An Atlanta qadesh?: about dogs, homosexuality and religion

What would you think of your pastor if he openly referred to himself as this?

You might be appalled, but that’s how the Rev. Paul Turner, a gay christian pastor in Atlanta  identifies himself. In fact, its the title of his blog which he says is the “journey of an inner city open and proud gay pastor.”

Really? proud to call yourself a religious b****? What insanity these people engender while at the same time portraying themselves as followers of Christ who promote inclusion in the church?

Turner in the video, one of the featured speakers to homosexuals in Atlanta in the wake of California’s defeat of Prop 8.

Beyond just the disgusting irreverence of the reverend, a much deeper revelation emerges as to why God specifically branded such actions abominations. Its a real time snapshot of the word qadesh in the Old Testament. Is this what the “Rev” Paul Turner is calling himself, an effeminate “temple prostitute”? Per this bible and history site, this was one of the lowest forms of idolatry.

Asherah Queen of Heaven, Ashtoreth, Athirat, Astarte, and Ishtar.  Her “male priestesses were known as kelabim, the faithful “dogs” of the Goddess, who practiced divinatory arts, danced in processions, and served as hierodules qedeshim, in the company of other priestesses.

Males priestesses known as dogs? This definition is what commonly defines a female dog.

And just what god is Turner representing? According to 1 Kings 14:24 such actions are called “abominations” and have no connection with anything remotely identified with our God much less his son Jesus Christ.

Does a spring send forth fresh water and bitter from the same opening?  Can a fig tree, my brethren, bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs? Thus no spring yields both salt water and fresh. James 3:11-12 NKJV

By the way, this is the former pastor of bulletproof ideologist Candace Chellew.

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10 thoughts on “An Atlanta qadesh?: about dogs, homosexuality and religion

  1. He trots out the usual lie that we are trying to keep them from loving each other. Just because we don’t let them turn “marriage” into any oxymoron (“the same sex union of a man and a woman”) doesn’t mean we are stopping them from loving whomever they like. What a liar.

  2. Yes, the lies are so thin and shallow hardly worth refuting, but they appeal to people who hate God’s laws.

    And no wonder this cleric is inciting rebellion against God’s created intent. His low class self identification is a result of bowing before idols of perversion.

  3. It will only get worse thank God gay marriage is being defeated by much prayer and petition to the Living God.

    America screwed up bad by voting for Obama and I mean unbelievably bad this is what we deserve, evil being flaunted in our face, wait until LGBT month rolls around.

  4. To Robert: Sorry Robert simply stating that Americans voted badly for Obama does not provide the solution for America’s
    spiritual worsening which has been going on for decades before Obama was born.
    You need to find another horse to whip. Obama is not your or my problem. It is sin. Many of the past presidents of America professed to be Christian but their actions spoke otherwise…so you need to do better than blithely state that Obama is the problem.
    When Bush was president and the Republicans had majorities in both houses, they did not repeal Roe v. Wade as an example of what
    the Republicans could have done.
    You can not legislate morality and that is why I do not seek any
    hope or redemption from either political party. That is an illusion.

  5. What in the world does Obama or Bush have to do with this post??? If you cant or dont want to comment on the contents its best to just not say anything guys.

  6. Its a msytery that a man who claims to be upholding truth and justice would call himself this?

    In his speach, he talks about truth but states none, he used no scriptural references but just his irrational emotional evil opinions.

    He talks of people coming againts him while not realizing that God almighty is against his evil disire’s, sad!

    No matter how much I read this articles, I just cant get it? I am always confused but it is the evil times we live in.

    Lafe is right, we are not wrestling flesh and blood but the enemy of our souls.

    Lord give us strength!

  7. Sounds like a man on his way to hell with his underwear soaked in gasoline! I wonder what bible these people read? Mine says homosexuality is an abomination to the Lord. No doubt that this is a part of the apostasy that is to come that Paul spoke about!

  8. blaine exactly the point. WHY in God’s name would we want to “include” these people in the church as leaders?? We might as well draft Hitler to lead the local Jewish synagogue.

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