Interview with a poetic prophet: J-Elijah on the scene

Several weeks ago, GCM Watch introduced you to the work of Brooklyn based poet and hip hop Christian lyricist J-Elijah. J-Elijah’s bold, new presence on the scene declaring freedom from homosexuality, bisexuality and the “down-low” through his poetry was deserving of a more indepth interview. The 32 year old Howard University film school grad currently attends Perfecting Faith Church and founded a ministry called Jesus Loves Me To Deliverance. We asked him what that was about and much more…

Gay Christian Movement Watch:
What’s Jesus Loves Me to Deliverance all about?

J-Elijah: Jesus Loves Me to Deliverance is my Christian Hip Hop poetry ministry which emphasizes the jelijahincomparable love of Jesus Christ as the answer to freedom from sin.  I got the revelation for my ministry when I watched the film, “The Passion of the Christ.”  When Mary Magdalene watched Jesus Christ be crucified, she had a flashback.  In John 8, when the men of the town brought the woman caught in the act of  adultery before Jesus to stone her.  Jesus said, “Thou who is without sin cast the first stone.”  Instead of condemnation, Jesus showed her compassion.  In that moment, not  only did Jesus save this woman’s life, he also loved this woman with this act of intervention.  He loved her so much, that his love delivered her.  The compassion and love of Jesus can compel you to repent of your sin.

When other people hate on you, mock you, and ostracize you, because of mistakes or sins, Jesus loves you.  Jesus can love you to your deliverance. Jesus Loves Me to Deliverance could also be considered an overcoming ministry. The answer for deliverance from the down low and homosexuality is Jesus, the love of Jesus.  So my ministry is meant to empower generations to overcome homosexuality, sexual immorality, mental illness, and abuse through Jesus Christ and the
Word of God.

GCMW: Would you describe your own deliverance?

JE: My deliverance has been a process.  I am overcoming. I repented of the homosexual/down low lifestyle years ago.  In a moment, I chose to stop and turn away from having sex with the person I was with.  I haven’t slept with another person in over 10 years.  I thank the Lord for keeping me.  I choose daily to follow Jesus instead of pursuing the lust of the flesh.  Through resources like books,cd, dvds, and websites, I have gained so much knowledge and understanding which have aided my deliverance.  Supportive friends with whom I’ve been able to be transparent with have truly made the difference.  I also attended a men’s support group that dealt with overcoming sexual brokenness which was extremely beneficial and two Exodus Freedom Conferences (international conferences emphasizing liberty from homosexuality).

GCMW: Did you really want to “put your business out” for people to know your past?

JE: If not me, who?  If not now, when?  I believe if, we as Christians make ourselves of no reputation, we can be more effective for the Kingdom of God and nations could be delivered.  One of the characteristics that I most admire is transparency.  If we withhold our testimonies, how can anyone overcome?  See, after all the suffering I’ve been through in my life, I wanted to do some radical stuff for Jesus, manifest the Kingdom of God, start a revolution.  I believe it was necessary for me to “put my business out” so someone else could be empowered. Generations are suffering and no one wants to talk about it.  How much longer can we not deal with our issues?  It’s time to “prepare the way for the Lord.”

GCMW: Some Christians are opposed to hip hop/rap genre being used to represent Christ.  What’s your response to that?

JE: If you want to reach today’s generation, if you truly want to be relevant, you have to use hip hop/rap as a method of evangelism.  Most of today’s young people may not want to hear a whole sermon being preached to them from the pulpit, but they will listen to a hip hop cd , go to a concert, even memorize all the lyrics from their favorite songs word for word.  Hip hop/rap is poetry.  The Book of Psalms is poetry.  It is a powerful art form.  Poetry is a gift from God and he wants it to be used for His glory.

GCMW: Why do you tjelijahhink homosexuality and other sexual issues are tough ones for the church?

JE: I believe homosexuality is one of the last strongholds the Lord wants to break before the return of Jesus Christ.  It is a sensitive issue because we know people who deal with the issue, whether it’s us, or someone in our family, our church, our community.  There is so much pain with homosexuality.  Either we minister from a place of condemnation or compromise.  Condemnation nor compromise is not the answer but compassion.  Love, compassion, and truth emphasizing the mercy and grace of God through Jesus Christ will deliver brothers and sisters from homosexuality and all of it’s shame.  Everyone is not anointed to minister in this area.

GCMW: Some people think that being delivered from homosexuality is a religious fairy tale. True or false?

JE: I don’t believe it is a religious fairy tale.  The Lord can definitely deliver you from homosexuality. Remember, “With God, all things are possible.” (Mark 10:27)  “If any man be in Christ Jesus, He is a new creation, old things have passed away. Behold, all things have become new.” (II Corinthians 5:17) Now, I’m not going to front with people who are in the “lifestyle” and say that they will never have any struggle and all their temptations and attractions will all magically disappear.  It can happen, but if you choose to walk away from homosexuality, it’s going to be “the fight of your life.”  This will be your cross and if your same sex attractions never go away, I believe the Lord will be honored that you denied your flesh, picked up your cross, and followed Him.

GCMW: In your youtube video, “The Down Low is Devastating,” you come at it hard.  Is the dl really that destructive?

JE: Definitely.  As I say in the piece,  devastating is the best word to describe the down low.  Not only should you ask the wives, girlfriends, and children of the men on the d.l., but also ask the men themselves.  Brothers on the d.l., will tell you that, honestly, it is devastating to them.  Its destructive in so many ways, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

GCMW: What’s the best way for a young person to leave this [homosexuality] lifestyle behind?  Like, where does he or she start?

JE: The best way to leave the lifestyle behind is to finally become dissatisfied and fed up, like, “I can’t live like this anymore.  I’ve got to get out of this.  I’ve got to stop this.” You’ve got to be like, “Nah, I can’t do this anymore.”  Leave your partners.  Don’t answer their late night phone calls, emails, etc.  Refuse them and refuse yourself.  Want more out of life.  Know that the Lord has more for you.  He’s got a purpose that is beyond your fleshly desires.  The internet is a powerful resource.  Look up websites and books about repenting from homosexuality.  Join a support group, which I highly recommend, become part of a network that will pray for you and love you through.

GCMW: And how did you get the name J-Elijah?

JE: J-Elijah is my pseudonym for rap and poetry.  When I chose my name as a lyricist,  emcee, poet, I wanted to make sure it was spiritually significant.  J-Elijah is based on the  scriptures of Jeremiah 1:4-10 and Luke 1:13-17.  God chose Jeremiah to be His mouthpiece.  Before John the Baptist was born, the angel told Zachariah, his father, that John would go forward in the spirit and power of Elijah.  J is short for Jeremiah and John the Baptist. Jeremiah, John the Baptist, and Elijah were chosen by The Lord of Hosts to minister repentance to their generation.


17 thoughts on “Interview with a poetic prophet: J-Elijah on the scene

  1. Excellent article. Thank you J-Elijah. I so needed to read this today. So much of what he said, were my experiences also. It is a blessing to know that one is not alone in this battle.

  2. Thanks, GCMWatch for publishing this interview. I am encouraged by my brother’s testimony. I still get tempted sometimes in my thoughts and by what I may see, but thank God I have not yielded to this sin in many, many years, nor do I intend to. I pray to find more joy in denying the flesh and taking up my cross to follow Christ. I know this is the way, the truth, and the life that everyone is looking for. I have had enough precedence and examples before me to know that homosexuality is not the way to live your life; it only leads to a tragic end; but life in the Spirit of God in Christ leads to a bright future and hope, and ultimately, eternal, everlasting life! As a syndicated Christian talk show host sometimes says, “This is NOT as good as it gets!” Thank God that in Jesus Christ, it gets better! And soon enough, when he returns someday, we will experience this! Thank you for your ministry!

  3. Yes, Gnp22 this is the testimony of all the saints. Take up our cross and follow Jesus. Then tell somebody how sweet it is to do so.
    It doesnt matter what you leave to follow Jesus as long as you leave it to follow Him.
    What glory!

  4. Excellent testimony… I’m in the same boat, I’ve walked away, but I still have urges… I haven’t had physical relations in about 9 months… Are you aware of any Los Angeles based support groups that I could attend.

    GCMW: Try using a Christian porn filter. And support groups dont work. Discipleship is designed to lead you into maturity. But I dont know of any groups in the LA area.

  5. God bless you!! Nice! That’s good to hear!! But one thing. He should really make a little visit to exministries..

  6. ^Im guessing that it’s because this young man uses hip-hop to get his message across and we know what Mr. Lewis thinks about hip-hop..

  7. Maybe so. I dont think J-Elijah uses “hip hop” like the ones who use music. His is more spoken word poetry with a urban feel. I dont know much about hip hop, but its certainly not what I envision hip hop to be. Maybe he can explain it more but his relating it (what he does) to biblical poetry (ala Psalms) is spot on.

  8. I agree with a lot of what was said here, this is a issue that should be treated with compassion, gay people are not to be hated or discriminated against. I disagree that homosexuality is a sin. God made all of us in his image and that includes gay people. He did not create us to hate ourselves for being who we are. Why live a desolate life for no reason other than that others say it’s wrong and you have come to believe it of yourself? Wouldn’t God want us to live a happy and fulfilling life with someone we love and who loves us no matter if it’s the same sex? That’s my belief and I hope one day you can believe it too.

  9. No, lacedee God doesnt want us to live in sin, rebellion and death and be happy. Not sure where you got that idea from. God gave his Son as a sacrifice for all sin. So for any person who doesnt want to be homosexual, they price has been paid already. I dont understand the argument about why would anyone want to be gay knowing the so called hate they would face? If thats the only reason, change it.

    Funny how homosexuals and their allies always toss the hate card on the table, but cant see that rejection of Christ is hate.

  10. 1st of all Hallelujah for the 10 yrs my brother. I am just stepping out of the lifestyle and thought it would be impossible but after meeting brothers such as myself I know it can be done. My brother (J.Elijah) continues to encourage me. Since our first meeting I have been intrigued of his story. After spending one on one time together I felt highly favored of God that I could meet such an individual.

    2nd of all I understand that there are those who feel that they were born gay or born in the image of God and he made you to be that way. I just want you to know that the word tells us that we “must be born again”. to be truly in his image and likeness. Being a Christian or claiming salvation is a wonderful thing but we also forget the word of the Lord that says “be ye holy for I am holy”.

    I don’t have 10 years but working on it. Going without inordinate thoughts 10 days is a miracle. Unnatural affections is something that can have such a stronghold on you that you begin to think that it is ok to have these emotions. You begin to act on them, live in them, and eventually die in the confusion of them. The “life” causes death like any other sin it causes death (no sin greater than the other). Physical death, emotional death, and unfortunately spiritual death.

    God speaks to us that he might get us to return to him. I will be transparent for a moment and you can use this against me or learn from it. I have no problem telling where I have been for I am not ashamed of the deliverance that God is doing and has done in my life.

    One night I was with one of the dudes that I would regularly meet at the adult porn store and I was getting ready to perform oral sex on him. Just when I was starting to go through the sinful motions the Lord spoke to me and said. “You will get on your knees for any other man but me!?!”. Unsaved at the time I got up from my knees gathered myself together and RAN out of that place.

    “The day that you hear my voice harden not your heart”. God is never pleased with sin no matter what it is. Sin displeases God please turn away from sin and turn to him-he will LOVE YOU TO YOUR DELIVERANCE!

    He is doing it for me!

    God Bless You Pastor Foster.

    Much Love my brother J-Elijah-can’t wait til we see each other again “2 guys out on the town” really blessed me man!

  11. it has taken me several days to read this. i procrastinated and waited and avoided it, but i’m glad i did because i have a testimony that i have not wanted to share. God be praised that this brother has made himself “of no reputation.”

  12. NICK, thats the most powerful part of that interview. Like Jesus we must make ourselves of no reputation. Testimonies are not intended to bring us any glory or reputation,but to glorify the One who gave us our freedom. He died for that.

    Until the day I will gladly tell the whole wide world that Jesus loved me out of homosexuality and guided me into holiness. Whether that brings me suffering or joy, fullness or destitution, I will do it for his glory because he purchased me with his own blood.

    Its an age old testimony. I once was blind, but now I see.

    Lets all break the silence and the shame. Do it for him and not yourself.

  13. I pray that God continue to bless J-Elijah and his quest to enlighten the world at large. This subject is know longer in the closet. If you look around the world today, it is so out in the open with the way people walk, talk, and carry themselves, it is almost like some people think that it is the style or new way to be. I am 37 years old and I remember when Homosexuality was hidden, but now a lot of young people are displaying it as if it is a gang….Mr. J-Elijah couldn’t have started this movement at a better time, it is time to put the truth out so that the ones who need it or are looking for a way out can now have some direction. Some people don’t know the way out and my dear friend Mr. J-Elijah has blessed this generation with his message to direct them in the way that they should go……God, Please put a blanket of your love around him to secure a place in this sinful world for him and his ministry/poetry in Jesus name I pray amen.

  14. As far as being born in the image of GOD: Adam and Eve were created in the image of GOD. When they sinned all human kind was marred by that transgression. We are born in the image of Adam. Sinful by nature. Jesus is called the last Adam in scripture. He came to accomplish what Adam did not in his humanity. Christ Jesus came in the likeness of sinfulful flesh to give us victory over Adam’s nature and live according to GOD’s nature via the Holy Spirit; hence being born again. It is not really biblically correct to say we are all born in the image of GOD.

  15. God Bless this brother! I was encouraged and lifted up by his testimony. I have slipped back into the gay lifestyle but I pray that I will overcome by the power of the Holy Ghost.

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