Episcopals elect second sexually immoral bishop

The apostate Episcopal Church in America has elected (chosen) to sanction yet another sexually immoral “bishop” to prove just how far they are from being a church following Christ.

The Baltimore Sun reported:

The Episcopal Church has confirmed the election of an Annapolis priest as the first openly lesbian bishop in the worldwide Anglican Communion.

The Rev. Mary Douglas Glasspool, who has served in the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland since 1992, said Wednesday that she was “overjoyed and overwhelmed” by news that a majority of bishops and diocesan committees had approved her election as assistant bishop in the Diocese of Los Angeles.

“And grateful,” she added. “I’m grateful to so many people, and to God.”

Glasspool joins Vickie Gene Robinson as the second “openly homosexual” bishop in the church.

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8 thoughts on “Episcopals elect second sexually immoral bishop

  1. Those Episcopal churches that follow this line of affirmation of
    gays in ministry and gays being OK without repentance, I have written off as being reprobates.
    Until they repent, they are simply spreading lies to other gays that everything is OK.
    The Word of God has already pronounced woes upon such assemblies
    who try to cover themselves with righteousness but are really
    wolves in sheeps clothing.
    What a mess those churches are in.
    Only the mercy of God can deliver Glasspool and Robinson from
    eternal damnation because they are preaching a different gospel in spite of being told that they need to repent.
    When they repeatedly refuse to repent, God will eventually leave them to their own devices (a seared conscience), if he has not already, and they can reap what they have gladly sowed.

  2. This at one time was one of the major christian denominations in the world, but has now gone totally apostate, but I want to be just also, not all episcopalians are adhering to this evil spirit polluting there denomination. You know friends it is time for all denominations to get our acts together, because we all have issues, some more than others, but when Christ spoke to the seven churches of Revelations, he pointed out all there issues, only Smyrna and Philadelphia didn’t come under serious rebuke. We need to stay active in prayer to confront these evil spirits infiltrating the church or should I say, what “WE” have allowed.

    I’m reminded of the Lord instructing us, to not be overtaken/shocked, when these things occur, for he gave us many parables indicating these events, thats why he called us hypocrites, we can see the seasons change, but cannot tell the “sign of the times.” Once again heres a once major denomination, that became so complacent somewhere, that its allowing homosexual leaders, soon if not already, will be compared to a cult. But if I can say this, and it not be misunderstood, let us not be so eager to crucify this denomination, for each denomination has some issue, some of us are better at covering it up than others.

    For this is definetely a season of “exposure” if we willingly will not repent, then the Lord will do what he must, to bring the body back unto himself.

  3. Tony, I dont think this is an issue of “crucifying” any demonination nor is it about shock value. We are commanded to expose the unfruitful works of darkness. These are signs of his coming and an aware saint is a prepared saint.

    Im not willing to include myself in this. Maybe you wanna say “we” but I am no apostate and I will not join myself to any group who intentionally cast off and despises the Word of the Lord. Neither are they brothers and sisters in Christ. Let’s call it what it is and nott dumb down rebellious apostasy as just a “issue”.

  4. Pastor My Friend,

    It was not my intent to “sugar coat” the word of God, for I believe in the “whole” counsel of God. I simply do not believe in focusing on one side of the coin and forsaking the other, which at many times as Christ would say is “more weightier.” I used the word “WE” not so much to identify w/this particular denomination, but to remind us, as Paul would say, “while preaching the gospel, we ourselves are castaways.” And I agree w/exposing wickedness, thats why I said, “this is a season of exposure” but I placed in a manner that we all understand, God will expose all of our foolishness, whether it be deed or thought.

    But if I have erred in my assumption, then I apologize.

  5. If your part of that Synagogue of satan you need to leave they will Never Repent of their immoralities according to the Word of God. So separate yourself from that church. Do not be deceived you cannot eat and the table of the Lord(True Church) and demons(episcopal church).

  6. Tony, I see what you are saying. Episcopalians became complacent and lazy. So the industrious workers became the gays. They then brought into the church the disaffected gays from the Roman Church, and other churches.
    They are an invasion operating under the spirit of Cecil Rhodes (yes, as in Rhodesia). They are colonizing spiritually and have connections in high places.
    With all the other flagrantly gay members in other denominations, I can see who will create the one world religion (the gays) and how it will come about (same sex spirit).

  7. Yes Ina,

    The Episcopalians are doing there wickedness openly, but as you mentioned what about other denominations that are doing there thing under the cover of night, so to speak. Catholics for decades had been molesting young children, and when it was exposed, well we all know the outrage and rightfully so it brought. But later came to find out other mainline denominations were also guiltity of the same w/inclusions of wife beating/adultery, theft and theres no need to go on. Oh how we “ALL” are under the scrutinizing eye of God.

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