write as well as you.

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