The black gospel industry 'celebrates' its profane spirit


You could have substituted the word porn for gospel and got the same result, but once again the profane nature of the black gospel music industry was in blazing display for all the world to see.

On Jan 10th, for two hours, courtesy of Black Entertainment Television, the show paraded the industry’s well and lesser known homosexuals, adulterers, internet sex freaks, groupies and sexy divas across the screen in an ironic Celebration of Gospel. Homosexuals had a great deal to be proud of to see so many of their own arrayed like peacocks in a zoo.

The “stars” and their groupie fans had a mad ball posing and showing off some of the most bizarre outfits imaginable.  Mimicking the red carpet effect of secular entertainment shows (why is a mystery), the COG shined the spotlight on the industry’s top money making whores. There’s no mistaking that the indulgent glorification of sensuality, sexuality and perversion is a benchmark of the gospel music industry.

There is no way anyone can convince me that this reflects Jesus Christ or the gospel of Jesus Christ. I don’t care how much you protest that you “love Jesus”, loving Jesus and reveling in such hideous excesses aren’t compatible. Modesty in our looks, clothing and spirit is a requirement for those who follow Christ.

Pictures of the event are available at The EX Times and on BET’s website here and here.

And if there exists any gospel music singers/musicians/producers (Donnie McClurkin sadly was reveling with partygoers) et al who are in disagreement with this disgusting repertoire, why are they so silent and passive? Invisible and complicit while year after year the “celebrations” descend into more bacchanal debauchery.

And its not just about the fashion insanity.

Out in the open: Tye Tribbett who just a few months prior committed adultery with a member of his choir. Vocal and angry about sexual immorality in the church,  when asked about his own menage a trios, Tribbett refused comment. Tribett underwent a so called 60 day sabbatical to “get right with God”. And guess what? He got right just in time to perform at the Celebration of Gospel! Actually the COG was taped Dec 12, so Tye cheated on his sabbatical, but who are we to hold him accountable to some silly sabbatical?

Who and what are gospel groupies really celebrating?

There was Donald Lawrence, Bobby Jones, and Dorian Stansberry whose self lensed, explicitly naked photos [google] (NSFYS) were posted on the web allegedly by a former male sex partner.

There was Heather Headley and Kurt Carr. Mary, Mary and Dorinda Clark Cole joined them.

Speak out against this and stop purchasing any music they produce or participate in. Please don’t ask about whose music can you purchase. There’s no need to have any type of dependence on someone else to praise God for you.

Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord, Eph 5:19

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NSFYS=Not safe for your spirit


40 thoughts on “The black gospel industry 'celebrates' its profane spirit

  1. You didnt pull any punches at all with this one at all!

    The bible teaches that freindhip with the world is enmity with God.

    Plain and simple the gospel “music” industry is no different from the world. I used to buy CD’s but I have been turned off big time by these folk.

    In the attempt to “reach the loss” they have compromised the gospel, so the church looks more worldly while and the world remains the same. There lines are blurred big time. They also blink at sin, as you have stated because of the star status.

    What we have is BET that promotes sin 99.9% of the time, giving a celebration of Gospel!? does that even make sense? To make it worse the “gospel” singers are SOOO thankful to them for the little bone. NO one questions BET poisoning the youth on a daily basis though!

    I have come to the point where I realize that the “gospel” music business is idolatry. The focus is not Christ but man and his sily accomplishments (Steve Harvey’s cussing butt, tributed for hosting the show for 10 years).

    Have you ever once heard the gospel preached on any of these BET gospel shows. A bunch of sinners get emotional without even the chance to hear the real message of Christ! Inclusionist filth!

    The gospel being celebrated without the gospel!

    Its a farce!

  2. I do not watch BET’s Celebration of “gospel” for many of the reasons you cite here. It’s just a show.

    I heard a celebrity say recently “I love Jesus. I can’t help that. I’m black and we love Jesus.”

    That left me scratching my head. So many people think following Jesus is a light matter. It is not.

  3. So Donnie showed his true colors after his cry for the youth, calling out of Tonex, and alter call it was all just an act. Way to go Donnie a double minded man is unstable in all his ways. That whole testimony was for nothing he just needs to sit down and shut up.

    On top of all of that it was shown on BET. *Groan*

  4. I agree. You didnt hold any punches on this one. Lol. But just one question: If you’re in such disagreement with it , then why even spend your time watching it? Just turn the channel.

  5. I didnt watch it. You dont have to watch a car wreck to know that its not a good thing for those involved.

    Secondly, the bible doesnt tell us to just “turn the channel” when open sin like this in the Body occurs.

    Here’s what it said to do:

    1 Tim 5: 17The elders who direct the affairs of the church well are worthy of double honor, especially those whose work is preaching and teaching. 18For the Scripture says, “Do not muzzle the ox while it is treading out the grain,”[b] and “The worker deserves his wages.”[c] 19Do not entertain an accusation against an elder unless it is brought by two or three witnesses. 20Those who sin are to be rebuked publicly, so that the others may take warning.

    21I charge you, in the sight of God and Christ Jesus and the elect angels, to keep these instructions without partiality, and to do nothing out of favoritism.

    Open rebuke is better than secret love. Prov 27:5

    Even if they dont change, we are still required to warn and rebuke openly for parallel occurrences.

  6. Well, isn’t this simply a reflection of what we hear on the radio? All during the week the flesh is tantilized and teased and brought to a frenzy, and by Saturday night, they have you in the club w/ a “preacher/DJ” spinning the tracks to work up the body into a spiritually possessed state devoid of anything Godly. This only increases the lusts of the flesh/mind and pollutes the spirit. Then sweetly on sunday morning they play gospel music for about 4 hours, which helps those who went out the night before feel like if they listen to a few songs, they’re in the arms of Jesus and He’s in their heart, only to replicate the lives of the worldly the rest of the week w/o any conviction. Yeah, right!!

    What I get from this HipHop/Dancing/Shoutin’ “gospel” is a lot of flesh inspired music w/o a call to truly glorify God.

  7. I agree with Pastor Foster.
    This garbage is getting ridiculous. How can you be up there giving praise to a God that doesn’t even hear you?
    The God I serve is a holy and righteous God the god they are serving has no standards, morals nor beliefs and that is why I believe they can get up there and act a fool.
    However, I don’t blame them completely. I blame their leaders for NOT preaching and teaching the truth of the Word and allowing this mess to go on just because they want more money and friendship with the government and the world.
    They need to ask me to come and speak at one of these lovely conventions when I get done they’ll either run me out or beat me out but either way I won’t back down from telling them how wrong they are.
    I thank God I was raised in a church that told me what wrong was and stood for it. I wasn’t told to serve God anyway or He’ll work it out. I was told if I didn’t get right, live and serve God I’d go right to hell.
    If you claim to love God it must be shown not only in words but in deeds and in truth.

  8. Pastor Foster!

    Let me be the first to speak and say that this Proud Gay Black Man was NOT proud of anyone on BET’s Celebration of Gospel..(besides Fantasia..gotta luv her)…the homosexuals you allude to in your blog are not Openly Gay Black Men, they are on the DL or in the Closet; they live secret lives or double lives…they are not “crowned” as great “role models for gay’s”…

    In fact I don’t any of my friends in the Gay community that respects Donnie McClurklin, Bobby Jones are Neol Jones (yes he is in the closet) or TD Jakes, another closet case..

    Please do us men and women who are living our lives out and open a favor by not associating us with these “closeted” men and women. It is my prayer that these men and women come out of the closet..embrace who they are in God and stop living a lie…like my brother and friend Tonex just did…

    Be blessed!

    GCMW: Whether your sin is open or secret, its all the same. And unless you repent you will likewise perish.

  9. What “open sin” in the body occurred on the BET Celebration of gospel that night? Is this about what they were wearing??

    And thanks for the scripture reference, but did you completely overlook the instructions in verse 19 that comes before the ‘open rebuke’ part?

    “Do not entertain an accusation against an elder unless it is brought by two or three witnesses..”

    Who are your two or three witnesses that brought accusations against the BET Celebration of Gospel show and/or their guests that sang/talked that night??

    I know you’re a man that follows and obeys the Word of God very closely, so I’m just asking…

  10. Award shows are all about celebrating self importance and have become a place where egos are adoringly massaged. It reminds of those secular artists thanking God in their acceptance speeches, but in reality their appreciation is betrayed by their ungodly lifestyles. This award show seems to mimic any other worldy show. You would think that there would be less emphasis on the so-called “stars” and more on praising our Lord, especially given that it is a Gospel presentation.

    The watering down of Gospel music has blurred the line between secular and Christian music. This gathering has become a collective pat on the back for all these artists and a game of one-up-manship. Who has the most elaborate costumes? Who has the most mainstream appeal etc…There is no humility and no restraint. They endorse the likes of Steve Harvey and give credence to this false notion, that because a person metions the name of Jesus, they are somehow qualified to a position of Biblical authority and wisdom. It is an absolute nonsense and one that should make the whole industry bow it’s head in collective shame.

  11. I watched it, all of it. I had to leave the room when they started the Steve Harvey tribute, you are paying the man to host the show, isn’t that thanx enough? I don’t begrudge their honoring him, goes in line with everything else going on. The are only celebrating gospel as a musical genre, not as The Gospel unto salvation. Harvey cried so, I said cause he know he just cussed out the director backstage for stuff not being right in his dressing room, now they got him all on camera, talking about how far he has come, then Donnie comes in with that lukewarm song, and he know he’s not saved.
    Fantasia was a mess, song didn’t get started good and she is out of her shoes and all over the stage in her mini dress. Some on my FB page was like “fantasia was all that!” I said “no, that is what happens when 7 more spirits take up residence.” Take notes!

  12. Man oh man…this sounds awful! I guess its a good thing up here in Western Canada that I do not know most of these names and do not have the BET Channel! Very sad…

    Brother Foster, do you know if the equivalent is going on in the Southern Gospel music sector or in the white gospel community ie Gaithers ???

    I know about Ray Boltz last year and was horrified at that situation….

    Its getting to the point that all I can enjoy listening too is Mahalia Jackson, The Consolers, Grace thrillers, Tennessee Ernie Ford and a few others….

    Blessings from Canada.


  13. think this is crazy. Who are we to judge. That’s what’s wrong with the body of Christ now, we want to call who we think is gay, gay. My whole thing is, none of those people except Donnie has come out. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying homosexuality is wrong but dint judge. We should rejoice when we see them in church. And after rejoicing tell them the word. Preach and teach the word! But don’t judge! After all aren’t we sinning by having this blog? Aaahhh! Yes we are. And also why are we talking about tye tribbet!? That’s between his wide and him and God! Be blessed!

  14. Open simply means obvious to the eye. What witnesses are needed when its on a public television show?

    If the sin is open, the rebuke open, thus witnesses are not required. If the sin is hidden and needs “investigation”, then bring witnesses. We’re not talking about what is hidden here, but what is in the open.

    What’s more, did you or they overlook all the other scripture about humility, sin, lusts, vainglory etc before the rebuke came? If they would engage in self discipline (a fruit of the Spirit) there would be no need for open rebuke.

  15. How can you teach and preach without judgment? thats not scriptural. If we are admonished not to eat with a sexual immoral person in the church, I must first judge the action of that indivual to be sinful.

    Its may have been a celebration of “gospel” music but the only reason for the genre is the gospel but yet no one states that Jesus is the only way to Heaven. If its a Christian show, the gospel must go forth and as I said, I have never heard the gospel on any christian show on BET.

    This is no less than a mockery and idolatry and anyone who cant see that is fooling themselves.

    Steve Harvey asked, as supposed Christian crowd, if the saw the Kings of Comedy and when he didnt get the response he wanted he said in no uncertain terms “I AINT CHANGING FO YA’LL, THIS IS WHAT I DO, I TELL JOKES”. In other words God has given him the ability of comedy and if he uses bad language thats because that what he does to make a living.

    What a load of rubbish!

  16. 1 John 2:1For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the boastful pride of life, is not from the Father, but is from the world.

    That Scripture sums of the COG on BET. Pride of Life is the necessity to be seen and heard so you can feel good about yourself because of low self esteem.

    Jeremywolcc said:

    think this is crazy. Who are we to judge. That’s what’s wrong with the body of Christ now, we want to call who we think is gay, gay. My whole thing is, none of those people except Donnie has come out. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying homosexuality is wrong but dint judge. We should rejoice when we see them in church. And after rejoicing tell them the word. Preach and teach the word! But don’t judge! After all aren’t we sinning by having this blog? Aaahhh! Yes we are. And also why are we talking about tye tribbet!? That’s between his wide and him and God! Be blessed!

    Ephesians 5:11-12

    11Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them;

    No we should rejoice when a sinner (homosexual, thief, liar) repents not just because they show up Sunday morning. That whole don’t judge spill is not found in the Bible.

    There is a gift called Discernment spoken about in the Bible….

    But remember its always ok in the world for homosexuals to call out each other, but when somebody Saved discerns sexual wickedness its judging and wrong. That’s according to the world’s standard not God’s.

  17. The whole thing really breaks my heart. I think what upsets more than these people supposed singing to promote God’s Kingdom (yeah right), is the people(carnal christians) that defend them telling discerning spiritual saints that they should not judge.

    You mean to tell me that it’s OK for Yolanda Adams to pose half naked, showing 3/4 of her left breast is OK because “we don’t know her heart”. I may not know her heart but I can judge from her outward display that she is not in a good spiritual place and I knew that before I saw her in that dress. Can’t stomach her morning show….

    The bottom line is we are living in a time where if we are who we say we (The Body of Christ) and we want to see Jesus in peace, we have to stand together and speakout against the gospel music industry and this foolishness. These are the people we allow in our churches. Buy their music, etc. When we stop buying their music and letting them sing in our churches (can’t say minister in our churches because it’s entertainment, stop going to their concerts(and for what!!!), they will either get right for real or they will know they have been exposed for what they are and wont sing gospel music anymore and start doing if more wickedness(but I hope its the former and not the latter)

    God is not pleased
    My last question:
    Who’s on the Lord’s side!?

  18. I didn’t even waste my time watching the COG. From the remarks posted on this board and from the pictures, I know I didn’t miss much. This is what happens when you are friend of the world. The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life are what is driving these “gospel singers”. I am saddened by it all. Jesus is soon to come. You either serve God or serve the god of this world.

    Does Steve Harvey proclaim salvation? These people seem to straddle the fence. Every body that says Lord, Lord, will not enter into Heaven.

  19. The people who are saying dont judge, did they read the links and look at the pictures? its all there isnt it?

    Steve Harvey told a woman on Tyra that she should wait 90 days before she has sex with him (thats the advice this “Christian” gave in his book). He said something like, people say you should wait until you are married but dont no noboday who can do that! Yes and how long has he been “saved” now? The worse part is that Donnie McClurkin talked about him having a best seller on TBN! a best seller telling people to sin.

    Are some of us on drugs or something or cant we seen the great turning away in all of this. When has it become ok to behave like the world, with the excuse of trying to reach the world? Did Christ say that.

    Mi VEX!

  20. Pastor DL,

    I know a few months back you were(and many of us)were especially glad that Donnie McClurkin ministered in a powerful way at the COGIC youth on fire day. Pastor DL even wrote a great piece on him on this site. Now…Donnie, Oh Donie, why don’t you do the same thing on the show? It seems like he is unstable and straddling the fense. Parading with these Godless, sin filled gospel music people. Donnie is too worried about his money not to say anything or not even show up at the awards shows. You know your water would be cut off if you speak agains sin on these shows…That’s ok, The wheat and tare shall grow up together, but God will do the separating. Pastor DL, keep up the good work in crying aloud and sparing not!!!

  21. I watched it. I usually don’t but I wanted to hear bb and cc sing. The song was powerful because they just sang. It was for God only and not for themselves. They sang and got off the stage. There was no ego involved, and the people just sat there. But when the hollering and shuckin and jivin was present the people were just corrupting themseleves with it. Booty shaking, breasts shaking it was RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!! Made me wanna go listen to Charles Stanley. Lord have mercy just a shuckin and jiving and acting like idiots. And what was up with some of the clothes? I’m shaking my head now. Go to youtube and listen to time is running out with Melvin Williams singing it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Bro. T, youre absolutely right. Its becoming harder and harder to support McClurkin because he is playing both sides. He comes unglued at COGIC, then turns around and parties with the same degenerates he just finished excoriating? What is he doing???

    Ive tried to praise him for standing up for righteousness when he has, but more and more he’s looking like a black Rick Warren.

    @ Paul, no the gospel fan groupies didnt click the links. One of them has a picture of him and Dorinda hugged up so you know they dont want to hear the truth about their idols.

  23. I wasn’t gonna watch that mess either. But when I walked into my bedroom, my wife turned it to BET just to see what garbage the “Gospel Music Industry” would pull out of the trash can this year. As soon as she turned it on BET (and I think she did it just to get a reaction out of me…….and she got one!!!), the group in the picture just came on stage (sorry, I forgot their name…well, I’m not sorry).

    Club music and club atmosphere from start to finish. Then Fantasia brought her “professed-godly-but-ungodly” self on stage with her mother. But she’s reportedly dating and obviously sexing it up with some married man who has left his wife and children and has moved in with her. Her mother should have taught her better (if she didn’t)and should not have performed with her. She should have followed her out on stage with a belt and set her behind on fire!!!!!

    I honestly don’t remember the last time I bought a “gospel” CD. And these “gospel shows” with people like the not-saved Steve Harvey on it pretending to be saved and receiving accolades just makes me puke.

  24. What is Donnie doing? He is paying his bills! Too bad.

    Okay, yes, I did watch ; I always watch. When I do I end up yelling at the TV screen and quoting scripture! sigh.
    I have come to accept that BET is just a business and is exploiting the lukewarm Christian for ratings and to tickle the musical ears of its core audience. That show and its revelry make in my mind a line of demarcation between the singers who want to live holy and hold a standard of righteousness and those who simply wish to boost record sales. It is a huge coup to get booked on that show; record lables must want it for their artists also.
    Lastly, that written to be a hit (flesh song) by Marvin Sapp. I am shocked that he being a pastor would write such drivel. The LORD saw the best in me? What best; my sinful nature? A veritable flesh parade, not even truly entertaining. The lead vocals were hidden behind the music and the choirs.

  25. @Elder Jimmy….AMMMMMENNNNNNN about Marvin Sapp….i thought i was the only one sitting there asking “what BEST in me???”….The next day folk were all on FB and elsewhere talking bout how “powerful and lifechanging that song is” and i’m like “huh???”……I for one am thankful that God saw the absolute WORST in me and decided to love me and die for me anyway. That was the epitome of DRIVEL and the church folk were just lapping it up like thirsty dogs in heat. Gospel artists seem to just want to write the next “hit” and theology/sound doctrine be d—–d”……it just irks me to no end. I’m like “think about it, people”. But it makes the masses “feel good”….But i believe the Bible says OUR righteousness (our ‘best’) is still as FILTHY RAGS before God……think on that one Marvin.

  26. Yeah excuse my sarcasm but what a sappy tune. Sapp needs to go somewhere and fast and pray for a reconnection to God instead of pushing out this new age mess. They dont need the Bible to do their “inspirational” music. Dis. gus. ting.

  27. And in another example of how Satan got a big toe on our pulpits. I being a musician have a small interest in music technology but it does not rule my world but I know that it is NAMM 2010 (music expo) weekend and now the world is wooing the church by having sessions at these consumerism events around worship. That is right the music corporations with all their corruption and fleshy profiling have seen the growth of ‘worship music’ and so are attempting to get into the act by having ‘worship demonstrations’ at their annual expo. And you know some of gospel biggest hitters will be there to get their freebies and plug their ungodly egos. How sad, we musicians have sold out just for fame

  28. This show was nothing more than a show of flesh. All glory goes to the singers. I did watch and for the most part I was thinking..and how does Christ get glory out of this. The gospel music industry is just that…industry to sell records and make money. Not to proclaim or mention for that matter the death, burial, and resurrection. I did see a moment or two I enjoyed, but that’s about it. I believe James Fortune did a good job, and was not glorying in the flesh, but other than that…its hard to say any other good thing.

  29. James, he can draw both the church/club crowd and the club/club crowd. They all like his pre-r rated humor. BET, the slavemaster to the gospel money makers likes mixing these elements to get the most viewership, money etc.

    Personally I have never liked Steve Harvey’s brand of “humor”. He’s like a dirty old preacher wearing supafly suits.

  30. Thanks Bro Foster for sounding the alarm. BET type gosbel celebration is an embrassment.
    Keep pressing the battle to the gate!

  31. Thanks for the blog, Pastor. Even in telling the hard truth, I found humor in your writing, especially when writing about Tye Tribbet getting right just in time for the show. 🙂 Keep us informed on the outrageous “christian” antics.

  32. Tye Tribbett and T.H.A. T.R.U.T.H.? Wow, your site is the hardest to read on the Internet!

    GCMW: Yes, thats the truth, all of them in that big messfest. And Tibbett is moving further away. It shows that his heart may have been in the wrong place all along.

  33. These are just a bunch of people who love fame and money. And because they are getting plenty of both, that allows them to indulge in the various pleasures. Because of the fame and comfort that they get from making all this money and publicity off the gospel music industry, that allows them to become even more decadent than they would otherwise. It reminds one of the decadent ancient Greek and Roman upper classmen, or even the condition of the wealthy Israelites just before God sent the Assyrians and Babylonians to destroy them.

  34. Pastor Foster, no offense but I’m offended by your link to nude pictures when you referenced google and the explicitly naked photos. We could have lived without that link and still understood what you were talking about.

    GCMW: Thank you DeeDee there is no offense taken. In the future, all such links will carry a NSFYS (not safe for your spirit). There will be times —very infrequent– where I may need link to something of this sort. It will be up to the reader whether or not they choose to access the link. Again, if you see the identifier, please just ignore if you desire. On this particular instance, these photos are inevitable. If you simply google the individual’s name, the pictures are there. I will never link to a site where content is overwhelmingly sexually offensive. I do sincerely apologize in advance to anyone who may not be aware of such links in the future, but I will place a more distinct identifier on them.

  35. I’ve watched the celebration of gospel re run last night. It was a typical black mass (wiccan ceremony) This was the initiation of Steve harvey. Notice how Almost every person wore black, with black nail polish, and black jewlery. Ce Ce winans wore a “priestess” outfit, while almost everyone who are seasoned performers wore black or purple (wiccan colors).

    The first half of COG was the traditional rituals performed in witchcraft. We must understand what we are looking at. The Homosexuals were bold and Steve Harvey’s mouth was brazin and brash. The climax of the evening was when Donnie McClurkin and Marvin Sapp sang to Steve Harvey. This was the sign to Steve that He made it into the “industry” officially.

    The End of the evening closed with ” You aint seen nothing yet”. We are in for some wild years ahead.

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