Out of the mouth of liars: Vickie Gene Robinson


Bishop Vickie Gene Robinson, the Episcopal church’s first bishop of abominations quite possibly has lost any resemblance of a person who at some point in his life recognized truth. What’s more disturbing is that the multiple lies he spouts are commonplace teachings among gay christians. How can a person claiming Christ embrace and promote such things? Well, it doesn’t come overnight. It takes an enormous amount of spiritual energy to continually override the truth and embrace a lie. I dont say it often, but the bishop is demon-possessed. I don’t say that to “demonize” him, but because it is a recognition of what is speaking from inside him.

How do you explain the poison dripping from this collar wearing serpent? What about Jesus’s red letter words (for all the Tony Campolo fans):

If God were your Father, you would love me, for I came from God and now am here. I have not come on my own; but he sent me. Why is my language not clear to you? Because you are unable to hear what I say. You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies. Yet because I tell the truth, you do not believe me! John 8:42-45 NIV (our bold)

Anyone who engages in this type of systemic lying and rejection of the truth, is not a child of God, but a descendant of the devil. That’s why those in the gay christian movement unless and until they repent and renounce these beliefs cannot even so much as consider them “brothers and sisters in Christ”. They are no more brothers and sisters than the people Jesus was addressing in the above passage.

GCM Watch has covered Robinson’s litany of lies and his vengeful reign as a so-called bishop before, so I wont revisit what’s in the video in detail here. But you can read here, here and here to see biblical responses to the doctrines of devils out of Robinson’s mouth. And as we explained before most of the articulation of contemporary gay christian theology is credited to John Boswell’s book Christianity, Social Tolerance and Homosexuality.

h/t: Americans for Truth about homosexuality


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  1. We’ve been adding and subtracting from God’s Word, to justify and make excuses for our actions for centuries. There are some of us who speak heretically and don’t know it because of simple ignorance and lack of knowledge, but then there are those who knowingly speaking heresy and when identified according to God’s Word, should be confronted and not entertained. There are some of us who are not homosexual, christian and non-christian who will listen to this man, because he helps justify my way of life, that more times than nought, I know is in error. But in order to confront such heresy, one must be abounding in the grace of God enpowered by the Holy Spirit, for if one is immature in the things of God and attempts to confront or even write of such an individual, they will finds themselves acting in ways they ought not to, and then say, “I’m expressing righteous indignation, while quoting the scripture, be angry but sin not”, well if you come outside of yourself then your sinning. Thats why we are not to entertain them according to the Apostle John, if you can’t confront them and stay in the will of God, then leave it to those who can, and yes, age has nothing to do w/it as most would think.
    We must remember when confronting the agents of satan, we don’t come down to there level, and then make excuses for doing it, opening ourselves for accusations, “he is the accuser of the brethren.” Such serpents should be confronted, but under the Spirit of God, not under the spirit of the world.

  2. Unfortunately, he is running amok because the Episcopal Church has a personality of “leaving them to God”. So, as that is the culture, most in the Episcopal Church, are waiting for him to get hit by a car or something as he is a recovering alcholic. However, out of all evil cometh good. There are so many like him in the Episcopal Church and, believe it or not, they are doing more to hurt their agenda and expose themselves than anyone could. Those like him in the Episcopal Church are controlling, condescending (to heterosexuals) fascist, racist, mean, clickish, hateful and very angry. Anyone around their choirmembers, sextons, or asst. ministers knows. I think Christians need to see the devil up close and personal sometimes and they get that with Robinson and his ilk.

  3. If I’m understanding the message in this video correctly, same-sex sexual encounters in biblical times was perceived by God-fearing individuals as unnatural sex between two heterosexuals – not inviduals who were born as homosexuals.
    Also, if I heard him right, those in biblical times weren’t fortunate enough to have the scientific data that’s available to us today, that data proving (or on its way to proving) that a small percentage of the general population is, by nature, “same-gender loving”. Because of this, we, as Christians, have to be careful how we apply scriptures in the Bible that address same-sex sexual activity, because the authors of Scripture – and God -were ignorant of natural sexual orientation.

    In other words, modern science has advanced beyond the knowledge of God.

    Well, that makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

  4. How off can you be?? John 8:44 is in a very specific context to the Pharisees who refused to recognize Jesus as the son of God .. as Messiah. You really cannot take such a passage and carelessly apply it to anyone whose theology you disagree with. While I do not agree with Bishop Robinson, that does not make him demon possessed nor does it make him a liar. Those are judgments that only God can make. If you disagree .. then say so… I just did. But the rest is over the top.


  5. Yes Angela…man has FINALLY become smarter than God! Hmmm, the scriptures that’s coming immediately to mind…”when the people had no king nor reverence for God, they did what was right in their own sight”…can’t think of the exact verse right now…I know it’s O/T…

  6. I thought the Bishop’s response was most thought provoking and intelligent…very insightful and made a lot of sense…the problem with some people…is that we want everything to be a “sound bite”..we want things to be “crispy clear”…but when it comes to ancient scriptures; ancient mindsets and ancient beliefs…nothing is “crispy clear”..even Paul realized that things are not “clearly seen” or “clearly known” as of now..and as of right now..we all “see through a dark glass”..but when Christ is to come..this debate over Gay’s will be over…and everything will be “crispy clear”..and then we will come to the full understanding of all things…until then…”what we know..is only “part”…

    Now..that Paul speaking in Cor. 13th Chapter..of which I think is the greatest piece of literature ever written and definitely Paul’s most provocative…it gives me chills each and every time I read…

    Got to love you Pastor Foster….even if we totally disagree on almost everything,…

    Be blessed!

  7. My Dear Friend,

    I am, speaking in a general manner, just reminding that when confronting evil people and situations we must at least attempt to do as the Word would say, “do not overcome evil w/evil, but overcome evil w/good. Friend, I’m reminded by a statement made by Dr. King during the civil rights movement, he said, “if you can’t be non-violent then don’t get in it.” I would say also, its like (2) people having the same gift, but according to Paul’s ltr to the Ephesians, someone has more grace abounding unto them, which would better soot them for that person or situation than the other. I would ask you not to be angry w/me over my statements and or opinions, but I’m a firm believer in this statement, “people are going to talks about you anyway, but its another thing when “YOU” give them one.”

  8. Dave there is no careless application of scripture. Lies are lies. There is no good lie and bad lie. Lies emanate from one source whom Jesus exposed in john 8:44. If a person tells such lies (disagreeable theology to you) and has no restriction upon them to tell such damnable heresies, one is certainly NOT indwelt by the Spirit of God which Jesus identified in John 15 and 16. In contrast to a lying spirit, the Holy Spirit in the believer will NEVER lead or guide us into error. He will only confirm that which is true: the Word of God. If youre not demon possessed, then what’s the other option? Keep in mind there’s only two. And since you are arguing for, what is your proof positive that he’s not? Be specific, like you said the John 8:44 is.

    You are (like most of those who are always attempting to negotiate this madness down to safe mode) claim Jesus was only speaking to the Pharisees. Is that more red letter manipulation? That’s a weak and narrow minded application if Ive ever heard of one. All scripture is applicable in both specific and general contextes. In this case, all liars (not just the Pharisees) are children of the devil. Why does Robinson get a pass when his lies are just as damning?

    Robinson like the Pharisees also refuses to recognize the Lordship of Christ. In fomenting these lies he pushes the plan of the antichrist against the will of God.

  9. In response to Min. Antoine William’s comment regarding 1 Corinthians 13, I also agree that it’s indeed a beautiful passage of Scripture, and that Christians, ideally, should read that passage constantly so that we can be motivated by proper motives.
    However, that passage of Scripture was not written so that we’re instructed to love beyond someone’s sin, but rather that as believers, we are to to strive for love more than spiritual gifts.

  10. Tony Im only asking because it seemed as if you were speaking to something/one in specific. At which I would have asked you to clarify what you felt was in error. Since you say you were not, then its finished.

    I agree with your statements that we cannot overcome evil with evil. Its impossible. We do not advocate any violence on this blog and will remove anyone who engages in any physical threats to another.

    I would also say that everyone speaks and chooses words to in order to be understood which also in writing means conveying appropriate sentiment. Otherwise the comments would be rather gray. Dont read more into a person’s remarks than what’s there.

  11. Let me rephrase that comment I made about loving beyond sin, because I didn’t phrase it correctly.

    What I meant was, that passage of Scripture (1 Cor. 13) is not written for us to instruct us to love someone while overlooking their sinful lifestyle, but rather that as believers, we’re to desire love more than spiritual gifts.

  12. Did he say that her question takes two days to answer? umm her question could be easily answered with a couple of scriptures. I guess it would take two days to manipulate and twist scripture to mean what you want it to mean. I’m sick of people using ‘love’ as a reason (or more appropiately an excuse) for defending homosexuality. They act like Jesus was just a lowly man on a donkey who encouraged everyone to live in their sins. Jesus was not a hippie! He even said he didn’t come to bring peace but a sword. Jesus was radical. You were either with him or not. yes Jesus is love and yes Jesus is Merciful, but Jesus is also Just and Holy and Righteous. When the woman who committed adultery was going to be stoned he showed her love and compassion but he also told her to sin no more! when are the gays gonna sin no more? Stop using the love of Jesus as an excuse to keep sinning. It’s because he loves us that we have the power to not sin, it’s because of his love we are no longer in bondage to sin.

    a new christian who’s learning the word…

  13. @Angela I agree, real love is telling someone the truth, no matter how much it may hurt at the time because in the long run it will be for their benefit. That’s love. Not nodding and smiling while you see someone heading for destruction.

  14. NC, I guess thats what bothers me most is this intentional mischaracterization of Jesus as some pansy wansy 60s love child with daisies in his hair. Im not sure what bible they are reading to get that impression of him but its not accurate. If we dumb down the LORD, all that he was and is in regard to our deliverance from the power of sin becomes questionable.

  15. GCMWATCH ..

    I have seen plenty of deliberate willfull lies and slander coming from conservative Christian folks. This particularly happens in the field of Christian politics. There is no knight in shining armor there .. except for Christ.

    GCMW: Im not a “conservative Christian”. I believe God’s word without political labels.

    On another thread on your own site I saw people doing a witch hunt and bringing false accusations against a fellow Christian. I had no problem bringing scripture to bear in that situation although you didn’t like it.

    GCMW: There was no witch hunt and no false accusations. There was a video and the contents were discussed.

    I have had good respectful dialog with people on these issues without slandering or bringing accusations of demonic possession or presuming I know someone’s heart. But, I don’t see that here. Thats the problem. The Pharisees got everything right .. but were still wrong .. and Jesus said that the prostitutes and tax collectors were getting into heaven ahead of them.

    GCMW: Your definition of slander seems to be self-devised. Id suggest you look up the conventional definition. Please pay more than just cursory attention to the scripture you are using. There is a big difference in “ahead of” and not going”. Secondly, Jesus made that point on the willing repentance of the prostitutes and tax collectors. Its the same message from here. Im not sure why you have a problem with telling people to repent of their sins so they can enter the Lord’s kingdom.

    Additionally, multiple times I have tried to raise the issue of heterosexual sin. If you are going to call homosexual sexual sin a work of darkness .. then what about heterosexual sexual sin.. I’ll include this post again and see if it actually gets posted this time…

    GCMW: you can search this site from top to bottom (3 years worth) and there is not one instance of approval of any type of heterosexual sin. So Im not sure why you are so insistent about a lame duck point.

    Jesus forbids divorce and calls remarriage ‘adultery’ four times in three gospels. The Apostle Paul condemns remarriage (after divorce) in both Romans 7 and I Corinthians 7. Furthermore adultery is listed in I Corinthians 6:9-11 as one of the sins that will keep you out of heaven. (ie. ‘ those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom’). I would also note that while Jesus recognized that Moses allowed this (divorce and remarriage) due to the hardness of men’s hearts He (Jesus) seems to override this and re-establish God’s plan for marriage. And no New Testament passage affirms remarriage after divorce.

    GCMW: Then if that is what you understand it to mean, please ensure you follow and adhere to it. Now, take that same approach to homosexuality and help someone get out of that bondage.

    So I believe it is a legitimate question to ask why the church ignores heterosexual sin but is fully armed and outspoken against homosexual sin. Such an approach appears hypocritical. (Heterosexual fornication is another area which seems to be ignored by the church but that is another story) It seems that we are either we are being too harsh with homosexual transgressions or too lenient with heterosexual transgressions.

    GCMW: There are plenty of churches “out there” you can ask this question. No one that Im aware of is prohibiting you from doing so. Thus, Im still unsure as to why you are so adamant about raising it on this blog. Hopefully when you ask “the church” they can answer you. But its a question that is has little bearing here as we do not support, encourage or sanction divorce. Just like God said.

    Which is it?


  16. Vickie said “Any piece of scripture need to be understood in it’s own context….”

    That is wrong ladies and gentlemen.
    How do we know when we are interpreting a Scripture correctly? When it lines up word upon word precept upon precept with the rest of the book. The Bible is perfect it contians no error and does not contradict itself because God does not change.

    He uses the whole “people are born gay argument” LOL.

  17. Gcmwatch, do you know what I think it comes down to? Besides sin, of course, there’s an ignorance, whether intentional or unintentional, of the whole character of God.

    People who won’t come to grips with their sin (regardless of what sin it is) often stress God’s love, His mercy, His grace. And there’s nothing wrong with that, because they are all attributes that He possesses. But what people neglect to affirm
    is the holiness of God. At the center of God’s Being is his holiness.
    I find it interesting that nowhere in Scripture do you read of angels around the throne, crying, “Merciful, merciful, merciful, is the LORD of Hosts!” Nor do they cry, “Love, love, love, is the LORD of Hosts!” No. But they cry, “Holy, Holy, Holy, is the LORD of Hosts!” (Isaiah 6:3)
    His holiness is one of His most, if not His most, regarded attribute in Scripture. Therefore, how can you justify your sin before a holy God? You can’t, thus the reason why the love and mercy of God is heralded above any other of His attributes.

    In addition, I suppose because the emphasis on God’s holiness is more concentrated in the Old Testament rather than the new, that people think that the meekness and humility of Christ somehow extinguised it. But when I read my Bible I understand the Son and the Father to be One, thereby possessing the same attributes, One as the Other.
    Thus as the LORD in the Old Testament is holy, so is our Lord and Savior.

    I write all of this to reiterate your point, in that many perceive Jesus Christ as some philosophical, love-bent do-gooder.
    Indeed, our Lord is a lamb…but He’s also a lion.

  18. I’ve really enjoyed reading the responses…all in all..I think we are all seeking and yearning for truth….and I think its so important that we continue to dialogue and learn one another…but its also my prayer that we do so with having to demonize one another…its too easy..

    It is clear in Romans’ that Paul was speaking to “heterosexual men and women” who because of “idol worshipping” began to engage in “lustful” sexual acts towards members of their same sex…again; the crime was “idol worship”…

    Sometimes when we read Romans 1, many Christian tend to focus on the “sex” part….rather than the “idol worship” message that Paul is rendering..”rejecting God” and “worshipping another man made god” can lead to many things; including “lustful” sexual acts..whether those acts are with animals, objects, same sex or opposite sex, orgies..temple sex..etc….

    I just don’t see how Apostle Paul could address someone like myself..who believes from birth he was born a same gender loving person; that person in the mind of Apostle Paul never existed…what he knew of same sex was always mixed with “lust” and “idol worship” or “rape” or “incest”…or “perverted acts against minors”…I seriously doubt Paul knew of committed loving Gay people whose sexual life was about intimacy, love, trust and committment….

  19. Dave said:

    Bishop Robinson, that does not make him demon possessed nor does it make him a liar.

    Robert: Actually yes it does demons of lying, affectation, and homosexuality.

    Dave said:
    Those are judgments that only God can make.

    That’s not what my Bible says. 1 Corinthians 12:10to another the working of miracles, to another prophecy, to another discerning of spirits, to another different kinds of tongues, to another the interpretation of tongues.

    The ability to Discern and the gift of Discernment are in operation today just not in gay affirming churches. Another word for discern is judging that’s why all these phony preachers don’t want the gifts in their church so they don’t get called out.

  20. Gcmwatch, I probaly reiterate a lot of things you’ve already covered in your blog!

    Forgive me for that, I’m new! Lol.

  21. Mr. A. Williams,

    I have read your comments on other blog postings on this site and quite frankly I have ignored them until now.

    As usual you give the canned pro-gay response no different than V.G. Robinson. It’s like everyone who speaks these “so called truths” all took the same 3 day weekend crash course on “How To Defend Your Pro-Gay Theology Without Being Crass.” I mean, to read your posts is like hearing contemporary pop divas do remakes of classic songs by the original artist, John Boswell. However, before the young pop divas can come out, a more powerful icon has to be put on display, i.e Vicki Gene Robinson. Then after him all the little new-fangled pop divas make their own statement singing the same song with their own flair. With all due respect, the song is played out and the record is broken. The dancefloor is vacant because no one wants to hear that song anymore.

    But, after it’s all said and done, the fact that you keep coming to this blog to read posts mean that something in your spirit is pulling you to the truth and you’re fighting and suppressing it. It’s ok……because at some point, you’re not going to believe you are “same sex loving, gay, homosexual.”

    Peace to all.

  22. @James:

    I’m Charzetta3 and I approve your message!!!!

    People like Antwoine kill me with this “Paul didn’t know science” garbage. Let’s take a look at a passage of scripture and see what was available in Paul’s day and time.

    1st Timothy 6:20-21: 20 O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of SCIENCE falsely so called:
    21Which some professing have erred concerning the faith.

    It doesn’t sound like science or “elite knowledge” wasn’t around in Paul day not does it look like Paul wasn’t aware of it.

    Science is:
    a. The observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena.
    b. Such activities RESTRICTED to a class of natural phenomena.

    In other words, science doesn’t and cannot deal in ORIGIN. It’s impossible. It has to already have a constant to bounce theory (guesses) off of in order to come to a conclusion. So this mess about science proving that people are born homosexual is a farce. It needs to be put in the same bag with Santa Claus!!!


    I know this is off topic, but have you heard the story of the homosexual couple from Massachusetts who moved to and tried to get a divorce in Texas (which is my state that doesn’t support homosexual marriage)?


    I think it’s a subtle ploy to get “BIG TEXAS” to indirectly recognize homosexual marriage by setting a precedent in granting a divorce!!

  23. People: We are entitled by the Word of God to make righteous judgments about a person’s testimony and to be a fruit inspector
    and to restore those who are in sin. That by itself is a “judgment” call.
    Christian need to stop being scared of calling red..red and blue..blue.
    Being PC in Christian circles is fine until we have to deal with sin and then those who are sinning….like “minister” Williams want to come along and sprinkle “goose bumps” words amongst us to
    cover his homosexual sin that he is proud of.
    Bishop Robinson is a reprobate/apostate/sinner/liar. There. I have judged him and I have judged him correctly according to his
    pronounced issuances against the Word of God.
    Bishop Robinson constantly flings his fists in the face of God and dares for the Christian community to speak against him for if they do so, he can rant and rail about judgmental Christians and that we are not acting out of love.
    Hogwash! If Paul or Peter or James were walking the Earth today,
    they would soundly rebuke this apostate and place him with that brood of vipers that John the Baptist spoke of when he”judged” the people of his day.
    Bishop Robinson is a vile pretender of the faith. He needs to repent but since he apparently “knows” the Word of God, he has made a conscious choice to disregard it and in its place, substitute his own righteousness. That makes him an anti-christ (meaning…in the place of Christ) and a person to avoid and flee from since his agenda is hostile to God’s Word.
    I am not going to flatter the Bishop or any others who cover their deeds with the appearance of being in Christ and when it is known that they are heretics.
    I will not throw my pearls before swine since Bishop Robinson and
    the fake “minister” Williams know better and they know what God requires of them.
    If such “minister” Williams or “Bishop” Robinson were to come to my house, they would not gain entry for they are wolves in sheep’s clothing.
    People…contend for the faith (Jude) and do not back away from
    confronting evil when it smiles at you and wants you to rub its back and speak kindly to it in fear that if you do not, you will be seen as being judgmental or not loving.
    That is a trick of the Devil. Do not fall for the OKey Doke!
    There should be no debate whatsoever about the guile and foolishness of Bishop Robinson and his pronouncements. Is he father the devil? Absolutely. John 8:44 is unequivocal on that issue…so that is the disagreement about?
    Once you determine what spirit is motivating this heretic, you will have your answer.

  24. Just a thought…
    But if you have to put a word before the word christian, then your not really a christian. Homosexuals have to put the word gay in front of the word christian because they know the word christian alone implies someone who is not gay. You never hear someone say their a heterosexual christian because if your saying that your a christian (a follower of christ) then it is a given that you are a heterosexual. The term “gay christian” is an oxymoron of sorts. It’s like saying that your a “serial killer” christian or a “Muslim” christian. Only thing that should be in front of the word christian is “born again”. But what’s really sad about the whole gay christian thing is that I truly believe that gays don’t think that they can be delievered. They forget that Jesus overcame the world and through him we have delieverance. I think the thought of being delievered from homosexuality is so unbelievable to them that they just build a whole doctrine around their sin.

  25. New Christian wrote:

    “But if you have to put a word before the word christian, then your not really a christian.”

    N.C., to build upon what you wrote, I agree somewhat with what you said.
    Some people who do use qualifers, “conservative” Christian, for example, may indeed be born-again. I believe that these specific individuals use the term to distinguish themselves from those who call themselves Christians – for example, “liberal” Christians – who really aren’t. And judging by the gobbledegook that makes up liberal Christian theology, in a way I don’t blame them.
    So if I hear someone describe themselves as a “conservative” Christian, I wouldn’t be hasty to question if they’re truly a Christian or not for that very reason.

    On the other hand though, I do agree with you that there’s no need to qualify your Christianity.
    Either you’re a Christian, or you’re not. Drop the labels.

  26. Lafe wrote:

    “People…contend for the faith (Jude) and do not back away from
    confronting evil when it smiles at you and wants you to rub its back and speak kindly to it in fear that if you do not, you will be seen as being judgmental or not loving.
    That is a trick of the Devil. Do not fall for the OKey Doke!”

    Lafe, I agree with you there.

  27. “You never hear someone say their a heterosexual christian because if your saying that your a christian (a follower of christ) then it is a given that you are a heterosexual.”

    NC, I get where youre going and your point. The reason why arguing for “heterosexual” in contrast to “homosexual” as a sign of rightness, is because heterosexuality isnt inherently holiness.
    Be ye holy for I am holy.
    There are heterosexuals who are “Christians” but still committing sin. Thus, we need to be seeking to live by God’s standard of holiness. Of course, if you are embracing holy living, then the expression of your sexuality will be holy also.

  28. Jeremiah 14:13 Then I said, “Ah, Lord GOD! Behold, the prophets say to them, ‘You shall not see the sword, nor shall you have famine, but I will give you assured peace in this place.’”

    14 And the LORD said to me, “The prophets prophesy lies in My name. I have not sent them, commanded them, nor spoken to them; they prophesy to you a false vision, divination, a worthless thing, and the deceit of their heart. 15 Therefore thus says the LORD concerning the prophets who prophesy in My name, whom I did not send, and who say, ‘Sword and famine shall not be in this land’—‘By sword and famine those prophets shall be consumed!

  29. Gmcwatch, point well taken. By no means does being heterosexual make you holy or even a christian, I guess what I was trying to say was if you have to put your sin before the word christian, then are you really a christian? Just a thought…

  30. “Jesus didnt say this, Jesus didnt say that”, well since we are dealing with things that Jesus said, when did Jesus say that homosexuality was right? where in the scripture is homosexuality advocated?

    Since Jesus “SAID” that you must refrain from fornication, that would mean that you have to be married prior to sex. OK, where in the scripture did Jesus “say” that two men should marry? If you are not married you are in sin.

    M.A.W, it doesnt matter who the Apostle Paul was talking to, the fact is he said that the ACT of homosexuality was unnatural, how you feel as far as being a “loving” homosexual is irrelevant. Please dont even tell me that the Apostle Paul doesnt understand homosexuality in the way you see it. Actually you yourself posted scriptures “supporting” homosexuality and you cited the relationship of Jonathon and David. SO how comes all of a sudden a Pharisee of Pharisees, an individual as perfect by the law as possible like the Apostle Paul wouldnt understand? Ha ha, the devil is a liar.

    You also mention idolatry and so does this “bishop”, well if you put your sin above God’s word and are not fighting the sin but however believe you are just, guess who your god is? YOU!!! thats idolatry.

    Blessings on all!!

  31. I hear alot of those defending homosexual activity quoting Paul’s ltr to the Romans, the Apostle Paul was quite clear in what he was saying and meaning, for he was indwelt and inspired by the Spirit of Truth, who knows all things from the beginning to the end, and from the end to the beginning, who knows the very hairs on our heads. But the sin was first spoken of and condemned in the (5) bks of Moses, and I quote, “man shall not lie w/man as he would a woman, and woman shall not lie w/woman as she would a man.” The only difference from old and new testaments, is that in the old this sin was punishable by death, but praise be to God for Jesus Christ who gives us the victory, as I and others’ have said, you can be cleansed and set free, by the blood of Jesus, but you must desire to and see your sin for what it is, as we all must. Paul said, “I was the chiefest of sinners”, and I at one time felt, I wasn’t to far behind him, but if Christ had a plan for Paul, myself, and countless others, so he has plan for all of you who walk in this sin, you have only but to allow Him to remove the “scales” from your eyes and take away your “stony” heart and give you a heart of “flesh.” Put away your “doctrines of devils” be saved and be baptized and only Him to do a work, that will be a testimony to countless others in this stronghold, for it is not a “struggle” but a “stronghold.” The Lord said, “before I came they felt comfortable in there sin, but now I’ve come, they can nolonger be comfortable.” I pray in the name of Jesus Christ all of you on this post who claim homosexuality, to be made uncomfortable, arise shine, awake for the time of “GRACE” is almost over and no prayers’ of repentance will be accepted. I know it is the earnest prayers of all of us, who believe in the “TRUE” gospel of Jesus Christ, that all of you who adhere to homosexuality, will receive the “TRUTH” and be saved, but there is someone who desires that more than any of us, the Lord Jesus Christ.

  32. Dave, I found your post to be quite puzzling.

    The “gay Christian” movement is a demonically influenced (some might say “demonically driven”) movement. Gene Robinson is one of those (mis)leaders at the forefront of this movement. Keep in mind that Robinson is not just a gullible naive “sheep” here, being misled… but he is in fact a prominent “shepherd”, leading the “sheeple” into damnable error, spreading this theological vomit wherever he goes. Therefore it is not at all “over the top” for one to conclude that the man is demon possessed.

    Sure, you could say that “only God knows”… and indeed none of us is “on-site” to make an actual assessment of whether or not he has a demon. However, what is on the inside will always manifest itself outwardly. Clearly, Robinson is one spouting “doctrines of demons” in these latter days, which the Apostle Paul warned us would come in the end times (1 Tim 4:1). And Jesus himself said “you shall know a tree by it’s fruit” . Thus, we are to arrive at a reasonable conclusion after viewing the fruit that Gene Robinson has been producing. The fruit is quite evil (I assume you agree with that), and thus the tree also is most certainly evil. Let’s call it what it is… no need to sugar coat this. The man ain’t simply mistaken. The man is plain evil.

  33. What about if they really are liars and demon possessed? Since Jesus called people liars and more and also the Bible identified people are demon possessed, why are you so gun shy about doing it? Afraid of offending demons, Dave? Afraid they will come after you?

  34. I don’t recognize your ability or authority to know whether someone is lying or whether they are demon possessed. You can say they are deceived or wrong but whether they have a lying heart is not something you have the ability to determine. As for fear .. I think you need some Godly fear since you seem to think you have been annointed to know these kinds of things.


    GCMW: Dave, I think we all see what’s really influencing your ideology now. Thanks Holy Spirit.

  35. Dave you are playing word games. If something is not the truth, what do you call it? The dictionary calls it a lie. A person that speaks lies is called a liar. This has been so for a long time and it has not changed. Vickie Gene is not speaking biblical truth so what would you call it? Is Vickie Gene possessed with demons? I am positive he is. The things that come from his mouth are damning heresies, which he is currently teaching others. He is an apostate and his place in the Lake of Fire for sure, unless he repents and turns from his wicked ways. His argument is weak, wicked and baseless and only people wishing to please the flesh will buy into it.

    Vickie Gene, MAW and others in the “gay christian movement” love their sins. So instead of accepting that their ways are sinful, they try to change the Written Word. They are calling The Most High God impotent and weak. They are indirectly saying He is not sovereign and is the author of confusion, and this we know is a big fat lie righ out of the pit. Come on now, if there is so much confusion around one topic in the bible, then what about others? Is it ok to kill? what is the orginal greek and hebrew meaning for the word kill. Jesus did not discuss abortion, as a matter of fact I don’t think the word existed in his time, so does that make it ok for women to abort their children? If we cannot trust it on one subject as trivial as sexuality how can we trust it on the Gospel.

    In this world today people want to change words if they sting. So now you have homosexuals being called “same gender loving”, beastiality being called “zoosexual”, pedophelia being called “man boy love”. Changing the names do not make a difference because the acts are the same. A rose by any other name is still a rose.

    Dave there is a line and you must choose which side you are on, are you on the side of God or His enemies. You need to get off the fence or God will choose for you.

  36. Thank you so much Rascoe! I aint that hard unless you are trying to conceal something. When a spirit of fear is in someone, they are hesitant if not downright frightened about confronting demons, heretics and the likes. No amount of hand holding- kumbayah singing is going to stop the spirits working for satan.

    Time for a review. Pay attention Dave.

  37. Perhaps you should try reading the gospels. Calling people liars possessed by demons was not the typical way of Christ. It is not necessary to do so to make your point. So why are you so obsessed with doing it?


  38. Dave said:

    Perhaps you should try reading the gospels. Calling people liars possessed by demons was not the typical way of Christ. It is not necessary to do so to make your point. So why are you so obsessed with doing it?


    That’s weak.
    Words of Christ…speaking to men…..John 8:44 You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

    Let’s learn about evil together shall we?

    1 Thessalonians 5:22 abstain from every form of evil.

    Romans 12:9Let love be without hypocrisy Abhor what is evil; cling to what is good.

    Another word for Abhor is to “HATE.” The Bible therefore instructs us to hate what is evil. In conclusion I am boldly proclaiming hating evil to be a Kingdom of God Principal.

  39. Vickie may or may not be possessed by demons. However, we can clearly see that he fit’s the biblical definition of being handed over to a reprobate mind.

    At the very least we can say He is definitely demonically influenced. We can also see that this individuals brazen unwavering support for this lifestyle is definitely antichrist.

    So in this case whether demonically possessed or demonically influenced the same reprobate antichrist venom is spewed from his mouth.


  40. Dave when I say Gospel, I am speaking of the Good News of Jesus Christ, not the books of the bible.

    You see Dave, Jesus Christ, God the Son, willing left the Majesty of His dwelling place for His ememies. He who is in perfect harmony, union and communion with God The Father and God The Holy Spirit, willingly separated Himself from such holiness, for those who hates Him. He who is Spirit, willing took on cumbersome flesh for His ememies. He who has no sin, willing came and live among wicked, sinful men and still did not sin. His mission was to SUFFER and DIE for His enemies sins, to pay the price they could not. In his death He conqured, death and the grave , rose on the third day and is presently at the right hand of The Father interceding, all on behalf of his enemies. Dave He fully paid our debt. On that cross He made an exchanged, He took on our sin and credited His righteousness to us. All He ask in return is for us to believe in our heart all we know Him to be, repent of our sins, confess our sins to Him and turn away from wilfully sinning.

    Dave, it is impossible for you to know the sacrifice that the Most High made on our behalf and align with people who tramples His Word underfoot. Didn’t you know God exalted His Word above His name Psalm138:2. Please study 2Peter2 and the book of Jude to see how false teachers are handled.

  41. Let’s see, Matt 23, Jesus’ “name calliing”; hypocrites, blind, blind guides, fools and blind, inwardly full of hypocrisy and lawlessness,full of dead mens bones and uncleaness, serpents, brood of vipers…Obviously Jesus thought such language was “necessary” to get His point across to those that were “trying” to have a form of godliness BUT “denying” the power!
    Oh but I guess since Jesus was just talking to the “Pharisees” then such language is not fitting for the reprobate minded, oxymoronic “gay christian movement” of today! Sheesh!

  42. If Apostle Paul knew everything..then can someone please explain his own words in 1 Cor. 13th Chapter….

    especially..the verse that reads “what we know..we know in part..then…”……”now we see through a dark glass….but then..”..etc…

    If Apostle Paul was so well knowledgeable for same gender loving people then he would have embraced them and encouraged them to have healthly, stable, committed and loving relationships…

  43. Antoine Williams, are you attempting to humor us?

    That was one of the worst examples of taking a passage of Scripture out of conext that I have ever seen. I can not believe you would apply that misinterpretation to heresy; the heresy alone is bad enough.

    And stop trying to beautify the language – “same-gender loving people”.

    Feces is still dung.

    After awhile, hearing such gross twistings of the Word of God becomes almost unbearable.

  44. Angela, honestly Ive grown rather weary of such things from the aforementioned as they have run their course here. GCM Watch isnt a platform to continue dishonoring God and his creative work with such talk. It reminds me of the gay pride event I went to in Atlanta to witness. Although there was nothing but love for the lost souls on parade, after four hours of all the debauchery. my spirit was just spent. I feel the same way with MAW. So, Im going to put his unfruitful remarks on ice. We’ve said enough to him to make a decision about his sins. And we’ve heard more than enough to know at this point, he stubbornly chooses to remain where he is. I’ll hold out hope that one day he will come to his senses and realize that the Father has a better life for him. After all no one is beyond the reach of God’s love. Paul might advise to turn him over to satan for the destruction of his body, but we will ask God for mercy and when MAW repents welcome him with open arms into the family of God as an obedient son, honoring the Father.

  45. Elder Foster,

    This is amazing. This is exactly what Rev. Simmons was saying and trying to assert. Totally off base. Paul used the greater term (arsenokoites) when talking about this issue. This was a neologism (creation of two different words) meaning “men WITH men”. He knew that difference between that and sexual attraction toward young boys (paiderfastis). The lies from this camp are unbelievable. Certainly they can’t believe this with a straight face…but I see Robinson at least communicates his lie skillfully and with a straight face….HORRIBLE!

  46. Pastor well we all know who the father of lies is. His lies are becoming more and more “educated”. We are preparing an indepth look at Rev. Simmons assertions. We need to go ahead and blow that lie out of the water.

  47. Pastor Burnett, good point. If I may add to that briefly…

    Paul’s use of the word arsenokoites (1 Cor 6:9) also shoots down another key point made by gay apologists like Gene Robinson. Since the word is a blend of two separate words arsen (“male”) and koites (“bed” — from which we get the word “coitus”, referring to sexual intercourse), it is clear that Paul is speaking plainly of “men who have coitus/intercourse with each other. Of course, that by itself seems simple enough…

    But Robinson [and others of his ilk] have tried to make the point before that Paul condemned homosexual acts between straight men (since that would be “against nature” for them), but never condemned homosexual acts that took place in a “loving & committed relationship” between two gay men. However, Paul’s very use of the word arsenokoites (literally “male-bedders”) clearly speaks against ANY and ALL homosexual activity, and makes zero allowance for sex between those of the same gender, whether they consider themselves “loving and committed”, or not.

    Again, we can see that the key arguments of the “gay Christian movement” crumble under the harsh light of scrutiny and truth.

    Blessings to all the saints. Keep fighting the good fight.

  48. To all: That is what I have been saying about the false pretender “minister” Williams using this site to dump his garbage here and trying to act like he is a child of God.
    Far from it. “Minister” Williams gets a lot of glee and laughs from the comments he deposits here and our reactions to them.
    For him, this is a lark. He has no intentions of repenting since he still has pleasure in his sins and does not take the judgment of God seriously….like many other sinners.
    “Minister” Williams posits himself as an arbiter of both God’s Word (which he is clueless about) and an impartial arbiter of the gay community and its activities.
    He is having a “gay” time laughing at our expense and is just tickled to comment here. He has been repeatedly told the plan of salvation and that his lifestyle is sin but he is non chalant about it.
    “Minister” Williams enjoys hearing what people say about him and he enjoys baiting people with his non-Biblical gibberish.
    He and “Bishop” Vickie Gene Robinson are two peas in the same pod.
    Only the mercy of God will be able to take the scales off of their eyes if they have not yet given themselves over to a reprobate mind and thus their consciences are seared.
    When I see that a comment is from him (“minister Williams), I dismiss it as being of no importance because a false “minister” who revels in his sins has no claim to any moral high ground…much less trying to exegete to me the Word of God!
    Over a long period of time, I have listened to the quackery of this false “minister” and his arguments are baseless and hold no water whatsoever. He is one of many,many sinners who have the audacity to try to “box with God” about the sin of homosexuality
    and they want to replace his standard of righteousness with their own or in the place of Christ and which makes them an anti-Christ.
    In these last days, “minister Williams and the heretic Gene Robinson are going full blast to spread their heresies.

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