Does your church encourage homosexuality?

A detailed and thought provoking post from Chaos & Old Night blog which explores the types of churches which are helping to promote homosexual conduct as acceptable.

Three Churches that Encourage Homosexuality

There are several ways that churches can encourage someone toward homosexuality. There is of course the obvious way, such as when a church says: “We do not condemn homosexuality. God made some people to be homosexual just as he has made some to be heterosexual.” There are churches that say this as directly as I just did. They welcome homosexuals believing that homosexuality can honor God just as much as heterosexuality. Let’s call these type of churches Openly Approving Churches. It is easy to see how these churches encourage homosexuality.

Then there are the churches that rail against these kinds of shameless promotions of homosexuality under Christ’s name. Thinking that they actively discourage homosexuality, they pride themselves on the way in which they condemn it, call down judgment on those who practice it, and rid themselves of anyone who struggles with it. These churches often have only have two words for those they discover to be homosexuals in their churches: “Get out!” (Ok, maybe three or four: “Get out, queer!/flaming homo!, etc.”). Let’s call these type of churches Openly Condemning Churches.

Then there are churches that generally don’t have much to say about the issue, but when they do address the subject, they simply state that it is a sin to practice homosexuality. They don’t want homosexuals in their church and wish they would just quietly go away. Let’s call these type of churches Silently Condemning Churches. I suspect that the majority of churches fit into this category.

The writer’s point is that all three types of churches in their own unbalanced way actually encourage homosexual conduct. His solution is towards those who “struggle”.

There are those who have given up fighting against the sin of homosexuality. We must love them, be gracious to them, call them to repentance, and pray for them. But we cannot biblically consider them to be part of the church, just as we cannot consider to be part of the church anyone who has given up fighting against sin of any kind.

But those that I’m primarily considering here are those I’ve continually referred to by the phrase “struggling with homosexuality”. It is those who fit this description that the church must bear with, show patience toward, bring under the ministry of word and sacrament, and remind of Christ’s forgiveness. They must be treated as part of the company of the rest of us who are living as simultaneous saints and sinners.

Christ does not give up on those who turn to him. He stubbornly fought against sin for them. To push away from the church those who call for help as they fight against any sin is to treat sin as greater than grace, to withhold the resources of forgiveness and strength, and to proclaim a savior who is too weak to hold the battle for them.

Sometime ago, I read about two types of churches that do not represent God or his word on the issue of homosexuality. One, the angry church and two, the accepting church. Both are misrepresentations. Love and [righteous] judgment must be balanced without a one size fits all application.

Its really important to know and understand that not all people are in the same category when it comes to homosexuality. Some are indeed struggling. I would define struggling as (1) one who admits homosexual conduct is against the will of God (2) because of various tangible and/or intangible factors, find themselves engaging in such behavior (3) ask God for forgiveness. A “struggle” simply means that one hasn’t given up to what is attempting to master them.

That’s different than someone who contends that God made them homosexual therefore their conduct is normal and acceptable to God.

A struggler can indeed be embraced as a brother or sister in Christ and accepted as part of the Body to which grace, mercy, compassion and discipleship should be applied with love.

The post is an excellent read that will help you understand the spiritual nuances involved with the issue of homosexuality and the contemporary church. Read now.


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  1. Wonderfully written post, w/balanced understanding and maturity on this most extreme subject matter. I like the way the author used the terminology of what a true “struggle” is vice a “stronghold.” Its post like this that keeps the believer “SENSITIVE” to the issue and not so much “EMOTIONAL” to it. And being sensitive to it doesn’t mean that your “tolerating” it or taking a “passive” approach, on the contrary it means just the opposite. It reminds me of (2) incidents (1) how Paul dealt w/the greeks and there religious attitude, when confronting them about the “unknown god” and (2) when rebuking the church of Thyatira, Christ spoke to them about putting up w/a false prophetess, when He wanted her truly confronted, so that she may repent, to make a long story short, she was not confronted, though well known she was in open error, Christ reply is simple in taking care of her, I shall also take care of you who ignored the problem. Once again well written thought provoking post, “its the annointing that breaks the yoke” only when your sensitive to the issue and not emotional, remember its good to have zeal, but without knowledge its foolishness.

  2. This is informative, thank you.

    For those believers who are struggling with homosexual desires, we need to embrace them and lovingly encourage them in the Word of God. Individuals who struggle with homosexuality are no different than the rest of us who struggle with our own sin. Therefore, they don’t require being shunned.
    The operative word being “struggle”.

    My heart goes out to all believers who struggle with sin, having contrite hearts. Because those whose hearts are contrite, and broken, for those who have broken spirits, God will not despise us (Psalm 51:17); He hears us when we tell Him, “Wash me thoroughly from my inquity, and cleanse me from my sin.” (Psalm 51:2); we are blessed when we mourn over it!(Matthew 5:4)
    There is no sin that’s greater than the grace of God.

    Thank God for the blood.

    But we have to come to Him with a repentant heart.
    That’s why for individuals such as those who post on this blog who aren’t ashamed of their sinful lifestyle, they will in eternity incur the judgement of God; for where there’s no repentance, no contriteness of heart and no mourning, there is no relationship to Him.

    But for those who struggle, take heart! It bears repeating: There is no sin greater than the grace of God. I thank Him for it everyday.

    Now for all of us who struggle with sin, let’s echo (and live according to) what David said: “How can a young man keep his way pure? By living according to your Word.

  3. I agree Tony.

    Angela, yes the operative word is “struggle”. Like any other believer such individuals should be encouraged to strive for mastery. I like that scripture you cited it is so appropriate. God is near to them who have a contrite heart. But he resists the proud.

  4. Beloved Pastor Fostor,

    I have written many post on this blog, and you’ve given me a venue and opportunity to speak my thoughts and opinions. I received an unction of the Holy Spirit to pray for you:

    May the Lord bless you and keep and may His light shine within your heart as you shine within mine. May He bless your ministry which first begins at home, may He continue to sustain and strengthen you for the perilous times we live in. May you ever abound in His grace and love and in doing so, ever increasing in the knowledge of Christ. May He bless this blog, that He gave you the knowledge and wisdom to create, and through it, may countless who live in the sin of homosexuality find deliverance, freedom and liberty. Now unto Him who is able to keep us from falling and not just us, but those who come in repentance from this blog, be presented faultless, to the joy of His coming. In Jesus name I pray Amen. Your friend Tony.

  5. Isn’t it amazing how, the more you hate sin, the more you love God?

    The more you realize how sinful you are, the more you realize how merciful and full of grace our Lord is.
    And the more you realize how merciful and full of grace the Lord is, the more you want to worship Him.
    And the more you worship Him, the more you love Him.
    And the more you love Him, the more you want to glorify Him, and the more you want to glorify Him, the more you despise your sin, because you know sin doesn’t glorfy Him.

    It’s such a beautiful domino effect.

  6. Homosexuality is a demon and it needs to be cast out. That’s the whole purpose of Delivering the oppressed, cast out demons and break curses. Not too many Churches will call homosexuality what it really it of course there are not many Churches that preach Biblical Deliverance either.

  7. Thanks for the prayer Tony. It is much needed.

    Robert, homosexuality per se isnt a demon, lust is the demon and it manifests in both homosexual and heterosexual sexual immorality. There are other manifestations, but you get my point.

    Every person does not have a demon, although some may well have one. Thats why I said we cant apply a one size fits all approach.

    Secondly, deliverance is needed but should be understood as only a beginning. While some churches push deliverance, deliverance its almost like having a baby and then walking off and leaving the baby to grow up on his/her own. Then think that just because a person is “delivered” then all is well until Jesus comes. Not so.

    After deliverance, the church MUST disciple. Thats where you come in. We can cast out devils and preach strong doctrine, but if we are not willing to disciple these individuals until the struggle is no longer a struggle, then recidivism (backsliding) is a greater possibility.

  8. Hello, Angela:

    You said:
    Isn’t it amazing how, the more you hate sin, the more you love God?

    One of my favorite Puritans, Thomas Watson, has borrowed from you when he set down: ” ‘Til sin be bitter, Christ will not be sweet.”


  9. Hello Robert and Pastor Foster,

    This is my first time posting a comment and I must say to Pastor Foster that what you are to the Body of Christ is a blessing and as Bro. Tony prayed I am in totatl agreement and continue to keep ministers as yourself in my thoughts and heart in much prayer.

    I wanted to comment in response to the idea of tagging a demon to sins such as homosexuality and I hope you can please bear the long post. As Pastor Foster stated we do have to be careful that this not identified as such in all instances. A demon possessed person may certainly do a varied amount of things without boundary, put we do not label that a demon of homosexuality and unfortuanately many sincere individuals may be casting out such things without true discerning. Yet I would have to also disagree with the idea of a demon of lust for the fact I stated earlier that demons will cause a person to do just about any and everything including being lustful. We would have to reconcile the scripture that is stated in Romans 7:7 “What shall we say then? Is the law sin? God forbid . Nay, I had not known sin, but by the law: for I had not known lust, except the law had said, Thou shalt not covet.” Also consider James 1:14,15

    “But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his
    own lust, and enticed. Then when lust hast conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.”

    These scriptures clearly state lust as a sin, that if we are drawn we do so by our own lust. We also understand that in our early years we have been given to youthful lust since we all have first been born in sin and iniquity. If I chose to, as a born again believer, I can make the decision to recreate a desire to lust for something I should not and it would not be called a demon because I am no longer a captive–since Christ’s spirit in me cannot co-exist with any demon or spirit; spirit and demonic activity can only bring suggestions from without for a now Holy Spirit filled person. We are now the temple of the God created in Christ, if we have accepted Him and received His Spirit. Pastor Foster you are certainly on point about follow-up discipleship after deliverance–this is a must and is many times lacking in the Church. I do thank God that there are those as yourself that are true leaders in the Body of Christ that can and will do such discipling.

    I appreciate you Pastor and for your stand in Christ. Thank you for the opportunity to respond and may God truly bless you and your family.


  10. Donna said:

    As Pastor Foster stated we do have to be careful that this not identified as such in all instances. A demon possessed person may certainly do a varied amount of things without boundary, put we do not label that a demon of homosexuality and unfortuanately many sincere individuals may be casting out such things without true discerning. Yet I would have to also disagree with the idea of a demon of lust for the fact I stated earlier that demons will cause a person to do just about any and everything including being lustful.

    If you have ever had an addiction to porn and were delivered you know for certain there is a demon with the assignment of “lust”. The body of Christ as a whole woefully ignorant when it comes to demons and spiritual warfare.

  11. I agree w/Pastor Foster on the ignorance of the body of Christ concerning demons and spiritual warfare, and the reason being is because, were either too emotional to the situation or not sensitive enough to it. When were caught up to emotional to the situatiion, that because we’ve lost the scientific and mental occurences going on, and when were not sensitive enough, we’ve lost spiritual understanding, both extremes satan feeds off. Putting it simplier, “don’t be so spiritually minded your no earthly good”, and “don’t be so practically minded your no spiritually good.”

  12. I want to make it clear that as portrayed in the bible, demons are real, possess people and are capable of considerable spiritual and physical damage through the individual they inhabit.

    My only concern is the tendency among some people who believe in demons to automatically assign demon habitation to every person who has a homosexual issue, struggle, whatever. That is wrong not only for the homosexual but for anyone who isnt quite right with the Lord.

    The overemphasis of demonology removes the need for people to deal with personal and practical responsibilities for their sins (rather than blame it on a demon) and it creates a simplistic solution to layers of complex problems in a person’s life.

    Even with the man who was possessed by legion, when he was cleared of those demons, he still had to go home and face all the issues created by his long absence and more than likely broken relationships. Maybe that’s why Jesus forbade him to come on the evangelism trail with him. The man needed to go home and deal with what he had left long ago. Thankfully, in case people acted like some church folk, he had his testimony to encourage him.

  13. I agree totally. satan has no power over us unless we give it to him. Lets not also forget that satan cannot do anything without God’s permission and must follow what God instructs absolutely. See the Book of Job for examples. Now when you commit sin and open a door for demonic possess well that was your fault you should not have got caught up in sin in the first place.

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