The preacher's [gay marriage supporting] kid

pkEdit: This post has been amended due to information that Luckett is a member of Joel Osteen’s church.

A new Christian film star on the horizon? You may want to take a closer look first.

Its truly a tragic thing when we have to alert people in the church about other “church-types” who are working against God’s will to infect the church with their insanity. Enter Matt Crouch, stage left.

The Preacher’s Kid, is the latest religious movie backed by Matt Crouch and his Gener8Xion Entertainment company.

The star of Crouch’s new movie is Letoya Luckett and she’s about to seduce your pastor using a very familiar biblical story. But the story within the story is an old one: satan is cunning and many in the contemporary church are ripe for his deception.

I watched the TBN talkup show where DC area pimpster Micheal Freeman and his wife Dee Dee gushed and told pastors to get their daughters and rush out to see the movie. On a contradictory note, Freeman said the movie wasn’t for the church, but his wife turned right around and said the church should support it by packing out theaters. So which lie is it?

Luckett (the former Destinys Child dropout), told the homosexual magazine The Advocate she’s fascinated with homosexual culture. [source] NSFYS

“Absolutely. Ab-so-lutely. It’s one of those things that’s like, you know what, you’ve got to let people be who they are. Whether you agree with a lifestyle or not, you have to let that person be who they are. You have to love them for who they are.

I just went to the Latex Ball [gcmw: a bizarre black gay subculture like Alice in Wonderland meets Marilyn Manson]  in New York. Oh, my God! I have never seen so much creativity in one room. So much freedom. That’s what I appreciate about the gay community. You know: Do you and don’t worry about other people and their opinions. It’s so colorful and lively, and everybody’s not sitting around and — you know when you go to a club and everybody’s sitting around and standing along the walls and people watch? It’s not about that. Everybody [at gay clubs] is ready to let their hair down and have fun and get into it, and that’s about love.

I hadn’t had that much fun in a long time. A lo-o-ong time. I mean, they were givin’ it, Honey! Giving. And I love that. I love it. I can’t stand hateful people. I can’t stand hardhearted people, and unfortunately there’s a lot of people like that in this world, and it’s got to die. Let it die, let it die, let it die. Let love live.”

Add to that Luckett’s last CD with F minus songs like “She aint got s*** on me”.

So this is living your best life now? Luckett, per an interview using her religious mask,  is a member of  Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church (see comment section) and faithfully listens to Joel Osteen on her ipod or itunes, whichever is handy.

The choice of actors in this movie, crafted to appeal to African Americans pastors and churchgoers, incorporates the very worst religious ideology and typology possible. From the lukewarm preacher to the silly, one dimensional churchgoers, everything screams “shallow”. The sad thing is that it is an all too true reflection of the contemporary black church. Its producer who said on TBN that Crouch allowed him complete control.  Actors for movies are never chosen randomly and without consideration of who they are and what type of person they appeal to based on their lifestyle. Clearly, Luckett’s  mixture of homosexuality, race, church and music made her a prime candidate.

In the Advocate, Luckett says that she believes same-sex marriage will “eventually happen” in her native Texas. “Or people are going to move and go to places where it’s accepted. I don’t know if it’ll happen tomorrow, but whatever is in God’s will, it will be. Hey, everybody deserves love. Everybody deserves commitment. And why shouldn’t the gay community have that?”

What a convoluted definition of love.

In my opinion, the problem with the movie that its a reinvented story of horizontal redemption. Not one where the person comes back, repents to Christ and finds new life in him, but one where the person comes home and everybody lives happily ever after. Let’s be honest, what parent wouldnt want their messed up kid to come home, but coming home isn’t salvation. And the message parable about the lost son wasn’t just coming home to an earthly father, but home to God.

Unfortunately, we are seeing some of the same church leaders with questionable views on homosexuality associated with these “feel good” stories.

Producer Stan Foster is a member of West Angeles COGIC.
Foster also produced TD Jakes’ Woman thou are loosed movie which was filmed at West Angeles.

Kierra Sheard was thrown in the mix to get the COGIC crowd attention.

R&B sex freak Trey Songz was also given a spot in the film.

Should you go to see it? That’s up to you, but just know that Letoya Luckett will use the fame and money she gets from movies like this push for abominations like homosexual marriage. I’d advise what the Bible says in 1 Tim 5:22 Lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be partaker of other men’s sins: keep thyself pure.

h/t Ex-Times

UPDATE 01.19.10: Letoya Luckett’s fan site is going ballistic because GCM Watch told the ugly truth about their goddess du jour.

UPDATE #2 01.19.10: You can watch the Letoya Luckett TBN interview here. Click on the Jan 18 episode on the right. Its about the midway point.


54 thoughts on “The preacher's [gay marriage supporting] kid

  1. Hmm. A watered down Prodigal Son story. I believe the producers of films like these choose actors with a specific purpose. Luckett was chosen because of her stance–it’s non-threatening, inclusive and guarantees a larger audience, considering you mentioned Kierra Sheard was used to garner attention. I can actually imagine Sheard or any other young, popular gospel singer playing a role like this more so than Luckett. Sheard is a “preacher’s kid” herself.

    This is a bit of a tangent, but I believe the popularity of Tyler Perry has encouraged an influx of lukewarm material like this. I actually can’t stand Perry’s work for a host of reasons.

  2. Never even heard of the movie, but now that mYOU have brought it my attention and YOU have brought to my attention that the star of the movie is a Gay supporter…I will now definitely go see it..and will have my friends as well..


    GCMW: you and your friends knock yourself out. And no…thank you for proving my point.

  3. @Antwoine Williams

    A bit of a rhetorical question:
    You would still encourage this film though it doesn’t have an ounce of true repentance in it?

    Regardless of Luckett’s views, this was my primary reason for not really liking the sound of it. It’s also one of the reason’s why I mentioned Tyler Perry. Touchy-feely-yet-hopelessly-empty movies like this are what send people to hell. It leads them to think the way of salvation is simply coming “home” (being “good enough”) and not actually repenting. This video shows true repentance, minus any extras:

  4. So thankful for the watchmen on the gate!! I too saw its promotion on TBN with Blake, Ulmer & company. Blake received much exaltation form the others, by the way. Thank you for the insight, and the warning.

  5. CeeDee, I didnt see Blake, I saw Ulmer and he was beside himself. Im waiting for them to trot Luckett out and gush with wonderment while she proclaims how much she “loves Jesus”.

    Its tragic that these so called leaders would open the doors of the church to these different spirits and unleash on the people. And we wonder why homosexuality is so entrenched in our churches. Look no further than spiritual wickedness in high entertaining places.

  6. gcm,

    Luckett is being trotted tonight on the “Praise the Lord” show on TBN. I’m in the Pacific time zone so it is airing now. This should be very interesting.

  7. Donna, thanks for the headsup. Wow, that was quick.
    Let me know what you think of it and I will do a follow up to this story tomorrow.

  8. Yup another watered down Tyler Perry type movie, with a gay affirming anti-Christ agenda. Tyler Perry hired a male actor who did gay porn for one of his movies so why should this stop TBN now?

  9. Robert and bliss you are on point with that. Perry and this whole sort of christianese message of warm fuzzy is deceiving (at least to the carnal minded). And its funny (in a bizarre way) they always manage to put the real life homosexuals/down low individuals in lead roles. Intentional? I think something is going on with these movies. One, they keep pushing this sublimal idea that homosexuality and the church belong together.

  10. ok, I am watching it live online and it’s silly. OK, so they have Ted Winn on here singing. Don’t even let me get started on that one…! And is it me, but can anybody sense her lack of truth and sincerity? There’s not any Jesus or Word in her heart. She’s performing right now. How can you be on a national stage in a girl group and perform like crazy, yet God is supposed to be the head of your life and you can’t even give us one scripture to at least make us run up and down the aisle. Every black person knows at least one scripture that sets our churches ablaze in praise. LOL!

    Oh, and by the way, did you hear her say that she goes to Lakewood Church? That right there is enough to let me know she ain’t really got any good grounding AT ALL. By the way…here are the lyrics to her first hit song that “God” lead her to from her first solo album–warning explicit– Pastor Foster, excuse me and edit if necessary–

    1st Verse:
    I made you cool
    You wasnt that dude
    Until i started f*****n with you
    Gave you swagg, and a duffel bag
    You left the best you had
    now you gotta act like that
    I got you right
    I changed your life
    Suicide doors I cosigned
    Gucci rags, louis travel bags
    You left the best you had, baby don’t look so mad


    OMG!!! He’s now talking about “Your Best Life Now!” mess. I’m over this.

  11. I”m sorry—this is the last post:



  12. I didnt watch. She said she goes to Lakewood. nuff said. She just goes. And James I doubt God would lead anybody to write such trite cheesy lyrics, profanity aside.

    Wow, quite a lineup: Ted Winn, Donald Lawrence and Letoya Luckett. TBN is sending messages out to its gay fans I guess.

    Who interviewed them? Rev. Will Smith?

  13. I would agree with the poster above who said her testimony lacked sincerity. Christless, Crossless and enough Christianese language to pull the wool over the eyes of the sheeple. In light of your quote from the Advocate, I found her answer to Tims’ question about how to stay grounded in the LA scene interesting– no mention of going to Latex Balls! I dropped off after Zachery Tims did the prayer for Haiti so I didn’t hear her sing. The more I think about her testimony the more I find myself feeling miffed because of the lack of discernment of the audience. Just say the right words and the audience will start clapping and amening. All in all par for the course for Praise the Lord on TBN.

  14. LOL @ James’ comment, those “action words” activate some kind of praise in just about any church nowadays.
    Ms. Luckett, no matter what she does for the world she will always be on the heels of Beyonce/Destiny’s Child fiasco, though she nor people working with her will want to see, admit or believe it. She could have so much more in Christ instead of trying to claw her way out of that professional set back. But I guess she figured Beyonce started with fighting temptations, did Beyonce and Cuba Gooding do the church circuit to promote their movie?
    Lucketts comments about hanging out in the gay clubs, that is how homosexuals are going to win heterosexual women over/get their support. Come party with us, we’re non confrontational, we’re fun, creative, etc…They already doing your hair and make-up, and you wonder why you can’t find a good man. Or you want them to do a makeover on your man. I heard this same conversation amoung some of my sisters friends one time about going out to a gay club. My sister thankfully was not down, but another young woman whose mother is a church missionary, she straight up said “My mom would say, ‘you’ll come out the club with their spirits hanging on you’ but whatever…” I’m in the kitchen like, so you want to be the one to prove her wrong? Thank God for redeeming me, cause some saints kids be in the world trying to prove they are more unsaved then the rest of the sinners.

  15. lol @ James. I see you been to “church” at least 3 Sundays out of the month. Those are definitely the “youre-supposed-to-clap-or-shout-amen-right-here” cue words!

    If you want an church audience to remain silent and cold, begin talking about

    -self discipline
    -studying the bible
    -false teachings

    Thanks Donna. I believe you without even seeing the interview. Its proof pudding how easy it will be for the antichrist spirit to deceive the church. Dumb, happy and blind. Destroyed for the lack of knowledge because they have rejected it (dont want to be “negative”). God said he would reject their children because of it. Hosea 4:6

    I bet if TBN brought on Trey Songz and he sang “I invented sex”, then sat down and said the Holy Spirit led him to “be real”, the audience would be clapping and nodding. The pimpsters they have on as hosts are just as bad.

    Somebody’s fallen and dont wanna get up.

  16. Another thing I have to point out. Why is this movie rated PG-13? Cussing and sex that could have done without. What a stupid movie….

    GCMW: Second the stupid movie clause. And deceptive.

  17. I have started to realize the deceptive inclusionist agenda of many of these movies. They are inspiring people all the way to hell. You have 90min to 2 hrs and yet you never get the true gospel.

    I agree with the Tyler Perry criticisms. No cross, repentance, sin, hell you never hear that Jesus is the only way to heaven. The Church and “god” are just to inspire us but nothing about a Savior or the need for one.

    This movie is obvioulsy a farce, I too have questioned the need to use sinners in “Christian” movies. Why use people who are not living for Christ. Is God not big enough, that we feel we have to use someone with worldly appeal?

    The problem is everyone in the black community is a “Christian”, you know the “I believe in God”, talk.

    James 2:19 (NLT)

    19 You say you have faith, for you believe that there is one God.[a] Good for you! Even the demons believe this, and they tremble in terror.

    No change at all, but who cares about that, it seems.

    I can understand her being all good with homosexuality, Joel Osteens says he “just, doesnt go there”, well the world is going there and trying to force it on the true Church of Christ!!!

  18. James! You are so right. You left out “next level”, though. I Ms. Licket and I was not fooled. I didn’t know about the movie until last night. She claimed that all she listened to was “gospel music” when the host asked her her fave gospel “artists” (aka gospel music industry workers; LOVE THAT PHRASE!) She had a hard time listing five in a row and had to have a clue given by the host! it read as a lie! No man can serve two masters…

  19. Im so glad all these posters on this board is so “holy” and “righteous”…

    Pastor Foster and I imagine many of you have not personally witness or spoken to the producer, director or members of the cast, including Ms. Luckett.

    I don’t believe the intent of the producers, etc..was to have sinners come running to Christ in the movie theather while watching this movie; perhaps it will plant a seed..perhaps it will cause someone to at least call upon God..and who knows what can happen…

    It’s entertainment..Pastors and churches need to step up and do what their part…use movies as a tool..but let the Gospel, the good news of Christ be the final message…

  20. “Min.” Antwoine Williams, God is not going to use the instruments of unrighteousness to cull holiness & salvation. The only “seed” that can be planted from this film and others like them is one that desensitizes the audiences towards sin and its stated consequences.

    The “holy” and “righteous” gag is disingenuous, and fails miserably to invoke guilt towards those that have the fortitude & courasge to cry aloud and spare not against the spiritual enemies looking to devour by any means (howeevr subtle) necessary.

  21. At N’Catina..

    My thing is..what are you going to do about your “fortitude” other than make a lot hot air here on Foster’s blog?

    I mean, it just sounds like many on here are “wimps”…just “crying out”..other words “cry babies”…

    Its entertainment..its Hollywood..its about “money”..not “ministry” and whoever is surprise by that..hasn’t been living in the 21st Century..come on..

    this isn’t new….

  22. How do you know that people only cry on this blog. Thats nothing more than a judgment based on your dissproval of truth it seems.

    However the comments are based on peoples sincere disire to see the church operate as we should but thats not your issue.

    What you should do is ask people what they do.

    Its entertainment..its Hollywood..its about “money”..not “ministry” and whoever is surprise by that..hasn’t been living in the 21st Century..come on..

    Thats true however to not get upset when Christ is being portrayed incorrectly and used for the purpose of gain is somewhat questionable. If Christ is not being preached then whats the point? This is not something to say “COME ON” about while people get rich and others go to hell.

  23. Paul N,

    I guess what I’m saying is..I see the work, organization that is being done on my side..(HRC, other Gay Groups, Organizations)..I see their efforts..they put their money where their mouth is..and they act…

    All I see or read on these “blogs” is complaints…what is the plan…let the Gays get free and happy and soon one all be over and Jesus will come back and send all the queers to hell?….is that the plan?

    gotta go…got a paper to write…(i still like this blog…keeps me level headed…sometimes living here in NYC…i forget that im still a minority in my beliefs..)

  24. @Antwoine Williams

    I *think* I speak for most when I say no thinks they’re righteous or holy. In fact, I firmly believe I’m not a righteous person, just someone with a sinful nature who happens to do nice things occasionally. The only difference between myself and one who is not redeemed is that I am saved and called to a higher standard. As such, I do my best to set myself apart from the world (strive for holiness)…

    …which brings me to why I don’t like what I’m hearing about the movie. Unrepentant sinners don’t prove points to anyone. That doesn’t make sense. This movie is using the ungodly to do the gospel’s job.

    Also, this movie is not “Hollywood” by any stretch of the imagination. “Hollywood” is anything produced by the 4-5 major movie production companies, even if made in California. It’s made by a supposedly Christian company who’s casting practices are highly questionable. As someone who works in the television and production world, I am confident that the characters were meticulously chosen. Even for commercials, the actors are chosen carefully. There is a reason for casting people in certain roles.

    As Christians, we’re called to a higher standard in all that we do (I Cor. 10:31). Point blank. If they wanted to plant a seed, they would have simply proclaimed the gospel.

    Different subject–

    The bio of Gen8x chairman I found on the site:

    “Matthew Crouch became Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer on November 18, 2004. Prior to that, Mr. Crouch was Chief Executive Officer of a Hollywood based independent film and television production company, which produced the #1 theatrically released, Independent film of 1999, “The Omega Code”.

    Mr. Crouch also produced other Theatrically Released Films such as, “Megiddo” , the sequel to the “Omega Code” and the film “The Champion”. Mr. Crouch served as Vice President of Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN, the largest group owner of television stations in the world), where for 15 years he oversaw all aspects of production for both the film and television divisions.

    Matthew along with his wife Laurie are frequent hosts on various programs that air weekly throughout the world on TBN. They currently live in Hollywood where they continue to raise their 2 boys Caylan and Cody.

    Basically explains everything.

  25. M.A.W, the bible tells us to be watchful and vigilant and thats what I get from this blog. If the church is unaware many are bound to be decieved, so I thank God for blogs such as these.

    You mention homosexuals going to hell but what the issue is is people saying they belong to Christ but see nothing wrong with their sin. This blog is not anti homosexual, its against the homosexual christian agenda towards the church and so should the church be. I believe I can speak for all, that we want all sinners (including homosexuals) to be saved, however the church must be warned about the devil devices.

    On the other hand, many people on this blog have lovingly reached out to you but you will not have it.

  26. MAW, I never personally met or talked to Jesus in the flesh but I believe he is 100% God and 100% man, just like he claimed to be. Your point therefore is moot. You dont need to personally talk to someone when their lifestyle is put on public display BY THEM. Lucket thankfully has done the hard work. We dont have to dig or pry, she’s put her messy ungodly life out for all to see. That helps because otherwise people would be deceived by her appearance in this movie and on TBN where she tries to come across like she’s one of the sainted church mothers.

    Note to you: the devil uses entertainment to deceive people. Thats why the bible told us to be sober and vigilant. You probably dont get that because pretty much youre already deceived.

  27. Saints, I guess maybe the saddest part of all this is that Letoya Luckett seems to actually consider herself to be a Christian(!)

    In a Sept 2009 article for Aol BlackVoices (entitled LeToya Luckett: ‘If I Didn’t Have My Faith, I Wouldn’t Be Anywhere!’) we see this interesting exchange:

    I know that you’re a member of Joel Osteen’s church in Houston. You Tweet about it on Twitter. Why is it important for you to make people aware of how significant your faith is?

    That’s the best question anyone has ever asked me. Everybody always wants to talk about negative things, but that is real. I watch Joel Osteen online. I also get his podcasts so I can get video from iTunes. When I’m at home, and it’s Saturday, I’m either leaving Saturday night to get to Houston or getting on a 6 a.m. flight to get back to church. It’s a must.


    Did you lean on your faith to get you through that challenging time after Destiny’s Child?

    If I didn’t have my faith, I wouldn’t be anywhere. I don’t even want to think about it. Whenever I’m going through that moment, I call up my prayer sisters. At the end of the day, it’s not that bad. Every day that you have a chance to wake up and breathe and have another opportunity at life, nothing that comes against you can be that bad. You just have to be able to pray your way through it and ask God for strength, wisdom and knowledge to move forward.

    (Full article here:

    Whatever her version of “faith” or “Christianity” is, I just know it’s something I want no part of. Very sad.

  28. This interview is so stupid! God got her through the situation with Destiny’s Child? however He didnt convint her about dressing half naked, cursing, singing sinful songs etc?

    Whats going on?

  29. The Observer, where was her Pastor, parents when she wanted to pursue a secular career?

    These young artists have gotten bad advice, the elders around them watered down the word and never set them straight.

    Its not new either, Aretha Franklins father got her her contract and Sam Cookes father told him that it was ok to do secular music.

    Some where down the line we think being in the entertainment industry is just a job, no matter if what is being produced lines up with Gods word. I have heard it many times.

    These people simply dont know the Word and need prayer!

  30. Wow, they sure know how to clean up a fish before they catch it! Look at how they sanitized Tremaine Aldon Neverson aka “Trey Songz’s” another “star” of Preachers Kid.

    Since making his recording debut in 2005 (he signed to Atlantic Records in 2003), current Grammy-nominated Trey Songz has patiently and artfully crafted some of the most acclaimed and compelling R&B music of the decade. Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun hails him as one of “the most promising R&B artists we have had since we started the company 60 years ago.” In 2009, Trey released his current album, Ready. Raised as a military brat, his family eventually settled in Petersburg, Virginia. In his youth, he only began singing because his mother encouraged him to. After high school and honing his craft, he met a producer (Troy Taylor), where he developed his vocal, writing, and production skills. He is now acting and can be seen in this month’s release, Preacher’s Kid.

    Talk about two faces. That’s for all the church folks who probably never heard of him.

    The real Trey Songz here and here Warning: NSFYS

  31. Well said, Paul. This woman cusses, dresses scantily, and speaks (strongly) in favor of same-sex relationships… yet she’s a faithful member of Joel Osteens’s church?! If I was Joel, or anyone in that church, I’d be embarrassed. She certainly is a poor advertisement for the church. It doesnt give one the impression that Joel is speaking much about righteousness or holy living.

    Then again, Joel seems to be too caught up in preaching about prosperity, “living a better life”, “be all you can be” etc… rather that bothering with such “divisive” topics such as biblical holiness and/or taking a stand against the spirit of homosexual perversion that’s trying to infiltrate the church.

  32. Observer, this is a sad reality.

    Kierra Sheard is in this also, her brother is now producing for hip hop artist Pharrell.

    Friendship with the world is enmity with God!

  33. Paul, his father just became a COGIC bishop. I thought one of the qualifications of being a bishop is “rule his own household well”. Oh well who cares what the bible says anymore?

    IMO, Kierra is destined to become another homosexual club icon. Rubbing shoulders with all the behind the scenes gay gospel music industry workers will corrupt what little morals you had already.

    Pharrell Williams is about as prohomosexual as you can get without jumping in bed with one. Sad J Drew Jr is too blind to see what he is selling his soul for.

  34. Bishop huh?

    I bet the young man thinks he has made it to the big times now.

    What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?

    You even listen to this young ladies interview she actually believes that God gave her the opportunity to do secular music, while this dude is saying your gift makes room for you and we thank God for this and that regarding her secular career.

    Seriously, is this for real?

  35. I find it very silly that people add to the Bible “singing” or “music ability” as a spiritual gift from God when it is only a talent…..

  36. People: We are generating a generation of “false” Christians who
    believe that wearing a giant cross or saying Jesus now and then is tantamount to a genuine salvific experience.
    No one is obviously chastising these so called christian performers as to what they can or can not do and still call themselves saved.
    It is clearly obvious that these so called christian entertainers and performers do not crack open a Bible and sit down to read it
    for it they did, they would see that they are playing church.
    If this performer claims Joel Osteen as her church and he as her pastor, you can know why she is doomed unless she repents and beleives the Gospel of Jesus and not the different gospel of Joel
    I went to the website of Trey Sonz and his interview is rated XXX
    but yet he wants to wear that giant cross as if it means something to him.
    God is allowing people to become delusional since they are rejecting the true gospel of salvation and they are now making up their own hodgepodge of beliefs that suit their lifestyle and they want you to accept it as being legitimate and on par with
    orthodox Christianity.
    Peoples consciences’ are seared to hearing the truth. The Spirit
    of God is not going to continuously strive with people to have them accept the truth.
    After a point, God gives them over to a reprobate mind and they
    will begin to “freefall” into perdition.
    Pray for these people that God will have mercy on them and have the shingles drop off of their eyes so they can behold the truth
    and not the different gospel truth that “minister” A. Williams
    prances about with on this site with his cutesy comments that he tries to justifies his wicked conduct as being acceptable.
    He also is sorely deluded in thinking he being openly gay is OK
    with God! What a farce…but then again, these are last day events we are witnessing.
    Prance on…”minister” Williams…prance on.You have no excuse for not repenting except that you want to keep self on the throne and not Jesus Christ and luxuriate in your wickedness.

  37. As a person who finds it extremely hard to find anything of creative worth and integrity in the theaters (independent and foreign as well), I am again disappointed to learn that the Christian market is convoluted, too. I’m not surprised, that’s how it’s always been… even with non-Christian movies marketed towards Christians (i.e., Tyler Perry flicks). I suppose that’s all we can expect from the world…

    In relation, has anyone seen the “Book of Eli” w/ Denzel Washington? I was surprised to hear my local Christian radio voice support for it… apparently it reflects a positive view of Christianity. Now I am curious, but I haven’t been to the theaters in well over a year… Has anyone on here seen it who can offer an open opinion?

  38. Lavrai, I have seen the movie. I would not call it a “biblcal” movie by any means, but I was able to identify some elements of scripture from the film as I watched. I recommend people exercise his/her own judgment whether to see this movie.

    Beyond that, I understand your frustation with the lack of quality entertainment available today.

  39. Lafe, you are so right, I am trying to tell the people truth on her website and its like flogging a dead horse. Only Christ can do it.

  40. It’s amazing to me that tbn would have her on their program when she is clearly hell bound right and they won’t even have Evangelist Jeremiah Cummings on their program anymore since he was on there talking about teaching the Islamic world about Jesus Christ. Having her on was a waste of time when that man was trying to share Christ to the Islamic world. As a matter of fact I haven’t seen him anywhere lately. I guess he was trying to teach the wrong thing. Either that or he wouldn’t bow down to the religious system and sell out for money.

  41. Dee the big difference is that Letoya Luckett is helping TBN to get more money. Jeremiah Cummings was trying to get souls saved. That goes against TBN’s mission.

  42. ok gcmwatch I get cha. LOL! It’s really not funny it’s really pathetic that they are choosing money over souls that could be getting saved and turned to Christ right now.

  43. Just another minstrel show … they don’t even need to get Al Jolson in blackface anymore, because it is cheaper to hire people like this …

  44. All I can say is, “Thank God for delivering me out of the lifestyle”. While practicing lesbianism for 17 years, only 2 years ago, my mentality was just as this young woman, Luckett.
    Now that I am delivered, set free, and telling all the business about how cunning the devil is every chance I get….he is mad. I was, as many are if their honest, intrigued with the liberality I felt and being excepted. That was the ploy to wet my appetite, then he went in for the kill.
    For this young woman, excepting this role and engaging in these clubs…wow…please let’s pray for her mind (she’s going to need it). It’s a set up and a trap by the devil and she’s falling for it. It starts in the mind and connects with the heart, all that’s left is for the body to follow.

    These things we hear of (homosexuality and the movie and music industry) are so deeply connected with witchcraft (Cabalasim), things are bound to get worse! But remember, God has authorized this time for the devil and his demons to reign (just for a while though). Gods wins anyway (smile).

    OOOOOhhh, but when God gets tired……That’s it! It’s holiness or hell. Right and wrong. Come clean or stay away dirty.

    Perversion has become such a diversion, especially in the church, both for the various societies and politically! I was deep into this, homosexuality (politically and socially) and I’m a preacher’s kid. Satan fools the very elect.

    I can only pray for this young lady and all of those that are affiliated with this film.

  45. Cogic daughter I thank God for delivering you too. He delivered me from homosexuality 20 years ago come April 12. I made the decision to tell the world that God is able to deliver you. Unfortunately I found out that COGIC leadership wasnt too happy about my testimony. Too bad for them. Let the redeemed of the Lord say so anyway!

  46. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Matt Crouch son of TBN founder Paul Crouch apparently have no qualms when it comes to homosexuality.

    If you are not aware of Lonnie Ford go Google it.

    TBN (Theologically Bankrupt Network)

    As for Luckett being a member of Joel “willow boy” Osteen’s Church and having these views is of no surprise. Joel himself has no compass when it comes to truth and righteousness.


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