Battleground youth: no intervention spells defeat

In case you aren’t aware, one of the most telling battlefronts is already in full swing. That is for the hearts, minds, influence and souls of the youth. Homosexual activists have pretty much written off trying to change the older generations about homosexuality. But the minds of youth are still pliable and they are taking full advantage of that through education, entertainment and believe it or not religion.

Its a sad testament that the church is not just losing this battle, but appears to be still in the tent sleeping. While religious homosexuals are pulling out all the stops to endoctrinate young people into the false ideology that “sexual orientation” (read:homosexuality) is genetic and immutable, the church, in between intermittent cat naps, only manages to say something completely stupid like “God didnt make Adam and Steve, he made Adam and Eve!”.

The theological poison being offered by gay christian clerics should be ground zero targets in this battle, but until the church see them as enemies to the cross —not brothers and sisters in Christ— the young people of the future church are pretty much on a trajectory to eventually accept homosexual behavior as normal. You heard it here first.

In this Religion and Ethics produced video, we see how so many young people are already saturated with false teachings, they have no compass whatsoever in determining what is right or wrong.  As we saw with the Tonex interview, the battle has been cast as between people who are homosexual and the church. If there was no God and no Word, if would be an accurate casting. And the so called issues of fairness and inclusion would indeed be in play. But God is just, not fair. Or at least not how these individuals have redefined fairness.

One video subject, Joey Heath says,  “At the time I believe that it  [homosexuality] was something I needed to be healed from, and so I would pray every day that God would just heal me of this, this evil part of me, and that this would be just removed and I would be cleansed and made whole again.” [full transcript]

Joey represents many youth who are partial victims of unbalanced and/or incomplete teaching on holiness, God and responsibility. We have talked about the MMS (make me straight) prayer before here and here. Unless individuals understand that God doesn’t want to make you “straight”, he wants to make you holy, the result of such prayers will be what Joey says next.

Today, Joey says he feels whole, but he’s still gay and still facing the kind of condemnation he faced in his United Methodist church when he first came out.

“I was involved somewhat in the leadership of the campus ministry, and then my campus minister said I can no longer speak on behalf of the ministry because it’d be an endorsement of my lifestyle, which for me was devastating.”

In other words, since God didnt make Joey “straight” per his “prayer” whether sincere or not, then Joey comes to the conclusion that God wants him to be a homosexual AND then promptly recast the conflict as “condemnation” from the church. In reality the conflict remains between he and God’s Word which declares his behavior sinful and needing change.

The other very serious issue is how homosexual activists will toss out false statistics with no substantiation. Their teen counterparts have picked up on this tactic and use it. Notice in the video, the interviewer does not even slightly question Rittenhouse’s claims.

Here in New York City, 7,000 kids identify as gay or lesbian, and they’re on the streets for various reasons, and there’s definitely some religious ties to that.

Later Rittenhouse makes yet another highly emotional and controversial claim:

“They had told us all that by the end of this six weeks we would all be heterosexual men and women walking in the light of the Lord.”

If I were the interviewer, I would immediately ask who said that to you? What position did they hold? Did you go into the program because you were assured you would be a heterosexual?

But there was no followup to the remark. The reason its allowed to stand unchallenged is because it is highly emotional. And most people are being conditioned not to think critically about homosexuality but to to react and think emotionally. You’ll notice most media stories about homosexuality are emotionally charged in favor of homosexuality.

Sadly, this same mindset has infiltrated the church. Instead holding the Word of God forth as our first instinct, we think hurt, pain, anger and rejection the person may or may not have endured. And while it is a valid concern, one’s hurt, rejection, pain and anguish does not trump the call to repentance. I dont know of many people who haven’t suffered some form of hurt of pain in this world, even Christ did to a greater degree (Is 58). Offense is the nature of the world.   Should we minister to the hurt and pain of youth who are confused about homosexuality? Absolutely. But not out of emotional overdrive which could very well cloud our spiritual judgment.

Most children —through education, entertainment and online sources— have twice the amount of exposure to homosexual ideology than they do the word of God. Without any intentional intervention from Godly parents or the churches they attend, such ideology will soon become embedded in their minds. In fact if you look at any of the current slate of youth conferences held by churches it mostly involves entertainment and music but very little instruction —if any— on the issues of sexuality and moral conduct.

Perhaps the words of the formerly homosexual Pastor Purdue should serve as a guide: “They haven’t walked where I’ve walked. They haven’t been where I’ve been. While I haven’t changed my theology on what homosexuality is that I have definitely changed my attitude toward people who struggle.”


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  1. Will God raise up people to guide this generation into a right relationship with Him?

    Are there any volunteers?

    This generation is fair game – everyone is targeting them: advertising executives, tv personalities, music celebrities; the list goes on, and they’re doing a spectcular job in shaping and molding their viewpoints.
    I can actually applaud them for their relentless effort.
    But I won’t.

    Is there anyone – anyone – who will bring forth the Word of God in all of its authority, purity and power with as much effort as one brings forth Brittany Spear’s newest single?


    “Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?'”

  2. Sorry, got a little off topic there. I just mourn for these kids, I really do.

    It’s bad enough you have worldly influences competing for this generation, but now you have individuals creeping into the Church, bringing their heresies with them, with the goal of teaching them “tolerance”.

    Embryos are much more fertile inside the body, aren’t they?

  3. That woman minister is a minister of Humanitarian services, and not that of the gospel. She’s more centered upon what she thinks than what the bible mandates. This is why listening is so important when dealing with those that say that they represent God. Their speech will betray them if they speak contrary to the manifest will of The Lord.

    Now off to read this article.

    Addressing what you are saying, we are in agreement that they are enemies of the cross, if the propagate this nonsense to no end. I only wish that I had a counter to count the times that that woman (so called minister, the one w/ that collar on) used the word I, instead of it is written and we are bound to do…..

    “Joey represents many youth who are partial victims of unbalanced and/or incomplete teaching on holiness”

    By whom are the incomplete teachings attributed to?

    “In fact if you look at any of the current slate of youth conferences held by churches it mostly involves entertainment and music but very little instruction —if any— on the issues of sexuality and moral conduct.”

    Herein lies the problem or so it seems to me.

    We as Christians have to preach and mainly teach the word, while letting the process of sanctification take place without being judgmental, and hopefully maturity will be the end result.

  4. “By whom are the incomplete teachings attributed to?

    To whatever churches these young people “grow up” in and never hear holistic teaching on sexuality and God’s word. In this case, it looked like Methodist and Baptist. But it occurs pretty much across the board. Maybe that’s why Donnie McClurkin’s speech at COGIC in Nov struck such a chord. The reason I said partial is because they still have a responsibility for their sins, no matter who didnt do right.

    Vaughn, discipleship should be intentional and goal oriented. If Jesus said make disciples, then our goal should be maturity. Intentional discipleship results in spiritual maturity if the one leading is spiritually mature.

    Preaching the word is judgment on all sin. But after earnest repentance and in the sanctification process, yes we have to come alongside and educate. However, these youth are being shortchanged before the all critical and lifelong process of sanctification even occurs.

  5. The differences between the young and old in the body of Christ, is so obvious its beyond description and that may be the biggest problem. We’ve tolerated such statements as, “well we have to become more like the world in order to attract the youth” and thats mostly through music “Lucifer the minister of music” thus the youth look at the old, as “archaic”, “outdated”, and “out of style.” They mostly will not tolerate “sound doctrine” especially if its against, what they deem to be allowable, well then again mostly noone will, old or young.

    This generation true is under tremendous pressures, and because of that, they must be understood, but not at the expense of being “CHALLENGED” to rise up higher. One cannot rise up, if being cliquish and distant is encouraged, doesn’t matter if your young or old. And it begins w/leadership, when leadership is in place to “challenge” the youth, not “lord over them” there mostly removed, but when theres one in place that will “compromise” there pretty much left alone, and said of, ” oh how they’ve helped the ministry grow.”

    I pray the Lord will raise up other young David’s, who will standup against Goliath, even when the young and old are full of fear. But then again to become a young David, (I didn’t say be him exactly) one must seek the things of the Lord, whether lead, liked, understood or not.

  6. I wanted to share this scripture:

    1 Samuel 13:19 19 “Now no blacksmith could be found in all the land of Israel, for the Philistines said, ‘Otherwise the Hebrews will make swords or spears.'”

    I hope it’s not too abstract but I take it to apply to this situation. We need cutting edge people at the forefront of this fight and those that WOULD sharpen even our young people (blacksmiths) are very few. Even in Washington, DC gay marriage is now legal and there were a few pastors who stood against it — albeit unsuccessfully — and the young people have been indoctrinated early-on to embrace and “tolerate” “differences” without any regard to what God says.

    I pray that as I continue to develop, I will be a blacksmith especially for young men — not out of a spirit of hate, but out of walking humbly before God.

  7. watchern, I see exactly what you are saying. It really is a rephrasing of the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. I agree (a) this is a fight (b) we need trained soldiers at the forefront.

    I think that most of the people who I saw on videos opposing gay marriage in DC said some of the most ridiculous things in public. Unfortunately many of those who have a platform resist real training and instead fight without wisdom and knowledge. Thus the young people see no role models of courage, wisdom and Godliness among those who show up in public (preachers I mean) to “fight” gay marriage. Im open to hearing solutions, but right now lets be honest, its a comedy of errors.

    The other thing is we cant keep voting people into office who pledge beforehand to pass laws we know will be detrimental to the well being of the nation.
    Thanks for having a willing heart.

  8. With the marriage thing getting a good jump-off in DC and then seeing this video, I’m almost overwhelmed at the task at hand. It is for reasons as such that I cannot stand another message that does not equip the Body of Christ with the proper tools to go out and affect the communities. Yes, I do know there are many leaders that are doing great jobs at this, but why aren’t there any cameras on them? Why aren’t they receiving media coverage?

    On another note that relates to the youth being indoctrinated with the normalization of homosexuality, I went to the movies last week to see the film “Valentine’s Day.” Along with me came my 17 year old nephew. I thought the film was going to be funny and it actually was. However, Hollywood took the liberty of making the two most masculine, attractive, professional and wealthy men in the movie gay lovers. You don’t realize this until near the end when he comes home to his lover who just “came out” during his press conference. I was so frustrated! Of course, because my nephew has seen this stuff in school, movies and tv, he didn’t have any reaction at all…very indifferent. We discussed the movie aferwards and I told him no matter how cool the two gay guys looked..and the hetero fornicators, it is a sin and it is not a part of God’s best for man.

    So believe me, these kids are not moved anymore about the gay thing. Saints, it is time to sit with your children and update them on what’s going on. The world is teaching them “everything goes.” We must come back with the truth of God’s Word, raise them up knowing the Word, and helping them to WALK in the Word.

  9. It is the duty of saved parents to study the pure word of God and teach it to their children. There is no fear of God, there is no reverence of God. He is not held in great awe and esteem by parents, so children end up doing the same or worse, (unless God Himself intervenes).

    The Most High God desires our children to be holy (Malachi 2:15). He not only said He want them holy, He told us as parents how to accomplish it (Deut 6:6-9).

    Too many of us, as parents drop the ball. We are too busy in the “rat race”, so we send our children to be “Sunday school” to be taught by others (in some case very ignorant people). The truths in the bible is “dumbed down”, and taught as stories with cutesy illustrations. Then as they get older they go to the youth ministeries that place emphasis on “fun” and music.

    Proverb 22:6 says “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

    It is our responsibility as christian parents to teach our children that feelings are relative and not to be given any preference over the Word of God.

    What Pastor Purdue said around 7.08 can be applied to other areas of our christian walk. Just because we desire something does not mean we act on it. I, from personal experience, know that wrong desires come, I also know that they cannot be allowed to take root. Anything that exaults itself above God is sin, so if we put our sexual feelings over God’s word we sin.

    Pastor Foster, I will play the devils advocate here, there is a man that loves men and “marries” a man, there is a woman that loves women and “marries” a woman, and there are tran-sexuals of both sexes that “marries”. In any of the cases mentioned they can say they are “christians” as they live monogamous lives. Who is a “bi-sexual christian”? Don’t bi-sexuals have sex with both male and female.

  10. Pastor Foster, that was a very clumsy way of asking the question, thanks for even attempting to answer it. Let me try again. With same-sex “marriages” someone can feign reighteousness, because they are monogamous. What can a bi-sexual person use for their false righteousness? Don’t they sleep around, they sleep with both male and female?

  11. This post brought to mind a book I just finished (either criminalization of Christianity or marketing evil) where it talks about public schools indoctrination of youth, it told about a young man in his sex ed class not being interested in a rather graphic depiction of homosexual sex by his instructor and voicing his distaste. The boy essentially says ‘I’m not interested in learning this’
    ‘Have you ever tried it?’
    ‘Well, someday you might and you might like it.’
    Oh no! I mean, I can see how just saying ‘I don’t want to learn’ will not fly in algebra class, but trying anal sex is not the same as trying a plate of brussel sprouts! This is what happens when we take prayer out of school.

    Kind of off topic you also make this point that caught me:
    “The other very serious issue is how homosexual activists will toss out false statistics with no substantiation. Their teen counterparts have picked up on this tactic and use it.”
    This is one of my issues-most recently seen in the Kim Burrell/COGIC Music response to her secular career. In that awful letter she gets off into whomever not feeling comfortable in the “church circle because they feel condemned or judged. Before they can come over and receive Christ, we’ve already killed them because of the messages that they’ve given.” Homosexuals and other rank sinners jump on the band wagon of how “the church oppressed me, when I was looking for help they shunned me …” Not EVERYBODY was shunned and oppressed! You just didn’t want to receive the Word! The church would not receive your sin and give you carte blanc in service and you didn’t want to stay and learn. Or they are riding this argument on the coat tail of someone else’s experience. It is so frustrating…

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