Gay church to host profane play others dropped

Leave it up to the gay christian cultists to dutifully pick up the excrement of profanity dropped by other self respecting organizations.

The Dallas Morning News reported that the city’s  mega gay church Cathedral of Hope (lessness) is set to host the profane —not to mention blasphemous— Corpus Christi. Wikipedia describes the play as depicting “Jesus and the Apostles as gay men living in modern-day Texas. It utilizes modern devices like television with anachronisms like Roman occupation. In this version, Judas betrays Jesus because of sexual jealousy.”

The ‘gay Jesus’ play may be hitting the stage in North Texas after all.

Cathedral of Hope, the large Dallas church whose ministry is primarily directed toward gay and lesbian Christians, has announced that it will host a Los Angeles production of Corpus Christi, a ply by Tony Award-winner Terrence McNally. The play is about a 20th-century Christ-like figure (called Joshua) who is gay. In one scene, Joshua kisses Judas at the senior prom at “Pontius Pilate High School.” In another, he performs a wedding ceremony for two of his disciples, who are also gay.

Earlier this month, the play made headlines when a theater student at Tarleton State University in Stephenville, Texas, chose to direct a version as a class project. The student’s play was to be staged on the Tarleton State campus. But that show was canceled at the last minute, after vociferous criticism from Stephenville clergy members and others.

Then the director of a Fort Worth theater announced that he would host the production, only to see that decision reversed hours later by the theater’s board of directors.

And this is from people who claim to be serving and loving the Lord. And this is what we are supposed to “love, accept and tolerate”?

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4 thoughts on “Gay church to host profane play others dropped

  1. I think some Christians in the Texas area should put on a play where a gay man or woman gets delivered from that lifestyle.

  2. People of the Book: A sign of the times. As in the days of Noah,
    so shall the last days be likened unto.
    Society is calling good bad and bad good…this (this profane play) is what is going to happen and at an alarming level in the future…and more of it and in diver places.
    The fear of God is quickly evaporating from society and when that happens, the hearts of men and women darkened by the stain of sin know no bounds to the vain imaginations of their hearts.
    Contend for the faith! Do not be suprised as evil increases on the earth more and more.
    Remember, read the back of the book (revelation)…We win!

  3. Just watched “Corpus Christi” last night. Yes the language and some of the situations are very rough to hear and watch. Overall however, this is a very powerful, moving work of theatre. Most importantly the basic message of Jesus Christ comes through in the end. Its simply told in new and different way. It also does challenge us to try to understand how the spirit of Jesus is revealed in each of us gay or straight.

    Come to Cathdral of Hope any Sunday morning and be prepared to be surprized. We preach the “good news” in truth as well as any church around. ALL people are welcome there.

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