Bishop Blake fires one church official for stealing money…

DICKERSON WELLS…but remains silent and inactive on another for sexual immorality. It appears the leader of the nation’s largest black pentecostal denomination is demonstrating that the love of money really is at the root of its dismal record on dealing with sexual offenders and predators carrying the COGIC name.

Case in point,  on March 9th, The Commercial Appeal reported that  Dickerson LS Wells, a Memphis based pastor and “senior executive administrator” to Presiding Bishop Blake had “resigned” but COGIC officials refused to say why he left.

But Thaddeus Matthews, a Memphis based radio talk show host reported on his blog that Wells had stolen $20,000 of COGIC’s money. That prompted an immediate visit from Blake who flew in to personally ensure Wells was no longer in position.

“Sources within COGIC state that Dickerson L.S. Wells pastor of Bethel COGIC here in Memphis who also serves as a trustee of the national organization was asked to resign his position of superintendent By Presiding Bishop Charles Blake after it was found that Wells had diverted church funds for his personal use.

As Superintendent here in Memphis Wells was the highest ranking official of the national church having control of church funds and properties. Its said that Wells diverted a $20,000 check belonging to COGIC for his own personal use.

Sources state that Bishop Blake flew into Memphis several weeks ago and ask the stealing preacher to step down.”

So why hasn’t Bishop Blake flown into Birmingham, AL and told Bishop Peter Wren, Sr. to resign? That’s very easy to answer. If an official in COGIC steals money, they’re worse than an infidel but if they are a sexual predator its not a big deal. Well, it is on paper but who cares what a “zero tolerance” policy says?  After all, its just a diversion tactic to stop people from asking questions and demanding truthful answers.

Business as usual?

So is this about protecting the “name, image and assets” of the organization while ignoring the hurt, pain and devaluation of the people of the organization?

In November 2009, COGIC officials stumbled and fumbled over whether to remove a local church minister who was arrested for rape of a 16 year old girl. The church’s pastor refused to remove the man claiming he could only required “pray and forgive”. After considerable outcry from outside organizations, church officials finally settled on an unusual resolution. They brought in the jurisdictional bishop to be the church’s CEO. Later, the minister was removed.  We daresay had the minister stolen money, the removal would have been swift.

If you think that’s stretching the truth, look no further than the case of  COGIC’s highest ranking homosexual sex predator, the late General Board Member John Husband.

According to reports by the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Husbands stole $500,000 dollars of church money. But before any of that came to light, it was an open secret known by both peers and subordinates that the bishop was engaged in numerous homosexual sins. Yet, nothing was done. But when Husbands stole the money (reportedly to pay for medical bills) COGIC quickly moved in the discipline him. In fact, the discipline was the severest on record. Husbands was defrocked and [sort of] excommunicated from COGIC.

As COGIC Bishop Neaul Haynes of Dallas reportedly said in reference to sex weirdo Sherman Allen, “old habits die hard.”

Dear Bishop Blake:  please go back and listen closely to the November 2008 message of the man you fired for stealing money. You might just learn something about yourself and your leadership.


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  1. Poor leadership, and apostate indeed. Warnings to those of you who defend a leader like this; the blood of the innocents will be required at your hands, too. You also will not escape the wrath of God.

  2. No “Judas’s” allowed in COGIC, but “sodomites and pedophiles” are welcomed all day long! I’m sorry, just very sarcastic and disgusted after reading this article…that’s all I’m gonna say about this!

  3. Its all rather surreal at times, just bizarre. How is this acceptable or even agreeable to the people of God? Have we fallen so low that we no longer demand a high standard of integrity and holiness from our leaders?

    I may not know/see everything, but trust that the righteous eyes of the Lord sees all. However, what we do see/know cannot be justified from any angle.

  4. You can rape, molest, fornicate wantonly, have elicit homosexual relationships, but if you STEAL from the coffers you’ve committed the unpardonable sine!

  5. eating and drinking… buying and selling… planting and building… stealing and sneaking.

  6. Money awakes the sleeping giants, but sexual abuse doesn’t?

    Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t

    Touch not my money, and i’ll not harm you by firing you.

    Peculiar, not funny, but peculiar!

  7. The fact that he made a trip personally to address the issue is also telling. I wonder if hes gotten off his butt to go and investigate allegations of sex abuse?

  8. Elder Jimmy, yes telling indeed. I’ll say it again as Jesus said first, the love of money is the root of all evil. Bishop Blake’s shell game attitude since we begin reporting on this epidemic in COGIC three years ago is rather stunning. Anyone who doubts that can simply read through the over 30 fact packed stories on this site. Even as recently as last month the OK pastor who boasted he wasnt going anywhere and nothing in his church was changing after he was arrested for sexually molesting two girls. But not a peep from the powers that be.

    Today, the ABC reported that some half million children were sexually abused by Catholic priests. The biggest reason: complicity, inaction, coverup and lies told by those in authority. So far, the patterns are the same in both churches. And you can add double talk.

    Bishop Blake made this statement 3 years ago: “To protect the name, image, and assets of the Church of God in Christ, we must take positive steps to seriously investigate every case of alleged sexual abuse by the clergy” But they had no intention of being righteous on this issue. Its all about corporate self preservation. That’s clear from that statement. Seriously investigate every case of alleged sexual abuse by the clergy??? I guess that’s one of those inside church jokes. Snicker, snicker.

    But let somebody steal some money and BAM! the hammer falls.

  9. When I saw the title of this post I thought, ‘only one?’ I know some that might need to be checked on.

  10. hey well we can only deal with what comes to light.
    On another note, a male from the cogicyahoo forum tried to post a brazen lie pretending to be a homosexual who wanted to commit suicide. I didnt let the comment pass because it was just bizarre. He said he was angry because he wanted help and all I wanted to do was talk about “cogic mess”. I sent an email to clarify, but then realized when I saw his comment on the yahoo forum I realized it was the same person. I wont say who he was but _______________when you read this, I hope you spend some time repenting for the lie you told. Its sad what people will do to defend their errant leaders.

  11. “Name, Image and Assets”, The lust of the eyes, flesh and pride of life…Are all the Bishops of COGIC silent as well? Is there noone who will hold Blake to accountability? The image of the church is not what is REAL; how about protecting the innocents? How about protecting the Holiness of the church? How about the character of the leadership? As one who was sexually exploited by a minister I am truly disgusted by this lack of action; swift and thorough, on COGIC’s part.
    COGIC leadership may be worshipping an image as surely as Shadrach, Meshack and Abednego were constrained to do. Only they refused to do so. This is ABOMINABLE! I could really SCREAM! I have lost a lot of respect for this church, really.

  12. Heartbroken…

    Woe to the worthless shepherd that leaveth the flock! the sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened. – Zech 11:17
    1 Woe to the shepherds who destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! says Yahweh. 2 Therefore thus says Yahweh, the God of Israel, against the shepherds who feed my people: You have scattered my flock, and driven them away, and have not visited them; behold, I will visit on you the evil of your doings, says Yahweh. – Jer 23:1-3

  13. “Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand,” God says to us, “your ways are not my ways, your thoughts are not my thoughts.” I say this not condoning the foolish and malicious acts some of us have done whether in the “pulpit” or “pew” though one will be held more accountable than the other. God’s own words tell us how he will chastise the wayward shepherd, for leading his flock astray, but it is also his desire to lead the wayward shepherd back unto himself. Oh yes there is no escape from our sin, “for the wages of sin is death” and God, “watches over his word to perform it” in “positive” and “negative” circumstances.

    We see a picture in the bk of Revelations, where the word says, “they did not repent of there fornications, and all types of other immorality”, but even in the midst of this God’s hand is extended even to the most vile offenders unfortunately it is we who don’t accept this hand of quiet coming towards us. I hope none of the brethren believe that I am attempting to condone or justify the sin’s of wayward shepherds are anyone else including myself, but am speaking about the other side of the coin and in speaking about the other side of the coin, one does not nor will escape chastisement even in its most severe form, I think of David and even the ruthless King Manassah of Judah, who is said to have sawed the Prophet Isaiah in half.

    God expects us to see sins’ for what they are in others and many times moreso in ourselves, the word echoes, “I shall have mercy on who I shall have mercy, and I shall have compassion on who I shall have compassion, shall the clay tell the potter what to do” in others words, shall we tell God who he’s going to forgive and curse. Now does that mercy and compassion turn away from sins’ of course not, it sees the sins for what it is, thats why its mercy and compassion. But our part is to see our sins’ for what they are, truly repent as David did, recognizing chastisement is definetly on the way, and then and only then will we receive that merciful and compassion hand extending toward us, regardless of what others might say.

  14. pEOPLE: No one in COGIc who has any reputation or standing is going to hold Bishop Blake responsible for anything. That is not how they roll at COGIC.
    There needs to be a cleaning from Blake on down but it will never happen unless the HOly Spirit takes these rogues out by the means of death because they are not going to reform themselves and they resist outside reformation.
    There may be sincere and God centered COGIC churches but Bishop Blake & Company are making it quite difficult to believe that Blake and the hierarchy at COGIC central are in step with the HOly Spirit and the discipleship tenets of Jesus.
    Blake’s actions regarding the homosexual issues are a joke. He has no intents of cleaning house….none.
    Why? He wants the power and perks of that office and the attendants benefits and money and he is not going to lose it by
    being forceful on sodomites and caring for their victims.
    In COGIC, money rules and it is their idol. Jesus is a distant
    third or fourth!

  15. GCMWatch said:
    Even as recently as last month the OK pastor who boasted he wasn’t going anywhere and nothing in his church was changing after he was arrested for sexually molesting two girls. But not a peep from the powers that be.

    The accused child molester can say that more often than not before they have dirt on the upper echelons…..

  16. First of all being gay is not ok. I want to make that statement clear and concise. Every family, society and church has been infiltrated with the gay sickness. The reason – the embracing of it. Churches can’t love homosexuality away because its a spirit an evil spirit. It has to be casted out by those who truly have the Holy Ghost power and fasting and prayer. In other words it takes God to deliver gays from their lifestyle – if they don’t want to be delivered then God will leave them that way. It’s a stronghold and it passes from person to person. The church cannot afford to embrace homosexuality as it is – it must speak the word against it. Everywhere people are being affected by this sickness. It will end like Sodom and Gomorrah. Ture the COGIC has its skeltons like other churches but the motive of Satan is to tear down the Board of Bishops , let women preachers and gays florish. The game of Satan.

  17. @ elder jimmy,I have tried on several occasion to persuade Bishop Blake to intervene on my behalf as I was uncovering sexual abuse in the local church. The most he has done for me was referring me to the state bishop in my area but he (Blake) personally flew into the state of Tennessee to deal with the theft of money. I now see what motivates them (COGIC National) to react to a situation of importance…

  18. @ M. Morris, the LORD HIMSELF will reward you for your advocacy for what is right. How can the church be against abortion and not be against the abuse of children teens and others at he hand of unrighteous men posing as shepherds of GOD’s flock? Is it alright if you are abused AFTER you get here? The hypocrisy is as thick as fog.
    What does this church do in it’s convocation except sing and shout and raise money? If they can have Donnie McClurkin come and talk about homosexuality why won’t they deal with the horrible sin of sex abuse in the pulpits?
    Until the COGIC churches stop making their assessments to their districts, etc. The leadership will not budge. If money is the motivator make money the motivator for there to be change in the behavior. If they refuse to change, If I was a COGIC minister I would make my voice prophetic everywhere I went in the church until they put me out!
    Is it that so many people aspire to be where some of these men are in the hierarchy that they will not make waves for it may hurt their chances at moving up the ladder? Those who remain silent or inactive are complicit in the crimes commmitted against these people.

  19. It’s all about the BENJAMIN’S not about the people. Money rules in most churches not God that’s why you see no change.

  20. It is recorded that Bishop Charles H. Mason (founder) had a vision where God showed him a train full of preachers going to hell out of “this church”.

    The spirit of perversion, and all it entails, is right on time, lining up with the word of God. Dan. 7, Rev. 13, Rev. 17, Rom. 1 (only to mention a few).
    God is going to win and get the glory anyway! The devil is just falling for the set up, as according to God’s plan. This mess going on in churches, this is not the real church. God is going to erect a church out of the church.
    Saints, don’t get so caught up in this mess. Although, thank you for keeping us aware so we know what to pray for.
    May I encourage you (me too) stay consecrated, keep fasting, continue reading the word so that YOU will have power to cast out these demons! Identified, “spiritual warfare” is here and it’s fighting time saints.

  21. Nothing makes me sadder COGIC daughter. I know all those who like me truly love COGIC are saddened and angry at what is going on in the church. I was told that prior to his death Bishop Mason was asked what his greatest fear was in leaving the church (for glory) and he replied “These men do not have my spirit”. We are seeing that his legacy is being pimped by ungodly men who care little for the people but whose hearts are greedy for sex, filthy lucre and power.

  22. Even though it hurts to leave what you know sometimes the best thing to do is to seperate completely or run the risk of meeting the same end. Who wants to go down with a sinking ship or a train that is headed for hell fire!!!!!!

  23. @ COGIC Daughter/Pastor Foster
    My late Bishop said something similar during a state convocation a few years back, when he addressed the clergy as some shady dealing was exposed. Paraphrasing: You’re damned. Y’all ain’t saved like you’re suppose to be.
    I about jumped out of my seat on that, that was a day.
    I think that is why when I see videos of Ford, JO Patterson before they died, all weepy and drained cause they know the type of men were striving for positions and would be trying to lead COGIC after they were gone.

  24. It could be after constant exposure of leaders and then nothing being done about there error though well known and proven. This in my opinion is what occurs when the church establishes “hierarchies” rather than “leadership.” For when hierachies are established there is no “accountability nor responsibility” only cover-ups, blatant denial, and a superior attitude, unlike the attitude that Christ instructed his followers who become leaders of the early church to have a “servants” attitude for the word pastor alone means “servant.”

    It is once again my opinion that most of our under-Shepherds have forgotten this once wonderful and illuminating character of leadership. When hierarchies are established the servant concept is pushed to the side and basically frowned upon. The attitude of supremacy takes place, where I can do anything and say anything because of the title I hold and even after obvious exposure very little or if anything is done to bring these individuals to repentance and restoration. Hierarchies are a worldly concept not to be entertained by the Church of Christ.

    But I believe, only with the return of the Prince of Peace, will this concept be obliterated from his body.

  25. I am so saddened to read this article. Yet I am not surprised. I see that the message of Jesus Christ and Him crucified (which is the message that Paul preached) has been kicked out of the church period, and where that message is NOT preeminent the pastor will be.

    This is so blatanly obvious that it takes work NOT to see the evil that drives this wicked and perverse leadership. Get ready to see more as God is revealing everyday the separation between the true church and the fake church with it’s “another jesus” (lower case on purpose)

  26. Quote from Watchman Nee book called Love Not the World he was touching upon worldly Christianity:

    “Whenever the power of natural man dominates, there you have an element in that system which is under the direct inspiration of Satan.”

  27. Saints,

    Long time reader, first time poster.

    As a historian of COGIC in particular. These things are not strange to me as they have been going on longer than most would like to admit. From jockeying for position to outright apostacy, it’s all been there. The singular problem is this. Until a leader is ready to be a real change agent, and forgo popularity it will be business as usual, only doing part of what God wants and drag on what’s important. Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes about an old man who forwarded a plan to save the city and no one remembered the old man. So for the idea of legacy, leaders don’t do what they’re supposed to.

    Sad but true. Yet with life there is hope that someone will have the stomach to do what is necessary despite the cost that will result and there will be cost.

  28. Until a leader is ready to be a real change agent, and forgo popularity it will be business as usual,

    Elder W, welcome and I echo your words: sad but true.

    I pray that God is grooming a “Joash” for COGIC. Hope he is waiting for God to bring him forward. But as you said COGIC has an identifiable history of muzzling truth tellers for the sake of name, image and assets.

  29. @Elder W – what a pun here (lol)! You said “Business as Usual” This was the main thrust of Supt. Well’s Convocation message a couple of years ago.

  30. I linked to that video at the end of the article. It really was a powerful message, Supt Well’s situation nothwithstanding. But I dont think Bishop Blake was in attendance.

  31. Grace and peace to all.


    This type of posting makes people believe that ALL in the COGIC are pedophiles, homosexuals, lesbians, rapists, thieves, liars, cut-throats, hypocrites, fornicators, adulterers, and just plain rotten to the core! But I beg to differ! I believe with EVERTHING in me that there are MORE living HOLY than not! It is unfortunate that the guilty have to suffer with the innocent! The good with the bad. I happen to be a National Evenagelist in this GREAT organization, and it is, but when invited by other denominations there’s a “cloud” over my head, and I’m placed under a microscope!

    Something has to be done!

    But I have another question for the person responsible for this blog. Have you asked ALL of the readers to do something beside condemn the action(s) or inaction of Bishop Blake and others? You don’t have to waste your time and energy condemning anyone! Jesus said; “He that believeth not is condemned already!!

    Why not ask the TRUE Saints to pray that the evil be exposed, and pray that God grant Bishop Blake, the General Board, the General Assembly, and the Board of Bishops the HOLY BOLDNESS to make the tough decisions involving discipline, and restore the GOOD name this organization once had!



  32. G, you do err in your judgments.

    Rather than stand up to wicked and ungodly leaders who are causing such a shame and blight to come upon the COGIC, you engage in misplaced blame. Youre right, something has to be done. Here are a few suggestions: Why dont you call, write or schedule an appointment with Bishop Blake and express your disappointment that everywhere you go, your church is looked at with shame because he and his leaders are carrying on unrighteousness? Why dont you stand up in the General Assembly and demand to know why nearly 1 million dollars a year of church money is going to pay for sexual abuse claims? Why are you not outraged enough at sin in your own house? Why dont you speak out against the guilty and as God said to Joshua put away that wicked from among you? You say you dont “condone ANY sin,” so where is your voice against the over 40 KNOWN cases of egregious sexual abuse of women and children in the COGIC? Show us where you have spoken out against these criminal acts?

    Neither the readers of this blog nor myself are to blame for the current black cloud over this church.

    You seem to imply that if the readers of this blog were praying then COGIC wouldnt have prolems, eh? But what about the 6 million members of the COGIC? Are they praying that Bishop Blake et al get “holy boldness” to make right decisions? And if they are dont you think it should be done so by now? This is over 30 years of wickedness we are talking about here. This blog has only been addressing it since the last 3 years. What’s more, Bro National Evangelist, the Bible has already given clear instructions, so what is the problem? Prayer does not resolve disobedience to God’s word. As a leader you should now that.

    The prophets of old cried aloud and did not spare and they showed the house of Jacob their sins. Isaiah 58:1. You label it “condemnation” perhaps out of concern for self. I guess Isaiah, Jeremiah, Malachi, Ezekiel, Nahum and others were also “condemning” when the preached and exposed the sin of Isreal? Its a shame because it sounds as if you are much more interested in protecting the “name and image” of your church that you are about righteousness.

    For shame that you would even write such things, elder.

  33. Evangelist G,

    I am a Pastor in COGIC. For almost 30 years I’ve served the Lord and the church and am a contributor to this site, and also write on these issues. I don’t think anyone with understanding assumes that the WHOLE CHURCH is full of pedophiles etc. I’m certainly not one of them and am one of those millions that do live right. We have many beautiful and godly saints all around the country. Those things aren’t in question.

    What is is question is how “leadership” handles the souls in light of these circumstances. These things have gone unchallenged for years, and it seems normal, but it’s NOT. See, there is a loss of value and an emphasis on things like personality. Association, personality, the ability to raise money have taken the place of the dedicated and submitted lifestyle. This is the model that the “leadership” is perpetuating and this is the problem. It is called secularization.

    When victims are considered to be simply a number, and preachers SINS are considered simple “faults that need love” that condones the sins. You response displays the taint of what I’m saying. You said:“Why not ask the TRUE Saints to pray that the evil be exposed, and pray that God grant Bishop Blake, the General Board, the General Assembly, and the Board of Bishops the HOLY BOLDNESS to make the tough decisions involving discipline, and restore the GOOD name this organization once had!”

    Now you make the assumption that one cannot talk, critically assess and pray at the same time and that one thing may negate the other. In addition, you do not believe in a healthy system of accountability for our leadership or organizational bodies. This is ridiculous.

    For example, what has the General Assembly done to make these leaders accountable? I’ll tell you what…NOTHING. can the judiciary do anything???…NO. So who makes the rules and decisions…the same leaders who get into trouble or who know and buddy with teh ones getting in teh trouble.

    Look at this for a minute. According to the rule, who can be admitted to the GA? I’ll tell ya…Only those who are in certain positions and those who are delegates “selected” by who? The same ones that should be held accountable…this is called ‘juicin the system’. I mean this is like a robber putting himself in jail and keeping the key. He can do what he wishes, steal when he wants and leave when he pleases and you say simply ‘pray’…don’t take the key and make that fella do right…just pray. that’s until, he steals from YOU!

    In addition, only leaders of ‘cults’ feel that they don’t have to be accountable for their actions and decisions. COGIC is not a cult, but certain leaders use cultic techniques and silence and shame are two of them that they use to shut people up who call their ethics into question.

    Finally, as you wish to reestablish the ‘good name’ of the church, I believe the more important mission is to build up the souls and the integrity whereby the church is operated. Can we trust that decisions are made with the best spiritual disciplines under consideration and in favor of the weakest amongst us??? As I have see it recently, I vote no confidence IF what I read is correct. Now, what I read is what ‘they’ say for themselves so I am reading truthfully what is going on and it is disturbing.

    Evil IS being exposed because of prayer and the Saints are gaining strength knowing that any god that men establish will come down, EVEN if that god is in COGIC. God won’t share his glory. Not even with the Grand Ole Church!

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