Warning. Warning. Warning.

The secular media has been anointed to sanctify Tonex and his homosexual mess[age] in the eyes of the people. God wouldnt do it and church folks are still in traction about it, so the New Yorker decided to write a book reality show script about Anthony Williams, Jr. and his misfortunes with homosexuality, the church and his music. The church has its saints and I guess the world has to have theirs too. Even if they have to personally canonize them.

For short review/preview —depending on your familiarity— on Tonex you can read here, here, here and here.

The ironically titled “Revelations”by pop culture writer Kelefa Sanneh follows Williams to his San Diego based Truth Apostolic church, studio and other erstwhile haunts so that we can all see what a major, major mistake we all made in not accepting this former gospel music industry love child. Sidebar: you might want to keep in mind that Sanneh is prohomosexual, so bias is practically enshrined in the piece.  That’s how they do that.

Its a long, winding, yellow brick road that leads back to nowhere.

If you care to read, polish up your shield of faith, make sure you get extra buttery popcorn and put your phone on mute. The overload has begun.

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  1. So I read the article written by Kelefa Sanneh — to no avail. It’s an ambitious conundrum. Perhaps, I’m jaded; maybe I’m conditioned to search for explosive news, expose and feel-good hype but… I’m always going to ask “what’s the point?”

    Sanneh gave us the background of this young man, his music, his politics; the article is even replete with an obligatory gospel music history lesson [I didn’t know Andrae Crouch got his start with a group called the COGICS or that Ricky Dillard got his start in the (gay) house music scene]. But even down to the last paragraph, I was waiting for the “revelation” hinted at in the title, the take-away, the redemption… Never got it.

    The only truth I was able to muster is that this crazy-talented artist Tonex has been hurt and doesn’t mind lashing out at the church and church folk for not buying into his unique brand of rebellion. He’s not without claim because we’ve embraced Mary Mary, Donald Lawrence, Deitrick Haddon, Ted Winn who all have “played” the game in their own ways too. Shouldn’t we reward Tonex? At least he started OUT wearing wigs and boa’s and makeup? Isn’t he a hero? Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Tonex has much to show for the time he put down in the industry, producing and writing for himself and countless other artists, including Shirley Ceasar.

    Fast-forward to 2010. It’s good that Tonex is willing to serve others (singing school, pastoring, boutique, producing), but none of it seems to be true service; it only seems like he’s tryna rustle up the rent money. That’s NOT the issue for me because we all have to eat. My question is, however… “Tonex, you’re on the radio all over the country several times a day… where is your money?” Perhaps, there’s something else Sanneh should have revealed… but it doesn’t seem like he knows what either. Perhaps the revelation he and the world is missing is called God’s love FOR REAL. Tonex’s lack of reward could be God’s greatest gift to him. Does God have to break him down even more for him to obey?

    Of course, I don’t know Tonex, the author… I only know me and I pray that God not have to break me down anymore either! I will pray that the brother comes into the knowledge of the truth.

  2. Yep, read the article; largely, because I was curious if he had “came out” as a marketing ploy–one of the many sensational things an attention-loving person likes to do. yep, let’s just be gay this year to get a rise out of churchfolk–with this fella, anything’s possible…But overall, this brother’s outcome is sad–trying to drum up money to pay the church’s mortgage with a boutique, singing lessons, online mixtapes makes him out to be a pretty tragic figure. He didn’t have much interesting to say about McClurkin addressing his recent direction at that COGIC–other than his feelings was hurt and he is waiting for his apology.
    This comment by Yvette Flunder that Tonex is the harbinger of a new breed of Christianity is deeply disturbing. If whatever Tonex has is salvation, I don’t want it. Nor do I want anyone else to have it. Somebody should have seen this early on–this brother really needs some help (and a truckload of it), and homosexuality is only one of his many problems.

  3. I found the entire article to be very perplexing, not just for Tonex himself, but for the entire piece surrounding the “church” (I did not realize that Pentecostal Assemblies of the
    World (not certain if this is a recognized denomination under COGIC)), its roots from heretical Asuza Street, the music influences and the homosexual underpinnings behind it all.

    I agree, Rogers. Tonex needs deliverance from the many problems vexing him. Clearly, his parents dropped the ball when Tonex was a child; advising him to just “listen to gospel music” when he came forward to them about his then bisexual tendencies. He was crying out for help then, as he is still doing now, even with this false bravado of attempting to being a jack-of-all-trades, but quickly losing what little he has left. As far as I am concerned, he is using his activities to keep from being still long enough to go back to God, repent and do what is needed to be restored. Really shameful.

  4. He had a certain hip-hop swagger, and he cultivated a coy, teasing sensibility; he had the status of a sex symbol, while portraying himself as a righteous alternative to the decadent mainstream. One early song, “Waiting,” sounded a lot like a breathy slow jam, though the lyrics were about “waiting” for divine guidance.

    Unfortunately many of the gospel industry workers are doing the same thing. Couching sexuality and sensuality under lyrics with double meanings. What these people are releasing into the minds of millions of young people is softcore porn. The music of the Lord should be pure and free of the writer and singers unrepentant issues. But Im not sure they can do that and pump out the “hits” the slavemasters have demanded from them.

    They should take a lesson from David. He sinned with Bathsheba but you wont find any “breathy” sexiness in his psalms.

  5. Speaking of Yvette Flunders the writer said, “In her view, gospel music is gay music, with vanishingly few exceptions; she estimates
    that the proportion of gospel performers who are, or have been, samegender-loving might be as high as ninety per cent”. Ninty percent, ninty percent….That’s scary. She said she was being conservative, WOW. Gospel music is a “place of refuge” for homosexuals. Place of refuge, WOW. They are being exposed, I hope christians and “christians” are listening.

    I never did like most “gospel music”, I always found them too noisy. The few I have, I stopped listening to almost three years now. This is deep.

  6. rascoe, she ought to know. She’s one of em. Just more evidence that every true believer in Christ should immediately stop supporting this industry of hustlers. And speak out against them.

  7. You all are right, I used to buy CD’s weekly and I just stopped, that desire has gone. They dont stand for holines or separation so whats the point? Most of the popular ones are enablers, they make songs with sinners and give them a false sense of faith in Christ, its a travesty.

    Tonex, obviously needs help and needs to repent and what do the idiotic gospel radio DJ’s do, PLAY HIS MUSIC! giving him the sense that its ok. This can only point to one thing, thats its true that “black” gospel music is heavily influenced by homosexuality.

    Bunch of puppets and clowns if you ask me!

  8. @N’Catina – Although the PAW and COGIC can both trace their origins back to the same historical movement (Azusa Street Revival), they are distinct reformational movements. Incidentally, I am curious – what are you implying (in relation to Tonex) by stating the following: “its roots from heretical Asuza Street, the music influences and the homosexual underpinnings behind it all.”

  9. COGIC brother, re-read the article, as the author cited the connection between P.A.W., COGIC and the Asuza Street revivial “The Williams family belonged to the
    Pentecostal Assemblies of the
    World; like most Pentecostal denominations,
    the P.A.W. traces its roots to
    Azusa Street…”

    As far as my assertion surrounding the heresy involved with that movement, here is a resource for reference.

  10. What I think that N’Catina is saying is that Asuza Street and all of the noise connected with it, is not the pioneering moment the many have been lead to believe.

    And anyone who has really delved into the Asuza Street Revival and read the Janine Evans (Seymour’s wife) writing, then it raises a whole load of questions as to what the black movement has tried to portray.

    As for Mr A Williams, he needs deliverance and if he refuses to repent he will die the second death!!!!!!!!!

  11. @Ken – most new movements have a “lot of noise” associated with them [no pun intended]. One can’t necessarily conclude from this that one’s current behavior is causally related to the movement itself. In fact, similar claims were made against other movements around the same time as the Azusa Street Revival (e.g., The Keswick and Welsh Revivals).

    I do agree with the point that we need to read more broadly; however, this should not be limited to the Azusa Street Revival -it should extend to literature in many disciplines, including history, theology, philosophy, and biblical studies, just to name a few.

  12. @N’Catina – I was actually referring to your post when I stated that both reformation movements share the same “pentecostal heritage” but are two distinct religious organizations. Maybe I misunderstood your use of the word “under” as PAW being an organization operating under the auspices of COGIC vs. the PAW being recognized as a religious organization by COGIC.

    Also, I am aware of the heretical claims with regard to Oneness Pentecostals; however, I am trying to make sense of what you seem to be implying in your post. Unfortunately, being directed to the posted apologetic website does not address my query.

  13. COGIC Brother, just want to suggest to you and N’Catina to exchange emails if you want to work this out so the post isnt sidetracked with a protracted discussion on whether or not COGIC is heretical.

    If interested, you can send them to me and I will facilitate.


    You can go ahead and state why you believe COGIC is not heretical and let it go from there.


  14. Brother Foster – Thanks for the suggestion. I am not trying to argue for or against COGIC holding heretical beliefs. I actually thought that N’Catina might have been implying that Tonex’s behavior was causally related to the moral state of some of Pentecostalism’s early “fathers.” I may have read too much into N’Catina’s original posting (I have been known to do that quite frequently.)

  15. Ok, thanks for that. I dont want to stop honest discussion related to the post, just a little yellow caution in case 🙂

  16. Some of the imbalance of pentecostal practical theology seems apparent in the post ( I was reared a pentecostal and hold some distincitves presently). The teachings on the rapture, Tonex’s fear of losing his parents, the tiered stautus of those who speak with tongues and those who have not..etc., seem to have marred his concrete approach to faith in hrist alone. I can relate and undestand this. Yet, his sexuality issues (not a struggle for him?) seeme to have been ignored by his father/pastor and Tonex seemed left alone to figure out his life for himself using gospel music as a tool for understanding what the scripture said about it. sigh. Poor parenting and poor pastoral counsleing. We should also be careful to note that this is Tonex’s “take” on what happened and may not be completely onjective or even authentic in it’s telling. Just sayin’

    As far as Yvette Flunders’ statistics I doubt that her expereince branches out enough to give a real stat. Her numbers are anecdotal I am sure. That is not to say that I think there is not a high percentage of gospel industry workers who are gay or bi-sexual. I simply doubt the accuracy of her numbers. Also given her work with the Hawkins family and their notorious reputations in the industry I can certainly see some grounds for her thinking.

    I sincerely hope that Tonex gets through his struggles related to faith and tries to separate his experience as a Oneness pentecostal, his father’s church and his identitiy issues before any more damage to him and those that follow him can be done.

  17. First off, Yvette Flunder is lying about her “90% of gospel musicians are homosexual or bisexual” nonsense. That is the typical gay rights tactic of gaining support for their cause by grossly overstating the number of homosexuals, which forces you to either accept homosexuality or decide that resisting it is futile.

    Second, “Tonex needs deliverance from the many problems vexing him. Clearly, his parents dropped the ball when Tonex was a child; advising him to just “listen to gospel music” when he came forward to them about his then bisexual tendencies.”

    Well, that is basically an indictment of their theology and practice. If your doctrine of original sin and your doctrine of salvation is messed up, then it makes dealing with issues like this very hard. Also … is Tonex oneness or not? I recall on his first album he had a strange hip-hop song where he embraced the Trinity doctrine. But what about his father? And his church is still in a oneness denomination, and when I last heard him he was still preaching oneness doctrines.

    Bottom line: bad theology leads to bad practice.

  18. Job youre right on that. The issue isnt homosexuality per se all the time, its bad doctrine and a faulty understanding of God’s will that causes people when these issues arise not to give people the right information for resolution. In other words, foundations matter when the issues of life began to rage.

    Whether Tonex received it is questionable at best. But the truth is there are many more young people being told to do things like “just get a girlfriend/boyfriend”, “just pray”, “listen to gospel music” etc as a solution for sin issues.

    Re Yvette Flunder: this woman is a hack for the gay political organizations. They pay her to drop their excrement in churches and on confused religious people.

  19. Pastor Foster,

    Tonex is a puppet like many other artists and it is displayed in his clothing. The hat Tonex is wearing in the pic is the black and white checkerboard which is a Satanic symbol.

    The Black & White checkerboard is a Masonic symbol which stands for, ” The doctrine of bringing order out of chaos, of reconciling the two opposites, evil and good, with Satan reigning over both heaven and hell”.

    Also the use of black & white is symbolic of the Duality and shown in the Black and White Ying Yang symbol. “There is really no good or bad according to the Taoist/yin-yang view, only what appears to be good or bad. There is no life and death because “Life and death are one, right and wrong are the same,” (from the Chuang Tzu as quoted in World Religions, Geoffrey Parrinder, p. 333)

    Tonex is not just confused but would appear to be someone who has sold himself to the devil. His gender bending is an outward expression of his true belief in Eastern Pagan thought expressed by his apparent bisexuality and the use of outward Satanic symbolism.

    As I have stated before the corporate acceptance of this lifestyle in music, society, church, and culture is in reality a paganistic movement replete with symbolism with the intent of the outright rejection of the God of the Bible. This movement is not merely a “lifestyle”. Universal acceptance of this act is the “crowning achievement” if you will regarding a society that has accepted paganism (Satan) and has rejected the God of the Bible.

    The fact that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed was due to their acceptance and partaking of the satanic ritualistic acts of homosexuality which was a physical outward expression of an inward spiritual darkness.

    Let me stress as I have before. If you as an individual are struggling with homosexuality understand that you are no greater or less in the eyes of God compared to other unrepentant sinners. When I speak of this particular lifestyle I am applying it to the collective cultural sense in terms of universal acceptance not towards the single individual.

    Tonex may be an individual who practices this lifestyle but in reality he is a vehicle by which the movement uses as a tool. So in this case his individual homosexuality is merely an extension of the paganistic antichrist movement.

    A Society does not fall when they have accepted this lifestyle. Rather a society has already completely fallen by the time they accept this lifestyle.

    Again let me stress that this particular sin is no greater or worse in regards to an individual sinner. It is however, when applied over a entire nation, an outward physical sign of a final inward decline of the entire nation.


  20. Job, with all due respect, I must say your argument is quite flawed. If Oneness theology is to be blamed (even partly)in Tonex’s case , then what was James Cleveland’s excuse? or Ray Boltz, or Yvette Flunder? or the many others who are openly or closeted gays in a variety of Trinitarian churches?

    As one who’s been walking with the Lord for a while now, there are several denominations in Christendom I am personally quite familiar with, and I can assure you that there are quite a few denominations you’d probably consider to be more orthodox (such as COGIC,& many black Baptist churches) that have a FAR more pervasive problem with homosexuality than pretty much any Oneness group I know of. If you don’t agree with Oneness churches or their theology that’s fine. But lets not try to make Oneness theology a scapegoat here.

  21. Kyle’s comment really hit the nail on the head.
    Alas, many are not confused about their sin, they are proud of it because they serve the master of sin – Satan.

    The only Godly solution for sin is confession and repentance to cleansing, forgiveness and redemption through the blood of Jesus Christ. Sadly, many balk at this, and choose instead to glorify and worship their sin, instead of their Creator.

  22. There are many Christian traditions that hold “magical views and thinking” about how homosexualtiy originates and is overcome. It is not only the “bad theology” of Pentecostals. That view oversimplifies the issue. Despite the alleged hurts he expereinced Tonex must make a decision to follow Christ or his pain and desires into debauchery, false doctrine and condemnation for an eternity. He still has choice.

  23. Im helping Job out here. I think.

    The reference to oneness pentecostalism and its teachings (or nonteachings) on homosexuality has a bear of how Anthony developed spiritually. Of course, this is a serious problem throughout the church AND it is not unique to pentecostalism whether oneness or trinitarian, but he was brought up under this. The second thing is the recitation of a water baptism forumula cannot deliver anyone nor was it intended to. I will say with my somewhat limited knowledge of oneness churches, they are much more adamant that water baptism is synonymous with salvation, while trinitarians arent so dogmatic about it. Yet, neither saves. Let me be plain: if you are struggling with homosexual sin (or any sin), you can get baptized 100 times in the name of Jesus and then 100 times in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost and it will not change the fact that you must repent of your sins and be converted. Im sure you’ve heard the “go down a dry devil and come up a wet one”. I think they were referring to that. I understand baptism to be symbolic of (a) death, burial and ressurection and (b) an outward and public identification of inward faith in Christ.

    I can say the same thing of my COGIC teachings. They were right, but unapplicable. I was told homosexuality was a sin and that people who engaged in that practice were going to hell, that was true, but that was the extent of it. So, how did that help me overcome, when (a) I didnt want to be homosexual and (b) I show nuff didnt want to go to hell?

    It didnt. Because it takes a sincere, sustained and obedient relationship with Jesus to overcome the sin issues. I never made that connection nor do I ever recall being told that in response to issues with homosexuality. While I dont blame my church for my sins, the lack of applicable teaching most certainly colored how I dealt with the issue until I…well read my book.

    I think thats what Job is referring to. If not, then he can clarify.

  24. I read the article and simultaneously wanted to laugh and cry; I wanted to laugh because some of the claims (and Tonex’s experiences) are to the point of absurdity, and I wanted to cry because it’s sad that this brother spent his entire life in church with ministers for parents, yet he’s in the state he’s in (having to turn to Carlton Pearson, of all people, for answers).
    My hope and prayer is that the body of Christ will finally seek God on how to effectively minister to homosexual strugglers so that those in the church who are struggling won’t go down the same road as Tonex. And, I hope that Tonex’s able to have an experience with God and get his approval from Him and not from men.

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