Former Unity Fellowship member speaks about the "gay church"

ufcm-logo-wh-gold-on-wh-hires-300x289The Unity Fellowship Church is one strange organization.  Predominately African American, it was founded by Bishop Carl Bean a former gospel industry worker in the early eighties, but seems to have always had a cultic persona about itself. We’ve reported on the church here, here and here so you can familiarize yourself with them by reading those stories.
CT, a former member of the church’s Seattle branch has given GCM Watch an exclusive interview and look inside what its like to be a member of a gay church. Did he find what he was looking for? We report, you decide.
GCM Watch:  Why  did you join a gay church?
CT: I know the reason why I joined a gay church was because I wanted to be among people like me.  I wanted to be among gay people who also loved the Lord.  I knew that being gay was wrong but thought that if I got into a place of worship that wasn’t so dogmatic on homosexuals that I might actually enjoy it.
GCMW: What was your spiritual experience like while there?
CT: I knew that there would be differences in the order of service and possibly the worship.  Found it to much like the black church experience without the true presence of God.  People would get up and testify about how God (God himself) blessed them with this lover they have had for however long they were together. The goodness of God was expressed on a ssa level not on the basis of how good he really is.  Not sure if there mind was clouded by the spirits that at work on the inside or if they were just literally blind to the awesomeness of God.
Couldn’t have too much of a spiritual experience in the church knowing that after church the pastor, and one half the congregation would be meeting at the closest watering hole for happy hour (Is this where the offering money going?).
There was one time when I can say that I felt the presence of God I was in search of my next move in life.  I knew I couldn’t continue down the path I was headed down.  I had no money, I was very bored with the church and its lack of righteousness.  The choir sung a song by Hezekiah Walker called “Alright Now/I do believe I’ll make it”.  It ministered to me so strongly and so real that I thought I actually felt God sitting next to me whispering in my ear that you will make it.
GCMW: Did you ever question teachings you heard?
CT: Being the person who I am I always have questions on anything. I question myself and my motives for things that I do.  I questioned the doctrine of the church and how they viewed homosexuality.  I found out some of the things that their doctrine taught about homosexuality and the bible.  Because of the trick or the attack I should say of the enemy on my life at that time, I was in total agreeance.  I needed to be in a church and needed to be accepted for who I was.  The big deception was looking me dead in the face and I allowed it to overtake me.
GCMW:  How is the bible viewed in the church?
The bible is viewed as a self-help book.  The morning sermons were more on passages from “In the Meantime” by Iyanla VanZant.  I can only remember one sermon out of the bible and that sermon was over before it got started.  Meanwhile sermons from “In the Meantime”, the latest Oprah book club of the month, or any other self-affirming or love focused book would hold a 30 minute sermon.
GCMW: Why did you leave?
CT: I was bored with the church because it was not teaching me right. The Lord was speaking to me regarding being in that place.  I would be very uncomfortable hearing sermons that were not from the word of God which would bring about true life change.  I was uneasy hearing and seeing homosexual activity in the church (kissing, holding hands, etc.).  Couldn’t deal with the musician bringing a different dude to church EVERY sunday and be hugged up on him.  It was just too many things!
GCMW:  Why do you think people join gay churches?
CT: For acceptance, because churches in past have been so hard on gays.They might love the Lord as much as they know how but have been ostracized, preached on and “sent to hell”. Not just from the pulpit, but from the person sitting right next to them.  The funny thing that I noticed was that certain gays were not a part of this holy bashing-the singer who had the voice of an angel, the preacher who everybody knew just didn’t talk about it.  The average untalented, confused homosexual is verbally, characsterically, and sometimes physically beat out of the church.  Where did they go? Churches that accepted them for who and what they are.   I would say in times past that this was the standard but now in some churches it is going on and the number is increasing.  Yet people are still flocking to the gay church because they can’t be who they are and be allowed to worship their god in many edifices today.
GCMW: Is there anything else you care to add to help us understand the mindset and operation of churches like Sojourner Truth?
CT: You heard me mention the great deception. Well to me the great deception is the Unity Fellowship Movement and churches like it.  Because it gives the assumption that you are serving or worshipping the true and living God when in fact you are being deceived.  You have a form of godliness, but deny the power thereof.  Let me explain:
You think that you are serving God and that you were beautifully and wonderfully made in the image of God.  We were that!  You are also taught if you are gay you were born that way, or God made you like this.  But how can you be born in the image of a righteous and holy God and yet be born as an abomination to him? You can’t believe in God’s delivering power because you feel and are told by these denominations that you are ok and there is nothing wrong with the way you are.  Let me retract and speak only for Unity Fellowship Movement because that is the only place where I carried my membership.
Even the basic truths of homosxuality and the bible are fought tooth and nail by their doctrine and perverted to make sure that what they believe is in agreeance with the spirit that is within you.  So that you will begin to see the familiarities in YOUR spirit and THEIR doctrine.
Postscript: The Sojourner Truth UFC in Seattle appears to be defunct or no longer with the UFC movement as it is not listed on the organization’s web site. The founder of the church died in August (2009?) according to a gay newspaper. The former pastor is now in the church’s “mid-atlantic jurisdiction”.

9 thoughts on “Former Unity Fellowship member speaks about the "gay church"

  1. Pastor Foster,

    The questions you asked this individual from this obvious cult were direct and articulate, but not just that, I felt the true care and concern you had for this individual and not just this individual, but all who are caught up in this cultish religion.
    I also discerned from the individual a desire to be parted from the lie of Satan and the world and to be joined truly unto Christ and his true body of believers’. Pastor continue to flow in the annointing/ministry Christ has given you for this day and time concerning individuals’ caught not just in this lie, but all lies the enemy, the world and our own sinful natures have ascribed to. So that they to, as you and I and countless others have come to know, the true calling of Christ.

  2. Wow! What a powerful testimony for the Body of Christ! Congrats CT and I pray that others who are in that and other gcm movements will see the light of truth.

  3. I have friends who are former-members of gay churches and they never even want to talk about their experiences there because the consensus is: They knew they were in denial even though it was an environment that let them be comfortable. It’s like they’re ashamed of a past that had to be done in the dark.

  4. I visited two gay churches once. One in Waco, TX and the other in Dallas. I call them “joshua and caleb” missions. I wanted to see firsthand what went on inside the so-called inclusive love dens.

    The church in Waco (MCC Church from heart) had in its foyer AIDS brochures depicting men in stark frontal nudity as an “awareness campaign”. I guess without the nakedness the gays wont pay attention to any “lifesaving” messages.

    The church in Dallas (Cathedral of Hope) has embedded in its stain glass windows, the paired gender symbols of homosexuality. No crosses or Jesus, just the symbols of their sex. The messages were about how right homosexuality was and how God had blessed their love. The church in Waco had a female speaker who used Isaiah 43:18-19 as a text to which she declared the “new thing” God was doing was making homosexual love more public.

    Other than that, it was the normal Christianese type of church.

  5. just some update information from a local:

    Gwen Hall (the founder of the Seattle church) died back in 2007. (I’ve been confused by the lack of year on SGN’s site, myself.)

    The church is still active, but no longer affiliated with the Unity Fellowship denomination.

  6. thank you for the update/correction Bix. I wonder why they are no longer affiliated with UFC?

  7. From what I gather, the change of affiliation reflected the transition in leadership to their new pastor.

  8. I understand the need to be accepted and loved by the church and the confusion of the sin nature, which is responsible for all sinful weakness. Until recently I fought with the idea that my being born gay made me more sinful than other christians.

    Today I realize no matter what the sin nature, it is our goal to sacrifice the old life and take on the new life of follower of Christ.

    Whether I declare myself as born gay or if I should bear the burden of sinful gay no-longer truly matters. That identity justification has no place before God who knows me and knows the sacrifice I strive to make.

    I realize that being less selfish with the Lord means working to overcome all selfish desires no matter how deep. Selfishness is selfishness whether gay or straight.

  9. Friend Young,

    Yes the “sin nature” exists in every believer, thats why the Apostle Paul could say, “oh wretched man that I am, who shall deliever me from the body of this death”, but praise be to God for Jesus Christ who gives us the victory. But it is also the sin nature intensified by the lies of Satan and the encouragement of the world system that helps one to believe that they were born homosexual, for remember we serve a God who makes no mistakes.
    But we cannot blame always the sin nature for our foolishness, for in doing so were constantly justifying and making excuses for our actions and beliefs. For all who believe are overcomers in Christ, if we submit to the Holy Spirit our Helper and “ALLOW” him to deliever us.

    I say to you do not believe the lies of Satan, nor lean upon your own understanding, but trust God, for whats impossible w/man is not impossible w/him if you and I believe. I do not claim to understand what your going through or have gone through for this is not my struggle. But listen to the man God brought through and delievered and caused him to create this blog, so that others will know the “TRUTH” and cleansing power of God.

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