With gay ruling, ECLA reaches full harlot status

BigELCA_logoThe Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has been playing the harlot for sometime now with the temptation to fully sanction the homosexual conduct of its members.

On April 11 it all changed. The denomination has dropped all pretenses, policies and procedures  barring unrepentant homosexuals from ministry and membership. The harlot is now out in the open with her new bed partner. This act is something out of the dark ages of sin, but gay christians are hailing it as “gift of love and truth”.

Leave it up to the leftist Huffington Post to trumpet the news via a gay christian operative named Rev. Cindi Love, a former MCC gay cleric.  That needed to be said to understand the obvious glee over this tragic lurch into apostasy.

“After twenty-five years of deliberation, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) Church Council has abolished its anti-gay policies, effective immediately. Following from discussions at the ELCA Churchwide Assembly last summer, the ELCA will now allow people in same-sex relationships to serve as rostered leaders. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) human beings are no longer considered abominations but blessed church members with full standing. Same-sex partners and families can now fully participate in the ELCA Pension Plan.

Best of all, the ELCA is reinstating people who were removed from ministry positions because they were truthful and came out of the closet, as well as those who conducted holy unions for non-heterosexual couples. The ELCA has practiced restorative justice.”

Love’s commentary is a composite proof of all that we have said about the gay christian movement and its adherents. The gcm carries a cancerous spiritual disease which has no regard for God, his Word or his church. Its goal is to pervert and infect every possible organization bearing the name of Jesus Christ. Sound hard? Rough? Insensitive? Only because you have not yet become fully aware of the spiritual danger this movement poses. In case you feel inclined to argue, make sure you use our blog search and take some time to read first.  Now that the ECLA has fallen, Love isn’t trying to disguise what has been going on all along as they pursued the ELCA like some back alley prostitute. She gives pointers on how to  breach other denominations.

“Let me suggest a simple formula: praise, publicize, and participate. It is important that we actively support the ELCA leaders and the early adopters with our public affirmation and praise. Write a letter of commendation of the ELCA to the editor in your local paper and send a copy to the denominational headquarters. Carbon copy your letter to the leadership of non-affirming denominations. Financially support the organizations who “push the envelope” of denominational resistance to change. Anti-gay fundamentalists outspend pro-gays by a ratio of four to one. Participate in community-based engagement efforts. These have proven highly effective in shifting attitudes of fundamentalists towards gays.”

An effective strategy? Yes. One, the contemporary church should use in both its offense and defense of homosexual acceptance. We need to talk about it more often, praise God more often and openly for those he has brought out of homosexuality and get involved with ministries that are dealing with this crisis head on. But most won’t because today’s church values image, assets and name much more than it does its own spiritual health.

On the prospect of future gay church victories, Love exclaims, “The good news is that science is on our side.”

That’s right, she didnt say God is on our side. Neither did she say the Bible is on our side. How could she since neither is? And she knows that. Instead, she based her  future expected victory on the same thing the political gay movement uses to destroy legal barriers to their “equality”.  There’s little difference in the two camps except one has a facade of religion to help it get into unsuspecting churches.

The strategy of the gay christian movement has never involved love.  Love is simply a convenient prop to dismantle opposition and gain access to the church.  And neither is the HIV virus about love as a matter of comparison. It simply is what it is: a foreign element which will indiscriminately cripple an infected an individual’s immune system. Consequently, because of the loss of basic internal defenses, the body experiences certain death.

Please hear me. Likewise, when the church is infected with false teachings from false teachers,  the fundamental truths of our faith which are meant to protect us from infection are damaged. They are damaged to such a  degree that we succumb to every wind and doctrine. What’s more deadly: a disease outside of your body or one which has gotten inside your body?

Unfortunately, the church has acted like many people infected with such diseases. They denied that their bodies were in trouble.

Now, the proof is here. The church is severely infected. How long before the salt completely loses its savor?

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21 thoughts on “With gay ruling, ECLA reaches full harlot status

  1. The Lutheran Church has been on a downfall for some time. I have old family members who are Lutheran, they don’t get too many young people these days. Why you ask? The Power and Presence of God is not drawing them to a Lutheran Church because they are stuck in religion. So they have to get their tithes from somewhere in this fragile economy. Gays have money.

    What is with the LGBTQABCDEF, enough all ready just call yourselves Sodomites, you are carrying the Spirit around in you….

  2. People of God: This was to be expected since this body of
    religious people have been hammering away at this for 25 years
    and now the ruling members of this apostate group have thrown in the towel and will permit Bob & Steve to hold hands together in a “service” and to marry and mount a church pulpit to “speak”
    the Word of God (????).
    The Word of God has pronounced Ichabod on this schism/heresy/apostasy and I will say the same as what the Word of God has said: ICHABOD ON THIS MOVEMENT AND ITS PROPONENTS. MAY THE LORD REBUKE YOU. MAY YOU SOMEDAY REPENT IN SACKCLOTH AND ASHES FOR THIS TRAVESTY.
    Last days are here….now….look up for your redemption draweth
    Before that happens, fight the fight of faith and contend for the faith and do not let these Sodomites distract you. God is not mocked. He is simply turning them over to their base desires that they can play god and determine their own righteousness apart from that which God has already declared Romans chapters 1-2); and they dare God to do something about it!

  3. Fantastic. Now let’s count the days until their fellow denominational brothers take suite.

    I remember when McDonald’s created their Value Menu. Their competitors in the fast food industry soon joined rank when they began to lose profits.
    It’ll be the same with the Church.
    Sooner than later most denominations will join rank, and then they’ll all have their own cheap, value meal-type doctrine which’ll leave thousands of people spiritually undernourished yet spiritually fat – with junk.

    All in the name of consumerism.

  4. The only bright side with these false teachers is that they have removed all subtlety. They are pure, “In your face, God!” 24×7. Anyone who follows them is being willfully led astray.

  5. Friends,

    Our Lord said, “While I’m in the world, no man will go on living, in the dark, for night is coming, when no man can work.” Thus I am also reminded of another verse of scripture, “The night is farspent and the day is at hand, let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and put on the armor of light.” All these things happening represent the “night”, but while we are in the world “light” remains, but soon very soon, we the restrainers of evil and agents of the Holy Spirit will be removed, for we are not appointed unto wrath. So while there is light we must remain working, for darkness is coming, but only for alittle while, for the True Light is definetely on his way, even though he doesn’t know when he’s coming, only the Father knows, so let us be found ready when the archangel sounds the trumphet, and hear the words, “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

  6. Greetings Saints of God in the name of Jesus Christ

  7. Neil, that definitely is one way of looking at it. These false teachers are making it very easy to indentify them for who they are. I shudder to think with it as clear as it is, what about those who are yet deceived?

  8. @Robert and other readers

    Please note well that The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod (LCMS) is not affiliated with the false doctrine and sodomy of the ELCA, but remains faithful to the doctrine of the Holy Scriptures, God’s inspired and inerrant Word. Members of the LCMS roundly condemn the ELCA’s false doctrines related not only to sodomy, but also to many other issues. In fact, it is incorrect to speak of members of the ELCA as “Lutherans” since they long since have given up what the Lutheran Church actually stands for.

    The power and presence of God are located in His Holy Word and Sacraments, and these are the focal point of LCMS churches. Because of that, it is also incorrect to say that He is not present in orthodox (right-teaching) Lutheran Churches. Some other examples of faithful Lutheran church bodies are the Wisconsin Evangelical Synod (WELS), the Evangelical Lutheran Synod (ELS), and the Church of the Lutheran Confession (CLC). All of these churches faithfully teach and preach the Word of God, the Gospel, which is “the power of God for salvation to everyone that believes” (Romans 1:16).

    GCMW: Carl, thanks for bringing this out. Id planned to do a profile on the Lutheran denominations that are holding fast to the faith. The ECLA is the exception.

  9. Ah, more revisionist theology and non-transformative word from yet another “mainstream” group. Why don’t TEC and ELCA just merge and form their own secular humanist organisation and leave Jesus’ good name out of the whole mess?

  10. Note: I use caps below simply for emphasis, without any intent to shout.

    Three men (i.e. “the LORD,” see Gen. 18:1) came to see Abraham and his wife, Sarah. They left (Gen. 18:33) because the sin of Sodom and Gommorah was urgent and they needed to see if that which was said about it was true (Gen. 18:20-22). The angels, the same ones who had visited Abraham, went down into the cities of Sodom and Gommorah where Lot invited them in (Gen. 19:1-3). Then “both young and old, ALL the people to the last man, surrounded the house” (Gen. 19:4) with the desire to know the angels sexually (Gen. 19:5).

    This was the sin of Sodom. Men, ALL the men, of Sodom and Gommorah sought to have sexual relations with the angels of “the LORD.” This is rape–blatantly, clearly, emphatically, and literally understood. Same-sex rape of angels nonetheless, but rape all the same.

    It is illogical to deduce–because the want-to-be-rapists’ desired form of sex was same-gender sex–that all same-gender sex is prohibited. That does not mean that some same-gender sex is allowable, but to coin a term–“sodomite”–as denoting any persons other than same-sex rapist, a person with geographical ties to Sodom, or a person with racial roots there is, quite clearly, flawed.

  11. Derek S, your “logic” is a foolish as a believing little green men are selling ice cones on the sun. Id like to move on very quickly from this because it is a waste of time to even consider what you said as legitimate biblical exegesis.

  12. We surely can, I’d like to move on from what, in my understanding, is a mute point.

    Do you care to address any of the concerns I raised?

  13. Not really, maybe someone else does. They are really not concerns, they are false teachings that we have refuted already.

    Anything else?

  14. Well, I suppose I would like to know your opinion, as I like to look at all sides of the issue and know I could possibly be wrong. Could you direct me to the place you have said the “false teachings” I wrote were refuted?

  15. Derek There is only one side you really need to be focused on, God’s and what He revealed in the Bible.

    The only kind of sex allowed in the Bible is man and woman in marriage nothing else, satisfied? It’s real simple everything else is sin.

  16. Thanks for responding, Robert…but my question is about Sodom and what I believe to be a mislabeling of what “sodomy” and “sodomites” are. Please refute my “exegesis.”

    Thank you.

  17. Derek it’s not what you believe or I believe but what the Bible says.

    Homosexuality is a sin plain and simple. It goes against God’s model of the family man and woman.

    Really we should focus in Gomorrah the other city that was destroyed by sexual immorality. The story is not told in the Bible just that it is destroyed.

    Jude 1:7
    just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around them, since they in the same way as these indulged in gross immorality and went after strange flesh, are exhibited as an example in undergoing the punishment of eternal fire.

    It says nothing about rape or forced sex……..

  18. Interesting story! Gene Robinson will be in Rochester, NY tonight. I am going to see how far the Episcopal Church has fallen. I am strong in my faith and won’t be moved.

  19. Greeting Dl,
    This reminds me of the Pharisees and scribes with their own self righteousness, that Jesus told that all the blood of the prophets would come upon that generation. Which it did by the destruction of Jerusalem.

    These are an “Whore” like unto the pharisees with their fornications and abominations which causes many to commit by their lies. But there will be an day when God will say it’s enough. Until then let us lift up our decevied brother or sister so that they may be pulled out of hell.

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