Gay christians quit Greater Mt Calvary over "offensive" preaching

Strange story, but everywhere gay christians pop up with their bizarre beliefs, trust that a strange story will follow.

Let’s not pull any punches, we’ve had to shake our heads about Greater Mt Calvary Holy Church and its pastor Bishop Alfred Owens before. I’m not throwing stones at the pastor, but something just isn’t spiritually healthy about all this. Over and over homosexuals say there is a sizeable homosexual contingency at the church. And they’re fixtures there for the most part. That was largely confirmed by a female choir member who in December 2008 did the unthinkable.

Nevertheless, there seems to remain a strange love-hate relationship between the unrepentant homosexual christian crowd at GMCHC and its pastor. Although the pastor preaches messages that black folk consider “hard” against homosexuality, the gay crowd remain undaunted.  Spiritually dead? This is not to suggest that homosexuals should be run out of church, but its problematic that such a sizeable group of intentionally obstinate sinners would be so comfortable in a Holy-Ghost directed church.

At any rate, two homosexual lovers who had been members of the church for the last year made a break and told a local gay newspaper Owens’ offensive sermons were the reason. Yes, I was thinking the same thing you are.

Mack-Garrett-MichaelKeyJon Mack and Michael Garrett (pictured posing in front of the church they left after they left) told the DC Agenda that Bishop Owen’s recent sermon insisting that marriage and sex between a man and a woman was right before God, was just too much.

According to a tape made available from the church’s website, Owens said, “If marriage wasn’t between a man and a woman, you wouldn’t be here because two men doing it don’t produce no kids,” Owens said. “And two women doing it don’t produce no kids! It’s all about family.”

Well, like it or not, its scientifically, biologically and biblically true.

Garrett said the sermon caused him to have suicidal thoughts and was particularly upset because the congregation “yelled and screamed” in agreement with Owens.

This must have been Garrett’s first time attending since he joined, but I digress lest I fall into a pit of sarcasm. Garrett’s suicidal thoughts weren’t caused by the message. Its the effects of sin. Sin and satan have a deadly agenda: to kill, steal and destroy. The best way to get rid of those feelings is to get rid of Jon Mack, repent of your sins and submit your life and lifestyle to the authority of Christ.

You can read the rest of the hard-to-believe story here.

One of the issues which need highlighting is why the homosexual couple went to the church in the first place. They said they were attracted to the charismatic “highly animated” type of service and liked the upbeat, choir performances. Sadly far too many black churches give the religious gays exactly what they want.Gays love to step into a church where a club-like atmosphere “animated” not by the Spirit of God, but by flesh is in full effect. Religious gays dont want the gospel, but they do want gospel music because it has been gutted of  (if indeed it ever had any) conviction of unrighteous living. With all the homosexuals in the gospel music industry, the music one hears on Sunday morning is just like Steve Harvey’s suit collection. Per him, you can wear them to the club or the church.

I won’t go into again, but the biggest blockade to homosexuals getting delivered is (1) in the pulpit and (2) in the choir stands behind the pulpit.  If after all the “hard preaching” against homosexuality, unrepentant homosexuals still packing out the pews at GMC, the source problem may be with leadership approach.

There’s something spiritually unhealthy in the foundations of this church. If Bishop Owens would allow me to advise him, I would tell him to spend some quality time addressing this issue with more than just “hard preaching”.

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8 thoughts on “Gay christians quit Greater Mt Calvary over "offensive" preaching

  1. “It’s all about family.”

    What is this guy, reading James Dobson tapes or something? It isn’t about the family. These “family” and “values” movements are the work of people who are offended by the gospel and are trying to make money off people who are offended by the gospel, who want a form of righteousness without the power of the gospel. Instead, it is about Jesus Christ. Even if it were possible for male-male or female-female unions to procreate, it would still be wrong just because the Bible says so. There are lots of things that the Bible forbids for no apparent natural, moral or ethical reason as far as the world is concerned, but are still sinful. It is about loving Jesus Christ by keeping His commandments, John 14:21. If that is the sort of preaching that this fellow is doing, then no wonder the homosexuals are still there.

    But let’s get to the meat of the matter.

    “Although the pastor preaches messages that black folk consider “hard” against homosexuality, the gay crowd remain undaunted. Spiritually dead? This is not to suggest that homosexuals should be run out of church, but its problematic that such a sizeable group of intentionally obstinate sinners would be so comfortable in a Holy-Ghost directed church.”

    This is not to suggest that homosexuals should be run out of church? Pardon me, but it IS that homosexuals should be run out of the church. It is church discipline. Without church discipline, it isn’t a church! That was the message of 1 Corinthians. And consider Revelation 2 and 3. Jesus Christ told the church at Thyatira that He held their allowing the Jezebel element without driving it out against them! Jesus Christ commended the Ephesians for driving off the false apostles! He castigated them for “leaving their first love” and told them that if they did not repent, He would remove His candlestick, which means His grace departing from that church (ichabod!) and it being an apostate body, no church at all!

    The church of Sardis had the appearances of being spiritually alive, but was actually dead. Why? Because their works weren’t perfect. They were to remember sound doctrine and repent! Churches can’t just go about doing what is wrong or tolerating what is wrong. When you allow homosexuals to just sit in the church, you create a perverse atmosphere and culture and you also normalize it. Even the church that allows homosexuals to hang around but doesn’t allow them to do anything makes it easier for the next church to allow homosexuals to run the place, and that doesn’t just apply for homosexuality, but also greed, pride, hate, gluttony, fornication, selfishness, you name it.

    Now if this fellow is allowing homosexuals to make a confession of faith, be baptized and join his church rolls, he is making a mockery of the house of God and his church is not one in any sense, because the Bible makes it clear that only believers are supposed to be baptized and added to the church based on a TRUE confession of faith that comes after REPENTANCE. Granted, only God knows the heart, but if these people are flagrant homosexuals, thtey haven’t repented, or if they are known to be getting back into grotesque sin after joining the church, they need to be subject to the church disciplinary process.

    Now if they aren’t members but just hanging around, even that has to stop. He can just let them know in a matter of fact way that their presence is not welcome and that they should stop coming. They obviously aren’t coming to hear the gospel, repent of sin and change their ways, so why are they coming?

    See, this is the issue. A great many of these people, homosexuals and others, don’t believe that we are serious. They believe that church is a social thing, an inspirational thing, or about MONEY. They don’t believe that we ourselves actually believe that God is going to put anybody in the lake of fire but Adolph Hitler and a few other REALLY REALLY bad people from history. They think that we are just make believe, pretending, and that we don’t believe that God is REALLY going to send anybody to the lake of fire for homosexuality, lying, adultery or any of that stuff.

    They figure that anyone still preaching that stuff is either old-fashioned, homophobic or putting on a show for the heterosexual members, who themselves really don’t believe that stuff either because they all have the dirt that they do too. AND SINCE IT IS ALL ABOUT MONEY, they figure that no matter what the preacher says in the pulpit, so long as they keep coming and putting money in the offering plate and attracting others who put money in the offering plate by singing in the choir and playing music, no matter what the pastor SAYS about homosexuality and no matter how the congregation YELLS AMEN when he says it, based on their BEHAVIOR what they SAY and what they BELIEVE are two different things.

    And let’s get real: what basis have we to say that they are wrong about what we SAY and what we BELIEVE are two different things? Because if we really BELIEVED that God would send them to the lake of fire, why do we take their money? If we really LOVED THEM, why would we take their money week after week knowing good and well that God is going to send them to the lake of fire? SO SINCE WE ARE TAKING THEIR MONEY, either we don’t love them and this church business is all a lie, or we do love them and know that this business about God’s wrath and judgment against sinners isn’t true.

    So they can sit back and roll their eyes while the pastor panders to the “homophobic” old fashioned portion of the church (because he needs their money too, although that group is also a bunch of frauds, because if they REALLY believed that stuff, they would leave for a real church that practices church discipline!) because once the offering is taken up, they can get to the REAL part of church, what everyone is REALLY there for, which is when the choir and the music section starts playing “Shackles” by Mary Mary or some old song by Walter Hawkins or James Cleveland, or maybe by some artist who won some Bobby Jones award (yes, I picked these examples for a reason, and you know that if we know about this stuff the homosexual community knows it and more) and everybody can get down, and of course after church when the “black country club” socializing and fraternizing goes on.

    And I don’t mean to single out homosexuals. I really don’t. The only reason why homosexuality has reached its level of “tolerance” is because churches have been tolerating other sins for so long. For instance, just TRY to discipline these women and men who keep having kids out of wedlock. How many churches will so much as remove someone like that from the choir or youth group? And of course, that is the first homosexual argument … that they are being singled out while the gossips, liars, thieves, adulterers etc. run free.

    A church without standards is nothing but a religious night club, bar or pool hall. That is the problem.

  2. All unrighteousness is sin, and all must repent of their sins; adultery, fornication,lying,murder,covetousness,drunkeness,thefts,revilingspride,backbiting,etc.,also, vile affections, including women who change the natural use into that which is against: And likewise also the men,leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly.[homosexuality].
    Sin is sin because God said it and unless we repent we shall perish.We cannot change what God has spoken and we are accountable to God.

  3. I haven’t read through the comments so forgive me if this has already been said:
    “Nevertheless, there seems to remain a strange love-hate relationship between the unrepentant homosexual christian crowd at GMCHC and its pastor. Although the pastor preaches messages that black folk consider “hard” against homosexuality, the gay crowd remain undaunted.”

    This is something I’ve noticed while I was a member of COGIC. A “hard” stance against homosexuality was preached but a liberal view of homosexuality was practiced. Yes, the pastor got up and said how homosexuality is sin but at the same time homosexuals are allowed to actively partake in any office, are allowed into the preachers’ inner circle, and are even celebrated. This isn’t true with only homosexuality but also any other forms of sin, which I am certain most readers here are aware of. Basically it’s like a parent telling his kid why smoking is bad while smoking two packs of cigarettes a day. I was listening to an interview last year with a clergy member who left the ECLA after they took a pro-homosexuality stance. He mentioned that pro-homosexuality was practiced for several years so making it official was pretty much the logical progression for the “church.” I see similarities with COGIC (I can’t speak for the other denominations). What is preached is conservative while what is practiced is quite liberal.

  4. D. Williams, its the dont ask, dont tell religious version. Its bad policy for the military and for the church. We should ask and the bible does tell.

    It really complicates and hinders much of the work of the Holy Spirit because church leaders wont follow clear guidelines in the scriptures. At the root of it is the lust for money. More bodies=more money. To get the bodies in the seat, you have to entertain. Hence, the gospel music industry. The preachers then think they can rail at the gays but since they used unbiblical methods to get people in the door, the Holy Spirit wont back up their “hard preaching”. Its a useless exercise in insanity.

  5. but isn’t that just like the devil? to lure into his game, fill your mind with the dumbest thoughts, get you involved in scandal (with pictures in gay papers and all over blogs), tell you to justify yourself without merit, basis and without logic (suicidal?)…. ONLY TO LOOK LIKE A FOOL.

  6. Great comments, I agree that the church has become a place where people want to be preached happy instead of holy! its nothing more than carnality.

    These men had a right to leave because they were not being dealt with in the first place. The first order is not to put people out but confrontation, if they dont listen in the long run but they need to go.

    I have visited churches and have noticed the large number of black young ladies dressed up like men, its ridiculous. What preachers says is let the Holy Spirit work but the Holy Spirit works within the parameters of The WORD OF GOD. We have got it all wrong, and I was guilty of that mindset. When you dont put things in order from the beginning, sin gets out of hand.


  7. Next stop: Government tells church to Close your doors or Open your minds, homosexuals have a right to the American dream of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Preaching hatred is a crime, and it will not be tolerated.

    Get ready! Get ready! Get Ready !

  8. One time, I heard this dynamite preacher on the radio. I thought, “Who is that lady? She’s preachin’ up a storm!” After the broadcast, the announcer said, “You have been listening to such and such a broadcast with Bishop Alfred Owens…” I was shocked that it was a man! Now, I know we can’t help our vocal pitch and all, but I’m just saying–I seriously thought is was a woman I was listening to!

    Perhaps it’s something in him or his personality that “sticks out” that continues to draw gays to that congregation. They really do need to be in church hearing the truth. If it’s preached constantly, they won’t be comfortable in their sin onr in that church. I don’t know, but those men may have been “plants” intent on drawing undue attention to the church and the Body of Christ at-large. May God give his people the victory through all of this!

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