Jay Bakker given the silent treatment at church

Jay Bakker, son of Jim and the late Tammy Faye has made a name for himself primarily for being prohomosexual. As you’ll see in the video clip, he must have underestimated his audience at Grace Church where he was speaking. Its a little strange because if this is  DE Paulk’s (whom you see in the clip) Grace Church it makes you wonder if most of the African Americans in attendance were aware that Paulk is also progay marriage. Paulk apparently brought Bakker into talk, but the people drew back when Bakker said that homosexual marriage is not a sin.

Don’t applaud too much for the fickle sheeple because the things Bakker were saying before that really were not Godly either and they laughed and amen-ed at that.

Overall, Im glad they flip-flopped on him. False prophets need a splash of ice cold water in their face as often as possible.

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43 thoughts on “Jay Bakker given the silent treatment at church

  1. Jay did not deserve to be applauded for his stance on gay marriage.From his reaction, he must have thought that this black church would stand up and cheer him on. Once he stated that which God has condemned, the dialogue or debate or discussion was over. If that person continues in their anti God position, you get up and walk. You do not sit there and give him any further audience to spew forth his anti God rhetoric.
    The pastor or elders of that church should have taken the time after his anti God remarks to show him and the congregation that God has not approved of gay marriages. Some correction should have been in order to set the record straight.
    It is good that this church at least gave him the silent treatment. He needs to be shunned and he needs to repent. Don’t try to bring Martin Luther King into the discussion in order to try to win points on that name being used.
    MLK purportedly gave quotes that would seemingly indicate that he was not totally sold on Jesus being the only way to God…and as such, I do not go to MLK for my theology because MLK’s theology
    was fatally flawed.
    You can love Jay Bakker but you need not and should not support him in his anti God rant. He needs to be chastized and rebuked
    as if you are picking him out of the fires of hell.
    There is no fellowship with light and darkness. None. The two can not walk as one. Doctrine separates..Truth separates. Sin separates. The Body of Christ need not apologize for what God has spoken in his Word about human conduct and what is right and what is wrong.

  2. He immediately launched into the “if you don’t agree with me you don’t love me” nonsense and then he started crying about how he loved his friends. If he really loves God and his friends (and enemies) he’ll teach what God’s word does.

  3. It was pretty pathetic. His arguments that is. The MLK dog biscuit was a desperate attempt to reel in the black folk listening. Sad and pathetic.

  4. It’s a sad day, it’s so good that the crowd gave him the cold shoulder for the reasons that they did.

    The gay thing,

    as well as the appealing to their flesh thing by mentioning MLK.

    By that time he was reaching greatly with need of a tissue.

    Jam 4:4 Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.

  5. Well I watched about 10 seconds of that video and I already heard the buzz words “community” and “change.” The tats and earrings in both ears are a sure sign of spiritual rebellion. Two earrings in men usually are tied to vanity and bi-sexuality. Why as a Pastor would you even let him get behind the pulpit looking like that. Might as well bring in Tod Bently…….

  6. all i heard at the beginning was “dream” talk and “change” talk… and i thought “what kind of new age….?”

    i applaud the people for getting quiet on him. they weren’t disrespectful at all.

    and then he revealed his mental problems by having another breakdown in their presence and didnt have ANY scriptures to find so i don’t know why he went to flipping through that bible.

  7. the sinner (in this case the gays)… always pulls the LOVE card… “you don’t love me” “God is love”…. do you realize that those people getting quiet on you and NOT accepting you is what you need to not experience God’s judgement? that’s the ULTIMATE in love. when i don’t accept your foolishness, your practice of iniquity, your excuses, your rebellion, i’m LOVING you as God loves you.

  8. Fruit from a poisionous tree. Even Jay Bakker’s mother pleaded withhim to abandon his pro-gay theology and she eventually became a gay icon! When asked by an interviewer whether her acceptance of gays and her attendance to their parades and parties, concerts, etc., anyone has ever come to Christ she abruptly answered; “no”. Know why? Change doesn’t come by preching the gospel of friendship, fairness and love but of repentance and forgiveness through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.
    This poor young many didn’t havemuch of a foundation to build on by example. He should read the scriptures and examine them for content apart from his emotional gobbledygook.

  9. That was sickening! I was thinking like Robert… before he opened his mouth, the two earrings, the lipring, and the body tattoos already told the tale! People are accepting everything these days as being Christian and Godly! I guess he thought they would have accepted his pro-homosexual message because the Pastor and the audience didn’t have a problem with the way he carried himself as a so called man of God!

    This is evident that the Church is already in an apostate era, as we no longer know what God’s standards are. It is pretty much anything goes these days! The bible says to come out from among them! touch not, taste not – the unclean thing! God is calling for his true people to separate themselves and be not a part of the mess, which is such an abomination to him!

  10. I you look around the 45-55 sec. mark in the video you see a grown man wearing earrings so no wonder the Pastor didn’t correct Jay, there appears to be no standard.

    The man has obvious issues of affectation(demon), because he needs the hand-claps and Amen’s from the crowd to feel good about himself. When he didn’t get it you see how quickly his countenance fell. A Real Holy Spirit Filled Man of God preaches and doesn’t care what people think but speaks what God told him to say regardless of crowd reaction, as it was done throughout the Bible.

  11. Good observation Robert. No real minister of Christ would be swayed by the ebb and flow of the crowd’s emotions.

    I favor the “flint face” approach on some occasions. However a seasoned speaker can and should sense the Holy Spirit’s moving among the people when the Word of God is being preached with purity and power. And he will conduct himself according to the Spirit’s lead. This was an clear attempt at shameless pandering. And he got kicked in the teeth.

    I would be more sympathetic if he were preaching truth, but lies deserved to be rebuked sharply and quickly.

  12. To be accurate, Jim did *not* say “if you don’t agree with me you don’t love me”. What he said was “you may not agree with me but at least you could learn to love me.” That’s all I’m going to say.

  13. Let’s not insinuate that they didn’t all ready love Jay in his rebellion against God.
    True Biblical love states that you tell the homosexual, fornicator, thief, sorcerer to repent and turn away from their sin.

    Months ago I picked up the local weekly, they had reformatted it to be more hip and trendy. I got to this page where the author started an article with a quote from Lyman T. Johnson whom she met before he died. LTJ was the first black to integrate my alma mater, and his scholarship funded a portion of my undergrad(not enough so donations are welcome!). Long story short, this new column in the weekly revolves around all things gay, and she was parlaying something Lyman T. said, to her recent viewing of the movie “Milk” (about the gay SanFran politician in 70s)which had just came out, and rolling that into gay=black civil rights movement. I was so mad I posted a comment on their site, and emailed the article to my minority affairs people back at the university. I’m tired of these invocation of dead civil rights figures who can’t defend what civil rights encompassed for them. Nobody ever says Jesse Jackson wants gay rights (he doesn’t), or Al Sharpton. Kweisi Mfume is on their side, but I guess since he is not NAACP president anymore no one is paying attention.
    Jay Bakker only learned from his parents and the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree, unfortunately. His speaking is less about a calling and more about the familiarity of the Bakker name, the influence and doors it opens, and pressing his own agenda -obviously.

  15. That was hilarious!!!

    Obviously this is a serious matter, but I have to laugh at this one I’m sorry.

    Ha Ha!!

    It is not the same as the Baal worshippers being asked to yell louder because maybe there false god is sleep, but it’s still funny.

    and the fake tears………………..CLASSSIC!!!

    May Jehovah be praised!!

  16. I’m sorry, that was simply pathetic. I don’t have any words for that. This was a total and blatant disregard for truth. And what were those buzzwords, “change” and “dream is within you” mess? That’s all new age stuff. This was simply ridiculous.

  17. No real pastor,who is a true shepard of his flock would allow someone like this to “feed” his sheep. We will just let any ole person up in pulpit now days! Shame!

  18. I think the most tripped out part about all of this, is the fact that people feel as if they can pick and choose what part of God’s Word is true and isn’t. Rational exegesis is highly frowned upon. The fact that we live in a pluralistic generation doesn’t help either. So when you have people in the pulpit propagating they’re own sentiments, instead of rightly dividing the Word of God and accurately preaching the Gospel, there will always be confrontation. We should not be afraid to confront our brothers when they are incorrect. If we truly love them, we will care less about their emotions, and more about the state of their soul.

  19. Lapreghiera, pandering is disgusting. Bakker and the other gay rights demigods ALWAYS use that line on black folk and churches. Now, they are growing their own black face gay rights lemmings: they are churchified, sang, “love” Jesus, and see no sin with homosexuality.

  20. I don’t know what happened at the end of Jay’s “sermon”. But I would think the pastor would have tried to correct Jay’s flawed thinking and theology. I think it was good that the members were silent, but I would have loved to have seen one of the members publicly correct Jay regarding homosexual marriage.

  21. Hmmm.
    Just seeing DE Paulk’s name in this article instantly raised an eyebrow with me. I guess it shouldn’t have surprised me that DE Paulk would show up (at 0:21 of the video) during Bakker’s outpouring of theological/doctrinal vomit. These gay-supporting “inclusionist” preachers seem to have their own little back-slapping network of support (Carlton Pearson/Yvette Flunder, etc) as they try to spread this mess among the gullible.

    I live not that far from Paulk’s “church” here in the Atl, a “church” that is abominable even by Atlanta standards(!). One can gets a quick peek into Paulk’s deceived soul simply by looking at the this opening line on his church’s Myspace page:
    “D.E. PAULK is a radically inclusive minister of reconciliation. D.E. believes the Christ is present in all of His creation, cannot be defined by, or confined to, Christianity, and that Christ has reconciled the world to God through the finished work of grace. ”

    Say what??!! “God is not confined to Christianity”? The devil is a liar, no doubt.

    As far as the video as a whole — I normally don’t gloat at someone’s misfortune or embarrassment, but this was just… too… rich…

    So lets see here…Bakker rolls up to this black church, loosens up the crowd with a few platitudes, then tries to slip in his “Gay marriage is ok” filth… and his feelings are hurt when it all blows up in his face?? Puh-leeze. Bakker and Paulk are among those the Bible warns us about, tares among the wheat, whom the Lord will allow to remain until the day of separating. This crowd gives him the cold shoulder and his feelings are hurt? Somebody needs to tell that man that the fires of hell are going to hurt a whole lot more if he doesnt repent!

  22. (“Nobody ever says Jesse Jackson wants gay rights (he doesn’t), or Al Sharpton.”)

    I disagree
    They are both pretty solid supporters of gay rights and abortions having said so numerous times throughout the media.

  23. They actually shouldve ran him from the podium, all the devil needs to do is sow a seed in someone who is struggling with homosexuality to make them think its ok. When people teach straight lies and heresy in the Church, we should move them with no apologies.

    Is the Pastor of the Church homosexual, why did he invinte him, didnt he know?

  24. Paul, if this is Grace Church of the DE Paulk type here in metro Atlanta, then it should answer your last question. DE Paulk flipped out near the end of his father/uncle Earl Paulk’s demise and started shopping his “inclusion” doctrine to the gay$. I think he brought Bakker in to shatter the ice with his sheeple on gay marriage but Bakker failed.

    I like it that the instant cold shoulder wasnt orchestrated. The people just flat out didnt agree with him.

    However, dont think these snakes will stop with that. They are probably already “re-educating” the sheeple in other ways. If any of them had any sense whatsoever, after that mess coming out of Bakker’s mouth, they would never step foot in that church again.

  25. If nothing more comes out of this cold shower that Bakker received it is that more black people will study the word on their own accord and start to recognize the subtle ways the Devil
    infiltrates church bodies with warm lies and name associations.
    Bakker tried both strategems and both failed. Good! It is time that the black church pew sitter get riled up about the satanic
    infiltration of the true gospel and contend for the faith.
    That will require Bible study and prayer and reading materials that shows that is happening in Christiandom.
    We can not sit idly by and let the Bakkers dictate what we believe or not believe.
    Recognize apostasy and confront it with the Word of God and do not make any apologies for speaking truth when the serpent comes and toys with God’s Word.
    Saints of God….judge the words that speakers bring forth and if
    they are found wanting, so note that speaker and/or ask for
    scriptures so they can back up their statements.
    Do not sit there and put your mind in neutral. Examine…examine..
    examine and when you are done with that…examine some more!
    Give no allowance to apostasy or New Age or seeker sensitive nonsense or inclusiveness or “all roads lead to God” baloney, Fred Price, Creflo Dollar, Marilyn Hickey, Ken Copeland, Jamal Bryant, Eddie Long, R.W. Schambach,TBN…etc…etc.. Fight the good fight! When the Lord returns…will he find faith
    on the earth!?
    Giving a left jab to Bakker’s nonsense was a good step…more is needed.

  26. gay$ with a “$” is sooo true.

    last week mikki howard praised the gays on mo’nique’s show and in the comment secion on the blog i read this on, an obviously gay reader said: “let me go on over to mikki howard’s website and spend some money.”

    mikki howard sounded a MESS… but they’ll fund you and feature you if you sign-off on their mess.

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. and that’s why these churches and gospel music have been so quiet on the matter. the god of their bellies has spoken.

  27. The comments on this story have been thorough so I won’t rehash what’s been succinctly stated regarding the apostasy soup that is Earl Paulk’s Neph-son Donnie Earl and Jim and Tammy’s odd seed.

    Color me surprised that Neph-son Donnie’s congregation is aghast at Jay’s heretical exegesis…especially since their own pastor declared his allegiance with gay affirmation last spring.

    Were they all in the bathroom when he preached this crap before? Or did they all purposely ignore media reports about their leader in the past? Maybe Jay just isn’t as charismatic as Neph-son Donnie…


  29. Yuck!

    The whole MLK thing creeps me out. I could never pander like this to a mostly black crowd. It gives me an oh so creepy feeling.

    It is as if Jay was using the MLK card as the last ditch effort to sway the crowd. (Jay – “Hmmm, I know! I’ll pull out a MLK speech that always works in black churches) -Pathetic!

    Next thing you know Jay will start speaking all “southern” like Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail.

    No shame!


  30. To be honest, I feel the way he does when it comes to feeling sad for people with same sex attractions and the battles that WE go through such as depression, fear, self-hatred, frequent rejection by family, peers and the church and so forth.

    But the solution isn’t to allow our FEELINGS to determine our ACTIONS and the CHOICES we make in life.

    Rather, the solution is to be like Jesus who prayed “not my will but thine be done.”

    Sadly, the ground that needs to be fought is being ignored or is being surrendered to the philosophy of our day, namely the revisionist hermeneutic that undergirds it all.

    Even so-called conservative seminaries have given up this ground in the name of so-called respectable scholarship. I see it everywhere – at Dallas Theological Seminary, Westminster Seminary (CA), Calvin Seminary – you name it. This is why a so-called “conservative” Christian like Misty Irons can be an advocate for Gay Marriage.


  31. @Robert. it was my understanding that the wearing of earings or jewelry for that matter was a cultural thing.

    seeing that the world is now so diverse but yet small, how would one comment on a localised christian tribe, let’s say from south america or akebuland wearing adornments that we may find excessive?

    Isn’t it that people wear jewelry for adornment firstly, which may form a part of cultural tradition as i aforely mentioned?

    In any case i don’t believe because he was adorned as such should be a matter of concerned tied in with his message. There are certain communities who give a definition to why they wear jewelry, but what we must realise when people would have first started wearing adornments, it was for that first, then beliefs, lifestyles etc would have come into the reasonings behind it. we then should not cause other peoples reasonings for doing things be the definition for us doing things, especially if we do so with a pure heart.

    Blessings and Shalom

  32. Quite Frankly, I am surprised at the “congregations” reaction. This type of teaching is right in line with the Son-Phew’s (Bakers) theology. Maybe… just maybe they are waking up to the truth.

  33. Praise God for the “Silent Protest.” VOLUMES were said as the congregation became quiet, without being rude or impolite towards him as a speaker. Instead of protesting him off the platform or turning off the P.A. system, he was just allowed to dig a deeper hole for himself! There is NOTHING is God’s Word that supports homosexuality, so thumbing through the Bible was fruitless! LOL

  34. Well, his own mother was progay so what do you expect. She was not a good example for him and he has adopted what his mother taught. He’s trying the guilt trick. Well Jay, it’s not going to work. We know better than that. You are of your father the devil and you will be with him eternally one day if you don’t repent and stop this mess. Your mother was wrong Jay. We love you, yes but we hate what you are trying to get people to except. How dare you use M.L.K. for this ridiculous message.

  35. If the Bible did not exist, and if there were no other religions on the face of the earth to condemn homosexuality human anatomy itself would scream from rooftops that homosexuality is abnormal and unnatural~!~!Even a little boy knows he is different from his sister and mother. And even ANIMALS know to mate with the OPPOSITE sex, this in itself is a REBUKE to homosexuals and those who promote this deviant and evil practice of men having “sex” with men and women having “sex” with women.
    But a greater lesson is the wrath of God against this type of ungodliness as expressed in the destruction of Sodom and Gommorah, God is sickened by homosexuality, and such depravity provokes the Most High to wrath, where there will be no escape. Homosexuals need to hear this message, that God will cast them into hell if they continue to live in sexual perversion. It is the loving thing to do to warn the sexual deviant that his sin will land him in hell for all eternity if not repented of. That is true love for a lost soul. For Jay Bakker to say that homosexuality is not a sin it to teach doctrines of demons.
    Homosexuals need to stop blaming Christians because we revile their perverse lifestyle. Their argument is not with us the messengers but with the God of the Universe. He made the rules of how we are to conduct ourselves and how we are to use our bodies. And having sex with someone of the same sex is an abomination to God. Repent Jay.

  36. This was a staged service and sermon. It took place several years ago at Donnie Earl Paulk’s so-called “Grace Church” (since disbanded) Donnie Earl is now the senior pastor at his father, Earl Paulk’s, church where he is preaching “pro-love” and “acceptance of all,” no matter what they believe. It may have been staged to seem that the room didn’t wholeheartedly accept Mr. Bakker’s words but I assure you this is not the case. Paulk’s church preaches acceptance whether you’re gay, straight, Christian, atheist, Buddhist, whatever your stripe is, as long as your money is green, the Paulks accept you with open arms and even more eager offering plates. Any congregant who doesn’t agree with the Paulk’s view on things does not stay around long. Many thousands of people have left the Paulk’s churches because of the sexshul promiscuity of Donnie Earl’s father and uncle. I don’t have any problem with acceptance of gays or anyone else in the church, but the Paulks and Bakkers do it for financial gain alone; it has nothing to do with love or acceptance.

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