Speaking the truth with humor

Remember when the church of high priestess Oprah had the two “ministers” on who incredibly said homosexuality was a “gift from God?
If not, review it here. Although Oprah warmed up to the idea, she was a little surprised at the assertion.

Well, Todd Friel from Family Net did this show and used a nice little overlay of humor to drive home the truth. I had to chuckle at some of it, but the brother was on point. About 7 and a half minutes. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Speaking the truth with humor

  1. he said the gut “lip synched those words”, thats funny!!!

    The weird thing about this is that what they say comes across as fact. If a real man of God was on that show and said homosexuality is a sin and that people are not born like that, there would be a war.

    These is no proof that people are born gay but he says factually that they are and its a gift huh? is that why it is destructive physically, spiritually and emotionally?

    Remove the scales LORD!

  2. Angela, if you have COMCAST you can catch “Wretched” on Family net, channel 265 . It comes on here in Georgia at 11pm. I don’t miss it. I am sure you would be blessed. Todd Freil is very funny and proclaims biblical truth. Check it out.

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