In brief: 2010 going forward

I want to thank each of you for your prayers, support, correction, rebuke, longsuffering and love over the last year.

Supreme thanks to God for the strength to continue. Truly our journey is one of faithful endurance.

As we look into 2010, we don’t know what the future holds for any of us. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone no matter how holy you are or unholy you are. Yet, when our lives are in Him, I have complete assurance that He knows my beginning and my ending and my future in his hands for good and not evil.

Unless the Lord gives the word, we plan to continue as he first instructed us. Shine his light into the darkness and expose the works of the devil. People will continue to defend their wickedness because they love the darkness more than they love the light. But it will only serve as a witness against them when the judgment of the Lord comes. We pray that he have mercy on all who are in darkness.

I reject any contentions that this blog is to done out of hate or spite towards anyone. Personally I love everyone and bear no one ill will. But I will not remain silent while satan continues his deceptive practices in our Father’s house.

Let’s go forward and please the Lord in all that we do in 2010.