Celebrating 20 years!

Today Im celebrating 20 years of freedom since the Lord Jesus Christ called me out of homosexuality to serve him and dedicate my life to him.  May God be glorified, the saints be edified and sinners saved from the darkness.


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  1. 20 years ago a Sinner was made into a Saint AMEN!!! ;^)
    20 years ago the Angels rejoiced in Heaven when you repented!
    20 years ago I bet you never knew God would put you on such a platform today.

    Keep going strong and seek Him in every way.

    Exodus 15:3The Lord is a warrior;
    Yahweh is His name!

    Isaiah 43
    13″Even from eternity I am He,
    And there is none who can deliver out of My hand;
    I act and who can reverse it?”

  2. If He can open my heart, He sure can (could) render yours. A hat tip to Acts 16:14.

    Onwards and Upwards, Pastor Foster!

  3. What a Testimony!!!

    You said it all, “He loves us despite of us.”

    Believe it or not, ghere are so many who call themselves

    Christians, but do not have a testimony.

  4. Kudos!!! DL
    To God Be All The Glory!!!
    I thank God for you. I am so proud of what God has done and is doing in your life. Keep Fighting!

    Linda Carter

  5. This is a powerful testimony. God be magnified.

    I heard a quote today that I liked: The camel cannot be loaded with goods until he kneels. It applies to us to… there are blessings (such as families, wholeness, true freedom) that cannot be experienced until we submit to our Holy God.

    This is not a time to ignore truth. Heed the testimony of Pastor D. L. Foster!! Thank you for your tireless work, sir.

  6. This is an AWESOME testimony! I thank God for your testimony. I remember that I actually first came across your testimony 10 years ago (in 2000) and it was a huge blessing at that time. Then, I happen to stumble across GCMWatch years later, and was elated to see how God was/is using you. God bless you, Pastor Foster!

  7. God bless you Pastor Foster. You are indeed a testimony.
    Keep going strong in what you’re doing, for many people are blessed by it.

  8. Congratulations Pastor. I will be celebrating 11 years this year!
    Continue to do the work of the lord as he has given it to you! I love you and I wish you well!

  9. Hey Daryl, man so good to hear from you and look at the goodness of God! I praise God for you. Remain steadfast, unmoveable and always abounding in the work of the Lord. Blessings!

  10. Thank you for sharing your powerful testimony! It truly blessed my heart and reminded me of the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ! The simple message of the Gospel! What you are sharing is true ministry and it will set so many free! Thank you again!

  11. I will celebrate with you. As I listen I both laughed and cry with joy, all at the same time. Isn’t GOD GOOD?


    Keep shouting my brother, keep shouting!!!!!!!.Happy Birthday.

  12. GLORY!!!

    Look what the LORD has done!!!

    I am sure that there is something in your testimony that all of us can relate to in one way or another.

    I am rejoicing with you Pastor and thanking God for what He has done and how He has and is using you!!!



  13. Pastor,

    May we all, as you have, come to Jesus Christ in the midst of our struggle, and submit and yield to his Holy Spirit when entangled w/our strongholds. May the Lord bless you and keep you and may his light continue to shine within your heart, as you shine within mine. Your friend…Tony


    I just had a nephew that recently came out after much seed being planted and watered. I pray that God’s increase will remain in him as it has in you! What an awesome testimony to the delivering and “keeping” power of God!

    Keep on standing, fighting and defending TRUTH Pastor!

  15. Thanks to all of you who understand what this is. Its a blessing to first of all be in relationship with the Lord Jesus. Thats the most important thing. God heals broken hearted, depressed minds, sinsick spirits and lost souls. I for one am glad Im no longer lost, but found!

  16. Pastor Foster,

    Congratulations on your 20 years of being set free. Your a prime example of what the grace of G-d can empower an individual to change. Romans 5:20 says, where sin abound, grace did much more abound.

    G-d bless you.

  17. Praise the Lord for his delivering hand!
    Thank you so much with blessing us with your personal testimony.

    God Bless!

  18. Pastor Foster,

    Praise God for your deliverance! However, I do have a question for you which has been troubling me. Why wear a shirt that is a reminder of who you use to be? Before I listened to the testimony from the guy name Alberto, (which by the way was wonderful) I would ask myself why would anyone embrace or advertise something that God has forgiven you for. If it’s in the past, then it should remain there. Like Alberto said……God has forgiven and forgotten our sins when we repented of them. The bible tells us to forget those things that are behind, and reach forth unto those things which are before. I don’t care how “saved” a person is, if someone who use to be a murderer, or a pedophile wears a shirt that read: ex-murderer or ex-pedophile, a person reading these types of shirts will be alarmed by it. This type of avenue will not bring anyone to Christ. If this is the case…..then why don’t we all wear a shirt that expresses who we “use” to be when we were in the world. I hope you don’t take offense to what I have said, because it is truly said in love. Be blessed!

  19. Thank you Darla for your comments. No offense taken. Its a good question. I wear the shirt to support Passion 4 the Christ movement a Los Angeles based ministry which has revolutionized how we get our testimonies out before the world (and the church) in 21st century mindset especially in urban communities. Check them out at http://www.p4cm.com

    Secondly, I wore it because I am a EX-homosexual by the grace of God. Let the redeemed of the Lord say so. If I can be honest I dont care who would get “alarmed” at the shirt, its just a nonissue with me. After all the hell, sin and death God delivered me from people’s opinions about what God did for me, just dont matter. I cant speak for the ex-murderer or ex=pedophile but I can speak for myself: I am an exhomosexual. I would hope that if a person truly repented of their sins and walked steadfastly with Christ, should they chose to tell of what God did for them and delivered them from, we would not stifle their witness for the sake of others who need to hear it and identify.

    You mentioned that the bible says to “forget those things which are behind” etc. That is true but please place it in context. When Isreal left Egypt God told them to never forget that they were slaves in Egypt, commanded them to tell their children and to always remember that it was he that delivered them from bondage. Today they celebrate that as Passover. Its not a generic event, but specific. In that context telling about our past is a glorious reminder that it no longer has power over us and that God should be magnified above all. We dont conceal our sinful past lest we conceal the glory of God who delivered us from it.

  20. Hi Pastor Foster
    Congratulations! You are certainly being used by our Lord in ways you cannot even imagine. God has set a plan in action for our lives, and only he knows it. He brought you out of homosexuality and gave you the happiness you now have. You have touched so many lives, and you are going to touch many more.
    It is so refreshing to hear the truth….not much of that going around these days.
    I know lives are going to be saved from the torture of homosexuality because of you and your willingness to help those who are so confused.
    My heart is so touched by what you have said and done for my husband and myself afer Russell’s death.
    Thank you, In Christ
    Carolyn and Lowell

  21. Sorry I’m late on this one, but CONGRATS BRO!!!!! I am continually in awe that you would yeild to the Lord for such an awesome ministry. I suspect that homosexuality (like most other sins of the flesh) can cause so much shame that it was difficult to turn that into your ministry so that others can be freed as well.

    Glory to God brother – more evidence of the power of our God and His Son!

  22. Praise the LORD! For HE has done great things! Bless HIS Holy NAME!

    GOD bless you Pastor Foster and to GOD be all the glory for the things HE has done! 20 years FREE! Hallelujah!

    Your testimony is all someone needs is or was struggling with any sin…You can be made whole! You can be made free!

    GOD bless and stay on the wall “Nehemiah”!

    *****Hey, When is the LORD sending you to the DC/Baltimore MD/Prince George’s MD/Northern Virginia area to minister?*****

    I feel led to share recent events in my life.
    My father passed away AT HIS Home Church Easter Sunday morning and we laid him to rest over 2 weeks ago. He was staying between my sister’s home and my home here in the DC suburbs since this past October. He was in and out of the hospital 4 times from October to December. He finally recovered and we just experienced the GREATEST WINTER SNOWFALLS I have ever seen in my 39 years of life! My father was always independent even before my momma passed in 2005. The LORD showed me in a dream that his time of passing was near 1 week before he fell ill in October. My sister and I lived almost 5 hours driving time away from our father, so we agreed to move him up with us to watch him, his health, his medications, and his eating habits. He kept having setbacks with his health and the last one he had before Thanksgiving, he passed out and fortunately he was resuscitated. Well, he came out of that in early December and then the Snowstorms came! One after another.

    When the warmer weather started showing up in mid-March, he said he wanted to go home and visit his church where he served faithfully as a trustee for over 30 years and the last 10 years as the Chairman. The weekend before Easter, little did I know that the Saturday I prepared a special feast for him that dinner would be our last supper with him. I was led to cook like mother used to cook for him that day. We had a great time and with he really enjoyed his 3 grandsons and especially the baby grandson.

    My sister carried him home to Southern rural Virginia Easter weekend and he had a great time with family and friends. She said he got himself dressed that Easter Sunday morning(some now call it resurrection Sunday). My sister said he was sharp as a tack(country saying). He drove his old pickup truck to his home church about 5 miles away from my dad’s residence. He made inside the church building to the vestibule and sat down on the bench. One of the deacons came in after him and asked him if he as OK…my dad said he was feeling very very funny and had never felt this way before. The deacon ran to get one of the church nurses and they called 911. Within 5 minutes he had passed out and they did everything they could, but he went home to be with the LORD.

    My sister had hired a personal nurse for my father during the six months he was with us. The nurse told us at his funeral what our father had confided in her some two weeks ago. He said that he had seen the mountaintop and the streets paved with gold. He said he had seen the glory of the LORD. He told her that he was ready to go home. He told her that he would not see his baby grandson’s first birthday. He said that he was happy that junior(me) had been restored back to work and about to receive a promotion. He said that junior and tanyna(my wife) had 3 sons and that they were going to try again for a girl. He said he wanted my sister in charge of all his estate and funeral arrangements.

    Pastor Foster, I share this testimony with you and others BECAUSE IT IS SO IMPORTANT to depart this life with your life RIGHT with GOD and HIS SON JESUS CHRIST! Yes, I miss my dad, but I KNOW BEYOND A SHADOW of a DOUBT that HE is FOREVER with the LORD!

    I stop by to say to You, Pastor Foster and others in the BODY OF CHRIST…Preach, teach, and tell the TRUTH of the Gospel! My dad was not always saved. He used to be an alcoholic until 1995. My mothers prayers PREVAILED inspite of what the devil tried to do! My father lived to be almost 83 years old! But my father was a man that even when he had his drinking issues…HE always told the truth! The man had 1 of the greatest discernments I have ever seen!

    Pastor Foster, somebody has been reached, converted, and delivered because of your 20 years of freedom. Somebody has hope because of your witness in CHRIST! Somebody is REPENTING! Amen! You will not know the impact of the number of souls you are witnessing to until we reach the other side. LIFE IS PRECIOUS! We should endeavor to make the most of it EVERYDAY we get from the LORD! Amen.

    SO I say to you…KEEP on keeping on because there are millions who are being impacted by this site and the best is yet to come!

    GOD Bless in JESUS NAME!
    Elder Grover W. Stephens, Jr AKA EnochWalked
    True Believers Praise and Worship Fellowship
    Upper Marlboro and Clinton, Maryland

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