Gay church says its "not gay"

I don’t mean to mock anyone, but this was rather humorous in a bizarre way.  A gay church in South Carolina is a little upset because apparently someone thinks its a gay church. So the church’s website made it a point to say its not a “gay church”.

“Is Freedom A Gay Church? Freedom Worship Church is a WHOSOEVER (not gay), Progressive Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ. The only difference is us and most churches we do not lie about who or what we like in the name of being delivered. We walk in the truth of God as we are honest with and about ourselves in the Kingdom of God.  “Your human condition will never change the standard of God; HOLINESS IS RIGHT

“What we like”? Is that a reference to sexual preference or  M&Ms plain?  This gay church seems obsessed with keeping the words “gay” and “homosexual” in the closet. Even the pastor’s bio is very careful not to mention he’s gay.  Not sure what the “holiness is right” in all caps and bold is about, but it appears someone has identity issues. Holiness is right, but how can a “whosoever” church teach that homosexuality is right and holiness is right in the same breath?  One isnt right but lest we be accused of being anti-whosoever, we’ll just let the scripture speak for itself.

Finally, brothers, we instructed you how to live in order to please God, as in fact you are living. Now we ask you and urge you in the Lord Jesus to do this more and more. For you know what instructions we gave you by the authority of the Lord Jesus.

It is God’s will that you should be sanctified: that you should avoid sexual immorality; that each of you should learn to control his own body in a way that is holy and honorable, 5not in passionate lust like the heathen, who do not know God; and that in this matter no one should wrong his brother or take advantage of him. The Lord will punish men for all such sins, as we have already told you and warned you. For God did not call us to be impure, but to live a holy life. Therefore, he who rejects this instruction does not reject man but God, who gives you his Holy Spirit. 1 Thessalonians 4:1-7  NIV

If the Freedom Worship Church  really believed holiness was right, it would immediately cease and desist promoting (and engaging in) homosexuality as acceptable to God. It also says its doesn’t lie about who it is. If that’s true, then why is the FWC affiliated with the Atlanta based gay pentecostal denomination United Progressive Pentecostal Church? The UPPC’s leader is a homosexual who calls his gay partner the “first gentlemen”  (a parody of the first lady). How gay is that?  Instead, the church attempts to gaychurchscrollcloset its homosexual affirmation in euphemisms:

We are a diverse group of people who come from varying social, economic, political, and religious backgrounds. Freedom is a “Whosoever Ministry” with all the complexities of individual situations. “The one most consistent theme of the story of Jesus in the Gospels is that Jesus included everybody [John 3:16]. The outcasts are rejected people who did not keep the details of the law, the poor, the sick, the despised – all were loved by him. Religion often takes an exclusive posture of rejection, but Jesus never did.”Through our Lord, Freedom Worship Church seeks healing for brokenness through Christian fellowship, worship, education, and prayer. We realize that a “Whosoever” ministry can not be fulfilled by word only, rather through consistent action to which we’re committed. Our doors are open and “Welcoming” to Whosoever!

There are several problem with this “outcast” analogy being used.  Jesus didn’t just accept the sick, he healed them of their sicknesses and they were no longer what they used to be. That’s called being changed. And the Apostles reinforced Jesus’ teachings per Matt 28:20. In Acts 15, they instructed the most despised of outcasts to do two things: abstain from idolatry and abstain from sexual immorality. The apostles told the despised outcasts that if they followed those two commandments, they would “do well”.

FWC should stop playing the closet game. If youre a gay church, why deceive people about who you really are? Is there something youre ashamed of?


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  1. If you’re a gay church, just say it. Or perhaps the “wisdom” of not putting that out there is shame and conviction. I don’t get this “first gentleman” concept. I perused the website and there’s a complete hierarchy of “government” and overseers. SMH. I’m afraid that FWC is teaching another Christ…. the one who never required change, called for holiness, or broke the chains that bind us all. I’ll pass.

  2. thewatchern, I think its more PR marketing stuff. Most likely the church is 100% gay, but in order to attract people who dont want to be a member of a gay identified church but like the inclusion junk, they have to market themselves as like any other church. The “first gentleman” title is just bizarre. Like I said its a parody of the traditional black church title for the first lady. Then again, these folks are masters at parody. So is their father.

  3. From their website…

    “We are living the word.”

    No, they aren’t. They are living their selfish desires and rejecting God’s teachings.

    In a similiar vein is the story coming out of Boulder, where the kids of lesbians were disenrolled from Catholic school. The women released a statement which basically says:

    The reason they enrolled their children in the school they say was because they themselves were raised in the Catholic faith and went to Catholic schools.

    The couple says both of their children have been baptized, and attend church regularly at Sacred Heart.

    They now feel their goal of raising their children in the Catholic faith is being undermined by the church.

    Their full statement:

    They want to live their faith, they want to deny their faith.

  4. christian, I dont get these people. They know BEFORE they go to these churches that their lifestyle is wrong per the churches’ teaching.

    If all they wanted to do was raise their kids as Catholics, there are gay Catholic churches. I guess they think the GAY catholic church is somehow substandard.

    I think this is nothing but publicity grandstanding. Count me unsympathetic.

    This is how many of these so-called gay christians are “creeping in unawares” by claiming to be something they are not and in their hearts truly despise.

  5. The Word of God, consistently speaks of the “apostate” church, where everything goes and this type of church is just another form of this, and we know according to the Word of God, has yet to reach its “APEX.” The epistle of Jude speaks about, these so-called brethren coming from among us and then leaving us, to go there own way, I’m also reminded of one of the epistles’ of John, saying, “they left us, because they were never one of us.” Hiding behind the word of God to justify ourselves and our wrong doing, has been going on since the beginning, whether your claiming to be a believer or homosexual believer.

    The Lord and his apostles’ said, “wickedness will be abounding”, “every man will do whats right, in his own eyes”, and “woe unto you who calls good evil and evil good.”

  6. I suppose you’ve also heard about the earth centered worship circle at the Air Force Academy. It’s a totally pagan religion. When you research the history of these ‘earth centered’ religions, they all have roots in orgies and human sacrifice.

    It’s all becoming so bizarre!

    I can’t figure what the one world religion will be, it will have to encompass all this nonsense…homosexuality, paganism, islam. I know it will all come to pass but the only thing they seem to have in common is satan.

  7. I am young myself, but young pastors kind of freak me out. Honestly, that’s the first thing I searched for about him after I read the article. His MySpace says 24 (I’m pushing 23). Check out his MySpace too, his pseudo crotch-grabbing photo and the seductive volunteer banner on the left pretty much did it for me.

    Albeit slightly off topic, I looked up O.C. Allen III on the net and instantly felt a bit ill when I saw photos of him holding communion.

    A (weak) form of godliness is all this is…

  8. I think they are saying that the church has no “labels” and that it is a church open to everyone..”whosover”..meaning, the doors are open to everyone..including Gay’s and Lesbians…and even those that have different beliefs or interpretation of the scriptures….

    I say if Gay people feel more comfortable fellowshiping with each other…then let them be….the traditional black church isn’t the most welcoming place for same gender loving people….

  9. twan its a mistaken concept that the church’s sole mission is to be all inclusive welcoming as if it is some type of country club with dues paying members.

    The church’s mission is to preach and demonstrate the power, love and judgment of God in the earth as representatives of the kingdom of God. And in case anyone is in doubt, 1 Cor 6 says the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God. So what good does it do to create a “welcoming place” for people who are in rebellion to the will of God? To me that’s like aiding and abeting someone in the wrong.

    And then again, maybe they dont know the difference between the church and the kingdom.

  10. bliss that whole movement is perverse. Its like taking a pig and dousing it in expensive perfume. Guess what happens when the perfume wears off?

  11. twan86695 said: and even those that have different beliefs or interpretation of the scriptures….

    Twan be careful the Bible very clearly states that there is One Truth, One Church, One Way and only One Bride. There are not multiple interpretations to the Bible It interprets itself.

  12. To Gcmwatch,

    I could be very wrong but where does it state in the Bible that we are to judge people?

    Apostle Paul writes of the Kingdom of God has a place or location that one would inherit..but more often Jesus refers to the Kingdom of God not as a place or location but was “something that is within us”…

    How are we to know what lies inside of the heart and soul of a person who is Gay?

    Where did Paul get this list of who can’t enter from?..Jesus uses a similar list in the NT of those that shall not enter..but Gay peple are not listed in Jesus’s list….so where is Paul getting his information from?

    These are just some of the many questions I have regarding this issue.

    To Robert

    I would love to believe that as it is right now in the world that we are one church, but we are not..we are many “churches” with many different views/interpretations. I know u are aware of this. In my family alone are Catholics, Baptist, Penecostal and 7 Day Adventist and trust me..they all have different views or interpretations on the scriptures..especially when it comes to “women” issues…and “water baptism” issues…

    I trust you understand where I’m coming from..i do long for the day when there is one church and where we all believe the same thing..although that sounds very cult like..debate is good..which is why God created “free will thinking”….

  13. I guess my first question would be first of all to define judging and then ask what exactly have I done in the post to judge.

    Based on your responses I will share the scripture with you.

    I will answer your other questions which are legitimate.

    “How are we to know what lies inside of the heart and soul of a person who is Gay?”
    Gay people’s hearts are no different than anyone else’s heart. The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it? Jer 17:9. Our hearts —unless regenerated or recreated by the Holy Ghost— are wicked and deceitful. So, yes we can know what’s in the heart of a gay person. The same applies to the soul. A person who’s life is unregenerated is full of sin and wickedness. Until they depart from their iniquities and receive Jesus as Lord, they are lost and condemned by their own actions. This is why we rely on God’s word as the sole authority on spiritual matters.
    What’s more, I dont have to know what’s in a person’s heart to know that if they live their lives according to their own choosing they will not inherit the kingdom of God. I agree that the kingdom of God (on earth) is within us, but his kingdom ( a physical domain) also exists and people of certain lifestyles will most definitely will be excluded from entrance. Revelation 22: 14-15 “Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have the right to the tree of life and may go through the gates into the city. Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood. Those are Jesus’ words. And dont forget that Jesus defined the kingdom of God (whether internal or external) as a place where repentance from sin was a requirement for entrance. Read Mark 1:15, Matt 3:2

    You say “gay people” per se arent on the list. A technical truth but not the whole story. But neither are “crack addicts” or “identity thieves” or “swingers”. The term “gay” is was adopted and adapted by homosexuals in the early 50s to describe a new awareness of themselves primarily as a contemporary socio-political entity. It doesnt matter what new name a sin is given or even if it becomes acceptable to the masses, the behavior indigenous to that sin will never escape the condemnation of God. Moreover, the bible isnt restricted to chronology or social vicissitudes. Nor is it subjected to scientific discovery on moral/sexual issues. Both blessing and curse is tied to the eternal nature of God. In this case any person who engages in sexual activity with another of the same gender commits sin. And all sin is a transgression of God’s law. Not only does it condemn the activity, but condemns those who agree with it even if they themselves dont participate in it. Romans 1:32

    Secondly, Paul got his information from the same source as every other Biblical author from Genesis to Revelation. The Holy Spirit imparted the written word to man. The holy Spirit also gives revelation (spiritual insight) to the written word because it is spirit in nature John 6:63
    The Holy Spirit isnt some “b class” god, but a manifestation of God himself.

    And I want you to understand that if you completely reject what I say, its your choice and I respect your freewill. After all freewill is given to man by God. But also understand the choice we make have eternal consequences. So choose wisely and not of your own prejudices.

  14. Thanks for responding….

    I’ll ponder on the scriptures you provided and will get back with you.

    The only reason I brought up judgement because in your previous statement you mentioned “judgement” as well as “love” as something we should be …well…how about I just copy and paste what you stated…

    “The church’s mission is to preach and demonstrate the power, love and judgment of God in the earth as representatives of the kingdom of God.”

    Regarding the statement in Revelations..”sexual immoral” is that in a contemporary translation?…I only read KJV and it states “whoremongers”; which to me has no direct connection to Gay people or men who have sex with men or women who have sex with women.

    A “whoremonger” refers more to prositution or one who pays for sex and those that promote such services and those that partake of such services..i guess there are male gay prositutes..but you seem to be linking all Gay people to this scripture…

    “sexual immoral” is to “broad”; I mean anyone can fit into that defintion based upon what one considers to be immoral….

    Again, you have only pointed an example of different interpretation/translations of scriptures from one version of the Bible to the next…therefore one is left to pray and seek God on what the scripture is really conveying vs. what a group of translators interpret ancient words to mean…

    Also, do you believe Paul was under the guidance of the Holy Spirit when he wrote about “marriage” and “women”….? I mean Paul states that if one lust or burns for sex..than just marry…as if its that easy..maybe it was in his day…he seems to suggest marriage is about the convenience of getting your rocks off without having to repent…when its so much more than that…I won’t get into everything Paul teaches…but I don’t believe everything he wrote was directly from God but I do believe they provide guidance and inspiration…not to be taken literally in every instance but definitely the overall message is in line with living a life pleasing to God…

  15. Yes, its broad enough to include all sexual sins. And rightfully so. Sexual immorality is any sexual activity whether homosexual, heterosexual or otherwise which is outside the male-female marriage covenant. There’s no need to have some explicit list.

    1 Cor 5 gives the believer authority and responsibility to judge (righteously) others who claim to follow Christ, but continue in sins. It is clear that we are not to judge the world as that is God’s domain to judge sinners. Be honest, you judge everyday based on your own value system. Judging is a necessary part of life. Why is it when we come to the things of God, all of a sudden judging becomes some cardinal sin? We are to judge not based on our personal value system, but Gods. I do and feel quite comfortable doing so.

    I guess unless you see specific contemporary words of phrases, you see it as inapplicable. That’s very faulty logic and process because it allows anyone to simply rename their sinful behavior and then exempt themselves. For instance the word “boylover” isnt in the bible, neither is pedophile but the actions of both are condemned. Would you allow the pedophile boy lover to use the same logic you just used for gay people?

    I havent relied on any “different interpretations”. What I cited was clear instruction with no interpretation needed. The inference you make is that God has deficiencies. What you are implying is that God has no ability to see a future foreign concept and address it. It goes to the heart of who God is and what he is capable of doing. In contrast this idea that man is so smart he can simply create new words, apply them to age old sin and viola! all condemnation is erased is ludicrous.

    Im not going to get into marriage because it is off the beaten track from the content of this post. However I will repeat all biblical writers were under the inspiration of the Spirit of God. I am curious as to why you seem use “literalism” to your benefit when talking about “gay people”. But when it conflicts with your worldview, you dont have use for it.

  16. Twan, those were legitimate questions.

    Gcmwatch, your responses couldn’t have been more clear & precise.
    Thanks for the clarity.

  17. Sometimes I just don’t get it. Nobody for a second will dispute the Bible when it comes to stealing, lying or murder. But when it comes to sexually immoral behavior we are just going to try and justify it because of loved ones, friends or ourselves even though the Bible is very clear. Maybe its a case of loving the world more than God and therefore not being worthy of God?

  18. Twan86695
    You seem to have an issue with what you consider to be the ‘broad’ categorization of the term “sexual immorality”.

    However, the NT scriptures do not make ANY allowance for sexual activity outside the boundaries of marriage between husband and wife. Anything outside those boundaries is sexual immorality.

    That’s pretty plain to me…unless you see something else in scripture that you wish to show us regarding this.

  19. Thanks gcmwatch

    The KJV does not support what you have stated as it relates to the scripture in Revelations. “Woremongers” are people who get paid to have sex…

    “Sexual immoral” is not an ancient term/biblical term/hebrew term/greek term or concept either, just as Gay isn’t but you appear to be comfortable with using “Sexual Immoral”…again…the scriptures in the KJV of the Bible does not list men falling in love with men or women falling in love with other women as “immoral”..if it does, please show me in the KJV? Paul in Romans 1 refers to men to men LUSTING and women to women LUSTING after each other and every tom dick and harry in the city…imagaine a sex party but and open one..held in the middle of the city..where people are lusting and having sex with whomever…that is not the Gay community or the Straight community.

    As far as Paul, there is no one in the mainstream church that literally takes EVERYTHING what Paul teaches as “the rule” or “the way” things should be done, especially when it comes to “women issues”, “marriage issues” and many others…mainly because they interpret his words and his message differently as all humans beings does the Gay community.

    Case in point..we have female Pastors, we no longer as a church promote or encourage slavery of any kind, women are not subject to their husbands but to their own conscious and morals, divorce is excepted even if its not due to sex outside of marriage and men and women don’t marry the first piece they see just because they are “burning” or “yearning” for sex-they simply have sex…the list goes on and on..but I’ll stop here.

    As far as “boylover” and “pedophile”..those are not sexual orientations; those are diseases or a sickness and a form of “rape” and “abuse”..the KJV of the Bible does state any one that “abuse themselves with mankind” are people who will not enter into the Kingdom of God or people who have the KOG within can you..when you “abuse yourself and others”?…Now I imagine you are going to say that two consenting adults of the same sex is a form of “abuse” or is a “sickness” or “disease” and that is when you have left what the actual scriptures states and when you go off into the land of “opinion”…and who doesn’t have one of those..

  20. twan86695 said: KJV of the Bible does not list men falling in love with men or women falling in love with other women as “immoral”..if it does, please show me in the KJV? Paul in Romans 1 refers to men to men LUSTING and women to women LUSTING after each other and every tom dick and harry in the city…imagaine a sex party but and open one..held in the middle of the city..where people are lusting and having sex with whomever…that is not the Gay community or the Straight community.

    Well since I don’t have my gold plated Dead Sea Scrolls on hand to interpret the Word of God I will just turn to my trusty Strong’s Concordance to p. 1662, G4205 “pornoi”. Which tells me another word that could have been used besides “whoremonger” is “fornicator.” Fornication is ANY sex outside of marriage between 2 persons male/female, male/male, female/female ect. So yes the Bible was Clearly condemning homosexuality as sin.

    As far as Paul, there is no one in the mainstream church that literally takes EVERYTHING what Paul teaches as “the rule” or “the way” things should be done, especially when it comes to “women issues”, “marriage issues” and many others…mainly because they interpret his words and his message differently as all humans beings does the Gay community.

    So can I get some proof of your research of all these mainstream churches who reject parts of Paul’s letters contained in the Word of God?

  21. twan youre building a bridge to nowhere. And Im not going to walk on it. Most of this stuff you are hashing is circular argumentation that we have hashed in the past with numerous other progay commenters. So, excuse me if I dont play along anymore. Frankly, its boring and an insult to the spiritual intelligence of this blog community. It doesnt even challenge the mind or the spirit to a higher level of scholarship. And to me, youre platforming now.

    Unless you have some specific to say or rufute per the content of the post, lets discontinue this march to nowhere. Thanks.

  22. This is a very inlightening blog. I hope and pray your wisdom will not be taken lightly.
    Gay churches, whether they claim this title or not, are very dangerous!


  23. Why do some folks like to mention that Jesus the Christ “included everyone” … but fail to follow-up with the fact that HE only entered homes, broke bread with and even talked to “everyone” to inform them about true worship of and faithfulness to GOD the FATHER.

    It’s not like HE approached the demon-possessed and left them as they were. Nor did HE simply send the woman caught in adultery away — HE instructed her to sin no more.

    If the Gospels had recorded our LORD and SAVIOR speaking with homosexuals, based on HIS character as presented in the Holy Scriptures, HE would have also told them they weren’t living in accordance with GOD’s Ways.

  24. Not all sinners are in chosen rebellion. We all have a sinful nature. All should have access to loving spiritual guidance. Not all gays are sexually active and therefore not evidently any more immoral than the next sinner.

    The fight against sinful desire and selfishness is a continous battle and homosexual as well as heterosexual should have the right to develop spiritual strength and conviction along side with the support of their chrisitan brothers and sisters.

    We all have selfishness issues when it comes to God’s will.
    We all have dificult sacrifices to make for the Lord

  25. younger, agree with the big picture in your comment. But this gay church is in chosen rebellion. And encouraging others to join them to rebel against God’s will.

    I still dont get why any self professed Christian would want to self identify as “gay” when they are not sexually active. What’s the incentive? What positive spiritual or biblical benefit is it to identify as such when there is no pressure to do so?

  26. I won’t really get in a theological argument about this, but I do want people to know that I know the Pastor of the church you are talking about. If you had any idea how abused he has been by CHURCH LEADERS when he was striving to live straight… might understand why he has established a church for all types of people. The Body of Christ cannot condone sin, but we must also remember that Jesus died for you, me, and all people. And the reason so many have turned away ( and they are turning away by the thousands every day) from the church is because of the abusive, dictatorship pastors that desire the money, the status and the big ministries OVER the people and their issues that they are struggling with. I am heart broken that we spend so much time arguing and so little time ministering to these people. Throwing your Bible at them will not change it. Most of them know more about the Bible than many of those that bash them to a fiery hell. If we have not love, we are just a bunch of noise makers…..

  27. Jesusfreak, sharing contextual scripture involving sin is a demonstration of love; love for the eternal souls and the determination of its the final destination therein. One type of sin is never a justification for another, as per your assertion for gay affirming “churches” created as a result of other types of heretical antics going on elsewhere.

    Part of effective ministry is sharing the Word of God at the expense of losing the affection and affirmation of those steeped in sin. Jesus said for those that love others more than Him is not worthy of Him (Matthew 10:34 – 39). It is not done by assuaging the emotions of those that feel they are being attacked. We are responsible for contending for the faith Jude 3 in all aspects, delivery notwithstanding.

    To have the Word defer to our everchanging feelings and emotions renders the Gospel useless and Jesus’ sacrifice null and void.

  28. jf, okay we wont get into theological arguments. Lets just go with what you said.

    I agree with you 100% about the sorry state of affairs far too many contemporary church leaders has led the church into. I also agree that many people have been severely hurt, burnt and wounded behind such actions. And I agree that consequently some have left the faith because they felt it was the only thing to do to regain their sanity.

    Have you ever heard the saying two wrongs dont make a right? Cause that’s exactly what’s going on with this.

    None of the situations you cited is justification for sin. And homosexuality is sin. Even though the pastor that you say you know was perhaps a victim of all the above, can you honestly say that he can stand before God and use that as justification for his choice to remain in a sinful state? Where is it that church hurt, etc is a reason for us to sin?

    This pastor isnt the only one who’s been in that predicament. I have and so have millions of others. The solution isnt to backslide and start encouraging others to turn against God. By preaching a doctrine based on the approval of sexual immorality, he has become an enemy to the gospel.

    You said he tried very hard to “live straight”. That’s a big mistake because God called us to holiness,not “straightness”. If you have any influence with him, why dont you tell him? Im not sure if youre accusing us of “bible throwing”, but I will agree that’s not the answer. But dont confuse telling the truth in love with “bible throwing”.

    Finally, let us not forget Jesus himself was hurt, wounded, beaten, abandoned, despised, rejected, abused, and killed YET he did not turn away from God into sin nor did he encourage others to do so. He is the example (Heb 12:1-6) and Roshawn needs to repent and return to the Lord who will abundantly pardon.

  29. I never said I approved of sin. He knows where I stand on the issue. The main thing is the fact that God hates sin but loves the sinner. And no man can be drawn to the Father unless it is through the Spirit of God. So, all of our judgements that we make on others will never change them. What will change them is our prayers and our love. If you check out my website blogs you will see that I do not condone sin, but I do believe we have to find better methods of reaching people other than hitting them over the head with the Bible. That just does not work. I have a full understanding of this whole issue, yet I cannot begin to think that I can change someone….only Christ can do that. But I can love people and just as all of us struggle with SOMETHING, I must show some grace to people and allow GOD to do what He must do in their lives…just as He works on the issues in MY life that need to be resolved.

  30. I know you were clear that you didnt approve of sin.

    You seem to imply that we are judging. Not so, the church should be aware of false teachers and their false teachings which lead souls to hell. Spiritual awareness is extremely important in this present age where deception is everywhere. Are you against warning and teaching people truth so they are not caught in error of false teachers?

    The intent of this post wasnt to change Roshawn, but to differeniate truth from falsehood. Change will only come as he in free will responds to God’s unchanging truth with repentance. That’s the same way for every person in error. JF, lets be honest continual sin is not an “issue”. Please dont downgrade the deadliness of sin.

    Love alone neither prayer alone will work either. Check out the woman caught in adultery. Jesus loved her, but told her with equal weight “do not commit this sin again”.

    So if we follow Jesus’ example and tell Roshawn and other so called gay christians they are in error, to repent and not commit sin again, you are saying no, just love them and pray for them?

    I want to be sure I understand your position.

  31. No, they have to know the truth. But you know what? Most of them already do. But only God can bring change. Our homophobia will do nothing but drive them further away. I have a clear perspective of this since my brother has been gay for over 30 years. I will pray and let God do what He has to do to bring the change….

  32. Im a little confused. If you a person is so called “homophobic” why dont you just love them and pray for them and not criticize them? I mean thats what you said is the solution for the homosexuals. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right?

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