Memorial service for slain preachers approaching

If you live near this event, please do all you can to go out and help remember these two brave soldiers of the cross:
On Sunday, May 16th a Prayer Vigil is scheduled to honor the lives of Steven Ocean and Tite Sufra, two courageous young black men shot to death while sharing the Gospel on the streets of Boynton Beach, Florida on January 30th.
Stephen OceanThe event is sponsored by Rev. Patrick Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition, and Dr. Gary Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission, and leaders in South Florida. The vigil will take place from 3-5 PM in the parking lot in front of the Boynton Beach City Library, 208 South Seacrest Boulevard, near where Ocean and Sufra were murdered.
“Just as we honor those who die while serving our country and communities, we must also honor Steven Ocean and Tite Sufra, two fine young men who were killed in the line of Christian duty,” said Dr. Gary Cass. “We will pray for their families, the community and for justice. This tragic event was largely ignored and under reported. This vigil is our effort to pay these two men the respect they deserve. All Christians, especially those who minister on the streets, are urged to come and take back the streets of Boynton Beach for Christ.”
“Our hearts are broken for the families of Steven Ocean and Tite Sufra. It would be unconscionable not to honor these brave young men,” said Rev. Patrick Mahoney. “The best way to honor their memory is to return to the very place where they died, pray for the community they loved and then share God’s love and forgiveness in Jesus Christ. We will not concede even one street in America, but will assert our right and duty to proclaim Jesus is Lord.”
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6 thoughts on “Memorial service for slain preachers approaching

  1. Who is the man in the pic? The shooter or one of the slain gospel preachers?

    GCMW: He is one of the preachers who was killed.

  2. You mean the murders Paul? If so, no I havent heard anything yet. I guess it hasnt come to trial yet. The media hasnt said anything else about it.

  3. I read recently that this murder was alleged to have been gang-related. It was alleged that the victims were former gang members. In some gangs, you aren’t allowed to get out. So I guess the victims “turned their backs” on their particular gang thus costing them their lives. The media has been very closed lip about the situation. Regardless, two faith filled men lost their lives. But greater is their reward in Heaven.

  4. Exactly that Pastor, what would make a man just kill like this.
    Psalm100, gangs related in boynton beach!!! the devils has done such a job on our communities. Its hurtful!

    This is much the fruit of Madalyn Murray O’Hair seeds. Take God and prayer out of everything and now young people kill for fun.

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